David Campbell sat on his bed, dazed and confused, pissed at the world that surrounded him. Since birth, he had been placed in an adoption agency and had spent all of his seventeen years growing up in foster homes and boys group homes. An average school year found him transplanted at least six times, never being able to make any true friends, must less having the desire to seek out a girlfriend. His young heart was already broken and he didn't want to fall in love with anyone, knowing his time where he was would certainly run out and he would be transplanted once more. Looking into the mirror in the bedroom he shared with ten other boys up for adoption, all of them much younger than he, David cursed his pathetic life. As he had grown accustomed to, he began doing his nightly ritual of doing pushups, crunches, pull-ups, and various other work-out routines. At 17, he had chiseled his body into one extra HOT machine. Standing 5' 9" and weighing himself at 165 pounds, his chest was developed, along with his proud muscular six pack abs.

Standing, looking at himself in the mirror, temporarily alone in the shared bedroom, he curled his right arm and studied the defiant bicep strutting its stuff. Varying in poses, David was more than pleased with the way his body had developed. Hearing the footsteps rush up the stairs, he dashed into the one bathroom that all the boys shared. Locking the door behind him, he began removing his worn and tattered clothes, tossing them to the floor at his feet. Though he was proud of the way his body looked, the one thing he had learned to be embarrassed about was his dick. Growing up the way he did, he saw a lot of naked boys, mostly younger, jutting around naked. Every boy he saw had a circumcised cock, and there he stood, looking down at his own, and cursed the ugly skin that covered his head and dangled freely a good two or three inches far below the hooded head.

He studied his growing body carefully and was just a little more than confused about his muscular body. Not a single strand of hair even thought about poking through his tight skin of his chest, nor did his small perfectly shaped V pubic patch spread any wider or higher. Barely a half an inch high, and struggling to spread on either side of the base of his dick, David was in disbelief that even his pubic hair stopped growing. Tossing a finger through the soft black hair, he cupped his nut sac in his left hand and looked at the two medium sized egg shaped nuggets and cursed again. Even his nut sac was void of hair, but soon discovered his hooded cock began to grow rapidly from his own soft touches.

Stepping into the shower, David began cleansing his muscularly toned physique, washing his jet black, shoulder length hair, in the process. During the course of lathering himself up, David began his other nightly ritual, stroking his skin covered cock, wishing upon all prayers that it would someday get much larger. At full attention, his cock stood straight out from his body a solid 5 ", and in his own eye, very skinny. His right hand curled around his hard cock and he pumped it with a fiery passion. His left hand, smeared in soap, rolled and pulled on his hairless balls. David looked down at his hand stroking his dick, and even though he was pumping with a vengeance, the ugly foreskin still covered his cock head. Tired of cursing, what he considered his ugliness, David pumped faster and faster until jets of thick white sperm splashed against the wall of the shower. Six large blasts shot out first, followed by several smaller spurts, then finished by him slinging the remainder on the wall and floor of the tub. Pulling his foreskin all the way back, David tossed his still hard cock side to side and up and down, slinging the excess of thick sperm all about.

David and his social worker had prearranged for him to take 11th grade English in order for him to be a senior this year. Getting close to getting his diploma, the state would sign for him to go into the military of his choice. With two weeks before graduation, David researched the various branches as if studying for a final exam. Laying in his bed, his dreams carried him into a world filled with the most elite force in America, the United State Marine Corps. Upon waking the following morning, his mind was made up. He would join the Corps!

The recruiter, his social worker, and David sat in his office filling out the paper work needed to sign him up. Not having any family, David really didn't care about where he would be going, just as long as he left his heartbreaking life behind him. Even David's social worker, Mrs. Thomas, silently studied the boy's physique. His jet black hair was thick, yet appeared so soft as it parted down the middle and perfectly darted back, forming a perfect hairline just above his neck. She looked at his lips, licking her own, as her eyes studied the thin cherry red lips of the most gorgeous young man her eyes ever graced upon. His nose was a small button, void of any freckles and the dimples darting in on both unblemished cheek, caused her adult mouth to water. The young man's eyebrows were black, a solid black, and full of thickness. She carefully noted his eyelashes were long and perfectly curled slightly upwards as if he had just purchased a pair a fake eyelashes and placed them on, but she was well aware of the eyelashes being gloriously natural.

As David stood up and leaned over the recruiter's desk, Mrs. Thomas almost swallowed her tongue, mesmerized at the teen's jutting butt. So small, so curvy, absolutely mouth watering. Licking her lips modestly, she focused on the lucky line of his blue jeans that shot into his appetizing butt crack. Never, in all of her twenty something years dealing with youngsters, had she ever seen such a beautiful person, from the top of his head, to the bottom of his small feet. In her eyes, David was, and is, the true definition of gorgeous! Even the recruiter, sitting behind his desk, admired the boy's innocent, natural beauty. While David was signing the paperwork, the recruiter stared diligently down the opening of the boy's shirt. He saw the small dots that symbolized David's nipples, and for the first time in his heterosexual life, wondered what further beauty hid underneath David's clothes.

After graduation, David had to wait two long weeks until he finally got to go into the Marine Corps. Each passing day seemed like an eternity and he couldn't wait to leave his nothing lifestyle behind him in total desperation of a new life, in the Corps. Finally, the bus came and took him on the two hour journey to officially sign up and await transportation to go to boot camp. After finishing at the receiving station, all six young men began their long bus ride to Paris Island, South Carolina. The trip was filled with nervous laughter, but David, as usual, chose to remain silent.

The bus driver stopped just outside of the main entrance to Paris Island, put the bus in park and stood up. Clearing his throat, he hoarsely stated, "Okay boys, this is your last chance to escape Hell. Once I pull inside the main gate, there's no turning back. Your asses belongs to the Corps at that point and not even God can help you!" Not one single boy said anything so the driver sat back down and pulled into the main gate where a Marine stood posted holding a M-16 at the ready. The bus drove around, seemingly in circles, before finally stopping at a row of run down buildings. The door flung open and a beast entered the bus. Without a question, the man was a drill instructor, wearing his campaign hat and dress shirt closely tugging onto his muscular upper body. "Get the fuck off my bus you simple minded pieces of low life shits! Move it mother fuckers, get your feet on the yellow prints, DO IT NOW!" The boys ran past the instructor and stood sleepily on the pre painted yellow foot prints on the pavement.

The drill instructor, a large white man that looked like he could have eaten the world if he so desired, yelled, "Get your dick beaters by your sides and don't even fucking breathe unless I tell you! You got that sissy punk mother fuckers?" Some of the boys nodded their heads, while the others said yes. The instructor blasted out, "When I speak to you, the only words that better ever come out of your shit smelling mouths will be SIR, YES SIR! Don't ever nod your fucking heads at me or I'll rip the mother fucker right off of your shoulders!" David had no idea what the other boys were thinking, but it was now, at present time, he thought he had made the biggest mistake of his young life.

Once the drill instructor yelled at them some more, he ordered them to go inside one of the buildings. As soon as David walked inside, a heavy stench, stale in aroma, rifled up his nostrils. No matter what was being said, the heavy foul odor filtered through his entire body, almost making him nauseas. About an hour later, more boys entered the room, and within four hours, the room, set up like a classroom with old school chairs, slowly filled. There was about 45 boys, ages from 17 to their early twenties, all petrified to death from their hostile welcoming onto the sacred grounds of Parris Island. Three more instructors came into the smelly classroom and now all four instructors were screaming various types of orders. David found out that he now had a new name; Recruit Campbell!

