To bring everyone to the light of day, this story is about a Marine named John Peterson. Better known as Sergeant Peterson, or Sarge. As the author, I will refer to him as John, others had better refer to him as Sarge! John is and was you're a typical statute of what a true Marine should look like. Standing 6' 2" and weighing in at a muscular 245 pounds, John was and is a well oiled, truly defined, heavily muscled, Marine! From the base of his toes to what seemed like the top of his head, John's muscles rippled with each and every defined movement. His hair, or better yet, what little he didn't shave off, was dirty blonde. His face was narrow, but defiantly solid and his eyes, oh yes, his profound crystal blue entrancing eyes, mesmerized all who peered into them.

To all the women who gazed their eyes upon him, he was their fantasy Adonis. To many "straight" heterosexual guys, he was the envy of their illicit dreams. For all the guys who wound up entwined into his arms, John was their heaven, the answer to ALL of their erotic dreams. Though John was definitely a main attraction for both women and men alike, he, like most of us, possessed a deep dark passion. A passion in which not many chose to dwell in or enter beyond the sealed gates to pleasure stimulated by pain. Regular sex did nothing for him, but S&M, however, did! John did have sex with a lot of women, mainly because that was the thing he was supposed to do, but, his true passion was with guys. He was and is categorized as bisexual, but his true preference was and will always be, men.

John's childhood was surrounded by many secrets. As a young boy of only six, he experienced his first lesson with gay sex from another kid around 12 or so years old. He grew up being the suck boy at fuck parties for many of older kids. By the time he reached age ten, John became a professional cock sucker and was able to spread his ass cheeks and except as many cocks up his young chute as offered. By the time he turned 13, he discovered older men would pay him money just to let them suck his dick. At age 15, John was a little more than a self made prostitute, catering to both men and women alike. His parents never once suspected him of doing all the things he had done and was still doing. While at the young intimidating age of 15, John discovered leather sex. He liked being bound and whipped, spanked and electrocuted. But, the one thing John discovered he liked more than anything else on this planet, was his passion for men who were hot and sweaty, covered in natural male scent from head to toe.

By the time John turned 17, he was fucking anything and everything and getting fucked by all comers. It was when he turned 18 was when he realized he'd rather be the one doing all the fucking. That's when he joined the Marine Corps. The one big thing John had going for him, other than his natural beauty, was his cock. It was a cock that made women scream and men to envy. Those guys who felt his cock rip through their anal walls knew immediately they were going to rapidly get full. Just seeing it for the first time was impressive enough, not to mention a little bit scary. Even as a kid while at a gym, grown men and boys alike would constantly stare at his meat with awe, some with absolute fright. John knew from early on that he had a big cock and he by no means was afraid to use it!

At present day when John disrobes and stands at Marine Corps attention, his soft cock angles down towards his feet six inches. Even when it's at its softest state, his cock is 2 " in diameter. At full mass, his cock proudly erects itself from his chiseled physique 10 and inches in a 45 degree angle upwards. The girth of his massive angry looking cock is close to 4 inches when fully engorged and ready for action. John's balls are a spectacular sight as well. They are by no means considered low hangers, only dangling from the base of his thick cock about an inch. The sac containing his large egg sized nuggets is perfectly smooth, void of any hair thanks to his constant shaving preparations. Upon a frontal view, it looks like a baseball covered in a silky fabric. John keeps his light brown, almost blond colored pubic hair in the shape of a Mohawk. The soft hairs are trimmed to perfection not to exceed a half of an inch in length.

John is the kind of guy that makes all clothes look great, be it Marine Corps attire, or just old clothes of any sorts. To see people stare at him wherever he may be is a common practice, a practice he really never pays much attention to anymore. The only exceptions are those guys he locks his vision onto. Now, he isn't the kind of guy who prefers younger guys or older guys. He really doesn't set priorities, or maintains any structured preferences. If John sees a guy and for whatever reason the other guy turns him on, then John will almost do something to strike up a conversation.

His most proudest achievement to date is his home. It is located in a mid level income subdivision. The actual home is not his achievement, but what's inside it, is. It took him years to turn his standard basement into a modern day dungeon. There is only one light in the center of the large basement and this is only used to aide him in lighting the numerous candles adorning the wooden walls. John even went so far as to soundproof his basement prior to purchasing all of his many wonderful prized possessions. Various whips, paddles, gags, chains, cuffs, and many other accessories hang from his upgraded walls. It not only looked like a dungeon, it smelled like one too. The heavy staunch of mildew and musk shot up one's nostrils upon entering his dark and dreary domain. To John, the odor that might make you twist your mouth at first breath, makes John's cock leap quickly into its rock hard ready for action mode.

For the few men who took those shaky footsteps down the basement's steps, they entered John's world upon their own free volition. Though some may have known what to expect, others entered his world thinking only with their little head, not the big one. No matter what their reasons for stepping down into his dark world was, one thing was for sure. When everything was said and done, they all left with one thing on their mind. A return visit! John had this uncanny knack of unleashing emotions you never thought you had. By mixing a little pain with a ton of pleasure, John made sure each and every person who was bound by his dungeon, left completely drained, definitely full, and totally satisfied.

Here is where is this story comes to life. It was a Friday and John had just arrived at home. For whatever the reason, John was horny all day long, so he took a shower and got dressed to go out on the town. It was summer time so he wore a white tank top, cowboy cut Wrangler jeans, no underwear, and his combat boots. Before heading out, he looked at himself in the full length mirror in his bedroom. His jeans showed off everything, just as he like it to. His thick cock dangled next to his left thigh and was very visible for any and all to see. Once he declared himself ready, John headed to the center of the night life. He knew exactly where he was going. He knew there would be plenty of Marines and civilians at this night club. It was tagged as a "straight" place to go, but from John's previous experiences, he had caught numerous men inside its loud haven.

It was a typical Friday night in this spot where it was crowded with people drinking, laughing, dancing, and shooting pool. There were plenty of guys and gals looking at him as he walked by them, and John could feel their eyes burning holes into his chiseled body. John had been there for three hours without finding that special someone he wanted to bring into his mysterious world. He did dance and built up quite a sweat and started playing pool. It was when he played pool when his eyes fell upon an angel on the last table to his far right. John's eyes didn't capture his face, but did peer into the guy's jutting butt as he prepared to take his shot. John's cock immediately began to swell as he strained his eyes to mentally take shots of the mouth watering sight before him. After the guy took his shot and stood up, John almost fainted. The guy didn't even look old enough to be in this nightclub. To John, he thought that the guy was around 16 years of age. The other thing he noticed immediately was that the guy was in fact, a Marine. John figured the young lad to be around 5' 6" and couldn't have weighed no more than 140 to 150 pounds. The guy's light brown hair was cut in the horseshoe fashion and John could also see that the guy's eyebrows were more on the perfectly thick side. When the guy turned and looked over into John's direction, he saw a set of bright green eyes fall upon him. The last and final thing John saw at this point was the fact that this young Marine was playing pool all by his lonesome.

John forgot about ending his game and walked through the mass of people as if he were confined in a trance. Walking right up to the young Marine and his table, John placed his quarters onto the table. After the guy finished his game and John inserted the quarters and racked the balls, he never let his eyes fall off this young hot creature. Even looking directly at the young guy's bunched up crotch, John could only think of him and this young Marine inside his dungeon. After a brief introduction, John now knew this beauty's name. Justin Ayers, private Justin Ayers! They played a couple of games in which John found it rather easy to beat the young lad. John did notice, from time to time, Justin's young bewildering eyes steal glances at his outlined cock.

The one thing John found difficult to swallow was the youthful appearance and his odd attraction for Justin. He always preferred to be with men who looked like men, and for whatever the reason, they usually were always older than himself. The longer the two of them played their game of pool, the hornier John became. Every intricate feature on Justin was profound and his tight jeans attacked his hidden flesh leaving very little to the imagination. John noted the jutting small butt of Justin as it protruded from his backside with grace and such elegance. The thin thick seam separating Justin's little crack enhanced John's appetite that much more. The bunched up package of the young Marine's crotch teased all eyes that fell upon it, leaving only fantasies for one's wandering imagination. Be the reason that it may, John quickly began his routine of drawing the young Marine into his web of darkness.

Through their idle conversation while playing their game of pool, John found out that Justin was 18 and a boot in the Corps, fresh from boot camp. He also found out that Justin was in his battalion and the last thing he discovered was that his young angel had a girlfriend back home in Philadelphia. John tossed in subtle hints of gay relations, but Justin either ignored them, or was not clever enough to pick up on any of them. John did his utmost very best in trying to touch base on gay topics, but Justin always managed to get the topic back on girls. John loved to hear Justin speak, thanks to his voice being so soft and heart warming. The game of pool went on and as time lingered, John became that much more frustrated and determined.

By the time they had gotten around to playing their seventh game, the two Marines began acting like life long friends. Being the devil that he was, John picked up on this fact rather quickly. Taking the opportunity while Justin was preparing to take his shot, John quickly stated, "I bet your girlfriend loves to suck you dry!" Justin took his shot, stood up, then fired back with a smirk grin, "Wanna bet! Dude, I'm lucky if she even touches it." John forced out a giggle, then replied, "Damn, that sucks! I would have bet everything that she'd milk you dry every chance she got." Justin shook his head, then offered, "Shoot, I damn near have to make her put her hand on my dick. Even if she sucks it, she sucks it for a few seconds and that's it." John slipped the statement in he had wanted to from the very beginning, "Yeah, I know the feeling. That's why a lot of guys in your shoes lets some guy suck his dick. Like they say, nobody knows how to suck a dick better than another guy!" Justin looked befuddled, but managed to squeak out, "So I've heard, but I aint into all that gay shit."

John took the horse by the reigns and let it fly, "Justin, I bet no girl has ever spread your ass cheeks wide and crammed her tongue up your asshole for you either." Justin twisted his face almost in disgust and replied, "You got that right. I'd throw up if I stuck my tongue in somebody's shit hole. Man, that's got to be the grossest thing I've ever heard. YUCK!" John laughed loudly at Justin's statement, but tossed in another line, "Don't knock it if you've never tried it!" John looked around as if trying to see someone and he knew that Justin was following his ever move. John stopped his head movement and said, "I bet you that someone in here, right now, here in this very bar, is dreaming of sucking your dick and tongue fucking your hot little sweaty asshole." Justin smiled and offered no signs of being repulsed, then stated, "Yeah right. Who in here would want to put their tongue in someone's smelly butt hole?" John fired back, "I didn't say just anyone's asshole. I distinctly remember saying yours!"

This type of conversation went on for nearly another thirty minutes. As time went on, John became that much more confident about Justin. Justin started opening up to John about anything John asked and this brought their conversation up to date. John was standing next to Justin, basically towering over him, leaned over and whispered into Justin's left ear, "Look, you're the kind of guy that would make a straight man want to suck your dick. Fuck the gay shit dude. If someone wants to suck your dick then you would be almost a fool not to let them. After all, you said it yourself that your girlfriend doesn't like to do it. I can't think of no man who don't like having his hard cock sucked!" Justin leaned up and replied into John's right ear, "I don't know. It still don't seem right, but then again, I've never been approached by another guy before either."

John inhaled the glorious sweaty scent spewing off of Justin's steamy body. He could see Justin's forehead spilling his aromatic fresh sweat and John sought feverishly for the words to finally capture his gorgeous prey. John quickly tossed his head around to see if anyone was within ear shot, then whispered, "To be honest with you cause I like you, I'm bisexual. I'd love to suck your dick to orgasmic perfection, so, what do you say?" Then, John knew he had him! Justin appeared to be nervous and after a short few seconds of pondering over John's invitation, he whispered, "I don't know Sarge. It, it kind of sounds weird to me." John leaned closer, pressing their two bodies against one another and stated, "Let me put it this way. Once two lips slide over your cock and the heat from the other person's mouth begins to slowly cook your love muscle, believe me, you wont even give a shit that it's another guy sucking your dick."

Justin hesitated, looked into John's animal thirsty eyes, then angelically whispered, "I've never done this before, I mean, you know, with another guy." John patted Justin on the back and said, "It's no big deal! We can go to my place. It's closer to the base, and afterwards, I can drop you off back at the barracks. Nobody will ever know! Think about it this way. Do you think if I couldn't trust you that I would openly tell you I wanted to suck your dick? Shit man, I got a career to protect! Come on, you wont regret it, I promise!" John turned and began walking away, noticing that young Justin was close on his heels.

