David was still laying on the examining table, feet still hooked inside the stirrups, with his upper body angling to the floor and his succulent, cum dripping ass, smiling upwards to the ceiling. Gunny Drake stood at the doorway, mesmerized by all the nudity, as well in total disbelief of seeing his young recruit so graciously filled with sperm. The Gunny stared intently into the watery eyes of David while the three Navy men stood patiently on trembling knees. One side of David was more than happy to see his dream lover arrive, but the other side, feared the worst after being caught in this awkward predicament. The Gunny watched as a glob of sperm oozed out of David's asshole, forming a single gooey line darting toward the floor.

The Gunny glanced over at the three Navy guys and a devilish grin snickered across his rugged face. Gunny Drake had noticed cute little Mark in his tight whites on numerous occasions and once longed for the day to slam his monster cock up the cute boy's slender ass, or at least, until David Campbell popped into his hidden homosexual life. From Gunny Drake's angle, he could see Mark's small bubble butt in all its graceful curves. Licking his lips, as if appearing nervous, Gunny Drake barked, "You mother fucking little squids, you think you can just fuck any recruit. BULL SHIT! You there (pointing at Mark), get your little ass over here and get your mouth on some real Marine Corps dick!" Mark was caught off-guard at the Gunny's order, but he too, knew the man's reputation all too well.

Mark walked over and knelt before Gunny Drake while the Gunny stared deliciously at Mark's semi-erect cock and dark blond bush. Taking his time, darting his eyes back and forth from Mark to David, the Gunny barked, "Well, you little squid, you can suck my dick through my fucking pants, can you?" Mark didn't say a word as his fingers fumbled at the buttons to the Gunny's military camouflage pants. Once the buttons cooperated, Mark shot his fingers of his right hand inside the pants and through the opening of the boxer shorts and almost fainted in disbelief. The man standing before him had the fattest and longest soft cock he had ever touched and wasted very little time fishing the hidden beast out of the material. Once the Gunny's flaccid cock came into view, all eyes fell upon it.

Rick and Josh both gulped in unison as their eyes watered in awe at the swinging monster that limped over Mark's right hand. Not having to be told, Mark opened his mouth and inserted the large organ, relishing in the sweaty flavor of the tasty monster meat. In no time at all, the monster cock angrily awoke causing Mark to gag numerous times. Realizing he in no way would be able to even come close to deep throat the beast, Mark savored the large knob that completely filled his bloated mouth. Even to David's eyes, the Gunny's giant cock even seemed to be larger than before. Mark's left hand tried to cup the two massive hairy balls and quickly realized that they too, were just as heavy as the meat in his mouth.

The Gunny ordered, "You there (pointing at Josh), get behind me and eat my Marine ass! NOW!" Josh obeyed and almost ran behind the Gunny and placed his hands on the two hairy muscular orbs while kneeling. David almost smiled at the thought of Josh's dirty smelling ass and now he was going to get a mouthful, or a tongue full of the Gunny's sweaty ass. Josh pulled at the two tight cheeks and spread them open enough for his face to snuggle in between the hairy crack. His nostrils flared as he got a strong whiff of the aroma steaming out of the Gunny's sweaty bung hole. It was a heavy musk odor dripping wet in man sweat. Josh slammed his tongue at the Gunny's tight hole and began slobbering all over the big Marine's butt hole with a fiery passion while Mark snaked his tongue all over the large knob of the Gunny's enormous cock.

"You (pointing at Rick), come over here and wash my balls off!" Rick immediately knelt beside Mark and quickly began tongue bathing the two large hairy testicles with a fiery passion. Gunny Drake looked over at David and gave a quick wink and a brief smile before placing one hand on top of Mark's head and the other falling on top of Rick's head. David could clearly hear the slurping and whimpering coming from the three Navy guys as they worked desperately on the Gunny's lower body. The scene burning an impression in his mind caused David's lifeless cock to twitch and jerk itself back into its former rigid state. The Gunny looked over at David who was innocently stroking his own meat with his eyes tightly sealed and inwardly worshipped every part of him. The Gunny dreamed that David was his lover and to be so for the rest of their lives.

