INCIDENT ON POLK STREET Copyright © 2004 by Jerry Leckie — A young sailor, a gay virgin on shore leave, looks for male companionship on San Francisco's infamous Polk Street. He finds what he is looking for -- and more. He returns to his ship, a changed man, vowing to return for what he has found, if it's still there.

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Jerry roused from sleep as the morning sun began to pour through the window. When he was in full possession of his faculties, he realized that he felt a bit strange. He was in a plush room in the Saint Francis hotel, lying on his back in a most comfortable bed, holding the hard body of a most desirable young man. The strange part was this: It was the morning after, and he was still with the trick! He chuckled softly to himself. That didn't happen very often.

He turned his head slightly to survey the situation. Buddy was snuggled tightly against him, his head resting in the hollow of Jerry's shoulder. Jerry's arm encircled the sleeping youth.
What's going on here, Jerry thought? They hadn't gone to sleep in this position. I'm feeling very comfortable holding this newly-minted ex-virgin. Normally by this time, he would be out having breakfast/brunch with some of his friends, bragging about his conquest.

Jerry sighed and stroked Buddy's back, feeling the toned muscles under his velvety soft skin. The boy stirred slightly, then Jerry had the pleasure of watching him waken. First, his breathing altered, then he stretched and moved about to regain his comfortable position. But, soon he sensed where he was. His eyes flew open. Seeing his arm across Jerry's chest, he lifted it and started to scoot away, but Jerry held him tight.

"Hi," Jerry crooned.

Buddy stammered, "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to crowd you."

With a hand, Jerry brought Buddy's arm back down on his chest. "You didn't. It felt great to hold you like this all night and wake up with you in my arms." He chuckled derisively. "It doesn't happen to me very often."

Buddy snuggled closer, his hand toying with the hair on Jerry's chest. "You held me all night?"

Jerry stroked the boy's cheek. "Um hm."

Buddy raised up on an elbow and looked down at his impromptu lover. "I've never slept with anyone before." He grinned shyly. "It sure felt nice to wake up with you holding me." He yawned and looked around the room. "Matter of fact, I feel great. What time is it?"

Jerry looked at his watch. "It's a little after nine. Actually, we didn't sleep that long. It was after three o'clock when we, uh, finished, and went to sleep." Buddy looked uncertain what to do next. Jerry smiled and drew him into a kiss. "Hungry?" Buddy nodded. "So am I. Let's clean up and order breakfast."

In the bathroom, Jerry produced two of everything for them from the bag he brought from home. As they shaved, they couldn't  resist stroking the other's heavy dick dangling in the wash basin, and it made it difficult for them to stroke their faces with the razors. At last, they gave up and took turns shaving each other while their stiff cocks dueled between them.

Consequently, they were in a moderate state of arousal by the time they entered the shower, where both men delighted in washing the other's body. As Jerry's hands massaged Buddy's back, he allowed a finger to explore the boy's rectum.

"How do you feel back there this morning?"

Buddy sighed as Jerry's finger probed him. "It feels good, a little sensitive, but good. There's no pain."

"Your muscles are just not used to the stretching."

Buddy smiled and kissed Jerry. "That must be it, because it felt better the third time you entered me last night."

Jerry's dick twitched at the memory. "I'm glad you liked it."

They dried each other and dressed in the fluffy robes provided by the hotel. Jerry removed the "Do Not Disturb" sign from their door and ordered room service. Presently, the waiter arrived, wheeling an elaborate breakfast table into the room. As he uncovered the various dishes,  Buddy began to frown in discomfort.

Jerry tipped the waiter and replaced the "Do Not Disturb" sign. Turning to his lover, he asked, "What's the matter? Isn't it to your liking?"

Buddy gestured to the room and to the beautiful table of food. "Jerry, this is very nice, but I can't afford my share of all this."

Smiling, Jerry said, "Relax, it's on me. I get a discount here. The hotel is one of my customers." He gently kissed the frown from the boy's face and untied his robe, slipping it off his shoulders.

They sat at the table nude, enjoying the food, the conversation and the sight of each other.

Between bites of scrambled egg, Jerry asked, "Is Buddy your real name or is it a nickname?"

Buddy swallowed a mouthful of toast. "Nickname. I'm a junior. Robert Watkins, Junior. Everyone called me Buddy to keep the confusion down."

