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Gay erotic fiction. Adult/Military. Explicit sex.
A young sailor on shore leave looks for male companionship on San Francisco's infamous Polk Street and finds an enjoyable way to see the city, with the help of a willing resident.


Buddy had fallen asleep face-down on the big bed in the hotel room. He had stripped down to his white-cotton briefs and collapsed. However, his civilian clothes were hung neatly on the chair next to the big oak desk. His military training had taught him to always be neat in that respect. He was a big, strapping youth, but he looked like the little-boy-lost, vulnerable, and out of place laying there in the large and expensive hotel room. He stirred in his sleep. The well-defined muscles in his back, arms, and legs rippled, vivid in relief from the shadows cast by the dim lamp on the table. The white cotton of his briefs stretched and pulled as he flexed the muscles of his well-formed buttocks. Dreams wakened in his head, random thought pictures from the last few hours: the submarine docking at Mare Island; liberty; shuck the sailor suit and jam into some civvies; the bus ride into San Francisco; where to go; "Polk Street" someone said; find some ass there.

Polk Street was quite unexpected. It was seedy, seething with activity, and slimy with the backwater population of The City. Unexpected also because the "ass" to be found there wasn't female. He briefly wondered whether his ship-mates knew about his most secret thoughts. He hoped not, for he needed consenting male companionship very much. A male that wasn't in the US Navy, that is. He had just turned twenty-one and enlisted; he had been through boot camp, and returned from his first cruise, convinced that what he needed and wanted for the rest of his life was intimate male companionship. Male companionship he already had, courtesy of the close quarters of the ship. He had made several good friends there, and he would have liked to carry some of the relationships past mere friendship. But he dared not, and it was agonizing.

When he reached Polk Street and realized what activity was to be found there, his penis twitched in anticipation. He detached himself from his buddies and walked alone, attracting comments and admiring glances from the pretty male prostitutes. He abruptly turned into a bar. He hadn't been in many gay bars before, but there was always something about them that was recognizable. He strolled along the room, glancing around, trying to locate anyone from his ship. Not finding any mates, he relaxed and made his way to the gloom of the back, looking for a friendly face.

He stopped and bought a beer, then continued to the back, shifting his glance from face to face, trying to make eye contact. The first solid connection he made was with an attractive fellow leaning against the back wall. The light was so bad that all Buddy could see at first was the outline of his tall, lean body, the smile of his white teeth, and the whites of his eyes--looking right at Buddy.

Buddy approached the fellow, smiling in return, and, on closer inspection, he found the man's appearance startling. He looked very much like himself--sandy-blond hair, blue eyes, fair complexion. They were even dressed alike. The man introduced himself as Jerry and pressed Buddy's hand with a firm, confident grip. They warmed to each other immediately and were soon chattering away about themselves. Buddy revealed his status as being on temporary shore leave, and Jerry stated that he both lived and worked in San Francisco.

Although the conversation hummed contentedly, there was an undercurrent of sexual excitement that began to build at a rapid rate. Finally, Jerry stepped back into the corner and turned Buddy until his back was to the room, effectively shielding them from view. Jerry reached out and stroked the side of Buddy's face. Both men sighed and smiled. Then Jerry reached down and stroked the bulge of Buddy's crotch, causing Buddy's dick to uncoil. Buddy returned the favor by cupping Jerry's crotch in his hand. Jerry's dick expanded, forcing Buddy's fingers apart.

Buddy stirred again in his sleep. By reflex, he grabbed the pillow at his head and moved it down to his chest, hugging it to him. He flushed, remembering the feeling of Jerry's crotch in his hand. As they massaged each other, Buddy leaned forward and kissed Jerry. Jerry's mouth opened to receive him and sucked his tongue inside. Both men trembled and broke apart, gasping.

Jerry unzipped Buddy's fly and snaked his fingers into the opening of his briefs. He gasped with delight when he forced the thick, eight-inch cock out into the open. He simply stared down at it for a moment, then he cooed like a baby as he gently peeled the foreskin back, revealing the juicy head.

Buddy could barely stand the exhilarating sensation of having another man touch his dick. He too, had to have a cock in his hands. He unzipped Jerry's fly and hauled out the most stiff, seven-inch, uncut cock he had ever seen.

