Justin and the Sarge went into the Sarge's bedroom where they fell asleep, holding each other into their arms, ever so peacefully. Several hours later, John awoke with his eyes flashing at the vision of Justin's rock hard six inches of cut delicious teen meat sticking straight up into the air. Apparently, while they slept, Justin must have gotten too warm, cause he had kicked the covers from his more than appetizing body. John rolled onto his left side and peered into the sleeping face of his young Marine angel. His soft sleeping breaths sounded like purrs as John inched his face closer to Justin's partially closed mouth. Was John thankful for his experience with Justin? Most definitely! More than you or I will ever know. John inhaled the aromatic fragrance seeping from Justin's mouth, relishing in the fragrance now bestowed upon him. His own massive 10-3/4" cock rose sharply at the profound scenery of Justin's nude sleeping form .

John slid his body down the bed until his quivering open mouth was directly over Justin's slender love missile. Within seconds, every taste bud in John's body came to life as his mouth slid up and down the six inches of Marine pride. Justin slightly moaned as his mind became induced in a lust filled dream. John's tongue flickered over the piss slit in hopes of pre cum would soon fill his mouth with its delicious and wonderful taste. A short time later, John's wishes came true as Justin's hard cock began spilling its tasty pre cum juices into John's cock hungry mouth. John could only whimper as the tasty treat slipped onto his tongue and fed his hungry throat. Still fast asleep, Justin spread his legs wide, while raising his left knee high into the air. Justin's arms were folded on his chest as John began sucking Justin's balls into his mouth. Justin moaned as the heat in his dreams slowly baked each nugget to perfection.

The steamy, raunchy scent from their previous sexual encounter screamed violently up John's inhaling nostrils. While John sucked on Justin's balls, he raised his body up onto the bed so that his head was directly in between Justin's spread legs. He forced his head into the mattress, giving his nose the pleasure of resting directly on top of Justin's musky scent spewing asshole. His whimpers grew into loud moans as his mouth cherished Justin's balls and his nostrils filled with the fragrance from a well fucked, sweaty, musky, puckering pucker hole. John forced both nostril openings into Justin's asshole while taking the deepest breaths of his life. Even now, neither taking the time to shower before literally passing out from sheer exhaustion, Justin's asshole smelled incredibly wonderful to John.

John released Justin's nuggets and went back to slowly sucking on Justin's super hard pre cum spewing cock. John gathered some of his own saliva from Justin's saliva soaked balls on his right index finger and began drawing tiny circles directly on Justin's butt hole. The delightful dream he thought he was having forced both eyes to open and flicker at once. Justin's eyes could only see the one eyed monster of the Sarge gleaming right at him. Once his eyes and thoughts focused, Justin could see the Sarge's virtually hairless asshole winking at him. With no further thoughts or concern of being a homophobic, Justin reached up with his right hand and forced the Sarge's long, thick cock into his wide open mouth. John almost jumped out of the bed as soon as the fiery heat from Justin's mouth graced his twitching cock. Both mouth's locked onto the others throbbing cocks, with the only difference being that John had no problem deep throating Justin's delicious six inches of Marine cock and Justin could barely get about three inches into his own, both Marines were in total ecstasy.

The finger dancing on his asshole inherently caused Justin to buck his ass off the bed. John was caught by surprise when he felt one of Justin's slender fingers poke on his backdoor as well. Justin inwardly begged for the Sarge to ram his anal teasing finger straight up his chute, but thought better of saying anything. John raised his left leg over Justin's body and the two were now in a full fledged 69, both having their cocks sucked by the other while their assholes were being teased by a roaming finger. Periodically, John would gather more of his saliva on his finger, but not after giving it a proper sniffing before placing it back onto Justin's asshole. Justin literally cried to force his cock from erupting, but his cock had reached its pleasing limit. Just as Justin's cock was fixing to shoot, John rammed his finger all the way up Justin's aromatic asshole, forcing Justin to use both feet to propel his ass off the bed, high into the air.

John counted as nine powerful sperm missiles spurted into his mouth, before Justin's cock literally began pouring his sweet cream onto his tongue by the bucket loads. John thought he had died and gone straight to heaven as his greedy throat began devouring the young Marine's most appetizing love cream. It was just as delicious as the previous ones he had indulged himself with. No salty flavor whatsoever, just pure hot, thick, and pleasingly creamy! John's ass plugging finger began pounding in and out of the boy's hot ass as the last drop of honey was forcefully sucked free.

The once rock hard gorgeous cock of Justin's, now rest inside John's still sucking mouth limper than a wet noodle. John could tell from using his finger in Justin's asshole, that his young Marine's anal canal was still slick from his anal episodes earlier. Like an animal lost in a food eating frenzy, John hopped off the bed and opened his nightstand drawer and retrieved a bottle of lubrication. Flicking the top open, John poured the slick substance all over his massive cock and began massaging the greasy fluid all over his thick muscle. Justin's eyes opened wide, realizing that the Sarge was going to, once again, feed his asshole with that huge fuck pole. He lay on his back with his legs still spread apart with both eyes locked onto the Sarge's right hand greasing up the biggest cock his eyes had ever laid eyes on. Justin had watched his fair share of porn movies, but not one of those male actors came even close as to the cock size of the Sarge.

The Sarge put the bottle on top of his nightstand and began walking on the bed on his knees. Justin had already started biting his lower lip in anticipation of the pain that he knew all too well would soon ravish his entire body. John was on his knees directly in between Justin's spread legs and Justin's body began trembling as the Sarge grabbed onto his legs with both hands and guided his legs high over his head. The next thing Justin knew was that both of his knees were way over his head and deeply impaling the soft mattress. John's left hand held and forced the back of Justin's right thigh in position as his right hand held onto his thick cock, guiding the thick mushroom head onto Justin's flamboyant asshole.

Justin could feel the pressure building on his asshole as the Sarge was trying to force the massive head into the tightly sealed chamber. The massive cock head poked on Justin's asshole, but it seemed the entrance was sealed too tight. All the impressive beast would do was slide up and down his spread crack. John got a better grip on his slippery cock and shoved his hips forward, forcing the huge head into Justin's asshole. Justin immediately cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" John pushed a little more until his entire thick cock head had slipped inside Justin's muscle gripping asshole. Justin felt the familiar fire inside his ass flame higher with each penetrating massive inch. His teeth now locked onto his left forearm as the Sarge fed his resilient asshole with more and more ungodly thick inches. John now had his right hand pressing down on the back of Justin's left thigh, forcing both silky legs to spread even wider. The heat and muscle convulsing surrounding his ass sinking cock gripped and gnawed on his cock as if he were in the coils of a python.

Justin could feel the increasing pressure building up in his stomach as the thick fuck pole of the Sarge's tore up his ass, inch by thick inch. Justin fought back the urge to scream and wished for the pleasure he knew, sooner or later, preferably sooner, would cherish his body. The last massive inch of the Sarge's cock struck home and Justin could feel the clean shaven huge balls rest against his widely spread crack. John removed his hands from Justin's thighs and reached up and grabbed each of Justin's arms and placed them over the back of his knees. Using his weight, John leaned down, pinning Justin's arms against his already spread and stretched legs while peering into Justin's emerald green eyes. Their mouths only a mere inch apart, John began slowly retracting his cock from the fiery depths of Justin's asshole. John backed all the way out, just to the point that the cool rush of air inside the bedroom struck the underside of his mushroom thick head, then slowly began his plunge, back down and deep into Justin's muscle clamping, fiery hot asshole.

Unable to control this slow moving technique, John locked his mouth over Justin's as hips jutted back and forth at a mind boggling speed. All Justin could do was force his air from his lungs into the Sarge's mouth. It felt like the cock pile driving his ass went deeper and deeper with each forceful thrust. His bladder felt like it was being poked with each plunge and the urge to piss rocked his body, along with the burning pain of having such a thick obstacle rooting inside his ass. The pleasure that Justin so devotedly wished for, finally crashed through his body as John literally fucked the breath right out of him. The pain was still there, but it was more like a dull ache and the poking at his bladder, now felt like it was being stabbed. John was fucking Justin's asshole, doing his outright best to cram his pelvic region up Justin's asshole as well. The free swinging heavy balls of the Sarge struck Justin's spread crack causing thunder to smash up against the bedroom walls with a sickening rage.

John felt he was getting close and wanted nothing else than to feed his thick load up Justin's precious asshole. He was pounding the boy's asshole like there was no tomorrow when he felt the unexpected, or for him, the expected. Streams of hot piss flew from Justin's limp cock and burned the area between their stomach and chest. John continued pounding away while Justin's dick pissed freely. Justin knew he was pissing, but his mind tortured him with the most erotic sensation causing him to tighten his ass muscles even harder and faster around the Sarge's pile driving cock. Their wild and frantic tongues that were in each others mouth, now hastened their activity as they forced their tongue into the others mouth ever so deeply. The smell of Justin's piss shot up John's feverish inhaling nostrils sending a message straight to his cock. John grunted louder than ever as his cock pumped out his sperm by the gallons, forcing each powerful shot to enter an area that even his long cock had never been. Justin felt each powerful thick spurt shoot deeper and deeper up his rectum and his cock still unleashed one hell of a load that must have been building up in his bladder. No matter how hard he tried, Justin could not stop pissing. The last thing he wanted to do was piss on the Sarge's mattress, but he had reached a point of no control. The cum spewing thick cock had triggered his urine faucet and left the lever on full blast.

The Sarge pounded his cock hard and heavy in Justin's asshole until the last bit of man seed was left to swim inside Justin's anal canal. John continued to fuck Justin until his massive tool began slowly softening. Justin's piss slowed to nothing more than a trickle as John's now limp cock remained lodged inside his rectum. Both still used their tongues to wallow inside the others mouth while both fired off oxygen bombs from their heavy breathing lungs. John's now completely soft cock slipped free from Justin's anal clutches and rested on top of Justin's tightly drawn up nuggets. The two were covered in Justin's musky piss as John forced his mouth from Justin's and began lovingly kissing and nibbling his way down from his chin and to Justin's throat area. The lower John worked his mouth on Justin, the heavier the musky piss smell enriched his nostrils. John took the time to clamp his teeth on Justin's extremely tender nipples before using his tongue to lick up the piss remnants from Justin's heavy rising and falling chest.

John savored each tender lick of Justin's chest, ribs, and stomach area, lost in the divine pleasure of tasting Justin's freshly spilled urine. Justin was still in the position of his arms laying over the back of his thighs as John couldn't resist the temptation of taking a lick of the young Marine's glistening asshole. John quickly got a mouthful of his own cum, Justin's inspiring sweet sweat, and the boy's fragrant ass juice. The more he licked, the closer John came to locking his lips over Justin's twitching asshole. In just a few short seconds, John found himself doing just that. His lips formed a seal over Justin's asshole while his tongue had no problem gliding up Justin's slick hole. John fucked his tongue hard and heavy up Justin's hot asshole while doing his best to suck in the remaining air from inside his anal canal. In time and having to use a lot of suctioning, John soon got a mouthful of his own cream, mixed with Justin's favorable ass juices.

Justin was lost in space as the tongue up his ass, mixed with the vacuum like pressure milking his asshole sent his every being into orbit. His right hand instinctively found his rapidly growing cock and began pounding the flesh off the shaft. John dug his fingers into Justin's spread crack and forced it to spread even further apart. His slurping sounds toned down with the beating of Justin's cock filtered throughout the room. The more John tasted, the more he wanted. Justin was jacking his cock like a mad man, lost in the pleasures of anal ecstasy. Justin cried out, "Oh shittttttttttt, I, I'm, aghhhhhhhhhhhh!" John rushed his tongue back inside his mouth and released his sealed lock onto Justin's asshole, just in time to place his mouth over Justin's cum tossing cock. Several huge spurts of thick cream splashed the roof of John's mouth as his lips locked and sealed just over Justin's cock head. The silky flesh of Justin's cock jacking finger kept striking John on his bottom lip, but he was bound and determined to capture each sperm bullet.