The night slowly passed, leaving all the recruits tired and in dire need of sleep, but that was not what the instructors had in mind. As one boy nodded off from sheer exhaustion, one of the drill instructors shoved him, and the chair, onto the ground. Some more paperwork had to be filled out and no matter what, the four instructors took turns keeping all the recruits awake. For two straight days, the recruits were not allowed to sleep and only got two meals, which they found out quickly, they had to devour without thinking if the taste was good or bad.

On the eve of their third day, an officer entered the classroom. One of the instructors yelled, "A-TEN-HUT!" All the recruits stood immediately by their desks until they were ordered to sit down. Once everyone was seated, the officer smiled and for the first time since arriving at the Island, his voice was calm and soothing, "Welcome to my island. Please do not make a mistake and think any of you are Marines, you are in fact, recruits. Soon, you will meet the three Marines who will whip you into Marines. First, I must tell you this. Either you all are lucky, or you all are cursed. Your senior drill instructor is a legend in the Corps, as well as being the most noted drill instructor that ever graced the spirit of the Corps. He is feared and respected by everyone, and soon, you all will know that fear and respect. His name is Gunnery Sergeant Drake! If you even think of fucking with him, I promise you will be leaving my island in a body bag! May God have mercy on your souls!" David's eyes watered as the officer walked out of the room, not before all of them had to stand at attention one more time. As soon as the door closed, one of the instructors peered out of the crusty window, turned and almost whisperingly stated, "Boys, you are fucked! Gunny Drake is the meanest mother fucker alive and don't even think for one skinny second, he gives a shit about any of you. He will either make you, or break you! Some of you so-called bad asses in here, go ahead and fuck with him. That man will yank your fucking throat out and snack on your tongue, and smile as you slowly die!"

The recruits were marched to the barber where there were about ten barbers, all lined up by their perspective chairs, awaiting the recruits. David sat down and the man took his clippers and aggressively, showing no signs of remorse, cut all of his hair off, leaving nothing to even pinch or grab. Basically, David, as well as the rest, were soon bald, only a tiny speckle of hair formation was visible. After the removal of all the recruits hair, they were marched back to the smelly classroom. None of the recruits had been allowed to shower, must less brush their teeth, since their arrival onto the island. It was early August and the heat was almost unbearable. They had been in the classroom for at least two hours when they met two of the three instructors. One black, and one white, both solidly built from head to toe. The white instructor's name was Sgt. Krane and the black instructor was Sgt. Stone. Both of them just started hollering and screaming for them to get outside and stand on the yellow footprints.

Both men had raspy harsh voices and screamed the entire time. Sgt. Stone ran right up into David's face and screamed, "You like me boy? You want to suck my dick? Look at me again mother fucker and I'll knock your fucking eyeballs out of their sockets! You must be a faggot, you pretty boy son-of-a-bitch! Are you a faggot, boy? I won't let no faggots come into my Corps! Answer me pretty boy, answer me right the fuck now!" David's eyes filled quickly with water and yelled, "Sir, No SIR!" Sgt. Stone turned his body, and laughingly screamed, "Gunny Drake's going to like this pretty mother fucker!"

Just as Sgt. Stone left David, Sgt. Krane came barreling up to him and screamed, "Are you a pretty boy mother fucker? You want me to stick my big cock up your stinking shit hole, huh pussy boy?" David stood perfectly still and shook silently as the verbal onslaught continued for quite some time. Both drill instructors had targeted him and no matter what, they bashed him verbally the entire march to an unknown destination. Thankfully, one of the other recruits slapped at one of the trillions of invisible sand gnats gnawing on their bodies, and both instructors slammed the recruit to the ground and beat him profusely. After they finished punching and kicking him, Sgt. Krane barked, "Don't you ever hurt any of my pets on my island. The next one of you cock suckers who tries to hurt my pets, I'll kill your fucking ass right then and there on the spot!"

They had been marched up to a building, better known as their squad bay. Rows and rows of bunk beds outlined the sides of the concrete floor building. David had been assigned a top bunk, close to the drill instructors office. The instructors made all the recruits stand at attention, just in front of their new bunk beds. Footlockers were assigned and they were marched to some area where each of them received their new military issued clothes. Once they returned back to their squad bay, the instructors made them stand at attention in front of their beds, now known as their racks, awaiting the unknown. Sgt. Stone walked up and down the center aisle, not saying a word, just looking at each exhausted recruit standing at attention. After walking back and forth several times, almost speaking to himself, but ensuring everyone in the bay could here, said, "Shit, the recruiters scraped the bottom of the shit barrel to get these pathetic bunch of low life fucks! What in the fuck is my Marine Corps coming to?" David prayed that the drill instructor would keep walking passed him, not stopping to insult him any more, but that certainly wasn't going to be the case. Sgt. Stone walked right up to David and almost whispering said, "You sure are one hell of a pretty mother fucker. Damn, if you was a girl, I'd slam your pretty little ass down and fuck you real good, right here in front of all these punk mother fuckers! You'd like that wouldn't you, pretty boy?" David swallowed hard and yelled, "Sir, No Sir!"

After Sgt. Stone belittled David for some time, Sgt. Krane got on his case as well. The two instructors took turns yelling in his face and made him feel smaller than an ant from all the insults they were tossing at him. Once the two instructors finished bashing David, they walked to the front of the bay and knocked on the Instructors office door. David strained his eyes to see the figure as it appeared from within the office. He wasn't the only one, the rest of the recruits struggled to see the man appear. David swallowed hard as his eyes focused on the monster who now stood in front of him, with his body bladed to his right side. The man, Gunny Drake, was a monster indeed. He stood 6' 5" and weighed at least 280 pounds of pure muscle. Even his face looked rugged and solid and the shirt sleeve, held tight at the crease of his enormous bicep. The man had no neck, it was all muscle and David's eyes followed as sneakily as he could possibly get away with. Gunny Drake looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties, but the muscular face was one of those that guessing his age out loud might cause you to suffer some form of insurmountable pain.

The Gunny walked up and down the length of the bay, not looking at any recruit as he walked. Once he got back to the front of the bay, standing between the two other instructors, he yelled with a voice straight from the fiery guts of Hell, "You stink, you all fucking stink. STRIP! I want to see your nasty smelling naked asses standing at attention in two god damn seconds!" David had never once let anyone see him naked, and now he had just been ordered to strip naked in front of everyone, and stand there. All the recruits stripped as fast as their fingers and hands would cooperate. After all the recruits had tore out of their clothes, they all stood at attention, naked as the day they were born. David had just suffered the ultimate in humiliation, in his eyes, and only in his eyes. Sgt. Krane ran up to David and yelled, "Here Gunny, look at this beauty! Boy, from the size of your skimpy little dick, you should have been some body's little bitch! The fucking things so small, the damn skin covers your puny cock head!" The Gunny walked over to David as Sgt. Krane immediately got out of the Gunny's way. The Gunny towered over David and David could feel the man's hot breath beating down on him.

Gunny Drake looked over David with intense inspection, backed up about eight steps and ordered David to stand in front of him. Embarrassed, David stepped in front of the Gunny and awaited whatever was next to happen. With the raspy voice from hell, the Gunny asked, "You ever been fucked up your pretty ass before?" Before David could answer, the recruit behind the Gunny chuckled and faster than a speeding bullet, the Gunny spun around and kicked the recruit dead in his chest, driving him into the bunk bed, forcing the rack and the recruit to go crashing hard into the wall. The Gunny turned back and stared at David and David yelled, "Sir, No Sir!" The Gunny harshly said, "Turn around so I can get a good look at your girly ass!" David didn't want to feel the Gunny's wrath, so he spun around and stood there, feeling all eyes on his naked body. The Gunny studied the boy's butt like he was mapping out plans for war.

