David lay on his back, lights out, remembering the encounter with Gunny Drake. His left hand slid under his t-shirt and gently touched his sore nipples while his right hand held firmly onto his pre cum dripping hard 5-1/2" uncut cock. Even hours later, David still felt the solid clutches of the Gunny, the hair spewing from his manly body, and the smell of raw uninhabited sex. His mind re-played the tape of the huge cock that slid passed his lips, filling his cheeks with 100% grade A bull meat. His right hand grabbed his aching balls while his butt hole twitched and jerked from just the mere thought of the giant beast that had slithered up his once virgin hole and lodged itself deep inside his bowels and stomach. For the first time in his life, David finally discovered what he had always been wanting.

Gunny Drake lay in his bed in the comfort of his home, completely nude and playing with his huge organ while thinking only of David. Still, he was in total disbelief of the young recruit's satin skin like texture, his pure beauty, virtually hairless muscular body, the tightness of David's muscle clamping asshole, and the unbelievable candy like taste of his thick and creamy sperm. Holding a pillow firmly tucked under his left arm, Gunny Drake pretended it was none other than David. No longer did he care what the Corps said about homosexuals. His only thought was that of David Campbell; a recruit with no family, no-one to love, and no-where to go. As he lay in his bed, stroking his meat, the Gunny wondered if his animalistic tactics had scared David. The clamps on his nipples, the choke collar, and securing his nut sac might have been too much for someone like David who was definitely a virgin in the art of gay sex. But, after it was all said and done, the young recruit did whisper that he loved him. Hours later, the Gunny already knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with David Campbell.

The darkness slowly settled in under David's eyes and he lay in his rack peacefully asleep, still lost in the fantasy of reality with his new found lover, the Gunny. What David, nor anyone else for that matter knew, was that there was one recruit who fantasized about David since day one. He had passed David on the way from the instructor's office and his nostrils captured the aroma of fresh hard sex. It was then that he realized that the possibility of someday having David all to himself was no longer just a fantasy; if played right, it could be reality. John Walker was a strapping young recruit, all of eighteen years old with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. Proud of being a Texan, John stood a solid 6' 4" and weighed a muscular 220 pounds. Even his closest of friends didn't even know he was bisexual, but after seeing David naked so many times, his only thought was of tasting the premier fluid that would hopefully fill his mouth, as well as the butt that would welcome his Texan cock.

John was awkwardly awakened for his nightly duty of fire watch, a task that no recruit looked forward to, other than John. After dressing, he relieved the recruit and stood at his post at the entrance way of the barracks. Ensuring that the recruit who had just recently went to bed from his fire watch patrol was flatly asleep, John nervously walked over to where David was peacefully dreaming in a deep, deep sleep. Placing both hand on the top rack, John simply watched as David lay sleeping, admiring David's blanket covered body and absolutely gorgeous face. The blanket had been pulled up to David's shoulders and his arms were securely tucked under the blanket. John leaned forward, almost touching David's nose with his nose, and inhaled deeply.

David's sleeping breath shot up John's flaring nostrils as he slowly became intoxicated at the sweet fragrance that quickly rushed to his own lungs. The more he breathed in David's exiting air, the more excited John became. John's right hand trembled as he slid it under the opening of the blanket and slowly, but surely, slid his hand to the center of David's sleeping uncut beauty. To John's surprise, David's sleeping cock was not sleeping; it was harder than a brick and pointing up towards David's exposed chin. John's hand felt the boxer shorts that contained the prime uncut beauty as his fingers toyed with the slit in front of the boxers. As soon as his fingers touched the satin like shaft of David's hard cock, millions of tiny volts of electricity traveled throughout his entire body.

The concealed cock jerked and twitched at the touch of his fingers and John passionately stared at the sleeping face of the most gorgeous guy his eyes had ever seen. Taking an even bigger risk, John slowly raised the blanket and folded it over to expose the entire front side of David's muscular frame. To his surprise, David never flinched a muscle, except his cock continued its jerking and twisting. Using his left hand, he cupped the head of his flashlight and switched the button to the on position. Shining the light directly on David's concealed hard cock, John began spreading the opening of David's boxers so he could see the uncut beauty in its purer than pure form.

After separating the fabric, John's fingertips gently snagged onto the shaft of David's pulsating cock, raising it upwards and out of the concealment of the boxer shorts. John's eyes were glued on the slender uncut beauty, staring at the flap of foreskin that covered David's cock head. Licking his lips and breathing harder than ever, John gently wrapped his right hand around the smooth rock hard twitching shaft. He slid the shaft of the skin downwards until the prettiest cock head popped into view. The cock head was drenched in pre cum and there was a single pearl drop of pre cum oozing from the tiny piss slit. Stretching out a finger from his flashlight holding left hand, John scooped up some of David's pre cum and quickly brought it to his trembling lips.

At the first initial taste, John thought his heart was fixing to stop. The others he had enjoyed, he always found their pre cum to be slightly salty and sometimes bitter, but this was not the case here. David's pre cum was warm and slippery, but not anywhere close to salty or bitter. Each time his left finger touched David's cock head, more pre cum oozed out and David's exposed cock leapt in boundaries. John became infatuated at the sweetness and divine taste of David's pre cum and only craved for more.

Without any warning, David suddenly rolled onto his left side, in a balled up fetal position. His butt was jutting out to his side, and at first, John was a bit disappointed at the sudden change of a sleeping position. With his hands back on the edge of the rack. His eyes focused on David's small, but muscular butt that was blistering his Texan eyes. John was not the kind of guy who thought some people couldn't take a dump, and never once wanted to slip his tongue into someone's shit hole, but the longer his eyes stared at the tiny cloth covered crack of David, the more his tongue flickered along his lips.

Throwing caution out of the window, as well as any of his reserves about butts, John leaned his nose forward and almost pressed it into David's slightly spread crack to the point where John figured David's butt hole would be. Taking slow short inhaling breaths, John tried to distinguish the confusing odor spewing from between David's muscular butt cheeks. The odor was not fowl, or anything close to that for that matter, but John was unable to capture the true description of the intoxicating fragrance that burned every hair inside his nostrils. Without realizing it, John had his nose firmly pressed inside David's crack, sniffing like a hungry dog at a family barbeque.

David's sleeping eyes quickly opened and realized someone or something was knocking at his backdoor. He lay deafly silent, curious as to what had suddenly awakened him. David felt the object press against his asshole and his ears detected a heavy inhaling sound. Flickering his eyes, he fought to regain vision as he lay perfectly still. Looking straight ahead, all he could see was the rest of the recruits sleeping soundly. The heavy sound of snoring and recruits tossing about in their racks filled the room. Not really knowing who was sniffing his butt, David became rather excited and decided to put on a show for whoever was doing this to him.

John almost lost his balance as David jerked in his rack, simultaneously slipping his boxers midway to his thighs. Still in a curled up fetal position, David felt the cool air of the barracks spray against his now fully exposed butt. Pretending to be fast asleep, David lay silent waiting for whoever to regain their butt sniffing routine. Not longer after he did this did he feel the hands as they grip the side of his rack. The hot breath fired onto his aching asshole causing it to pucker frantically. John's eyes captured the pink dot of an asshole as it winked furiously as he inched closer and closer. In total disbelief, John was awe struck at David's hairless crack and tinier than tiny butt hole.

Leaning his head to the side, John placed his flaring nostrils directly over the tiny speck of a poop chute and found himself lost in a world of breath taking reality. The sweet fragrant odor, indescribable concealed in boxers, now visibly open for all to see was more than John had bargained for. Calling the fragrant an odor is wrong, or at least that's the way John sees it. His mouth quickly filled with water as he was lost in deeply inhaling the enriched sweet fragrant hole belonging to the most gorgeous guy in the world.

David scooted his butt backwards just a hair of an inch, causing John's nose to plunder itself right on the speck of a hole. John trembled in fear, struck with delight, as his nose enjoyed the softness of David's puckering little hairless bung hole. Once again, John's tongue stretched out to lick his lips, but this time, his tongue slithered alongside David's crack in route to his quivering lips. John was no stranger to oral sex, but never had he thought of swiping his tongue into someone's shit hole before, but now, yes now, his tongue had just graced David's little crack and the sensation shooting up and down his spine forced his tongue to trail even higher up the ever so delicious ass crack.

John's tongue reached the point of no return as it struck gold, landing on top of David's sweet aromatic poop chute. The feel of David's asshole on his tongue sent shivers all over his body, realizing for the first time in his sexually active life, he was licking someone's butt hole, and enjoying it. It certainly wasn't anything like he had ever imagined it, shucks, this is something he never ever dreamed of doing, not even for Miss America. David closed his eyes tightly, fighting back the urge to loudly moan as the tongue licking on his asshole felt ever so great. The tongue was thick and wet and to David, it felt like a wet sponge dabbing on his exposed asshole. With each swipe of the tongue, the cool air crashed along his crack and fought vainly to shoot straight up his bung hole.

