The following story is fiction, but probably based upon some true facts. The story is in no way meant to disrespect or demean the fine men and women who serve in uniform, or bring any type of discredit or dishonor to the fine dedicated young men and women who make up today's military. The author, contrary to popular belief, feels that men and women who present with a homosexual or lesbian lifestyle can, should, and someday will be allowed to serve their country honorably protecting and defending the nation and the world from oppression and tyranny. What two people do in the confines of their bedrooms does not define who or what they are in life. Freedom for all, Hooah!

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College Brothers

Chapter IV

Off to Randy's House

In the tavern latrine the two horny college students packed their peckers back in their pants and headed back to the booth; once there the three of them began seriously discussing what had transpired in the head, and the possibilities of a three way. Jeremy smiled with eager anticipation stating that he was totally open for such a proposal; in fact, he was up for a weekend marathon sex session. Jeremy was eager for some hot sex; moreover, he wanted to get a look at what he had been caressing under the table minutes earlier. A three way was on Jeremy's teaching agenda for Noah, but it was just further along in the syllabus. Jeremy definitely had designs on being the first person to penetrate and pound his older brother's virgin ass, but now he was also interested in discovering what kind of surprise the cowboy's faded Levis held. So, the three decided that the party would move to Randy's rental home in the suburbs for more discovery and a night of play.

The three college students, feeling no pain, decided to call a cab to transport the inebriated trio the five miles to Randy's house. They paid the bar bill and prepared to depart for Randy's on that Friday night. No one wanted to risk driving as they had all consumed a large quantity of draft beer along with their meals. When the cab arrived the crew got in; however, Jeremy and Randy directed the driver to make stops along the route to Randy's house to pick up some needed items to make a night of sex more pleasurable. After a few stops where Jeremy and Randy made purchases the trio finally arrived at Randy's very nice home in an up scale area of suburbia.

The men disembarked from the cab and paid the fare whereby Randy said, "Welcome to my humble abode gentlemen."

"Wow!" Noah exclaimed, hella nice place you got here."

"Yeah, it's one of my Dad's properties, so while I'm attending school here it's mine. I pay him eight hundred a month for the pleasure of living here."

"Can you afford that much money for a place by yourself?" Jeremy questioned, "Hell, I pay five hundred fifty a month for my dumpy ass apartment and it's a hardship."

"Not really, but with my GI Bill money and a little help from an inheritance trust fund from my grandparents I manage to get by," Randy said as he unlocked the front door and guided the group inside.

Once inside Randy suggested that they all get totally naked and go swimming or hit the hot tub first to sober up a bit and get more comfortable with each other. So, the men put their shopping bags of goodies on the table, shed their clothing in the kitchen, and began eying each other's nude bodies. Noah and Randy were well put together with powerful appearing military bodies; nice looking arms, pecs, abs, and legs, but most of all they both had well-defined glutes, buns. Randy knew instinctively that he had found a soul mate in Noah and wanted him as roommate as soon as possible, and possibly a bedmate for the semester or maybe longer. Randy decided that he would spend the next hours feeling his new friend out to see if any possibilities might lay ahead for the two of them.

Once all were completely undressed and individual piles of clothing littered the kitchen floor the trio grabbed beers from the fridge and made their way towards the hot tub in back.

"Wow!" Noah exclaimed again, "this is quite a lay out.

"Yeah, it's pretty nice set up for a college student," Randy acknowledged.

"Pool, tennis court, hot tub, cover deck with an outside wet bar. What more could a college student want?"

"Yeah," Jeremy said confirming his brother's observation.

"My Dad was an Army officer back during the Vietnam War and felt the resentment when he returned home and tried to attend college, so he told me once I finished my enlistment he would help me with a place to live as long as I kept my grades up. So far I'm holdin a 2.89 GPA after my first semester and I'm still living here."

"So your dad is kind of well off financially?" Noah questioned but not wanting to pry too deeply.

"Yeah, he's got real estate holding in over a half dozen states plus a fat portfolio of stocks. My family owns a ski condo in the Denver area and a beach front condo on Daytona Beach."

"Cool," Jeremy said.

"Yeah, Dad's semi retired, so he and Mom travel around the country about half the year in their big ass motor home checkin on the their rentals," Randy confided to the two brothers."

"Wow, that's phat," Jeremy acknowledged.