One thing the Gunny wasn't proud about, was that he had to hide his homosexual lifestyle from the one thing he loved more than life itself; the United States Marine Corps. He was one of the most decorated Marines in the history of the Corps and feared what would happen if anyone ever found at that he was gay. Seeing this naked beauty wasn't helping matters any. He had instructed thousands of recruits, not once allowing his homosexual tendencies to stand in the way of his sworn duties. Now, his eyes was melting from the vision standing naked before him, staring at the most edible ass he had ever seen. His mouth watered and his tongue hardened after seeing this gorgeous recruit's uncut, virtually hairless, cock. He knew that once he was alone, he would have to beat his meat thinking of Recruit Campbell. The boy was a vision of perfection, from head to toe. Looking at the small crease separating the two curvy creamy cheeks, only made his inner emotions run wild and frantic. If they had been alone, he would have dropped to his knees and tongue fucked the gorgeous recruit's asshole for hours. But, they were not alone, and he was the senior drill instructor and knew everyone had their eyes on him and recruit Campbell.

Taking a needed deep breath, the Gunny yelled, "Drop and give me fifty!" David immediately shot to the floor and started doing his push-ups. The Gunny stared at the young muscles rippling all about the boy's back. His eyes lashed out at the muscles in David's solid little butt as he lifted and dropped his body to and from the floor. He wanted so badly to get a closer inspection of the tightly sealed area resting between those milky white orbs. The Gunny stepped behind the sprawled out recruit and yelled, "Spread you fucking legs boy. This isn't the goddamn navy, spread your fucking legs!" David did as ordered and the Gunny liked to have fainted as his eyes fell onto the prettiest butt hole his eyes had ever seen. The boy didn't have one single strand of hair inside his crack, much less, any on his hole. The hole, his tiny dot of a poop chute, was a radiant pinkish that almost was transparent with the rest of his skin color. Gunny Drake fought back every instinct not to dive right in and start lapping on the hole that melted his heart and burned his eye balls. He watched David's hairless balls as they went up and down, as well as the foreskin covered slender cock that drove his entire thoughts scrambling.

David successfully completed his push-ups and immediately stood before the Gunny at attention. The huge bulge that had formed inside the Gunny's pants was painfully obvious to David's bewildered eyes. He dare not to look the Gunny eye to eye, instead his eyes zeroed in on what looked like a football stuffed inside the Gunny's tight pants. After several more long minutes of humiliation, David was allowed to stand in front of his rack. One by one, each recruit lined up to head for the showers. The drill instructors showed no mercy in their tantalizing taunts as each boy stood before the sink basin, forced to shave and brush their teeth, prior to taking their very, very short shower. The Gunny made sure he followed recruit Campbell from the sink to the shower. He was more than mesmerized at the pure natural beauty this young recruit possessed. The longer his eyes lingered onto the naked recruit, the harder his massive cock seemingly grew.

While the remainder of the recruits showered, the Gunny went inside his office and carefully studied David's file. His eyes filled with water after realizing that this angelic beauty was all alone in this world with no family to ever call his own. His balls ached terribly and he knew he was more than passed the stage of needing to bust a nut, but timing was everything, and now, wasn't the time. The three drill instructors harassed and tormented the recruits deep into the night. They knew the recruits were exhausted and needed to sleep, but this was, and will always be, the United States Marine Corps! The Gunny filled out a schedule for the two other instructors, each having to rotate nights sleeping in the office, shadowing the raw recruits.

Seven weeks later, it was David's birthday and he and the rest of the recruits were marching back from the rifle range. During this seven week venture, David had been promoted, or cursed, with having to be the platoon guide. That meant if another recruit screwed up, he was punished. He was also in charge of the rest of the recruits, as if he out ranked them, but that certainly wasn't the case. It was the Gunny who demanded to the two other instructors that recruit Campbell be the guide, and the two instructors where definitely smart enough not to challenge the Gunny's decision. As each day passed, Gunny Drake fought back the burning desire to throw David onto his rack and make the hottest and sweetest love to him know to mankind. Even during the dead heat of summer, the Gunny embellished the intoxicating sweaty aroma that poured from David's silk like flesh like a warm summer's rain. The recruit's sweat was not even close to harsh or a bitter aroma, but more like that of sheer innocence, mixed with youth.

By the eighth week, every recruit was more than used to being naked in front of everyone, including David. Some of the other recruits stared at his naked body and David felt their eyes on his swinging cock and bubbly butt. The one thing he was fully aware of was that the Gunny made sure that when he was the instructor spending the night, for whatever reason, David always wound up standing at attention, or doing some form of exercises, while completely naked. David also noticed that each time he was naked in front of the hulking Gunny, the Gunny always tented the front of his pants with whatever huge package hid under the material. Many nights, David pretended to be asleep, softly stroking his erection while his mind wandered onto the Gunny's large, no, extra large package. For the first time in his screwed up life, David caught himself fantasizing about a man, and not just any man, it was the most feared and respected Marine in the Corps, his drill instructor, Gunny Drake.

At the end of the tenth week, the Gunny couldn't stand it any longer. He had to do something to get recruit Campbell alone in his office, naked. There hadn't been a day since boot camp began that the Gunny didn't see David naked, whether in the showers, or nude doing some form of punishment. His ritual of jacking his meat one time a day had grown to at least three times a day and sometimes more. The Gunny also knew that none of the recruits had a chance to jack-off and he foamed at the mouth in deep thought of milking recruit Campbell's uncut piece of slender meat. Being the senior instructor, he had the two other instructors take the platoon out on a long miserable hike, but intentionally ensured that David was left behind using the excuse his paperwork was messed up and had to be corrected immediately.

Once the platoon left the barracks, the Gunny used his authority and this time alone with David to force him to strip. "I'm going to work your ass off recruit! Take your fucking uniform off! You are not fit to wear such pride, strip, strip NOW!" David wasted no time in removing his clothes, tossing them onto his upper bunk. The Gunny made him stand in the middle of the squad bay and began cussing him up and down. The verbal onslaught was without mercy and the exercises were relentless. David had to do squats, push-ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, run in place, and various other straining exercises. The Gunny's cock bore out of his pants rather angrily at the sight of David moving to and fro. His eyes never once left the recruit's naked body and his tongue swelled up beyond belief at the angelic vision before him.

The Gunny ordered David into his office and David stood at attention while Gunny Drake sat down at the seat behind his small desk. For David, this was the first time he had ever been in the instructors office. It was a small room with a desk, wall locker and a small one man bed. David was panting from the tiring work-out and his sweat glistened from his heavy breathing body. Gunny Drake rolled his chair from his desk and stared at David's foreskin covered limp cock and hairless small balls. Clearing his throat, Gunny Drake barked, "Belt or hand, recruit?" David was clueless as to the Gunny's question and loudly yelled, "Sir, recruit doesn't understand the question, SIR!" Gunny Drake sat there looking up and down the naked recruit, then blasted, "You just had a fucking birthday. I'm going to cut your ass, Marine Corps style. Fuck it! Get your ass over here and lean across my legs recruit!" David feared the worst as his shaking legs carried him over to the massive legs of the Gunny where he leaned his upper body onto the thick thighs.

The Gunny used brute strength to reposition David just where he wanted him. David's upper body slung across the Gunny's left leg and his lower body snuggly grasped onto the Gunny's massive right leg, leaving his naked butt jutting upwards towards the ceiling. Gunny Drake's large hands filtered over David's smooth ass and his heart leapt by quandaries at the soothing texture of the recruit's unblemished muscular butt. Even David was a little surprised at the tenderness the Gunny's massive hands displayed as they coursed over each cheek. David sensed the Gunny's right hand rise and before he could take a deep breath, the hand fell upon his right cheek, sending shockwaves of painful electricity crashing throughout his body. After each painful smack, David felt the Gunny's hand sneakily pry open his butt cheeks. After the fifth smack, David felt nothing but the burning pain rip through his ass cheeks. Gunny Drake deliberately took his time and after delivering his final blow, yelled, "How many was that recruit?"

