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He started calling the next morning. My cell buzzed on the floor next to the futon where I slept in Elliot's basement. I rolled over and picked it up, I can't ignore Jude. No matter what that is one thing I am not capable of doing.


"Jesus, Andy. Where the hell are you?" The words were spoken with relief not anger but there was no mistaking his frustration. I felt guilty and my face grew hot. I really wish I had turned the damn thing off, and then I wouldn't have to face him. But then, I am not exactly facing him am I? "Andy?"

"Yeah, Jude. I am here. I just..." Well fuck. `I just' what? What was I thinking when I left the house. Mostly nothing. Just running like hell because I want you so much it terrifies me.

"Where is here, Andy?" He pressed. Oh, waitaminit.

"Jude, I am staying with a friend for now." I tried to say it reasonably but it came out defensively.

"Andy," He warned, "Come home." God, the husky sound of his voice, even now it makes my skin tingle and goose bumps rise on my arms. My cock is hard in my boxers and I am practically shivering. I should hang up and I just can't manage it.

Somehow my mouth didn't listen to my brain when I told myself not to answer that, "I want to."

He sucked in a ragged breath, "Where are you?" He growled and I was surprised by the intensity.

"The boys..." I argued against his coming to get me, since we both knew that was what he really was saying.

"Kelly picked them up this morning." I heard the truck start in the background. "Scott's?" He guessed angrily.

"God, Jude. No...how can you think that I would-"

"Andy, tell me where you are." He interrupted and I swung my legs over the edge of the mattress. The floor was cold on my feet. Damn, I need a shower. Elliot and I drank a few beers, played some Halo and I really need to shower. "You are at Elliot's then." He said and I flinched. So much for the shower I had meant to take.

"Jude, not yet...I'm not...you don't understand."

"Fuck that Andy!" He said angrily, "I don't want you sleeping at some other guys house!" Oh wow. He was jealous. My skin warmed and I felt a flush of pleasure wash over me. Jude was jealous over me. I reached down and adjusted my hard on. Just squeezing the shaft like that and thinking about his intense eyes looking at me made me pant.

"I have to go now, Jude." I groaned and closed the phone. Painfully I yanked on my clothes and bolted out the door. I was riding up the backside of the old Fort through the marine fog of the early morning within a few minutes. Cold, damp and hungry and wondering what the hell I was doing.

Why can't I just say `no'?

You tried that. The problem is you don't really mean it. Do you want him to give up? That thought made me dizzy. Was I running so he could chase me? I shivered. The thought of him catching me was arousing. Okay, so it was also sobering. I wanted him to come for me.

The road that roams through the Fort is for official ranger vehicles only, so stopping up short in the middle is a relatively safe thing to do. I stood there, leaning on my bike in the shadows of the trees. Mist was rolling up over the cliff a half a mile ahead, darkening the wooded terrain. Behind me the town rolled out over the hills towards the canal on the other side. The concrete bunkers were a favorite spot of mine. Concealed by fifty years of undergrowth and forest the concrete structures were silent stone monuments to an age gone by. Jude brought me up here the first time when I was fourteen and I was instantly fascinated. Like any kid would be. It was a real fort. My friends and I spent days up here, and in an age of video games and television that was saying a great deal.

He would know to find me here. Maybe. I started riding again, deeper into the bunkers. But the real question I asked myself was if he did, and I wanted him to, what did that mean? Was I already going home to Jude in my mind? I guess I knew the answer to that. I just didn't know how to do it. I needed him to come for me. And fuck, that is embarrassing. But, I just can't make myself turn around and go home.

Rolling my bike up to the stone stairs I leaned it against them and climbed to the top of the bunker and sat with my feet hanging over. It was cold and damp and now my ass was wet, but I just had to think. Unfortunately, my mind wouldn't cooperate. All I could feel was panic. Everything felt so messed up. I wanted him to come, but he didn't. An hour passed, two...three. By the time I clambered onto my bike I was cold and stiff and miserable.

In hindsight I can see how childish I was being. But at the time I just wanted him to come get me. If he didn't maybe he didn't really want me I thought. If he wanted me he would have found me. By the time I got to the Fall Street Café I was angry and more determined than ever to tell him no. I was even angry at Kelly for destroying the family and at such a difficult time too.

By the time I was headed up the hill to Elliot's house I was pretty pissed off. Elliot answered the back door with a puzzled look on his face and I frowned at him, "What?"