John couldn't get over the fact that no matter how soon Justin would bust his nut, he seemed to always have a huge load. John began sipping on the thick and creamy sperm as more gathered into his mouth. Never in his life had he ever tasted such pure sweet sperm. Thanks to the way he grew up, John was more than experienced at swallowing sperm. Some were salty while others were just down right bitter, but Justin, his sperm had no salt content whatsoever. John eagerly drank his young Marine's loving seed until Justin could force no more sperm from his rapidly shriveling up cock. Justin let his limp cock fall from his hand and John eagerly sucked in the limp cock and gave it a proper saliva bath.

Once everything was said and done, John now lay next to Justin on his left side, both heavily panting while looking straight up into the ceiling. Justin felt like his asshole was void and he inwardly hoped that their activity would not stop, or at least, anytime soon. John lay there and silently thought about the young Marine who lay next to him, still naked as the day he was born. Never had John been in a serious relationship before, but now he was wondering about life without Justin. In less than 24 hours, John had simply fell head over heels in love with Justin and that's all there was to it.

A short time later, they both enjoyed the refreshing shower, ensuring to soap up the other to perfection. Even in the shower, John fell to his knees and sucked more sperm from Justin's super clean cock. Justin returned the favor as well and eagerly swallowed the massive man seed shooting from the Sarge's horse cock. They even took turns eating out the others soapy assholes. What normally should have been a ten minute shower at best, turned out to be more than an hour long, if not longer. John fell more and more deeply in love with Justin as time passed, but he was completely unaware of the feelings Justin had over him. Justin couldn't get enough of John either, be it his muscled physique, his taunting muscular ass cheeks, or his ass filling huge cock. Justin no longer thought of his ex-girlfriend, or any girl for that matter. His only thought was that of the Sarge.

The two of them paraded around John's home without wearing a stitch of clothing. Both were in John's kitchen preparing a well needed meal, both sharing in the food making process. After they ate, John decided to fess up the entire truth about himself and the dungeon. He explained everything in pain staking detail. He told Justin how he has people who pay him for the use of his dungeon. Both men and women alike. Some of the men who beg for his mercy are actually straight, but they just want the feeling of being whipped, spanked, etc... Justin sat there and listened carefully as to everything being said. This was a whole new world for him, but it was a world he now had visited and was fascinated by. John told Justin how some of his "clients" are very prominent people, while others are simply regular run of the mill type folks. John even went so far as to tell about his childhood days and how he developed to this stage in his life. Justin not only listened to each word, but his cock found everything said to be rather exciting. John couldn't see Justin's cock grow hard thanks to the kitchen table, but unbeknownst to Justin, the Sarge's cock was fully erect as well. John held nothing back, with the exception of how he felt about Justin.

After John spilled his guts, Justin politely asked of a tour of the dungeon. As both stood, their rock hard cocks popped into the others perspective view. Justin followed the Sarge down the steps into the dark cold and clammy interior of the dungeon. Justin stopped at the bottom of the stairs while the Sarge began lighting each candle. With the lighting of the candles, the dark interior began spreading its flickering light, giving Justin one hell of an eye opening view. There were things in there he had no idea what they were used for, but he told himself that everything here was some form of pleasure giving device. John walked Justin over to each homemade contraption and explained what each was used for. Some of the things mentioned he knew he had previously encountered the night before and inwardly hoped for another shot at them. One device that really caught Justin's attention was the one the Sarge called his "poop shooter." The more the Sarge talked about that one, the more Justin became intrigued. John saw the look of intrigue shoot over Justin's gorgeous face and without asking, instructed him to step up onto the concrete platform. Justin did so without any signs of hesitation.

Justin stepped up onto the concrete platform where John immediately placed a spreader bar between Justin's legs, attaching the cuffs to each ankle. Justin's legs were forced to spread wide and the spreader bar prevented him from moving forwards, backwards, or from side to side. John attached another cuff leading from the pole on either side of Justin to the cuffs to the spreader bar. Justin was ordered to bend over, just at the waist, to which he did so immediately. Two poles attached to the concrete basement floor was on either side of Justin. There were holes bored out for the proper height of whoever was to be utilizing John's homemade device. Each of Justin's hands were guided through the openings in which John began turning a lever, forcing the padding to enclose around each wrist. Once Justin was secured from both ankles and arms, John placed two padded bars surrounding Justin's lower stomach area, then attached them together. The tight restriction placed a lot of pressure on Justin's stomach area as Jon then hooked each end of the bars to the poles on either side of the platform. The only thing Justin could move was his head, fingers, and possibly some toes. Other than those, he was tightly and securely bound. John walked in front of Justin and all Justin could see was the Sarge's lower legs and feet. John placed a hood over Justin's head and guided a thin plastic tube into Justin's mouth. The hood not only kept Justin in total darkness, but something over his nose clamped down, softly preventing him from breathing through his nostrils.

It didn't take Justin long to figure out that his only source of oxygen was going to come out of the thin tube inside his mouth. The next thing Justin felt was the Sarge placing some form of restraint, locking the soft padded cushion to the side of his head, then being secured to the poles on either side of him. Now, Justin no longer had the freedom of moving his head. It was definitely locked in place. Justin soon felt something slide on each finger, then softly being clamped down. Justin couldn't hear anything but his own heartbeat, but soon felt metal clamps being applied to both of his already sore and tender nipples. All he could muster was to blow air out of the thin tube as the clamps bit down on his nipples. Justin felt something being applied to his nuts. John was placing the wrap around the top of Justin's nut sac that had a piece of leather attached to the wrap. Once John had the wrap snuggly around Justin's balls, he placed a one pound metal weight to the end of the leather strap and slowly began lowering the weight to the floor. Once the tension was let out of the leather strap, Justin immediately felt his balls being stretched to the floor. When John had no more play room for the weight, he released his hand holding the weight and Justin immediately began huffing air out of the tube.

Justin literally thought his balls were rapidly being yanked from his scrotum. Thanks to the bars clamping down on his lower stomach, Justin felt like his stomach was about to explode. John stepped in behind his gorgeous bound prey and studied his masterpiece with awesome anticipation of all that would soon come to be. John placed pads on each of Justin's toes, the same type of pads used to go on each of his fingers, then walked behind Justin one more time. John reached to his right and snatched onto a garden hose that had a ten inch plastic nozzle attached to the end of it. Justin was in complete darkness and the only sounds he could hear was his heartbeat pounding away inside his head. Justin felt an object strike his asshole, then proceed to climb up his rectum, turning and twisting as it traveled upwards.

The object up his ass stopped its twisting and turning motion, then he felt a cold rush of liquid fill his bowels. Chills ran up and down Justin's spine as he couldn't control his bowels. John already knew what was going to happen as he held the nozzle firmly in place. All too soon, blasts of Justin anal juice and any other content came pouring out into the drain at the bottom of the concrete platform. Justin could feel himself shitting out his inner contents as a new sensation coursed throughout his entire body. John kept the valve to the water on and watched as nothing but pure water began pouring out of Justin's ass. He turned the valve off, placed the hose on its rack, keeping the nozzle lodged deeply inside Justin's rectum, and flipped up the thickly padded ear piece to Justin's left ear. "Now BOY, you hold it inside of you until I tell you to shit it out. If you screw up, you will PAY!" Justin couldn't speak, nor move his head in acknowledgement, but he did feel the flap go back over his left ear.

John cut the valve back on, this time only allowing a small steady trickle to shoot up Justin's rectum. He saw Justin's asshole as it puckered violently to keep the water trapped inside of him, but no matter how hard he tried, his asshole opened and a gush of water came spewing out. John placed his left hand on the pole to his left and using one finger, pressed down on the red button. Justin came alive as current after current of body shattering electricity shot through his fingers, toes, and nipples. The water that he was fighting to trap inside of him blasted out of his asshole like a torpedo. John shut off the water valve and watched as the remaining water came firing out of Justin's asshole. John would hold the button down for a second, pause for five, then hit the button for another second. After several blasts of electricity, John raised the ear flap up and stated, "I told you to hold it in, BOY! I told you if you didn't, you'd pay! Let's try it again!" This process went on for nearly two hours and Justin's asshole and everything else connected to his ass began to hurt. Somewhere or somehow, through it all, John noticed that Justin's cock never once lost its total hardness.

John cut the valve back on and slowly let the water fly. Justin's asshole angrily clamped down on the nozzle, trapping the water inside of him. He felt like his stomach was going to explode from all the fullness. He was huffing and puffing into the tube like crazy, fearing against time to keep the water inside of him. The volts that shot up through his body was only aided by the voltage from the wetness of the water slithering from his body. Justin struggled to maintain the flooding water inside his bowels so as not to get more electricity as punishment. John was indeed, overly impressed as his young gorgeous Marine managed to trap almost a gallon of water up his ass. John turned the water valve off and slowly began withdrawing the nozzle. Once the nozzle was clear from Justin's muscle clamping asshole, John placed the nozzle back on its hook, out of the way. Lifting up the left ear flap once again, John ordered, "Keep the water in your ass BOY!" Closing the flap, John walked back in behind Justin and just for good measure, presses the red button one more time and held it for a good five seconds. Justin couldn't move as the current ripped through his body, igniting the raging flames that already reeked havoc through his every hormones. John was amazed that Justin held the water in his ass, so out of kindness he lifted his finger off the button and reached up for another homemade device he called "the Ferris Wheel." Being an electrical engineer and a natural born carpenter, anything John envisioned, he could build. This contraption was no different from the rest of his homemade barrels of his darkened desires.

The Ferris Wheel was two big round circular devices with the lower wheel having numerous rubber straps attached to the outer ends and the large wheel up top contained four elk hide floggers. Once John got both wheel at his desired location, he used the remote control to activate the device. The top wheel with the floggers began stroking Justin's outstretched back while the bottom wheel began turning, using the rubber strands to smack upon both of Justin's sweaty ass cheeks. Justin gasped into the tube as the floggers struck his back and the rubber strands began slapping on his butt, giving him a rather stinging, pleasurable sensation. The more of the floggers and rubber strands striking his body, Justin found it more and more difficult to squeeze his already sore ass muscles to retain the water which flooded his bowels rather heavily. His balls felt like they were now touching the floor as John added an additional weight to his already deeply stretched nuts. From the water in his bowels, the floggers dancing along the top of his back, the rubber straps slapping his ass cheeks, and now his balls being stretched farther than ever before, Justin soon found himself in rather a vicarious predicament. He fought ever so hard to retain the water in his ass and constantly clamped down on his anal muscles to prevent any seepage.

John pushed the button up one more notch to his Ferris Wheel and the two wheels began slapping and flogging Justin harder than ever. John gazed at the boy's little butt hole as it gripped, twisted, and puckered to fight back the urge from dumping the water from his bowels. To add more delight, John picked up a long feather and began softly stroking Justin's tortured asshole and stretched balls. Between the floggers stinging his back, the rubber strands scorching his ass cheeks, the heavy weights pulling hard down on his sore balls, and now this, a feather gracing his asshole and balls caused Justin to silently beg for his mentor to stop. The feather sent goose bumps racing up and down his spine and Justin could feel his cock leap as it tingled his body with torturous delight.

Keeping the feather in his right hand, John crept in front of Justin, knelt down and began licking the love juices that flowed by the gallons from Justin's hard delicious cock. The feather tickled his balls while the Sarge's hot mouth slithered up and down his throbbing boner. As the feather creased his asshole, Justin fought against the restraints to jump, but was completely bound securely. His stomach hurt from the bar that held him in place and the water level filling it up to a bloated state. Justin's asshole was beyond sore from all the enema activity and the constant use of his anal muscles having to grip and clamp down. John used the feather on Justin's nipples, balls, cock, asshole, and stomach, ensuring his mouth devoted its love to the boy's pre cum spewing cock. Justin could feel his love cream rise, but the heavy weights pulling on his cock stopped his cream from reaching anywhere close to the base of his cock. John continued his oral assault on Justin's pole, but each time he felt the hard missile expand, he backed off so as not to allow Justin the satisfaction of releasing his sweet sperm.