The mouths and tongues on his cock, balls, and asshole brought the Gunny back to reality and out of dream land. The Gunny was about four feet away from David who was still stroking his precious uncut meat, so the Gunny tried to inch his way over to him, keeping the three who were working on him passionately in the same position. The Gunny wanted, no needed, to touch David's body, to feel the eloquence of his silk like body, to smell his natural intoxicating body odor mixed with the heavy sex scent that filled the room. It took several minutes for the Gunny to inch himself and the other three over to David, but once there, he leaned over and their lips met and their tongues crashed into a bitter battle. Gunny Drake roamed his hands freely along David's smooth hairless chest, admiring every muscular contour outlining David's splendid body.

Mark's mouth ached from the expansion of the huge thick beast inside his stretched mouth. His tongue continued to swirl around the enormous knob, lapping at the delicious pre cum as it flowed freely from the gaping piss slit. Never before had Mark seen a cock so long and so thick, except on a bucking stallion, but the cock in his mouth was on a man, no, a Marine legend. The Gunny moaned as the tongue belonging to Josh slid in and out of his saliva lubricated asshole while Rick managed to slip one of the Gunny's huge hairy balls into his mouth. David was lost in his own world thanks to the Gunny's long thick tongue swirling around inside his mouth and the large calloused hands strolling through the valleys of his chest and stomach. Though David had been fucked by the three Navy guys, the man whose tongue was lapping inside his mouth was the very same man who popped his cherry, as well as the very same man he so desperately and passionately longed for.

The Gunny slipped his mouth from David's and hungrily began licking and sucking down the young Marine recruit's chest, stopping at the beautiful slit called his belly button. The Gunny's right hand slipped along David's jutting hard cock , falling onto David's two perfectly shriveled hairless nuggets. Two of the Gunny's long thick fingers easily slipped inside David's cum dripping asshole and the Gunny immediately felt the burning heat inside his dream lover's hot anal canal, as well as the muscles clamping down on his invading fingers. David closed his eyes and a loud long moan escaped his quivering lips. David bucked his slender hips as Gunny Drake opened his mouth and swallowed David's uncut piece of wonder meat, all the way to his sweat smelling cum drenched pubes.

The hard uncut meat of David felt right at home inside the bobbing mouth of the Gunny, and his fingers darting around and in and out of David's butt hole only managed to heighten his already animalistic horny state. David unconsciously brought both of his hands to his nipples and he began pinching and pulling on the tiny buds, inflicting pleasurable pain on himself. Moans, slurping, and whimpering noises splashed across the room that was already over loaded with the intoxicating aroma of man sex. Josh drove his tongue as deep into the hairy ass of the Gunny as his tongue would allow, but only craved more as his hands trembled while spreading the hairy muscular ass of the man who drove his asshole onto his thrusting tongue.

Sometime later, it was the Gunny who ordered all activity to stop. Mark, Josh, and Rick stood side by side to the right side of David's head, all eyes gleaming on the huge jerking cock of the Gunny, who was now tearing out of his clothes. Once the Gunny had removed all of his clothes and was standing there completely naked, he eyed all of the men who were standing before him with their raging boners standing at full attention. As far as the Gunny was concerned, the only two that really interested him was Mark and his beloved David, Josh and Rick were okay, but just not the type of guys he actually preferred. The Gunny's eyes fell onto the man he had secretly jacked-off to many times, young Mark. His blond curly pubes only outlined his slender cock and the Gunny's mouth soon filled with water as his eyes darted from Mark's slender body to David's tight and muscular body.

The Gunny ordered Josh to drop to his knees and suck on Rick's massive erection. Josh had no problem with this cause he sucked on Rick's cock on a daily basis. Mark stood on trembling knees awaiting his instructions keeping his eyes on the inhuman cock bouncing up and down with a strand of pre cum stringing its way to the floor. David's eyes caught the same thing as Mark and David both, licked their lips while fighting back the urge to blow all the sperm free from their muscle tightening ass. Looking straight at Mark, the Gunny said, "Get between Recruit Campbell's legs and start sucking on his dick!" Mark wasted no time and relished in the thought he would once again taste the delicious piece of meat, and if luck would have it, maybe get another mouth load of his unbelievable sweet tasting sperm.

While Mark eagerly slammed David's stiff boner all the way inside his cock sucking mouth, the Gunny wasted no time in kneeling behind Mark, rubbing his large calloused hands over the two small perky mounds of Mark's hot looking ass. Spreading the milky mounds open, the Gunny took a deep breath as he gazed at the soft light colored hairs darting up and down Mark's mouth watering ass crack. The small hole was covered lightly with blondish brown hair as his nostrils flared angrily, sucking in the fresh aroma spewing from the pretty pink love hole. The Gunny slid his thick tongue up and down Mark's ass crack forcing soft moans to escape Mark's cock filled mouth. His tongue found the hole without any problems and the Gunny began digging away at the sealed entrance with all the passion and burning desire known to mankind.

