Helping Patrick 10/2012

Chapter two

It was only a few days after we had returned from Disneyland that we found out there was going to be a test at med school. It would be our first big one. Not only were our grades important, but those few students who were not qualifying would be dropped. Me, Freddy, and Patrick were not worried. We had been studying together and doing well, but Eddy was not doing as well. Eddy had asked Patrick for help. Patrick had explained to him that he would ask if we would include Eddy in our study group. Eddy was a sandy blond just a few months older than Patrick. He had a slender almost feminine body. His waist was very small, but broadened out to give him buns to die for.

More than a few students in the dorm tried not to shower when Eddie was in the shower. Those gorgeous buns drove guys crazy. And when he bent over or just brushed up against another guy, half a dozen dicks started to rise. Half a dozen guys had to go pee. Most returned looking shy, but relieved. You just knew they had whacked off in the stalls next to the showers. I had once rushed off to whack off because of Eddy, and had returned to find him still there. He looked up at me with that innocent looking gorgeous smile as if he knew what I had done. I did my best to avoid looking at him. Even though I had just whacked off, I knew I still wanted some of that.

Including Eddy in our study group presented a problem. When we studied, Freddy and I usually thought nothing of stripping down to our undies. Patrick was used to this, so when he came to our room to study, he either stripped down too, or just smiled when we stroked or played with our balls while studying. We didn’t actually go much further than that because we knew we would have the week ends to play. Having Eddy there would mean we had to be more careful. I had already whacked off more than once dreaming that I was pounding my dick up Eddy’s butt. And there was no way I was going to admit to Patrick that I wanted to sleep with his room mate. I liked Patrick too much for that. Eddy was a physical attraction - something like candy. Or maybe more like poison. Did I really want to get caught going after Eddy? Did I really expect Patrick to understand that I couldn’t resist a blond with a beautiful butt and a cute looking innocent smile?

But Patrick had plans of his own. The next night when he and Eddy had finished their shower, they returned to their room to study together. Each had put on their undies and had laid down on a bunk to read and quiz each other. Patrick paused long enough to play with and stroke his semi- erect shaft through the cotton undies, ignoring Eddy’s amused look, and his close body. Eddy was laying next to him. Their bodies very close. There was no way Eddy would not notice that Patrick’s dick was getting bigger, or that it needed some attention. His began to enlarge also.

Eddy rolled over on his stomach to hide the stiff problem in his crotch. Then he realized this was not the way to go. He had been waiting for this chance to get more acquainted with Patrick. If they were going to be room mates, he wanted to be more than friends. And if Patrick’s friends were willing to let him study anatomy using their bodies, he was going to have to be open to any kind of body study they had in mind. After all, it was his request that they include him in their group.

Watching Patrick to guage his response, Eddy rolled back over. This time, he lay on his back. His tight briefs showed a six inch stiff shaft bulging out and pushing up against the thin cotton material. He glanced down, feeling a little uncomfortble as he always did when he knew his dick was all but visible to others. He had done this before, but not here at the school. Eddy had known ever since he became a teen that other guys liked his looks and especially his buns. He had found out why at twelve when an older boy shared his tent at a scout camp out. The boy was so kind that he had showed Eddy how to jerk off, get a blow job, and even how to take a dick up his butt. Eddy had enjoyed learning too. He had a few brief romances at high school. Now once again, he wanted to play. He had made his move. Patrick had shown interest in him. Would he make the next move?

Patrick was ready. He had as much experience as Eddy did. Probably more. Pushing the book aside, he smiled at Eddy and looked down at his crotch. Reaching down with one hand, he placed it on top of the bulge and slowly but gently slid the cotton back and forth. Eddy moaned, then arched up pushing the cotton briefs out of the way. They had seen each other nude before, but this time they were both aroused and horny. This was way different.

Eddy was now stiff and nude. Patrick’s hand was now feeling him up. He ran his hand over the hard shaft, then down to the low hanging sac feeling the egg shaped balls. He lifted up and pushed his own briefs all the way off and then rolled over on top of Eddy to grind his own stiff dick against Eddy’s.