Justin followed John all the way to John's car and entered once John unlocked it. John had just started his car when Justin politely asked, "Do you think it would be okay if I showered first? I'm kind of sweaty!" John looked at him, smiled, then eagerly replied, "Don't worry about your sweat. That just adds to the excitement!" On the drive to John's house, John could tell that Justin was extremely nervous and his entire body was trembling from head to toe. John did his best to soothe the young Marine, adding insurance to the satisfaction yet to come.

John pulled his car into the driveway and Justin followed him to the front door. Upon entering John's home, John wasted no time in leading the young Marine to his basement's entrance. John opened the door and began slowly stepping down the steps to his beloved dungeon. Justin was doing his best to focus his eyes on his new surroundings. The smell of musk and mildew filled Justin's lungs as they both were now standing at the base of John's dungeon. John began walking around to all the candles hanging from the wall and began lighting each and every one of them. While John was busy with the candles, Justin was more than a little preoccupied at the scenery before him. To Justin, this room looked like it came straight out of a medieval torture chamber.

No words were exchanged as John took Justin by his left hand and walked him over to an old wooden desk. John had Justin sit on top of the desk where John took his time taking Justin's shoes off. John's hands felt the young Marine's body trembling as each shoe was slowly removed, then each sock. Once Justin's feet were bare, John knelt onto his knees and began slowly licking between Justin's trembling toes. The fragrance of Justin's sweaty feet drove John insanely mad. The intoxicating aroma to some may have drove others away, but for John, it was a powerful entrancing aphrodisiac. John licked and sucked each toe, forcing faint soft moans to evade Justin's quivering lips. John's fingers slipped under the cuff of Justin's jeans and played with the soft hair strolling sparsely along his shins. John licked the soles of Justin's feet and always returned to sucking in as many toes as his mouth would allow. John had no difficulty shoving Justin's toes and some of his sole of one foot into his mouth at any given time.

John let his hands rise up the young Marine's legs as he slowly rose to his feet. His hands grabbed at Justin's shirt and slowly began inching the soft fragrant material up and over Justin's head. With Justin's arms stretched towards the ceiling, John could see a little tuff of light brown underarm hair curling up peacefully in each aromatic socket. John leaned forward while placing his right hand on Justin's super hard package and began licking the course hairs of Justin's left underarm. Initially, Justin giggled, but within seconds, his giggles turned into elegant groans. His young body no longer trembled from the unknown, it now trembled from incorrigible excitement. John's right hand softly groped Justin's bunched up crotch, lavishing in the realm of what angrily lies beneath. John took turns licking, nibbling, and sucking on each fragrant and tasty armpit.

He used his tongue to bathe Justin's entire neck area, ensuring not to miss the young Marine's ear canals. Justin's moans of pure ecstasy drove John to do everything he could to please him that much more. For John, he relished In Justin's heavenly natural taste. Justin's sweat only heightened John's already powerful animal instincts. John used his tongue to work its way to the young lad's tiny, but steel like, erect nipples. Justin almost hopped off the table as John's lips sealed the tiny bud and his teeth politely clamped down while John's tongue flickered aimlessly just on the very tip. Justin stretched his arms behind him where his fingers dug into the wood of the table as John was doing things to him his young body had never experienced.

While John's mouth, teeth, and tongue worked on Justin's hard nipples, John's fingers began fumbling with the buttons to Justin's jeans. John's hands constantly brushed up against Justin's erection, but John was unable to ascertain any length or any width of the young Marine's youthful cock. To John, it seemed as though Justin's cock was folded, trapped inside his under garment. Once all the buttons to Justin's jeans were unbuttoned, John reached his hands to Justin's slender wrists and started sliding them backwards, causing Justin's body to follow. Justin was now laying with his back flat on top of the old desk with just the top of his thighs touching the woodwork. John's hand slid all over Justin's smooth, hairless chest, stopping at the unbelievable little belly button. It protruded slightly outward giving it the vague implications of nothing more than a little bump. John's eyes fell on the faint lightly colored hair commonly known as the goody trail. If John was more patient, he could have easily counted the few wispy strands of hair, but Justin's hair was the last thing on his mind.

John's eyes followed the faint goody trail as it dashed inside Justin's pale blue boxers. The young Marine's smooth chest and stomach was rising and falling rapidly as John carefully hooked the inside of Justin's unbuttoned jeans and began his pulling descent. Justin instinctively raised his little butt off of the table allowing John to easily remove the denim material which cleverly hid the treasures inside. With the grace of a brain surgeon, John removed Justin's jeans and tossed them aside. Now, Justin lay there with his legs launched up in the air, slightly spread. John lowered his face to Justin's boxers and breathed in heavily the mind boggling aroma spewing within its thin fabric. Sweat mixed with the wonderful hint of musk sprang upwards, crashing into John's expanding lungs. Unable to control himself no longer, John inched his lips up against the closed opening of Justin's boxers and began lovingly tracing the outline of the young Marine's rock hard cock. Free from the tight restraints of his jeans, John could now get an idea of what rests under the boxers. He guessed Justin's cock to be somewhere in the neighborhood of six to seven inches with an average thickness. He could also detect that Justin's hard cock was jutting towards the young Marine's eye popping belly button. Justin was whimpering and moaning as John teased his throbbing cock. With the guidance of his lips, John felt Justin's cock dance awkwardly beneath the confinements of his boxer briefs.

Justin's spread thighs began trembling as the heat from John's fiery breath beat down on his cloth covered cock. John sucked on the base of the hard shaft, using his tongue to dart all over the trapped cloth and pulsating member. Justin's mind was racing as he no longer cared about who was using their mouth on his cock. All he knew was that he was loving every passionate moment of this. The more Justin moaned in pleasure, the more suction John implied. John moved his lips further up the shaft and quickly sucked in on the puddle of pre cum smeared into Justin's soft boxers. His lips closed around half of Justin's cock head while he sucked the pre cum juice from the under garment, relishing in the salty flavor now gracing his mouth. His fingers explored Justin's fast moving stomach while his whimpers grew louder as the taste of pre cum exploded inside his suctioning mouth.

Unable to withstand it no longer, John slid his fingers inside Justin's boxers and began sliding them down the young Marine's solid little body. His nose was only within inches of Justin's pubic region as the first vision that befell upon him was Justin's little patch of dark brown pubic hair. John rubbed his nose all over the small patch, inhaling the sweaty musky scent as if it were a bouquet of freshly cut roses. To John, the aroma was pure heaven! While John breathed in Justin's natural body odor, his fingers pulled on the boxers some more, now revealing the shiny shaft of Justin's creamy color cock. Justin's cock was pushed to the side as John tugged on the boxers, saving it for the final tug down to spring forth. John's nose slid across the silk like flesh of Justin's throbbing cock as the boxers slid free from the young Marine's hard little body. His cock sprang forth, striking John on the chin, leaving a strand of pre cum dangling from his chin.

Justin's cock was cut and John was right. It was a good six inches with average thickness, but the most amazing thing of all, was the fact that Justin's hard cock appeared not to have any arch whatsoever. It looked like it was straight as an arrow and shaped like one hell of a gorgeous torpedo. The mushroom head was a dull pinkish in color and the piss slit was already open a bit, oozing pre cum by the gallon. As the boxers slid up Justin's thighs, John got a breath taking look at his balls. The left sagging ball was shaped more like a pecan while the right lower hanging ball was shaped like a small egg. The sac was sparsely covered with strands of hair and as John began slipping the boxers free while Justin assisted by raising his legs, John got a detailed look at the young Marine's anal region.

A small splendid trail of dark hairs ran from just under Justin's balls and stopping as if they were gathered around for a meeting. His little pink butt hole was tightly sealed and a small glorious patch of little hairs surrounded it as if protecting it from the unknown. John quickly discarded the boxers and slid his nose and tongue along Justin's quivering right thigh. As his inhaling and tasting travels continued, John finally struck gold as his nose was within a fraction of an inch from Justin's jutting butt hole. The odor was breath stealing as the mild pungent aroma from the natural area in wince it originated, rushed up his wildly inhaling nostrils. It was the same male scent that drove John insanely frantic though much milder than what he is more accustomed to. John was so close to Justin's aromatic butt hole, his nose was actually touching the soft hairs that gathered around his juicy hole.

Justin quickly announced, "Please, I'm, I'm not all that clean down there!" John peered his eyes upwards and looked into Justin's amazing eyes, then stabbed the young Marine's asshole with his tongue. John was so hungry for this Marine, he flattened out his tongue and began licking ferociously at the puckering surprised pucker hole. Justin screamed in delight as he never before had anyone put their tongue on his butt hole. This feeling racing all over his body was knew and profoundly different. As the tongue burrowed its way all over his exposed hole, Justin unexpectedly hooked the underside of his thighs with both arms and brought them higher up while spreading them wider at the same time. Justin's moans of acceptance and John's slurping was all that echoed in the dark chamber.

John loved the way Justin's ass tasted. Knowing the young Marine took a shower hours earlier and had been dancing, and shooting pool for hours, only added to the fact that it was summer time and his mouth now filled with Justin's sweaty, juicy, aromatic ass delicacy. The more anal juice that screamed into his mouth, the harder he shoved his tongue onto the young virgin ass. John licked and nibbled all over Justin's spread cheeks while constantly stabbing at the delicious muscle squeezing anus. Taking his right hand, John reached up and took a firm hold of Justin's twitching cock and began slowly and defiantly sliding the shaft up and down while doing his best to penetrate the tight sealed opening of Justin's mouth watering asshole. Justin's body jerked giving John just enough room to slip his tongue into the sealed entrance. Justin immediately cried out as the invading tongue showed no mercy as it pile drove its way deep into the dark and fiery hot chamber of Justin's never before entered asshole. Justin was torn with all kinds of various emotions as he felt his anal canal being swabbed with one thick probing tongue. He could feel every twitch, every turn, of the tongue gnawing up his anal canal. Justin now no longer cared what his asshole smelled like. All he could think about was the mind blistering pleasure he now was receiving.

John stiffened his tongue and used it as a fuck tool as he rocked his head back and forth, driving his hardened tongue in and out of Justin's saliva, anal juice slick asshole. Justin screamed out, "Oh God, God, YES SARGE, shit, ohhhhhhhhh!" The words he screamed were like a symphony to John's ears. With each thrust of his tongue up Justin's juicy canal, John smashed his nose onto the cum filled hanging balls of Justin. John had to release his cock several times as he felt it expand, because he didn't want to let the young Marine blow his load just yet. John wanted to completely drain Justin of all his juices and he knew the young lad couldn't take much more without shooting his cream. He slipped his tongue from Justin's delicious asshole and inserted both balls into his mouth. John let his tongue run its course all over Justin's balls while increasing his suctioning pressure. With his mouth filled with Justin's wonderful nuggets, John slipped a finger up Justin's slick asshole. Justin gasped as soon as the finger invaded his nether region. John felt the young Marine's anal muscles convulse around his finger as it dove and twisted to its maximum depth. The heat alone felt like it was burning the flesh right off of his anal invading finger.

Once John felt like Justin's balls had been thoroughly bathed with his mouth and tongue, John let them slide out of his mouth and he wasted no time and he started at the base of Justin's hard cock and worked his way to the very tip. John lapped at the slick pre cum, drilling his tongue into the tiny piss slit opening. The flavor alone was driving him into his common animalistic mode. After scooping up all the pre cum, John opened his mouth and sank Justin's cock all the way inside, pressing his nose hard against Justin's musky pubic hair. Justin literally screamed as John's hot mouth began bobbing up and down on his cock. He had experienced blow-jobs before, but for whatever the reason, the one he now was experiencing was by far, the very best. The finger inside his ass was doing something to him and Justin knew he couldn't resist the urge to unleash his creamy load, but he did try and warn the Sarge, "Sarge, Sarge, I'm close! I'm close Sarge!" But John didn't care! He continued his vacuum like pressure on the cock trapped inside his cock hungry mouth. Within seconds, Justin's bewildered body jerked and shook as the thick spray of young sperm assaulted John's mouth. John increased the thrusting of his finger in Justin's ass while using his mouth to milk him free of his youthful thick cream. Jet after jet of thick sperm cream landed inside John's suctioning mouth and he continued his oral assault on the torpedo exploding inside his mouth.