"I didn't expect ya back today is all." He shook his head at me. "Liza is here," He grinned and I sighed.

"Can I get my stuff?" I muttered.

He blinked, "Uh, Jude picked it up hours ago."

Well, fuck. That passive aggressive son of a...OH, I was furious. I rode the half a mile home, unaware I was even thinking of it as home, in an absolute fury. Of course it started to rain just as I got to the alley. Leaning the bike against the carriage house I walked around towards the garden path and paused in the rain.

The carriage house has a second story and the entire thing has been enlarged, glass garden doors give a view of an office. My god. There he is. Sitting at a desk his fingers curled around a computer mouse, but he isn't looking at the screen. At four in the afternoon, he needs a shave. The pool of light he is sitting in, halogen from a singular fixture dangling above him, highlights the auburn in his sable hair. His white button shirt is open a couple of buttons and rolled up to his forearms. He reaches up and closes his computer, his eyes unfocused out the window.

Oh god. I love you. I turn and walk down the alley. Not sure if he saw me in the gathering gloom, wet and distance. I pause at the end of the alley beside the front of the house and look down the sidewalk, left and right.

"Andy?" He calls from the garden path at the rear of the house and I turn slowly. His deck shoes slap on the worn pavement as he jogs towards me. "Oh for god sake." He yells. "Don't you dare run off now!" He grabs me and I don't know what to do. Is he going to hit me? But he just hugs me, so fiercely I can't breathe for a moment. He buries his face in my neck, inhaling, and says nothing. Just embraces me, until my arms come up and go around his waist. He relaxes his hold a little, then lifts his head, his palm stroking up my back to the back of my head I gasp as his mouth covers mine in a fierce hungry kiss.

Oh my god. Did I learn nothing? Apparently not. He doesn't stop. He thrusts his tongue into my mouth angrily. He is mad. Not just mad, hurt. This is the kiss of a lover desperate to make a claim. And I should be pushing him away, but I don't care how mad he is. I love his kiss. I made a sound of need, and he bit me, piercing the skin of my lower lip and I gasped. He licked the sting and said my name, and pulled back. The fury was in his eyes.

"You are mad." I said stupidly. I mean hell, where did my brain go?

"Hell yeah." He said fiercely, "Where the hell have you been?" He kissed me again. He doesn't ever let us talk. He just kisses me. It is his answer to everything. It feels pretty good though. It is obvious that he likes kissing me as much as I like to be kissed by him. I am holding him with as much ferocity, and frustration.

"Come in the house." He says harshly. "We are getting soaked out here."

"I didn't notice." And it is true. That changes his demeanor. He looks back at me, his hands in mine as he drags me back up the alley, and he smiles. The mudroom is familiar, the scent damp and homey. He turns towards me and grabs the hem of my wet hoody and pulls it off over my head like I am a child. Glaring at him I grab my t-shirt. "Hey." I protest when he grins evilly.

"No one is home."

"God, Jude."

"One thing, Andy," He says quietly, "If you are even thinking the word no, say it now. Right now." He lifts his head and looks down at me and my throat feels tight, my lips tingle and my eyes start to leak, and he kisses me gently, brushing his mouth over my tear wet cheeks. Or is that rain?

"How about yes?" I grab his head and pull him to my mouth, and kiss him so fiercely he groans and picks me up. His hands go around me and he scoops me up and walks resolutely through the kitchen towards the stairs.

The door to his room swings open, and the bed is made neatly. But there is something different. The scent in the room is all Jude now. Not a hint of Kelly. The duvet cover is new, dark chocolate brown with gold tone stripes along the edges. The headboard is covered with fabric and attached to the wall, the first time I have ever noticed it. It looks masculine and sexy. It dominates the room.


This is the bed I am going to share with Andy. And I thought of him when I bought the new bedding.. I thought of him as I lay in it this past couple of weeks.. I thought of him when I would roll over in the darkness and reach for him and he has never lain beside me. He stares at it. I slowly slide my hands down his arms, and he shivers when I grab his t-shirt and pull it off over his head. He doesn't argue, he raises his hands and he is naked waist up. I step in close to him, pushing my hands up onto his chest, my palms finding and petting his nipples. Something I should have done that day in the rain. His hands cover mine and his head falls back onto my shoulder, his ass rubbing deliberately against me. Reaching down I snapped open his jeans, the damp denim giving way to my hands. He stretched and stepped out of them, his boxer briefs were black and sexy as hell. I've never made love to a man before. But, I understand the technical aspects and the rest is really no different.