While Jeremy listened intently to Randy rant about his parents and how well they were doing, Noah continued exploring. As the conversation between the two tapered off they all slipped into the super six person spa that was enclosed and covered in a very nice redwood gazebo. Once they were all positioned in the tub they rapidly consumed their beers and then began playing around with each other. Once the beer was gone Randy suggested that they all indulge a bowl cannabis. Of course, Jeremy was all for that, but Noah had never smoked pot before. Jeremy and Randy had to coax Noah into smoking some of the wacky weed. After the first bowl was quickly polished off Randy got out of the tub and packed the pipe full of quality weed again and handed it to Jeremy for the first hit. Then he excused himself and went into the house to retrieve three tablets of Cialis. Once he returned he popped the first one and passed the two remaining tablets to his friends.

Noah, looking at the small tablet quizzed, "What's the pill for?"

"The tablets are called Cialis. They'll make your pecker get hard and stay hard as a rock all night long, maybe even the next day," Randy replied with a big smile as he laughingly told Noah, "go ahead and take it, it won't kill ya."

"Hell, I aint never had no problems keepin my dick hard before," Noah replied looking at the tablet somewhat perplexed.

"The pills are not just for older people with erectile dysfunction anymore nowadays they're used by younger guys to stay hard for extended periods so we can experience more than one orgasm a night. You know, it's just a little stimulant to make sure we all get total performance out of our peckers and slammin satisfaction from our sexual experience tonight," Jeremy explained.

"Try one if ya don't like it ya don't have to take anymore; there not addictive. The same for the pot; Hell, I aint no pot smoker on a regular basis but the stuff is great for sex," Randy explained with a seductive wink to Noah.

"Yeah, go ahead Bro, believe me it aint gonna hurt you, I've done em before," Jeremy chimed in reinforcing Randy.

Finally, the last of the trio consumed his Cialis tablet, and then Randy began passing the new pipe of smoke around. Before long all three were totally buzzed and fully aroused. As they exited the spa they stood around at full mast admiring each other's erections. Jeremy appeared to have the longest cock of the three. His long shaft sported a tightly circumcised arrowhead contour cockhead; a cockhead that is pointed and flares back to the bell end much like an arrowhead. His cockhead had a nice darker band around the bell end. Randy wasn't far behind in length, but his cock was thicker standing straight out from his body looking much like a Louisville Slugger ready to take a cut at a fastball. Clearly his cock had the biggest broadest cockhead of the three. Noah was the smallest of the three at about seven inches long and five inches of girth; however, Noah's cock appeared to be the firmest of the three standing up at an angle almost to his bellybutton like a rocket on the launch pad ready to take off. He also had the best looking mushroom cockhead of the trio. Jeremy's joint although the longest tended to droop a bit with the head pointing towards the ground; however, Randy's cock was drawing the most attention due to the size of its big broad cockhead.

"Wow! Dude, that is the thickest tool with the biggest cockhead I think I've ever seen," Noah said staring at Randy's huge glans in total amazement.

"Yeah, me too," Jeremy said staring in wide eyed in amazement, "is that thing even suckable or fuckable, Dude?"

"Why don't you try it and find out," Randy said with a smile of encouragement.

With that challenge tossed out Jeremy was instantly on his knees in front of Randy grasping the thick dick with both hands he tried to engulf the pink mushroom cockhead. He clearly was having trouble trying to stuff the fat fuck stick into his mouth, so he began kissing and licking it. He finally found that all he could swallow was the head back to the circumcision scar, about two inches. While Jeremy worked over the first couple of inches of Randy's throbbing pink knob the two other men quickly found each other's lips and were engaging in a little tongue fucking. While their tongues were trying to tickling each other's tonsils their hands were exploring each other's upper and lower bodies.

Randy took hold of one of Noah's erect nipples and began playing with it, rolling the pink pencil eraser size nub around between his thumb and forefinger. Noah broke their kiss lowering his head he began caressing and nibbling on Randy's erect nipples. Both men had firm pink erect nipples ideal for play or nibbling; furthermore, their nipples were extremely sensitive. Randy was moaning with pleasure from having his schlong sucked and his nipples nibbled on all at the same time. As the two moaned with pleasure Randy continued caressing Noah's glutes every once in a while letting his middle finger tantalize Noah's bunghole. Of course, Noah would jump with joy each time Randy touched his sensitive asshole. The only sounds coming from Jeremy were slurping sounds from him working on Randy's big cockhead.

The big cockhead posed a problem for Jeremy, but he had figure out a plan of attack on the big head. As he held Randy's massive member with both hands his tongue was working feverishly on the bulbous glans. He would lick the helmet much like a kid licking a Tootsie Pop, and then he'd lick completely around the darker coronal ring of the cockhead working his way around to the piss slit. Once he found the "Japs eye" his tongue began probing inside the piss slit trying for some of the succulent precum seeping down the eight inch tube towards the tip.