The big Texan began probing David's asshole, using his tongue like a spike to penetrate the tiniest asshole his eyes, and tongue, had ever graced. David forced himself to relax after realizing the person behind him was trying to stick their tongue up his canal. In just a few seconds, David took a deep breath as the thick tongue gained entry and dwelled about a half an inch inside his stretched hole. David bit his lips to prevent any sounds from escaping as the thick tongue traveled further and further up his rectum. John no longer thought of David sleeping, nor did he seem to care as his mouth quickly filled with the watery ass juices spewing onto his tongue and dripping down his throat. His taste buds were stunned at the mind boggling flavor. John would have never imagined anyone's asshole tasting so heavenly divine.

David squinted his eyes while torturing his lips with his teeth, but a soft moan evaded his clenched lips, ringing out only into the ears of the person tongue fucking his bewildered asshole. John heard the angelic moan and his ass eating pace quickened. David no longer was curious as to who was eating his ass and John didn't care if David was a sleep or wide awake. John let out a soft whimper as more ass juice filled his mouth, roaming his tongue in and out of the sweetest asshole belonging to the most gorgeous guy he had ever fantasized about.

A struggle ensued with David attempting to free his lower body from his boxer shorts, but after a short battle, he managed to kick his shorts to the foot of the bed. Once his boxers were completely off, David latched onto his right thigh with his right arm and raised his knee to the point that it was touching his quivering lips. The thick tongue shot up all the way inside his asshole to the point of no return, forcing angelic moans to evade his clenched lips. John reached between David's spread legs and firmly grasped David's pre cum dripping cock and began pumping the skin covered treat like tomorrow would never come.

John's nose firmly pressed just under David's hard hairless nuggets and the heat firing from his nostrils blistered David's small golden marbles while the tongue traveling in and out of his asshole caused millions of sparkles to dash through his oblivious mind. David felt his cock go into uncontrollable convulsions thanks to the large hand stroking it rapidly, up and down. Every time John took a breath, David's wonderful and natural body odor filled his lungs, causing him to whimper in sheer delight. His hand was on the prettiest cock, his tongue was dining on the tastiest asshole, and his nose was inhaling the most intoxicating fragrance known to mankind. David was lost in the most intense and pleasurable feelings coursing throughout his body and desperately wanted, no, needed, to return the favor to the stranger giving him so much pleasure.

With the clock ticking against both recruits, John rolled David onto his right side aiming the hard uncut beauty directly at his tongue licking lips. His right hand shot between the smooth hairless valley of David's mouth watering crack and a finger immediately darted inside the muscle choking canal. John's left hand latched onto David's uncut beauty and slid the skin downwards revealing the prettiest cock head his eyes had ever seen. The cock head was covered in pre cum as his tongue began slobbering over the glistening head, savoring each and every drop of the sweeter than sweetest fluid.

David couldn't believe his eyes after finally seeing the stranger who had tongue fucked his asshole so delicately. David looked at John who was swirling his massive tongue all over his uncovered cock head and his mind instantly began taking permanent photos. In David's eyes, John was a real man, all man. John was big and brawny and David already knew that he was from the great state of Texas. David still couldn't believe that John was doing what he was doing, but at this point, he no longer cared.

John opened his mouth after relishing in the flavor of David's globs of pre cum and swallowed the slender meat all the way up to the small amount of pubic hair. The finger digging its way inside David's shocked asshole only added to the pleasure his cock was getting thanks to the big Texan's oven like mouth. David reached up and placed his right hand on the back of John's bobbing head while his left hand slid across his smooth chest and his fingers immediately began twitching his sore nipples. John had his middle finger darting in and out of David's gripping asshole and the rest of his hand played with David's small hairless marbles while his mouth was filled with the tastiest cock he had ever had the honor of sucking.

Somewhere in time, in just only a few short seconds, David's cock expanded as his fiery hot cream blasted out of his piss slit and into the more than eager mouth of the big Texan. Blast after blast shot out and quickly filled John's mouth. Fighting back the urge to start swallowing, John used his tongue like a shovel and a broom, capturing and sweeping the hot thick fluid to each bloated cheek. David was besides himself as his cock continued shooting round after round of sperm while his whole body began bucking in rhythm with the finger plunging in and out of his saliva slick asshole. John almost shot his load in his pants at the pleasure of receiving such a huge amount of David's thick and creamy sperm. John couldn't believe that David's uncut beauty spit out seven thick and powerful blasts, followed by a steady stream of cream, then shooting five more sperm missiles before ending with a continuous flow of creamy sperm.

Keeping David's tasty cock in his mouth, John allowed only a small portion to slide down his curious throat. He had sucked off more than his share of cocks before, but up to this point, he had only dreamed of what David's sperm would taste like. With the first taste of the hot cream, John shivered in delight as the sweetness filled his every dreams. Unlike those before David, there was not even a trace of salt, nor was there any bitterness added to the taste. In John's confused and delirious mind, David's sperm tasted like melted chocolate and he only craved for more of the mouth watering meal filled with natural protein.

As the last of David's appetizing sperm slipped down his throat, John whimpered as he savored the sweet protein filled fluid. David's cock was still hard inside the mouth of the big Texan, but his breathing was just a little more than rampant. Keeping his finger inside David's asshole, John let the tasty cock fall out of his mouth. For the first time since this escapade began, their eyes finally met. Both recruits had glassy eyes and it was John who whisperingly and nervously asked, "Can, can I, can I fuck you?" Unable to speak, David slowly nodded his head up and down in agreement.

John helped David from the top bunk and held onto him while he tried to maintain his balance on his weak knees. John walked in front of David and was leading him into the head (bathroom). As soon as you walked in, immediately to your right was a row of ten toilets and on the opposite wall was a row of ten urinals. Once inside the lit head, John quickly turned around and admired the gorgeous young man standing almost naked, only wearing a t-shirt, still with a raging boner from Hell. Knowing time was not on his side, John fumbled with the buttons to his fatigues and began shoving his pants to his ankles. David's eyes shot wide open at the gigantic bulge in John's tented boxers.

Once the boxers slid down, revealing a thick patch of light brown/blondish pubic hair, David's own lips began receiving a tongue bath. David was standing a foot away from John as he slid the boxers over his hard cock until the massive organ sprang into eye contact with David's watery eyes. David quickly analyzed John's cock noticing that it was nothing close to the Gunny's huge cock, but it was thick enough. The hard cock stood straight out from John's muscular frame with a slight downward angle. It must have been a good eight or nine inches long and the enormous head was more than twice as thick as the shaft. A huge glob of pre cum strained to fall free from the over sized gaping piss slit.

David quickly fell to his knees and wasted no time in swabbing the large bell shaped head with his pre cum sponging tongue. John's pre cum was a little salty, but David paid that no attention as he ran his tongue all over the giant knob. His right hand held onto the base of John's shaft while his left hand cupped the two large egg shaped, low hanging, hairy, cum filled balls. David did his best to shove as much of the cock into his mouth without choking, but the giant head took up too much room. Using his tongue, David licked all over the big head and even slithered inside the wide open piss slit still oozing pre cum by the bucket load.

John felt the familiar feeling building up but he wanted more than just a blow-job. He wanted to feel his cock as it worked its way up David's mouth watering asshole. John softly whispered, "Turn around and bend over! We don't have much time!" David released John's cock, somewhat reluctantly, and turned around. David leaned way over and placed his hands on the sides of the toilet rim. Going one step further, David placed his right foot on the other toilet rim next to the one he was leaning on. After getting fucked by the Gunny's bull meat, David was more than ready for any temporary pain that John's hard cock was about to deliver. David heard John spit and soon felt the large bulbous head press against his spread crack, pushing at his more than welcoming asshole.

Straining as if to take a healthy dump, John's large cock head pried its way in. Sharp and traumatic pain quickly shot up David's asshole, spreading like a spiders web through his body. Biting his lips, fighting back the urge to relieve some of the pain by screaming, David continued to strain his bowels to allow the giant head to shove further inside him. John was overwhelmed at the tightness and fiery heat as his cock slid further and further up David's outward stretched asshole. In less than ten seconds, John's cock was buried to the hilt inside David's pain stricken poop chute. David felt the large hairy balls as they began slapping upward with each thrust, smashing into his own little hard nuggets. Trying in vain to remain silent, David bit his lips and tossed his head as John held onto his hips, using them as a weapon against him, and pounded the thick cock in and out of his muscle cramping asshole.

John looked down between the tiny crack and watched in awe as his cock appeared and disappeared in David's unbelievably tight and hot butt hole. With each withdrawal, John smiled as David's anal ring struggled to keep a firm grip onto his Texan pole. Just like with the Gunny, something inside David snapped and he soon found himself shoving his own ass onto the anal invader in a greedy attempt to receive more pleasure. David latched onto his cock and began pumping with vengeance as the cock inside his pleasured asshole drove him further insane with ecstasy.

