Latin Lover

Copyright 2007
by Lee Mariner

This erotic fantasy is intended for ADULT readers only.  If you are not of legal age in your locality to be reading this story, or should you not approve of such material, please leave.

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My friend, Dean, has edited this story, and I am grateful for his expertise.


The night light in the bathroom of the small one bedroom apartment that I rented off base gave enough light to avoid barking my shins or stumbling over carelessly discarded shoes.  When I reached the commode and flipped up the lip, my bladder felt like it was on the verge of bursting, and I was sure the sound of cascading water into water must have sounded like the roar of Niagara Falls. Sighing with relief as the strain on my bladder waned, I threw my head back and stood with both hands on my hips enjoying what I considered the next best thing to blowing a load, the emptying of an overly extended bladder.

My partially flaccid, uncut four inch or so in length cock didn't require direction, it hung over walnut sized balls in perfect alignment with the center of the commode bowl. Stretching my arms upward toward the bathroom ceiling,  I was scheming about how to get off for a few days when  a pair of arms going around my waist and two hands gliding upward over my chest startled me.

"What the hell!" I exclaimed, the water draining from my bladder suddenly cut off by the surprise of someone behind me pressing what felt like a substantial hunk of meat into the crack between my ass cheeks.

My assailant's arms tightened around my chest like steel bands, and I felt hard naked muscle pressing against my back and the warmth of someone blowing his breath into my ear and over the nape of my neck. I started to struggle when, kissing my neck muscles,  he relaxed his hold letting his hands slide downward over rigid abdominal muscles until his fingers were entangled in the silky thick bush surrounding the base of my partially flaccid cock. Inhaling deeply, I shivered when he wrapped his fingers around  its burgeoning length..  I heard his quick intake of air, and felt his teeth gently nipping the flesh of my neck as he slowly stroked its rapidly hardening length. Gently squeezing as my cock grew to its full potential, he whispered, " Jeez, Wayne, I must not have made much of an impression if you don't remember last night."

"You made more of an impression than you know, Rico," I replied. " I didn't think you were awake, and you surprised me; that's all," I said softly, smiling as I remembered the gorgeous Latin hunk who was gently hunching my ass as he milked the remaining driblets from my cock into the commode. "I was trying to take a piss, and I wasn't expecting to be sexually assaulted this early in the morning." I said sliding my hands over his firm buttocks as I turned to face him, our hard cocks renewing their acquaintance as I pulled his pelvis tightly against mine.

Rico's dark eyes gleamed with anticipation as he slipped his arms around my neck and pressed his steel hard shaft against mine. Gently rotating our hips and rolling our cocks together, our partially open lips were millimeters apart, and when he saw the tip of my tongue he said, "Mmmmmmm you haven't forgotten."

I had met Ricardo (Rico) Munez, sitting at the bar in the gay club that I often frequented.  Quite a few of the club's patrons were sailors who were stationed at various bases or on ships in the area with a sprinkling of marines assigned to the security detail at the main naval base.  Rico was one of the marines assigned to the base security detail, but I didn't know that at the time we were unabashedly ogling each other.  He was drinking, I learned later, a Bacardi and Coke, and I was idly stripping the label from a bottle of Yingling.  Usually drinks are proffered, and eventually one recipient or the other would make what was intended to be a casual meeting; Rico initiated the first contact.

The neon blue, orange, yellow and red glow of the various beer advertisement signs hung on mirrored walls or from the ceiling made it difficult to make a conclusive evaluation of anyone in whom an interest might be shown.  Rico defied this gloomy scenario.  His hair was either dark brown or black, and wavy, and he was wearing a short-sleeved open throated yellow pullover.  His shoulders were broad, and the tightness of his shirt revealed powerfully sculpted shoulder, chest and arm muscles.  In all of my gay life, I had been somewhat reticent to make the first move; but, in this particular instance, Rico solved the problem two-fold.  He sent me a fresh Yingling, and, as soon as it was placed on the bar in front of me, he moved to the stool next to mine thus giving me a chance to complete my evaluation. 

He was close if not equal to my six-foot height, and probably weighed one hundred sixty to one hundred seventy pounds.  His shoulders were broad, and his waist was very small. He was wearing skin tight jeans that did nothing to hide the very substantial bulge that extended several inches down the inside of his left thigh. I recall thinking, "if that monster is in a flaccid state, I'm in big trouble." 

"Hi," he said as he slid one well-rounded cheek up on the stool next to mine and extended his hand.  "I'm Rico."

"Wayne," I replied, taking his hand.  He had a bone crushing grip, and to avoid wincing from the pressure I took a pull at the fresh beer.