David was trembling feverishly, never before encountering so much pain on his ass cheeks, but managed to respond, "Sir, eighteen SIR!" Gunny Drake fired back, "NO recruit. I didn't hear you count!" With that being said, another painful shot blistered his ass cheeks. Wasting no time, David yelled, "SIR, one SIR!" The Gunny felt the searing heat as it piped off the recruit's well beaten ass, leaving his own cock pressing hard up against David's rock hard belly. David could feel the Gunny's erection as well as it strained to pierce the skin on his lower stomach. David could tell it was thick, extremely thick, and it felt powerfully long as well. Once the final blow was delivered and David screamed out the count, the Gunny reached inside the recruit's butt crack, directly on David's quivering and puckering butt hole, and latched onto a small portion of skin for the pinch of growing old. The fingers dug hard onto the tightly sealed hole and David could do nothing more but squint his eyes from the shocking pain.

After pinching the recruit's gorgeous butt hole, Gunny Drake perversely brought his fingers, that just recently dug into the recruit's butt hole, up to his flaring nostrils and began inhaling deeply. The more he smelled his fingers, the harder his heart pounded blood to his already boggled brain. The odor was more than he had ever imagined. Slightly musky, mixed with the freshness of sweat, but ever so divine in aroma. The Gunny was mesmerized by the fragrance splashing through his inhaling nostrils. He had worked the recruits out in the heat all day and knew that David, nor any of the other recruits, had taken a shower. He was not perverted enough to think that this young recruit was immune from practicing normal bodily functions, but oddly enough, there wasn't even a hint of raw sewage seeping from David's mouth watering virgin asshole. The Gunny, after completely sniffing his asshole ravishing fingers, slipped them inside his mouth where millions of tiny sparkles of taste bud tingling sensations caused his mouth to water that much more.

David could feel the giant log poking into his belly. It pulsed and throbbed as if it were actually breathing. His stinging ass subsided and he felt his own cock grow rapidly from the gentle hand that teased his burning cheeks. The Gunny barked, "Stand at attention, recruit!" David rolled off of the thick thighs and immediately sprang to attention, standing in front of Gunny Drake. He and his hard cock both were at the ready and David could clearly see the Gunny observing his hard cock jutting before him. The Gunny wanted to drive his mouth on the delicious looking uncut cock dancing before his very eyes. The recruit's balls had tightened, appearing to crawl back into their sockets in anticipation of the unknown. As David stood there, frozen in time, he studied the rugged facial features of the legend, a true Marine, as he stared at his pulsing cock. While looking at Gunny Drake, he caught the Gunny licking his lips and saw the Gunny's eyes slowly fill with water, glassing over. The dreams he had been having about the Gunny, now seemed increasingly real.

Still sitting in his chair, Gunny Drake cleared his throat and harshly said, "Recruit, it's time for your fucking physical! Get your ass on top of my desk, on your knees, and face the wall that way (pointing to the wall behind David). David climbed up on top of the desk and positioned himself in a doggie-style position pointing his recently spanked ass directly in front of the Gunny's ruggedly handsome face. Once David got into position, Gunny Drake scooted his chair forward, ever so close to the prettiest ass his eyes had ever seen. "Spread your fucking knees out wider, recruit!" David slid his knees outward, keeping his face instinctively raised, looking directly at the wall in front of him, not knowing exactly what the Gunny was fixing to do. In his mind, there was no-way that the Gunny could ever be remotely gay. The man, the Marine, the Gunny, was simply too manly to be anything other than a man. David, really didn't have a clue if he was gay, straight, or bisexual himself. All he knew was that he had been experiencing a lot of dreams, all in which, the Gunny was in.

From this spread eagle position, the recruit's muscular ass cheeks pried themselves open far enough for Gunny Drake to slowly lean his head forward, inhaling deeply, as he inched closer and closer to the eye popping, mouth watering, cock hardening, aromatic enriched fragrance of the asshole he had already fell madly in love with. His nose came within a fraction of an inch of touching the recruit's bung hole and David could feel the fiery hot breath scorching his exposed poop chute. With each breath firing out of the Gunny's nostrils, David's cock bounced and twitched with increasing excitement. Gunny Drake sniffed the sweet heavenly fragrance spewing out from within the tiny closed orifice like a lion stalking its next meal. The more his inhaling nostrils captured the rich fragrance, the more indulged he became. His large hands slid across the silk like flesh of the recruit's cheeks, using his thumbs to dig into the inside of David's small crack. With each outward tug, the Gunny watched with increasing intent as the tiny little rose bud opened ever so slightly before falling back into its extremely tight sealed mode. Reaching into his desk drawer, the Gunny retrieved a tube of KY Jelly, and with trembling fingers popped the flip top open.

David heard the noise behind him, but his ears was unable to detect exactly what the noise was. The Gunny applied a generous amount to his right index finger and began smearing some on David's butt hole. David immediately jerked as the cold substance struck his hole. He felt the large finger of the Gunny slide back and forth over his exposed, never touched by anyone else, bung hole. Strange sensations coursed through his body as the finger poked at his fortified poop chute causing soft moans to escape from his bewildered lips. After ensuring himself that he had applied enough lube, Gunny Drake plunged his large, thick finger up the recruit's extraordinary tight asshole, ever so slowly. David gasped as the thick intruder forced its way up his Hershey highway, spreading his anal canal wider to accommodate the thick invader. His ass was burning and he thought he was splitting open, from the inside out.

Gunny Drake was besides himself with self pleasure, lost in the tightness of the recruit's virgin asshole. The anal muscles fought back violently, choking his finger, attempting to push the thick finger from within its secret chamber. But, the more the recruit's ass muscles protested, the more pressure he applied until he had buried his long thick finger all the way up David's hot, tight ass. David was torn with the feeling of having to piss, take a shit, or bust a nut, as the finger rotated inside his butt. Once the finger moved freely in and out of the recruit's ass, Gunny Drake shot another finger up David's ass, forcing David to cry out, but was quickly silenced by the Gunny. As the third finger slid up David's ass, the Gunny couldn't stand it any longer, so with his left hand, he freed his angry monster, teasingly stroking it while grinding his three fingers inside the gorgeous recruit's ass.

David bit his lips and squinted his eyes at the surprising pleasure his asshole, filled with three large and thick fingers, was now giving him. For the first time in his life, he silently begged to suck the Gunny's cock. Only soft grunts escaped David's panting mouth as the fingers twisted and turned, plunging in and out of his hungry bung hole. Occasionally, David's ears grasped the whimpers coming from the Gunny, but the Gunny was to engrossed on his asshole to notice the sounds he was making. When the fourth finger slid up his chute, David clutched the underside of the table top from the pain of his asshole splitting in two. He fought back the undying urge to scream, as the fourth finger wasted no time in joining the others, filling his once virgin hole to the point of an explosion. The fingers inside his asshole was spreading and turning and David felt a sharp pain on the inside of his right crack. The Gunny began biting small areas, pulling at the smooth flesh while his nostrils became intoxicated with the fragrant aroma darting in and traveling all over his already dazed body. His large cock was covered with pre cum and he knew if he continued to jack on his meat, he would inevitably explode before the main event.