David was tossing his head to and fro, lost in the feeling of absolute pleasure and John was lost with lustful passion driving his hard cock at a mind boggling speed in and out of David's super tight asshole. Neither recruit saw an uninvited visitor who had walked into the head, standing slightly behind them, to their right. Both John and David were trapped in the heat of the moment and totally clueless of the person who had walked in and busted the both of them engage in hot anal gay sex. An act that is forbidden and strictly taboo in the Corps!

John was so overwhelmed at the feeling his cock was getting, his balls exploded, sending gallons upon gallons of built up sperm shooting deep into the depths of David's anal canal. David felt each tremendous burst of sperm torpedoes as they shot out and began coating his anal chute with the thick, hot fluid. John pounded his cock inside David's ass until the last of his sperm fell free into the dark hot depths of David's delicious bowels. David was just about to shoot his load when the sound of the stranger startled both he and John, "Bravo, bravo amigos!" A silent clapping of the hands forced John to quickly remove his still hard cock from David's cum dripping asshole, leaving David still in the same position with a slowly deflating cock in his hand.

John whisperingly said, "Carlos, what the fuck!" Carlos had a devilish grin on his face and he walked over to John, standing directly behind David and whispered, "Busted amigos. You fuck him like he has a pussy, eh? And you pretty boy, you like to be a girl huh? I gonna fuck you Mexican style and you, (pointing at John) you are gonna stand at the door and keep a watch. I gonna fuck this pretty little bitch! Comprende amigos?" John pulled up his boxers and pants and feared that if he didn't do what Carlos said, Carlos just might rat the two of them out, so he stood just outside the entranceway of the head, leaving Carlos and David all alone.

Carlos whispered, "Now, you little bitch, I gonna give you pussy some Mexican cream." David had already turned around and was doing his best to squeeze his ass cheeks together to stop John's heavy load from falling out onto the floor. He studied Carlos and had no clue other than the fact that Carlos was going to fuck him. Carlos stood about 5' 7" and weighed no more than 170 pounds, but he was defiantly in excellent shape. David could see the bulge in Carlos's shorts as Carlos began slipping the boxers down his naturally tanned legs. Carlos turned completely around as he removed the shorts and stood there before David with his back towards him, showing him a perfect set of tanned ass cheeks.

"Before I gonna fuck your man pussy, you gonna lick my Mexican ass, eh!" Carlos bent over and David inched his way closer to the still glued shut ass cheeks. Kneeling onto his knees on the cold tile floor, David placed his hands on either cheek and forced the muscular globes open. Slowly, the cheeks began to separate and David could see the fine course black hairs darting up and down Carlos's tanned crack. The odor spewing from Carlos's bung hole was a heavy musky fragrance. David leaned his head closer and saw the little dark bud completely surrounded with black hair and immediately stabbed at it with his tongue. His tongue was on fire from the heat and tart and tangy sensation his tongue gathered. Carlos reached back with both hands and yanked his butt cheeks even wider open and whispered, "Gimme you tongue pretty bitch. Eat my shitter like you mean it!" David forced his tongue inside the tart asshole and the odor strengthened the deeper it went.

David used his left hand to place some fingers on his own asshole to keep John's sperm from falling onto the floor. All too soon, David found himself enjoying the fragrance of the sweaty musky asshole and began driving his tongue deliriously in and out and all around Carlos's hairy hole. Carlos began shoving his ass onto David's tongue while playing with his Mexican prime beef. A few minute later, without any warning, Carlos stood up and whispered, "Now, you gonna get my dick all wet with you mouth, then I fuck you Mexican style, eh!" David was still on his knees as Carlos turned around, holding his uncut semi hard cock in the palm of his right hand. The tanned cock was about five meaty thick inches and the foreskin dangled freely a solid two or three inches.

David opened his mouth and was more than pleased to see a cock like his, well at least with foreskin. Carlos's semi hard cock was four times as thick as his own when completely hard. Instead of putting his cock in David's wide open mouth, Carlos began slapping the sides of David's face with his cock while whispering, "You gonna suck this dick my pretty boy bitch!" Soon, Carlos shoved the meaty cock inside David's mouth and began humping his hips back and forth, driving his uncut cock to the back of David's throat with each thrust. David let his tongue slide up the foreskin and immediately his taste buds detected stale piss and pre cum. It was more tangier than his asshole was, but David willingly gave into the Mexican's sexual orders.

It didn't take long before Carlos's uncut cock grew to its hardest state. Fully hard, it was at least six or seven inches, but it was a little thicker than the Gunny's. David couldn't believe just how fat Carlos's cock became and he no longer was able to swallow the thick piece of human meat. John even stole a peek and swallowed hard at the thickness of the Mexican's cock. David did his best to suck the fat monster as best he could and hoped beyond any hope that Carlos would forget about sticking his fat meat up his ass and just go ahead and shoot his load down David's throat. That wasn't the case and David would have no such luck as Carlos grabbed David by the head and said, "Okay, my pretty little bitch, now I gonna fuck the shit out of you!" Smiling, Carlos asked, "You ready to get fucked by this Mexican horse meat?" David, still on his knees, replied, "Yes."

Carlos turned and walked into the other area of the head where rows upon rows of sinks were and said, "Get you ass up there (pointing to a sink) and spread you legs, si! David hopped up onto one of the sinks and struggled to obtain the right position. By the time he was in the position Carlos wanted, David found himself spread eagle with both legs straddling two sinks with his ass jutting outwards. All David could do was hold onto the wall before him and wait for Carlos to shove his thick monster up his spread and stretched ass. Carlos held his hard cock with his right hand and walked up behind the jutting pretty ass of David and began poking his hard organ at David's cum dripping asshole.

David grimaced in pain as the huge skin covered cock head shot up his sperm lubricated asshole, sending tiny waves of pain cells coursing up his body's highway. David could feel his asshole being stretched wider than ever before as the huge, no, fat Mexican cock tore up into his anal canal. David held his mouth open, hugging the wall, splintered by the feeling of getting fucked and having a thick piece of meat fucking him. Carlos had never had his cock up something so hot and so tight before and he tossed his head all the way back, totally engrossed at this new found sensation. He desperately pretended that the ass his cock was now in belonged to one of his girls he fucked on a regular basis, but no matter how hard he tried, the vision of David Campbell and his perfect ass always overruled the option of any girl he tried to envision.

Carlos enjoyed the feeling his hands felt as they held onto the spread hips of David while slamming and grinding his fat organ up David's hot sperm filled ass. Though the fat cock lodged into his ass was painful, the technique in which Carlos was fucking him with eased the pain somewhat and triggered something animalistic inside him. Stretching his arms out against the wall, David began humping his cock and sperm filled ass onto Carlos's thick pole. Carlos was silently cursing wanting ever so desperately to hold back the desire to blast David's insides with his load while David, on the other hand, was completely out of control bouncing up and down on the overly thick Mexican uncut prime beef.

Lost in deep concentration and overwhelmed at the cock crushing asshole, Carlos reached around David and grabbed his cock and began jerking it wildly. Carlos quickly realized that this, other than his own, was the first cock his hand had ever touched. Unlike his own, the cock now in his hand felt like a sheet of silk. David's pre cum dripped onto Carlos's cock jerking hand and he more than felt the sticky hot substance. With David bouncing up and down on his cock and his own cock trapped inside the muscle convulsing asshole, and finally, his own hand jerking David's uncut wonder, Carlos lost all control and sent wave after wave of sperm missiles into David's bouncing ass. Carlos could feel every anal muscle as they gripped and chokingly milked his cock free of his sperm. It had been several weeks before he had busted a nut and still, even then, never had he enjoyed such an intense orgasm as the one slaughtering his brain at the present moment.

Between the ass muscles, Carlos's humping, and David's ass pounding bouncing, Carlos was trapped in time and lost in the moment. David almost shot his load and was ever so close when Carlos pulled his slowly deflating cock from his completely sperm soaked asshole. As the thick beast left his muscle gripping asshole, David felt completely empty inside and silently craved for yet another hard cock to fill him up. Carlos grabbed David by his sides and basically lifted him up off the sinks and helped him steady himself on his wobbly knees. All the sperm lodged inside his ass, felt as though it was about to burst free at any given time. David awkwardly ran to the toilet, hard uncut cock waving in the air, and sat down on the first toilet he came to. No longer had he sat down, gallons of sperm shot out of his asshole with a fury. Air and sperm flew form his ass making a thunderous sound as it splashed into the water of the toilet. Carlos replayed the vision of David running to the toilet, his hard slender cock proudly waving in the air in front of him. Without hesitation or even thinking, Carlos knelt down in front of David and fished his hard cock out of the toilet area and quickly inhaled the sweet piece of meat inside his mouth. Never before had he even dreamed about sucking another man's cock, but now, here he was, at boot camp, sucking on one hell of a gorgeous cock.