Jeremy was a masterful cocksucker: the most experienced of the three. Once he had tasted Randy's juicy precum he let his tongue slip beneath the cockhead tantalizing that very sensitive spot: the frenulum. The tip of his tongue found that sweet spot and made Randy moan with pleasure. He further kissed and licked his way to the base of Randy's big log, and then went nut hunting much like a squirrel gathering food for the winter. He began working on Randy's hairless nut sac taking one nut in his mouth humming on it for a while and then the other. Then he nudged Randy's legs further apart so he could titillate the taint and every once in a while let his tongue tantalize Randy's precious pucker much like a frog's tongue reaching out to capture a bug.

Almost out of breath and on the verge of busting a huge nut Randy broke free from Jeremy and Noah's grasps saying, "Hey Dudes lets go hit the showers and cool down a bit."

"Sounds cool," Noah said.

Jeremy seconded the notion and all headed towards the big master bedroom of the four bedroom rental home. As they enter the big master bedroom they each began posing in front of the full length mirrors posing and admiring their big hard cocks. Sometimes mirrors play tricks making people attributes look larger than real. The master bedroom was huge with a sumptuous king bed for play, two love seats for lounging, and an entertainment center for watching porn. While they finished posing Randy pointed out the full rack of porn DVDs on top of the dresser.

"Hey, check out the bathroom," Randy said standing in the doorway to the big bathroom motioning for the two brothers to join him.

The bathroom was very spacious with a huge two person water jet bathtub and larger glass enclosed shower. Although the tub was only big enough for two the shower could easily accommodate three.

"Wow, this is totally phat!" Jeremy exclaimed as he entered the bathroom to explore.

Noah pushed past Randy entering the bathroom. While Jeremy and Noah continued looking around the bathroom Randy got a fresh supply of linens. Jeremy exited the bathroom to go back to the kitchen to get his bag of goodies he had bought to help enhance a night of sexual pleasures.

Upon Jeremy's return he said, "If were gonna suck and fuck each other all night long I bought a good supply of Fleets enemas, three containers of WET, and a box of a dozen condoms."

"Wow, you come prepared," Randy said.

"What are the enemas and the WET for?" Noah questioned innocently.

"The enemas are to clean out the colon brother; you sure don't want any shit on your dick do you? And we need plenty of lube for fuckin, especially for this thick dick fucker here," Jeremy said pointing to Randy's bull headed boner, "there's no way that big thing is going inside my asshole without plenty of slick on it."

"But we used olive oil earlier today," Noah said somewhat puzzled.

"Olive oil is fine for what we did earlier Bro, but WET is much better lubricant for ass fuckin. Real slick," Jeremy explained.

The three men administered enemas to each other then they all took dumps ridding themselves of fecal matter, cleaning out their lower bowels. Once all had taken healthy shits and expelled all the fecal matter and fluids they prepared to shower. Jeremy jumped in taking the first shower alone while Noah and Randy were intertwined swapping spit. When Jeremy finished his shower he went into lie on the big bed to watch some porn on the big screen television. Once Jeremy had exited the shower Noah and Randy were in it together immediately lathering up each other's bodies. They started with their heads and worked their way down their bodies.

Randy's strong hands felt so good to Noah moving around his body washing his front first, playing with his nipples on the way to his dick and balls before attacking Noah's backside. The two continued kissing each other while lathering up every inch of their bodies. Finally, Randy spun Noah around facing the wall of the shower and began massaging Noah's powerful shoulders, deltoids, biceps, and triceps as he worked his way down Noah's tapered lower back. Randy was moving his hands towards Noah's those luscious looking glutes and the grand prize of the night.

Methodically Randy washed those voluptuous buns moving his hands between Noah's ass cheeks thoroughly washing the ass crack sanitizing the entrée in preparation to devour it. He carefully inserted his finger in Noah's anus probing for any remaining fecal matter. Of course, Noah squealed with glee. Once Randy had Noah's ass crack and anus sanitized to his liking he spread the cheeks rinsing all the soap away. Then Randy got onto his knees behind Noah in the shower playfully lapping and licking at Noah's pucker. His hands slowly parting those beautiful cheeks of Noah's ass he began kissing and working his way between the buns towards the anus. Noah sensed what was happening and bent forward with his hands planted firmly against the shower bulkhead; bending forward at the waist he pushed his butt out, and thereby presented his virgin ass to its conqueror. Noah realized at that moment in time that it would most likely be Randy who would take his anal virginity before the night was over, not his little brother.