David felt his mind wander a millions miles away thanks to the new found sensation filling his asshole. Somewhere in the distance, he heard the Gunny ask, "Have you ever sucked a cock before?" Forgetting where he was literally at, and unable to voice his answer, David tossed his head from side to side. He felt the Gunny's large hand slide between his spread legs, brushing against his hard nuggets, and gently latch onto his throbbing boner. David almost shot his load as soon as the hand on his cock closed and began lovingly stroking the shaft, up and down. The Gunny quietly asked, "Do you want to suck a cock, recruit?" Just like before, David was unable to utter a word, squinting his eyes and gnawing on his lips, he flung his head up and down. Gunny Drake felt David's slender cock throb and expand numerous times as if trying to force his load to unleash, so pulled his hand from the hard hooded cock and slowly began removing his four fingers from deep within the recruit's muscle gripping bowels.

As soon as the fingers slipped from his asshole, David realized he suddenly felt empty and inwardly craved more anal attention. Never before in his young life had anyone shown him any affection and he became thrilled knowing that the man he admired and feared the most, was now giving him exactly what he had been deprived of all his life. David could hear the Gunny behind him removing his clothes and his mouth became dry with anticipation of finally seeing just how big the Gunny's cock really is. Up to this point, he had seen a large bulge and felt the beast up against his stomach, but now, in just a few seconds, he would be allowed to suck his very first cock. David was still in the spread out doggie-style position when he felt the Gunny move. Gunny Drake stepped from behind the desk, keeping his left hand glued onto David's flesh, sliding his hand up as he walked in front of the recruit.

Using his peripheral vision, David almost fainted at the sight of the cock that extended way out in front of the rest of the man who owned it. As the Gunny stepped closer, David got more of a better look at what the Gunny possessed. In his mind, as well as in most everybody else's, the cut cock belonged on a bull, not a human. The one-eyed monster had to have been at least 10 " to eleven inches long and thicker than most peoples wrists. David studied the cock before him silently, jotting down every intricate detail. The large pre cum spewing head was a little thicker than the mind blowing thick shaft. The shaft alone looked thicker than a 12 oz soda can with one huge vein running its course along the top of the fat bull sized cock. David's body shook in fear as the cock bounced its way closer to his surprised opened mouth. The piss slit was already open and the pre cum was piping out by the gallons.

David's eyes ventured momentarily from the inhuman cock and rested upon two of the biggest balls his eyes had ever seen. They were amassed in thick curly black hair and looked like they were the size of softballs. For the first time since seeing the Gunny's huge cock, David let his eyes travel upwards. The Gunny's chest and stomach were solidly muscular and coated with the finest black hair causing his own mouth to water and tremble. From the top of his defined muscular chest, to the top of his thick toes, Gunny Drake was sporting a thick wool coat that David instantly fell in love with. Lowering his eyes, following the mass of manly thick hair, David stared eye to eye at the pre cum oozing cock that was jerking within inches from his partially opened mouth. Flickering his tongue out, David cupped the single strand of pre cum and instantly his taste buds reacted to the salty fluid. The more his tongue sent the big man's pre cum down his throat, the more enthused he became at swallowing more of the mouth tingling nectar. The Gunny groaned as David's tongue slid across the flared head of his enormous cock. The piss slit was wide open, allowing David to slide his tongue in and around the pre cum oozing opening. Without further instructions, David opened his mouth as wide as he could and felt the huge knob as it filled his bloated cheeks. The Gunny wrapped his large right hand around the recruit's head and assisted David in working his little mouth on the Marine's bull sized cock. No matter how hard he tried, David only could manage to get just the head inside his mouth. His tongue swam over and around the huge object tearing at the corner of his mouth.

The young recruit choked and gagged on the huge piece of meat lodged inside his throat, but he was more than bound and determined to get more of the meaty object inside. A short time later, he managed to get all of the giant head inside his mouth and he was very careful not to use his teeth. Gunny Drake's knees buckled numerous times from the mouth on his cock, the tongue swimming around his giant knob, and the fiery heat blowing from the recruit's little button nose. The position David was in made it very awkward in sucking the extra large monster and his arms, bracing his body, struggled to hold his position. Gunny Drake needed more than just the recruit's lips around his pole. He wanted it all, and nothing less than that would do!

The Gunny pulled his huge organ from the lips of David, and using sheer brute strength, picked David up and almost like a body slam, placed him gently onto the one-man bed. The move caught David off guard and he lay on his back somewhat dazed and confused with his eyes still glued on the hairy man with the huge cock standing over him. Gunny Drake dropped to his knees and started licking David's lower stomach, up to the top of his pubic hair, while pinching the recruit's left nipple rather hard. David held his breath as the pain from his nipple sent wave after wave of painful volts of electricity crashing through his body. Using his hand, the Gunny forced David's left leg off the bed and his mouth darted on the tender flesh on the inside of David's left thigh. The Gunny sucked and bit, chewed and gnawed on the tender flesh while still pinching and pulling on the already sore nipple of the young recruit.

David's shook from the pain stemming from his thigh and his nipple, but the Gunny was too busy breathing in the sweet fragrance spewing from within the recruit's spread legs. After sucking and biting on each thigh, the Gunny pushed David's left leg up, high over his head and slammed his thick tongue onto David's butt hole. The fingers that stretched and pinched his nipple slid down his body and latched onto his rock hard cock and began tugging up and down on the loose skin. David moaned loudly as the tongue slipped inside his surprised asshole and the hand stroking his cock. It had been a long time since David had the opportunity to bust a nut, since before boot camp, and nobody knew that better than the Gunny. Gunny Drake felt the recruit's cock swell numerous times in his grip, but he was more focused on snacking on David's super delicious asshole.

The tongue buried itself inside his butt and David could feel every movement as the tongue twisted and turned, sliding in and out. With the first taste of the young recruit's ass juice, Gunny Drake became an animal, wildly and savagely tongue fucking the recruit's bung hole with a mad passion. David could feel his balls tighten and knew he would soon spray everything within distance with his hot sperm, but the hand on his cock slipped off and squeezed his balls hard, causing him to grunt in mild pain. Gunny Drake stopped tonguing the recruit's ass and stood up. David lowered his trembling leg and watched the Gunny walk over to his locker. David saw the man's jutting muscular ass for the first time. Thick hair outlined the long curvy crack and the more he stared, the more he wanted to see what hid under and between the mass of black hair. The Gunny brought out an overnight bag and returned to the bed and dropped to his knees once more. Unzipping the bag, David's curious eyes bulged when he saw the Gunny pick up something that was made out of metal and in the form of a clothespin.

Gunny Drake stared at the most gorgeous person in the world, and with trembling fingers, squeezed the metal clothespin open and brought it to David's right nipple. As soon as the Gunny released the metal pin, David immediately took a deep breath as the pain coursed over his inexperienced body. While still trying to catch his breath at the unexpected pain, the Gunny placed its twin brother on his left nipple, causing more pain to splinter through his pain wreaked body. With his body shuttering from the sparkling jets of pain shattering his nipples, David became mixed with emotions as the Gunny swallowed his cock in one stealth move. Gunny Drake immediately was rewarded with David's salt free pre cum and hungrily sucked on the young recruit's cock while caressing and squeezing on David's rather small, but cum filled, balls. His tongue worked under the protective skin and found David's piss slit. The foreskin had trapped all of the young recruit's delicious pre cum and the Gunny thought he had died and went to heaven as his tongue became saturated with the deliciously sweet substance. The slender cock darting in and out of his mouth tasted so good and felt just as good and the young balls rolling in his hand were just as heavenly.

