From: (male4fun)
Subject: First time ever with a man
Date: 18 Nov 1996 20:47:53 GMT
Organization: SPC


This is how it happened to me on my first time with a man. I was in Germany, on an adventure training for our unit ( I was in the infantry). And we were living out of tents, big Marquises mind you but still, going to the can outside, brushing your teeth in the morning by a water tank, etc.

I was walking towards the hotel, and noticed a building to my left. I figured I'd give the place a reccee. So I simply walked in, took a look on the first floor, nothing but rooms. Took a look on the second floor, WOW, a full bathroom, full shower (knowing the army, therefore plenty of hot water), I looked about and on this floor also there were a bunch of rooms.

So I made my way back to the tents, got my stuff, and headed back to the building. I got undressed and got in the showers, there were 2 showers, once facing the other. There also was a curtain, but having been in the army for so long I had no shame in my body, and wasn't really into looking at other guys.

Then after 10 minutes or so, the door came open, and I turned facing the shower wall, I heard the next stall shower coming on. I turned around and came face to face with a good looking black woman, who had a smile on her face. My face got into all sorts of crimson red colors. I excused myself and then got out of view to dry myself.

The door came open once more, in came this short Italian looking guy, he asked me if I lived in these quarters, since he hadn't seen me around before. I then proceeded to tell him about where we were stationed on this army resort center. Then he said something about the weird smell we get when we're in the field. I said well that had all been taken care of, since I was in the showers for about 10 minutes. He turned around and went out, he came right back and he had a bottle of men's cologne with him. He let me smell it and I did. He asked me to put some on, which I did but maybe not to his satisfaction since, once I gave him back the bottle he shot some over my almost dry genitals. It burned like hell. He told me he was sorry, and to escuse himself, he was inviting me to his room, while the girl was in the shower, and since his room was right across the hall, he helped me with my stuff.

Finally I made it to his room, my sack was burning like crazy. He told me that the best way to alieviate some of the pain was to stand legs apart and the hands on the wall. This position let my sack hang loose from the body, I tried it, it didn't work, but I stayed there for about 5 minutes. Personally I think it's time that eases the pain. He was sitting on his bed all that time looking at me, asking me all sorts of questions, and finally the one that goes, have you ever had a guy suck you before ?

Then I had a pretty good idea what this guy wanted. He offered me some red  wine. So I said no to ever being sucked by a guy, I hadn't. He asked me it if would be OK for him to  suck me. I said I didn't feel comfortable with the idea. He asked me if I wanted to get dressed, I said no since it was a hot summer day, and besides it still burned a bit. He asked me if I was uncomfortable with him looking at me, I said no. Then he asked me if he could REALLY look at me, I said sure.

He asked me to lay down on the bed, then he softly ran his hand in my hair, he ran his fingers on my lips, he touched my hairless chest, then he smelled at my navel. By then my cock was starting to show signs I'd never seen for  a guy but with a girl before.  He touched my cock and lifted it from the sack, he spreaded my balls. Now my cock was hard. He asked me to turn around, that got me worried a bit. He then offered me some more wine, and talked to me and he was saying how nice a body I had and stuff. Then he asked me to lay down again on the stomach this time. So I did, and keeped on drinking my glass of mine. He asked me to spread my legs, I did. Then he spreaded my cheeks, I could feel his breath on my butt hole, by then my cock was fully moist with precum.

He asked me to turn on my back, he saw my cock, how wet it was. He asked me if it happened to me a lot to have guys trying to make a pass at me, I said no. And then he asked me if I would mind him looking me over again, I said no. He then took my now rigid dripping cock and asked me to lift my legs,  like girls do when I have sex with them, I did. Then the fact that my cock was so wet his hand keeped slipping and I was close to cumming when I asked him to stop.

Then he offered me some more wine, he asked me if I would accept cash to let myself be sucked, I said it depended on how much. He offered me 20.00$ U.S., since it was an american facility. I said ok, but there were to be no kissing on the lips. He proceeded to explore my body like not one girl had done before. He was bitting on my nipples and I shoot my load all over my stomach and his. He licked my stomach clean, and rubbed the one on his skin. He told me he hadn't sucked me yet, I said I was sorry, I didn't know what happened. He said it was OK, I was young and there was plenty more where that came from. Now until then, the most I came with any girl I had been with was 5 times and that was over a night time.