Jerry laughed. "I'm a junior too. Jerome Aiken, Junior. They called me Jerry to distinguish between me and my dad. But no one would have dared call him Jerry."

When they had eaten their fill, they retired with cups of coffee to the couch. There, they carried on a halfhearted conversation while their fingers roamed, stroking here, tickling there. In no time, their dicks rose to the occasion. Then, the coffee and conversation were abandoned as they played an impromptu erotic game, watching their penises twitch with desire as they
caressed each other, discovering new erogenous zones. Ultimately, the stimulation became too much and they had to take a break.

Abruptly, Jerry stood and pulled Buddy onto the bed. They lay on their sides kissing, loosely holding each other. Gradually, their kisses became more passionate, their cocks became harder and began to dual between their bodies. As they pulled apart and looked down at their rampant manhoods, an idea formed in Jerry's mind.

"Since we're both uncircumcised, I want to try something I haven't done in a long time." He kissed Buddy on the nose. "Have you ever tried docking with a guy?" The boy shook his head and Jerry grinned broadly. "It feels really good. Let's try it." Jerry retracted his foreskin. "Pull your foreskin all the way back. Our dick heads have to be dry for it to work." Buddy complied and Jerry dried their pre-cum with a corner of the bed sheet. The rasp of the rough material on their most sensitive parts caused their erections to soften somewhat -- exactly the effect Jerry wanted.

"Now Buddy, hold your dick straight out." Jerry moved his hips forward until the tips of their dicks touched. "Your foreskin is thicker than mine, so I'll go first." He grasped his foreskin and pulled it over the head of Buddy's cock. "Okay, now roll your foreskin over the head of your dick, covering my foreskin." Buddy did so and Jerry grinned at him. "We're docked." Buddy looked down at their joined penises with a "gee whiz" expression.

"Here's the best part," Jerry purred. He took Buddy's hand and wrapped his fingers around their covered dick heads.  "Now, jack us off, slowly."

They watched as Buddy's fist began to move, provoking moans of pleasure and murmurs of approval. The sight of their large cocks being masturbated in tandem was a mind blowing picture. As their ardor rose, Jerry nibbled on Buddy's lower lip, then probed his mouth with his tongue. Their kiss became more and more passionate as the stimulation of their dicks overtook them. For long minutes they remained locked in the kiss, moaning with pleasure. Finally, all they could do was press their foreheads together and look down as their cocks grew rock hard and erupted. The force of their ejaculations filled their foreskins, forcing them apart, and spilled into Buddy's hand.

Sweating and breathing hard, both men stared at their quivering cocks for a full minute. Then, they looked at each other with wide eyes and said, "Wow!" at the same time.

Jerry grasped Buddy's wrist and brought his cum-filled hand to his lips, taking a tentative lick. "Mmmm," he said, staring into Buddy's eyes. "Good. Wanna taste?"

With wide eyes, Buddy leaned forward and lapped the palm of his hand. "Oh man, that is soooo good! And it's making me harder than ever!"

"Me too," Jerry panted.They hurriedly cleaned Buddy's hand, then Jerry turned in the bed to a 69 position and they lovingly cleaned their dicks.

Buddy pulled off Jerry's clean cock. "I'm so hot. Can we do it again?" In answer, Jerry took Buddy's penis down to the root. Smiling, Buddy reciprocated. And they performed a slow, deliberate 69 until they brought themselves to another orgasm.

Exhausted, they fell apart, panting. At length, Buddy turned and fell across Jerry's chest, kissing him hard. "Thank you Jerry." At the man's questioning look, he continued. "Thank you for being with me last night and this morning. I've wanted to be close with someone--a guy--for a long time. It's been wonderful, being with you. Thank you again." He blushed and lowered his head to Jerry's chest.

Jerry studied the boy for several minutes, gently stroking his hair. Something stirred in his soul, something he hadn't felt since he was a teenager. "You're welcome Buddy," he replied softly, knowing that he would have to give this new feeling further attention. "Whaddya say we get dressed and get out of here for a while so the hotel can clean up the room?" Buddy smiled up at him. "We can have a nice lunch and do some sightseeing." He chuckled. "I know that I said you were gonna do all your sightseeing out of that window, but I think a bit of fresh air will do us good, maybe build up some stamina for tonight."

Buddy looked up in surprise. "We're gonna stay here again tonight?"

Jerry grinned. "Yeah, didn't I promise to drive you back to the base Monday morning?" Then, his face turned serious. "Uh, that is, if you want to come back here tonight."