Just like always, Justin's cock finished tossing his seed and it now only began to slowly trickle into John's sucking mouth. He slowed his finger fucking to a crawl as Justin's cock started to deflate inside his sperm filled mouth. Letting Justin's deflated cock fall from his mouth and still keeping his finger up the Marine's butt, John began his sperm tasting session as methodical as only he could do. After sampling the first drop of the thick cream, John detected a mild flavoring of salt, but nothing bitter or strong. It was more on the sweeter side of things than anything else. As the last of Justin's five star delicacy slipped down his throat, John withdrew his finger from the tight confinement of Justin's tight ass.

Justin gulped and was breathing rather hard, but managed to softly whisper, "God Sarge, that was the best I ever had! Thank you!" John shook his head, then replied while still savoring Justin's creamy cum, "There's still more to come. Tonight, I want you to experience it all, the right way!" As John stood up from between Justin's spread legs, Justin couldn't help not to notice the distinguished bulge in John's pants. He could see the Sarge's cock as it hung down towards his feet along the left side of his pants. Justin was fascinated at the size and thickness of the monster that lay confined inside John's pants. He fought with himself the urge to ask to see it and kept telling himself he is not gay, but no matter what, the sight alone left an ever lasting impression deep within his mind.

John walked over to one of the tables and opened up a drawer. Upon his return, Justin was still on top of the table with his legs down and feet angling to the floor. John had a piece of thin rope, or that's what Justin thought, but in reality, it was a single strand of padded leather. John put the leather strand under Justin's balls and he began looping it completely over and under John's nuggets. Once he formed a complete loop, John tied the leather kind of snuggly around the sac. Once he had both balls trapped inside their sac, he began the stimulating process of restraining each glorious nugget. Justin wasn't nervous anymore as he leaned up on his elbows to see what the Sarge was doing. There was a thick band of leather forcing his balls away from his cock and pushed his nuts tightly into the bottom of the sac. Each ball was tied and separated from the other. Justin could feel the blood building up inside him as his balls looked like they were about to pop anytime now. Justin could also see some type of metal hook attached to the underside of his balls tied or fastened onto the ball squeezing leather.

John looked at Justin and whisperingly asked, "Do you trust me?" Justin shook his head up and down and replied, "Yes, Yes Sir!" John caressed Justin's silky thighs and stated, "Good boy!" He assisted Justin up from the table and now had him stand in front of the table as if he were standing at attention. John's perfection of restraining one's balls stood out profoundly and he silently patted himself on the back for the masterpiece standing before him.

Justin stood perfectly still as John walked completely around. It was John snickering in marvel at the young Marine, who up till now, was a total virgin to gay sex. John knew by the way Justin was breathing he had him completely under his spell. Justin's eyes opened even wider as he followed John up to a strange looking device. It appeared to be something like a cross with cuffs attached to each support. John built this St. Andrews cross using only perfection from his own devious mind. John had Justin step up onto the platform and place his upper body between the two heavy wooden arches. Taking his time, John stretched each of Justin's arms and attached each wrist to the padded cuffs. The chain attached to the wood left only enough room for Justin to pull his hands approximately three inches, up and down, and from side to side. The sides of the solid wood where Justin rests his head were heavily padded. John too his time securing each of Justin's ankles to the padded cuffs anchored to the platform. His legs were widely spread, but not at the point the was uncomfortable.

From Justin's view point, he could not make out what the Sarge was going to do next, but when he felt his balls being pulled down and heard the tying of a well secured knot, he rapidly figured it out. John took great pride in securing Justin's balls to the base of the platform using a thin chain. As long as Justin did not try to raise up on his toes, John knew that the young lad would be okay, but if he raised up, he also knew that Justin would realize his balls were not about to go anywhere. The weight of the chain attached to his balls gave Justin a kind of sickening feeling weltering up deep within his stomach. It felt weird, yet from his twitching erection, it felt kind of wonderful. John leaned into the naked Marine and softly whispered into Justin's right ear, "If at anytime you want things to stop, just say the word red. Once you say red, everything will cease immediately, okay!" Justin licked his moist lips, then replied, "Yes sir!"

Attached to the front of the Cross, on each beam, were adjustable nipple clamps. Knowing Justin was unable to move freely, John took the nipple clamp closest to Justin's right nipple, opened it wide, then covered Justin's tiny erect nipple, and easily allowed the clamping teeth to secure themselves directly on Justin's nipple. Justin immediately rose up on his toes, forcing his properly secured balls to ache as the chain tightened, giving him the feeling of being kicked straight into the balls. Justin forced himself back flat on his feet just in time for John to apply the other nipple clamp to his left nipple. Once again, Justin sprang to his toes only realizing his balls were being yanked from their tightly secured sac.

The pressure from the nipple clamps sent mixed emotions racing throughout his inexperienced body. Painful, yet somewhat pleasurable, all at the same time. John's homemade Cross also had an area right in the center where he had drilled a hole and padded the entrance with thick foam. Guiding Justin backwards a bit, John squeezed Justin's rock hard cock through the hole. Justin could feel the coldness of the padding on his burning hard cock, but for some odd reason, his cock began to get even hotter. John had applied liquid heat, a mild erotic lubricant, to the sides of the padding. As John inadvertently moved, his cock began to slide up against the padding. John also added a different twist to the mysterious hole. Taking a hand held pump into his left hand, John began to pump. Justin quickly noticed that the padding surrounding his boner began to enclose tightly around his Marine Corps cock. The heat from the lubricant and the softness of the tightening padding felt better than any pussy he had ever had the honor of fucking.

John couldn't resist the urge to wrap his lips around the very tip of Justin's trapped cock and suck and lick just on the young lad's pre cum spewing piss slit. Justin was groaning like crazy doing his best not to rise up on his toes as the feeling of John's lips and tongue tingled his ever emotion. After John cleansed Justin's cock head, he stood up and walked behind his spread eagled, securely tied, gorgeous young Marine, lost in a world only befitting to someone who takes pride in their work. Justin was still lost in the luxury of the pumped up padding and the heat boiling his rock hard cock. John whispered into his left ear, "Have you ever kissed another man?" Justin shook his head, then replied, "No!" John opened his right hand and let it fall roughly onto Justin's spread ass cheeks, then fired back, "No, your answer was simply NO?" Before Justin could respond, John delivered four more hard whacks onto Justin's silky ass flesh. Justin shouted, "Sir, NO SIR! I've never kissed a man, SIR!" Justin could feel his ass cheeks burning sharply from the open handed strikes, but as each heavy hand fell upon his flesh, he unknowingly drove his cock in and out of the pumped up heated opening. The mixture of sensations wracked his body, pain and pleasure, causing his mind to go temporarily blank while actually seeing stars.

Justin opened his eyes and for the first time realized there was a full length mirror, approximately six feet wide and eight feet high, directly in front of him. John was torn between looking at Justin's backside and viewing him in the mirror. He wanted to detect if Justin had a disliking from being spanked, but from seeing the glassy eyes on Justin, he knew that he could continue, or at least, for a little while longer.

John could see the sweat rolling down Justin's heavy breathing back. Unable to resist the urge, John dropped to his knees, yanked open Justin's recently spanked ass cheeks, and drove his tongue deep into the young Marine's anal chute. With his tongue drilling inside Justin's fiery hot virgin tunnel, John reached his right hand around the back of the cross and flipped up the switch. The pumped up padding which trapped Justin's cock inside the hole began vibrating and pulsing. Justin didn't know whether to collapse or dance on each foot. Realizing he could barely move, thanks to the pulsating action on his heated cock and the Sarge's tongue drilling his asshole, all Justin could do was moan while biting down hard onto his lip. John reached up with both hands and grabbed onto the chains that were attached to the nipple clamps on each of Justin's nipples and slowly and methodically began pulling down on them. Justin flung his head back and let out something like a howl as his nipples felt like they were on fire.

John snacked on Justin's asshole for a short time before standing up. Standing to Justin's left side, John began lightly slapping each silky ass cheek, taking turns on each reddening cheek. John barked out, "Do you like that, BOY?" Justin caught his breath after swallowing hard and immediately responded, "SIR, YES SIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Justin really didn't know if he liked it or not, but he did know he was truly experiencing something he would have never dreamed of in a million years. His mind constantly went blank as his body exploded with new found emotions and sensations. John picked up his slapping, delivering each slap with a little more power than the previous one. After nearly ten minutes of steady spanking, John stopped and began to caress Justin's sweaty back while admiring the beauty of his brilliant bright red butt cheeks. Justin was lost for words, but the hot hand gliding over his sweating back felt awfully soothing. The same guy that had just blistered his ass was now softly whispering into his right ear, "How are you doing? Do you want this to stop?" Justin spoke before he thought, "Fine SIR, please don't stop SIR!"

John had a glass of water on the table and brought it over to Justin where he allowed the panting young lad to sip to freshen his body with liquids. After drinking the water, John placed the half empty glass to the side and just stood in front of Justin. His green eyes entranced John as they softly flickered. John was honored to have such a beauty in his beloved dungeon. He wanted so badly to reach out and shove his tongue into Justin's panting mouth, but he certainly didn't want to rush the inevitable. John was smart enough to know and had been in this situation before with a virgin to know that soon enough, Justin would literally be begging him for a kiss. Though he didn't want to, John figured he would just wait.

John walked over to the wall behind Justin and grabbed two sets of elk skin floggers. Stepping in behind Justin, John began to lightly strike Justin's sweaty upper back. Justin got shivers running up and down his spine as the things in the Sarge's hands were whipping across his upper back area. It felt soothing, and at times, it often stung a bit. With two sets of floggers, one in each hand, John began to lightly wisp the strands across Justin's glistening back. Justin's balls felt like they were going to explode and his cock was being torturously milked while his back was being properly attended to. John began flogging Justin's painted ass cheeks as well as his heavily sweating back. Justin felt as though he was lost in space, somewhere far away, in a peaceful, heavenly garden.

Periodically, to bring Justin back to the realm of reality, John would intentionally use the strands of elk skin to strike his stretched balls. With each strike on his balls, Justin's body shook violently and elegant moans flew from his wide open mouth. John could distinctly see Justin's securely stretched wonder nuggets as they looked like they had swollen from the rapid necessity of releasing his built up love cream. John continued to whip Justin's back, ass cheeks, and strike his balls for quite some time. John would constantly check Justin's status, but the young Marine had a will to tough to tame, or at least, he may have thought so.

John put down the floggers and began slapping Justin's already bright red ass cheeks rapidly, one right after the other, with his bare open hand. The hand falling on his ass cheeks caused Justin to drive his cock through the vibrating closed hole, only bringing him close to an orgasm, but the tension on his aching balls prevented that from happening. His ass cheeks ached painfully, yet Justin inwardly didn't want the Sarge to stop. Just as fast as John began slapping Justin's ass cheeks, he stopped, only to shove his middle finger all the way up Justin's anal highway. This forced Justin to arch sharply on his toes, yanking his strangled testicles fiercely. He shoved his young body harder against the cross, getting more of his young cock into the pulsating and vibrating clutches of the padding. John offered no mercy as he slammed his middle finger in and out of Justin's virgin asshole while tweaking Justin's pinched left nipple. Justin was bouncing back and forth on each foot, attempting to find the precise spot that would alleviate some of the pleasing pain. He could feel the Sarge's finger as it drove fast and furious up his canal, twisting and churning all the while.

Justin began slamming his head on either side of the beams cushions as his cock was experiencing more pleasure than before, his asshole being maniacally finger fucked, and his left nipple being tweaked like never before. John could feel Justin's ass cheeks squeeze his knuckles and the young Marines inner ass muscles clamp down hard onto his thrusting finger. Just like before, as soon as it all started, it all stopped. Justin eased back down flat on his feet, but held his head to the left beam for support. John began using his tongue to swipe up the running streams of sweat beading down Justin's heavy panting back. His sweat was sweet and salty, and John lovingly graced Justin's back with his tongue, ensuring not to miss a single sweaty inch. John cleaned Justin's back and immediately dove between the young Marine's ass cheeks for another helping of his hot, juicy, sweaty, pungent asshole. Justin was lost in pleasure as the tongue screaming in and out of his anal canal shattered the remainder of his emotions.

