Every Barracks Has One


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This is an adult story intended for adults. If you are underage, if sexually explicit material offends you, or if it is illegal to view adult material where you live, please leave now. This is a fantasy, so I remind you that I have done away with the requirements of safe sex, and have included no gestures toward common sense either. Please email me if you have any suggestions or comments. I love to hear readers' reactions to my writing.


Every Barracks Has One




Every barracks has one. On the outside you'd never know it was me. I'm your typical grunt. Just out of Basic, buzzed head, tattooed, big built, tough son of a bitch. I don't stand out but I'm not supposed to. One of the team. We're the top Army unit coming out of West Point now. Special Forces.

You'd never know at night I'm the one. Every barracks has one. After lights out, I slip out of my bunk and slink along the wall surveying the room. Once my eyes adjust to the darkness, the rows of double bunk beds come into focus. It's cool tonight, but a lot of guys have thrown back the sheets, lying naked and exposed. Those are the guys I'm after. They know. Every barracks has one.

The tall beds provide cover as I make my way to the first guy. He's a tall one, sprawled out on his back on a lower bunk. One foot is hanging off the side of the bed, an arm slung overhead with his face turned away from me, his sheet pushed down his legs. I quietly slid up next to him, rubbing my hands together to warm them. His cock is laying full and thick across his thigh. I take hold of it at the base, making it flex. Stroking it a few times, it grows to its full fat eight inches causing a shudder through his muscular body. He has a sexy, v-shaped torso, broad in the shoulders with big hairy pecs and a trim six-pack waist. His cock is throbbing in my fist by the time I sit on the bed next to him. He's ready. I lean in, running my wet tongue around his cockhead. He moans, ever so quietly. I suck the reddening plum into my lips, nursing out a sweet taste of his juices and another soft moan. I start bobbing up and down on his dick, slowly, enjoying it. Gradually taking more and more of him into my hot wet mouth. My fist is stroking him at the base as I work to swallow his fat rod. It's rock hard on my tongue, and nice and thick, stretching my jaw wide. I reach my other hand up between his legs and cup his balls; big, fat balls hanging low in a hairy sac. It makes him squirm and catch his breath. I'm rolling his eggs in my fist and I can feel them churning up a big load. Soon I'm working his fat prick right down my throat to the hilt, pumping my head up and down every inch of his rock hard shaft, tip to root. His balls are pulled up tight, they're big and round and full of cum against the base of his pole.

I start adding a twist of my lips as I journey up and down his length. That kicked his hips into gear. He humped them up into my face as I sucked him. I tickled his balls and turned up the suction. He groaned, or grunted really, then went rigid. His dick swelled up thicker and harder and exploded! He was grabbing the edge of the bed, jamming his hips up at me. "Ohhhh, fuck," he breathed as he spewed again and again into my gulping mouth.

I milked his pole and squeezed his balls, getting out every drop he had, sucking up all of his juice that I could get. I nursed on his dripping cock as it deflated. Finally his shuddering body went limp into the bed. I let his cock slip away from me and fall between his legs. I took a moment to catch my breath, and then I stole away quietly.

The next bunk over is one of my favorites. Private Ricky Henderson is a buddy of mine. He's lying there naked on top of his sheet. His skin is ebony black and glistening in the dim light. He has a fat ten inch cock that's already hard against his belly. He heard what went on next door and knew his turn is coming. We both were looking forward to it. I could suck on that thick heavy pipe of his for hours on end -- and did whenever we got the chance and somewhere to hide.

Ricky is one of the very few guys on base who knows I like to suck dick. See, I stumbled in on him spanking the monkey in the shower late one night, and there was just no hiding that huge meat. And I couldn't help staring at it, something Ricky picked up on pretty damn quick. Next thing I knew he was showing it off to me, stroking it to its full throbbing glorious length! Of course I was down on my knees in no time. I took it right down my throat and sucked and swallowed his big dick until he blasted the back of my throat with thick tasty cum.