The two of them had just crossed the line. They probably didn’t even realize it. Right now all that mattered was getting to know each other in a new and different way. Each felt he had a lot to teach the other.

Patrick quickly slid down until his mouth could reach and engulf Eddy’s dick. Eddy could not have been any more willing. He was thrilled to feel those lips sliding over his joy stick. And Patrick knew how to make him want more. He used his tongue to lick the pre-cum off the tip and then lick at the glans as he began his slow sensual bobbing. Each time he went down on that beautiful rod, he went further and sucked it in further. Eddy didn’t have a chance of backing off even if he wanted to. Patrick was claiming him as his own. Eddy wanted this. He wanted Patrick.

Pushing up long enough to break free of Patrick for only a moment, Eddy managed to turn around so he could enjoy doing Patrick’s dick at the same time. Patrick was more than pleased. He gladly thrust his aching dick into Eddy’s mouth and then the two of them went to work, each trying to be better than the other. Neither needed to do this, but neither knew that. Both had just come out to each other. And both were more than happy to share their skill and their talents with the other. I doubt they could tell you who came first or who enjoyed it more. They simply blew a terrific load, then reluctantly gave up the game for a moment while they regained their breath and relaxed.

Neither wanted more. They were both willing to hold each other and compliment each other as being really good. Finally, they returned to their studies before turning in. Both wondered why the other didn’t try to screw them. Both would have gladly let it happen. That answer would come later.

The next step came the next morning. That was when Patrick admitted to Eddy he had seduced me, and we had become a pair. He explained that Freddy was also in on it. The two of them came up with a plan. They would get me and Freddy to take them to the club for drinks, then go back to the dorm room and seduce us.

The plan went a little astray when Freddy couldn’t go. They wound up at the club with me. After a few stiff drinks, we wound up going to their room to study. Both of them were a little high, but still planning to seduce me.

As always, Patrick got things going by stripping down to his undies. I did the same. Then came the shocker. Eddy casually got rid of his shirt, then slid out of his trousers revealing his pink silk panties. He had put them on hoping to attract our attention. Thinking at first, he was wearing some new kind of very small, very thin men’s undies, Patrick and I looked first at him, then at each other. The panties were way too small for his goodies. A stiff six inch dick was clearly visible under the material. You could make out everything about it. And the head of it was very visible. It was sticking out of the elastic waist band. His balls were pressed tightly up against his body with a good portion also exposed.

Patrick had sat down next to me on the side of his bunk. Eddy sat down on the other side. Both Patrick and I had instantly sprung hard ons just at the sight of Eddy’s apparel. Both of us had a tent in our undies. Studying a book was now totally not our intentions.

I reached around Eddy’s buns to feel the soft slick material just to be sure it was in fact a pair of panties. It was. Eddy didn’t move. He just looked over at me to judge my reaction. He neither smiled or frowned. Probably not sure how I would react to a guy that liked wearing panties.

“You’re wearing panties?” I almost whispered, dropping the book and groping his butt and his goodies with both hands.

Eddy didn’t say anything. He knew it wasn’t necessary. He lifted up long enough for me to slide the panties down far enough for him to take them off.

Then he knelt in front of me pulling my own undies off and quickly taking my seven inch shaft into his mouth. He convinced me immediately that he knew what he was doing and that he wanted it. He really went to work.

Patrick realized this study group had just deteriorated into a sex thing between me and Eddy. The panties had caught him off guard, but he knew what I liked. He jumped off the cot to get his tube of K-Y so I would be prepared. He handed the tube to Eddy who backed off my dick long enough to open the lube and apply it generously to the shaft and to his rear taking the time to shove a couple of fingers inside it to loosen it up.