He continued to feel my nipples, at the same time he was massaging my butt. He got down to my navel and poked his tongue into it, by that time his fingers were getting awfull close to my butt hole. He licked my balls, and then brought his toungue down towards my butt hole. I was sligthly tense. He turnded me around and placed a pillow under my tummy, making sure my cock was towards my thighs. He then opened my cheeks and proceeded to give me , to this day, the best butt lick and eat a man can have. At a certain point, I felt his finger going just a bit in at first, then going in all the way, and moving in and out ever so slowly. He was playing with my cock at the same time, playing slowly with my balls and then increasing the tempo until he could get full tight grabbing power on my balls. It hurt, but god did it feel good. Then he asked me to turn around on my back, I did.

Then he started to lick the insides of my thighs, at the same time he had a finger in my butt. Then I don't know what happened but I came a second time, with him jerking my soaked and wet cock, my balls in his mouth, and a finger in my butt. God it was good, I never wanted it to stop. He looked at me, with a bit of cum on his chin and said I was the hottest sexual toy he'd seen, he reminded me that he hadn't sucked me yet, I said I knew. Then he lapped all the cum that was on my stomach, and with 2 fingers got the one on his chin. He smiled at me, saying how good I tasted, how he could feel my butt hole getting tighter and tighter each cumming spasm going by. He offered me some more wine, and this time offered me to smoke a joint, which I declined since at the time I wasn't puffing up. So he got up, he hadn't comed yet, and I was wondering how he'd go about that, but didn't say a word. He got a small bottle from the dresser, I asked him what it was, he told me they were poppers, they were meant to enhance and intensify sexual plearure. He told me I could use them if I wanted, then he got back on the bed, and got back to my cock, just the fact that he was touching it, I was already getting hard. He bit my nipples again, and just as I was starting to feel a familiar twitch in my cock I felt his lips forming around  its base and he was holding my almost limp cock in his very hot mouth.

He then started a slow and rithmic up and down movement, as my cock was getting so big it was hurting so much blood there was in my cock. He had his finger in my butt again, he took the time to ask me to go ahead witht he poppers, it couldn't hurt me he said. So I took the small bottle and then smelled it, it was a bit like aceaton or keytone. He said go ahead, put it to the side of your nostril, and take a deeep breath while blocking the other nostril, I did. While I was doing this he had put his mouth back to work on my cock, he had his finger in my butt, and the pther hand was twisting one of my nipples. I don't knnow what happened, my mind sorta like exploded, everywhere he touched me was like a source for me to cum, and I came what felt like galons, he swallowed it all, he keeped me in his mouth until I told him to stop or I would pee, he said go ahead, while grabbing my balls tight, I peed bit it was just a small drop or two. He still had me in his mouth and I was getting harder. And the afternoon was just beggining.

He then took a break, and poured me some more wine, he asked me how I liked the poppers, I told him I felt so sensual and sexy when I sniffed it that this is probably why I came a third time and so fast. He asked me if he could play with my butt a bit more, I said sure. He then turned me on my stomach and stated to massage my cheeks all the time telling me how nice a butt I had, it had to be the butt of a runner, I told him we (the unit) ran 3 Km every morning. He then parted my cheeks and gave my butt hole another toungue bath, sometimes poking the tip of his toungue into it. Then as he was sucking and chewing on one of my balls, I felt his finger going in, then I felt a bit more then a finger. Then he had his head resting on my cheeks as he was fingering me ever so slowly ever so gently. He asked me if I would let him fuck me. I said, YOU SAY WHAT ?

Then he asked me to relax, as I told him his fingers were now hurting my butt. he said it from me tensing up to the question, he said he'd give me an extra 50.00$ U.S. All the time he was moving and probbing my butt. He offered me to take some more poppers, it would help me relax he said. I did, and then keeped my breath in longer, all the while he was moving in and out of my butt, and not touching me anywhere else, just these 2 fingers in and out.