While sucking on the young Marine's sweet cock, John pushed the button up to the highest notch sending Justin's mind further and further into orbit. The floggers landed on his back with a heavy thud while the rubber strands felt like they were peeling the flesh right off of his reddened ass. John left the wheel alone and focused his attention on Justin's love stick with his mouth while continuously using the feather to torture Justin's sweaty body. Justin had reached the point of no return with his mind completely void of his body as his cock erupted into a blissful volcanic type of explosion. John's mouth quickly began filling up with Justin's hot, creamy sperm, sending wave after wave of delicious Marine cream rifling down his gulping throat. In mid stream of one hell of a sperm explosion, John struck the red button, sending volts of current ripping through Justin's mind boggling orgasmic convulsing body. The cock in his mouth lurched and spewed more love cream onto his tongue as he repeatedly struck the button to intensify and electrify Justin's orgasm.

Having done this so many times, John knew what was getting ready to follow as Justin's cock stopped shooting sperm, but Justin was still feeling the wildest orgasm he had ever experienced. Justin's hard cock was still in John's mouth when he felt the warm rush of hot fresh piss begin to shoot down his throat. By the sounds Justin was making threw the breathing tube, John clearly knew that the boy thought he was still firing off more cum. John gulped down all the piss Justin could offer and when everything was said and done, John cleaned the boy's cock off with his mouth and tongue. No matter what, Justin's cock remained harder than a piece of steel as John stood up on wobbly legs.

John placed the full view mirror in front of Justin, then stepped behind him. He began pouring lube on his massive cock and was massaging it all over his thick organ while gazing into Justin's hot little asshole. John pushed the button of the Wheels all the way up to stop both of them and quickly pushed his device out of the way. Justin was covered in sweat and hadn't even realized he was not getting flogged or spanked anymore when he felt the Sarge's hand fall onto his left hip. Holding his massive organ with his right hand, John smashed it up against Justin's asshole, and without offering any warning, shoved his horse like cock all the way up Justin's water filled chute. John could feel the anal muscles coil around his cock like if it were in the grip of a hungry anaconda. Placing his right hand on Justin's right hip, he used Justin's hips to slam his horse meat in and out of Justin's asshole with blinding speed.

The sharp pain Justin was feeling inside his ass only heightened his already sore and heavy panting body to higher complex. The water inside Justin's ass increased with pressure as John savagely pounded his massive cock in and out of Justin's bewildered asshole with blinding speed. John was looking into the mirror, aiming his eyes at Justin's free bouncing hard cock, when the young Marine's cock began firing off bullets of hot piss. John pumped faster and faster, grinding his thick organ harder and harder into Justin's tight chute. Justin's cock was pouring out piss when John's cock began unleashing the mother load of cum from hell, deep inside the water filled bowels of Justin's piping hot ass. John did his best to watch Justin's cock through teary eyes and saw exactly what he knew would happen. It seemed while in mid stream of orgasmic pissing, Justin's cock began sending rockets of sperm gushing out ever so wildly. John continued his anal cum slinging assault on Justin's gripping asshole while watching Justin shoot cum and piss in the air and onto the concrete floor. The breathing tube inside Justin's mouth wasn't large enough for him to capture or relieve himself with the air he needed, causing his mind to spin with the delirium. When just a few cum pellets flying out of Justin's cock was all that remained, John pressed down on the button, sending a ripping current of electricity racing throughout Justin's already dazed body. Justin's cock began jerking, twitching like mad and more sperm began erupting from his tiny piss slit. John had already pumped all of his thick sperm up the boy's ass and continued to pound his softening meat like a crazed maniac. The button was pressed several times, forcing Justin's anal muscles to clamp down on John's pile driving cock, when the last time it was pressed, Justin's asshole opened, sending the water he so lovingly trapped inside his bowels to spray everywhere.

The water gushing out from his asshole was fiery hot and John was soon covered with the anal water along with the sperm he fucked deep into Justin's ass. John's cock was hastily softening, but he fought like hell to keep on ramming his meat like a bull fucking a pretty cow. In no time at all, John's soft cock plopped out of Justin's super clean ass. Both were covered in heavy layers of sweat, but John was unable to resist kneeling down and slamming his tongue up Justin's freshly washed out ass. Justin's mind was still somewhere in orbit and he faintly detected the Sarge's loving tongue plunge inside his asshole. John licked, sucked, and nibbled Justin's ass until he felt the boy could take no more. John began the delicate task of taking all the restraints off. With then last of the restraints free from Justin, Justin immediately collapsed to the concrete floor in a fetal position. John had to struggle to get the hood off of him, but somehow managed with no help from Justin whatsoever.

John was kneeling behind Justin and watched as the boy was breathing rapidly and his eyes were tightly sealed. Justin's mouth was open and he was blowing hard the oxygen from within his lungs. John waited till he was able to stand on secure legs, then picked Justin up like a baby and carried him up the steps and tenderly placed Justin on the bed and pulled the covers over him. During this process, Justin, not once, moved. John got into bed with him and held him tightly as Justin's entire gorgeous body was shivering and shaking ever so violently. Darkness overcame John and soon they were both fast asleep.

As if an alarm clock sounded, both awoke at the same time, hours later during the darkness of night. It was then that John explained to Justin how he made extra money. Justin listened as he understood that there were people who paid the Sarge for their experience in his dungeon. Some of the guys were straight, some gay, and some were bi. He even had women who paid to be bound, gagged, flogged, spanked, or simply, fucked. After feeling that huge cock rifle in and out of his own ass, Justin could easily understand why some of the men and women wanted that massive organ up their own asses. Through all of this, Justin easily identified why anyone wanted to be in the arms of the Sarge. After all, the man to his left who was speaking was built like a Greek God and looked a hundred times better than any Adonis. The longer the Sarge spoke, the more in love Justin became. At this point, all the Sarge had to do was ask him to be his forever and Justin already knew he would have done so without a single hint of hesitation. Both were thinking the same thing, but neither fed into their temptation and said their true feelings. The one thing that really caught Justin's ears was when the Sarge mentioned he could probably make some extra money with some of his clients. Justin was all up for making some extra money, just as long as his unknown lover for life was there with him.

For the next two months, John and Justin spent a lot of time either in the Sarge's dungeon or his bedroom. Even at this point, neither spoke of their true feelings about the other. Halfway through the second month, John began introducing Justin to some of his trustworthy clients. Soon, John's clients were paying extra just for the pleasure of seeing Justin nude, while others paid heavily for the delicacy of slipping their tongues into his asshole. Justin couldn't believe how so many men and women actually paid so much money just to see him naked or tongue fuck his asshole, much less, for the few who got to taste his cum. Soon, Justin became an intricate figure at the Sarge's dungeon. Some of the so called "straight" men paid for Justin's nudity, while some paid dearly for the chance to stick their tongues up his butt. By far, this was a whole new and exciting world for Justin and he found out rather quickly his financial gains began to multiply seemingly overnight.

During their clients dungeon sessions, the Sarge had patiently taught Justin the techniques of each contraption. Though not as proficient as his mentor, Justin had plenty of clients who wanted both, he and the Sarge, to inflict bodily pleasure upon them. One of Justin's favorite clients was a high ranking Naval officer who clearly stated he was straight, but he always paid heavily for Justin to spread his ass cheeks so the officer could tongue his asshole. By the third visit, the officer was drinking Justin's cum while the Sarge was ramming his horse cock up his naval highway. So much for being "straight", huh? It seemed as though their popularity had grown to an heightened level. Most every night, there would be at least one client who was scheduled, and some nights, two. The weekends were almost completely booked solid with clients who eagerly paid for their services. No matter what, John and Justin always found the time to worship the others magnificent body. Justin had become addicted to the Sarge's thick cock and John became addicted to Justin, every square inch of him.

After the third week on their fourth month of non-stop action, Justin moved in with the Sarge. Still, even at this point, neither stated their true feelings over the other. During the day, both were 100% Marines, and at night, they were always getting paid for their pleasures they gave so caringly. After six steady months, Justin had made more money than he ever could have made in two years in the Marine Corps, not to mention, he was having the time of his life. So many people and so much money and he still slept with the one he loved in the same bed, each and every night.

It was on a Thursday when Justin was called to the Gunny's office. It was there when he was informed to show a new Marine around the facility. As soon as Justin laid eyes on the new private, he was already making plans for him to meet the Sarge. Justin knew that this new Marine would have to be as gorgeous naked as he was now, standing at parade rest wearing his Camouflage outfit. Justin figured the new Marine to be 18 or 19, standing 5' 10, and weighing a slender 150 or 160 pounds. From taking a sneak peak under the sides of his hat, Justin thought that the new private had jet black hair. Justin could easily see the thick black eyebrows and the long, almost seemingly, fake eye lashes. The new private had brownish hazel eyes set in their slender sockets. Justin figured him to look like he was half Philippine, half American, or at least that's what the guy sort of looked like. His skin was, or seemed, naturally tanned. The new guy may have even possibly been mixed with Indian as well, but one thing was set in stone for sure. That was the jutting out of his cloth covered solid little bubble butt. Justin swiped his lips as his eyes strained to see the profound contour of the new Marine's grade A quality ass. After the introduction, Justin was informed that his name was Jeff Moore.

While Justin was showing Jeff around camp, it was Jeff who kept a closer eye on this ravishing tour guide with such an angelic voice. Jeff was no stranger to gay sex, but it had been a long time since he had done anything with another guy. His gay sexual experience was only of sucking a cock, and that cock belonged to his cousin, who he had grown up with. The last time he had tasted his cousin's cock was when he was around 14. According to Jeff's cousin, they had grown out of such stage in their young life. Now, it was Jeff's mind visualizing Justin walking without any clothes on. The last stop on their tour was a visit to the Sarge's office. Justin had carefully planned for his lover to be very last and to pay close attention to Jeff as the two met. As soon as Justin and Jeff were in John's office, Justin's eyes watched Jeff's eyes like an eagle lusting for prey. Jeff swallowed hard as he now stood before John, a spitting image plastered on any Marine poster. Jeff had never really seen perfection up close and personal before. The Sarge had everything going for him all at once. Looks, physique, and a natural soft, soothing voice. Jeff was dumbfounded as the Sarge issued out instructions.

As Jeff told the Sarge all about himself, it took every ounce of muscle John could muster in his body to just sit there and stare with lust. Without a question, Justin had Jeff beat on the looks department, but there was something entrancing about Jeff that John simply couldn't put a finger on. Jeff's face was narrow and dimples punctured each slender cheek as he spoke. John paid close attention to Jeff's crotch area, but thanks to the fatigues, he really couldn't make any positive distinctions. By looking into the eyes of Justin, John already figured out that the both of them wanted the same thing. A shot at Jeff! Through conversation, John knew that Jeff was just 18 years young and grew up in Philadelphia. John acted as the strict Marine he was during Jeff's office visit, though he would have given anything to have ordered Jeff to remove all of his clothes for a more personal inspection.

Once Jeff and Justin were dismissed from the Sarge's office, and as they were now outside, Jeff softly stated, "Holy shit man, the Sarge is built like a fucking freight train!" An evil grin dashed across Justin's face as he replied, "Yeah, he's built all right! Built like a fucking stallion!" Jeff caught the glimmer in Justin's eyes as he stated his last remark and a natural stir of curiosity overcame his common sense. Jeff decided to play along and feed into conversation by adding, "Yeah, I bet the Sarge has to turn down pussy!" Justin fired back, "Pussy and anything else he feels like." What Jeff nor Justin realized was the visual fact that both were talking and walking with erections caused from their stimulating conversation about the Sarge. Justin fed into their talk by tossing out, "Wait till you see the Sarge in the shower. He's got the biggest dick I've ever seen on a human being!" All Jeff said was, "He looks like he would have a monster."