I am just touching him and he is coming apart. "Are you surprised, Andy?" I whisper pushing him towards the bed.

"Yes." He says softly, and he gasps when I don't turn him to face me.

"Just climb up and lay down on your belly. I want to just touch you for awhile. Talk to you. I should have," I followed him up on the bed, urging him to lie down and straddled his legs, my hands on his ribs I leaned down over him, "I should have done this before. Just put you on my bed and talked to you."

"Jude, I..." I nipped his shoulder, sucking lightly.

"Shhh, you'll get your turn, love." God, I was still furious. I stared down at the pink bite mark, and felt excited. I hooked my fingers under the wide band of his underwear, "But first, lets get rid of," I reached under him and angled the fabric over his throbbing dick, gripping him in one hand while shoving the fabric down to his thighs with the other, "these...god, you know how hot I find your cock? I never thought I would get turned on by the sight of another guys dick. Then I saw yours, soapy and slick and I swear to god I boned up so hard I couldn't breathe." He thrust his member into my hand pinning my fingers to the bed, and I smiled flexing my hand and he groaned rotating his hips.

Sliding free of him, he shivered and I pulled his shorts off completely, pausing to remove his socks, he was stark naked and flat on my bed, his completely exposed to me. I stepped over to the dresser and when he started to rise, "Lie still,." I ordered softly, and took the KY and condoms from the drawer. My teeth clenched, I didn't want to use the condom. But, I really don't have any options. He shivers and starts to roll over, "I don't want you to move, Andy." I say firmly and he flinches.

"Jude, you are scaring me." He says softly.

"I know, and I am sorry." I exhale and sit down beside him. "I just can't do anything yet. I am thinking. Please just try to relax." I ran my hand down his back, to his ass, and I smiled. God, I want his ass. No, seriously, I have to get inside of him. That day that I realized I was divorcing a free loader and my real mate was Andy, I really thought of him as mine. He took her place in my mind. That thought has not gone away at all. When he took off, I was furious. I am a jealous man, and my `wife' left me. And the most hysterical thing? I wasn't jealous with Kelly. I was mad she cheated on me, but I didn't have a single masculine moment of sexual fury. But, now... looking at his sweet tight ass...I leaned over and slid my leg over him.

Straddling him again I stretched forward, spreading my hands I cup them under him, holding my body against him, my dick pressing almost between his ass cheeks, "Andy. Have you ever let anyone else fuck you?" I know the answer even before he says the words, his shoulders flex imperceptibly. Leaning up I smile and listen to his tirade.

"Dammit Jude! You don't have the right to ask me that kind of question." He tried to roll over and being immobilized added to his fury. "I didn't want to think of you! I should have then maybe I could have gotten over this crazy infatuation-fucking obsession I have for you!" My hand stung when I slapped his ass and he yelled. The vivid pink imprint of my palm was fascinating.

"Good. Have you ever fucked anyone else?" I continued and he wiggled under me, I slid back and then forward again, my big dick rubbing cloth covered along his crack. Oh god, have I ever been this way with any other lover? The answer is no. Andy brings out the nasty, raw dominant side of me. When he didn't answer I slapped his pink ass cheek again and he gasped. It wasn't real pain, and we both knew it.

He was panting softly. "No... Jude, Jude...you won't really hurt me, will you?" There was real anxiety in his voice god damn it. His trust was too fragile.

"Do I love you, Andy?" I asked him, leaning down. "I quit the Navy for you, love. I made this room for you. This is your bed. You came home to me. Do I love you Andy?"
I didn't want to turn him over, but he needed it. I just like lying this way on top of him. Still, we had some things to get through before he was going to be letting me inside his body. I slid my arm under him and he rolled into me as I climbed off the bed. He sat up and his arms went around my waist. His thigh went between mine and his hands dug under my shirt finding my bare skin he pressed his face against my hard stomach. He rubbed his lips against my skin as he spoke.