Grinning impishly and licking his lusciously full lips, he lifted his glass to his lips, and his dark eyes glittered, boring into mine for a second before blatantly gliding over me in a blunt close-up examination. As he saw the growing bulge in my groin, his gaze hesitated, and then, uninvited, he placed his hand on my thigh.  "Why don't we do away with the idiotic chitchat and get out of here?"

Placing my hand on top of his and squeezing, I answered, "Why don't we?"


The bar was only a short fifteen minute drive from my apartment. I'm lucky we didn't drive into a streetlight or telephone pole during the trip. 

We were still in the parking lot when Rico moved across the seat and put one arm across my shoulders. He started blowing into my ear and kissing my neck while his free hand slid upward under my t-shirt groping my chest muscles. Moaning softly as he kissed my neck he whispered, "Oh yeah, you're what I was hoping for, all muscle, and, from the hard log in your crotch, all man."

"I hope you weren't looking for Charles Atlas," I replied, squeezing the throbbing schlong straining against the fabric of his jeans.

"Unh unh," he cooed softly. "Charles Atlas I don't need, just a good-looking, hard muscled man who knows how to make love to another man," he whispered as his hand roamed over the muscles of my chest and abdomen sending erotic signals to my balls.

It had been a long time since I had sex with a hot-blooded Puerto Rican, and Rico didn't disappoint.  I had barely locked the door behind us before he was sitting shirtless on the couch with his jeans down around his thighs as he pulled his socks and shoes off.  His swarthy flesh of his unblemished body gleamed golden in the soft light of an end table lamp. I shuddered with desire as my eyes devoured his Latin beauty, watching the smooth symphonic movement of his rippling arm and back muscles as he removed his footwear. Standing to remove his jeans revealed the magnificent length and girth of his uncut cock proudly jutting toward the ceiling its gleaming blood-engorged, sheathed crown partially emerging and then retracting within its protective hood. 

His broad beautifully proportioned chest rose and fell rhythmically as he breathed, and the hard flatness of his muscle ridged abdomen was accentuated each time he inhaled. Caramel toned aureoles surrounded the erect black nipples of his smooth, unblemished pectoral chest muscles. There was a thick streak of black hair descending from his inverted navel to the silky black forest of hair covering his pelvis and surrounding the base of his cock. His lust filled eyes gleamed with excitement and impatience as he watched me pulling my clothes off.  My muscles trembled from the excitement that was flowing between us, and my heart was beating with the force of a trip-hammer.  Grinning almost evilly, he moved toward me as I kicked my clothing in the direction of his, his magnificent cock swaying hypnotically. 

Gripping my throbbing cock, he stroked it a few times, but when I reached for his cock he swept my hand aside, and, breathing heavily, he shook his head vigorously. Winking seductively, he pushed his cock downward with one hand, and, lifting my balls with the other, he placed the pre-seminal slick crown of his cock under my balls. I was so engrossed by what he was doing that I didn't ask, but, when he grasped the cheeks of my ass and pushed his cock between my legs over the soft perineum flesh between my balls and anus, I inhaled sharply.   My ass had been fucked several times, and I loved it, but the feeling of his thick steel hard javelin penetrating the space between my legs its slick crown sliding over the soft perineum flesh sent an erotic sensation rushing to my nuts and into my groin before spreading through every sinew of my body.

Moving one hand up between my shoulder blades, he spread the fingers of his other hand over my waist just above the buttocks, and I placed my arms over his shoulders. He was the aggressor, and as he exerted pressure on my back and waist with his hands he started a slow piston movement with his hips retracting and then re- inserting his cock in the soft slick cocoon the seminal fluid leaking from the aperture in the crown of his cock was creating between my legs.

Rico was an expert in erotic foreplay, and dropping onto the couch I followed his lead as we kissed and searched for the hidden spots that created the passions and desires we both sought.  When we shifted to the bedroom, it felt as if every sinew within me was quivering with excitement. As we stretched out on the bed, he moved between my legs, and teasingly ran his hands over my chest and abdomen. Momentarily entangling his fingers in the forest of thick hair surrounding the base of my turgid cock, he grinned impishly, licking his lips as he leaned back onto his haunches. His eyes gleamed excitedly as he asked, "do you have lubricant or do you like it natural?"  