Something looking suspiciously like tears formed in Buddy's eyes. "Please, I'd love to spend the rest of the weekend with you."

Jerry took Buddy's head between his hands and wiped the moisture away with his thumbs. "Good. I'd like to spend the weekend with you too."

They quickly dressed and hopped a cable car to the North Beach district of the city, home to many fine restaurants. As the car rattled up Powell Street, Jerry pointed to a large, well-maintained Victorian building. "That's where I live, on the top floor.I'd have invited you there last night, but I'm having the place redecorated and the whole floor is a mess."

Buddy gazed up at the structure. "Wow, you have the whole top floor?" Jerry nodded. "What do you do for a living Jerry?"

"I'm an investment banker. I work for a private banking firm here in the city."

Buddy studied him for a moment. "I don't mean to be too personal, but aren't you a little young to be a high-stakes banker?"

Jerry grinned. "Well, I'm 28. That's not too young. But, how I got into the business is a long story. Maybe I'll tell you later."

The car clattered to a stop at Columbus Avenue and they hopped off. Jerry picked a restaurant and they settled into a booth to order. When the first course arrived, Buddy said, "You have a southern accent. Where are you from originally?"

"Georgia. You're from the South too."

"Yeah, the Florida Panhandle. My folks ran a beach resort on the Gulf Coast. That's how I came to love the sea." He took an appreciative sip of wine. "The Navy brought me here, but how did you wind up all the way across the country in San Francisco."

Jerry laughed. "Well, I guess it's time for that long story." Buddy smiled and motioned for him to continue. "My folks have more money than God, and circulate in high society. I don't think they really wanted me, but I came along, as babies do. Anyway, as dutiful parents, they sent me to the finest private schools and taught me all the social graces.

"Everything was rocking along fine until I fell in love with a school mate--Brett, a boy--when I was sixteen. I invited him home with me one weekend, and, unfortunately, my folks caught us in a most compromising position." He turned serious and looked grimly at Buddy. "The short story is that they paid an ungodly amount of money to the boy's parents to move to another city, and I was instructed to find an immediate interest in girls." He shrugged. "At that age, I really had no choice, so I did.

"But, I had learned a valuable lesson. I realized that I was being reared as their trophy child, to present to the world as an example of fine Southern culture. So, I learned to play the game, and I played it well, biding my time, making plans. They kept me on a short leash, but I had the finest education available. I lived at home while I attended the local university. After I earned my master's degree in finance, I continued to live at home while I worked for a local investment bank."

Jerry smiled wickedly. "Then, a propitious moment arrived. My parents decided to take a six-month tour around the world, and left me in charge of the house. I had an erstwhile girlfriend on the string, so I guess they thought it would be safe to make the trip. But, they forgot an important detail: I celebrated my twenty-fifth birthday a month later. I immediately hired a lawyer to open the trust fund my folks set up for me to receive at that age. I took the money and wired it to a correspondent bank here in San Francisco. Then, I resigned my position with my employer, packed a bag, locked the house and hopped a plane for The City."

Jerry smiled wryly. "I knew the date my parents were returning from their trip, and I did something that I'm sorry for now, but I was full of resentment and it felt good at the time."

Buddy's eyes were wide. "What did you do?"

"The day after they got back, I sent them a singing telegram saying that I was gay, had left home for good and never wanted to see them again."

"Wow. Have they ever tried to contact you?"

"Nope." Buddy didn't know what else to say, so he just looked down at his food. Jerry drew himself up and asked, "What about you Buddy? Do your folks know that you're gay?"

The boy shuddered visibly. "God no! They're really religious. They would never understand. I began to suspect that I was gay in high school. After I graduated, I went to a trade school and learned radio communications. Then, as soon as I turned 21, I joined the Navy to get away from home, to try to find out who I really am." He shook his head sadly. "I don't know if I'll ever go back home. I love my parents and I'd hate to have to lie to them about my lifestyle."

"Hm," Jerry mused, "we're in the same position with our families, but for different reasons." He shook off the moment and smiled at his companion. "But, we're here and now." Holding up his wine glass as if to make a toast, he continued, "Let's put our pasts behind us and concentrate on enjoying the present." Buddy smiled and lifted his glass in response.

They finished the meal, regaining their good humor and made their way to Fisherman's Wharf on the waterfront, poking around the tourist attractions, art galleries and museums, enjoying the sights, fresh air and the other's company. They enjoyed themselves so much that they walked the length of the waterfront to Market Street, then uptown to the hotel.

