The following story is fiction, but probably based upon some true facts. The story is in no way meant to disrespect or demean the fine men and women who serve in uniform, or bring any type of discredit or dishonor to the fine dedicated young men and women who make up today's military. The author, contrary to popular belief, feels that men and women who present with a homosexual or lesbian lifestyle can, should, and someday will be allowed to serve their country honorably protecting and defending the nation and the world from oppression and tyranny. What two people do in the confines of their bedrooms does not define who or what they are in life. Freedom for all, Hooah!

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College Brothers

Chapter III

Meeting Randy

The two young men finished showering, dried off, and got dressed for dinner. Jeremy was taking his older brother to a little tavern just off campus for an evening out. The former active duty Marine now Marine reservist and full-time student headed off campus with his younger brother to a little roadhouse famous in the area for its pastrami sandwiches. Both men were dressed in khaki cargo shorts, T-shirts, and sneakers. Jeremy sported a yellow polo shirt while Noah wore a USMC Bulldog T-shirt. The summer evening was hot as they walked the mile to the tavern off campus, but for Noah it was not as hot as the heat he had experienced in Iraq. Along the way the two discussed what had transpired earlier in the afternoon and what might happen later that evening.

"You know, what happened earlier today was totally mind blowing for me," Noah said to his more sexually experienced younger brother.

"Yeah, kind of took me by surprise too Bro," Jeremy replied.

Noah looked at this younger brother and said, "You're gonna have to teach me a lot more cause I've never done any of that stuff like we did this afternoon; furthermore, I've never butt fucked another guy or been fucked, but what happened earlier this afternoon has definitely sparked my curiosity for more adventures."

"Oh the best is yet to come, Bro!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"Really?" Noah replied quizzically.

"It'll be my pleasure to educate you big brother, but I want you to take it slow and easy at first. By the way I can guarantee that this sex education project will be one of the best college courses you take this semester," Jeremy said with a broad smile and a hearty laugh, "however, I want to warn you ahead of time that you may never want to do any of this stuff again or you'll never want to quit. Hell, who knows, you may even want to pursue a graduate degree in the discipline."

Noah busted up laughing and said, "Sounds great to me, I can't wait for my next course of instruction professor."

Jeremy playfully pushed his older brother on the shoulder and said, "Me either."

Both boys continued playfully walking and laughing among themselves as they headed towards the tavern off campus. Noah was totally enjoying his new found freedom and the time with his younger brother. He was also hopeful to meet some of his brother's friends over the long Labor Day weekend. You see, this was the final weekend of freedom before the semester began in earnest. Starting on Tuesday both boys were going to be totally enmeshed in a full load of college classes, so Tuesday was the day of confirmation and book buying. Noah was running low on money, but hopefully by the end of the month his GI bill money would kick in and he would be in a positive cash flow. Once he began receiving his money from the Veterans Administration he would have more money to spend; however, until that money arrived he was going to have to be extremely frugal with his cash.

Noah said in a cheerful tone, "By the way, I want to reciprocate by helping you put some muscle mass on your bony ass as part of the pay back, Bro."

"Don't worry about it Bro. What happened this afternoon is payback enough for now, Bro."

"You know, as much has I appreciate all you've done for me and are doing for me I really want to pay you back financially. I can't keep mooching off you," Noah said.

"Like I said, don't worry about it. Just have a good time this weekend and get busy busting the books next week. Beside, Bro by the first of October you should have a good chunk of money coming in from the VA. Then you can worry about getting your own place and spreading your wings."

"Yeah, I hope so."

"Oh, remind me after we finish eating I've got to stop and pickup a couple of things for the next sex class," Jeremy said laughingly.

The two men arrive at the rustic looking structure and entered the tavern. Jeremy nodded and waved to the patrons in the pub as they entered; it was apparent to Noah that his younger brother was well-known at the bar and had frequented the establishment on a regular basis. Noah had a very well-built physique from four years of Marine Corps conditioning and his presence in the barroom drew the attention of everyone in the room due to his incredible looks and contagious smile. Of course, the USMC T-shirt brought some high fives and congratulations too as the two moved through the crowd.