For the next hour while Jeff was putting his gear away in his new locker, all he and Justin spoke about was the Sarge. The more they talked about him, the more Jeff really wanted to see the Sarge naked. Heck, he wanted to see Justin naked for that matter as well and he could hardly wait until it was time for the showers to begin. Justin watched Jeff as he bent over to put belongings into his locker and dreamed of ramming his tongue into that sweet ass. As all good things must come to an end, Jeff finished putting his gear up and both had to return back to the work area. This time, Jeff wore just a t-shirt and Justin inwardly began foaming at the mouth in luxurious delight. Just like himself, Jeff had no hair on his arms, or none of which was worth talking about. Jeff's skin was naturally tanned in more of a bronze color setting off his mixed colored eyes, and thick, dark, eyelashes.

That evening, Jeff couldn't understand where Justin disappeared to and asked a fellow Marine. The Marine looked dead into his eyes and sternly whispered, "I wouldn't fuck with the Sarge if I were you. Don't ask! Don't tell!" Once the Marine said that, he turned and walked away. On the drive home, Justin was so horny he pulled out the Sarge's rock hard cock and began giving him the blow job of his life. Before John pulled into their driveway, he had flooded Justin's cock sucking mouth with thick man juice. They had two clients, each at separate times that night, and once they were alone in their bed, the topic of conversation was all about Jeff. Both Justin and John sensed that Jeff had some homosexual tendencies about him, or at least, they were counting on it. A plan was derived and it was Justin who would be filling in the foundation.

The next day while at the base, the Sarge had arranged for Justin and Jeff to remain at the barracks for cleaning duty. The Sarge's office was on the first floor while the barracks were on the second. There were only three people in the barracks that day, John, Justin, and Jeff. John stayed in his office hoping Justin carried out their plan with intricate detail. The two young Marines carried out their cleaning duties with the highest of honors. Justin could barely focus his attention on anything else but Jeff's little jutting butt every time he bent over to clean something. It wasn't until they went into the head (bathroom) before they began a rather stimulating conversation. Justin opened things up while wiping down the walls in the shower, by saying, "Just think if someone in our platoon was gay. Shit, they'd be in hog heaven in here. So many guys and they're all butt ass naked with their swinging dicks dancing everywhere." Jeff added, "Yeah, I guess their eyes would be popping out of their sockets in here. Hey Justin, do you know if anyone in our platoon is gay?" Justin fired back, "Remember the motto! Don't ask! Don't tell!" Justin's perky little ears captured Jeff whispering loud enough for him to hear, "Shit, I wonder if the Sarge showers in here." Justin acted like he heard nothing and continued wiping down the shower walls.

While Jeff cleaned each of the shower heads, his mind went back in time, just before going off to boot camp with his recruiter. Prior to that event, Jeff had sucked on a few of his high school buddies cocks, but nothing more than that. It wasn't until he met his recruiter, a Staff Sgt. who looked like he was in his thirties, that he tasted cum for the first time and was awoken to the thrill of having a six inch cock stretch his once virgin asshole. The recruiter fucked him right there in the back office in Philadelphia right before he was going to be shipped out for boot camp. As Jeff's mind returned back to the showers, his only thought now was that of Justin's hot body and the fantasy of seeing the Sarge completely naked. After the shower area was completely cleaned, the two young Marines began cleaning the toilets and urinals. Justin was at one end of the urinals while Jeff was at the opposite end. Both were on their knees scrubbing the urinals when the Sarge walked right up to the middle urinal and began unbuttoning his pants to take a piss. John peered over at Justin who gave John a quick wink of approval. John fumbled with the tight material and hauled out his heavy piece of meat and literally held some of it in the palm of his right hand as his hot piss began to fly out. Out of the corner of his left eye, John could see Jeff on bended knees, intensely admiring his dangling, pissing, flaccid meat.

Jeff couldn't believe his eyes at the thing his eyes were glued on. The cock in the Sarge's hand was long and impressively fat. Never had he ever seen such a thing on a human being before, but no matter what, he couldn't fight the temptation not to stare at it. Justin was torn between looking at his lover's pissing cock and the reaction on Jeff's face as he stared at the mind boggling piece of pissing meat. By looking at the way Jeff was completely engrossed in the Sarge's cock, Justin knew right then and there that there plan was coming together. John forced out the last driblet of piss and began teasingly shaking the flaccid monster to and fro. John intentionally turned a little to his left, and in plain view of Jeff's burning eyes, began the task of shoving the one eyed beast back into his pants. John flushed the urinal, began walking away, then said, "You guys are doing a great job in here. Keep up the good work!" Jeff immediately responded by shouting, "Yes SIR!"

Once John left the head, Jeff looked straight at Justin and stated, "Holy fucking shit, the Sarge has got the biggest dick I've ever seen and the fucker was soft too!" Justin smiled then tossed out, "Yeah, imagine getting your ass fucked by something that gets a lot bigger when it's hard!" Jeff fired back, "I know after he gets done fucking a girl, her pussy has got to be sore!" Justin played into Jeff's lust by saying, "No! Imagine being all tied up and that thing going in and out of your asshole! What do you think of that?" The silence from Jeff's lips gave Justin the impression that Jeff was doing his best to visualize the Sarge's cock doing just that to his asshole. Jeff remembered the searing pain he went through with the recruiter and his cock was only six inches long and was three times as slender as the Sarge's cock was when it was soft. Jeff also remembered the pleasure that crashed through his body once the pain went away and the feeling of just knowing he had a cock rooting up his asshole.

After the long silence, Justin reiterated, "Hey Jeff, can you imagine having the Sarge's cock up your ass?" The shocked look on Jeff's face told the entire story as his lips quivered and the words flowed, "He'd rip me in half! I wonder how big it gets when that fucking thing is all boned up!" Justin softly whispered, "Big, real fucking big!" Jeff was still replaying Justin's response when Justin stood up and unbuttoned his pants and began pissing into one of the urinals that was three urinals away from Jeff, who was still on his knees. Just as he did with the Sarge, Jeff's eyes zeroed in on Justin's pissing cock. It was way smaller than the Sarge's, but the one thing that really caught his attention was the fact that Justin's cock was rock hard. To Jeff, Justin was simply beautiful and the Sarge was just flat fucking gorgeous. The cock he was admiring was just as beautiful as the person it belonged to.

Justin had to literally force himself to piss, but the stage was set by having his hard cock out for Jeff's wondering eyes. Once Justin was finished, he did exactly what the Sarge did by turning towards Jeff and forcing his hard cock back into his pants. Jeff was still mesmerized by the fact that he had just seen Justin's beautiful cock, only a few short feet away, and it was hard. Before Jeff could catch his panting breath, Justin asked, "What's the kinkiest sex you ever had?" Jeff had to shake his thoughts back together and replied, "Not much at all I guess. Most of the girls back home just let me fuck em, that's pretty much it." Jeff really wanted to say what happened between him and the recruiter was the kinkiest, but thought better of that and stuck with his statement. Justin fired back, "Dude, fucking aint kinky! Come on man, I know somebody has done some weird shit to you, or you them." Jeff just shook his head no and Justin shot back, "You mean to tell me nobody has ever stuck their tongue up your butt, or anything like that?" Jeff peeled off, "Oh hell no dude, aint nobody ever put their tongue in my ass and I have never stuck my tongue in nobody's shitter either."

The two Marines began cleaning the toilets, one on one end and the other at the other end. Justin announced, "Jeff, you wouldn't know how to act if someone devoured you from head to toe. You'd think you'd died and gone to Heaven once somebody showed you the pleasures of having your asshole eaten to blissful perfection." Jeff shook his head, then replied, "I don't know! I've just never thought of an asshole being eaten out before, besides, I've never had anyone who ever tried it, or wanted to try it for that matter." Justin gave a quick smirk, the said, "You'd be surprised who'd want to flounder around inside you tasty ass." Jeff caught the comment about tasty ass and before he had a chance to react, Justin said, "Fuck the dumb shit! Why don't you come over tonight and spend the weekend with me and the Sarge? I stay with him at his house! So, what do you say?" "Shit yeah!" The words flew out of Jeff's mouth without having any thought process whatsoever. Justin got up and announced, "I'll go tell the Sarge that you are coming home with us." Before Jeff knew what was going on, Justin had already left the head area and was heading downstairs.

John was sitting behind his desk when Justin walked in and gave him the news. John got up and closed his office door and soon there afterwards, both John and Justin were enveloped in a long hot tongue probing kiss. While their tongues battled, both sets of hands fumbled with the buttons to the other's pants. Soon, both hard cocks were in the other's stroking hand. John forced his lips from Justin's and spun him aro8und so that his hands were palm down on the top of his desk. As he knelt to his knees, his hands lowered Justin's pants to the top of his boots. Justin's mouth watering ass was proudly jutting on display as John peeled the two tight globes open and began probing Justin's juicy asshole with his slithering tongue. Justin bit down on his lips to prevent his moans from echoing down the deserted hallway. The tongue creeping inside his asshole sent shivers racing up and down his spine. John was eating Justin's tangy asshole like he had never eaten it before, gripping the two muscular mounds in the process, squeezing and spreading.

Justin's angelic voice soon burned into John's ears, "Fuck me, fuck me hard! Take my ass John, it's all yours!" John stood up while Justin began inching himself backwards, getting ready for that huge cock to willfully invade his ass. John kept some lube just for Justin in his office and he poured some on his cock and began greasing the monster up for one more anal invasion. Placing the lube on top of the desk, to the left side of Justin, John held onto his massive fuck pole and guided the monstrous head right up to Justin's shiny asshole. As John applied pressure, Justin began pressing his ass onto the thick invader. A long moan splashed out of Justin's wide open and panting mouth as the thick cock began diving deeper and deeper into his rectum. Thanks to taking the Sarge's cock most every night, and sometimes twice a day, Justin became quite embellished at the sensation of that huge fuck pole shooting up his ass. All too soon, John was holding onto Justin's hips and driving his angry cock in and out of Justin's gripping asshole with blazing speed. John's heavy balls slapped hard against Justin's balls with each and every violent thrust. Justin tried in vain to withhold any sounds from escaping his lips, but that effort was to no avail. As John's cock smashed upwards into his rectum, soft grunts pelted from Justin's lips. John reached around Justin and latched onto his hard cock and began pumping his young lover's cock for all he was worth. Justin's palms were now on the edge of the desk, using his strength to force his cock filled ass harder and harder onto John's pile driving cock.

John grunted one last time as his cock exploded, sending gallons of hot creamy man seed shooting up Justin's milking rectum. John continued ramming his meat in Justin until it started to go soft. He pulled his cock out of Justin and spun Justin around and eagerly swallowed Justin's slick cock, burying his nose into his silky soft pubic hairs. It didn't take long with the Sarge's hot mouth on his cock before Justin began spraying his load into John's mouth. Just as always, John worshiped the divine sweet taste of Justin's creamy cum. Both grunted and moaned as John sucked Justin's cock until the last drop of sweet sperm was slithering down his throat. The two locked into another passionate kiss while their hands roamed freely about the other's hard body. What neither John nor Justin realized was that Jeff had became curious as to Justin's delay and had been standing right outside of the Sarge's closed door, listening with lustful ears. Jeff had heard it all and knew that Justin had been fucked by the Sarge! His heart pumped with agonizing envy knowing that he had already agreed to spend the weekend with both Justin and the Sarge. As he tip toed ever so silently down the stairs, Jeff was more than just a little curious as to how someone as small as Justin could handle the Sarge's big cock up his asshole. Then the almighty question popped into his head. Could he take the Sarge's big cock up his ass?

The ride to the Sarge's house was peaceful enough, but Jeff, who was sitting in the backseat, kept wondering how Justin was able to handle the Sarge's cock. He realized most people in his position would have thought they had died and gone to Heaven, being in the company of two of the most incredible gorgeous people in the whole wide world. The Sarge was built like a brick wall and had the looks better of any Adonis he had ever seen on any magazine. Justin was down right pretty! While Jeff thought of the Sarge and Justin, both Justin and the Sarge were thinking of the cutie in the backseat. Justin could barely wait to see Jeff naked and John was visualizing the same thing. All three wound up with massive erections while thinking of what might be in store.