Within two or three minutes, the Gunny had to stop sucking on the delicious piece of meat in order to prolong his experience with the angelic beauty. Fumbling through the bag, Gunny Drake found what he had been looking for. David was oblivious to anything as his eyes were tightly sealed thanks to the clamps pinching his nipples and his balls feeling like they were just about ready to explode. David felt the Gunny grab onto his balls and pull them away from their sockets. The Gunny put some type of leather strap around his balls and pulled the strap, choking his balls tightly, in essence, preventing them from wanting to retract back into their sockets. Initially, the strap strangling his balls hurt, but when the Gunny secured another strap separating his two balls, now that sent further pain ricocheting throughout his already quivering body.

David lay there on his back, body wracked with pain as the Gunny stepped up onto the bed with both feet adjacent to David's ears. Looking up, he saw the furry crack as it began lowering, closer and closer to his pain stretched face. As the two hairy mounds squatted closer, the two hairy valleys started separating. The Gunny's hairy ass was within just a few inches from David's face and he could clearly see the dark hair as it dove between the muscular man's ass crack. David stared hard to see the Gunny's asshole, but the hair only became thicker, the deeper in they traveled in his crack. The smell of sweat and a heavy musk odor shot up his nostrils and David's first thought was of repulsion. The Gunny dropped his ass onto David's face and began rotating his hips, driving his furry crack all over the young recruit's face. David slipped his tongue out and started swimming through the smelly crack hairs. His tongue got the shock of his life when his taste buds sent a heated tart taste down his throat.

He knew he had found the Gunny's poop chute and by the way the Gunny was acting, David was supposed to return the favor of eating the man's hairy asshole. The asshole that attached itself to his tongue was hard, yet soft, all at the same time. The tangy tart taste overwhelmed his young tongue, but David soon found the taste and the reality of eating the Gunny's ass all to rewarding. David began whimpering while slipping his tongue inside the Gunny's juicy asshole. The Gunny moaned and groaned as the tongue worked its way up his chocolate driveway. Instinctively, David lowered his own hand onto his hard cock, but the Gunny was too quick to notice and put David's hand on his own huge organ to play with. The taste of the Gunny's hairy ass and the feeling his hand obtained from the giant cock caused David to lash out at the man's tongue hungry asshole and dove deeper to its final depths.

The Gunny hoarsely yelled, "Yeah recruit, eat that asshole! Tongue my shit hole! Fuck yes, feel the cock that's going to split your virgin ass open!" David heard every word and became excited, but nervous at his last statement. The fingers of the Gunny had hurt him drastically and now that he spoke about his big cock going up his ass, David knew he was way in for more than he could have ever bargained for. The Gunny let David work on his asshole for a short while before stepping down off the bed. David savored the taste still on his tongue while staring at the muscular giant digging into the bag. The pain from his nipples subsided as so did the strap cutting into his balls. He was more interested in what was going to happen next to even think about those items tearing at his nipples and balls.

Some sort of gag was retrieved from the ball and the Gunny gently strapped the cheek bloating object to David's head. A thick rubber object forced his tongue down and the straps were tightly secured to the back of David's head. Only his eyes could follow the Gunny as he looked through the bag, once more. Another leather strap came into view and David's eyes opened wider than ever as the Gunny placed the thick strap around his neck. A quick tug tightened the strap and applied pressure to his throat. David could breathe, but just barely. The Gunny returned to the sack and retrieved another larger clothespin made out of metal. David's body arched high up into the air as the Gunny placed the new clamp on his foreskin, just above his covered cock head. The clamp was heavy and forced David's hard, pain shattered cock to fall to his left side.

The Gunny stepped up to David's head and grabbed the straps that prevented him from breathing normal and ties each end to the bed railing, tightening the strap even more. He was in such a fix that he was not able to move his head up or down, or side to side without cutting off the little air supply to his lungs. David's nostrils struggled to capture oxygen and thanks to the large object in his mouth, his nose was the only means of breathing. Looking at the wall clock, Gunny Drake realized he was taking up too much time. The rest of the recruits would arrive in less than an hour, and there was still so much more needed to do. He was now living out his every fantasy involving recruit Campbell and nothing was going to stop him from rooting his cock up the virgin boy's sweet and tasty asshole.

Obtaining more leather straps, the Gunny tied each strap around David's wrists and tied them tightly to the railing over the recruit's head. David was unable to move his arms, nor move his head for that matter and strained his eyes to see what the Gunny was up to next. Going back to his wall locker, Gunny Drake brought out a large metal bar with cuffs on each end. Stepping up to the recruit's legs, he took hold of David's ankles and strapped the cuffs around each one. Still holding the bar, the Gunny stepped behind David and forced the bar, holding his ankles, over David's head and tied it to the head of the bed. David was basically laying on his neck, arms stretched and secured to the bed, along with his knees buried into the thin mattress of the bed. Struggling to breathe, he was primarily left motionless, helpless beyond any hope.

Gunny Drake stepped in front of the balled up young recruit, admiring his work. What a sight, he thought. This eighteen year old boy looked like an angel sent straight from the heavens above. Gorgeous in vision, gorgeous in stature! Gunny Drake looked at the precious face of David and saw the discoloration of him struggling to breathe. Picking up the KY Jelly, the Gunny smeared the lubricant all over his enormous cock. David strained his eyeballs, but all he could see was his hard cock dangling with the heavy clamp attached to his foreskin. The Gunny applied a heavy blob of lube to his hand and aggressively slammed three fingers up David's exposed and jutting asshole. Even grunting was restricted and his moans were blocked from the rubber object stuffing his mouth. The Gunny was deeply in love with David's asshole and just the feeling of having his fingers sprawling out inside it was almost unbearable.

David felt the weight of the Gunny stepping up onto the bed and soon, the ruggedly handsome face sprang into his watery view. David feared what was getting ready to happen next when he felt the giant knob press against his aching asshole. David's eyes almost popped out of his head as the Gunny applied constant hard pressure to his muscle tightened asshole. Barely able to breathe and his movement totally restricted, David felt the giant head slice his asshole open with the most fiery pain he had ever felt. He grunted and moaned, tried to scream out, but nothing was audible. David thought that his asshole was being ripped open, pried apart, tore from his ass cheeks he was born with. The pain tore through his shaking body as if being slowly electrocuted.

The tightness and searing heat ripped over the giant beast invading the virgin asshole. Gunny Drake took a deep breath, dismayed at the feeling of the young recruit's boiling hot anal canal as another inch plunged its way into the dark tight chamber. Looking down, the Gunny stared at David's balls. The restraint keeping them from retracting had caused David's balls to appear as if they were about to explode. The sac was ever so shiny and the color was mixed with a bright red and a dark blue. The clamp securing his foreskin over his lovely cock head was dripping from the pure sweetness of the young recruit's appetizing pre cum. The Gunny held his monster cock with his right hand and his left hand was digging into the soft smooth flesh just inside the spread thigh of David's right leg.

As inch by inch spread his anal canal wider than ever, David grunted and squinted his eyes, totally drenched with volcanic pain. Every time he moved his head, the strap around his throat tightened, cutting off more precious air supply to his heaving lungs. David was in a fix, a bad fix. The cock traveling in his ass tore its way further up his chute, creating more pain as it venture into the depth of his ass. "Fuck yes, take my cock, recruit! Feel it, feel my cock! Shit yeah, your real tight!" David tried to respond, but he was doing his best not to choke on his own saliva. Tears rolled out from the corner of each eye, landing on the bed next to his ears. His young eyes flashed a million times a second trying to plead to himself to will the pain away. The cock spreading his canal wide and plunging to a depth no object had ever explored before, caused his entire body to shutter with awesome pain. Without a doubt, David felt every thick inch press forward, ripping his anal chute in the process.

