Helping Patrick Sept. 2012

Chapter 1

I first met Patrick when I checked in at the navy hospital in San Diego many years ago. He was fresh out of high school. I was returning from combat in the Far East. I was also two years older. The two of us were reporting for medical training at the hospital. Since we had arrived early, they put us in a temporary room and told us they would take care of us the following week.

Patrick was a gorgeous looking seventeen year old boy smart as a whip. I could see why they had picked him for training as a medical technician. He and I hit it off instantly. I had served as a Marine medic and had returned wearing a Marine uniform, a few medals, and discovered I was pretty popular among the hospital staff. Most had never seen combat duty. Many were amazed that Marine medics were trained by the Navy. The fact that I had received the Purple Heart for a minor injury and a medal for heroism in combat didn’t hurt any.

The first weekend we were there, Patrick and I decided to have a few drinks. Patrick asked if I had ever been to Tiajuana, Mexico. I was new to California, much less Mexico. He explained he could not drink in San Diego. He was under age, but not in Mexico. Off we went to Tiajuana. And a few drinks later Patrick was getting loaded and loud. I decided to get him back to the room before he got both of us in trouble.

Patrick was still drinking all the way back to our room. Like most teens, he was determined to prove he was able to handle all the booze he could drink. By the time we got back, he was laughing, hanging all over me, and boasting that he was perfectly sober. I had heard that story from a dozen young Marines before him. I let him drink knowing he was mine tonight. In case I didn’t mention it before, I have a hankering for guys more so than women. And Patrick was a lollipop in a uniform. I couldn’t wait to find out what flavor this lollipop tasted like. Of course, I hadn’t told Patrick that he looked hotter than anything else on the menu. Or that he was expected to repay my kindness with certain favors.

Once I got him back to our room, I convinced him we needed to shower and get some sleep. It was getting pretty late. Patrick was so far gone, he had no idea where he was or how late it was. I knew there would be no one in the showers at that hour. I undressed both of us down to our underwear and held Patrick up as we headed to the showers. Once I got him under the water, I held him against the wall long enough to soap him down. Patrick was laughing and joking as I ran my hands all over his chest and stomach. I noticed he had about a five inch cut shaft and a nice brown bush. He was not shy and had not tried to stop me from undressing him or soaping him down. When I got to around to massaging his dick, he sprung a stiff, but teased that he knew I liked stroking his dick. After the shower, I threw a towel around my waist and practically carried him back to our room. His towel just lay on his waist. He could have cared less. When I picked him up and carried him down the hall to our room, he laughed that I must be in pretty good shape to carry him. He was small for his age and only weighed maybe a little over a hundred pounds. He even leaned in to my neck and gave me a peck on the cheek, laughing that he used to do that for his dad when he was little. He looked a little surprised when I returned the favor quietly smiling at the intoxicated victum.

Locking the door behind me, I knew I had to have this boy. I was already so hard I would have screwed the first hole available. I removed the towel from Patrick’s waist and gently laid him on his bunk like a full course meal waiting to be consumed. Patrick was almost instantly asleep. He lay there with his legs spread as I dried him off, pausing to kiss his chest, stomach, cheeks, and finally his dick.

Tossing off my own towel, I laid down beside Patrick, taking his semi-stiff dick in my mouth for some gentle loving. It grew instantly hard as I bobbed up and down taking it totally inside while I licked, stroked, and deep throated it for him. Although I am sure he was feeling no pain, it was only a matter of minutes before Patrick shared his cum with me, moaning and thrashing about as he shot off his fresh teenage load. His shaft was small and short enough that I had no problem working him over. I was tempted to do him again but I knew I may not get this chance again.

After turning him over on his stomach, I spread his cheeks open and greased up my fingers to work him up for my next surprise. He moaned as I slid first one finger inside his butt, worked it over until I was finger fucking him. He was totally out of it. He moaned in pleasure, but I could tell he was relaxed and asleep. He offered little resistance as I slipped the second finger in.

 Finally, I knew he was ready. Kneeling behind him, I eased into position and gently placed the head of my seven inch dick against his hole. He did try to squeeze me out when I first popped the head inside him. He also made some strange sounds as if uncomfortable, then slowly relaxed as the shaft continued to slide further inside him. By the time I was laying flat on top of him with my dick tucked inside his chute, he was no longer attempting to dislodge it. He relaxed and let me rest for a moment before I started slow short movements to find his love spot and to let him get used to the feeling of fullness in his butt. I caused his groans of pain to change to moans of pleasure as the shaft caused his body to tingle from the electric charges coming from his crotch. We spent about an hour with me enjoying his tight hole and his new found internal thrills. His dick had once again stiffened and shot off another load. That trick had caused my dick to start throbbing. I blew a load deep inside him. As the shaft softened, I let it slide out. Then I covered him with a sheet and retreated to my own bunk.