"Do you?" He whispered roughly, and he looked up at me his fingers distracted by the hair on my chest. I watched as his fascination detoured his thoughts and he slid his fingers through the soft hair as it trailed down below my navel to my pants. He didn't hesitate. The snap and zipper dispensed with Andy opened my pants and tugged the fabric of my briefs away from my raging cock. I sucked in a hard breath as he revealed my heavy erection. The weight of my cock pulls it down, even fully hard. He was forced to fist his slender hand at the base to keep it upright for his exploration. I smiled, grinned really. His lips were parted and wet. His expression was rapture. I have a fine cock, but no one has ever looked at it with such hunger before.

I jerked when he drew back the foreskin exposing the ruby red glans, swollen and wet with excitement, the wash of his breath was almost unbearable. I tensed trying to control the urge to push him. He moved, and I exhaled as his lips parted and he touched the deep slit with his pink tongue. A tender caress, soft and slow. He was rewarded with a rush of pre-cum and his moan of delight had me shaking. Andy wasn't licking my cock for me, oh no, it was better because he was doing it for himself. His blond hair fell into his eyes and I reached down to push it out of the way, tangling my fingers in the silky strands. He looked up at me and I smiled and nodded my approval. The fist around my shaft pulled back and my cockhead slid into his mouth. He didn't take it in he slid it in. Perfectly. His tongue slicked around inside his mouth, cupping and teasing the head as he slid it smoothly towards his throat. I gasped when he swallowed and half my big dick slid into his throat. Oh fuck! I clutched his head and pulled back, his moan of disappointment echoed in my own groan. I underestimated his skill apparently. "Jesus, Andy!" I gritted, "Slow down." He frowned up at me and nodded.

Feeling a little guilty for chastising him, I stroked his cheek with my fingers and urged him to continue, gritting my teeth against the pleasure. Instead of sucking me back into his mouth he slicked his tongue down the shaft and pushed me back and slid to the floor in front of me. His hands swept away my pants and I stepped out of them with his help. Instantly he returned to his worship of my cock. I could fucking cum just looking at him kneeling in front of me.


* * *


He didn't catch me the way I had imagined but he had me nonetheless. He wasn't letting go this time and I loved it. Every second of it. The sexual intimacy between us exploded. Everything I knew about Jude changed. I saw him with new eyes. Every incredible inch of him. I drank him in. Every sense was attuned to him. I inhaled him as I knelt on the wooden floor beside his big bed. Above me, his big hand cupping the back of my head stood the man whom I had vigorously avoided scrutinizing over the past year. Objectively I have always known Jude was attractive. Yet, I never really allowed myself to look. And certainly not look and catalogue as I was doing now. Or was it that I just didn't acknowledge what I saw?

Jude's smile is languid and sensual. The wicked half lidded look in his eye combined with that smile and his shadowed jaw give him a dangerous air. His broad chest is taut but not sharply defined. His power comes from work, not from weights and he is well formed and muscular. The hair on his chest is thicker in the center where it narrows to his ribs, thinning til it reaches his navel and then thickens again in a trail to his groin. The dense patch of dark pubic hair doesn't cover his balls as thickly as I would have thought. They hang low and heavy, too big to take both in my mouth I can tell. His thighs are sleek and match his chest. His weight is evenly distributed, and he has a perfect butt, the twin globes just rounded enough to fit his khaki's sinfully. Looking up at him I take a chance, wondering if a formerly straight man like Jude would allow me to handle his perfect ass.

Cupping his butt in my hands I squeezed and leaned forward, rubbing my face in the hair around his cock. Licking and sucking the musky fur I soaked it with my saliva, just rubbing his ass and letting his cock bounce against my cheek and ear. His fingers clutched my hair but he didn't protest. Not even when I let my hands dip low and spread his ass cheeks for a second before gripping him firmly and leaning back to look up at him. He was grinning indulgently, just letting me do what I wanted. But I could see he was allowing me only a short leash. I bumped the base of his cock with my nose and inhaled, licking the velvet skin delicately.

"Having fun, baby?" He asked softly. His thumb touched my chin and he pushed my head back. He didn't exactly wait for my answer, his thumb pressed and he opened my mouth. "Suck it." He whispered and he held his fat cock, the skin pulled back against my lips. Oh god. Yes. Of course neither of us waited for me to answer. It came when my lips, still wet with playing around his cock, slid over the head and took him further into my mouth. I sucked, just teasing around the slit with my tongue. I rocked, left and right, moaning softly around the throbbing invader and he pushed his hand painfully tight on my scalp. Oh yeah. I could feel the pulse of his heartbeat in the veins that fed his engorged member.