Both men almost passed out from the sensation of what they saw and felt. For a few minutes they were content to gently manipulate each other. They stared with mouths open, in wonder, at the beautiful sight of two, huge, virile male cocks in full flower.

They looked into each other's eyes simultaneously and smiled. They continued to stare into identical blue pools as their spare hands began to explore; a stroke here brought a sign; a caress there brought an intake of breath. It was wonderful.

Jerry leaned close to Buddy's ear and suggested that they go to a hotel and continue their explorations. Buddy excitedly agreed. Breathing heavily and grinning like school boys, they made themselves as presentable as possible and walked down to Powell Street. When they got to Geary, Jerry turned into the Saint Francis Hotel. He marched up to the counter and asked for a room.

It wasn't until they were in the elevator that the sight of the place made an impact on Buddy. This was one fucking fancy hotel! And no one had batted an eyelash when he and Jerry showed up at this time of night with no luggage. Oh well, the price of a room in this joint must also buy a certain amount of sophistication.

Jerry let them into the room and on over to the window without turning on the light. He pulled back the drape, exposing them to the breathtaking sight of The City at night. He pulled Buddy into a close embrace, and side by side, they savored the sight. Jerry turned, drew Buddy close and left a trail of kisses from his lips, down his chin, across the softness of his throat, to his ear. Softly he whispered, "Welcome to San Francisco".

Buddy sighed and reached for Jerry's crotch, but Jerry withdrew and stood back at arms length. He said that he had somewhere to go, and asked Buddy to make himself comfortable. Without acknowledging the hurt and surprised look on Buddy's face, he turned and walked out the door.

The slam of the door echoed in Buddy's head, shocking him awake.

He raised his head and looked at the clock on the table. He had been asleep for an hour. He started to wonder whether Jerry was coming back, but his thoughts were overridden by the pressure in his groin. He slowly rolled over on his back, revealing the head and first two inches of his dick sticking out of the waistband of his shorts, covering his bellybutton. He lifted himself up onto his elbows and stared down the length of his chest to his cock. A shiver of delight ran through his entire body, his nipples became erect, and a pearl of clear fluid appeared at the opening of his fat dick. The head enlarged measurably, forcing the foreskin to retract a little. He could feel his balls contracting with excitement. As they moved within his scrotum, the soft cotton of his briefs tickled his skin.

As Buddy remembered the events of the evening, and viewed the sight of his own excited body, his eyes glazed over with lust. He heaved himself up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. When his feet hit the floor, he raised his tight butt up just far enough to skin his shorts off. He kicked them aside and spread his legs wide, drinking in the magnificent sight of his huge cock in full heat. It was so hard and engorged with blood that he could actually see it move with the pulse beat of his heart.

Slowly, his hand moved to grasp his cock. He was so excited that he didn't know what to expect when he touched it. Just as his fingers encircled it, a key sounded in the lock and suddenly the harsh light from the hall framed Jerry in the doorway. In spite of the blinding light pouring into the room, Jerry looked radiant standing in the doorway, smiling from ear to ear, holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a small leather bag in the other.

His smile faded when his eyes took in the naked image of Buddy seated on the bed, legs spread wide, with his fist around his gigantic cock. Jerry stepped inside the room, nudged the door closed, and laid the flowers and bag on the desk, all without taking his eyes off of Buddy. Moving like a robot, he shed his jacket, whipped his pullover shirt over his head, stepped out of his shoes, and moved to kneel between Buddy's outspread legs.

Buddy had not moved; he still clasped his cock in his fist while tracking Jerry's movements only with his eyes. When he had seen Jerry's smile in the doorway, all thoughts of Jerry's abandoning him vanished, but he still felt like his cock was going to explode. He smiled wanly as Jerry knelt and reached for the prize.

When Jerry's fingertips touched him, Buddy's cock exploded thunderously, striking Jerry's mouth and chin. It erupted six more times, splashing Jerry's face, neck, chest, and arms. A silent scream was the only sound that could escape Buddy's throat.

Both men stared with lust-filled eyes. With a low-throated growl Jerry wiped the cum from his lips and chin and sucked his fingers clean. He licked the cum from his arms and then began wiping his chest and licking his fingers greedily. Suddenly, he stopped, looked at Buddy and leaned forward, moving his cum-covered right nipple within inches of Buddy's face.