David was somewhat embarrassed of having his dick sucked while shitting out tons of sperm and a whole lot of air, but Carlos's hot mouth sure did feel great on his ready to blow cock. Carlos got a good mouthful of David's pre cum as his tongue darted under the foreskin and played with the little piss slit that was steadily oozing more pre cum. Unlike his own uncut cock, there were no trails of stale piss, salt, or anything remotely distasteful. Even the smell coming from David's sperm and air shitting asshole was more pleasant than any of the women he had sexually enjoyed. Carlos began bobbing his head up and down, burying his nose into David's small pubic patch with each downward cock sucking thrust. David gaspingly whispered, "I'm close, I'm gonna, gonna, oh fuck!" Carlos never dreamed about tasting a man's sperm before, but he had already made up his mind he was going to drink from this gorgeous American's cock.

Five hard blasts hit the roof of Carlos's mouth, followed by a stream of hot sperm, then four or five more powerful blasts rang out, ending with a steady trickle of the hot, creamy load. Before Carlos ever swallowed, he gagged a couple of times just from the thought his mouth now held a man's nut busting load. His mouth was filled with his own saliva and David's thick cream and he inadvertently swallowed and got his first taste of man seed. To his shocking surprise, there really wasn't much taste at all. Some of the girls who had sucked him off said that his was a little salty and sometimes bitter, but the sperm he was sipping on now, was nothing like what his girls ever described. It was thick and hot, not salty or bitter. Soon, Carlos began whimpering, still sucking on David's cock while sipping on his recent mouth filling load.

David stretched out his legs around Carlos's kneeling body, leaning his back as far up against the wall as possible, lost in spraying his heavy load into the Mexican's cock sucking mouth. The noise thundering out of his asshole crashed inside the toilet, spraying the toilet water with thick loads of man cream mixed with all the air his asshole had breathed in while being fucked Texan and Mexican style. David's hands held onto the sides of Carlos's head as the last of his teen cream escaped his throbbing cock. His balls ached tremendously as they recoiled desperately seeking the protection inside their sockets. Carlos had slipped his right hand between David's spread legs and pulled and caressed the two shriveling hard little nuggets while still whimpering from the exquisite taste of David's thick cream. Carlos continued his oral assault on David's still rock hard cock and David's head was spinning from absolute delight. David's slender hips bucked feverishly and he fought in vain to control the urge to moan while his cock was being cooked inside Carlos's vice like suctioning mouth.

Just as David thought he was completely void of any more sperm, Carlos shot two fingers up David's asshole and pressed against his prostrate, sending his mind into orbit. In less than two minutes, David grunted as his cock fired off another wave of sperm missiles. Four semi powerful blasts erupted from his piss slit, ending with a slow, but steady trickle. Carlos eagerly lapped up the hot sperm that easily flowed into his mouth. He wanted nothing more than to keep David's sweet liquid inside his mouth for a long, long time, but he knew that time was not on his side, so he began allowing only a small portion to slide down his throat with each passionate swallow. David's second load was just as sweet as the first and Carlos craved for more, but the cock inside his mouth began to slowly and defiantly deflate. The fingers inside David's sloppy asshole slipped out and Carlos stood up, pulled up his shorts and walked out of the head, without uttering a single word.

David sat on the toilet, still shooting out sperm and air from his well fucked asshole, completely exhausted. Nearly twenty minutes went by before David finally thought his asshole was drained from sperm and slowly, with the help of John, crawled back into his rack. Laying on his back, David dreamed that it was the Gunny who had just fucked him, not Carlos or John. David silently craved for the man with the monster cock to come get him and give him what he desired; a proper fucking with the biggest bull meat he had ever seen. Only then did David realize, and come to terms, that he was and is gay. Even now, his asshole puckered, wanting another cock to fill the empty void left behind, thanks to the two cocks that had just pillaged his asshole.

He had no longer fallen asleep before the lights flashed on and Sgt. Stone started his regular ritual of screaming at all the recruits. The day went by as rigorous as ever. Marching, drilling, and many more grueling physical activities pursued throughout the long extremely hot day on the island. Sometime that afternoon, while at the "Confidence Course", David injured his leg after taking a nasty fall from one of the high obstacles. Even after a visible injury, the drill instructors forced him to run all the way to sick bay. Limping painfully, David did as ordered, grimacing in pain from the leg injury. After running the four miles to sick bay, David walked inside completely out of breath and was dripping from head to toe in sweat. The only other person in the room was a Navy Corpsman, a short but stocky guy probably in his mid twenties with brown hair.

After explaining about his injury and how he obtained it, David was escorted to the back and asked to lay down on the table that looked more like it was for a woman fixing to have a baby. It had stirrups for your feet to go in and somewhat narrow. The Navy guy's name was Rick and he didn't talk to David as though he was a recruit, but more so as a human being. Rick examined David's right leg thoroughly, running his fat hands all over.

Rick was more infatuated at the gorgeous young recruit laying on the table, drenched in sweat, wearing only a t-shirt and blue nylon shorts, which the leg openings were kind of baggy. His hands caught every feeling of the smoothness of David's leg and the more he gently squeezed inside David's thighs, the harder his own cock became. Rick actually was doing his job to check properly for injuries, but his eyes became entranced on the young gorgeous teen laying on his back with his legs slightly spread. David, on the other hand, was in too much pain to notice the delicacy in which Rick was fondling his leg and thigh.

Going even further with the examination, Rick helped David tug off his soaking wet t-shirt and placed it on the counter behind him. Using his stethoscope, Rick began acting as though he was checking out David's heartbeat. Rick really didn't care about the heartbeat, he was more interested in letting the back of his knuckles grace David's tiny perky nipples, as well as an occasional fingertip. In David's eyes, this guy was a doctor, so he lay patiently still. Rick had David lift his arms back and fold his hands behind his head. David did as asked and Rick marveled at the little armpit hair that seemed like it had been colored, not grown. Rick ran his right hand along each arm, engrossed at the silkiness of the recruit's smooth flesh. His nostrils trapped the heavenly scent of fresh sweat spewing from David's glistening, near naked, body.

The hands that gently and softly stroked his body caused David's cock to react out of revenge and began to tent the thin fabric of his shorts. Though David's mind was more focused on his painful injury, his cock seemed to have something else in mind. The cock pressing against the thin fabric certainly didn't go unnoticed by the eagle eyes belonging to Rick. Rick swiped his lips with his thick tongue while staring at the piece of meat straining desperately to be free. The stethoscope traveled downward, exploring David's muscular and hair free chest and stomach. Rick wanted to dart his tongue inside David's unbelievably small belly button that looked more like a micro tiny line than what it actually was. Rick already knew that the recruit was like melted butter in his hands, as so was every other recruit who walked into his office. He could do almost anything without fear of a recruit objecting, thanks to the rigorous and mind torturing Marine Corps boot camp.

Rick's left hand raised the seam of David's shorts and let his hand holding the stethoscope slide under the elastic garment. David lay perfectly still until he felt Rick's hand strike the head of his rock hard cock. Rick felt the teen boner jerk and twitch and played it off like a pro. The hand raising the shorts had grabbed David's boxers as well, lifting them both high enough up so that his eagle eyes could see what treasures lie below. Rick almost choked after he discovered that David was virtually hairless and that his cock was uncut and harder than a brand new brick. It was then that Rick decided to play his cards and see how far the young recruit would go. Rick simply said, "Your shorts and boxers have to come off so I can check for injuries." At first David was a little embarrassed of pulling his shorts and boxers off knowing all too well that his cock was rock hard, but after all, in his eyes, Rick was a Doctor. With Rick's help, the shorts and boxers were neatly discarded onto the table with his t-shirt.

The heart inside Rick's chest beat a million drummer tunes per second as he stood there, completely frozen, unearthed by time at the beauty laying on his table, naked, with his slender uncut cock raised at full attention. The small perfectly shaped V pubic patch burned an everlasting impression in Rick's mind. The hairless tiny testicles, surrounded by the pale pink unblemished sac, rested snuggly between two perfectly tanned thighs. Standing closer to David's feet, Rick's mouth watered at the sight of the little line running below David's raised hairless balls, darting under to the area just out of sight running to his hidden butt hole. David's eyes studied Rick's movement as Rick walked over to him. It was Rick who literally thought he was going to pass out. In all his years of seeking manly affection, he had never seen anyone so flat fucking gorgeous than the one before him at the present moment.

Rick lowered the right side of his face onto David's muscular lower stomach to the point that Rick was only a fraction of an inch away from the foreskin covered cock. David's body uncontrollably twitched as the air steaming out of Rick's nostrils raced over and along his jerking cock. Rick knew all he had to do was stick out his tongue and he would have been more than able to taste the delicacy of this gorgeous angel. The sweat careened up his nostrils and triggered off every wild emotion trapped inside Rick's shaking body. Even David's glistening sweat aroma was unlike any others he had devotedly and defiantly inhaled. It was by no means a stale or a musky odor, or anything close to foul or revolting. The aroma crashing through his nostrils was more like a powerful aphrodisiac not yet discovered by any scientist.