Control wasn't something he was going to give me however. His hands kept me from increasing the pace and from taking him into my throat. He liked watching me and was making me linger. His short thrusts pushed into my throat just a little, which was harder than if I controlled the depth. Saliva dripped down my chin, mixed with the honey of his pre-cum and I rocked back and forth with his thrusts. He groaned, "Oh fuck, Andy.." He pulled out and his wet cock painted my cheek. "Stand up." He held me apart from him, his hands around my wrists, not manacled, just lightly. But I stood still anyway. He had something to say, it was in his eyes and the way they flicked over me.

Oh, I was afraid. Afraid that he would suddenly come to his senses and wonder what the hell he was doing. Afraid that I would do something wrong, something he didn't like and he would lose interest. I want him. I want him any way he wants. There is nothing I would deny him, but I can't help but want it all. I closed my eyes against the fear and waited.

"Andy." He said forcefully, and I exhaled and looked up, "You made a promise to me." He said, and I realized he was still angry. I closed my eyes and shook my head. Yeah, I know I did, Jude. "You promised to be open with me." He repeated it anyway. "Fuck, look at me." His fingers spread over my cheek and I felt the sting of tears in my eyes.

"I want to keep that promise, Jude." I said hoarsely. I couldn't meet his gaze, so I just kissed his fingers, bringing my hand up to his I held them against my lips and tasted his rough skin. He made a rough sound and pushed my hand away angrily and cupped my head forcing my face up. He moved closer. His body bumping into mine, he crowded me. His big dick was pinned against my stomach and his left leg was outside of mine.

Slowly I opened my eyes and stared at his dark ones, and he smiled. "There." He said. "Any time you try to shut me out, I am going to be there until you let me in." Then he kissed me, softly. His mouth touched mine in contrast to the fierce hold he had on me. His lips pulled on mine, tugged until I opened to him and his tongue licked over my teeth and met mine. He pushed gently and I sat on the edge of the bed startled. But he didn't break the kiss, he just kept kissing until I realized he was too low to hold my mouth, he pushed me back and his hands went to my knees.

If I wasn't sure before how far he was going to go, he convinced me now. He tugged and spread my legs on the edge of the bed. My dick was raging hard against my thigh, and he didn't hesitate to put his hands on it. His hands were hot, and he simultaneously cupped my balls, squeezing gently and fisted the shaft of my uncut cock. I jerked when his mouth found the base, between his hands he licked and nibbled.

"I am not like them, Andy." He said softly and his tongue came out to join his fingers, stroking the soft purse of skin just before he sucked one of my testicles into his mouth. I started shaking. This was more than anyone had ever done for me before and Jude has an agile tongue. He sucked and licked, soaking me with his mouth. His hand stroked my cock and his fingers teased the head, just dancing over the sleek spongy glans while his tongue found the tender skin below my scrotum.

The width of his shoulders pushed on my legs and he maneuvered my legs over his shoulders as he nipped and chewed the just above the opening of my body. Lifting my legs as he kept up a rhythmic stroke on my cock he opened me to his mouth. Exposed as I was it was still a shock when I felt his tongue on the tight pucker and he groaned into me, the sound hungry and needy. Oh god. If I doubted he wanted me, needed me, or understood what he was getting into he dispelled it. He was licking and sucking on my ass and the shock of it had me panting and moaning.

I reached down and grabbed my knees, forgetting to be embarrassed and nervous and throwing myself into the pleasure of what he was giving me. He wet me with his spit and found me pretty quickly with his first finger. When he pressed and slid inside I was fine for a few seconds and then startled by the brief lance of discomfort. Anxiety rippled through me but he just moved steadily, "Relax." He said against me, and the vibration shot pleasure straight to my cock and I thrust instinctively into his hand. He was going to say that a few more times over the next hour. I fell back on the bed and just abandoned myself to his finger fucking. It was so incredible, I had a hard time letting go and just feeling. It made me anxious and then, he started to lick my cockhead and then suck me. Just the head, but between his fist around my shaft, his finger thrusting inside of me, I forgot to be nervous and started to rise towards my orgasm. Which, of course he stopped just short of.