Inside the room, Buddy embraced Jerry and murmured, "Thanks for a wonderful afternoon." He pulled back and looked his companion in the eye. "No, you're wonderful Jerry. I'm so proud to be with you."

Jerry, the jaded sophisticate, saw the total lack of guile in Buddy's face and blushed to the roots of his hair. He kissed Buddy warmly and hugged him. "You're a pretty wonderful guy yourself, Robert Watkins, Junior." Darkness was approaching, so he  squeezed Buddy and asked, softly, "Hungry?"

Buddy turned and kissed Jerry. "Yes and no. How about something light?"

They ordered Caesar salads and a bottle of Riesling, which they consumed in the nude, seated on the couch. Then, they took a quick shower. As they dried each other, Buddy shook his head and said, "You're the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I bone up just being near you. My underwear was wet when I took 'em off a while ago."

Jerry took Buddy by the shoulders and turned him toward the beautifully framed, full-length mirror standing in the corner of the room. "Want to see someone beautiful? Look there." Standing behind the boy, he guided him to within a few paces of the mirror.

Buddy shifted uncomfortably. "I'm not beautiful. I'm a Navy Swabby and a country bumpkin, all rough and ugly."

Jerry placed his arms around the boy and shook him gently. "Bullshit. You're as physically perfect as anyone can be. But, more importantly, you have the soul of an angel. And, that alone would make you beautiful."

They stared into the looking glass for several minutes as Jerry's hands roamed lightly over Buddy's chest. Presently, both grew aroused. Jerry held his breath as he watched Buddy's penis rise to full staff. Then, he became aware that his own erection was nestled between the cheeks of the boy's buttocks.

Buddy closed his eyes and said, "Jerry, please make love to me."

As Jerry stood there staring at the boy's physical perfection, he saw his inner goodness show through like an aura. He kissed his ear and crooned, "I'd love to. Don't move. I want you to see something." He quickly donned a condom and retrieved the tube of lubricant. Returning to stand behind Buddy, he locked eyes with the boy's reflection and applied lubricant to the condom and Buddy's rectum. Positioning his erection against it, he softly announced, "I want you to see how beautiful you are when you're being pleasured." Whereupon, he began laying a line of kisses across Buddy's shoulders while his hands began to roam his lover's body. His fingers started with the ears, then the soft tissue of the neck, lingering on the nipples for a time, then stroking his sides, the stomach, the navel, combing the pubic hair, stroking the insides of the thighs, and finally, massaging the testicles.

With each advancement of Jerry's fingers, Buddy shivered and sighed, and his sphincter relaxed a bit more, at last allowing the head of Jerry's cock to pop through. At that moment, Jerry flexed his knees and drove his erection up into Buddy, to the hilt, eliciting a deep moan of sweet pleasure.

Jerry wrapped his arms around his lover and kissed his neck. Buddy reached back and placed his hands on Jerry's hips. "Oh God Jerry, this is heaven," the boy purred.

Jerry kissed Buddy's ear and whispered. "Look at yourself. You're beautiful, glowing with pleasure." He began to move his hips imperceptibly, as his fingers began to stroke Buddy's nipples, and his tongue sought out the interior of the boy's ear.

"Ahhhhhh!" Buddy cried in ecstasy, gripping Jerry's hips fiercely. "Ohhh, it's so good."

"Yesss," Jerry crooned. His fingers encircled Buddy's genitals, gently squeezing them, as his hips continued to pump.

Buddy's dick swelled to unbelievable proportions while his sphincter contracted violently around Jerry's cock. Presently, they stared at the mirror in wonder as a pearl of pure cum appeared at the tip of Buddy's dick, then more drops appeared, ran down the length of the huge phallus onto Jerry's fingers. He brought his hand to Buddy's lips and the boy hungrily sucked the delicacy from them.

Both men were now caught up in a storm of passion. For many long minutes they writhed and moaned as the picture of their coupling unfolded in the mirror. In minutes, their passions pushed them past the point of no return; their bodies slammed together in short, frantic strokes, bringing them to crashing orgasms. Jerry's cock exploded within the condom while Buddy's dick fired missiles of cum that smacked audibly against the mirror.