John backed off the delicious asshole and stood, admiring the tracks all over Justin's back and ass cheeks caused by the cherished effect of the elk skin floggers. Justin's head was hung low, towards his feet as John stepped to his left side and whispered, "Have you ever dreamed of sucking another man's cock?" Though he tried his best to shout it out, hoarsely he replied, "Sir, no sir!" John asked, "Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a man's cock fuck you in the ass?" Once again, hoarsely, "Sir, no sir!" John added, "I bet you before tonight is over, you'll be begging me to fuck your juicy asshole and let you suck my fuck stick, aint that right, BOY!" Mustering the energy, Justin shouted, "SIR, uh, YES SIR!"

John walked in front of Justin and sank to his knees. Justin's cock was soaking wet with his pre cum as John flickered his tongue, stabbing the piss slit. John whimpered as his lips encircled Justin's torpedo shaped cock head, slurping the precious pre cum into his thirsty mouth. John bobbed his head up and down the pre cum soaked shaft, scooping up all of the delicious honey that spewed from deep within Justin. Justin moaned ever so loudly as the hot mouth boiled onto his clutched vibrating, pulsating cock. He could feel his sperm mustering up an attack, but his spread, tied balls had no room to spray his healthy load of life giving seed. Justin pinched his ass cheeks together with all his might to force out his painful load, but only the tingling sensation reached the base of his cock, nothing else. Even the painful clamps which locked his nipples had subsided to a point that they now only tingled with a dull ache.

After fully cleaning Justin's cock off with his hungry mouth, John stood up, gave Justin some water, and walked over to a bag hanging from a hook on the far wall. Justin tried his best to focus his eyes on John's activity, but his emotions had reached a never before high, causing his vision to be somewhat blurry. John opened the bag directly behind Justin and retrieved an item. Justin tried to stare through the mirror to see what it was the Sarge now was holding in his hand, but couldn't make anything out. John took the opportunity to take a mouthful of tender bites all along Justin's sweaty ass cheeks, forcing Justin to screech out in some form of miserable delight. Justin tried to run away from the teeth sinking into his ass flesh, but the chain attached to his balls quickly brought him back to reality. Though his balls ached, his cock was being massaged by the heated padding while the vibrations kept his rock hard cock torturously alive.

John had retrieved an anal probe from the bag and had mildly greased it up. He preferred to use this on all of his anal virgins cause the actual stem was ten inches long, thin, and at the very tip, it was a small ball with various lengths of rubber strands splintering out. John had a mouthful of Justin's left ass cheek as he placed the greasy tip up to Justin's quivering asshole. With steady pressure, the tip penetrated Justin's fiery hot, super tasty asshole and began its upward travel up his muscle clamping chute. John had positioned himself so he could look into the mirror and see the faces Justin was making as the anal probe traveled farther past the point of never before exploration. Justin was flinging his head all over while his mouth twisted and contorted in many shapes as the probe slowly traveled up his Hershey highway. John could sense and feel some resistance, but he applied steady pressure. Justin's body shook violently as the probe reached its maximum ten inch level. John held the probe firmly and quickly spun the handle, forcing the little ball and little outstretched rubber hairs to spin freely inside Justin's anal chute. Justin cried out as his body literally exploded with sensations he could never begin to describe. He began pounding his cock into the tightly vibrating hole as if he were getting his last piece of ass. John continued to spin the anal probe faster and faster, with each time bringing Justin to a heightened frenzy.

John unlocked his teeth from Justin's ass cheek and powerfully said, "Do not speak unless you are spoken to. The only exception is the word RED! Sounds are acceptable, words are not!" Justin nodded his head as John continued to spin the probe as fast as he possibly could. Justin was whimpering, cooing, moaning, and groaning, but proudly enough, never uttered a single word. At this point, John now knew Justin was all his!

The anal probe that once spun openly and wildly up his shocked chute now began to travel up and down while twisting and turning bringing him into a newfound frenzy. After a few short minutes of slowly fucking the probe in and out of Justin's ass, John began to literally pound the probe fast and furious, causing his hand holding the base of the probe to splash into Justin's spread ass cheeks. The power behind the upwards thrust forced Justin to rise up on his toes, yanking his balls back down towards the platform. His body was more confused than anything else, as the pain mixed with overpowering pleasure ricochet throughout his entire shaking body.

Justin's ass felt like there was a hot poker iron ripping and tearing at his anal walls. But, the initial shock of the penetrating pain quickly subsided and the thing up his ass was giving him more pleasure than he had ever experienced ever before. John pounded the probe up Justin's ass for more than fifteen minutes, pacing his fucking rhythm with a mixture of techniques. He retracted the probe and once the glistening tip popped out of Justin's hole, John stared at the probe for a split second to see if there was any anal residue on the greasy toy. Being the odor freak that he was, he didn't hesitate to bring the tip to his nostril and sniff. To John, the aroma was intoxicating, not deplorable or degrading.

John held the probe in his left hand and began to slap Justin's sweaty ass cheeks, one right after the other. After a solid minute of open hand pounding on the young Marine's bright red cheeks, John stopped and walked in front of Justin who had his head hung low and his eyes were tightly shut. John held the probe up to Justin's face, a few inches away, and said, "Look at me!" Justin forced his heavy head to rise and flickered his glossy eyes into John's. John smiled and with a voice of authority said, "This was just up your tight little ass! If you want to feel more, open your mouth and hold out your tongue. If you want this to end right now, just simply close your mouth!" Justin didn't even have to think as his tongue swiped his lips and his mouth opened and held out his tongue. John placed the rubbery ball onto Justin's flattened tongue and began twirling it around. After a few twirls, John instructed, "Close you mouth over the tip, but do not use your teeth." Justin obeyed as John rolled the probe around inside Justin's mouth. John spoke, "Taste your own ass juice BOY! This is from your own body! Taste what I taste! Close your eyes and cherish the flavor!" Justin did as he was commanded and John watched as he could see Justin's throat swallow his anal juice mixed with his own saliva. At this point, John knew it was all over. Justin was completely his!

The probe was forced out of Justin's sucking mouth and John put it to the side and just stood in front of Justin, locking their eyes on the other. John smiled and softly asked, "Justin, do you want me to undress?" Justin gulped and still maintaining eye contact, replied, "SIR, YES SIR!" John began unlacing his boots, and after doing so, stepped out of them. He removed his sock, then slowly pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. Justin stared with envy and a curious hunger as his eyes strained on the bulging rock hard formations of the Sarge's rock solid muscular body. As John's fingers toughed the buttons of his pants, Justin's eyes got even bigger as he zeroed in on the huge distinct outline of the man's long, thick cock pointing down to his feet. Once the buttons were unhooked, John slipped his pants down and Justin gulped even harder when the Sarge's more than impressive cock popped into full unobstructed view. Justin didn't think no human had a cock that was so long and thick. To be so big, it stood straight out from the Sarge's muscular body with a slight bend downwards somewhere in the middle of the long thick shaft. The mushroom head was huge, at least four or five times thicker than his own cock. Justin could see the pearl drop of pre cum glued to the long, slightly opened piss slit. It was veiny at all like he once inwardly imagined. The Sarge's cock was a creamy color, mixed impressively with his neatly trimmed blond pubic hairs. Once John's balls came into view, Justin licked his lips feverishly as the shaven hard nuggets looked like one big baseball attached to the base of the giant cock before him.

John stood before Justin watching his eyes who were now locked onto his throbbing freed cock. Justin wanted to reach out and touch the giant beast just to see if it was really real, but knew not to speak unless the Sarge spoke first. John teasingly placed his right hand on his impressive tool and began slowly jacking the giant muscle while letting his left hand stroke the sides of Justin's sweaty face. Not once did Justin peer into John's eyes, instead, the young Marine's eyes remained locked onto the cock that bewildered his every heterosexual emotions. After a few seconds, John released both his cock and Justin's face and turned to walk behind him once again. Justin had a great look at the rock solid bubble ass of the Sarge. His ass cheeks were definitely pronounced without a single blemish anywhere his eyes traveled.

Justin was a bit more than confused. Not once in his life had he thought of ever being with another man, but now, here he was, in the basement of a true Marine who he thought he was just going to get a blow-job from, and nothing else. Now, he was tied to a cross, his cock trapped inside a hole that vibrated and pulsed, his balls were tied and separated and attached to the platform, a tongue had been up his ass, an anal toy had given him pleasure he never thought possible, nipple clamps pleasingly tortured both of his nipples, he had been flogged into another world, ass cheeks spanked to an intensifying passion, he had tasted his own anal juice on the probe, he now was more than fascinated over the Sarge's giant cock and baseball like balls, and to top it all off, he actually was fantasizing about the Sarge's super muscular, defiantly bubbly ass.

As he stand there, unable to move, pondering the possibility of being gay, his world of reality sank back in as the Sarge drove his tongue up his anal canal one more time, stealing his every breath at the sudden invasion. John was slurping away at Justin's asshole while using both hands to slap and clutch his already sensitive ass cheeks. Justin had no other choice but to cram his body into the wooden beams and moan frantically. After about ten minutes of so of steady ass slurping and slapping, John backed off and stood up. Justin was doing his best to catch his breath as he felt the giant beast slide into his ass crack and strike his well eaten asshole. He feared that the Sarge might try and shove that huge pole up his ass, but fought the urge to yell RED. John closed his eyes as his fuck pole slid along freely up and down Justin's sweaty ass crack. He could feel the burning heat from the young Marine's tasty asshole burn the tip of his cock as it pressingly smeared his own pre cum onto the quivering little hole. John backed off, sensing the nervousness in Justin's shaking body. He wanted the boy to crave his cock, not fear it.

It was time for John to take Justin to the next level, so he began taking his ankles and wrists out of the restraints. John had unhooked the chain from the platform and allowed it to dangle freely causing Justin's professionally tied balls to be pulled by the weight of the chain. The sickening feeling returned back into Justin's stomach as his balls felt like they were being slowly pulled from their sac. John then flipped the switch off that caused the cushion clamping onto his cock to stop vibrating and pulsating. Justin was covered in sweat from head to toe as the only thing that held him to the cross was the nipple clamps. John stepped to Justin's right side and placed his fingers on the nipple clamp and quickly released the alligator like grip. As the blood hastily rushed through Justin's nipples, his feet began to bounce from side to side as the pain shot through his right nipple as if electricity was spitting from the very tip. John reached over and repeated the same process on the left nipple. The results were the same for Justin as the pain of the freely released blood completed its journey back into his nipple.

Justin took the time to look down at his cock and saw the distinct discoloration. He could almost feel his cum wanting to blast its heavy load somewhere between the top of his balls and the base of his painfully throbbing cock. But, through it all, one thing was definitely for sure. His cock remained rock hard! John had Justin back off the platform of the cross and he stood by the young Marine's side in case his legs were not strong enough to stand on their own. Justin's legs felt like Jell-O and John had to hold onto him as he stood on the dungeon's concrete floor. Natural instinct from the weight of the chain pulling onto his balls forced him to stand with his legs spread just beyond shoulder width apart. John softly said, "Stand perfectly still with your hands on the back of your head!" Justin immediately replied, "SIR, YES SIR!" John walked over to an office table and rolled a small stool over to Justin, just in front of him. Justin had no clue what the Sarge was going to do next, but a brave rush of curiosity and excitement rapidly shot through his body.

John sat on the stool leaving his face just above Justin's convulsing cock. John reached out and cupped Justin's secured aching balls and began rolling them around in the palm of his left hand. Justin grunted as his tied and separated balls clashed together from time to time as John began to lightly slap them with his right hand. John's left hand had grabbed a handful of sac, beginning with the skin just below the base of his cock, forcing his balls to tighten at the bottom of the sac like a pimple looking like it was two days over due to be popped. John had just enough fingernails to scratch Justin's delicate nuggets causing Justin to groan with each scrape of the fingernails. John constantly applied pressure on Justin's balls by pulling them down while rotating between slapping them and using his fingernails to scratch the tightly stretched sac. Though it was rather painful at times, to Justin, it was also a newfound pleasure. John added to the excitement by implementing the play of a cigarette lighter. He held the lighter a few inches from the base of Justin's outstretched nuggets and flashed the flames all over his balls, causing Justin to screech from the burning heat.