When I say Noah was built, I don't mean that he was ripped like a body builder, but rather he fell into that just right category for a Marine Corps recruiting poster. Every part of his body was nicely tanned and all the muscles were toned without being overdone. Typical of Marines, Noah's black hair had been shaved down for four years, but it had recently started to grow out. He presented with an infectious smile and a beautiful set of white teeth. His dark brown eyes were windows into his soul and you could feel the intensity of his very essence by just looking into them. Needless to say, the Marine turned student was a handsome hunk whose presence was immediately noticed as the two slowly made their way towards a booth in the back.

Once seated in the booth the two ordered draft beers as they studied the bill of fare. There were at least half dozen different varieties of pastrami sandwiches on the menu. The two ordered their meals and began talking after the waiter left the booth with their order. Noah couldn't help but notice the very handsome guy at the bar who had been making eye contact with him; not one of those boring a hole in you stares, just causally looking inquisitively towards the booth.

"Do you know the guy at the bar lookin our way?" Noah asked his brother.

Jeremy looked over his left shoulder and replied, "Yeah, that's Randy, he's regular here and we had a couple of classes together last semester. We've also had dinner together a few times here, but never gotten serious enough to have sex with him. However, I wouldn't mind someday."

"Yeah, well he is definitely one hot lookin Dude," Noah said.

"I think he may have had the hots for me at one time, but now it looks like he's lustin for your body Bro," Jeremy said with a smile.

Having said that, Jeremy motioned to the man at the bar with his left hand to come over and join them. The good looking long legged guy untangled his cowboy booted legs from the bar stool, dismounted, and sauntered over to the booth. He was wearing a pair of tight fitting faded Levis and a T-shirt; both were very unforgiving, revealing well-defined abs, powerful pecs, and nipples under the T-shirt with a nice bulge in the front of his Levis.

"Hi Jer, who's the good lookin stud you're hangin with this evening?"

"Noah, this is a classmate of mine, Randy Wilson. Randy this is my older brother, Noah. He's just out of the Marine Corps and will be attending school here this semester."

Randy stuck out his hand engaging Noah in a firm manly handshake saying in a southern drawl, "Glad ta meets ya Noah, I'm gettin my education compliments of Uncle Sammy too."

"Same here Randy. Why don't ya sit for a spell," Noah said, "That is of you don't mind Jer."

Jeremy frowned as he scooted in towards the wall making room for Randy to be seated next to him in the small booth. Randy was about the same height as Jeremy, but had a more athletic build. He had an inviting smile; his smile and blue eyes captivated Noah's attention immediately. The three men sat making idle chat for a few minutes while awaiting their food. Noah's mind was racing wildly thinking about the blonde headed handsome devil seated across from him. He immediately began fantasizing about the three of them rolling around having sex together in his brother's bed.

In Noah's mind's eye he visualized the three of them returning to his brother's place getting naked, taking a shower, and then having a torrid session of sex lasting all night. He could feel his manhood maturing and a huge load building up in his balls. A load he wanted to deliver into some bodily opening of the man sitting across from him. Noah's fantasy was fast becoming more and more vivid. Noah was imagining everything the three of them could possibly do to each other sexually. He imagined them lying on the bed blowing each other, rimming each other, and then fucking each other's brains out.

Noah was conjuring up thoughts of burying his face in Randy's ass tickling his asshole with his tongue while the two begged each other to be fucked. Noah imagined Jeremy pinning him to the bed sitting on his chest feeding him that nine inches of cut monster man meat while Randy furiously fucked his ass with reckless abandon. The fantasy was interrupted as the waiter brought the sandwiches and three more frosty mugs of draft beer.

"Jer, you don't mind if Randy stays and joins us for dinner, do you?" Noah kept drawling the name Jer like Randy had said it earlier to dig at his brother. But it didn't appear to have the affect that Noah was trying for; in fact, Jeremy was warming up to Randy sitting next to him.

"No. In fact, I think I'm gonna enjoy his company," Jeremy said with a broad smile.

The waiter brought Randy's meal over to the booth. Noah secretly wanted to throw Randy on the table and eat him instead of the sandwich that was in front of him. He was mesmerized by Randy's good looks and southern drawl. While Noah had been fantasizing about a torrid threesome between them he had learned certain information about Randy. He found out that he and Randy were about the same age; he was from Texas, and was also going to school on the GI Bill. Randy had been released from the Army earlier in the year after he returned from a deployment to Iraq and had a semester head start on Noah. So, the two had a couple of things in common.