Josh was bobbing his mouth up and down on Rick's massive cock while digging his fingers into the man's hairy asshole. Rick clutched the sides of Josh's head for support and began aiding his cock sucking friend by driving his mouth harder onto his beast like weapon. Josh gagged more than a few times, but the natural born cock sucker he was only induced that much more of a mad desire to swallow the thick piece of rigid flesh all the way down his throat. Rick felt the long finger of Josh's slide up his chute causing his legs to rise high up onto his stretched toes. Josh enjoyed the feeling of his friend's tight anal canal as the heat and muscles gripped his finger ever so tightly. During their cock sucking frenzy and asshole invading finger fucking, both Josh and Rick inched their way backwards to the point that Rick's hairy ass was a mere inch away from David's low hung head. David was more than in sheer ecstasy while Mark was sucking on his cock and lovingly torturing his tiny nuggets. The man's not so clean hairy ass filled David's heavy breathing nostrils with astonishing lust.

David stretched his head as far as he could stretch and instinctively stuck out his tongue to accompany Josh's ass plunging finger. Rick moaned as he felt David's tongue wiggle around his asshole, in unison with Josh's pile driving finger. David swam around the massive amount of hair until his tongue cleared the hairy vines and slipped into the man's heavy scented bung hole. Mark could feel the thick tongue of the Gunny as it snaked its way inside his stretched anal cavity. Only the fact that he had the most gorgeous cock in the world inside his mouth, belonging to the most gorgeous guy in the world, prevented him from going absolutely crazy. Mark cooed and moaned as the Gunny drove his super thick and long tongue deeper and deeper up his cock starved asshole. The Gunny feverishly licked and sucked at the soft scented sweetness of Mark's ass juice filled love tunnel. To the Gunny, Mark's ass was better than he had ever dreamed of, but still, Mark's tasty ass was no match for David's angelic hole.

While Mark was being rimmed from the rear, he stuck three fingers up David's cum dripping asshole while continuing to suck the life from the gorgeous recruit's cock. David relished the loving fingers diving away in his asshole and began using his tongue like a pitch fork up Rick's stink spewing asshole. Rick was getting ever so close and Josh detected the man's desire to spill his love seed, so Josh slipped his mouth off of Rick's giant fuck stick. Within seconds, Josh now shoved his asshole onto David's ass eating tongue and it was Rick who greedily dropped to his knees and began sucking on Josh's straining erection. In David's bewildered mind, Josh's asshole was dirtier smelling than Rick's, but at this point in the game, he really didn't give a shit. David crammed his tongue through the massive amount of ass hairs, striking the object firing off the foul odor and shot his tongue up Josh's asshole within a split second. Now, it was Josh who was whimpering and moaning while having his asshole pillaged and his cock deep throated. Rick began pulling at Josh's enlarged nuts while hungrily swallowing the man's rigid boner to the hilt.

The Gunny had lubricated Mark's tongue filled asshole to the point he now had both thumbs right at the entrance of the young Navy man's asshole, spreading the pink hole wide open. The Gunny stuffed his entire thick tongue up Mark's asshole, swallowing the wonder juice seeping from within the hot looking Navy man's anal canal. It was David who screamed out as the fingers of Mark, as well as Mark's mouth did a marvelous number on his shaking body. Mark felt David's cock expand and soon his cock sucking mouth was filled with David's heavenly cream. Four hard bursts of delicious recruit cream struck the roof of Mark's mouth, followed by a slow, but steady trickle of the five star delight. As the first taste of David's sperm slipped down Mark's throat, just as before, he was lost in the sweetness of David's thick cream. Mark was swallowing, savoring each portion as David's pulsating cock continued to greet his welcoming mouth with more of the unnatural super delicious thick and creamy sperm.