Going one step further, Rick palmed David's small balls and gently squeezed them. David's cock reacted violently, jerking and twitching. While letting his left fingers circle David's balls, Rick intentionally dove a finger inside the tiny crack and graciously discovered the wetness that rested between David's ass crack. The finger in his crack did not come close to his butt hole, but it did send shivers racing up and down David's spine. Rick withdrew the finger and cautiously stuck it up in the air, raising it up to his inhaling nostrils. A soft moan shot out of his bewildered mouth as the scent of David's sweaty ass crack exploded up his nose. In Rick's shattered and lust craved mind, the fragrance was like cologne, mild, but intoxicating. After thoroughly smelling his finger, Rick instinctively stuck his finger in his mouth, almost sucking the flesh off the bone. The taste was far more better than the fragrant odor, and by doing this, only caused Rick to crave the young recruit that much more.

There was no talking or explaining of the procedural exam and David sure as hell wasn't about to ask any questions. He lay there and allowed Rick to do whatever he was supposed to do without offering any objections; after all, by this time and phase of training, all the recruits were brainwashed into doing what they were told without thinking. This in fact, was something Rick was well aware of. Rick released David's sweaty balls and without hesitation, latched onto David's twitching cock and slowly slid the satin like skin downwards, revealing a perfect and beautiful cock head. The aroma that had been trapped under the foreskin cannon balled out and into Rick's flaring nostrils. Just like the rest of this gorgeous recruit, there was no foul odor, only an aphrodisiac breathtaking sweetness. Even Rick's eyes began to water, rapidly filling with animalistic lust.

The more the hand on his cock played with his shaft, the more rapid David's cock jerked and twitched. Rick saw a small pearl drop of pre cum form at the small piss slit and with one quick dart of his tongue, swiped the clear fluid, and instantly retrieved his pre cum cupping tongue. As the initial taste of the pre cum warmed his mouth, Rick was no longer in control. The taste alone forced him to turn into something like a mad doctor. The hand on David's cock increased its stroking while the grip increased its pressure. David was a little confused by this kind of exam, but held his eyes closed wishing his sperm would not shoot out. All too soon, David came to reality and realized the good doctor was no longer conducting a physical exam, but wanted to get right down to some good hard raw sex.

David dropped his left arm, resting his hand on top of Rick's head, running his fingertips though the fine course waves of his hair. Feeling the hand on top of his head, Rick opened his mouth, instinctively, and swallowed David's hard cock all the way up to the point his nose was launched into David's thin layered pubic hair. The taste of David's cock sent an explosion rifling inside Rick's mesmerized head. His tongue began swimming all over David's cock while his head bobbed nervously up and down. Rick's left hand returned to David's sweat covered balls, allowing a finger to dwell in the tight moist crevice between David's smooth thighs. David began bucking his hips, driving his cock harder and harder into Rick's bobbing and sucking mouth.

The fresh sweet smell of David's sweat tortured his nostrils while his taste buds were being delighted savoring the sweat build up on his cock and under his wonderful foreskin. The moist silk like texture of David's balls, trapped in their withdrawing hairless sac, sent millions of tiny vibrations throughout Rick's nugget caressing fingers. Unfortunately, the angle David was in prevented his exploring finger from touching the one part of David he was most desiring to feel, the gorgeous recruit's butt hole. David bucked his hips one time to many as he let out a loud groan. Rick felt the hard cock in his mouth expand larger than normal and being no stranger of having a cock in his mouth, knew what was coming next.

David's body tensed as he continued his grunting while six powerful jets of sperm torpedoes shot into Rick's experienced cock sucking mouth, striking the roof of his mouth with an awesome power. Rick whimpered as more of David's cream filtered out of his piss slit like an open water faucet, then four or five more powerful blasts erupted ending with large globs falling into his sperm filled mouth. Rick continued sucking on David's more than gorgeous cock while allowing a little of the hot substance to travel down his throat. Rick was flabbergasted as the first taste of sperm awoke his ever taste senses. Being a natural born cock sucker and damn proud of it, he was delighted at the wonderful taste, discovering that the sperm filling his mouth actually had no taste whatsoever. He continued to drink the protein directly from the source while doing his best to suck the skin right off of David's raging hard boner.

David had to stop Rick from continuing to suck his cock due to the enormous sensitivity his mouth was giving his cock. Reluctantly, Rick let the hard sweet piece of meat fall out of his sperm hungry mouth and began giving David's sweaty balls a proper tongue bath. The slurping noises caused by Rick's tongue and mouth splashed off the examining room walls and David was lost in the excitement of all that was happening. The familiar itching feeling grew inside his asshole knowing with full intent that he silently begged for Rick to roll him over and slap his Navy cock straight up his starving asshole. The only thing that bothered David was the fact that he had taken a shower around three in the morning and now it was probably around five in the afternoon. He had been running and doing all kinds of various exercises in the blistering heat.

The flavor of David's sweaty balls only increased Rick's sexual passion and burning desire to eat the young recruit from head to toe. His nostrils, nor his taste buds, not once, detected a pungent odor or anything closely related to that. Everything belonging to David, his skin, his smell, and his taste, was simply heavenly delicious. By this time, Rick had already sucked in both of David's small nuggets while running his tongue all over both of them. David felt as though his balls were being cooked inside Rick's mouth, but the pressure and tongue bathing only increased, sending his brain into orbit.

Rick licked and sucked on David's balls for a while then started running his tongue up the hard shaft before gulping down the slender skin covered cock. Once again, Rick started sucking on David's uncut cock like there was no tomorrow. His stretched finger dug into the crevice, fighting all odds to touch the one area his eyes had not yet seen. Forcing his hand between David's legs, Rick's finger slid between the moist crack and touched David's bung hole. It was a tad more than juicy as Rick rubbed miniature circles over the opening while slamming his mouth on David's teen cock. The finger drawing circles on his asshole heightened his cock hungry asshole and it began puckering, attempting to suck in the artistic finger. The finger began digging at the juicy hole ever so gently, but the mouth on David's cock sucked him feverishly.

David began bucking his hips, trying to raise them higher off the table to allow the anal probing finger to dive in, almost throwing out a welcome home mat in the process. Rick noticed the asshole gripping at his finger and he pressed harder until his fingertip slid inside the fiery hot hole, relishing in the sensation of the millions of anal muscles coiling around his finger. David took a deep breath as Rick's long finger snaked its way deeper and deeper up his chute. Rick reached David's prostrate and applied tremendous pressure on the sensitive area causing David to cry out in extreme pleasure. Not realizing what was happening, David's cock shot out his second heavy load deep into the mouth of Rick. Rick knew exactly what he was doing and began moaning as the hot sperm began flooding inside his mouth. David's body jerked, twitched, and trembled as he had no control of his cock spewing his hot load. Rick, just like before, held the thick load inside his mouth until no more sperm was offered. Keeping his mouth on David's cock, Rick began slowly sipping on the hot spunk, savoring each and every wonderfully tasting treat.

By no means was Rick in anyway into anything remotely close to scat, but his animalistic curiosity began to drive him madly insane. Withdrawing his finger from David's finger choking asshole, he slid his finger over David's shriveled up nuggets and brought it to his nose while still continuing to suck on the tasty flesh of David's gorgeous cock. The odor shooting up his nostrils as he raised his finger upwards sent bolts of electricity to his already dazed brain. The finger that just had explored the hottest asshole his finger had ever traveled inside smelled not of ass, but more so, like a soft scented soap. Going one step further, Rick slid his finger inside his mouth, along with David's cock, and began savoring the taste coating his finger. David had no idea that Rick sniffed the finger that had crawled up his ass, nor did he have a clue that Rick was now sucking on the same finger that dug into his asshole.

The taste of David's mouth watering sperm, the feeling his finger tingled with in excitement inside David's extra hot and super tight bung hole, mixed with the resounding taste of his anal depths, Rick found himself lost in passion and greedy with lust. Rick guided David to roll over onto his stomach on the thin table and inserted each foot into its perspective stirrup. Stepping back just a hair, Rick's eyes fluttered in absolute amazement at the two unblemished orbs of the prettiest butt his eyes had ever seen. Wasting very little time, Rick slid his hands over each muscular cheek, flabbergasted at the smoothness in which burned wonderful sensations into his exploring fingertips. David softly moaned as the hands gliding over his butt sent chills racing up and down his spine.

Using the release handle, Rick extended each table leg containing David's feet and slowly stretched his smooth legs wide. David felt a little tension in his thighs as the individual table legs opened his legs wide apart. Rick stepped to the left side of the table and began turning the handle which lowered the portion of the table that David's upper body rested on. Using the other handle, Rick turned it until the middle portion of the table jutted the prettiest ass on a human being straight up towards the ceiling. Rick walked around David's stirrup holding feet and easily guided himself between David's spread legs. Leaning forward, Rick slowly began licking all over each sweaty ass cheek causing David to moan loudly with excitement. Rick was astonished at the sweaty sweet flavor his tongue was shoveling up while giving each cheek a thorough tongue lapping.