Gunny Drake looked into the bug-eyed beauty's face as his cock sank another three inches into his bowels. Many times in his past, there had been size queens who had begged him to fuck them, but most would beg him to pull it out long before he had the chance to bury it all the way. The Gunny was blessed or cursed with a long thick cock and not many guys dared to let him plow their ass with such an impressive weapon. Now, he was shoving his cock inside a virgin asshole, and not just any asshole. It was the asshole belonging to recruit Campbell; the most gorgeous young man he had ever seen. His cock was harder now than ever before as he pushed and forced more of the bull meat up the recruit's ass. The deeper his cock plunged, the hotter the recruit's ass seemed to get, as well as tighter.

For David, it seemed like hours had passed since the first penetration of the Gunny's enormous cock, but finally, he felt the man's bull balls slap up against the crack of his ass and felt the pubic hair grace the sides of his butt cheeks. David thought the cock was lodged past his stomach and rested deep within his chest. The pain only intensified although the Gunny held his cock still, buried to the hilt up his ass. His breathing became torturous as Gunny Drake began, ever so slowly, withdrawing the large organ for his completely stuffed asshole. The Gunny slid his cock all the way out to the point that just the crown of his large cock head was visible, then slowly shoved it all the way back into David's mortified asshole. With each retraction of the large cock, David felt as though some of his stomach parts were being pulled out along with the Gunny's meat. The Gunny slowly pulled out and slowly pushed in for several painful excruciating minutes before picking up the tempo.

David felt his anal canal trying to seal itself upon each outward plunge of the huge cock, but invariably stretch back to its wider appeal for the huge organs accommodations upon each downward stroke. Torn between trying to breathe and hold his breath, something inside his ass snapped and the big cock wearing his asshole out started to literally feel pretty good. His body shook as the Gunny started to pound his cock, up and down, at a wild and feverish pace. David closes his eyes and grimaced in pain as the Gunny reached over with his right hand and applied more pressure to the already nipple crushing clamp. His emotions ran at a rapid high, torn with the pleasure of having his virgin asshole filled completely with the huge monster cock and the searing pain shooting through his nipple as more and more pressure was being applied.

Gunny Drake took the time to look down at the helpless recruit while ramming his over sized organ in and out of the hottest ass his giant pole had ever invaded. The recruit was beyond any of his wildest dreams and the longer his eyes locked onto David's, the more his balls ached with his rapidly building up of hot sperm soon to be unleashed deep in the darkest depths of David's aromatic bowels. The Gunny's huge hairy balls slapped savagely against the recruit's spread crack with each animalistic thrust. His left hand lowered and latched onto the rock hard slender cock and began slowly stroking the uncut beauty. With his left nipple being further tortured, the monster cock invading his asshole, and now the large hand curled around his cock, forced David's young mind to explode in absolute bewilderment. The undying urge to unleash his built up massive load seemed to stop at the point of where the leather restraint had his balls trapped. He could feel the aching urge, but his sperm seemed to have hit a tragic roadblock.

The Gunny fought back every urge to blast his thick load in a drastic attempt to prolong the wonderful sensation of having his cock rifling in and out of the young recruit's tender tight backdoor. He changed his pace frequently while constantly bringing David to the point of orgasm with his stroking hand, then stopping just in time, leaving David painfully frustrated. Each nipple of David's received an equal amount of added pressure by the Gunny while he steadily maintained his anal humping rhythm.

The heavy anal assault and the sheer beauty of the young recruit was more than the Gunny could ever possibly bare. With one long and powerful grunt, his monster cock throbbed while spewing jets of fiery thick sperm missiles up David's anal canal. David felt each and every powerful sperm torpedo as it shot up his canal and splashed up against his aching anal wall. Gunny Drake pounded his seed with a vengeance up David's sperm sucking asshole while David grunted at the new found sensation of sperm as it bolted out of the one-eyed monster and traveled farther up his muscle clamping ass. Gunny Drake was besides himself with the amount of sperm his cock was firing out. Little dots of bright lights mixed with darkness flooded his mind and his entire body seemed to have fallen into a lifeless state. David felt the enormous cock as it began to slowly deflate, but the Gunny, not once, stopped his anal pounding assault.

With the last of his thick load stuck up David's ass, the deflated monster cock slipped out of David's gaping asshole. The Gunny leaned back on his heels, catching his breath, and was totally fascinated watching David's wide open hole rapidly seal itself back into the tiny speck which he first saw. Taking a couple of minutes to catch his breath, the Gunny inched his large body off the tiny bed and knelt on the floor to the left side of the balled up recruit. Wasting no time, the Gunny removed the clamp that held David's foreskin tightly close to his pre cum spitting piss slit. As soon as the pressure of the clamp was removed, David felt a new burning sensation shooting up his jerking cock. Pain mixed with fiery heat splashed through his body, but before he had time to thoroughly adjust to the sharp pain, he felt the oven like mouth of the Gunny crash down over his twitching cock.

Gunny Drake's mouth quickly filled with the delicious pre cum as his tongue slid under the hood and lapped up the sweet nectar with all the love and passion in this world. Using the chain connecting the two nipple clamps, the Gunny began pulling on the chain, sending a painful array of mind boggling bolts of lightning through each nipple. To add to the pain in his nipples, the Gunny reached down and began squeezing and pulling on the discolored trapped balls while slipping two of his fingers into David's over flowing cum filled butt hole. The hand squeezing and yanking on his balls gave him a nauseas feeling, while the pain centering on his nipples traveled throughout each and every vein. The mouth bobbing up and down on his cock became the center of David's attention as tears of pain, torn with pleasure, rolled from the corners of his eyes.

The two fingers in his butt began pounding as the pressure on his nipples and balls increased. David felt his sperm as it seemed to have found a home at the base of his cock and for whatever reason, seemed to have stopped right there. His body was shaking ever so violently and the need to explode his load was painfully obvious. The slender hard cock felt so good inside the Gunny's mouth, as so did the rest of the young recruit. Gunny Drake became lost in emotion as he hastened his cock sucking pace in a mad race against the clock. He felt David's cock expand and realized the recruit was dangerously close to feeding him the cream he so desperately had to have. David literally thought his balls had exploded as he felt a painful surge of sperm force its way through the tight restraint trapping his balls. His breathing almost stopped as the Gunny quickly yanked the chain forcing the two nipple clamps to bite its way off each nipple. David tried to inhale deeply through his angered nostrils, but just as soon as the nipple clamps ripped off of his nipples and fell to the floor, the Gunny reached around David's head with his right hand and yanked David's head forward, cutting off all variations of air supply.

Unable to breathe, David's eyes looked like they were just about to blow out of their sockets as his cock exploded, sending gallons upon gallons of heavy thick cream deep into the cock sucking mouth of the Gunny. Lost in time, David felt the awkward sensation of firing his load and choking at the same time. It seemed as though he was pissing and not shooting sperm as it felt like one long huge steady stream violently erupted from his cock. The Gunny held the thick liquid inside his mouth while maintaining his choking of the recruit and fingering his slippery cum filled asshole. Even the Gunny was a bit surprised of the thick load that seemed endless shooting out of David's cock. Reluctantly, Gunny Drake had to start swallowing or the precious nectar would soon escape his greedy mouth. As the first bit of David's sperm slipped down his throat, the Gunny fell madly in love. Never before had his experienced sperm savoring taste buds ever tasted such pure protein. Not a single hint of salt was detected and nothing remotely close to being bitter could ever grace such divine substance.