When Patrick awoke the next morning, I had slipped down to the dining hall and got him some coffee. He woke as I came back into the room. He was covered with a sheet and looked underneath it to realize he was still nude. He then looked at a piss hard on that caused a tent in the sheet. He made no attempt to hide it, but complained that his head hurt a lot and his butt felt funny. I suggested he might want to take a leak and a crap. He had got drunk last night. He asked how he got naked. I explained we took a shower. He didn’t remember. I handed him a cup of coffee and a clean pair of underwear. After a moment, he got up, slipped into the briefs, and silently waddled into the bathroom. I heard a couple of loud farts and some plops as he emptied his chute. He took a long time before coming back to the bed to lay down on top in his briefs.

I suspected that Patrick had figured out that I had done more than put him to bed, but wasn’t sure. He boasted that he had a great time drinking in bars. He had never done that with another guy before. He had only drank with high school buddies in cars and at parties. We talked about high school and sports. As we chatted and swapped stories, he spread his legs. I made no attempt not to look over his crotch. I also noticed his shaft was beginning to grow larger and stiffer under the undies. He admitted he didn’t have any girl friends since he joined the Navy. I also admitted I didn’t have a girl friend. Patrick confided he knew the area well and had grew up here. He would be glad to show me around while I was here at the school.

For the majority of the day, he and I hung out on the hospital grounds. We did visit a zoo nearby. There was also a golf course and a bowling alley on the hospital grounds. The two of us chose to do our drinking at the club on the base. Once again, Patrick drank more than he could handle. I was discovering he wasn’t all that used to drinking. I had to smile remembering how I had also tried to hide my weakness to booze when I first started drinking. I was thoroughly enjoying my role as big brother taking care of Patrick. And yes, I was hoping I might repeat my performance with him.

During the day, many new students had showed up for the school, so I found the shower a little more crowded when Patrick and I returned to the dorm. I also noticed Patrick was more aware of his condition. He was buzzed, but he held his own in the shower. Both of us were gawking at new bodies we would later get acquainted with.

Once we got back to our room, Patrick openly admitted he and his friends had met men in the local parks. It was no big deal to make some change by letting some fag suck on your dick. He had started drinking by getting guys to buy his booze for favors. The two of us wound up blowing each other that night, but blamed it on the booze.

The next day, both of us were moved to our new rooms. In the military, rooms are usually assigned according to seniority and rank. Patrick and I were not even close when it came to seniority, and I was also a higher rank. Although I hated to move, I knew it would have to be.

My new room mate was a guy named Fred. We had the same time in service and were the same rank, but he had no combat time. He envied me for that. I would act as Student Leader. Fred was my assistant. The two of us would lead the student class in military formations, parades, and act as class leaders. The roles would mean a lot. The younger students would accept us as mentors. Fred was more of a serious and studious guy, so he was contented with the assistant role. He had no desire to lead.

 Patrick came to visit after he had settled in with his new room mate. He was a blond about Patrick’s age and not long in the navy. Patrick introduced Eddie and repeated his offer to show me around California. Not only did Freddy and I agree to let him show us around town, we were both pleased. Freddy was new to San Diego. He was also from a wealthy business family back east. He had a nice new car and wanted to see the area while we were here. Patrick and I were more than happy to see places like Los Angeles and Hollywood riding in an expensive car. We found out Freddy’s last name was a famous food product name. His dad made frozen foods. I would tease Freddy about being wealthy, which he took well. He had joined the navy to fulfill his miitary obligation, but also to strike out on his own. His family had agreed, but was not pleased that he left home to get a fresh start. They would have sent him to a medical school had he asked. Fred did it his way.

All of us were kept pretty busy getting used to the school’s studies and rigid routine for that first week. Freddy was great at keeping us focused. We did sneak off to the club a few times for a drink, but no heavy drinking would be tolerated. Freddy and I discovered we had a better understanding of military discipline and rules than the other students. We were able to settle down faster and easier. On the other hand, the younger students were more used to studying books. I guess it kinda evened out.

Freddy was smart enough to realize Patrick and I liked each other a lot. He knew we were probably more than just new friends. We never discussed why. It was just understood.