And tonight I took it in my hands again, stroking its pulsing hardness as I sat down next to him. My lips and tongue covered his head, slurping up his thick sauce. I sucked and stroked him, mouth and hands working together. I bobbed my head deeper and deeper onto his spike. I knew this would be a quick one, quick and hot and rough. I also knew I'd come back around later, after I'd worked my way around the room, for a nice long slow suck and another load. He knew it too. It was a usual thing for us lately, when I did my night out. He liked to fire off a quick load to take the edge off, then later enjoy a nice long leisurely suck. I felt him getting close already, he must be really horny tonight. I kicked up the suction, and in no time was rewarded with several hot salty splashes of thick juice from my handsome friend. I sucked him clean, laid his spent cock across his stomach, and licked my lips. Definitely more later!

I was in a mood tonight, and even a favorite stud like Ricky wouldn't be enough to satisfy it. I surveyed the room, noticing that a lot of the guys had thrown their covers off, naked despite the chill in the air. Many of them were hard, some openly stroking their cocks. They knew. Every barracks has one.

Most nights in any barracks there are the rustlings of men taking care of their business, under sheets and the cover of dark. Several months ago, frustrated by just stroking myself off in my bunk in the dark, and the occasional furtive glance or maybe a grope of a strange GI passing through, I slipped out of my bed at night and prowled the room. In no time I came upon a guy stroking his big hard cock. I watched for a few minutes, until I was sure he'd noticed me. When I tentatively reached out and wrapped my fist around his dick, he just let his hand fall to the side. I stroked his big dick, feeling it throb and grow harder in my fist. Emboldened, I bent my head down and sucked him into my mouth.

"Ohh, fuck," he hissed, and I plunged my head deeper and deeper into his lap. His cock felt so amazing in my mouth, hot and thick and alive. I milked him with my fist as I sucked his head, and soon he was trembling. "Ohh, ohh, fuck!" he thrust his hips into my face and blew! Shot after shot of thick cream splashed my tongue. I gulped down each one and opened up for the next. He collapsed back onto the bed still panting hard as I licked him clean. I slipped away while he recovered, but made a mental note of where his bunk was -- I definitely wanted more of that!

I wandered back to my bunk, noticing quite a few hard cocks along the way. I crept into bed and was soon jerking my own cock to one of the best explosions I'd had in a long while.

The next night I couldn't get it out of my mind. After lights out, I tried to sleep for a while, but it was no use. I slid out of my bed and I lurked around between the bunks again and found a GI lying uncovered, his sheets tossed away. A guy I didn't know too well, from the com unit I think. He was about 6', dark haired and stocky with muscle and a nice sized half-hard cock laid against his leg. I gently slurped it into my mouth, making his hips squirm. In no time it was rock hard, and quite a mouthful! I bobbed up and down on it, tickling my tongue across the underside as I ate him. I fondled his balls and heard "Oh, yeah!" above me. He stayed quiet after that, but his rock hard prick told me he was enjoying my talented mouth. So did the huge load he blew down my throat. He was silent all through it, but he pumped eight or ten thick creamy shots of GI spunk into my sucking throat. He was hot and needed release!

On the way back to my bunk I saw a lot more guys openly stroking hard cocks. I stopped by one, a handsome Italian guy I knew from the motor pool. He was muscular and hairy all over, sprawled out on his back stroking about 9 inches of thick uncut cock. I moved in closer and reached for it. He jumped when I touched him, then moaned softly and dropped his hand away. It was hot in my fist and pulsing. I bent in to slurp his drooling cockhead into my lips. His juice was strong and bitter tasting, and I loved it. I proceeded to worship his meat. It was magnificent. So were his huge hairy balls. I felt them squirm at my touch. I would have sucked and swallowed him for hours but after a few minutes he blasted out several shots of his musky sauce. His abs flexed and rippled as he blew. I gulped it all down greedily then licked him clean. He twitched with pleasure for some time while I sat there catching my breath.

I sucked off three more guys before I made it back to my bunk that night. I was hooked!