The men finished their meals and ordered three more mugs of cold draft beer. The trio continued drinking and getting better acquainted exchanging more personal information. Noah noticed that Randy and Jeremy were smiling gleefully from time to time for no apparent reason as the men continued conversing. The three polished off their beers and ordered another round. While waiting for the beers to arrive Noah asked to be excused saying that he needed to visit the head. Randy said that he needed to drain his lizard too. So, the two got up and headed towards the latrine. Once inside the restroom Noah immediately discovered that there were only two urinals and there was no partition between them. Both men unzipped and unbuttoned their flies hauling out their semi flaccid cocks. After what seemed like a half hour of draining their bladders of beer and secretly stealing glances at each other's gear it was time to milk their manhood's and shake off the remaining droplets of piss.

Randy turned to Noah leaning in close he brought his mouth close to his right ear whispering, "I think you've got a nice lookin cock and you're one fucking hot Dude. You know, I'm not a fag or anything, but I think you're hot and have a very nice looking joint. Very suckable if you know what I mean."

"I think you're pretty hot too. You know, I'm not gay either, but I've had a hard-on under the table all through dinner thinkin bout you, and I think your cock is one magnificent looking motherfucker," Noah replied not knowing how he had the courage to say what he had just said to the total stranger.

Randy said, "By the way I think your brother is hot too and has a great lookin cock."

"Why, have you ever seen it?" Noah asked somewhat perplexed.

"No, but from what I felt earlier while we were at the table eatin and talkin I bet that thing goes at least eight inches hard," Randy said with a big smile.

"You Dawg. You were playin with my little brother's cock under the table while were eatin."

"Oh yeah, I was rubbin that prime piece of tube steak runnin down the inside of his left leg. In fact, I'm surprised that he didn't bust a nut as much attention as I was given it."

Noah replied, "He's told me it's nine inches and from what I saw this afternoon I believe him."

"Damn, that is huge. So, you've seen him hard?"

"Oh yeah! In fact, I sucked it hard this afternoon, or sucked as much as I could stuff into my mouth," Noah said with a laugh and a smile.

The two stood in front of the urinals chatting about size and sexual things for what seemed like an eternity. In fact, both men were fast becoming fully aroused.

"Wow, the head on that magnificent bastard is big and broad; in fact, the damn thing is downright humongous," Noah said as Randy's burgeoning cockhead developed into a beautiful broad pink mushroom head, "how big is the head on that thing?"

"Last time I measured, it was over two inches across the top of the head and about six and half inches around the base of the bell head," Randy said in a proud Texas drawl and wide a smile of pride.

"Damn Dude! That is a big fuckin cock!" Noah exclaimed, "Is it even suckable?"

"If ya really want to see how big it is and want to try to fit it in your mouth maybe we need to find someplace where we can get down to business cause you got a good looking cut too Dude."

Randy leaned in closer and whispered into Noah's ear, "Dude, I really want to suck your cock; however, if you want me to back off just say so, and I'll totally understand. You know, I'm not gay, but I'd sure enjoy suckin that joint of yours."

"You know, I think we need to go convince my brother that we all should go back to his place or yours and get down to business," Noah said as he stuffed his fat fuck stick back into his cargo shorts.

The two horn dawgs put their stuff away and headed back to the booth. Once there the three of them began seriously discussing the possibilities of a three way. Jeremy smiled with eager anticipation stating that he was totally open for the proposal. Besides, Jeremy had wanted to see Randy's rod since the first time he saw him in those tight fitting Levis a few months earlier, and he had been turned on earlier as the two fooled around with each other under the table. A three way was on Jeremy's teaching agenda, but it was just further along in the syllabus. Jeremy wanted to be the first to penetrate and pound his older brother virgin ass, but now he was also interested in discovering what kind of surprise the cowboy's faded Levis held. So, it was decided that the party would move to Randy's rental home in the suburbs.


This is the third torrid chapter and it looks as though there will be more hot ones to cum. I am enjoying writing this story.

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