The Gunny backed away from Mark's ass while ordering, "You (pointing at Josh) get on the table on your back and you (pointing at David) sit on his cock facing his feet. Josh got onto the table as soon as David was assisted in getting off. Josh was on his back with his legs spread as David eagerly climbed back onto the table with his feet barely hanging onto the sides. David reached back with his left hand and grabbed the thick meat and guided Josh's cock to his asshole. In one motion, David sat all the way onto the man's rigid love pole and began bouncing up and down like a wild bull. The Gunny, Mark, and Rick stood there in total awe at the young gorgeous sex machine riding Josh's man meat. David pounced up and down on Josh's hard cock, inwardly craving for more. The tremendous and wonderful feeling of having his asshole filled with cock took his entire being into another world. The Gunny stepped between Josh's spread legs and temporarily stopped David from fucking the man's hard cock. The Gunny helped David turn completely around and gently guided David to lean onto Josh's hairy chest, keeping the man's super hard cock buried all the way inside his cock hungry asshole. David had no clue what the Gunny intended, but he wanted desperately to ride the love pole pulsating up his ass.

Pointing at Rick, the Gunny ordered, "Get between them and join your squid friend. Lube up your dick and fill this recruit's asshole with your cock!" Rick wasted no time in applying a heavy coating of lubricant to his cock and even more to David's already cock filled asshole. David trembled knowing that Josh's cock was already big enough, but Rick's cock was way bigger and definitely a lot thicker. While Rick was applying the lube to his cock and David's asshole, the Gunny shuffled Mark over to the head of the table and ordered David to lean his head even further down and suck Mark's pre cum dripping cock. David sucked furiously on Mark's slender love pole while Josh rotated his hips, driving his hard cock all around David's cum sloppy asshole. The Gunny pushed Mark over David's stretched body, his lips finding David's semi erect cock, and enveloped the meaty stick in one stealth motion. Mark felt the Gunny's fingers pry at his ass crack and he waited in anticipation for the thick and long monster to penetrate his hole while savoring David's tasty and delicious pre cum.

Mark closed his eyes tightly as he felt the Gunny's huge cock push against his quivering asshole. With one mighty Marine Corp heave, the Gunny forced his one eyed monster between Mark's slender butt cheeks, deep into the dark hot crevice of his anal canal. Mark fought back the urge to cry out and did his best to focus on sucking David's rapidly growing uncut cock, but the fiery pain inside his ass was immense thanks to the thickness of the Gunny's giant horse cock. Inch by inch, the Gunny slid his thick member up Mark's fiery ass while holding a firm grip onto Mark's slender hips. Mark's legs began shaking violently while the huge cock made its way all the way up his well used asshole. Mark's eyes rolled to the back of his head as his own cock unintentionally shot all the way inside David's cock sucking mouth. His balls pressed hard against David's nose and with the Gunny's pounding motion, Mark's cock inadvertently drove in and out of David's mouth like a pile driver.

David was absorbed with Josh's cock filling his ass and Mark's hot cock blistering in and out of his aching mouth, but soon woke up into a painstaking reality when Rick slipped his fat cock against his slimy asshole. Rick held onto his thick cock with his right hand and pressed hard, slipping his giant knob into David's cock filled rectum. Thanks to the cock rifling in his mouth, David was unable to scream as the pain ricochet throughout his body. His asshole was already over loaded with Josh's hard cock and now Rick was going to put his thick beast inside his asshole as well. David tossed his head from side to side, keeping Mark's cock inside his mouth the whole time. Fiery pain tore at his asshole and tears rolled down from the corner of his eyes. David thought his asshole was being pried open from the inside out and the pain only intensified. The underside of Rick's fat cock laid across Josh's cock as it slowly slid deeper and deeper, stretching David wider than ever before. The rocking motion of the Gunny slamming his meat into Mark forced David's body onto the two cocks inside his asshole. Rick tried to go ever so slow, but because of Mark's asshole getting pounded, his cock shot inside David's asshole with some speed. Mark was having his own troubles with the long thick cock blistering his asshole. He couldn't wait for the pain to go away so he could actually get into the rhythm of things. The huge monster pounded his asshole unlike any cock before it and Mark sucked on David's cock like his life would end tomorrow.

Josh couldn't believe just how tight things got inside David's asshole. With his cock buried to the hilt and now Rick's cock crashing down on top of his, Josh was in a dazed state of confusion. Rick managed to bury his cock and began to slowly fuck the living shit out of David while messaging Josh's hard cock in the process. Both cocks moved gracefully in and out of David's ass in sync with the Gunny pounding Mark's pretty blond ass. Grunts, groans, moans, and whimpers filled the small room as the crashing sound of flesh slapping flesh echoed off the walls.