The next night I really worked the room for the first time. I sucked off 17 guys that night - I was totally out of control! I was so exhausted when I finally collapsed into my bed. My throat was clogged with the thick cum of nearly a whole platoon of men. I shot my own load three times during the night, too! And I fell asleep with a big smile on my face. What a mess I was the next day on just a couple of hours of sleep, but I made it through. It was worth it, but I knew I couldn't do that ever again. But at least a few nights a week I'd make the rounds, suck off a few guys or so. Or more.

But tonight I just might break my record. I was in that much of a mood. Prowling around past Ricky's bunk, I began searching for my next conquest. A lot of guys were showing hard cock now. Then I saw him. Never noticed him before, but he caught my eye now. Blond, 6 foot two or three, smooth farm boy looking muscular body sprawled out on his back, totally naked. And stroking a thick sausage. I sidled up next to his bunk and watched him slowly fist his big hard cock. I tentatively reached out for him, grasping his dripping cockhead in my fingertips. It was slick with thick juice and I rubbed that sauce around his apple sized head. "What the - - ! Ohhh, fuck," he moaned. I had both hands on his shaft now, massaging his thick meat and pumping it up to its full impressive size. Easily nine hard inches, maybe more. I dove down onto it, wanting to swallow every pulsating inch. As I worked him deep into my throat he hunched his hips into my face. I felt his hands on my head, big rough hands. They felt good. I groped for his balls, and found two huge eggs lurching in a smooth sack. He growled low and humped harder into me, holding my head still with his meaty paws and drilling my throat. I opened up and took him, loving his fat pipe piercing me deep. He found a rhythm he liked and fucked my throat, used it, enjoyed it. He was in no rush to cum and I let him take his time.

I ran my hands up his rippled abs to his beefy chest and felt his smooth, sweaty pecs. Tweaking his nipple caused his body to lurch, bucking even harder into my drooling throat. So I latched onto both nips, sending him into convulsions of pleasure. His hips hammered his big log deep into my face! We kept at this for quite a while, the bed creaking and making it more than obvious what we were doing. If he didn't care, I sure didn't. I was drunk with lust and loving his big hard meat and sexy body and the rough throat fucking he was giving me! But all good things must come to an end. His thrusting got more erratic and forceful. His hands jammed my head harder onto him. I surrendered to his need. He impaled me deep and held me there, tight against him. He cried out. His cock pulsed in my throat, his first shot of cum so deep I couldn't taste it. I pulled back as he blasted again, and felt his hot juice coat my throat. It tasted thick and sweet and I sucked and sucked until he had no more to feed me.

Fuck,yeah! I was just getting warmed up. Who's next . . . ?

I slipped away, quietly gliding between the tall bunks, in search of my next stud. Now there were plenty of guys stroking rock hard cocks. But I felt I had to move around, I was afraid of being too obvious. Otherwise I might just go from one bunk to the next sucking off man after man after man up and down the rows! That'd be - well, hot! But a sure way to get caught. So I wandered over to the other end of the barracks and began to choose my next cock.

I circled the room, zig-zagging in and out of the rows. I sucked off four more dudes, each one already hard and ready, feeding me a quick load. I wanted more. I thought, maybe it's time to go back to Ricky and worship his big dick for a while!

Then I spotted this cute blond guy, little dude, about 5' 9". His sheet was pushed down to his ankles, his smooth muscled chest glistening in the moonlight. My eyes traveled down his ripped abs to his fist stroking a thick rock hard 7 inch cock. I sat down next to him, leaned right in and licked his dripping pink cockhead. He gasped, dropping his hand. I grabbed his dick, swirled my lips around his mushroom shaped cap, and milked him with my mouth and fist nice and slowly. He squirmed under me; his breathing low and hoarse.

I licked and nibbled down the side of his shaft, feeling its heat and pulsations against my tongue. When I got to its base, my tongue lashed around it. His balls were right in my face, so I slid down further to suck them into my wet lips. I took one big orb then the other, back and forth while he thrashed under me, trying to stay quiet. After I tortured his eggs long enough, I nibbled up his pulsing shaft to his dripping head. I slurped up a thick puddle of juice, then swallowed him whole again. He convulsed with pleasure, and I made my final assault. In no time he was gasping and spewing sweet tasty cum down my throat. I gulped his load down hungrily and nursed on it until he was whimpering and I'd sucked him dry. Mmmmmmm!