For several heartbeats, they hung together, eyes tightly closed as electric impulses flashed throughout their nervous systems. Unable to endure the stimulation, they sank to the floor, resting on their sides. Still coupled, their dicks throbbed violently. Buddy grabbed his cock and began to stroke it rapidly. Simultaneously, Jerry began to fuck with short rabbit strokes. Faster and faster they moved, panting with anticipation as their second orgasms neared.

Suddenly, each man heard a silent thunderclap in his head and they howled with pain/passion/relief as their genitals spasmed.

Minutes later, they slowly pulled apart and stared at each other in open mouthed wonder.

"God-fucking-damn!" Buddy barely squeaked out.

Jerry managed to bark out a short laugh. "My sentiments exactly." He pulled his sweat streaked body over to Buddy and managed a kiss before he collapsed onto the boy's chest.

The rays of the morning sun had made their way from the empty bed, across the carpet, to illuminate the sleeping forms. A blanket covered them and their heads lay on a common pillow. The bright light awakened Buddy. He held Jerry to his breast with a contented smile, while the man snored quietly. He chuckled and brushed Jerry's lips with his tongue, gently forcing it into his mouth. Without opening his eyes, Jerry smiled and welcomed the kiss.

"Hi Beautiful," Jerry murmured.

"Hi yourself. We're still on the floor. Where did the blanket and pillow come from?"

Opening his eyes, Jerry stared into identical blue pools. "I woke up about three o'clock freezing, so I dragged them off the bed." His gaze drifted over Buddy's shoulder, causing him to collapse into helpless giggles.

"What?" Buddy wondered.

Jerry couldn't speak. He pointed weakly. Buddy rolled over and began to laugh hysterically. The entire lower half of the mirror was coated with dried cum.

Between giggles, Jerry said, "With that machine gun of yours, you should be in the artillery instead of the Navy."

Still laughing, Buddy stood and held out a hand to help Jerry up. "Come on Jerome, both of us smell like yaks in heat. We need a bath." The blanket slid off Jerry as he stood. Buddy took one look at him and dissolved into laughter once more.

"What now?" Jerry asked. Breathless, Buddy shook his head and pointed to the grotesque sight of the condom clinging to Jerry's shriveled dick, with an enormous ball of watery cum dangling at its end. Now, both men were so breathless with laughter that they could only cling to each other for support.

Eventually they recovered their composure, showered and dressed. After cleaning the mirror, they opted to go to Jerry's apartment for clean clothes and then to the Castro District (San Francisco's gay ghetto) for brunch. They enjoyed a lengthy repast at an elegant inn, then spent several hours strolling the heart of the district hand-in-hand. Buddy was elated to be able to hold Jerry's hand in public and to occasionally steal a kiss. And Jerry discovered that he didn't mind this arrangement one bit. He felt more comfortable than he had in a long time.

In early afternoon, they stood looking into a shop window on Castro Street when they heard, "Oh, there you are Dear Boy!" Jerry turned at the sound of the familiar voice to behold a handsome, elegantly-coiffed young man dressed in blue blazer, pearl gray shirt with a subdued tie, gray slacks and stylish, black leather pumps.

He moved toward them rapidly saying, "I tried calling you all day yesterday ..." His voice trailed off when they turned to reveal Buddy holding Jerry's hand. He recovered quickly and gave a half smile. "Oh, I see you've been otherwise occupied."

Jerry smiled. "Yes I have. Robert, may I present Duane. Duane, this is Robert Watkins II. Buddy to his friends." Duane raked Buddy with his eyes, frowning imperceptibly at their joined hands. Buddy started to withdraw from the handclasp, but Jerry held it tightly. "Buddy is a guest in our fair city," Jerry explained.

Buddy shook Duane's outstretched hand. "Ah, knowing our Jerry as I do, I expect he has been giving you the royal tour," Duane said with a barely suppressed smirk.

Buddy met Duane's smirk with a grin. "Oh yes, he's been showing me many interesting and enjoyable things."

Duane's eyes went wide for a fraction of a second longer than propriety allowed. He quickly switched his gaze to Jerry. "Well, I must be on my way. Are you still on for a game of tennis at the club on Thursday?"

Jerry was busy stifling a laugh. "Wouldn't miss it."

"Right then. I must be off. Ta-ta for now you two." Duane nodded curtly at both of them and walked away.

Jerry and Buddy turned to each other and collapsed into laughter. "Oh God Buddy. That was great," Jerry averred.