While John was slowly cooking Justin's balls, he couldn't resist the urge to have his cock back inside the comfort of his mouth, so without hesitation, John swallowed Justin's cock to the point his pubic hairs smashed onto his nose. From the pulling on his balls, his balls being literally cooked, and now his cock was being sucked on, forced Justin to yell, "Please let me cum SIR!" John pulled his mouth from the super tasty cock, leaned back and began to twist the boy's sac counterclockwise. The tightening of his already tight sac of his balls caused Justin to dance from one foot to the other as the Sarge kept on twisting and twisting. He had placed the lighter down onto the floor and rummaged through a bag next to him until he retrieved a small leather strap. Justin was looking down at the new device and couldn't help not to notice that the strap of leather had several more straps of strands of leather at the very end.

John held the leather strap with his right hand and held onto the twisted flesh of Justin's sac, the commandingly stated, "You spoke when you were not spoken to. Now, you must pay!" John raised Justin's sweaty nuts upwards and started to gingerly use the strands of leather to swat his glistening nuggets. With each slap of the leather, millions of volts of electricity scorched through his balls and electrified his every waking emotions. Justin thought his balls had been dropped into a nest of yellow jackets as the searing heat from the leather strands burned their mark all over his nuts. John yelled, "Stand still BOY!" Justin fought with all he had to keep his straddled feet flat on the floor. As each slap of the leather struck his balls, he wanted to desperately bring his feet up to help alleviate some of the pain. John added to the pain by striking the leather strap on the very tip of his exposed cock head. Justin was biting his lips and squinting his eyes tightly as one right after another landed on his cock and stretched balls.

If his cock and balls were not bad enough, Justin almost leaped out of his skin when the Sarge added the front and the inner portion of his thighs to the slapping of the leather strap. John must have worked on Justin's cock, balls, and thighs for nearly twenty minutes before placing the leather strap back into the bag. Justin was sweating heavier now than ever before, but he was more than thankful for this treatment to have ended. Just as he thought that his punishment was over, John looked up and stated, "Lay across my lap and soon you will understand that you must never speak unless you have been spoken to." Justin obeyed and placed his body across the Sarge's muscular lap. His cock was pointing towards the ground in between the Sarge's spread legs. The massive one eyed beast of the Sarge pressed firmly into his lower stomach region. Once Justin was in place, the Sarge ordered, "Lock your hands behind your back and no matter what, do not unlock them!" Justin's head was dangling towards the floor as he hooked his hands together behind his sweaty back.

John slid his hands across Justin's jutting lower back and creamy white ass cheeks, smearing Justin's sweat all over as his fingers dug into the silky flesh. John used the toes of his left foot to capture the chain attached to Justin's balls and he began applying steady pressure as his right hand quickly began slapping at Justin's jutting ass cheeks. Justin flung his head backwards as the sting from the heavy hand popped his sweaty ass flesh. Rapid and repetitive strikes landed on one, then both, bright red cheeks. John helped Justin keep his hands locked behind his back by gripping onto the young lad's thumbs with his left hand. His ass felt like it was on fire and his balls seemed like they were being slowly pulled right out of the burning sac. John slapped Justin's solid little ass until his own hand began to hurt. Reaching down into the bag beside him, John retrieved a wooden paddle that had ten small holes bored out starting from the center.

Justin's ass felt relieved when the Sarge stopped slapping his ass as the cool damp air in the room quickly soothed the burning sensation. But, that soon came to an abrupt end as he felt the major burning as the paddle landed directly in the middle of both of his butt cheeks. He couldn't help but to toss his head up and down and from side to side as the object now smashing against his butt cheeks seemingly tore into his sweaty flesh. Smack, smack, smack, one right after the other landed heavily onto his butt. Justin thought someone had poured gasoline on his butt and struck a match leaving his ass on fire. The tugging on his cum filled balls wasn't helping matters any, either. As the paddle came down hard and heavy, the Sarge kept saying, "Never speak unless you are spoken to. The only acceptable word that should ever escape your mouth is RED!" Justin didn't have the air in his lungs to cry out as each fast burning smack knocked whatever little breath he had left, right out. What felt like an eternity, thankfully for Justin, the Sarge finally stopped tearing his ass up with the paddle.

John released Justin's thumbs and soothing spoke, "Have you ever tasted you own pre cum?" Justin quickly answered, "SIR, YES SIR!" John asked, "Have you ever tasted another man's pre cum?" Justin replied, "SIR, NO SIR!" John used his left hand to reach over Justin's shaking little body and with his middle finger, easily scooped some of his own manly pre cum. Holding his middle finger just in front of Justin's face, John stated, "This is mine! Raise your head up and open your mouth if you want to taste me, BOY!" Justin not only raised his head up, but he quickly sucked in the middle finger before him up to the last knuckle. John almost busted a nut as Justin used a tremendous amount of pressure sucking on his finger. The heat from inside the boy's mouth felt like it was melting the flesh off of his finger. John's right hand began lovingly caressing the welted up flesh of the ass he had just recently paddled, but he maintained the steady pressure on the chain attached to Justin's balls.

The Sarge had to literally force his finger from the suctioning of Justin's vacuum like mouth. Justin found himself utterly liking the taste of the Sarge's pre cum and silently begged for more. John took his time and periodically scooped up his own pre cum and fed it to Justin. He no longer had to ask if he wanted to taste his pre cum. As soon as he placed his finger in front of Justin's mouth, the young lad immediately crammed his mouth on John's finger. John then added a new twist to the action by fingering his own ass with the same middle finger. He put his finger up his butt as far as it could go, pulled it out and held it up in front of Justin's nostrils, then said, "This finger was just up my ass! Smell it BOY!" Justin inhaled deeply and he would have never in a million years thought of doing what he now was doing. The smell bore down his nose, filling up his lungs. It was a strange odor, yet familiar one. Justin actually thought at first that this was going to be rather disgusting, but the more he sniffed, he found that he rather liked it.

While Justin was sniffing his finger, John inserted the middle finger of his right hand all the way up Justin's chute. The sudden, rather dry, invasion caused Justin to inadvertently open his mouth and getting his first taste of another man's ass. In fact, this was his first taste of ass other than him sucking on the anal probe that once filled his rectum. John could feel Justin's tongue rolling around all over his finger while the young lad sucked hard on his finger. John pulled his finger free from Justin's mouth and now that it was slick with his saliva, John reinserted his finger back up his own ass canal. The feeling of his other finger up Justin's ass was more than awesome, and by fucking his own ass with his own finger, only heightened his already horny status. John pulled his finger out of his ass and held it in front of Justin who never hesitated by slamming his greedy mouth back onto the ass juice covered finger. Justin liked the finger up his ass and he really liked sucking on the Sarge's finger that had just been up the most perfect ass any human could ever have.

After some time, John ordered Justin up. Justin had major difficulty standing on his very weak legs. His body felt drained, yet his cock throbbed for more attention. John ordered Justin to follow him which the young Marine did so without any signs of hesitation. They wound up by a homemade wooden table and John helped Justin up onto it. Justin was on his knees with his ass jutting proudly in the air and his elbows were flat on the table top. The top of the table was heavily padded and thickly cushioned. John raised up an ankle cuff and began cuffing both of Justin's ankles softly, but securely. His knees were spread wide as John began restraining each of Justin's wrists to either side of the table, with his hands aiming towards the floor. Justin felt a strap being applied around the break of each knee and watched as the Sarge stood in front of him and turned a handle which caused the strap to tighten, locking his knees firmly in place. By the time the Sarge was done, the only thing Justin could move was his head, fingers, and toes. Justin felt the padding under his face being moved and watched as the top layer was removed and his entire head was peering into a hole.

He felt something go over his head and quickly realized that now he no longer could even move his head as the cushiony thing trapped his head in place. He could only stare at the deserted floor under the homemade table. Justin felt the table move, but couldn't see anything at all. He felt the Sarge's hand on his still rock hard cock and then something cold being applied over it. John placed an electric pump over Justin's cock and strapped it in around his waist. Hitting the switch, John expertly made the adjustment necessary for a perfect fit. As the pressure increased, Justin could feel the device sucking his cock with insurmountable pressure like never before experienced. John adjusted the timer to automatically pump every 30 seconds, hold it for 30 seconds, then automatically release the air. Once the cock pump was working perfectly, John walked behind Justin and could only gaze at the boy's puckering asshole. To John, Justin's hot little ass was a thing of pure innocent beauty.

As the thing on his cock sucked out the air, Justin could feel his cock expand as the pressure increased. It felt weird, but somewhat pleasurable all at the same time. John removed the section of table top not needed behind Justin and just had to smear his face between Justin's sweaty appetizing ass crack. Within seconds, John found his tongue snaking up Justin's mouth watering flavored ass canal. He used his tongue like a drill, scouring the depths his tongue could only reach. Justin could feel his body shaking, but he really was at the Sarge's mercy now, unable to move anything but his fingers and toes. The tongue playing inside his ass felt overpowering and the thing pumping on his cock only added to the heat of the moment.

John tongue worshiped Justin's delicious asshole for quite some time before reluctantly pulling his tongue free from the super hot tunnel. John pulled out a long feather and began brushing it ever so lightly all over Justin's back, balls, butt, and legs. Justin fought back the tears of laughter as the tickling sensation ran its free course all over his body. The thing pumping his cock began to create a dull ache, but adding the tickling of the feather was a twisting roller coaster ride of emotions. Keeping the feather rolling freely all over Justin's bunked up body, John pulled out a vibrating, rotating rubber finger. It was probably three inches long at best, but John knew the excitement in which it added once activated. He stuck the rubber finger in his mouth to slicker it up, then placed the finger against Justin's twitching anus and slid it all the way in. Justin felt the finger slide up his well eaten asshole, but really thought it belonged to the Sarge. He never knew the difference until the Sarge hit the switch and then the finger inside his ass went berserk. John had activated the twisting finger full speed and held it inside Justin's hole and continued on with the torturous tickling with the feather. The thing up his ass felt awkward at first, then felt right at home. He was torn with laughter and whimpering as now his cock, asshole, and entire lower region was being paid heavily attention to.

After some time, John put the feather up and started using his bare open hand to slap Justin's ass cheeks while using the rapidly twisting finger to fuck his muscle gripping asshole. Justin wanted to smash his ass back onto the thrusting finger, but thanks to being so securely restrained, he could do nothing but groan in ecstasy. The heavy handed slaps on his ass no longer stung. They actually felt really good and Justin inwardly craved for more. John withdrew the finger from Justin's ass and gave it a quick sniff before placing it down. To John, it smelled so heavenly, fresh and pure. John picked up a slender vibrator shaped like a thin torpedo. After ensuring it was slick enough with his saliva, he quickly inserted it up Justin's ass. It didn't take Justin long to figure out whatever was invading his asshole was much thicker than anything he had experienced so far. He felt his anal walls being stretched apart and felt the fire within his anal region explode. John continued to slap his butt cheeks while taking his time inserting the eight inch vibrator up the young Marine's cherished asshole. As for Justin, his asshole hurt like hell, but he clamped down on his lip with his teeth and tried his best not to flex his ass muscles. No matter what, with each hard slap, he clamped down hard with all his ass muscle might. John flipped the switch up and Justin not only felt the thing vibrate, but heard it as well.

John had about six inches of the vibrator buried up Justin's never before explored anal canal. Within thirty seconds of just holding it in one place, he read Justin's sweaty body and began slowly fucking the vibrator in and out of his slick hole. John used the vibrator in Justin's muscle clamping asshole for quite some time before pulling it out and setting it to the side. Justin actually felt empty once the vibrator left his ass, but he refused to utter a single word and just patiently waited for whatever next was to happen.

The pump pumping Justin's cock felt like it was sucking the life right out of him and as time drew on, his cock became more and more sensitive from the vacuuming pressure. Justin moaned and groaned, but withheld every temptation to speak out loud. John pulled out a six inch dildo that was just a bit thicker around than the vibrator. He spat all over it and slid his saliva up and down the rubber make believe cock. John placed the rubber mushroom head up against Justin's anus and pushed the head right in causing Justin to groan as he felt his anal walls expand to accommodate the girth of the object sliding up his chute. Justin was grunting and John was pushing until he managed to shove the dildo all the way up Justin's glory hole. John began slowly fucking the rubber cock in and out of Justin's asshole while staring at his anal ring clutching onto the rubber shaft for dear life.