I preferred au natural with spittle and seminal fluid mixed for the lubricant, but even as excited and horny as I was, I didn't know Rico well enough to be that reckless. I didn't object when he lavishly lubricated my anus, using his thumb to loosen the tight sphincter before inserting his fingers in a slow progression until he and I were sure his thick Latin cock would meet only token resistance.  Fucking doggie fashion was not my thing, but Rico knew how to stimulate the anal nerves, and he nipped softly at the nape of my neck and tweaked the granite hard nipples of my chest.  His cock, gliding with ease, invaded my anus sending shivers of intense excitement through me, and my muscles relaxed as my anus accepted and welcomed the invasion of his gargantuan tool.  When he twisted his hips enough so that his turgid cock would glide over my love button, an ecstatic urge to ejaculate surged through me, and I could feel my sperm-filled nut sac tightening. Waves of ecstasy swept over my sweating body as with each passage of his magnificent cock the pressure on my prostrate would intensify the urge. I felt the tell-tale prelude to an eminent ejaculation building in my loins as my cock swelled,  the sperm in my testicles boiling, building to an explosive release. In a desire to simultaneously reach the pinnacle of gratification,  I sucked air between my teeth attempting, with difficulty, not to preempt his climax. Suppressed animal instincts replaced male passion as a surreal fog of uncontrolled lust engulfed our writhing bodies driving us to the edge of the abyss where the rut would satisfy  the carnal needs of the beast within us. It felt as if he were attempting to drive his cock and balls inside my expanded asshole when he suddenly drove his cock deep, his muscles tightening as his sperm spilled into the bowels of my rectum, and my pulsing cock responded, emptying the nectar of my nuts onto my heaving chest while I gripped his steel hard biceps and  growled,  "Fuck me, Baby, fuck my ass."

Time seemed to stand still as Rico ravaged my ass, thrusting his spewing cock as deeply as he could. Each blast of his sperm sent waves of fire coursing through me. I didn't want the sensation of his massive cock spilling the contents of his nuts into the depths of my rectum to stop, but there was a feeling of disappointment when I felt the girth of his magnificent tool deflating as his energy flagged.  

"Good, God that was fantastic," he exclaimed as he slid off of me, falling on the bed and gasping for breath.

Rolling over on my back and lifting up on my elbow, I lowered my lips to his and brushing them lightly said, "I didn't think you were ever going to stop shooting your load, Rico,"

"There's more where that came from, big boy; I haven't been in bed with a man since my unit left Camp Pendleton two weeks ago."

"Two weeks and no sex?" I said as I moved to the side of the bed and sat up.

"Nah," he replied, stretching his tawny magnificent body and arching his back thrusting his partially flaccid but still very impressive cock toward me. "I had a couple of wet dreams and was tempted to pull the old pud to get off and relieve the pressure, but I wanted to wait for a man instead of fucking my fist, and, when you walked into the bar, I knew we would make it together.

"Birds of a feather," I said, grinning as I stood up. "How about a beer, I've got a few Micks in the fridge."

"A Mick is good," he replied.


His cock swung like the heavy pendulum of a grandfather clock as we went into the kitchen.  Sitting naked at the table, he told me he was attached to the base security unit. When I told him I was stationed at the recreational small boat division, he grinned and said, "I had a hunch you were military." 

"We fuck and suck better than civilians," I snickered, eyeing him lecherously as I drained the last of my beer and slid my chair back from the table.

"Yeah, we do, don't we?" he said, his eyes twinkling brightly as he pushed his chair back and stood up, his ponderous phallus rapidly growing to its full magnificent stature. Moving around the table toward me, he straddled me in my chair. Brushing my lips with the thick swelling crown of his cock and stroking its hardening length slowly and teasingly, he growled, "Suck it, Wayne, Baby; eat my Puerto Rican meat."

"I don't know, Rico," I said, slowly stroking my cock and looking up at him standing over me, grinning lecherously and waving his cock. "I don't think I can swallow as much as you've got. I can take ten inches up my ass, but I've never tried to suck a cock as big as yours."

"Take what you can," he pleaded, suggestively hunching his hand while he played with his balls.  "I'll take it easy, Baby, and, as horny as I am, it won't take long to fill your gut with hot Latin cum.

"After the load you just shot in my ass?" I teased. Playing with my swelling cock and my balls, and blowing on the blood engorged-crown of his cock caused my breathing to increase as the feelings of passion burned in my loins.

Moving his drooling cock closer to my lips and placing his hand on my head, he growled, "I told you there was plenty more." 

As my lips parted, he pushed his thick shaft into my mouth. As the blood-engorged crown slid past my lips, I heard him inhale sharply and moan softly, "Oh, yeah, Baby, suck Rico's cock." Clasping his fingers tightly together at the back of my head, he held my head immobile as he slowly fucked my mouth, and I stroked my cock in rhythm with the movement of his hips.  He was fucking my mouth with a steady fluid motion, and the crown would push against the back of my mouth at the entrance to my throat.  After several attempts to force his cock down my throat, my jaws cracked from the extra effort of trying to allow his thick cock access.  Placing my hands on his pelvis, I pulled off of his saliva and pre-cum dripping cock and looked up at him.