 Patrick and Eddy would come to our room to study with us. As we got used to each other, we also grew more used to making ourselves more comfortable in front of each other. It was not unusual for me and Freddy to study wearing only our undies. We would stretch out on our bunks not the least bit worried that our privates were visible under the undies. Pat soon followed suit. We tried not to stare at each other’s goodies, but we were all young and horny. Catching a stray stare was usually met with a corny comment like “See something you like”. That was enough to keep us looking away, or maybe joking that “You ain’t old enough yet.”

All that changed the first week end Fred and I decided to get away for awhile. We were going to visit Boysenberry Farms and Disneyland. Patrick was free but Eddy had duty. We had hardly even mentioned it to Patrick before his eyes lit up. When Freddy offered to pay for the tickets and take care of the hotel room, he was practically jumping around like a school boy. When I added that we would probably have a few drinks at a night club, that did it. He couldn’t wait. What we would expect of him was not a problem. He didn’t say that, but he smiled that impish grin when I mentioned we would all stay in the same hotel room the two nights we would be gone. I also teased that I hadn’t had sex with a woman since the school started. Patrick reminded me he was from California. Freddy gave him a puzzled look, but added he could use some lessons on sex claiming that he never really got very far with that. I had lived with Fred long enough to hear him beating off at night in his bunk. I had also caught him staring at me when we changed. I didn’t know for sure, but I was pretty sure Fred wanted more than a jerk off. I’m sure Patrick knew it too.

We left early on Friday afternoon so we could visit a ghost town, maybe have some fun taking part in a gun fight act, then have a few drinks at a western bar before having dinner and a few more drinks before checking in at the hotel. Fred had been on the phone before we left the school. Everything was pre-arranged. I was impressed at how well he had set up the program. We had a great time. By the time we got to the hotel, we were all good friends still in uniform. That got us lots of attention, especially me and Fred. We had a few ribbons showing our time on duty. And Patrick’s uniform got him in the bar (although I thought he looked like a school boy playing soldier).

The hotel room had a large spacious double bed and a single bed. Fred had assumed Patrick and I would want the double bed. He would take the single. We agreed to shower before turning in. That wasn’t a big deal. We had showered together at the dorm, so getting undressed was not a sexual thing although I’m sure Freddy was aware that Patrick and I took a little longer and eyed each other a lot more than most.

We had all drank enough that we were friendlier than we should have been. And Patrick always looks more beautiful to me when my sex defenses are relaxed, and tonight they were really relaxed. Once under the shower, I almost forgot Fred was there. I just suddenly started soaping down Patrick’s back as I did before. Patrick did nothing to stop me. He loved it when I soaped him down. He backed up to me knowing I would soon be stroking his dick. And I was soon doing just that.

It wasn’t until I was busily kissing Patrick’s shoulders and slowly stroking his proud six inch shaft that I noticed Fred. He was quietly watching as I held Patrick’s gorgeous little torso close while I worked his dick and balls like I was playing a fine musical instrument. Patrick was just moaning with pleasure. His eyes were closed.

“I guess this looks gay. We just like jerking off in the shower.” I volunteered.

“Every body likes jerking off in the shower.” Fred answered, working over his own six inch cut dick.

Not sure I should go any further, I finished by rinsing Patrick down, handing him a towel to dry off, and pointing him toward the bed. Fred and I rinsed off too. But as soon as Patrick had left, Fred dropped to his knees on the tile floor and took as much of my dick as he could handle inside his mouth. He knew what he was doing. I wasn’t his first. He held my hips and bobbed up and down until I rewarded him with a generous load of cum. Even then, he didn’t let up until I pushed him back. He had drained that poor little tube. It needed a rest.

Fred stood up asking if I was angry. I laughed, telling him I wouldn’t let him do that more than six times a day. That brought a broad grin to his face. As I dried off to join Patrick in bed, I watched Fred finish jerking off, then wash it down the drain. Then he grabbed a towel to finish up.

Patrick had dozed off. He was still nude. He was also still beautiful. Both Fred and I had to pause long enough to memorize the picture perfect doll that seemed to be begging to be loved, but was softly snoring. As Freddy finished getting ready for bed, I reached into my bag and pulled out the K-Y. Then the light was turned off. In the semi-darkness, I greased up my fingers and Patrick’s crack. Then I greased my dick. It was time to let Patrick know he was mine. After all, Freddy was now going to be traveling with us. I felt obligated to make my claim known.

If Patrick was aware of my intentions, he didn’t show it. He did open his legs a little as I slid the long finger inside him to start stretching the hole. His breathing seemed a little more rapid as I slid the second one in. He resisted a little, then relaxed. He was awake. He just didn’t want to ruin his chances of being a part of our club. He liked being wanted. And tonight he knew I had already claimed his cherry. My fingers brought back the dreams he had before when he thought I had became intimate with him. His sore butt was no coincident. He wrapped his arms around his pillow and held it. He knew he was getting more than a finger job.