David thought he was getting ready to pass out from lack of oxygen as well as his mind blowing sperm shooting orgasm. His orgasm felt endless, but not to no regrets for the man milking his cock with his mouth. Gunny Drake eagerly drank the precious sweet sperm as fast as it shot into his milking mouth, leaving only an ample puddle to savor a little later. David was just about in the process of passing out and the Gunny sensed and let his head fall free. David's nostrils flared in a feeble attempt to gather as much oxygen as they could collect while his cock was sputtering more of his built up seed into Gunny Drake's mouth. With only dribbles of sweet sperm oozing out, the Gunny unsnapped the balls restraint and a sudden a tremendous sharp pain shot through both of David's cum drained balls. The Gunny continued his two finger anal assault while caressing the muscular abdomen of the recruit while sipping on the sweetest sperm his taste buds has ever had the delight in sampling.

The blood ran through David's balls, sending shockwave after shockwave of painful electricity throughout his body, but he still felt like he was experiencing the most intense orgasm in his life. With no more sperm being offered, the Gunny was just about to slide his mouth of the still hard slender organ, when David grunted and in an instant, more fluid shot out, splashing the roof of Gunny Drake's mouth. Not near as powerful as the first, but just as tasty, David shot out 4 hard spurts followed by a steady dribble of pure innocent protein. Just like before, the Gunny whimpered as he slowly drank the delicious hot nectar. As the last of David's cum slipped into the Gunny's mouth and down his throat, a powerful jet jolted the Gunny's senses as David's cock exploded with one long hot steady stream. This time, it was David who arched his own head, cutting off his air supply. As soon as the first load traveled down the Gunny's throat, he quickly discovered that the young recruit was pissing. Never before had he ever tried to drink anyone's piss, nor had he had the desire or urge to try it. Here he was with the prettiest cock in the world belonging to the most gorgeous guy in the world lodged inside his mouth and it was sending jets upon hot jets of piss into his dazed and confused mouth. After the first wave of hot piss slid down his throat, the Gunny quickly discovered he admired David's inner body fluid and eagerly opened up his throat and savored the slightly salty fluid.

In David's mind, he wasn't pissing, he was having another massive orgasm. By choking himself, he found out that he only prolonged the intense orgasm. Gunny Drake bobbed his head up and down on the hard pole while swallowing rapidly at the hot fluid unleashed by the young recruit's bladder. The two fingers pressing against David's prostrate only intensified the matter and the Gunny damn well knew it. The more piss David shot into his mouth, the more the Gunny wanted. Within several long seconds, the steady stream of piss slowed to a dribble, finally stopping. The Gunny sucked on David's still rock hard cock hoping against all odds for more sweet delicious fluids to evade the recruit's body. His two fingers rubbed the flared prostrate while his thumb caressed over the shriveled up balls. Continuing his sucking on the recruit's cock, the Gunny reached up and began unsnapping the restraint that held David's throat snuggly. Once the leather restraint fell to the floor, the Gunny undid the gag in David's mouth. For the first time since all this happened, David could breathe from his mouth as well as move his head freely.

The restraints around his ankles fell free and David was absolutely free, but out of sheer instinct, he held his legs up high while the Gunny finger fucked his sperm spewing asshole with the finest of touches. The restraints that held his wrists had been untied along with the gag, but David maintained his stretched out position, enjoying the mouth working up and down on his aching love stick. Just as David was about to speak, his balls sank into their sockets as his cock spit out 3 fiery hot jets of cum, followed by a steady trickle. David pulled his left forearm up to his mouth and sank his teeth into his own flesh to suppress his desire to scream. The Gunny sipped on the sperm as if he was the head judge in a wine tasting contest. With the last drop of the sweetest sperm slipping down his throat, David's cock began to slowly deflate, but his breathing was harsh and rapid.

The soft cock fell out of the Gunny's mouth and he inched his lips up David's heavy panting body until their lips collided. As soon as the Gunny's thick tongue entered David's mouth, his own taste buds got a good taste of what the Gunny had been swallowing. A faint distinct taste of bitterness mixed with a hint of salt shot into his mouth, but never the less, David became even more excited as their tongues embarked on a hot and long battle. While their tongue entwined, David reached his left arm down, between the muscular hairy legs of the Gunny and wrapped his hand on the growing thick shaft of the Gunny's impressive piece of horse meat. In not time at all, the monster cock grew to its hardest state while the Gunny was lost with the feeling of the recruit's soft small hand on his cock and the recruit's saliva dripping tongue darting in and out of his mouth.

David did his best to stroke the thick piece of bull meat and the Gunny reached down with his right hand and helped him with the thick cock. Both hands stroked the heavy thick cock as David began guiding the Gunny's hairy right leg over his head. Before Gunny Drake realized what was happening, he was squatting over David's face lost in the feeling of the recruit's tongue lathering up his asshole. The slender pointy tongue shot up his anal canal while the Gunny stroked furiously on his own cock while admiring the beauty of David's uncut beauty as it lay peacefully sleeping. A short time later, the Gunny felt the urge to unleash another load, but it was David who angelically spoke, "Give it to me, sir! Sir, the recruit wants your sperm, SIR!" The Gunny inched his muscular frame back and pointed the bulbous large head over the open mouth of David while David took the time to slip two of his fingers up the Gunny's saliva slick asshole. The Gunny took a deep breath as the two fingers traveled up his butt and the tongue circling over his cock head began to perform miracles.

Biting his lips and clamping his teeth, the Gunny grunted loudly as the thick jet of man cream flew out of his piss slit and into the awaiting mouth of the gorgeous angel below. David had no idea what to expect as the blob of thick hot sperm coated the roof of his mouth. Not wanting to swallow, he held the thick sperm in his mouth while awaiting more of the hot substance. Six large blasts, followed by some trickling, ending with oozing, and finally ending up with the Gunny wiping his cock over David's lips, David tasted his first ounce of sperm. Slightly salty with a hint of bitterness, but nothing even close to revolting as he savored the Gunny's thick cream until the last seed slipped down his throat.

On shaking knees, the Gunny stood up, forcing David's anal invading fingers to fall from the muscular man's asshole. The Gunny stood on his feet looking down at David, completely lost in the young recruit's awesome beauty, realizing for the first time that his cock was void of any anal debris whatsoever. He knew David could not have possibly had an enema, yet was void of anything. All of this only added to the Gunny's perverse state of love over the young man who lay on his rack looking up at him with the most beautiful eyes set on a human being. Stepping back and coming back to reality, the Gunny barked, "Get your ass in the shower!" The Gunny was pointing to the shower in the instructors office as David quickly hopped off the bed, almost falling flat on his face in the process. He fell into the strong arms of the Gunny as their eyes locked on to one another.

Both wanted desperately to speak the truth about their love for one another, but neither uttered a word. David took his shower alone and could feel the heavy sperm as it spilled from his now empty asshole onto the shower floor. As David was cleansing his body, the Gunny sat on his rack and stared with the fullest intent at the gorgeous recruit who had just let him fuck the living shit out of him. It was then that Gunny realized that the Corps, which he loved with all of his heart, was now second. Now, it was David who he loved more than life itself. His career, his reputation, and his retirement didn't mean a damn thing any longer. His only thought was of David and wondered if the gorgeous young recruit had the same feelings about him. Watching David take a shower only magnified his feelings about all the thoughts coursing through his brain. Almost in a whisper, the Gunny softly spoke, "David, I love you!"

Stepping out of the shower, thinking all the thoughts that rambled inside his brain, toweling himself dry, naked while the Gunny looked on, David built up the courage and quickly said, "I love you...SIR!" The Gunny stood on shaking legs and walked over to David, embraced him in his arms and softly whispered, "Not near as much as I love you!" Their lips sank onto the other's as their tongues engaged into mortal combat. Just as their lips broke their seal, the footsteps of the returning recruits brought both of them back to the world of ugly reality.