His fingers left my butt and he put his hands on my hips, leaning over me he kissed me softly, "Climb up and turn over on your stomach." He said with a smile. Oh god, that smile is Jude at his wicked best. He reaches over to the table and picks up the lube as I sprawled on the bed on my stomach watching him warily over my shoulder.

* * *


I opened the lube and soaked my fingers sliding back I nudged his thighs apart and he began to lift his hips as my fingers found his tender opening.

He gasped as I penetrated him with two fingers, flinching. "Oh wow, that hurts." That was real surprise in his voice. I pressed, my cock was dripping pre-cum, and I could almost shoot just watching my fingers enter him. My baby. My virgin. Fuck! I twisted my fist, and pressed and he groaned pushing back and my fingers sank deep to the knuckle. "Oh Jude...please..."

"Like that, baby? God, look at you, so tight around my fingers...that evening, when I pushed my finger into your ass outside, I could feel you around my dick. I knew what it was going to be like...I came just feeling the hot velvet of your ass." I leaned down, licking the skin just above my penetrating fingers and he jerked. I fucked him with my two fingers slowly, licking the tender skin and reached under him, finding the soft skin of his scrotum, I pulled gently and he bucked.

"I'll cum!" He almost screamed, "Oh god, Jude, please fuck me..."He groaned, panting as I slid my fingers in and out of him rhythmically.

I laughed gently, "I'll hurt you if I fuck you now, Andy." I found him with a third finger and he arched sharply when I penetrated him, his body protesting. "See, you can barely take three fingers, still." I thrust firmly and he sobbed. Yeah, hurting him was satisfying, but not pleasurable. He responded however, sucking in a deep breath he flexed his ass and worked at relaxing around my fingers. He moaned when I drew back and then thrust in deep. The pain kept him from cuming and he began to fuck himself on my fingers panting my name. "God, that's it baby, you like that?"

"Yes, yes...oh Jude..." He looked back over his shoulder, bracing his palms on the bed, "I want to suck your cock, Jude." He said roughly, arching as I pressed deep and hard at his words. I ignored him. I didn't have a choice. If he got his mouth on my cock again, I'd cum in a heartbeat.

"Not now." I say softly. He moans and goes up on his arms, his legs are shaking trying to keep his hips up. Reaching above him I fist my hand into a round decorative pillow. He looks back as I put it under his hips and return my fingers to their penetrating caress. His lips form an O, as he gasps and takes three spread fingers. Slicking my dick with my other hand I push him down, resting his hips on the support and I lean over him, "I love you, do you understand?"

"Yes." He groans and I fit the head of my dick next to my fingers drawing them almost all the way out I replace them with my cock. I am shaking here, on the edge of being inhuman. I want so badly just to fuck the hell out of him and lose myself in his body. He is right there, underneath me and I am shivering with need. He shudders and I push past the ring, a jerking painful thrust. "OH, ah, Jude?" That is a fearful exhalation. But he doesn't fight me. He waits, I wait. Sweat drips from my cheek onto his back, and flexing my legs he groans as I sink deeper. I feel this visceral sense of rightness overtake me as he relaxes and I slide deeper. Farther into Andy. Something happens inside me, my tears fall, and I lean over him, pressing my mouth against his skin, I slip my hand under his shoulder and I hold him against me, he whispers my name and pushes back.

His gasp stills me, and I cupped my hands around his hips, the bones not delicate, but finely made still. He is slender, small and god knows I don't want to hurt him. The tight fist of his hole is dragging me towards a different kind of fury and as I sink into him he moans half pain, half pleasure. Drawing back an inch, then two I watch as my dark shaft slides free of his stretched opening. The image is raw, but the feeling is more than that. I want to fuck him, slam into him but I don't need to. He is mine. I thrust and inexorably invade his tight butt with my fat cock and he whimpers pushing back until he feels the brush of my pubes on his butt. We both exhale slowly.

Andy's arms are trembling, "Oh god Jude?" he whispers anxiously.

Hopefully this will get easier, because I know I can't help but hurt him this time. Rotating my hips I hold him still when he would pull away, "I know it hurts," I reply and he moans, "I'll stay right here for a bit." I promise. He relaxed on a sigh, leaning forward and resting his cheek on the bed. The image is so fucking hot, my lover pinned to the bed and impaled on my cock.

Seconds tick by and suddenly he whimpers, his insides shiver and release and he relaxes just before pushing back, "Please." He moans, "Fuck me, Jude."