Once I was satisfied he was ready, I withdrew the fingers. Patrick waited as I wiped the fingers off, then positioned myself and pulled him onto his side as I slid my greased shaft along his crack into place. When I knew I was in place, I pushed firmly. At first, he held off. He definitely wasn’t passed out or dreaming this time. There was a thick hard dick seeking permission to enter his most private and intimate place. I wasn’t going to force him. The decision was his. This was the time when he had to decide if he wanted to continue.

Not wanting to admit he was awake and knowing he was being urged to allow me to enter, he tried to relax. He had decided to give in, but his butt had other ideas. I held the pressure against him. When he released his resistance, and pushed back against me, my big mush room shaped dick head popped inside. Just the head. Patrick let out a soft, but audible grunt. I knew Fred could hear that. Not wanting to hurt Patrick, I held back from going further until he was ready, but I kept the head inside him.

Patrick waited a few minutes, perhaps still not convinced he wanted to become my boy pussy. I knew the pain would fade and lessen if he waited. He made no attempt to pull out. I was also relying on his desire to please me. He wanted to remain my friend. He finally responded by pushing back to let me know he wanted to continue. He later admitted he had also remembered feeling good when I had humped him the first time. He wasn’t sure it was real, but he had to find out if he had actually liked what I did. The only way he could find out if he had liked being screwed was to do it again. This time, he was sober enough to know how it felt.

I slid in a few more inches, pausing to give him time to adjust, then slid in further until I could feel my balls against his butt cheeks. I was in. I knew Patrick could feel it too. He knew he had my entire length inside him. He remained quiet and calm as I moved it around inside him looking for his love spot. If I could find that, not only would he figure out what had felt so good about it last time, he would want to feel that again. He was already feeling good that he had that monster all the way in and it wasn’t hurting any more. His grunts had turned to moans. He pushed back against me when I touched the magic spot to let me know when it felt good.

When I did touch his prostate, he moaned softly his approval. He could feel the impulse all the way from his toes to his head. Patrick pushed back against me trying to get that feeling again and again. This time, it wasn’t me trying to get his attention. He was liking what he felt. We spent our time getting used to a new game. He was not ready to quit. This was no longer painful. He was ready and willing to let me have him. He had given in totally.

I held Patrick to me, kissing his shoulder and sucking on his ear lobe as I slowly started my rhythm. He couldn’t pretend he wasn’t awake any longer. He was moaning contentedly as I started increasing my vigor and excitement to show him I loved being in him. Both of us were quietly moaning and making love sounds. Patrick was rolling back and forth as I increased my humping sometimes slapping against his fabulous buns as I plowed in and out of them. It didn’t last nearly long enough although I’m sure Fred was wondering if we would ever finish.

Patrick’s dick couldn’t hold back any longer. He moaned loudly announcing that he was shooting off his load. I was already too far into my own dream to stop now. Not more than a few seconds after I felt Patrick’s hips arch up in the air and his buns did a number on my shaft, I felt my load blasting away inside him. I don’t even know how many times I shot off, but it wasn’t long enough. On the other hand, I was sweating like mad. So was Patrick. Both of us were panting and out of breath. We collapsed onto each other exhausted. Neither of us wanted to quit, but both of us were too tired to keep up this pace. And we were both out in space somewhere emotionally. We collapsed into a hot melted mass - happy but done for.

It was morning before I recall any thing else. Freddy was already up. He was dressed and had been watching TV waiting for us to recover. He looked at me smiling when I asked him what time it was. Half the morning was gone. Patrick was just starting to stir. He mumbled that it was way too early to be time to wake up. I was wondering how I would explain any of this. Freddy would understand. He had already let me know he was gay by blowing me. And Patrick and I had already fooled around. Just not in front of Freddy.

I decided to let Patrick lead the way. If he wanted to admit and talk about getting screwed, now was the time. But what if he didn’t feel comfortable talking about that in front of Freddy? Best to let him bring it up.

When he did, it caught me completely off guard, and had me and Freddy both laughing hard.

“I gotta take a crap and get a shower.” Patrick whined as he woke up. “I feel like some one shoved a telephone pole up my ass and humped the hell out of me. “

Before I could answer him, he rolled over me and bolted for the bath room.

I explained to Freddy that this was the first time Patrick had knowingly gave in to me completely. Freddy was still giggling as he acknowledged my confession. He had allowed a friend to screw him as a young teen, and had enjoyed it, but was sore for days after it happened. Seems his friend didn’t know about using lube.