I looked up at him, his arm thrown over his face. He was still panting. Then I saw, up past the end of the row of bunks, the open door, the light coming from inside. The door to Sarge's room. Sarge was the only one with a private room, and he always kept the door shut tight. But now it was open, a silhouette standing in the doorway. Sarge. I could see he was watching.

Fuck, I thought, busted for sure. Then he did something that blew me away. He grabbed his crotch, groping a thick shaft of meaty cock in his boxers. He turned, the tent in his shorts even more pronounced, and he groped himself again. He slipped into the room, leaving the door open.

He never left the door open. He knew. He knew and he wanted some. Fuck, he's a man, he knows what men want, what men need. Sarge is one hell of a man, too. Six feet four, broad shoulders, rock hard abs, built like a fucking Mack truck. Handsome as a recruiting poster, too. Strong jaw, heavy shadow of a beard. His head was buzzed short, and his piercing blue eyes always bore right through me and sent a quiver down to my balls. He was a tough motherfucker, too. Never gave anyone the slightest break. I think I was more scared than excited as I tread softly over to the door and peeked in. His shorts were on the floor of the small room, and he was stretched out on the bed. Stroking a towering column of thick cock! I gulped, salivating.

As I crept into the room, he growled, "Shut the door." Oh, shit! I clicked it closed behind me, and knelt down on the mattress between his legs. He was slowly fisting an impressive piece of cockmeat, easily nine inches or more, and not anyway near fully hard yet. I stared at it, hypnotized. The skin covering part of the head was thick with juice. I licked my lips. Suddenly his hand stopped moving. Waiting. I reached out, cupping his big orange sized balls in my palm, getting a grunt out of the stoic Sarge.

He dropped his hand away, and the massive log fell towards me. I caught it in both hands, gently caressing it, feeling the heat and weight of his powerful shaft. He sucked in his breath as I fondled him, and his cock kept growing. It was heavy in my grasp, hot and pulsing with his heartbeat. I lifted the drooling head to my lips. The heady scent of his juice hit me even before my tongue got a taste. Oh and that first taste of his thick, spicy, pungent juice! It made my head swim. I couldn't believe I was here, between Sarge's strong muscular legs, about to service his huge hard uncut cock! I licked the juice from his slit, making his dick throb and pulse out more nectar for me. I sucked his cockhead into my lips, my tongue digging under his skin for that delicious taste. He groaned, humping his hips up to me. I gulped down the sauce from under his skin and slipped more of his shaft into my hot mouth. I washed my lips and tongue around the first few hard inches while my hands wrapped around his thick root. Little by little sinking deeper onto his spear, I felt it grow rock hard. I knew I had easily ten or eleven inches of studmeat to worship, and I began to do exactly that -- worship it! If Sarge was going to know about my nighttime addiction, I better make damn sure he received the utmost incentive to let me continue without any problems around here.

And worship his cock I did. It was a cock truly worthy of worship! So thick, my jaw ached from trying to stretch around it. It was the best ache I ever felt! His cock was a rock hard pipe inside a skin of soft velvet. It beat with a life of its own as I bathed it in my spit. My lips, tongue, and hands all worked together to caress every glorious inch of his maleness and give him the ultimate pleasure. His soft moans told me I was on the right track, and I settled in to take my time and service this stud like no other before him.

I teased him, nibbling and licking around his meat, keeping him rock hard and throbbing, my fingers lightly caressing his balls. Next some sucking on the head. Gently, slowly. Then darting my tongue along the veiny shaft, down the side of it, tickling the soft skin covering his stiff meat, tasting him right down to the balls. And back up to the tip to suck up and down on his head some more. Mmmmmmmm. I felt him humping up at me, wanting to get deeper in my mouth, so I switched gears. Running my lips down the underside, nibbling his cumtube, then burying my face into his ballsack again to give those big orbs a tongue lashing. Then back up to his dripping head, the glans pushed fully out of his foreskin now, dark with need, his slit pulsing, open and leaking. He growled as I tormented him, one big paw on the back of my head, urging me deeper. His hips were rocking up into me, squirming on the mattress, trying to drive more of his pulsating shaft into my hot wet hole.