"That's all I needed to hear, baby." I grin and begin the dance. His hips have a print of my fingers and I rub his sides as I pull back to the head and then surely stroke back in. God, the fucking tight fist of him is almost painful. Each stroke seems to imbed me further into his butt, and soon there is the sound of skin slapping against skin punctuated by his gasps.

"Oh, oh, fuck..." He pants, but he is definitely thrusting back against me, "Harder..." he whispers and I lose it.

Spreading my knees I widen my presence between his legs and lift him onto my marauding cock, his gasp is music and I pound against his ass with a ferocity that scares me. His entire body jerks on each thrust, and the slick sounds are vulgar and so incredibly erotic I actually feel like laughing. But the lash of pleasure steals my voice and I just groan, because too soon my orgasm looms and I am seconds away from flooding his insides with my juice.

"Beloved." The word comes from my lips hoarsely, and he arches his back and gasps and I am buried to the hilt. What I thought would be raw; almost dirty is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. Mine.

* * *

He didn't give me time to second-guess. No time to question the future. And maybe that is why I don't. Beloved. He called me that. Intensely, richly, harshly the word was wrenched from him. How? Lying in the darkness, I am curled against him; his hand is locked like a vice around my wrist where it lays on his stomach. His other arm is beneath me, and this isn't exactly comfortable. But it feels fantastic.

He is sound asleep, his breathing deep and even. I, on the other hand, am wide-awake and more than a little uncomfortable. My body is aching, and wet. Sticky. And he smells incredible. My cheek is next to his underarm, and the warmth from him, the scent of his sweat isn't anything short of the most erotic sensual smell I have ever craved. HE smells good. Not sour, not acrid, just musky, warm and earthy. And maybe a little salty, like the sea.

Oh, my stomach feels a little weird. Discomfort, I think I need to use the bathroom. So, I slowly rise, gasping a little at the aches that appear. The bathroom is beautiful, the claw foot tub is large and inviting, but then so is the tiled shower. But, my discomfort is more basic. My body rids itself of the evidence of our loving and I decide I need to shower. My stomach still feels a bit weird which I suppose is normal. I didn't bleed which is a relief. Leaning on the wall in the shower, I close my eyes not really startled when the door opens and he steps in side and pulls me into his arms. I turn, pressing my face against him. I can't talk.

He seems to understand, and he holds me, rubbing my back and my shoulders. The water stays hot for a very long time, and soon he has his warm soapy hands all over me as he efficiently washes himself and then me. Finally he tugs me out of the shower and wraps me in a too small towel. His scowl makes me smile. He must have not put clean towels in the bathroom. But his concern is evident as he carries me from the bathroom and lays me down.

"I am okay, just tired." I whisper and he shakes his head and kisses me, a soft penetrating kiss.

"I love you, so don't lie to me."

"My stomach is a little..." But I rub my face against his, and smile. It really doesn't matter.

"Okay." He smiles, "That is better." He pulls me against him, my back to his front and I relax. It is the most perfect comfort I have ever known.

He turns my face towards him and looking down at me I see pain in his expression, "Tell me the running is over." He demanded softly, and I nodded at him brought my hand up and put it over his where he held my face. "I've never felt this way about anyone. I am possessive, demanding, and fuck, I am so hungry for you...and jealous. God, I wanted to fucking kill that Scott guy when I found him after you left. Tell me you understand what this is between us?"

"I hope...I just, no...I don't. Tell me what it is..." I think he is naturally dominant. He always has been, but some kind of artificial social restraint has forced him to retrain that need. Is it just easier for him to dominate me? Is it because I am submissive and not as socially constrained as a woman might be?

"I am your husband."

Whatever I was rolling around in my head, that wasn't it. Maybe it was, but that wasn't how I would say it. I flushed and rolled onto my back, "Jude..."

"You are mine, and maybe wife isn't the right word. Well, no obviously it isn't. You aren't a substitute woman. I don't see it that way. But, you are mine. My spouse. So, I guess we are both husbands, but...damn, no. I am your husband and you are my mate." He smiled and relaxed, having worked this out in his head.

Of course, I was speechless. Part of me wanted to laugh and the other part of me was thrilled and afraid. I guess I sort of expected to get proposed to if I was going to get married. Wait. Wedding? "Um."

"Don't get all hung up on the details," he told me with a grin.