David's, once pain riddled body, soon relaxed and his asshole welcomed the two hard cocks darting in and out of his asshole. With Mark's hot mouth on his cock and Josh and Rick's fat cocks stuck up his asshole, and last but not least, Mark's hard cock slamming in and out of his mouth, sent David over the edge. His cock pulsed and expanded and Mark lovingly accepted David's creamy jets of mouth watering sperm. Mark groaned as the Gunny's cock filled his cock loving asshole and his mouth filling up with David's sweat and thick nectar. David grunted loudly as his cock erupted, causing his anal muscles to clamp down on the two cocks ripping through his anal canal. Both Josh and Rick felt the muscles coil around their cocks and all too soon, both Rick and Josh began filling David's asshole with more of their thick and creamy man cream.

As the noise in the room became louder at a feverish pitch, Mark soon unleashed a heavy load into David's mouth. David gulped down the salty specimen while feeling the two cocks in his asshole spitting their juices deep inside him. His own cock throbbed and forced more sperm to fall into Mark's pressurized cock sucking mouth. The Gunny began swatting both of Mark's slender ass cheeks as his giant cock exploded, sending gallons upon gallons of his thick Marine Corps spunk up Mark's greedy asshole. Mark felt the sperm missiles strike deep into his bowels with tremendous force. With each thud of the Gunny's hot thick cream, Mark's own cock shot more of his sperm into David's mouth by the bucket loads. David swallowed and swallowed to match pace with Mark's spewing cock. His own sensations were dull after his mind boggling orgasm with two very hard and thick cocks still pillaging inside his asshole.

A few minutes later, both Rick and Josh's cock slipped out of David's cum drenched asshole, causing Rick to lean against the counter on wobbly knees. The Gunny pulled his still hard cock out of Mark's asshole and Mark could do nothing but lean on David's chest, keeping David's flaccid cock inside his mouth. Everyone in the room were panting like dogs, gasping for oxygen. The Gunny pulled Mark off of David and Mark staggered over to the other counter and held on for support. Sperm was oozing out of David's rapidly closing asshole, dripping onto the floor and table. David's belly felt full with all the sperm that had filled his ass. David tried to stand, but it was the Gunny who caught him in his arms as Josh rolled off of the table to join Rick at the counter.

All in the room thought this wonderful ordeal was winding down, but the Gunny had enough energy for some more, or at least with his beloved David. Guiding David over to the counter, the Gunny grabbed David's right leg and placed it on the counter top. Using his left foot, the Gunny sort of kicked David's left foot out a bit more. David looked straight ahead into the mirror directly in front of him. He could see the Gunny behind him and in a split second, felt the Gunny's monstrous cock slide up his well sperm filled asshole. The Gunny placed his left hand on David's left shoulder while his right hand locked onto David's right thigh. Even though David had just had both Josh's and Rick's cock up his ass at the same time, he definitely could feel the Gunny's thick cock in action. David licked his lips while straining his ass muscles to clutch around the massive horse like organ working its way deep inside his ass. Stretching his left arm, David reached under him and latched onto the bull balls of the Gunny.

The Gunny was overwhelmed by David's extra fine ass and his emotions were lost in time as he stared in the mirror and into his beloved lover's eyes while plowing the ass he couldn't see living without. David's right hand found his left nipple and he began twisting, turning, and pulling on the tiny skin while clamping his ass muscles with each animalistic thrust by the Gunny. Rick, Josh, and Mark looked on in awe, envious of the Gunny impaling this gorgeous recruit's miraculous asshole. With the small and over heated hand on his bull balls, the Gunny felt his orgasm building. His thrusts were long and hard and the Gunny used his left hand to bring David's head backwards with the most loving of gestures. Soon, David and the Gunny's tongues were thrashing about, diving in and out of the other's mouth. As their lips sealed one another and their tongues exploring the other's fiery hot mouth, the Gunny's meaty cock spewed its hot load up David's cock choking ass. Their grunts were muffled as their tongues sparked into an incredible battle as the Gunny unleashed his heavy load inside David. David felt each burst of sperm splash inside him, but his only concern was of the man who held him tightly.