Both John and Justin gave Jeff the tour of the home, with the exception of their dungeon. By the collection of various things, Jeff could easily tell that the Sarge had traveled all over the world. Jeff did find it hard to keep his eyes anywhere else but on the Sarge's rippling muscular ass. Justin and Jeff were standing in the living room while John politely excused himself. Upon John's return back to greet Justin and Jeff, he had decided to wear nothing but his nearly see thru white Speedo's. The bulge in the front left nothing much to the imagination. His cock was clearly displayed for all to see. Both John and Justin noticed Jeff's eyes as they zeroed in on the protruding hunk of meat trapped inside the thin sheer fabric. Jeff swallowed hard as his eyes burned with lust while staring at the Sarge's hug cock. Taking the time, Jeff licked his lips at the Greek God standing before him. The Sarge's thick muscles rippled with his every move, causing Jeff's eyes to twitch inside their sockets.

Justin excused himself and left John and Jeff alone in the living room. When Justin returned, Jeff's jaw almost hit the floor. Justin was wearing his bright red silk thong which gave his crotch area a large than life appearance. When Jeff's eyes struck the silky tanned flesh of Justin's tiny butt cheeks, he felt his blood rush quickly to his head, causing him to get dizzy from all of this eye candy. The Sarge's soothing voice brought his mind back into reality, "Jeff, why don't you go change into something more suitable so we can go swimming." Jeff agreed and left John and Justin while he went into one of the bedrooms to change. All Jeff had was cut-off jeans, so he put them on and walked back into the living room. Both John and Justin watched in awe as Jeff walked up to them. From the waist up, Jeff's skin was completely hairless and deeply tanned like bronze, but from under the cut-offs at his thighs were covered with curly thick black hair running all the way down both bronzed shins. As they walked out of the sliding glass door and onto the patio leading to the pool, it was all John could do not to tackle Jeff and strip his cut-offs right off of him. His cute little bubbly butt wiggled gracefully as Jeff took each step, causing John's mouth to slightly part in awe.

Nothing happened in the pool and the three of them swam around and dove off the diving board for over an hour. One by one, they showered, John being first, then Justin, followed by Jeff. John and Justin were in the kitchen when Jeff walked in. John was fixing them a mixed drink as Jeff inquired, "Where's that door (pointing his left finger) take you?" Justin spoke up, "Oh, uh, that's the basement." John laughed, then announced, "Hell NO, it's not just a basement, it's the dungeon! A place where only pleasure is derived from!" John was wearing his pale blue spandex shorts. Justin was wearing his extra, extra tight soft white spandex and Jeff was wearing another pair of cut-off shorts. Jeff's mind was playing tricks on him as he thought about the Sarge calling his basement a dungeon. He told himself that the Sarge was just kidding around as he began sipping on the mixed drink.

John looked at Justin and softly whispered, "Justin, go get the dungeon ready so Jeff here can see that there really is a dungeon down there. I think he thinks I am bull shitting him about this!" Justin walked past Jeff and Jeff's eyes immediately fell onto Justin's mouth watering ass. He still couldn't believe that Justin's little ass could take the Sarge's huge cock, but he know he did cause he had heard it!

Once Justin was out of the kitchen, Jeff's wondering eyes fell onto John's beefy package. He could easily detect the outline of the huge head and thick folded up shaft. John was looking right at Jeff and knew that the young Marine's eyes were entranced on his cock. John took the time to study the definite bulging package protruding from Jeff's cut-offs. He wanted so badly to drop to his knees and cram the boy's cock down his throat, but decided to allow their plan to take its natural course. So far, according to their plans, everything was falling in place perfectly. In ten minutes, Justin popped back into the kitchen and announced that everything was ready. Justin, then Jeff, followed by John walked down the dimly stairs and into the musky damp realm of the dungeon. At the base of the stairs, Jeff flickered his eyes to make them adjust to the flickering of the candles on the walls. Looking all around in sheer astonishment, Jeff had never heard or read of such a world as the one he was now standing in. His hard bound cock began twitching as his eyes traveled all around the dimly lit room, silently enquiring to the various things his eyes saw. On the walls hung whips, chains, cuffs, hoods, feathers, paddles, and many other things he had never seen before. On the floor itself were many devices he had no clue as to what they were used for. There were tables, desks, doctors chairs, and numerous other things he could never begin to describe.

Jeff swallowed hard as he picked up one of the wooden paddles and inquisitively asked, "People really get hit by this thing?" Justin eagerly shot back, "Hell yeah, and I'm one of em!" All Jeff could muster was, "Really?" John reached out with his right hand and grabbed the top of the wooden paddle and said, "Here, I'll show you!" Without having to be told, Justin quickly peeled off his shorts, turned around and placed both hands on the top of the table and spread his legs. Jeff's eyes became wide open as he was looking straight onto Justin's gorgeous little butt cheeks. Jeff was standing to their right as John began lightly swatting Justin's quickly reddening ass cheeks. Jeff was even more surprised after hearing Justin yell, "One SIR, can I have another SIR!" With each swat Justin counted and begged for more. Jeff's eyes watered as the paddle began making thunderous thuds on Justin's bright red ass cheeks and with each delivery, it seemed the Sarge was getting heavier and heavier with the paddle. Jeff watched with intent as the paddle landed ever so heavily and he fought to watch Justin's ass cheeks along with zeroing in on his swaying hairless balls. Jeff dreamed silently of spreading Justin's ass cheeks so he could peer into, and determine, whether or not Justin really did have an asshole. In Jeff's eyes, Justin was so flat fuck pretty, he was more than curious to find out if Justin was like everyone else and really had something so disgusting as an asshole.

Within a few minutes, John handed the paddle over to Jeff and softly whispered, "Here, you give it a try." Jeff stood in behind Justin and hesitated and Justin pleadingly cried out, "Please, please spank me Jeff. I want more! Hit me hard, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!" Jeff reared back and landed a striking blow on Justin's left butt cheek. He had watched the Sarge and knew to take even turns on each gorgeous silk like globe. John stood next to Jeff as he watched the young Marine begin to really get into spanking Justin. What John also noticed was the bulge in Jeff's crotch get even bigger. After a few more minutes, John stopped the paddling and whispered, "Now, you have to caress his butt cheeks with both hands. Do it like you really want to! Justin will know the difference of doing something you have to compared with doing something you WANT to!" Jeff handed the paddle to the Sarge and wasted no time in running both of his shaking hands all over Justin's beat red ass cheeks. The more silky smooth ass flesh he touched, the more he craved to slide a finger down Justin's ass crack.

John saw the temptation in Jeff's eyes and reached out and grabbed Jeff's right hand and stuck it right into Justin's ass crack. Jeff's knees buckled as his right hand slid up and down Justin's sweaty crack allowing his fingers to dance all around Justin's twitching asshole. Justin was cooing as Jeff became lost with never before felt lust as his hand felt like it was at home inside Justin's super tight ass crack. His left hand tried squeezing the muscular cheeks while his right hand and fingers played with Justin's crack and puckering asshole. John stepped to the left side of Jeff and forced his left hand under Justin's spread legs until Jeff almost passed out when his left hand instinctively curled around Justin's steel like hard cock. Justin's body began trembling as Jeff's land hand slid back and forth causing Justin to moan and groan ever so loudly. Justin's balls slid back and forth along Jeff's hand and forearm sending shivers of joy racing up and down his spine.

John whispered into Jeff's left ear, "You'd better stop unless you want to drink his sperm." Jeff heard the words from the Sarge, but they sounded a million miles away. He had already told himself that he wouldn't hesitate to drink Justin's cum, but reluctantly, he pulled both hands away. When Justin stood straight up and turned around, Jeff's eyes immediately fell onto his hard pre cum oozing cock. John whispered, "Jeff, in here, at my house, feel free to say or do anything you want. Nothing leaves this house!" Jeff nodded his head in acknowledgement, but kept his eyes on Justin's gorgeous pre cum dripping cock. Justin excitingly stated, "I know, Jeff you want to get spanked? It feel so fucking good! See, my dick is still hard from the spanking!" Before Jeff could respond, the Sarge soothingly whispered, "Don't worry, I'll go easy on you. If you want to, you can even suck Justin's cock while I send your mind into orbit! Would you like that?" Jeff was speechless as if in a deep trance. He just had the Sarge's blessing to suck Justin while getting spanked. He wasn't so sure of the spanking, but Jeff knew he wanted to suck Justin's cock, so he sort of nodded his head in agreement.

Justin quickly walked up to Jeff and began the tedious task of removing Jeff's shorts while saying, "It's okay! You can't get the real joy of things wearing these!" When Jeff lifted his arms up to his sides, both Justin and John knew they had a willing participant. Justin unzipped the zipper and began tugging the tight cut-offs off of Jeff's rock solid body. John noticed that Jeff's little belly button slightly protruded inward as he watched with eagerness as Justin began pulling the shorts off of him. Two or three inches below the belly button, John and Justin both saw the puffy mound of curly black pubic hair. With one mighty tug, the shorts fell to Jeff's quivering ankles. Justin helped Jeff step out of the shorts, then both he and John studied the nude vision before them. Jeff's cock was harder than steel, jutting straight out from his body, hooking slightly to the left. A tear drop of pre cum smeared the wide open piss slit as it twitched from the cool damp air beating down it. Jeff's cock was only about 4-1/2 inches long, but it was hog thick with a cut bulbous cock head to match. Even his cock was bronzed in color, just like the rest of his perfect body. His cock head was a dullish pink in color with one massive vein running the short length on the under side. His balls were layered with black curly pubic hair to the point that flesh was not visible. From pure sight, Jeff's balls were like grapefruits held rather snuggly to the base of his cock.

From first sight, wearing clothes, Jeff would look like a guy who was smooth and hairless, but once his shorts came off, he was as hairy as an ape from his cock down to the base of his shins. Justin hopped up onto the desk top and spread his legs as Jeff nervously sauntered over to him. Jeff placed both hands flat on the table top just outside of Justin's hips and lowered his mouth onto Justin's hard cock. The pre cum immediately filtered inside his mouth, shocking his taste buds to life. Hot, slimy, and super delicious was all Jeff could think about as his mouth enclosed around the shaft and began slowly working its way up and down the length. Justin tossed his head back while using his right hand to caress Jeff's hair while groaning at the heated sensation of Jeff's sealed mouth on his throbbing cock. John was standing behind Jeff and Jeff had already spread his legs wide. John peered between Jeff's muscular ass mounds at the hairy trail running up and down Jeff's ass crack. The bronze mounds themselves were void of hair, but his crack looked like a forest, littered with heavy layers of black hairs.

The heat in the room was doing what it was supposed to do as all three began to sweat. John could see little trickles of sweat rolling down from Jeff's back and into his hairy crack. The moans from both Justin, getting a blow-job, and Jeff giving a blow-job, sent musical chimes exploding into John's ears. Jeff grunted loudly as the paddle landed on his right exposed and jutting ass cheek, then the left cheek. With his mouth full of more than delicious cock and his ass increasing with stinging, mixed with burning, Jeff unknowingly began shoving his ass backwards to greet the wooden paddle. This action did not go unnoticed from John by any means. His swats became heavier and heavier judging his strength by Jeff's actions. The heavier John landed the paddle, the harder he sucked on Justin's cock. Justin fought back the urge to spray Jeff's mouth with his thick cream. Knowing all too well if Jeff kept on sucking his cock with this much pressure, he would inevitably shoot his load, so he pulled Jeff's mouth from his cock and lowered Jeff's mouth to his balls to give him some relief. Jeff had no problem in sucking both of Justin's small balls into his mouth with one offering. In the meantime, John increased his speed as well as drive the paddle harder and harder.