So I began to take him deeper, feeling the oozing head bang against my throat. I relaxed it, and let the huge knob push into my tight gullet. He groaned, both hands on my head now, but I remained in control. I slowly let a few hard inches of his fat tube slide into my throat, but I had to pull it out when I needed air, only to hear him hiss and grouse.

"Take it, cocksucker," his voice deep and gravelly, "stop fucking teasing me and swallow it."

Trained to follow his orders, I sucked his meat back in. Gulping, I worked my throat muscles on his hard pipe, pulling it deeper into my gullet until my nose was pressed firmly into his sweaty, hairy bush. I didn't know how much longer I could go without air, but I pressed my lips into him.

"Ohhhhh, fuck yeahhhhh." He groaned, his huge meat fully, deeply down my throat at last. I felt it flex inside me, and pulled back, releasing it with a loud slurp and a gasp for air, then drove my throat right back down onto it. "Fuck, yeah." he rumbled, easing his grip and letting me gorge on his meat like the cocksucker I am. I held him deep as long as I could. I took him to the root again and again, teasing the shaft and head with my tongue in between strokes. He thrashed with pleasure beneath me, and I whipped him into a frenzy. My throat easily opening for him now, I sucked his huge cock deep and fast, feeling him race towards an incredible explosion.

Not wanting to finish him off yet, I pulled all the way off and let his fat club smack against his hard abs. I squeezed it at the base, standing it back up to its full eleven inches of solid manhood, and dove right back down on it to the root. Pulling off it again, it waved in the air, drooling, seeking my wet cavern. It trembled and vibrated, and I took it swiftly to the base again. I throated it deeply like that over and over, releasing it completely then deeply plowing in the hot wet recesses of my gullet. It drove him mad, profanity spewing from his mouth.

"Fuck . . . take . . . dammit . . . ."

I loved watching him squirm, seeing his enormous spear gleaming with spit and ready to burst each time I pulled off it. Feeling it stretch my throat and nearly choke me with each dive down onto it. Finally I took pity on the horny stud - and myself -- and I sucked him deep into my throat and pumped it, fast and deep, swirling my tongue around the base and keeping him buried in me as he hunched my face. His hands on my head forced me in place and now I let him. His hips pistoned his meat deep into me and I felt the fat log grow thicker and harder. My gripping throat muscles milked him. My hands clutched at his churning balls. They were pulled up tight against him in their sack, ready to blow his huge load. I heard him cry out, felt his cockhead thumping in my neck, the first hot gush of cum so deep I could only feel it. I pulled back, dragging his head across my tongue, tasting his spewing seed. I pumped him roughly with my hands as my hungry mouth vacuumed shot after shot of thick, creamy, tangy cum sauce from my hung Sarge. He shuddered with each shot, seven or eight or more strong blasts pumping out an enormous amount of cum. I gulped it all down like a greedy pig! He fell back against the sheets panting as his cock continued to feed me, his juice drooling down my chin as aftershocks coursed through his sexy body.

Cum was still oozing from his slit, his cock was still thick and hard. I nursed on his head, making him squirm as I dug my tongue in under his foreskin. I licked him clean. His deflated balls were hanging low on the mattress, loose in their sack now. His panting slowly eased up. I looked up, sheepishly meeting his eyes. His bright blue eyes looked right through me and make me shudder.

"So, you're the one I've heard about."

"You've heard?"

"Nothing goes on around here I don't hear about." True, he always knew everything. I should have known he'd find out. "I just got one question."

His cock was still thick and hard in my grasp. I stroked it slowly.

"What's that, Sarge?" I asked nervously.

"You take it up the ass?"



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