Placing both hands on each wonderful butt cheek, Rick slowly pried the two muscular orbs apart and almost fainted when his eyes fell onto the little pale pink dot of David's bung hole. In all its hairless glory, Rick inched his face closer and closer to the little dot while inhaling ever so deeply. The closer his nose came to David's hole, the sweeter the soft scented fragrant soap aroma rifled up his flaring nostrils. Rick immediately licked a long slow trace up and down David's sweaty ass crack, gently sliding over the pale pink micro dot. David's body trembled and jerked wildly as the tongue slithering along his crack and teasing his puckering butt hole, sent volcanic explosions of pleasure filled lust through his battered brain.

Willing against all odds for any sign of a foul ass smelling odor, Rick breathed in desperately, but all ass sniffing attempts only verified that the asshole his tongue and nose licked and inhaled, carried no such odor. His tongue swiped at David's asshole several times before Rick soon found himself using his tongue to dig at the muscular opening while his thumbs dug into the crack of each delightful cheek and spread them wide apart. David groaned and Rick whimpered as his tongue slid between the muscular sealed hole and lapped its way inside David's fiery hot and tight hole. The farther Rick pushed his tongue up the tight anal canal, the more greedier he became. His tongue went wild inside the tight hot chamber, slithering and stabbing, deeper and deeper.

David was rolling and tossing his head up and down and side to side relishing the feeling of his asshole being drilled by the devoted tongue of Rick. Rick was deaf to any sound in the room and blind with only the thought of eating the delicious asshole before him. David tried in vain to shove his body onto the impaling tongue, forcing it to go even deeper than it already was. Trying to get more of the anal pleasing tongue inside him, David reached back and snagged both of his cheeks and yanked them even wider apart. Rick moaned and whimpered as his tongue swam inside the tight restrictive canal, lost in the pleasure, and overwhelmed by the juicy taste. Neither Rick, nor David heard anyone else in the room, but the audience of one, grew to two.

The two men who worked with Rick stood in the doorway entranced at the scene their eyes were witnessing. Mark was 19 years old and had been in the Navy for a year. Standing 5' 10" and weighing a slender 140 pounds with dirty blond hair and dark brown eyes, he too would definitely be considered a modern day beautiful twink. Standing to his right inside the doorway was Josh. He was 21 year old and had been in the Navy for almost 3 years. Bigger than Mark or Rick, Josh stood 6' 2" and weighed a heavy 250 pounds with curly red hair and a scrappy beard. Both Navy men stood in the doorway and it was Mark who remembered what it was like being pleasured on the angling table by both Rick and Josh, not to mention a few others.

Both Josh and Mark couldn't believe their eyes, lost in their own world while staring at David. Neither could believe just how gorgeous he is, or was. David's nude body tormented their photo flashing brain while licking their lips at the activity taking place in front of them. Josh was the first to take matters in his own hand, undoing his belt and lowering his pants to hold onto his massively hard 8-1/2" uncut cock. Mark looked down and his mouth watered cause he had sucked the red headed foreskin covered cock on a daily basis. He knew all too well what it felt like to have Josh's thick uncut cock rooting inside his asshole; feeling his two large red hair covered balls slapping against his own.

Mark instinctively withdrew his boner and began jerking on his 6" somewhat slender hard boy-next-door meat. Josh took a peak at Mark's jerking cock and watered at the mouth while staring at the hard cock and his two lightly blondish/brown hair covered small balls. Josh remembered how those small balls of Mark's delivered such a large and tasty load. Leaning back just a bit, Josh stared at the two small cheeks of Mark's and licked his lips at what he already knew rested between the two creamy white mounds.

Their ears rang in desperation as they heard David softly, more so angelically, moan, and their friend, Rick, who was whimpering like a scolded puppy while lapping at the gorgeous recruit's asshole. Both Mark and Josh began slinging their clothes off, still oblivious to either Rick or David. Neither, unaware of their solitude inside the examining room. Josh was the first to totally jerk his clothes off and silently walked over to Rick who was still whimpering while tongue fucking the tightest and tastiest asshole his tongue had ever drilled. Josh sat on his back and inched his body to the stand of the table, wedging himself between David's stretched right leg and Rick's ass eating body, and slid David's hard uncut meat into his hungry, cock thirsty mouth. Rick never took the time to really see who was sitting next to him sharing this gorgeous recruit, so he maintained slamming his tongue all around and in and out of David's divine tasting hole.

David realized somebody else was in the room as soon as his cock slid into one hell of a hot mouth, but at this point, he really didn't care. Mark shucked his clothes off and stood there for a second completely naked. His rock hard cut six inches of teen pride stood straight out from his smooth body with a slight upwards arch. Gracefully, Mark walked over in front of where David's head hung low and using his hands, lifted the gorgeous recruit's face up high enough so that his cock was pointing at David's quivering lips. Once David saw Mark, his eyes opened wide at Mark's inherent beauty and immediately wrapped his lips around the torpedo shaped cock head. Mark started rotating his hips, slowly driving his hard cock in and out of the sucking mouth of David while his hands held the sides of the most gorgeous person in the worlds head. The burning heat scorching his cock caused Mark's legs to buckle, but he forced himself to stand and enjoy the hot mouth sucking his love pole.

Josh sucked on David's uncut cock and dwelled between the area of the foreskin and David's cock head. Josh slurped and just like Rick, began whimpering at the mind boggling flavor. While Rick was continuing his tongue assault in David's tasty asshole, Josh began fumbling with Rick's pants. In very little time, Josh unleashed Rick's hard cock and Rick was even more thankful that his cock was set free. Josh wrapped his large left hand around the Rick's meaty cock, and a meaty cock it was. Almost seven inches of extremely fat cock rested, convulsing, in Josh's hand. Rick's thick cock was slimy from pre cum and it was Josh who remembered the first time he saw Rick put that fat cock up Mark's tiny asshole. But, that was then, and now the three of them had a golden opportunity to have sex with the one person their fantasies could have only provided before.

David reached up and slid his hands along and over Mark's smooth butt cheeks, allowing his finger tips to travel inside the damp, lightly covered hairy crack, resting a fingertip on Mark's quivering poop chute. Mark tossed his head back as David's finger penetrated his asshole causing his legs to buckle once more. Shaking on his two feet, Mark felt the familiar boiling in his loins and fought drastically to maintain his staying power. The asshole clutched David's finger as he tried to move it in and out while his mouth savored the slender cock plunging in and out of his more than willing cock sucking mouth.

Josh pounded his own pre cum slinging meat while stroking Rick's fat cock, and lost in the mood of sucking David's gorgeous piece of uncut meat. Rick slid a finger inside David's asshole to be a companion to his anal exploring tongue forcing David to grunt as the finger worked its way all the way inside him. Rick used his finger like a shovel and eagerly and hungrily shoveled David's intoxicating anal juices inside his ass eating mouth. David continued to shove his ass onto Rick's tongue and finger causing his own cock to grind inside Josh's burning hot mouth.

Mark grunted and fought back a scream as his cock exploded inside David's sucking mouth. David felt Mark's cock expand and heard him grunt and wrapped his lips around the crown of the torpedo shaped cock head as blast after thick blast flung into his mouth. The grip on David's head tightened but Mark didn't try and force David's head onto his erupting cock. Mark's hips bucked and jerked and David felt each blistering sperm missile fire into his rapidly cum filled mouth. David lost count of sperm torpedoes after he reached eight, but Mark was nowhere done sending his seed into his mouth. The feeling of Mark's cock erupting in his mouth caused his own cock to explode inside Josh's mouth. Soon enough, Josh trapped the sperm shooting load while increasing his cock sucking method on David's delicious cock.

Rick shot a second finger up David's saliva slick asshole as David was feeding Josh his sperm firing load while Mark was emptying his own cannon inside David's sperm filled mouth. David felt his cheeks being bloated with Mark's hot and thick cream and had no other choice but to start swallowing. Opening his throat, a large thick load slid down his throat tickling his taste buds in the process. His taste glands detected a mild salty flavor, but nothing to ever complain about, but David was more than surprised of the huge load Mark was sending into his mouth. David swallowed desperately to match pace with the sperm shooting cock lodged inside his mouth as to not spill a single drop. Josh whimpered as just a little of David's sperm slid down his throat and realized he had never tasted such a delicate tasting load in his cock sucking lifetime. The more of David's sperm he sampled, the more he cravingly desired. David swallowed and swallowed and whimpered loudly as he gulped down the extra thick load spewing from Mark's mouth fucking cock. David's cock was completely drained, but still hard inside Josh's mouth when Mark finally stopped spraying his mouth with his creamy heavy load. David felt his belly swell from all the sperm he had drank as he felt the two fingers and the tongue plunder inside his asshole.