Breathing became more of a concern as their lips separated and the Gunny's now flaccid cock slipped out of David's well fucked asshole. As soon as the Gunny's cock left his asshole, David felt more of an emptiness feeling than anything else. David's gut felt as though it was about to explode sperm everywhere, so he politely excused himself to go to the bathroom. While David was in the bathroom, the others got dressed without uttering a single word. As soon as David sat on the toilet, his bowels exploded sperm balls into the water. To him, he sat on the toilet for what seemed like forever. Just when he thought he was done, more sperm erupted out of his system.

Upon David's return back to the room, all four men stared at him as their eyes witness the nude form of an angel and all his perfect grace. As David got dressed, everyone in the room looked on, each licking their lips while going back in time remembering just how he smelled and how wonderful he tasted. In their eyes and in their minds, David was the symbol for perfection!

David had been reassigned a new bed and now he lay in it on the bottom bed trying to fall asleep. His asshole ached from all the activity it had encountered earlier in the day. His cock lay lifeless, thanks to all the orgasms he had experienced. His only thought was that of the Gunny and what he was doing right now. Somewhere in the darkness of the barracks, David drifted off to sleep.

David lay peacefully sleeping on his stomach, wearing just his boxers, and the covers tangled to his side. Sometime in the night or early morning hours, David thought he had felt a slight touch on his exposed butt. He lay silent with his eyes closed to see if he had only dreamed of the touch, or was it another recruit who was actually touching him. His heart bounced into his throat when he realized it was not a dream, but another recruit on fire watch duty. Snores filled the barracks as David felt a slight pressure on his crack. Laying perfectly still, he tried to detect what was actually going on. To his surprise, David felt the warm air shooting out of someone's nostrils, directly over his sore butt hole. Realizing that whoever it is, the recruit had their hands on the bed, because David could feel the pressure of the bed shift as the unknown person adjusted himself. It didn't take David long to discover that the person lingering over him was sniffing his butt. He could feel an occasional tongue slide over his boxers, along his crack with the ever so delicate swirls. David's once lifeless cock sprang bone hard as he tried to figure out what to do.

The nose lodged inside his crack pressed harder and David could feel the air being inhaled right from his crack and returned fire onto his pulsing asshole. Acting as if he were still fast asleep, David sort of slid upwards, causing his boxers to slide down just a bit. The nose on his ass immediately shot up, but only temporary. About an inch of his crack was exposed and David soon felt the moist tongue slide in and under his boxers, along his crack. Wanting desperately to end this game and get on with the real thing, David slid his boxers to the bend of his knees while still pretending to be asleep. He felt the bed move and the two unknown hands caressed his butt cheeks ever so softly. The nose once again shot between his spread cheeks and David could tell and feel the person was inhaling whatever aroma was coming from his bung hole.

David did his best to try and pretend his was sleeping, but when the person's tongue softly struck his asshole, he let out a slight moan. The pressure of the tongue against his asshole increased until it literally slipped inside, bathing its surrounding anal walls with the person's slippery saliva. David bit his lips and instinctively arched his hips up causing his body to shift in more of a doggie-style position. The recruit eating his ass now was behind him on the bed, cramming more of his tongue inside him with each inward thrust. The unknown recruit's thumbs dug deeper into the flesh of David's crack, spreading them outward in the process. David found himself cramming his tongue filled ass back onto the unknown recruit's face as each and every second rapidly ticked on by.

The hands on his butt guided David onto his back. David's eyes flashed as he recognized who the ass sniffer and ass eater was. It was a recruit from Kentucky and his name is Marty Martin. Marty was 19 years old with dirty blond hair and dashing greenish/blue eyes. Standing 5'11 and weighing a muscular 175 pounds, Marty was gorgeous in his own rights. What even impressed David that much more, was the fact that Marty was totally naked while standing fire watch. Marty's eyes were filled with lust as he pressed David's legs under the support of the top rack, leaving David's ass jutting towards the ceiling. With his heels hooked over the support bar, David's knees were way behind his head. Marty wasted no time in resuming his ass eating session, slamming his tongue inside David's exposed ass. The one thing David's eyes could not see was the cock on Marty. It had been concealed with his own body, but that question soon evaded his mind as Marty hungrily dove his tongue in and out of David's asshole.