"I'm sorry, Rico, but you're just too fucking big, and I can't hold my mouth open like that for very long," I said,

There was a pained look on his face as still stroking his cock, he backed away and breathing heavily exclaimed, "Jesus, Wayne, I was ready to blow my wad" 

"I was just as close, Rico, but, not this way," I replied, swallowing the saliva mixed with seminal fluid and working my jaw from side to side as we went into the bedroom. 

I had sucked cock up to eight inches in length but nothing close to the thick horse sized monster that swung between Rico's legs.  Throwing the sperm soaked sheets off of the bed, I crawled to the center, and lying on my side teasingly waved my cock at him.  Grinning, Rico got into the bed with his head at the opposite end of the bed from my head. 

Scooting closer together, we slipped one arm under each other's legs and guided the rigid objects of our passionate desires to the orifices that would stimulate and create the erotic thrills we desired.   Rico's cock entered into my mouth at the same instant his lips surrounded my uncut cock head.  With an anxiety akin to teenagers experiencing their first blowjob, we swallowed the turgid lengths of each other's cock.  When his cock touched the entrance to my throat, I pushed his ass with my free hand and swallowed, the muscles relaxing as his cock slid into the warm depths of my throat.  A deep growl of contentment welled up from within him, and I responded as he swallowed the almost as impressive length of my throbbing cock. 

Wave after wave of hot passion washed over us as we greedily suckled on the burgeoning font that would furnish the aphrodisiac we craved.  A surreal fog of animal lust engulfed us, and we were oblivious to everything other than draining the sweet nectar from each other's heavily laden nut sac. He was sucking my cock just as ravenously as I was his, the phonetic tones of his moaning sent shivers through my muscles enticing the boiling sperm in my nut sac to rise.  Rico shuddered, and I felt his muscles tightening in unison with mine as we raced to again reach the plateau of mutual contentment, sweat pouring from both of us in rivulets.

An intense pressure built in my loins, and, as hot sperm rose through the swollen urethral tube, the ecstatic sensation that preceded a volcanic eruption of pent up energy swept over my tightening muscles. Unintelligible sounds emanated from where Rico was sucking my granite hard, sperm spewing cock. His lips tightened around its burgeoning length when his thick monster seemed to double in size and then harden like granite milliseconds before he arched his back and drove his spewing cock deep into my throat.

Our bodies quivered as waves of ecstasy swept over us as we drank the magma of our loins that flowed in thick streams from the apertures in the blood-engorged crowns of our cocks. As our cocks pulsed, pumping and draining shrinking nut sacs, visions of newborn calves suckling at their mother's teats flashed through my mind as we greedily drank the aphrodisiac that would satisfy the gnawing need burning deep within our bodies.  While Rico stripped the waning driblets from my wilting cock, I reciprocated sucking contentedly as I lip stripped his still partially swollen schlong. Reluctantly, I released its semi- flaccid length, and as it fell to his inner thigh I felt a glow of inner pride that I had been able to take it's entire length and girth down my throat. 

"God, Rico," I said softly as a warm afterglow surrounded us, "I've never sucked a  horse's cock, but yours comes damn close to being the size of one."

"It's all Puerto Rican meat, Wayne, but you proved one thing," He replied as he swiveled around and snuggled close to me. "You can suck more than you thought you could, and you don't have a thing to be ashamed of." He said, breathing in deeply and nuzzling my neck as he exhaled. "You damn sure ain't no fucking slouch in the cock department, and I enjoyed sucking every inch of it."

"Unh huh, and I enjoyed sucking every inch of that monster," I said, squeezing his cock as I reached for the top sheet and covered us. 


We exchanged telephone numbers just outside of the Naval Air Station Gate.  The base bus stopped at the sentry booth to pick up base employees.   Rico smelled good from using the Sandalwood bath gel that I used. While he was stuffing the slip of paper with my number on it, he said, 'I really enjoyed last night, Wayne, do you think we might do it again?"

"That, I would love to do, Rico; maybe we can schedule a weekend and take a trip out of town.  I know of one or two lodges that are owned by gay guys, and we could have a good time."

That sounds like a plan to me, Stud," he replied, reaching over and squeezing my cock. "Be sure you don't let anything happen to Little Wayne; I want more of him."

"He is available whenever you are."

"Great, I'll be in touch," he replied with a twinkle in his eyes as he got out of the car.

"Ditto, horse cock," I teased, winking at him through the window.

"Yeah, and you've got the barn that he can stay in," he said, brushing his hand over the impressive bulge in his crotch and waving as he moved away.

"Damn, he's one hot Latin stud," I mused to myself. As I pulled away from the curb and made a "U" turn, I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw Rico waving.

Throwing my arm out of the window in a salutary wave, I gunned the car.  It would take me a good fifteen minutes to fight the traffic using the Main Gate, and I'd be lucky if some dude wasn't in my parking space.