Mark slid his cock from David's mouth making a popping noise caused from David's suctioning mouth as Rick removed his fingers and tongue from David's puckering butt hole. Rick tore the remainder of his clothes off while Josh stood up and rapidly began tongue fucking David's butt hole. Mark sat on his butt and slid backwards and filled his mouth with David's hard cock. Mark wrapped his small hand around Josh's long meaty pole and began stroking it as Rick, now totally naked, walked in front of David. David's eyes almost popped out of his head as he stared at the fat jutting cock before him. Rick's cock was so fat, it hung down. The large mushroom head was almost the same thickness as the shaft and David quickly realized that the cock in front of him was thicker than the Gunny's monster cock, but not near as long.

David stretched his mouth wide and just a small portion of Rick's giant cock head fit inside his straining mouth. Mark sucked on David's hard cock while using his right hand to roll David's hairless small nuggets and used his left hand to stroke Josh's hard fuck pole. Josh shoved two thick fingers up David's asshole while his tongue dined on the flavor rich anal canal. Mark felt the burning heat steaming from David's mouth and nostrils and relished in the sensation that his cock was inside this gorgeous young recruit's mouth.

Several minutes later, Rick grunted loudly as his fat cock blistered sperm waves into David's aching mouth. David thought his jaws were being unhinged from the thickness of Rick's inhuman fat cock. Wave after wave of thick sperm volleys filled David's mouth. Just like with Mark, David had to start swallowing the heavy cream. Rick's sperm was far more saltier tasting than Mark's and David's initial reaction was to gag and the mild bitter fluid slowly sliding down his stretched throat. Glob after thick glob fell into his stomach and David was a bit thankful when the last of Rick's salty cream fell into his stomach. Although Rick shot off a large load, his sperm was no way as much as Mark had offered, thankfully enough. David thought his stomach was filled to the rim with sperm after swallowing Mark's extremely heavy load, followed by Rick's not equally large supply.

David was somewhat relieved when Rick slid his fat cock from his mouth and Josh removed his fingers and tongue from his well eaten and overly fingered asshole. David felt Mark release his cock from his mouth and tried in vain to relieve some of the pain his jaw was giving him. David lowered his head with his brain spinning from all that was happening, but the three Navy men had other plans and this activity was by far, no-way over.

Large hand gripped David's head as a long thick cock pressed its way inside his mouth. Josh had slipped his impressive hard cock into David's mouth and quickly began to face fuck his cock in and out of David's more than sore mouth. Mark dove his tongue into David's asshole while Rick sucked on David's throbbing cock. David felt Mark shove three fingers into his asshole, but this time, unlike the others, he felt something cold as well. Mark had opened a tube of K-Y jelly and smeared the lubricant onto his fingers that were now sliding up David's muscle gripping ass. The coldness of the slick lubricant temporarily relieved David from thingking of his sore jaw and he began doing his best to milk the long thick beast shooting in and out of his mouth.

Rick was sucking feverishly on David's cock while pulling gently on David's small shriveled up nuggets. Mark had greased up David's muscle choking asshole with the lubricant and began massaging the cream onto his raging boner. Slowly sliding his oily fingers out of David's gripping asshole, Mark straddled Rick who was sitting on his butt sucking David's delicious cock, and pressed his mushroom head against the glistening little dot of David's asshole. David grunted and whimpered as he felt the slight burning of Mark's cock slide up his ass ever so gracefully. Mark clenched his eyes shut as the pressure of the caving anal walls surrounded his plunging cock, squeezing and milking his anal invading poker. Within seconds of having his cock buried inside David's anal cavern, Mark started ravishing his cock, like a mad dog, in and out of the super hot and wonderfully tight hole. With each forceful thrust, David swallowed more and more of Josh's thrusting cock and found his own cock to be fucking the sucking mouth of Rick.

David's body was completely void of his soul as his mind raced from his body. The hard cock blistering his asshole, and the long thick cock in his mouth, and the mouth on his cock with the fingers stretching his balls, completely and totally overwhelmed him from head to curling toes. Mark aggressively gripped David's slender hips and used them as a weapon to drive his hard cock, poundingly inch by inch, in and out of David's unbelievably tight hole. Gazing down, Mark watched as his cock retracted and David's anal ring fought with a vengeance to suck his cock back into its fiery depths. Josh looked on as the mouth on his cock and the soft delicate hands roaming on his furry ass cheeks was driving him absolutely insane. Josh had always thought it was Mark who was the most gorgeous guy he had ever been with, but that thought was quickly overruled with the presence of the young Marine recruit. Josh slung his head back just in time as his cock sprang his inner most life making juices into David's piping hot mouth. Squirt after thick squirt shot into David's mouth and David began swallowing the thick cream immediately. With Mark's metal like cock ravishing his asshole, Josh's thick cream sliding down his throat, and Rick working on his cock and balls, David shot off another liquid load. Rick whimpered as he felt the small fast shooting sperm balls hit the roof of his mouth. Just like before, David's sperm seemed to have only become sweeter with flavor the more he shot. David sensed that Josh's sperm was kind of salty, but not as bitter as Rick's, although he seemed to have more of a load then Rick did.

Mark bit his lips as his cock fired off the second round of the evening, sending what felt like gallons of hot cream up David's milking asshole. David moaned as his cock was shooting an intense orgasm while feeling every sperm missile strike further up his ass, thanks to Mark's drilling hard cock. Mark slammed his cock harder and harder up David's butt, forcing every ounce of his cream to fill David's thirsty bung hole. Mark's slinging balls struck David's stretched balls with force, causing him to be overwhelmed at his own instense orgasm while drinking the heavy cream from Josh's firing cock.

Josh pulled his sensitive cock out of David's mouth and stepped around while Mark jerkingly pulled his deflated cock out of David's sperm riddled asshole. David was doing more than panting at this point, almost completely exhausted, letting his head fall low, gasping for oxygen. Josh and Rick, standing on either side of David, unhiiked his feet from the stirrups, adjusted the table, and flipped his almost lifeless body onto his back. Placing his heels in each stirrup, Rick and Josh adjusted David's body and the table so that just a small portion of David's butt was on the table with his whole body leaning down and his ass pointing at an angle upwards. The shoulder rests prevented David from sliding off the downward angled tabled and his legs were spread wide and his heels were firmly in place inside the stirrups.

Mark leaned against a counter attempting to catch his own breath, entranced at David's heavenly beauty. While Rick and Josh whisperingly talked things over, Mark took the opportunity to suck on David's now sleeping cock once more. David's body jerked as soon as Mark sunk his mouth onto his cock, caressing his tightly snuggled balls in the mean while. Using a finger, Mark began to slowly dig inside David's sum filled butt while sucking passionaltey on the uncut beauty slowly akawening inside his working mouth. David lunged at precious air with his mouth and flaring nostrils as the heat on his rising cock increased. Mark sucked while bobbing his head up and down on David's rapidly growing boner, relishing in the smoothness that lies between the foreskin and David's cock head.

David opened his eyes just in time to see Rick straddle his face, facing towards his feet. The hairy covered ass opened and David saw the small butt hole completely surrounded by thick layers of curly black hair. Rick lowered his body, squatting his asshole onto David's mouth. David immediately smelled a heavy musky odor mixed with fresh sweat as his tongue instinctively darted out and began drilling at the hairy closed hole. David was enjoying the mouth worshiping his cock and became somewhat excited at digging his tongue into the musky odor asshole of Rick. Rick's large balls moved freely over his chin as his tongue slid rather easily inside the hair covered hole. Josh stood between David's legs, smearing the jelly all over his long thick cock, admiring his two friends dining on the gorgeous Marine recruit. His cock grew ever so hard in his lubricated hand as he inched his way up to the spread butt cheeks belonging to David. Mark winked a couple of times as he already knew what it was like being fucked by Josh, and Rick, as well.

Josh held his thick member with his right hand and shoved kind of hard at David's slick asshole. David yelled, or a stifling murmur, thanks to the hairy ass covering his face, as Josh slowly inched his impressive cock up David's stretching anal canal. David felt the pain, a sharp aching pain, as the thick cock worked its way up his butt. Oddly enough, David welcomed the painful sensation and became greedier than the three who were pleasing him in ever way. David began tryiing to use his ass muscles to grip and swallow the thick invader, whimperingly begging for Josh to hurry up and slam his beloved meat all the way inside him. Josh felt the tightness as well as the love cream left behind by his present day lover, Mark. Mark had cupped David's balls in his left hand and rocketed his head up and down on David's uncut hard cock. Josh wrapped his large arms around David's slender silk like thighs and began pounding his meaty vessel as hard and as furious as he could, forcing his large hairy balls to smash up against David's spread crack. A heavy and hard slapping noise filled the room as Josh slammed his long meat in and out of David's muscle tightening poop chute.