With his right hand guiding the rubber cock in and out of Justin's tight hole, John began to use his left hand to slap the young Marine's bright red ass cheeks. John teasingly asked, "Tell me BOY, you like your asshole filled, don't you?" Justin didn't yell, but screamed, "SIR, YES SIR!" John then asked, "You like to feel my hand whipping your ass, don't you?" Once again, Justin screamed, "SIR, YES SIR!" John picked up his rhythm on both Justin's ass and asshole by slamming the dildo fast and ferocious inside his ass while smacking his rosy cheeks severely. John didn't skip a beat with either hand as he commandingly asked, "Do you want to feel something bigger in your ass?" Justin cried out, "SIR, YES SIR!" John smiled, then snapped back, "I thought you were one of those straight boys. Tell me why you want to feel something in your ass?" Justin was biting his lips as the pressure in both his ass and his cock was beyond the point of explosion, but screamed, "SIR, the private likes it, SIR!" John barked out, "You LIKE IT!" Justin was flinching his eyes and panting heavily for air, but shouted, "SIR, the private LOVES it, SIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

Justin could barely believe he actually wanted something else to slip up his burning hot ass. Was he now gay? Did he really want to feel anything else up his chute? Did he really enjoy all the things the Sarge had done and was still doing to him? The more he thought, the quicker he came up with "fuck it", it was all feeling too good to want to stop now. Nobody had ever paid this much attention to him before, or at least, no woman.

John pulled out another dildo, but this one was thicker and eight inches long with a pair of fake nuts at the base. This time, john pulled out his strawberry flavored lube and smeared it all over the veiny rubber cock. Before trying to give this young lad what he so desires, John pulled out a small leather whip which had about ten fine leather hairs. As soon as the whip landed across Justin's ass cheeks, Justin screamed out as the stinging sensation sang throughout his already quivering body. John slapped both ass cheeks equally, ensuring that the straps left their marks all over Justin's jutting gorgeous little ass. While whipping the young Marine into another exotic world, John placed the head of the dildo up to Justin's glistening glory hole and pushed. Between the whipping on his ass and now something way bigger than he had ever experienced before sliding up his rectum, Justin thought he was going to blow his wad, but the vacuum on his cock kept that sensation at nothing more than a dull ache, as well as his nuts being tightly bound.

He met some resistance from Justin's anal muscles as he slowly pursued slipping the eight inch rubber cock up Justin's tight hole. Once John got the thick rubber cock all the way up his ass, smashing the fake balls against Justin's tightly bound nuts, John began his slow fucking motion while continuing to whip Justin's whelping and shiny red ass. Justin thought his ass was being ripped open from the inside out as the thick thing pushed in and pulled out, leaving him with a feeling that his guts were being suctioned out upon each withdrawal. Within a few seconds, all the pain and discomfort was replaced by pure astonishing pleasure. Justin wanted to shove his ass onto the withdrawing obstacle inside his ass, but he was bound too securely to do so. It was during all of this that Justin came to realize that he actually liked being bound, whipped, spanked, and most of all, he really loved the way he felt when something was inside his ass. No longer did he care about being straight or gay. All he wanted was for this night to never end.

John fucked Justin into another world using the rubber cock while whipping his ass to perfection for a long, long time. John pulled the dildo out of Justin and turned off the device pumping his cock. Unable to resist the urge, John slammed his greedy face between Justin's shiny ass crack and immediately began tongue fucking the boy like never before. After just having a pretty thick rubber cock up his ass, allowed John to really enjoy swiping Justin's anal canal with very little effort. John dined on his asshole for a little while before beginning the task of releasing Justin from all of his restraints. Once John removed all of the restraints, he helped Justin to his feet. Justin stood with only the thick chain attached to the bottom of his nut sac, still adding weight to his aching cum filled nuggets.

For the first time, Justin stole a glance at his own cock and realized the pump had made his cock look two to three times thicker. John fell to his knees and quickly swallowed the thick pumped up cock of Justin. If it were not for the table behind him, Justin probably would have fell backwards as the heat from the Sarge's mouth stole the remaining breath from his heavily breathing body. John sucked on Justin's cock, only removing his mouth to inhale this gorgeous young Marine's sweaty balls. He rotated from his cock to his balls for some time before standing up and just stood before Justin, looking at him with a shit evil grin. Justin had no clue what might be next, but he had already told himself whatever the Sarge wanted, he would be more than willing to do.

John looked a Justin, smiled, then softly whispered, "Have you ever touched another man's cock?" Justin, with his hands behind his back in the parade position, responded, "SIR, NO SIR!" John could see Justin's eyes beading down on his massive tool as he softly asked, "Would you like to touch mine?" A smile broadened over Justin's already priceless face as he instantly fired back, "SIR, YES SIR! The PRIVATE wants to touch the SARGE"S COCK, SIRRRRRRRR!" John took a step forward and said, "Here it is private! Touch it like you mean it!" Justin released his grip from his hands behind his back and quickly brought his shaking right hand just under the huge pre cum dripping bulbous head. The skin felt like velvet mixed with satin as Justin slid his palm under the length of the huge cock before him. Stretching his right hand all the way out was not wide enough to even go all the way around the thick member. By all means, the Sarge's cock was steel like, but he felt like his hand was melting on the smooth flesh as it slid all over the giant fuck tool. The hand on his cock was sending his mind into orbit and John loved the way Justin was looking at his cock while using his hand to feel something he had never felt before, other than his own.

John brought both of his fingers up to each of Justin's erect nipples and he began pinching just at he very tip. Justin closed his eyes as the pleasure of his nipples being pinched sent shivers racing up and down his spine. John gaspingly instructed, "Use your left hand to feel my balls, private!" Justin did as ordered and he almost passed out as soon as he cupped the Sarge's huge clean shaven balls. They were smooth and rock hard all at the same time. He now had another man's cock and balls in his clutches and Justin admitted to himself that he liked it!

Justin's eyes widened as the Sarge just backed up, forcing his cock and balls to slide from his hands. His eyes focused heavily on the muscular ass cheeks of the Sarge as they rippled with each step. John walked over to a homemade wooden platform on the other side of the dungeon, which from Justin's angle, looked like the top portion was thickly padded. John motioned for Justin to come to him to which he did so being very careful to take a step thanks to the heavy chain weighing down his aching balls. Justin was standing at Marine Corps attention in front of the Sarge and cautiously watched him retrieve some type of hood. John placed the leather hood over Justin's face, leaving the young Marine in total darkness. John tied the hood securely leaving only Justin's mouth free to be seen. The interior of the hood was thickly padded and the only avenue for oxygen was the opening for the mouth. John was more than impressed that Justin offered no signs of reluctance to having a hood be bound over his entire face.

John reached down and grabbed the chain attached to Justin's tied nuts and used the chain as a leash for Justin to walk blindly. Justin had no choice but to follow wherever the chain led him. John brought Justin over to another platform and helped him step up onto it. He guided Justin onto his knees and positioned padded wooden armrests on either side of him after adjusting them to Justin's desired height level. Once the homemade armrests were in place, John bound Justin's forearms to the top of the padded armrest using thick soft leather cuffs. He made Justin stretch his fingers outwards, then he used another soft cuff to bound his hands flat on top of the armrests. Once he had Justin in place and securely bound, John stepped down from the platform and turned the crank clockwise, raising a long slender rubber cock upwards from the darkness under the platform. It was exactly twelve inches in length and John obtained this one because of its length and it being as slender as it was. It was about as thick as your average vibrator. Once John had it fully extended, he smeared the strawberry lube all over it and then applied several globs to Justin's tingling ass. The cold cream burned up Justin's hole, soothing him in the process. He had no clue what was about to happen, but he enjoyed the fingers of the Sarge gliding in and out of his hungry hole.

John had Justin sit up on his heels and he locked the long fake cock in place and used his hands to lower Justin onto the long rubber cock. Justin fell back onto his knees as he unintentionally impaled himself on the lengthy invader. John could feel the air rushing from the mouth hole as Justin sank his ass all the way down on the fuck pole. Within seconds, John watched Justin slowly rise up, then fall back, fucking himself onto the fake cock. Soft elegant moans flew out of the mouth hole and John figured the time was right, so he softly spoke, "Private, my cock is right in front of your mouth. All you have to do is open your mouth and enjoy, that is, if you want to!" The muffled cries bellowed out of Justin's mouth hole, "SIR, YES SIR!" John felt Justin's tongue swipe his pre cum oozing piss slit and then soft whimpers followed from Justin. Justin opened his mouth wide and managed to get the huge mushroom head inside of his stretched mouth. His first cock, his first real taste of cock, and he was now hooked. The feeling weltering up inside of him had built to a devastating high. To Justin, it felt so natural having the Sarge's cock inside his mouth. He only wished he could get more of it inside.

Justin gagged and choked on the thick one eyed beast, fighting with the desire to swallow it all and the necessity to breathe. Justin fought to the point the had about three inches of the Sarge's thick cock stuffed inside his mouth while pleasuring himself by picking up the pace by slamming his ass up and down on whatever it was giving his ass so much extreme pleasure. John had Justin sit flat on his ass while keeping his cock lodged inside his mouth. The only thing Justin could do at this point was grip his anal muscles hard to get the feeling he now so desperately wanted.

John let Justin suck on his dick until he felt like he was getting ready to cum, so he pulled his cock out of Justin's hot mouth and smashed his balls against the mouth opening where Justin immediately went to work using his tongue to worship the Sarge's sweaty balls. Justin loved the taste and he began whimpering and groaning as he slid his tongue up and down the clean shaven tight nuggets. John built this device and rigged it to perfection. All who has sat where Justin is now sitting loved this beyond belief. John grabbed the remote control attached to his left side by a metal pole and flipped the switch to slow. The fake cock that was lodged inside Justin's ass began to act like a needle on a sewing machine. Scorching up his anal canal a solid eleven inches, then slowly withdrawing eleven inches. Justin cried out as the fake cock was now doing all the work and by each slow thrust, casually forced his lungs to release his reaming oxygen.

By the way Justin was now using his tongue and whimpering, john knew that his gorgeous young Marine was in heavenly bliss, so he slid the button up to medium and watched as Justin slung his head back as the fake cock began to pulverize his asshole to a mind boggling perfection. Justin could faintly hear the device as it pummeled in and out of his asshole and his mind was completely void of any thought process. Never had he felt like this before as he saw trillion upon trillions of stars flash inside his spinning head. John took turns feeding Justin his cock and balls, preventing himself from blowing his overheated load. By the way Justin was acting, John knew all too well that he was loving all this anal action, so he pushed the button upwards causing the fake pile driving cock to go faster. Grunt after grunt evaded the mouth hole as the fake cock raced in and out of Justin's once virgin ass. John had fought back the urge to cum until he could no longer fight, so he politely asked, "Private, do you want to taste man seed?" With his mouth filled with thick cock, Justin mumbled something to the effect, "SIR, YES SIR!"

John closed his eyes while flipping the switch to the highest level, maximum, just as his cock exploded his spewing thick cream into Justin's scorching hot mouth. At this point, Justin didn't care that he was sucking a man's cock and getting ready to taste sperm for the first time, all he felt was the hot spray of thick man juice splatter against the roof of his mouth and now he had to fight with keeping the erupting cock inside his mouth while resisting the urge to back off of it in order to steal some well needed oxygen. The thing blasting off up his ass wasn't helping matters either. Justin was lost in his own peaceful world, not realizing or caring that his mouth was rapidly filling up with man juice. John pumped load after thick load inside Justin's mouth while gripping the sides of the hood for balance and support. Justin knew he couldn't contain the thick spewing content, so he opened his throat and began swallowing the heavy man cream. Shockingly enough, Justin realized it wasn't bitter, nor was it salty. It was just thick, hot, and creamy! He began gulping down the Sarge's delicious nectar as if it were a warm vanilla milkshake. The Sarge used his own right hand to squeeze out the remainder of his spunk before yanking his cock out of Justin's vacuum like mouth.

Looking down, John saw the familiar sight of piss. He already knew from prior experiences using this pile driving technique, that all of his willing participants always pissed themselves while being rapidly fucked, both men and women alike. No human cock could go that fast for a never ending time, especially driving the entire length all the way in and all the way out. John looked down at Justin who was still silently rasping, lost in the realm of complete anal technology. Justin was layered with dripping sweat as John back off of the platform and just watched as Justin sat there getting his asshole ravished mechanically.