Buddy had never tasted cum, much less his own. But he was so filled with lust that this thought never entered his mind. He leaned forward to meet the object of his desire and extended his tongue tentatively. He flicked the drops of cum off the nipple and swallowed. Somewhere his mind registered that it tasted sweet, but animal desire overtook him and he roughly pulled Jerry toward the bed, rolling him over.

He straddled Jerry's legs and fell to lapping his own essence. He licked, lapped, and sucked Jerry's chest clean of the milky liquid. Panting with desire he moved forward until his dick, still hard and dripping with cum, was in reach of Jerry's lips. He aimed his spear at Jerry's mouth and drove about six inches of it home.

Jerry's reacted like a madman. He grabbed a handful of Buddy's buns in each hand and massaged them fiercely while he lapped and sucked on Buddy's rock-hard dick. Buddy began to piston his cock in and out of Jerry's mouth in very fast, short strokes. Just as Jerry was beginning to fight for air, Buddy withdrew all but the tip. Jerry sucked in a lung full of air, and Buddy plunged in to the hilt and shot another wad of cum straight down Jerry's throat.

What seemed like minutes later, they rolled over on to their sides to catch their breath. When they had recovered, Buddy motioned for Jerry to stand beside the bed. Buddy sat on the edge of the bed and unfastened Jerry's pants, letting them fall to the floor. Jerry stepped out of them and stood there in all of his glory. This was the sight Buddy had been wanting to see: Jerry's steel-hard prick standing in relief behind the soft, white cotton of his briefs. Buddy moaned softly with delight and leaned forward until his cheek touched the fabric hiding his desire. He moaned once again as he began to slowly rub every inch of his face, from his hairline to his chin against this wonderfully hard object. Finally he delicately lowered the briefs, exposing, for his view and pleasure, what he had longed for since first seeing it in the bar.

For one awful moment he was so excited that he couldn't think of what to do next. He decided to worship it. It was so close to his face that he could feel its radiated heat. He could also smell that distinctly masculine aroma that he longed for. This was heaven! He stroked the beautiful object lightly with his finger tips. He pulled the thin sheath of foreskin back until the head was fully exposed. Holding the cock at the base with one hand, he tickled and fondled the balls with the other. When his desire for the cock was about to burst, he leaned forward and took it in his mouth, licking, lapping, sucking, and swirling his tongue around the head. It's taste satisfied a burning, but long-buried longing within his soul. He sighed and plunged the whole dick into his mouth.

Without warning, Jerry groaned and took his turn shooting his load. Buddy could feel the lumps and spurts of cum traveling up the tube of the dick, rocketing into the back of his throat. He clasped Jerry's hips in a tight embrace, holding this lovely prize to him. Buddy swirled the cum around in his mouth, savoring the taste, then swallowed with satisfaction. With reluctance, he released his lover and drew Jerry onto the bed again. They lay quietly, side by side, with their eyes closed, until their breathing returned to normal. Then they began to touch and stroke every part of the other's body within arms reach. Eventually they were both hard again.

Buddy turned and positioned himself until their cocks were at mouth-level of each other. So, they began to quietly perform sixty-nine, like two small boys nursing mother's milk.

About fifteen minutes later, their nursing became more agitated, until it became frantic. While they sucked at breakneck speed, their hands were busy pinching nipples and crushing balls. Jerry worked his hand between Buddy's legs, plunging his middle finger into the crack of Buddy's buttocks, then on to violate his ass. Jerry frigged the ass furiously, then crooked his finger and began to massage Buddy's prostate. Buddy let out a squeal and shot his load. Jerry was only ten seconds behind in delivering another load down Buddy's throat.

They licked the dicks clean, smacked their lips, curled up in each other's arms, and entered a long, slow, soul kiss. Finally, Buddy summoned the courage to ask where Jerry had gone when they checked into the room. Jerry said that since this was Friday, and Buddy's first trip to San Francisco, he wanted to spend the weekend showing Buddy The City. So he went home to get his shaving kit. Then Jerry smiled wickedly, and, pointing to the window, told Buddy that any time he felt like seeing the city he could look there. With that, he rolled Buddy over on his stomach and told him he was about to get fucked. As he plunged into Buddy's ass, he stretched out over his body and began to nibble at Buddy's ear. He whispered softly that he would drive Buddy back to the ship early Monday morning.

Buddy closed his eyes, sighed, smiled, and relaxed. He was going to enjoy seeing San Francisco this way.

The End

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