Rick began humping up and down on the extended tongue of David, driving his asshole harder and harder on the recruit's stretched tongue, while slowly stroking his fat cock. Rick barked an order to Mark, unheard clearly by David and soon David felt Mark climb up onto the table while still sucking on his cock. David took a deep breath as he stared at Mark's lightly hair covered asshole as Rick stroked his hard cock aiming it at Mark's puckering bung hole. David strained his eyes as he saw Mark slide his ass backwards, onto Rick's overly fat cock. Although David couldn't hear what was being said, he did hear Mark scream out as Rick's fat pole slid all the way inside Mark's ass. It was Rick who had sat perfectly still grinding his asshole onto David's tongue, but it was Mark who had impaled himself on the extra fat cock of Rick's. Mark slammed his own little butt onto Rick's meaty member while Mark sucked furiously on David's cock.

Josh continued his anal assualt, showing no mercy whatsoever as he slammed and pounded his long thick pole in and out of David's churning asshole. With each violent thrust, David's air shot out of his open mouth and nostrils, sending his oxygen into Rick's face pounding asshole. David quickly realized that the harder Mark slammed his butt onto Rick's fat pole, the harder he sucked his balls and the more rapidly his hands played with David's nuggets. David's tongue lapped inside Rick's musky odorized hole while the ass on his face bucked wildly. Without realizing it, and no warning being offered, David's cock jerked and twitched, shooting a small amount of sperm into Mark's worhsiping mouth. As the first taste of David's sperm shocked his taste glands, Mark began to drive his ass onto Rick's cock with a vengeance. Mark delighted at the taste of the small amount of sweet sperm and continued to suck and suck hoping for more of the delicious sweet nectar to fill his sperm hungry mouth.

David had tears rolling down the corners of his eyes as his body violently shook at the tremendously intense orgasm rifling through his body. Josh picked up his tempo even more, driving his long thick organ all the way in and all the way out of David's gripping hole. Josh pumped his meat frantically tossing his head to and fro, obsorbed in the tightness and drunk with passion. Josh fought back the urge to drain his loins as long as he possibly could, but with two more powerful thrusts, his hard cock puked out his rocket shooting sperm, deep inside David's ass. David felt each missile launch inside him and he dug harder and deeper with his tongue inside Rick's juicy bung hole. Mark continued his anal slamming assault on Rick's pole while sucking the skin off of David's rock hard cock. Josh drove his cock harder into David, forcing his thick fluid to escape in the darkness and depth of David's mind boggling ass.

Josh pulled his deflated cock out of David's ass in rhythm with Rick lifting his leg up pulling his ass off of David's tongue and his cock out of Mark's gaping asshole. David looked at the opened asshole of Mark in somewhat of disbelief. He couldn't believe how easily Mark took the fat cock and even more so was amazed at how wide open Mark's asshole still was. David could literally see straight into the gaping darkness, noticing the faded pinkness of Mark's anal canal. But, that moment would soon be blinded as Josh shoved his matted red haired covered ass onto his face. David's nostrils quickly filled with the stench of unclean ass sliding back and forth on his face. Josh reached behind and spread his hairy cheeks open and sat down on David's odor witdrawn mouth, leaving his unhappy nose pressed against the smelly bud.

Mark was still on his knees sucking the daylights out of David's cock when David felt Rick knocking on his backdoor. David felt the huge knob press against his asshole and for the first time since all this began, became somewhat nervous, more so scared. Rick's cock was thicker than the Gunny's and the Gunny's cock left him sore for a few days. Now, here he was, flat on his back with a mouthful of stinky ass and a hot mouth on his cock and Rick wanting to shove that enormously fat cock up his ass. David almost refused to stick his tongue up Josh's asshole, mainly from the raw stench his nostrils was being tormented by, but as soon as his no cooperating asshole opened, Rick's fat cock head slipped inside forcing David to open his mouth and suck in the raw stench of nasty air. His anal canal was on fire from being torn from the inside out as Rick slowly inserted the meaty pole deeper and deeper up his burning asshole.

With his mouth open, David awkwardly and inadvertently stuck out his tongue. His tongue slid right up against Josh's stink hole and soon David's mouth was engulfed with ass hair and a foul taste. Josh scrubbed his ass on David's face while watching Mark suck David's cock and Rick feeding David his thick poker. Only muffled grunts and whimpers could be heard from David as the thick monster traveled to its winding depths up his shocked anal canal. Relentlessly, David fought to relax his ass muscles, but they fought back against the heavyweight intruder, only causing further unwanted pain. The more his anal muscles clamped down, the sharper and more intense the pain intensifide. David tried to slide his head from side to side, but the wide ass cheeks of Josh trapped his head and he had no other choice but to inadvertanly stab his tongue against the smelly hairy hole. The taste of Josh's unclean asshole left his tongue numb, as he slid his tongue up and down the hairy ass crack, stabbing at the winking hole upon each swipe of the smelly hole.

The fat cock lodged inside his ass, ached painfully as Rick began to slowly fuck the pain right out of him. Inching his cock almost all the way out, Rick would slide his cock all the way in, inch by fat inch, until his pubic hair smashed against David's cupped balls which were being held firmly by Mark. For David, it seemed like hours had passed since Rick had his fat poker up his chute and he was lapping at Josh's stinky hole, but somewhere in time, Mark had crammed Josh's cock up his ass and once again began humping his little butt onto another long and fat cock. By this time, Rick began plowing David's ass with his meaty love pole and David no longer felt pain, but absolute pleasure. His asshole was sore from the previous cocks that tore into his anal system, but the thick cock up his ass now only forced him to want more.

Sometime later, David was on the brink of sheer exhaustion and Rick showed no sighns of letting up. David's tongue was sore, as well as his well fucked asshole, and even his cock was getting on the tender side. Josh let out a loud moan as he shot off his load into the bucking ass of Mark. Mark whimpered as each hot jet shot up his asshole and his fingers dug harder into David's hard little nuggets. With Josh moaning and Mark whimpering, Rick finished the trio by sending gallons of sperm fuel up the tank of David. Rick gyrated his hips while slamming his fuck pole harder and deeper into David's already sperm filled butt hole. David's tongue fucked Josh's asshole with a blinding speed as each sperm bullet struck his anal wall. David became delirious with lust as each sperm cell fired off into his ass forcing his ass muscles to involuntarily go into convulsions on the pounding piece of horse meat. Rick slung his head all over as the muscles tore into his cock like an anaconda capturing its meal.

David felt his stomach as it bloated from all the sperm as more man seed was being pumped into his gullet. Rick was still fucking the sperm out of his cock when Josh leaped off of him and Mark. David looked at Josh's cock and saw that it was all slimy and coated with sperm and Mark's anal debris. Josh almost fell against the counter behind him and before David had tome to react, Mark scooted his ass backwards onto David's face. Mark's asshole was still a perfect circle, but a wide open circle at that. David's mouth was already open as the first seapage of Josh's fresh sperm fell into David's mouth. Mark's asshole had a slight unclean odor, but not nowhere as strong as Josh's was. David stabbed his tongue inside the open hole and swabbed the inside of Mark's anal wall. More and more of Josh's cum fell into his mouth and David became more excited at this new and rewarding experience. Rick continued his anal plunging assualt and Mark never once released his mouth off of David's sore cock. Rick was slowly using fast and powerful thrusts, driving his fat, still rock hard, cock deep inside David and David was getting Josh's salty sperm along with Mark's anal juices. From the excitement of his asshole being plowed and Mark's mouth on his cock and Mark's sperm dripping ass on his tongue, David released yet another powerful load into Mark's anxiously awaiting mouth. Six powerful shots, a steady dribble, four more hard blasts, ending with a a two second delay of oozing cream filled Mark's mouth.

Mark savored the delicious cream as if he were a wine taster at an international event. David's uncut pole fell deafly asleep inside the hot oven of Mark's mouth. Mark held the deflated cock as he slowly drank the precious liquid of this gorgeous recruit. Rick, on the other hand, kept pounding his meaty pole in and out of David until his load shot out once again, David's body tensed as he felt the fiery hot blast of more man cream fill his already full ass. Rick whimpered and moaned as the last of his hot cream evaded his rapidly deflating cock. Once Rick's cock fell completely limp, he slipped it out of David's asshole and took a step backwards. In total awe, Rick watched the gaping hole, filled with sperm, quickly begin to seal itself shut. Within ten seconds, the tiny dot of an asshole regained its gorgeous form as one hell of a tight seal.

Josh helped Mark off of the table and helped him regain his composure after almost falling from his kees being so wobbly. David lay perfectly still, totally exhausted, gasping for precious and well needed air. Every part of his body screamed of a sore ache, but his insides were more than pleased from all that had just happened. The trio, Rick, Josh, and Mark stood withing a few feet of the heavy breathing Marine recruit, all thinking the same exact thing; he is without a doubt the most gorgeous creature on earth and they were the luckiest people in the world to have shared this once in a lifetime opportunity with him. David's eyes were tightly closed and he lay perfectly still, thinking only of the one man who he so desperately wanted to be with; Gunny Drake.

"What in the mother fucking hell is going on here!" All eight eyes immediately fell onto the direction of the voice from Hell. There, standing in the doorway, larger than life, stood Gunny Drake.