John walked over and obtained one of his long elk skin floggers and began striking Justin on his upper back ever so lightly. The foreign object drilling his asshole like a wild hurricane had already took his soul somewhere else, now the ever so light stings shocked him somewhere in never, never land. After a few soft blows, John increased his strikes, delivering them harder and harder as time drew on. With the anal plunger still set on maximum speed, John put the flogger down and replaced it with a leather whip. Being skilled at striking his target, he swung the whip over his head and lashed out, landing where he aimed. As soon as the tail of the whip landed on Justin's back, Justin felt the sharp burning pain course throughout his body, stinging every muscle and every nerve as it traveled freely about his confused and sweaty body. The sound of the loud crack popping by his ears made his body want to reach out and grab the tail in mid air with his blistered back. John intentionally struck air numerous times, then delivered a ripping blow to Justin's welted back. With each smack of the whip, John could see the young Marine's flesh welter, leaving a beauty mark from where the crack of the whip struck.

A brief pause in between blows only hastened Justin's already spinning mind. John ordered, "Get on your heels PRIVATE!" Somewhere off in the distance, Justin heard the command and struggled to get both souls of his feet firmly on the pad. With just enough skin of Justin's jutted ass poking at him, John could easily see the rubber cock darting at a rapid and unbelievable speed in and out of the young lad's asshole. John swung the whip and the crack landed flush on the upper right cheek of Justin's sweat pouring ass. One right after the other, John took turns delivering loud stinging strikes to both exposed cheeks, mixing things up a bit by striking his upper back. John could tell by the way Justin was moving his back that he wanted the whip, as well as how he was doing his best to greet every powerful thrust from the pistoning rubber cock.

Nearly twenty or so minutes passed before John retired the whip. He stood within a few feet of Justin to admire his skilled handy work. Whelps creased Justin's ass cheeks and back profoundly as Justin was still free from his body, lost in his own pleasurable world. Stepping behind him, John began to caress Justin's back with his sweaty hands while rubbing his rock hard man meat along his back as well. Justin felt the hands and cock on his back, but it was though they were touches from outer space. Then a voice from another world shouted out, "Stick out your tongue and taste me, PRIVATE!" What Justin couldn't see was that the Sarge had stepped in front of him, facing away, and had bunked his ass up to his mouth opening. Since Justin's nostrils were thickly covered, he had no way of knowing what his tongue was in for.

John was bent over and clutching his ankles while pressing his sweaty ass onto Justin's mouth hole. Justin stuck out his tongue as commanded and John immediately felt Justin's hot snake like tongue strike his spread anus. Justin stabbed and licked at the area blinded to him, but soon detected exactly where his slithering tongue was at. Unbeknownst to the Sarge, this was exactly what Justin had been silently hoping for since he first laid eyes on the bubbly muscular ass cheeks of the Sarge. Justin licked and stabbed, doing his utmost very best to crawl in between the tight chamber and tongue worship the asshole of his darkest desires. John released his ankles and stretched his arms behind him and quickly began pinching and pulling on both of Justin's nipples. By doing this to his nipples, only forced Justin to drive his tongue into the Sarge's sweaty asshole that much harder. John moaned as the drilling tongue snuck inside his ass and began searching his anal walls.

Justin was whimpering and doing his very best to tear his tongue free from its hinges to penetrate the mind twisting taste of the Sarge's burning hot asshole. No longer did Justin care about being gay, or any gay adverse thoughts whatsoever. All he wanted to do at this point was shove his entire tongue up his beloved Sarge's musky ass. John felt the young Marine's tongue pound and slither its way up his chute and all he could do was moan ever so loud while increasing the pinching pressure on each of Justin's perky little nipples. Justin was groaning and whimpering at his first taste of ass and he dined on the Sarge's asshole as long as he could until the Sarge stepped forward, forcing his greedy ass shoveling tongue to slip out from its anal clutches.

John stood on very wobbly legs, stumbled over to a table and retrieved a riding crop. He walked back over to Justin and helped the young lad to stand on his feet while jutting his ass backwards. John secured a pipe with ankle cuffs attached to each end which forced Justin's legs to spread wider than before. John attached each restraint to Justin's ankles while fastening the pipe to the floor with pre made hooks. Justin could easily tell he was in a very awkward position, being unable to move forwards, backwards, or to either side. John began lightly swatting Justin's already well beaten ass with the riding crop while watching little goose bumps pop up along Justin's sweaty heavy breathing back. As each swat was delivered, Justin could feel the stinging as with each strike being perfectly delivered to each cheek, with the next swat coming down a little harder with each blow. Soon, John was literally pounding the riding crop on Justin's jutted ass. With each forceful strike being delivered, Justin moaned out that much louder.

Justin's mind and body was torn with a massive chaos of confusion as the pain stricken with pleasure ravished his entire restrained body. John even took the time to land a few blows squarely on Justin's shriveled up nuts. It was a sickening feeling for Justin, but as each thud splashed upon his weight bearing balls, his still rock hard cock jumped with unbelievable joy. John pounded Justin's ass and balls for a solid twenty minutes before placing the riding crop to the side. He leaned down and inhaled the pungent, sweaty musky fragrance spewing from Justin's twitching asshole. The more John inhaled the heavenly scent, the more overwhelmed he became over his gorgeous young Marine and his awesome complete beauty. John lovingly tongue fucked Justin's asshole while yanking on Justin's sore cum filled balls. Justin wanted desperately to shove his itching asshole onto the thick tongue swabbing his anal canal, but thanks to being retrained so securely, he could do nothing but moan in ecstasy.

The Sarge removed his tongue from Justin's divine asshole and walked around, back in front of the bent over Marine. Justin's hood covered face was forced to blindly look at the floor. John lay on his back and scooted his body up to the point his mouth was directly over the boy's mouth hole. The Sarge softly ordered, "Force your saliva to roll from your lips, but do not spit, just let it fall free!" Justin heard the order and had no problem pushing his mouthful of saliva to his lips and felt it as it began pouring towards the floor. The first wave of Justin's hot fresh saliva dripped into John's open mouth, filtering onto his flattened tongue. John began slowly sipping on the young boy's saliva as if it were melted chocolate. Justin continued his saliva pouring from his mouth until he had no more to offer without hacking up a was from his lungs. John lay there with his eyes tightly sealed thankful for the offering he had just received.

While John was still on his back with his right hand pulling feverishly on Justin's aching balls, he saw a single string of piss shoot out of Justin's cock. Scooting his back further up, John placed his mouth within a fraction of an inch over Justin's soon to be pissing hard cock, the ordered, "Let your piss fly, PRIVATE!" Justin felt a little weird pissing without the use of a urinal or toilet, but an order is an order so he unleashed his bloated bladder and began letting his piss gush out. John drank immediately as the hot fresh piss landed directly in his open mouth. Unable to get over the fact that even Justin's piss was just as sweet as the rest of him, he began moaning eagerly as his throat stayed open in order to drink the hot jets of delicious Marine piss. It was just like drinking a glass of hot water and John didn't spill a drop, with the only exception of a few sprinkle of drops splattering all over his face.

John enclosed his lips around Justin's precious cock head and began sucking the remainder of his hot piss out giving Justin the sensation of not really knowing if he was still pissing or just embellished in the feeling of having his hard cock sucked once again. As his suctioning mouth professionally drained Justin's cock of his soothing hot piss, John crammed two fingers straight up Justin's muscle gripping asshole. Justin could only moan as the fingers danced up and down inside his asshole, sending wave after shockwave of pure pleasure slashing throughout his, once virgin to all of this, body. With John's free hand, he began pulling, twisting, and yanking on Justin's securely restraint nuts. John greedily sucked on Justin's cock until there was no more piss being offered, so he reluctantly pulled his mouth off, drawing his two ass plunging fingers free in the process.

Once John was completely free, he stood up before the slouching Marine and softly whispered, "Are you sure you never tasted a cock before?" Justin screamed out, "SIR, NO SIR!" John asked, "Do you want to continue, BOY?" Justin, once again screamed, "SIR, PRIVATE WANTS MORE, SIR!" John began loosening up the restraints until Justin was now able to stand on his own two feet with the required help of the Sarge. Once John felt like Justin could walk, he held onto Justin's left bicep and guided him to another homemade device he was extremely proud of. The hood over Justin's face prevented him from seeing nothing but darkness and somewhere in his young mind, he began to love the darkness, as well as the unknown. John held onto Justin and walked him all over his dungeon just to keep the young Marine disoriented as to the layout. After about two and half walks around the dungeon, John had Justin climb up onto a padded table and had him stay in the doggy style position. John guided Justin's left leg into a pre made padded hole, then he had him place his right leg in the far opposite hole. The holes only allowed Justin to get his legs in just above the kneecap. Once his legs were in each hole, John climbed under the table and secured each shins to the table legs, preventing his legs from moving at all.

John got back up and secured each of Justin's wrists to each side of the table. Justin could feel the damp breeze as it struck wildly at his now fully exposed asshole. John pushed against Justin's back, lowering him flat on the table with his elbows arched in the air. Only his chest was on the table allowing his head to hang over the padded edge. John tied a thick leather strap from one side of the table to the other, locking Justin's back in place and preventing him from moving at all. Justin felt something on the table move, then he felt the damp air strike his tender nipples. Then he felt the table move and the next thing he knew, his cock and balls were protruding from another pre made hole in the table. John reached into his bag of goodies and brought out another set of metal nipple clamps and began placing them on each of Justin's nipples, causing Justin to groan as the pain ricochet through his tightly restrained body. With each nipple clamp in place, Justin felt something enclose over his cock and balls. Whatever it was, was really tight and he could feel the Sarge tightening it up even more.

With Justin's nipples, balls, and cock in place just where John wanted them, he brought out a rather thick (not as thick as his cock) butt plug. John poured the lube all over it and offered very little time as he began pushing it far and wide into Justin's dark anal domain. Justin was grunting and fighting back the horrid pain as he felt his ass being pried wide open, from the inside out. Once John had the butt plug all the way up Justin's quivering asshole, he attached a thin leather strap around Justin's waist, securing the butt plug up his ass. With everything in place, John began the tedious task of hooking up the wires to his homemade 9 volt electrocution device. Once all the wires were attached to the box, John now had Justin's nipples, cock, balls, and asshole prepared for some serious shock treatment. John held the box in his left hand while pulling up a chair directly in front of Justin. Since he made every device in his dungeon, he did so according to his own height preference.

His thumb was touching the red button as he spoke, "Justin, do you want to taste some man cock?" Justin screamed, "SIR, aghhhhhhhhhhhh!" The Sarge had pushed down on the button sending little volts of current racing all over Justin's unprepared body. His asshole pulsed as the steady wave of electricity scorched his anal walls. His balls, bound ever so securely, jumped as the heat from the current encircled around them. His cock jerked and twitched as the volts shot through his cock like an erupting volcano and his nipples lit up like the Fourth of July. John would shock Justin, pause for a few seconds, then shock him again. To add to his own delight, John reached down and grabbed onto the chain that was still weighing Justin's balls down and he pulled hard onto it. Justin grunted just as the Sarge shocked him again, and again. John watched as Justin was flinging his head from side to side as the volts screamed through his body with the speed of light.

The Sarge slid a chair in front of Justin's swinging head and sat down. Holding the base of his massive cock with his left hand, and keeping his right thumb on the red button, cleared his throat, then harshly asked, "PRIVATE, do you want to taste a man's cock?" This time, John allowed Justin to speak without shocking him. Justin was fighting for oxygen as he gaspingly yelled, "SIR, the private wants to suck your cock, SIRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" John pressed down on the button and the current tore through Justin's quivering body once more. John scooted the chair up a bit more, leaving his cock within inches from the right side of Justin's hooded head. John began slapping Justin's face with his rock hard cock while offering a few more quick zaps of electricity. With his legs spread wide and his massive cock sticking straight up, John timed the shocking appeal and shoved his thick, angry looking, pre cum spewing, fat mushroom cock head right into the mouth opening. The heat that sparkled immediately on the head of his cock made John's balls jump drastically with passion.

Justin tasted the Sarge's thick and gooey pre cum as his tongue had no other room or choice but to stab at the source of all that pre cum. Between having the thick cock head stuffed inside his mouth, Justin fought to breath from the sides of his stretched mouth. His real first taste of cock, Justin found himself gagging delightfully as he feverishly attempted to get more and more into his overly stuffed mouth. Just as Justin began gagging, John hit the button while yelling, "Don't you let me feel your teeth, PRIVATE!" John fed Justin his cock until the young Marine was gagging on about three extremely thick inches. Justin bobbed his head the best he could and was torn between loving the way his mouth felt with the Sarge's thick cock splitting his sides and anticipating when he would get another blast of current. John was groaning and Justin was whimpering very loud while slurping up and down on the thick monster ripping the corners of his overly stretched mouth.