 He knew he was gay, but had never admitted it to any one in the military. This was the first time he felt comfortable talking about it. He had heard us going at it last night. He was all right with it, but he was a loner. He did not have any one he was seeing. For now, he would have to wait and hope, but was tickled we had met and would be able to openly chat. We agreed this was something we would only discuss away from med school. We would later find out that other students were doing the same thing.

I took Patrick some undies so he could dry off and get dressed. We had agreed to a late brunch, then off to the amusement park. I had no idea Disneyland would be so much fun. The amusements and food were great. So were the kids there to have fun. The place was packed with kids. Most just wanted to have fun. Patrick ran into some boys he knew before he joined the navy. One of them took a liking to Freddy. That made us two pairs, and Freddy was no longer an odd man. Patrick had a chat with him. His friend, Miguel, was a Mexican born boy with a slender build, black hair, and good looks. He stayed on after the other boys left and joined us for dinner. Patrick privately explained that the boy was gay and had agreed to pair off with Freddy without telling the other boys. Freddy was reluctant to go too far, but Miguel made it clear he wanted to show Freddy a good time. He was willing to stay the night with us if we would give him a lift home afterward. Freddy agreed.

It was late when we got back to the hotel. We were pretty tired. After a few drinks at the hotel lounge, we headed to our room. Patrick and I agreed to give Freddy and Miguel the double bed. Patrick had insisted. He claimed we had done pretty well sleeping in the single bed last night. His openness surprised me. He enjoyed watching me turn red and squirm a little. There was no way I was going to deny that we had sex. And it was clear I wanted that again.

Knowing he was on a roll, Patrick strongly suggested that Freddy and Miguel should get to take the first shower. Miguel thought that was a great idea. All of us got out of everthing but our undies. Miguel took Freddy by the hand and led him to the shower as if they were old lovers. Freddy looked at us and smiled not knowing how to get out of this, and not really wanting to.

Patrick and I lay side by side on the bed watching TV. I leaned over and gave Patrick a peck on the cheek, then got us a drink from the small fridge in the room. Patrick admitted he was awake the night before. He now knew he didn’t mind being with me. If we were going to make out, he wanted to be open about it. I agreed. At least off base. We both felt more relaxed in front of each other, and with Freddy. Patrick admitted he had helped set Freddy up with Miguel. And Miguel had dated guys before. He could and would show Freddy a good time.

We didn’t have to wait long for proof of that. There were moans of pleasure easily heard coming from the shower and bathroom. Although it sounded to me like Freddy was trying to keep his moans low, Miguel was not. Whatever they were doing, they liked it. Neither was in much of a hurry to finish. When they finally did come out, both wore a towel. Both were smiling a lot. Neither volunteered much information, but neither needed to.

Patrick and I made a few comments about the noise, and added we hoped they had left some hot water for us. Miguel laughed that they were plenty hot despite the water. As they got a drink and settled down on their bed, I led Patrick into the shower.

As always, I started off by soaping Patrick as he soaped me. Then I did something I had waited a while to do. As I soaped down Patrick’s back, I opened up his hole. He leaned against a wall when he felt ready. Holding his waist with one hand, I reached for his dick with the other. At the same time I moved in sliding my shaft along the crack between those beautiful buns until I had made contact with the entrance. As Patrick let out a low moan, I popped the head inside and slowly slid inside him. Patrick was soon relaxed enough that I could whisper sweet nothings in his ear and kiss the back of his neck while I began my rhythm. For the first time, we were just making love to each other with out any pretense. As I pulled back and thrust into him, Patrick encouraged me by pushing back to meet the invading shaft. All to soon, I felt the tale-tale signs building and blasted my load deep inside him.

We were in for another surprise when we came back into the bed room. Both Patrick and I couldn’t help but laugh. Freddy was kneeling beside his bed. He had leaned forward so that his chest and upper body lay across the bed. He was holding his head up by holding it in his hands while leaning on his elbows. He was looking away from us so he didn’t hear us come in, but we could hear him grunting and moaning. Miguel was behind him with his dick plunging in and out of Freddy’s hole. He too was moaning and grunting. How many times he had shot his load in Freddy’s butt I don’t know, but he sure wanted more. You could hear the two of them slapping against each other. They were both having a great time.

Even after they finished, and we climbed into bed with our partners, there was more to come. Both beds got a work out that night. We slept in late the next morning knowing we needed to return to school. Freddy dropped Miguel off near his home as we returned. All of us were more than ready to do it all over again, but that would have to wait. Things would change the next time we went out again. Watch for the next chapter.

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