Noah was definitely concerned as to whether his virgin asshole could accommodate such a huge cock; however, those thoughts quickly subsided as Randy buried his face in Noah's receptive ass crack tantalizing his pucker with his talented tongue. As Randy's tongue flicked at the cute little brownie he heard Noah cry out wailing at the top of his lungs with bellows of blissful pleasure. Randy, it would seem was a master of the rim job. His talented tongue worked on Noah's anus while his hand stroked his partner's hard penis simultaneously. Noah had never been rimmed before and wasn't sure how he would react, but the sensations he was feeling were sending shudders of excitement throughout his body. He couldn't control the howls of happiness and kept on roaring euphorically like a lion in heat. Jeremy heard the cries of passion coming from the bathroom and knew that Randy was getting ready to take the grand prize of the night, his bother's virginity.

Jeremy rushed into the bathroom opening the glass shower door in time to see Randy's face buried deeply in his brother's ample buns while tears of joy flowed down his brother's face. He knew that if he was going to save his brother's virginity he had to act quickly. He immediately got into position sitting on the floor of the shower he dislodged Randy's hand from his brother's penis and took his brother's bone in his mouth. He began feverishly polishing his brother's knob much like a power milking machine on a dairy farm. In the meantime Randy continued eagerly eating out his brother's virgin asshole.

Randy's talented tongue was pummeling Noah's super sensitive anus. He had reached a point where he was preparing to penetrate Noah's asshole with this tongue. For Noah the feelings of having his asshole penetrated by Randy's tongue at one end and having his schlong sucked on the other end were overwhelming. Noah felt as though his body was ready to explode much like a five hundred pound high explosive bomb in powerful orgasm and then pass out. He had never experienced such incredible feelings in his entire life, so the wailing intensified.

If they had been at Jeremy's place the whole building would have become aware that someone was either getting the fuck of their lifetime or being murdered by the intensity of the howling. Randy's tongue pressed forward exploring further and further inside Noah's anus and then with varying powerful pushes he would withdraw returning to soft gentle licks. Noah felt as though he was living out a porno flick, with his hands pressed up against the shower wall, his legs spread wide with one gorgeous guy behind him eating his asshole out while his younger brother was giving him the best blow job ever.

As much as Noah didn't want these feelings and sensations to end he knew what was in store for him once all the foreplay was over. One of the two of them was going to pummel his ass with their manhood taking his virginity that night. Although, Noah had never been fucked by a guy or fucked another guy he knew that tonight he wanted to experience those feelings. But he wanted to return the favors that were being bestowed upon him even more so. Noah tensed up sensing that he was about to cum.

Suddenly, Randy sensing that Noah was on the verge of busting a nut withdrew and quit licking his ass. Standing up with his powerful prong pushed into Noah's butt crack he whispered into Noah's ear, "Did you enjoy that baby?"

"Oh Fuck Yes! Yes Sir, one hundred percent sir! Please fuck me now!" Noah exclaimed in a loud clear voice of approval as he pushed his ass back onto the big dick that was pressing against his ass.

Jeremy came up for air and said, "Have you noticed something Bro?"

"What?" Noah exclaimed breathlessly.

"None of us has cum yet."

"Well that's about to change Bro."

Randy with his dick still resting between Noah's buns said hoarsely, "You remember those little pills we took earlier back at the hot tub? Well one of the side benefits is that it prolongs premature ejaculation."

"Wow!" Noah exclaimed in a high pitched squeak.

Randy spun Noah around saying, "Now it's your turn to reciprocate."

"Yes, Oh Hell Yes!"

Randy, looking deeply into Noah's dark eyes asked, "Are you ready to become my new fuck buddy?"

"Oh Hell Yeah!" Noah said again loudly with eager anticipation.

With that said the men moved through the bathroom hatch into the bedroom taking positions on the bed. They all smelled so fresh and clean, but the scent of man sex was hanging in the air. The three lounged around on the sumptuous bed talking about what was to cum. Randy told the two brother's that he had decided that he wanted Noah to eat him out and then cornhole him. Noah was somewhat surprised as he had never corn holed anyone in his life and didn't exactly know what to do. However, the other two assured him that they would guide him through it all and he would totally enjoy the experience.


This is the fourth sizzling chapter and it looks as though there will be another to cum. I am enjoying writing this story, are you enjoying reading it?

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