Justin's ass was on fire and thought his nipples had been slowly burned off, along with his balls and still rock hard cock. John let Justin suck his cock for a short time until he felt the needed urge to blow his load. John almost had to force his cock out of Justin's vacuum like mouth, and once it was freed, he applied a steady stream of electricity for a solid ten seconds. John watched as Justin tried to free his well restrained body and toss his head wildly as the current ripped through his convulsing body. Just as he released the button, John softly asked, "PRIVATE, did you like my cock in your mouth?" Almost immediately, Justin barked, "SIR, PRIVATE LOVED SUCKING YOUR COCK SIR!" John watched as Justin tensed his body with anticipation of the electricity, but he didn't press the button, instead, just watched. John scooted himself and the chair backwards and stood on very wobbly legs. Using his left hand as a crutch, he caressed Justin's bright red back, relishing the feeling of the sweaty hot flesh and small whelps splattered all over. His hand trailed south until it rested on Justin's widely spread ass cheeks. John began slapping each cheek with a thunderous thud while manipulating the button to electrify his gorgeous beauty.

John pulled the anal plug out of Justin's asshole and Justin felt like his guts were being pulled out. John wasted no time by holding the anal plug up to Justin's mouth hole and ordering him to open wide. Justin did as ordered and John shoved the plug into Justin's mouth. Justin immediately tasted the flavored lubricant as well as his own ass juices as the Sarge tied the plug to the back of his head. Justin found it way easier to breath with this plug in his mouth than the Sarge's thick cock, though he still had to breathe from the sides of his mouth. Once John had the plug securely fastened inside Justin's mouth, he walked in behind him. Gazing at the young boy's electrified gaping asshole, which was closing up rapidly, John couldn't resist slamming his face between Justin's sweaty ass cheeks and driving his tongue wildly up his fragrant chute.

John did unhook the wires to the butt plug prior to shoving it into Justin's mouth, but Justin had no way of knowing this. With each swallow, Justin got a mouthful of flavored lube and his own anal juices. What he once thought to be the most disgusting thing in the world, he now found he loved and the tongue ripping up his tortured chute only added to his pleasure. John slurped and sucked on Justin's asshole while taking the time to zap Justin from time to time. He loved the way Justin's ass clamped down on his exploring tongue each time he sent electricity through his body. With Justin in the position that he was in, he was perfectly lined up for Sarge to fuck him at will without having to bend or get into any awkward position. Pulling his tongue free, John poured lube onto his pulsing cock and smeared the juice all over while making sure to pour some on Justin's asshole.

With his metal like cock jutting straight out and shining brilliantly with lube, John stepped right in behind Justin's jutting ass and placed the huge knob directly onto Justin's glistening asshole. Justin's biggest fear was now his bright reality. Just by the touch, he knew that the object pressing against his asshole was the Sarge's beast like cock. John pressed down on the button and Justin's body immediately began convulsing. One long zap, followed by about seven short zaps. Just as John released the button the final time, he shoved hard and heavy, forcing his giant one eyed cock head to penetrate Justin's asshole. In one stealth move, John slipped, more like shoved, a good six inches straight up Justin's chute. Justin felt the thick cock spread his anal walls farther than ever before and the pain rippled up his body forcing him to clamp down on the anal plug lodged inside his mouth. John could hear the air being forced out of the sides of Justin's mouth as his cock slid up the boy's chute another inch or so. Justin's head was flinging wilder than before as the pain intensified with each pressing inch of the thick cock traveling up his once virgin anal canal.

Heavy grunts and forced air was all John's ears could detect as he pushed hard, forcing his thick cock to pound its way all the way up Justin's ass until his heavy clean shaven balls slapped hard against Justin's tied and spread nuggets. Justin's body was on fire and his ass felt like someone poured rocket fuel inside and lit a match. Keeping his thick boner in place, John struck the button and almost died as the current forced Justin's anal muscles to converge around his cock. Justin felt even more pain as his ass muscles closed on the thick cock up his ass, giving him the unpleasant feeling of his ass being ripped open. Within seconds, the Sarge began gyrating his hips while slowly fucking his thick pole in and out of Justin's muscle convulsing asshole. John would bring his cock all the way out until he saw the very tip of his mushroom head appear, then slowly shove it all the way home. Every minute or so, John would zap Justin just to catch the awesome feeling of the boy's ass muscles clamp heavily onto his slowly thrusting cock. After about two minute of slow torturous fucking, John picked up his pace and began ramming his thick meat in and out of Justin's asshole. John only zapped Justin every so often while doing his best to fuck his cock all the way up his anal canal attempting to shove both huge balls into the cock filled ass with each violent thrust. It was Justin who was now groaning as the thick meat sent chills coursing up and down his spine. The pain he once felt, now was replaced with the most spectacular feeling he had ever experienced.

Without the need to be zapped, Justin found himself doing his utmost best to squeeze his ass muscles with each heavy plunge of the huge cock up his ass, as well as with each withdrawal. John could feel Justin clamp down on his cock and saw no reason from this point on to zap his gorgeous Marine anymore. He placed the control to his side and latched both hands around each of Justin's spread hips and began pile driving his pleasure pleasing hard cock forcefully and violently up Justin's muscle gripping canal.

John mixed up his pace and fucked Justin's mind boggling asshole for nearly an hour before he knew he couldn't take it any longer. Pulling his soon to be erupting hard cock out of Justin's ass left Justin with the most sickening empty of feelings. He wanted that big cock up his ass, but thanks to the anal plug, he couldn't do anything but grunt. John had basically had enough. He wanted to bust his nut and he knew that Justin needed to blow his load too. John began the task of freeing Justin, leaving the hood to last. With each nipple clamp being removed, the sudden rush of blood through his nipples caused Justin to gasp and force his body to convulse. Justin was still on his stomach as John undid the chain attached to his nuts, as well as his electrocution devices attached to Justin's nuts and cock. John removed the butt plug from Justin's mouth and couldn't resist the urge to lick the juicy plug all over before placing it on the floor to his side. Even now, John couldn't get enough of this young Marine. He looked so gorgeous and tasted so heavenly divine.

With the exception of the hood, John helped Justin from his confinement on the table and had to literally hold him up until the quivering young Marine found the strength to stand on his own. John gently began licking and kissing each sore nipple while Justin used the table behind him for support. The tongue on his nipples was soothing and caused his cock to jump in boundaries, forcing more and more pre cum to string to the floor. John licked and kissed all over Justin's chest and stomach until he got to the precious hard missile standing straight up at attention. John secured his lips around the torpedo shaped cock head and whimpered as Justin's sweet pre cum awoken his every taste glands. Slowly, John sank his mouth down the shaft until his nose was pressing against the sweaty pubic hairs. Justin was seeing stars as the mouth on his cock sent shock waves rippling through his body. He could almost feel his cum boiling in his nuts, but it seemed like it was trapped thanks to the strap securing his nuts from his cock and the other strap separating each of his cum filled nuggets.

John pulled his mouth off and ordered for Justin to stay there. Within a few seconds, Justin felt the Sarge's mouth return onto his aching cock. Justin's mind was filled with pleasure when he felt a burning hot heat strike his balls. John had taken the time to look at Justin's well tied nuts and saw them to be a purplish blue color. He knew that the boy was going to give him a huge load and it was this load he savored for. The heat that Justin was feeling on his balls was John who had a candle flickering just under his balls. John was sucking furiously on Justin's cock while slowly rotating the candle under each colored nut. Justin caught himself trying to stand on his toes to avoid the heat, but thought better and forced himself to keep both shaking feet flat on the floor.

The Sarge was making powerful slurping sounds as he sucked harder and harder on Justin's delicious cock while mainitaing steady heat to both soon to be erupting nuggets. Keeping his mouth on Justin cock and the candle slow cooking Justin's balls, John used his left hand to latch onto one of his already used dildos and quickly shot it up Justin's asshole. Justin cried out as the dildo wasted no time in shooting up his canal and begin darting in and out. Justin sucked in his breath and cried out as all HELL broke free. "UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, OHHHHHHHHHH, SARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" John felt the first powerful sperm missile strike the roof of his mouth, followed by several more forceful spurts. Blast after blast flew from Justin's erupting cock and into the mouth of the Sarge. Justin knew that this was the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced and to his surprise, his cock seemed it wasn't going to slow down, or at least, anytime soon. John had no choice but to start swallowing the sweet spunk of his gorgeous Marine. His cum was fiery hot, thick and creamy! Pure protein at its best! Just as the last of the firing sperm began to slow to spontaneous spurts, John put the candle down and quickly began untying the straps that separated Justin's balls. As the strap was removed, the sudden flood of blood forced Justin to groan and make his cock spew more of his creamy nectar into the Sarge's gulping mouth.

John managed to free Justin's balls and once freed, the cock inside his mouth regained its sperm shooting spree and fired off another six to eight powerful thick shots. Justin's cock was deflating rapidly, but his sperm was oozing out by the bucket loads. To date, John had never swallowed so much sperm from anyone single person, but he sucked harder than ever, wanting more of Justin's fiery hot, creamy sperm. Justin was gasping for air while moaning when he felt his cock erupt once again. John felt the fiery hot splash strike inside his mouth, so he quickly opened up his throat and began swallowing. To Justin, he was having another mind bending orgasim, but John knew all too well it was nothing more than piss. He drank down the hot piss like a thirsty camel finding a puddle of water. John swallowed and swallowed and inwardly laughed while thinking of Justin who was actually feeling like he was shooting off another round of his sweet tasting spunk.

The piss eventaully ended and John struggled to his feet and began removing the hood. Once the hood was completely off, all John could do was stare at Justin who was blinking his eyes trying to get adjusted to light after being blinded for such a long time. After a few seconds, their eyes met and Justin was looking up into the Sarge's eyes. John softly spoke, "So, Justin, how was it?" Justin looked down and glanced at the hard thick beast separating their bodies, glistening from the lube and his ass juices, looked back into the Sarge's eyes, and whispered, "Sir, the private wants to show you, not tell you!" With that being said, Justin dropped to his knees and instinctively began sucking on John's cock. The little fingers which fought to take a grip on the shaft felt tremendously great as well as the fingers gnawing at his crack.

Justin moaned while sucking on John's cock and fought with an evil battle to place one of his fingers on John's asshole. John cried out and his cock began firing sperm bullets, one right after the other, into Justin's mouth. Justin gagged as the first wave of thick sperm slid down his throat. No matter how hard he tried, Justin couldn't place a taste on the Sarge's sperm. It was hot and thick, but not salty like his girlfriend's in the past described. Though Justin may have gagged at the first initial sampling of man seed, he soon discovered he liked the taste and began slurping and sucking away craving for more. Justin sucked hard on the thick cock until the only thing left was a few oozing offerings. John's cock began to grow soft inside Justin's mouth and he had to literally hold Justin's head for support. With then last of John's sperm sinking down Justin's thraot, John had to force Justin off of his tingling sensitive cock. John was still trying to catch his breath when Justin stood up and forced John's head down at which point their lips sealed in a powerful loving embrace. After sucking on the others tongue, their kiss ended.

Justin looked up at the Sarge and angelically whispered, "Sarge, this may sound funny, but I really don't ever want to leave this place." Justin began looking all around the dungeon and before John could say a word, Justin whispered, "Sarge, there's a whole lot more we haven't done yet." John placed both large hands on top of Justin's sweaty shoulders and softly replied, "Justin, you are right about more things to do, but I thought we would take it kind of slow at first and let things happen kind of slow at first." Justin cleared his throat and said, "Sarge, before tonight, my sex life was pretty much non existant. Everything I thought I hated, I now know I love. I used to hate gay people and all that they stood for. I never thought about anything regarding someones asshole. I just figured that to be totally disgusting. Now, look at me. You've opened my eyes and now my heart wants to know all there is to know. Spank me, shock me, fuck me, tie me up, whip me, use me, or do anything with me as you please, SIR!"

Listening to Justin speak forced life back into John's cock. John whispered, "You sound like you want to be my slave!" Justin looked down at the growing cock, wrapped his hand onto the hardening flesh, smiled, then yelled, "SIR, YES SIR!"