Jeff rotated milking Justin's balls and sucking on his cock while lost in confusion of the burning sensation covering his entire ass. Justin felt his love juice rise and forced Justin's mouth off of his cock once more. Catching Justin completely off guard, Jeff grabbed Justin's legs and forced him backwards, holding his legs high into the air. Before Justin knew what was happening, Jeff began cramming his tongue into Justin's asshole with fiery vengeance. For Jeff, this was the first time his tongue had ever been in someone's asshole and he found it to be exciting and delicious, all at the same time. He couldn't detect any foul odor or anything closely related to ever being disgusting. To Jeff, Justin's asshole was far better than any pussy he had ever tasted. Justin could feel Jeff's tongue slither up his anal canal and swipe his interior like a hungry snake in a dark hole. Jeff's left hand massaged Justin's balls, filling them up with even more cum as his tongue worked miracles inside his asshole.

Justin couldn't take the treatment any longer as Jeff's mouth returned back onto his pre cum spitting cock. John had pounded Jeff's ass flesh until the bronze mounds were fiery red. Placing the paddle to the ground and knowing Justin was just about ready to feed Jeff his whopping load, John knelt down and parted Jeff's muscular, bubbly cheeks. The hairs in Jeff's crack were partially matted from all the sweat and John placed his nose up to the darkened and deeply covered area he knew the boy's asshole to be and inhaled. Sweaty and slightly pungent aroma graced his nostrils as he began inhaling the erotic mixture like a glue addict. Using his thumbs like a tool, John forced Jeff's tight cheeks wider apart and drove his skillful tongue deep inside the moist cavern. Jeff grunted from his first feeling of having a tongue slipping inside his asshole. He had been fucked, but never eaten! Justin cried out as John began pile driving his tongue in and out of Jeff's tangy asshole. Jeff sucked even harder on Justin's cock and soon felt the gushes of hot cream spray everywhere inside his mouth. Jeff began the delightful task of swallowing Justin's thick cream and from initial taste, he knew he could drink Justin's sperm forever. It was hot, creamy, bountiful, and sweet! Jeff managed to swallow all of Justin's huge load without spilling a single drop. All Jeff knew at this point was that the Sarge was using his tongue like a fuck pole inside his ass and even though Justin's cock was softening inside his mouth, he was still embellished in the sweetness of Justin's thick sperm.

John loved the feeling of all that ass hair surrounding his tongue as he slid it in and out of Jeff's tart and tangy, but sweet, asshole. The soft cock inside Jeff's mouth twitched as Justin used his small hands to caress the sides of Jeff's cock sucking face. Jeff was slurping while John was eating his asshole while moaning in blissful ecstasy. In a rather short time, Justin was unable to withstand Jeff's vacuum like mouth on his sensitive cock and literally had to pry Jeff's mouth off of him. John backed off from tongue fucking Jeff's hairy asshole as Justin hoped off of the table. Now, the three were standing there, facing each other and it was Jeff who noticed that the Sarge was the only one who was not completely naked. Jeff looked up at the Sarge, licked his cherry colored lips, and hoarsely whispered, "Sarge, I'd like to suck your dick now if that's okay with you, sir!"

Like a young boy on Christmas morning, Justin stepped in front of the Sarge while looking straight into Jeff's eyes and eagerly announced, "Holy shit, wait till you see this big mother fucker! Man, Jeff, the Sarge here has got one HUGE fucking cock! SEE!" With that, Justin yanked the Sarge's shorts straight down to his ankles and all Jeff could do was stare at the biggest cock he had ever witnessed. Justin placed his right hand on John's massive erection and began playing with it, aiming the giant piss slit upwards so Jeff could get a better view. John managed to inch his body close to the desk top and he jammed his solid ass against the top rim of the desk. Justin knelt and began licking John's two over loaded huge nuts while Jeff stood there completely mesmerized at the size of the Sarge's cock. Jeff's mouth fell a little more open when he saw Justin open his little mouth and swallow a good five or so inches of the thick one eyed beast. Jeff couldn't take it any longer as he dropped to his knees and began licking all over the Sarge's cleanly shaven heavy balls. As far as John was concerned, he was in deed, in heaven. Here he was leaning against his own desk and had two gorgeous young Marines working overtime on his rock hard cock.

The two young Marines working on the Sarge's cock became lost in their own entwining lust. Their tongues collided many, many times as both shared the heavy hunk of beautiful meat begging to be satisfied to perfection. With both young Marines on their knees and their mouths and tongues slobbering all over John's huge cock, Justin managed to slide his right index finger under Jeff's spread knees and insert his finger straight up Jeff's muscle clinching asshole. Jeff grunted as Justin's finger began dancing inside his rectum, but no matter what, Jeff couldn't take his mouth off the Sarge's delicious pre cum splashing cock. Trying in desperate vain, Jeff could only swallow about four inches of the Sarge's thick prime beef. John had both hands caressing their heads while enjoying the two mouths lick and suck all over his cock and balls. Knowing exactly what to do, Justin slobbered all over his left index finger and quickly snaked it inside John's super tight asshole. John moaned loudly as Justin's slender finger slid up his canal, tickling his every being. In a matter of seconds, John shook violently as his cock erupted, spewing his heavy thick cream into Jeff's over stuffed mouth. Jeff had no choice but to start swallowing immediately. The taste of the Sarge's cum was just as he had silently thought. It was simply sweet with no trace of salt whatsoever. Jeff swallowed with ever offering of man seed and he wasn't shocked at all by the awesome amount being offered either. Justin picked up his speed, finger fucking both John and Jeff's assholes. Jeff did gag a few times, but took great pride in not spilling a drop of the delicious cream spitting out of the Sarge's huge cock. The finger digging inside his asshole must have helped his throat open a little wider to allow the thick cream to slide down to his gullet.

Jeff continued his sucking on the Sarge's cock until the massive thick piece of meat began to slowly soften to the point that he could chokingly swallow the thick meat all the way to the point his nose was touching the neatly trimmed pubic hair. Justin slid both anal digging fingers free and let his tongue fall from the Sarge's huge bull balls. Justin peered to his right and down and saw Jeff's thick cock dripping strands of pre cum all the way from his gaping piss slit to the floor. Justin maneuvered his tight body so that his mouth slid over Jeff's pre cum gushing cock, ramming the thick meat all the way to the thick mound of pubic hair. Jeff stretched his legs even wider as Justin's hot mouth began running up and down his throbbing cock while he fought to breathe with the Sarge's soft cock lodged deep inside his milking throat. Jeff almost fainted as Justin's slender fingers began toying with his sensitive balls while the little mouth on his cock easily slid up and down his thick shaft. Justin sucked on Jeff's cock bringing him close to unleashing his aching load several times, before he knew he had to completely stop sucking Jeff's thick meat all together.

The look in Jeff's face told the story as he inwardly begged to be able to spill his load, but it was John and Justin who had other plans. Jeff did find it a whole lot easier to breathe once the Sarge's cock was removed from his throat. As the three of them stood there, Justin announced he had to piss. John sat on top of the desk and placed his back flat on top of it, inching his muscled body to the point his head was hanging off the side of it. Jeff had no idea what was about to happen, but he watched with heavy intent as Justin stepped in front of the Sarge and grabbed his soft cock and aimed it within inches of the Sarge's wide open mouth. Justin glanced at Jeff and winked as Jeff's bottom jaw almost hit the floor as he saw Justin's piss fly out of his dick and began flooding the Sarge's mouth. John placed both of his hands on Justin's smooth ass cheeks as the hot piss raced down his gulping throat. Jeff couldn't believe his eyes as to what he was now seeing. John lay there and swallowed all of Justin's hot delicious piss. Even after all this time with the two of them sharing almost each waking second together, neither John nor Justin could get enough of each other. Jeff watched as the last of Justin's piss dripped into the Sarge's mouth. As the driblets began dropping, John arched his back and wrapped his lips around Justin's cock head and began sucking the last of his hot piss from Justin's precious cock.

Justin backed away, slipping his cock from John's lips. John rolled off of the table as Justin knelt at John's feet. John slung his soft heavy cock up to Justin's bottom lip and released his bladder juice into Justin's eager mouth. Jeff stared in disbelief as the two were drinking the others hot piss. The Sarge had drank Justin's piss and now Justin was drinking the Sarge's hot piss. John reached over with his left arm and sort of forced Jeff to come closer to him. While Justin was busy swallowing John's fiery hot piss, John forced his tongue into Jeff's quivering mouth. Jeff got a distinct taste of Justin's piss still lingering inside the Sarge's mouth, but his tongue swam freely, slithering all around in the Sarge's piss filled mouth. Justin reached up with his right hand and slowly began jacking on Jeff's steel like cock while devoting the majority of his attention to John's piss slinging cock. The Sarge had emptied his bladder down Justin's throat and now Justin was busy sucking the life back into the cock he loved the most. John was ramming his tongue all over the interior of Jeff's mouth while Jeff was eager to return the favor inside his.

Jeff had reached the point that he was getting ready to blast his load a couple of times, but Justin was always one step ahead of him and backed off just before he could unleash his aching built up load. As their kiss broke, Justin let Jeff's hard cock fall from his mouth. John grabbed a thin leather strand and knelt down before Jeff and began tying the leather around Jeff's severely aching balls. Jeff wanted to cum so bad that he was beginning to get a sickening feeling in his stomach, but refused to utter his severe dilemma to either Justin or the Sarge. John skillfully tied the leather strap around Jeff's balls, just below the base of his cock and top of his hardened sac. John then took another piece of leather, this one being a little thicker, and began tying it around each of Jeff's hairy balls. Once John was finished securing Jeff's balls, he sat back on his haunches and admired his work of art. Jeff's balls looked like they were about to explode from their sockets and Jeff didn't have to see the handy work to know that he was feeling his nuts in the process of exploding.

Jeff's eyes widened a bit wider as he watched the Sarge grab a round metal cylinder attached to a leather strap and kneel before him once again. Having no clue what was about to happen, Jeff stood there as Justin launched his lips over his and their tongues battled to get inside the others hot mouth. Jeff felt the Sarge's tongue slash out at his piss slit, gracing the very tip of his throbbing cock in the process, forcing his knees to involuntary buckle. Jeff could feel the knuckles of the Sarge's hand rest up against his protruding tied balls, then all of a sudden, he felt like his balls were being yanked from his body. John had hooked the weight to the strap under Jeff's balls and easily lowered the weight until his hand no longer cupped the weighted addition. Jeff was grunting wildly inside Justin's mouth and realized rather quickly, each time he moved, the thing pulling his nuts to his feet began to sway. Not only did he feel like his balls were being pulled from his body, but when the thing swayed, it began to pull on his nuts even harder, forwards and backwards, and from left to right.

John stood up and now the three of them began tongue fucking the others mouth. While John and Justin focused their tongues on Jeff's mouth, Justin began tweaking Jeff's right nipple while the Sarge tweaked Jeff's left nipple. Soon, the two were literally pulling and pinching on Jeff's nipples and by the way Jeff was moaning and twitching his body, both knew he loved it. Justin used his left hand to begin slapping Jeff's ass cheeks while John used his right hand to softly swat Jeff's weighted down balls. Soon, Jeff was stretching his body on his toes as the stinging in his ass grew and the slapping of his balls sent shivers racing up and down his spine. Never had he felt this type of pain before, but instead of wanting it to stop, Jeff inwardly prayed for more. His cock throbbed with envy, longing for more attention, but it was Jeff's nipples, tongue, mouth, ass cheeks, and balls, that were getting all the needed attention. The slapping on his ass got harder while the hand swatting his balls got heavier. His nipples were being pinched and pulled all at the same time and Jeff could hardly catch his breath, thanks to two loving tongues swarming inside his stretched saliva drenched mouth. The two tongues soon left his mouth, but both found their mark inside of both ears. Jeff was groaning madly with overheated passion as time no longer played a part in this form of sex he had never ever thought of.