David was lost in a world of luxury having Marty dine on his asshole when Marty snuck two fingers inside him to accompany his tongue. The tongue and two fingers felt awesome plunging and pillaging inside his stretched rectum. Sometime had passed, when Marty unhooked David's legs and slipped his tongue and fingers from his asshole. As he lowered David's legs onto the bed, Marty quickly spun around and shoved his ass onto David's face. David could just make out that Marty's crack was lined with tiny black hairs and even the hairs left his puckered asshole out in the open. The smell of musky ass graced his nostrils as David rammed his tongue up Marty's ass. Marty, in turn, swallowed David's cock like a hungry animal and quickly began bobbing his head up and down wildly.

Marty's fingers coi9led around David's tiny hairless nuggets, pulling and caressing with the gentlest of touches, keeping his suctioning effect on the slender uncut beauty darting in and out of his mouth. David's mouth quickly filled with Marty's wonderful ass juice as his tongue had worked its way up the dark and tight chamber to the hilt. Each time David tried to reach around to grab onto Marty's cock, Marty would brush his hand away. Slightly confused, but overwhelmed having his tongue up Marty's fragrant ass and his cock inside Marty's skilled mouth, David quickly forgot to concern himself with that matter.

Minutes later, Marty hopped off of David just before David's cock was just about to spew its load. Marty spun around with his ass on David's chest and this was the first time David saw Marty's cock. It was rock hard, jutting straight out from Marty's body a good five or so inches, with a sharp hook to the left. For David, it looked like Marty's cock had been broken, but never the less, it was a hard cock. The mushroom head was twice as thick as the veiny shaft and his balls hung low a good three to four inches. They were not overly large, but not small by any means. The sac which contained Marty's nuggets had curly black hairs darting over it, leaving numerous ball spots of slick and smooth skin. Marty scooted his ass up towards David's face and David opened his mouths, but to his surprise, Marty dropped his balls into David's open mouth. David was able to swallow both of Marty's nuts and enjoy the feeling his tongue was giving him while licking all around the nugget filled sac. Marty moaned softly while holding his cock with his right hand away from David's nut filled mouth. Marty's hand slowly caressed his hard cock and David watched in awe as Marty's hands slid across the vein covered shaft, slipping around the sharp left bend.

Marty grabbed his balls and lifted them out of David's mouth and replaced his saliva slick nuts with his hard cock. David found it somewhat difficult to deep throat Marty's cock, mainly due to the sharp bend in it. David fought like a maniac to swallow the slender piece of meat, and almost inwardly boasted of having a larger cock than Marty, as well as slightly thicker, excluding Marty's thick mushroom head. Marty whispered, "Slick it up real good Campbell, this is all the lube your going to get!" David began spitting his saliva all over the musky smelling meat in preparation of what sure is to come. Several minutes passed by before Marty inched backwards, forcing his cock to make a popping sound as it slipped out of David's suctioning mouth.

Just like before, Marty raised David's legs over his head and hooked his heels on the upper support bar leaving David spread eagle with his ass fully exposed. Marty inched closer to David's asshole and without any warning, slammed his crooked meat all the way inside David. David caught his breath and held it deep inside him so as not to scream out to the sudden intrusion. Marty, instantly, began slamming his meat in and out of David at a fast and furious speed while reaching down with his right hand and began stroking David's hard uncut beauty. David clenched his anal muscles hard while the pleasant feeling of getting fucked tore through his body. There was something about Marty's sharp bent cock that created a lustful burning inside his asshole, but David sure as hell couldn't explain it. Marty pounded and grinded his cock into David until David's cock spit sperm all over David's chest and stomach. Six rapid shots, a steady flow of sperm, ending with timed oozing of sperm balls. Marty grunted and David felt the love juices flow freely inside his ass.

Marty pounded David's asshole until his cock fell completely soft. Once Marty pulled his cock out of David's asshole, David leaned down and began whimpering as his tongue shoveled up David's spilled sperm on his chest and stomach. The taste alone drove Marty wild and he lovingly licked David's mind boggling delicious sweater than sweat sperm from his gorgeous body. After licking David clean, to David's awe struck surprise, Marty lowered his mouth onto David's asshole and began licking and sucking his own sperm directly out of David's ass. David thought his insides were going to be sucked out from the pressure of Marty's mouth on his asshole. David could hear Marty gulp and only wished that it was he who was getting a mouthful of Marty's love cream. After a few minutes, Marty got up off the rack and began dressing without saying a single word. Once Marty was just in his boxers, he leaned down to David, kissed him on the lips and whispered, "By the way, it's your turn to stand fire watch." David watched Marty walk to the end of the barracks and hop into his own bed.