Between gasps, Buddy managed, "Well, I couldn't let him get away with that smart-alecky remark. It wasn't so much what he said, but the way he said it. I take it he's a friend of yours."

"I'll just say that he's a member of my circle of close acquaintances."

Buddy sobered. "Well, I don't like to be mean, but he deserved it." They continued walking down the street, hand-in-hand. Buddy asked, "Why does he talk like that?"

"You mean his affected manner of speaking?" Buddy nodded. "Well, he was reared in British high society, but I suspect the real reason is he read too much Oscar Wilde when he was a boy."

This set them off on another bout of giggles. When they calmed down, Jerry continued. "Oh, Duane is all right. He's really a good guy at heart. It's just that the way he was reared has made him something of a snob. He values form more than substance." Jerry reflected silently that he and Duane were nurtured in the same culture.

Back in the hotel room, they decided that they needed another shower before dinner and delighted in undressing each other, kissing and caressing each new body part as it was uncovered. Naturally, they were more than tolerably aroused by the time they entered the shower. While Buddy washed Jerry's chest, he grinned as an idea formed.

"Jerry, let me wash your hair," he said, pushing his lover to his knees. Jerry quickly caught on and took the boy's huge erection into his mouth. But, he didn't suck it; he simply swirled his tongue around the head, while Buddy wove his fingers through his hair. It proved to be both an erotic and loving act. At length, they switched places and Jerry reciprocated.

After another light dinner in the room of salad and wine, they lay on the bed cuddling. Buddy asked shyly, "Jerry, please let me make love to you."

Jerry took Buddy's massive penis in his hand and regarded it. For days he had thought it was the most beautiful penis he had ever seen. But now, he saw it in a new light; it was a part of the most perfect, loving individual he had known since he fell in love with Brett in high school. He was not entirely in control of his voice when he replied, "I'd be honored to have you make love to me Buddy."

As Buddy knelt before him, Jerry raised his knees to his chest, and the boy poised his erection at his lover's rectum. He stared lovingly into Jerry's eyes as he pressed forward and slowly sank all the way into him. Jerry wrapped his legs around Buddy's waist and held him close.

They kissed as Buddy's hips began to slowly pump. There was no hurry, and no lust. The act was one of loving expression, of appreciation and of high regard. They let their passion mount in its own time, murmuring words of endearment as their bodies moved in time with the affection in their hearts.

At the end of the evening, they pulled the covers over themselves and held each other tenderly.

Once again the morning sun illuminated the bed. But, this morning found the two kissing and talking quietly, for they had an unwanted task to perform. With a mournful glance at the clock, they rose, showered and dressed. Jerry checked them out of the hotel and they rode a cable car to Jerry's apartment. There, they boarded Jerry's sleek sports car bearing an Italian name that Buddy couldn't pronounce.

The ride across the Bay Bridge was made in silence while holding hands, each lost in his own thoughts. The sun was high and the sky bright as they continued the thirty mile trip to Mare Island.

As they approached the city of Vallejo, Jerry glanced at Buddy and saw a single tear trickle down his cheek. Suddenly moisture collected in his eyes too.

Staring straight ahead, Buddy stammered, "J-Jerry, I want to thank you for this weekend, and for your company, and for all you taught me. I-It was wonderful."

Jerry squeezed the boy's hand and considered how he really felt before he answered. "I enjoyed it too. I had the pleasure of getting to know you ..." He sighed. "Aw hell Buddy, it was the most wonderful weekend I've enjoyed in many, many years, maybe forever." Now, a tear ran down his cheek. "I'm just so fucking sorry that it's coming to an end."

Hearing the catch in Jerry's voice, Buddy tried to lighten the moment. "Well, let's not say that it has to end; I only have three years and five months to go on my enlistment." Then, he thought, Where will we be and what will we be doing--and with whom--at that time?

"Yeah," Jerry said as the same thought ran through his mind.

They pulled up to the Mare Island gate. Jerry parked and looked at Buddy. They smiled weakly, discovering the tears on both their faces. "I can't kiss you here, but I'd sure like to," he confessed to the boy.

Buddy replied slowly, "I know. Well, good bye." He opened the door and stepped out of the car. He took a few steps, turned back and said fiercely, "I'll never forget you!" and ran toward the gate.

Nor will I forget you, Jerry thought. He watched the boy until he was out of sight. Then, he wiped the tears from his eyes so that he could see how to drive back to The City.

To be continued

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