John and Justin held each of Jeff's hand as they led him up to one of the platforms. All three rock hard cocks leading the way! Once on the platform, John and Justin began placing wrist cuffs on both of Jeff's wrists. Jeff offered no resistance, so John and Justin continued. The pulleys attached to the cuffs began pulling Jeff's arms high up into the air to the point that he would soon have to stand on his toes if it pulled him any higher. John and Justin attached the ankle cuffs to Jeff's ankles and used the pulley to force Jeff's legs to spread wider than even Jeff thought possible. It didn't take Jeff long to figure out that he could only move a little forwards or a little backwards, or at least that was until the Sarge placed a metal bar around his lower stomach while Justin placed another metal bar around his lower back. Once the two bars were in place, John began latching them together to act as one. Jeff felt the bars being pressed around his body as the Sarge twisted the knob, tightening the bars around his body, forcing some discomfort in his lower stomach. Justin hooked the ends of the bar into a pulley and began the tightening process. When it was all said and done, Jeff was left absolutely motionless, other than his face, fingers, and toes.

Justin stood in front of him as Jeff watched Justin sling the weight attached to his securely tied and devastatingly spread nuts, causing him to groan as the weight swung back and forth, adding what he felt, unnecessary gut wrenching pain. Jeff slung his head back while biting his lips as the weight felt like it was tearing his balls from his body. John picked up one of his light elk skin floggers and commenced to easily land the fine strands on Jeff's upper back. For Jeff, the things striking his back felt soothing, as they landed one right after the other. Justin was still in front of Jeff and he began to spit all over Jeff's throbbing rock hard cock, working his saliva all over the thick tool. Jeff watched, as all he could do was watch, as Justin spit into his right hand and stuck it under his butt. Jeff had no idea what Justin was up to, but when he saw Justin turn around and bend over and Justin's electrifying hand grab his cock, Jeff knew he was going to soon feel Justin's gorgeous little ass on his pole. Just as he thought, Justin backed up, placed Jeff's cock up to his saliva lubricated asshole and pushed back. Jeff literally screamed as Justin's tight ass engulfed his cock and the heat from within Justin's ass climbed all over his anal plunging cock. Justin moaned loudly as the thick cock slid up his ass while biting his lips from the quick impaling of his ass onto Jeff's thick cock.

Jeff was besides himself with pleasure as he felt the muscles inside of Justin's fiery hot, extra tight ass, coil around his throbbing member as Justin wasted no time in fucking his thirsty ass onto Jeff's immobile steel like cock. The flogging of his back sent his mind racing with unknown and wild pleasures as both his back and his cock were being pleased like he had never before experienced. John added to the lust by taking the time to flog Jeff's ass cheeks as well as his back. Jeff's toes were digging into the padding of the platform while his hands curled up into a death defying grip. He felt like his sperm was being trapped inside of his balls, preventing his well needed orgasm from ever reaching the base of his cock. Justin lost himself while impaling his ass on Jeff's cock as he began using the platform to slam his ass backwards while tightening every muscle in his body. Jeff had fucked plenty of girls before, but none could ever come close as to the tightness and overbearing heat from Justin's gripping and coiling ass. With each of Justin's ass pounding backwards slams, the weight attached to Jeff's balls swung heavier and heavier. Jeff was torn from being sick in his stomach to literally passing out from the desire to shoot his trapped load.

John listened as Jeff's grunts and groans became louder than ever, so he put the flogger back in its place and retrieved a riding crop. It didn't take Jeff long to discover the difference in the two either. As soon as the riding crop landed squarely on his left ass cheek, Jeff knew immediately by the stinging that something was different, but the asshole gripping at his cock forced his mind elsewhere. John began placing well aimed strikes on both of Jeff's ass cheeks, mixing the speed with power. Words of pure passion soon began to fly from Jeff's mouth as Justin hastened his ass impaling technique while John began offering more heavier blows to Jeff's ass cheeks. After several agonizing long minutes, John stopped swatting Jeff's ass and stood behind him, to Jeff's left. Holding the riding crop in his right hand, John stuck his left middle finger straight up Jeff's asshole, sending Jeff into further orbit. John began finger fucking Jeff's asshole while lightly swatting Jeff's free swinging balls with the crop. Jeff had no clue what emotions had overtook his body, nor did he have a clue as to the reality of all the overwhelming sensations running wildly all over his bewildered body.

Justin yanked his asshole from Jeff's twitching and throbbing cock and walked around behind Jeff. The Sarge was now standing in front of Jeff as Jeff suddenly felt a sharp pain in his ass. It was Justin who slammed his dick straight up his ass while latching his hands onto the side of Jeff's restrained body. Jeff felt Justin's cock repeatedly enter his asshole, then leave his asshole, only to return within a split second. John knelt down and swallowed Jeff's cock all the way up to the bushy pubic hairs while using the crop to continue to swat his swinging balls. John loved the taste of Jeff's cock as it tasted of pure sweetness after just having been up his beloved Justin's ass. Justin no longer felt like playing with Jeff's tight asshole as he kept his slender cock inside of Jeff and began cramming as hard as he could in and out of Jeff's dazed asshole. John moaned loudly as he worked his mouth up and down Jeff's ass juice covered cock while using the crop to pop Jeff's nuggets from time to time. All three were dripping with sweat, but not one of them ever seemed to notice as things began to get even hotter.

John slid his mouth off of Jeff's tasty cock and walked behind Justin who was steadily plowing his sweet cock in and out of Jeff's asshole at a blazing pace. John spat into his right hand and rubbed his saliva all over his hard cock. Justin was temporarily lost in rhapsody of feeling Jeff's tight asshole engulf his rifling cock, but came wide awake back to reality when John slammed his monster meat all the way to the hilt up Justin's surprised ass. From the grunting Justin was doing, Jeff knew that the Sarge had just fed Justin his enormous meat. With Justin's cock inside Jeff's asshole and now John's cock up Justin's asshole, the timing of their monster banging thrusts were evenly in sync. Jeff could feel his swinging balls literally scrape the floor as the cock inside his ass rammed in and out at a mind boggling pace. Jeff's cock throbbed and spat even more pre cum than ever before as the sensational feelings tormenting his mind, exploding in absolute rhapsody.

Justin could handle no more as his precious cock began firing, round after creamy round of hot delicious sperm, up Jeff's milking asshole. Jeff felt the fiery hot sperm bullets shoot further up his rectum as his anal muscles began clinching and bearing down on the silk like meat rooting inside his ass. John pounded Justin's ass with all of his might, fucking the last bit of Justin's sperm from his perfect little body. John pulled his cock out of Justin's ass, then Justin's rather limp cock plopped out of Jeff's. John inched forward letting his right knee rest on the platform, while Justin sank to both knees and began sucking with desire on John's ass juice covered cock. John used very little time to use his thumbs to part Jeff's soaking wet ass cheeks and slam his tongue straight up Jeff's recently fucked asshole. Jeff felt like his asshole had been attached to a vacuum as the pressure of the Sarge's sucking mouth increased while his tongue lapped at his anal walls, drilling deeper and deeper.

John knew what he was doing as he sucked Justin's appetizing sperm from Jeff's asshole while Justin worked to skilled perfection on John's massive cock. While John's mouth and tongue worked on Jeff's backdoor, John reached around Jeff and began slowly jacking on Jeff's pre cum soaked cock. Jeff began moaning and grunting as now both his cock and asshole were being pleased beyond any description. Jeff wanted so badly to shoot his sperm, but his balls felt like they were on the verge of exploding. The hand on his cock brought his climax to the very edge, but the straps securing his balls prevented his sperm from traveling any further upwards. John had to literally force Justin's mouth off of his cock as his own orgasm neared. Justin stood, then John. They both watched as Jeff's entire body was shivering in confused lust and both knew all too well that their knew companion was well overdue for a mind shattering orgasm.

Both John and Justin began taking the restraints off of Jeff, and with the last restraint being undone, John had to use his strength to hold Jeff upright. Jeff was dizzy and extremely light headed as John and Justin held onto him as they walked him over to another area of the dungeon. What Jeff saw was something like a sawhorse, made out of wood with some type of padding covering the wood. There was a smaller wooden desk on the other side of the sawhorse with padding on top of it as well. Jeff's legs were stretched wide as both John and Justin secured ankle cuffs to each of Jeff's ankles. Jeff was forced to bend over just at the waste, allowing his middle stomach area to rest on the thickly padded cushion. Both of his wrists were cuffed at the other side of the ends of the sawhorse. Once gain, all Jeff could move were his fingers, toes, and head. Jeff's eyes opened wide as the Sarge stood with his back facing him and the Sarge bent over while spreading his muscular ass cheeks. Jeff's mouth watered as he was gleaming straight into the Sarge's bright pink asshole. The Sarge inched himself backwards and Jeff didn't have to be told as his tongue immediately began slobbering at the Sarge's sweaty asshole.

Justin was kneeling behind Jeff in total awe of Jeff's hairy, sweaty crack. Taking a deep breath while his nose was a fraction of an inch away from Jeff's hair covered asshole, Justin's body tingled as the rich aroma rushed up both deeply inhaling nostrils. While Justin was busy sniffing Jeff's asshole, Jeff was busy tongue fucking the Sarge's sweet asshole. Everything for Jeff was going fine until he felt the clamp on his right nipple bite down, then his left nipple. John shook with desire as Jeff's muffled cries vibrated up his tongue filled chute. The fiery electrifying sensation tore through his nipples and shattered throughout his entire body, but there was nothing he could do but continue his ass eating delicacy. Just as the burning pain began to subside, Jeff felt something rather cold twisting its way up his anal canal. Justin was feeding Jeff a dildo and was having fun slowly inserting the 8 inch slender fake cock up Jeff's asshole. Justin twisted and turned the dildo until the base was all the way up Jeff's ass. Jeff was grunting like a mad cow the entire time until the dildo was all the way up his chute.

Jeff felt something else being strapped to his throbbing cock, wrapping itself around his already restrained balls. Justin began slowly fucking the dildo in and out of Jeff's ass causing Jeff to moan in pure ecstasy. John was feeling extra special as Jeff's tongue slid in and out of his own asshole as well. In a very short time, Justin began slamming the fake cock up Jeff's ass and by the sounds Jeff was making, both John and Justin knew Jeff was well into it. Jeff wanted to slam his ass onto the thrusting dildo, but was too well restrained to do so. Jeff cried out as electricity tore through his body, from his nipples, cock, balls, and anal canal. Justin had depressed the button, sending wave after wave of electrifying current through Jeff's rigid body. Justin kept a close eye on Jeff's hard cock to see if it would deflate from being electrocuted, but to his eager surprise, Jeff's cock only throbbed more, spilling pre cum all the way to the floor.

Justin strapped the dildo to Jeff's hips, keeping the fake cock secured all the way inside Jeff's anal cavity. Justin held the remote control in his left hand while grabbing a leather paddle with his right. As the first sharp whack was delivered, Jeff felt like his ass was on complete fire. Justin would swat Jeff's ass cheeks a few times, then electrocute him for a brief second. As time went on, Justin was spanking the living shit out of Jeff and it was Jeff who begged for more. Jeff's mind was totally free from his body at this point and was instinctively tongue fucking the Sarge's tasty ass. The sharp pain from the electricity no longer was painful. To Jeff, it was a pure gratifying pleasure in which he could never be able to describe in a million years. The more pain his body was offered, the more he inwardly craved.