I positioned Eddy over the bed with his legs dangling off the side. Then I got behind him placing my dick at the entrance to his boy pussy. Once in place, I pressed firmly. Eddy pushed back trying to open up. My glans popped inside. He let out a gasp, but remained still. I slowly and gently eased my way in. When I hit his pleasure point, Eddy jumped, looked up at me with a smile, and pushed all the way back until my pubes were tight against his buns. I was in. I moved around inside him to get him accustomed to the feel, then began my rhythm. Once I knew he was enjoying it, I pulled out, laid him on his back with legs lifted, and entered again facing him. The two of us kissed each other all over. Eddy was not new to this. He was loving it. It wasn’t long before I felt my load building fast. I was by now long thrusting him fast. It was reward time. I thrust in hard, held his butt up in the air, and shot load after load deep inside him. Then I collapsed on top of him, praising his talents. We kissed. Then I let my wilting rod slide out. Eddy dozed off.

Realizing I had left Patrick out of the fun, I moved over to his bunk and began blowing him. That wasn’t what he wanted. Greasing up his butt, he waited until I got the hard on back. Once I was ready, we did it again. I slid into him knowing it would take a little longer this time, but also knowing Patrick would make me just as pleased as Eddy had. We went at it with a passion. Both of us loved what we did to each other. Patrick knew what I wanted. No matter that it took a little longer. I think that second load was just as good as the first.

I rested, then went back to my room.

The next day, Patrick and I arranged for Eddy to meet Freddy. Patrick was more than pleased. He had not intended that I should wind up sleeping with Eddy. He wasn’t even willing to share me with Eddy. Eddy was to be set up with Freddy. Patrick was caught off guard with the panty trick. Eddy had not told him about the silk fetish. No doubt Patrick was worried that I might like Eddy more than him, or that I might want him to start wearing panties. He made it clear that although he and Eddy might fool around together in their room, they were not a pair. And I responded that I had no plans to get it on with Eddy either. We would fix him up with Freddy who had no one at the time.

Later that day, all of us met in my room. Patrick and I left for his room to study. Freddy and Eddy remained. Freddy was amazed that Eddy wore his silk panties. Seems Freddy liked that. I’m sure he also liked finding out why Eddy liked being on bottom. He was in a pretty good mood when I came back to the room. Seems he and Eddy had gotten well acquainted. He would be more than happy to have Eddy join our little group when we were traveling. Freddy was amused that Eddy was so openly attracted to sex. They had become good friends. Eddy knew what was expected of him. He had really seduced Freddy into a night of hot sex.

Other than a few secret meetings between Eddy and me, things went well for the coming months. Eddy had at times felt like Freddy just wasn’t the kind of lover I was. I was arrogant enough to fall for his line. We would meet when Patrick and Freddy were on duty, or not around. I know it wasn’t right. I would have cried if Patrick had found out. I think he did suspect that we were meeting sometimes. If he did, he never let on. Eddy was not just playing around. He was definitely gay. And always horny. At times, he was also playing with other guys in our class.

My time in school was an amazing part of my life. Not long after Eddy joined our gang, we met a few friends who introduced us to gay life in Hollywood. Those experiences kept Patrick and Eddy very busy. There were some very famous people who loved having young sailors at their parties. Freddy and I were invited along for the ride. And, boy, did we love it. All of us would meet some famous names. There were to many parties, drugs, booze, and stuff to include here. For me, it was a time to meet and play with some famous people. Freddy’s money and influence played a big role. I sometimes wonder how we managed to keep our school work up while planning every week end like they were holidays. Week days were just days to recover so we could start all over.

There were setbacks though. Eddy recruited new guys to attend the parties. He let them know gay stuff was part of the price for meeting movie stars. A few of them got caught fooling with each other in the dorm. They took Eddy down with them. Gays were dismissed from the service back then. Eddy was discharged, but did not name any of us. With regret, we thanked him and held a farewell party when he left.

Patrick, Freddy, and I remained good friends until we finished the school. Each of us was given different transfer orders after graduation. Freddy was ordered to report to a navy cruiser medical department. His ship was later ordered overseas. We lost touch after that. Patrick was assigned to a hospital staff in California. After a few months, he met a nurse and decided he liked her. I was assigned to a Marine base medical dispensary, then later to a Marine Recon squad, My California days were done. My squad was sent overseas where we again would spend time behind enemy lines.

Although the three of us would never meet again, I’ll never forget helping Patrick.

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