John's asshole was sore from all the tongue action from Jeff, so he stood up on very wobbly knees and walked in behind, out of Jeff's view. In a few seconds, Justin popped into Jeff's view. Jeff watched as Justin got onto the small table, doggie-style, and for the first time, Jeff realized the table was on some sort of track. Justin pushed himself backwards until he felt his asshole was pressing against Jeff's hard cock. Jeff watched as Justin twisted something on the side of the table, then in one quick move, Justin impaled his sweet hot ass onto Jeff's cock. Justin grabbed onto the small handle bars on the side of the table attached to the floor and began pulling and pushing himself onto Jeff's steel like pole. It was John who sent volts of current through Jeff's body as his cock was completely dazed from the tortuous heat from Justin's muscular asshole mixed with the searing jets of current shooting through, what Jeff felt, his piss slit. John set the remote control timer for every 45 seconds with a shock wave of current to last for five seconds. John had to smile as he glanced at Justin who was using the table to slam his asshole onto Jeff's rock hard youthful missile. John walked over and retrieved his leather whip. Being very skilled in the art of using whips, John stepped behind Jeff, a good eight feet away, and landed the first blow. Jeff almost screamed out as the crack struck his back, then the electrifying current tore through his system almost simultaneously. John struck Jeff's back, then landed the crack just outside of his right ear, then left ear as for more of a unique mind fuck to take place. All too soon, John began landing blows to Jeff's already whelped back and his jutting ass.

Jeff felt like his whole body was about to burst. The asshole smothering his cock, the electrocution, the weight swinging heavily on his cum filled balls, and now the whipping. For the first time since this all began, Jeff cried out, "SIR, please don't ever stop, SIR!" The whelps on Jeff's back and butt were starting to trickle small leaflets of blood, but the boy begged for more. John knew right then and there he was dealing with a true pain pig! John spent the next thirty or so minutes whipping Jeff into oblivion while Justin was doing what he likes best, fucking his ass onto a hard cock. John put the whip down and yanked the dildo out of Jeff's sore asshole. Jeff grunted as the dildo ripped at his dry anal walls upon the sudden exit. John slid his tongue back into Jeff's asshole while pouring lube all over his thick cock. Jeff thought he was going to die from his balls exploding if he did not get the chance to cum soon. Justin was going crazy riding the table up and back on Jeff's cock while John slid his tongue out and positioned his thick cock up to Jeff's asshole. Jeff knew that it was the Sarge's giant horse cock pressing against his asshole, but he could do nothing but hope the pain would end quickly.

John used his right hand to hold his cock in place while shoving his hips forward. Jeff cried out as his asshole stretched wider than ever to allow the giant bulbous head to tear through his asshole. Jeff's entire ass felt like it was being ripped open while someone seemingly doused his open anal track with gasoline. Jeff could feel the giant monster as it tore through his anal highway in search of territory never before chartered. The fiery heat bearing down on John's cock was almost overwhelming as he continued his anal plunge. Both of John's hands were firmly gripping the cushion of the sawhorse on either side of Jeff's shaking body. With about six inches of thick meat lodged inside Jeff's asshole, John knew to take it slow in order to bury the rest of his meat up the boy's anal canal. Jeff's eyes caught the outer anal ring of Justin's asshole as it gripped around his cock as Justin was really plowing his ass onto his cock. Jeff could feel his cum boiling to the near point of volcanic eruption, but the huge cock invading his ass kept everything else from happening in check.

What felt like hours, but only a few short minutes, John had buried his thick pole up Jeff's ass. Holding himself tight to Jeff, John held his meat still to allow Jeff the needed time to get adjusted. Jeff thought that the Sarge's big cock had went way past his ass and felt like it was lodged somewhere inside his stomach. As the Sarge began to slowly withdraw his cock, the pressure inside Jeff's stomach intensified. As far as Jeff was concerned, the feeling of the big cock exiting his chute felt much better than it did going in. John pulled his cock almost all the way out, until just the crown of his thick bulbous head showed itself from inside Jeff's heated asshole. Once John saw the crown, he slowly reinserted his thick cock all the way home. back up Jeff's clamping ass. Justin continued to ride Jeff's cock with evil thrusting power while John took his time and slowly fed Jeff's widely stretched asshole with his big thick cock. John picked up his pace and started hastily slamming his giant pole in and out of Jeff's muscle clamping hole while Justin was lost in lust, cramming his little butt onto Jeff's short, but thick pole. Jeff could feel the cum boil inside him and he wished upon all the heavenly stars for his sperm to fire out of his dick, deep into Justin's gorgeous little ass. The inhuman cock plowing his ass began to ignite his hidden lustful desires and Jeff's mind was spinning with miraculous wonders as time slowly dragged on. With each of the Sarge's backwards thrusts, Jeff started cinching his ass muscles down on the thick meat rooting inside his anal canal. John could feel Jeff's clamping down on his love muscle, so he quickly began to use the sawhorse and pile drive Jeff's ass with a vengeance.

The harder the Sarge ripped into his ass, the more pleasure Jeff derived. Jeff thought his cock was going to burst as he looked down to watch Justin continuously impale his perfect ass onto his engorged cock. John was fucking Jeff with long, deep, and powerful strokes, causing his weighted down balls to swing fiercely. Jeff's swinging balls were striking Justin's silky flesh and bouncing off of the Sarge's hairless huge nuts with each of their slamming thrusts. Jeff's mind left his body and he was now oblivious to anything other than the pleasures his body was currently convulsing over.

John had fucked his big cock up Jeff's chute for a steady twenty minutes until he reached a point that he could no longer control his sperm shooting orgasm. Holding on to the sawhorse extra tight, John began pumping his thick man seed way up Jeff's muscle clinching chute. Jeff felt each powerful spurt as he also felt the Sarge's cock expand even wider, stretching his ass even farther apart. John was grunting, Justin was cooing, and Jeff was whimpering! Justin had been jacking his own cock while lost in the sensation of plowing his ass on Jeff's thick cock. In one stealth motion, Justin yanked his asshole from Jeff's arching cock, shoved his ass juice covered cock into Jeff's mouth and began firing load after thick load down Jeff's gulping throat. John had fucked the last of his seed into Jeff's ass and now John and Justin leaned over Jeff's bent body and began tongue fucking the others hot, panting mouth. Jeff swallowed more and more of Justin's thick creamy cum, and the faster he swallowed, more followed. The taste now was even better than before as he whimpered as the precious hot liquid slid down his throat.

Justin and John's tongues swarmed inside the other mouth as John's cock was still buried deep inside Jeff's ass. With no more sperm to offer Jeff's asshole, John released his bladder and began firing off hot jets of his piss. Jeff went uncontrollably wild as the hot piss flooded his rectum. Instead of just catching Justin's sperm inside his mouth, he swallowed Justin's cock and shoved both balls inside his mouth as well. Piss, ass juice, and thick loads of cum, flowed from Jeff's asshole, but John held his cock inside of him until his bladder was completely drained. Justin couldn't take anymore oral action and had to force his cock free from Jeff's mouth. John's now soft cock plopped out of Jeff's slimy asshole and slapped against his right leg. John and Justin broke their kiss and began unhooking Jeff from his restraints. Jeff could barely stand and both John and Justin helped him over to another self made platform.

Once on the platform, John cuffed Jeff's ankles to a spreader bar, forcing his legs to spread wide apart. While the Sarge was placing a padded cuff around Jeff's left wrist, Justin placed something cold and soothing just on the inside of his butt crack. Jeff was now in a squatting position with his elbows and forearms resting on a armrest of sorts. Another spreader bar was placed on the inside of his thighs and attached to the base of the armrest. The cuffs attaching his thighs were pretty much the only thing holding his body up. Justin was doing something behind him as he felt the thing digging into his ass crack begin to pry his crack apart. Through all of this, Jeff remained silent and inwardly cried to be allowed to unload his nuts from their backed up sperm. His balls were still being weighted down as the Sarge placed a sort of thick fake cock into Jeff's mouth and tied the straps around his head. Jeff found it hard to breathe, but was too weak to do anything or say anything about it. He began huffing and puffing through his nostrils as the thing inside his crack felt like it was going to pry his crack from his body.

Justin lay flat on his back, just under Jeff's squatting ass, and began lubricating his hands with butter. Jeff felt Justin's slender finger squirm up his ass, followed by another and yet another. Justin managed to work four fingers of his right hand up Jeff's ass as John peered on as the supervisor. The fingers playing up his ass felt really good to Jeff as he clamped down on the fake cock lodged inside his mouth. John walked in front of Jeff and knelt down on his knees. Lovingly, almost as if worshiping, John began slowly licking all over Jeff's jerking and twitching hard cock. John's mouth quickly filled with Jeff's hot pre cum and he simply adored the divine flavor. Just as the Sarge's hot mouth swarmed over his cock, Justin was able to insert the fifth finger up Jeff's tight chute. Now, Justin had his entire right hand up Jeff's ass up to the break of his wrist. Jeff groaned loudly as the pressure inside his ass multiplied a hundred times and the heat from the Sarge's mouth slowly cooked his angry cock.

Bound and totally defenseless, Jeff felt Justin begin to insert fingers from his left hand up his ass. The pain, mixed with the pleasure his cock was receiving, overwhelmed his entire being. As if clapping, Justin began shoving four fingers at a time, switching from one hand to the other, up Jeff's greasy asshole. Jeff's entire body was shaking as he felt more cum over load his sagging balls. John grabbed onto Jeff's tied nuggets and began caressing the blood engorged hairy nuggets while slurping away at Jeff's edible cock. Justin applied more butter to his hands and started rotating them from one fist to the other up Jeff's chute. John realized from the increasing expansion of Jeff's cock that the boy couldn't take it anymore. Tapping Justin on the shoulder as a sign, Justin stretched his right hand up Jeff's ass, all the way up to the middle of his forearm. In one quick motion, John yanked the strap on Jeff's ball sac, sending his nuggets free and into a fiery orbit. Jeff tried to cry out, more so, scream, as his cock expanded one last time, filling John's mouth with gallons upon gallons of hot, thick, creamy, boy juice.

Justin was using his entire arm to fuck Jeff's asshole, while Jeff's cock unleashed the biggest load ever. John began drinking the hot cream, cooing as it slid down his throat like a five star delicacy. While John was bobbing his mouth back and forth on Jeff's erupting cock, he reached up with his left hand and quickly yanked each of the nipple clamps off of Jeff's more than tender nipples. Jeff grunted louder, but the fact that his cum was firing only heightened his sexual frenzy even more. John was all too well aware of the hopeful load he would receive and Jeff surely didn't let him down in the least. Jeff's thick cream poured from his cock like a runaway freight train. Justin continued fucking his arm up Jeff's chute, watching John as he was receiving a hell of a load. Justin only could wish that he was the one on the receiving end of Jeff's huge load, but he figured he would get his shot another day.

Having been in this position before, John already knew what next he could expect from Jeff. John sucked all the sperm out of Jeff's still hard cock and patiently waited for what next he knew was going to come. Sure enough, not one minute after Jeff had unleashed his built up load, Justin's arm triggered Jeff's valve to his bladder and hot piss rushed down John's gulping throat. Jeff was grunting like crazy while tossing his head to and fro, thinking he was now experiencing another mind shattering orgasm. John knew what Jeff was thinking, but he wanted to swallow as much of Jeff as humanly possible, and swallow he was now doing. Gallons of hot piss flew out of Jeff's dick and into John's sucking mouth. Justin was fucking his arm up Jeff's chute a mile a minute as he watched his beloved lover drink straight from Jeff's fountain of youth.

John had masterfully performed his job to perfection, drinking all that Jeff could offer. The once hard cock offering so much, now lay perfectly limp inside his still sucking mouth. Justin slowly pulled his arm out of Jeff's ass and both he and the Sarge just looked at Jeff, who was now lost in a world of peaceful sleep. They released all the restraints from Jeff and it was John who cradled the sleeping gorgeous wonder in his muscled arms like a baby and carried him up the stairs and gently lay him on his bed, on his back. Arm in arm, both John and Justin looked at their sleeping beauty and softly began kissing the others saliva drenched mouth. They showered together while Jeff lay fast asleep in their bed. After swapping blow-jobs, Justin climbed in the bed, followed by John, with Justin in the middle. In no time at all, John's ears captured two of the most precious eloquent soft purrs coming from both Jeff and Justin's partially open mouth. As darkness fell into John's eyes, he thanked the heavens above for his life, the Marine Corps, Jeff, and his life long lover, Justin.