I finally said it was ok, and asked him how we would go about this. He asked me if I was comfortable in this position, I said yes. He said if I let him fuck me in anyway he wanted he would add another 30.00$ U.S. , I said sure as long as there is no pain. He asked me if he had hurt me so far, I said no, exept for the time when he asked if he could fuck me. He then told me it was only because I tensed up at the question. Which I have to admit was right, he then said it was a good hurt though wasn't it ? All the time he was moving his fingers in an out and my cock was so hard and drippy, how could I say no ?

He then let my butt there in the air, and he was looking at it, he raised his hand and came smacking down on it hard, I let out a scream, he put his hand over my mouth and then his 2 fingers in my butt again, going in hard to get in, and the slowly in and out. He told me my ass was so tight when he slapped me, that it was the reason why he had pushed so hard to get in.
And his fingers were moving in and out, I took another very deep sniff of the poppers, and felt my butt relax, he slapped me again, until I could feel my cheeks red hot. He then got undressed, I hadn't even seen him naked yet. I turned my head to look at him, he had a very hairy body, not that it made any difference to me. Then he turned around and I saw his cock for the first time. He was uncut and he was about 7 inches long, not very thick. Totaly different then mine, 6 inches cut and very thick with big hanging balls, his were slightly small. He offered me some more wine, and then asked me to lay on my stomach, since I had turned to take a look at him while undressing. He got behind me and licked me for what seemed forever, and the I felt one of his fingers enter me, he was chewing on one of my balls, and then turned himself so his feet were at my head. I didn't know what to do then, I had never been sucked by a guy, let alone suck one.

So I took my time and touched his cock, then I wrapped my hand around it and started to jerk him off, slowly I started to play with his balls. When he was hard, he got behind me and pushed his cock between my cheeks, kissing my neck and bitting my earlobes, pinching my nipples from underneath. I could feel his cock moving between my cheeks, I took another deep breath of those poppers, and then as I was taking it, I felt his cock at the entrance of my butt hole. As the poppers were making themselves felt throught out my body, I could feel his cock openning the now relaxed hole, he hurt me just as he got in, he told me to relax, take another breath of poppers, I did, after I finished closing the lid, he came down of me with a super strenght slap, one that made my butt tighten up, and still he was pushing into me, I wanted more of him inside me, I was actualy pushing back my pelvis to give him a better access. He pinched my nipples and started to settle in at the bottom of my but and stayed there for a minute or 2. Then he pulled me from the matress and keeped on woking on my nipples as he was moving his hips and making his way out and into me. I wanted more, I needed more. He knew this, and started jerking me off, I was as hard as steel by then, and his cock kept the slow tempo in and out of my ass with the pelvic twists, he fucked me so good I came, I felt my butt now gripping his cock with ever spurt of cum comming out of me.

He keeped on fucking me like this a whole afternoon and well into the night. I can honestly say he is the man that turned me into the hot sexual  partner I am today.

I went to see him 2 days later, but that is another story.

When I went to see him 2 days later, it was a Friday, we had the week-end to visit the surrounding areas and to fraternize with the locals, he was very happy to see me. He asked me if I wanted to use the shower again, which I readily accepted. Once in the shower, I took full advantage of the hot water letting it flow all over my body, giving me a good sense of warmth. I heard so talking in the hallway, but I fugured they were residents of this employee barrack, and carried on with my shower. A few minutes later, the Italian guy walked in and got undressed. I tought he'd use the other stall, but instead he jumped into mine. He asked me if I wanted to make another 100$ U.S. that day, I asked him if it would involve doing the same thing as last time to earn it. He said in part yes, and in other parts no, but if there was anything I was to object to to just let him know and he assured me we'd come to an understanding. I thought about it a bit, but it was too late to even say anything, I was starting to get a raging hard-on just thinking of how good it felt the last time, I tried to turn so he wouldn't see it, in vain. He saw it all right, he touched me, and then I slightly protested. I again asked him what todays activities were supposed to be. He asked me if that meant I wanted and accepted the 100$. I said OK sure why not. He then left the stall for a minute and returned with something that looked like a hot-water bottle, but this on had a long hose and a white tip to it. I asked him what this was for and he told me it was to clean my butt, I said I just clean my butt, he asked me again if he had ever hurt me before, I said no still remembering the slaps he put on my behind the last time and the tightning of my butt hole on his fingers.

Then he filled up the bottle full of the hot shower water that was coming down, then he asked me to bend at the waist, I did. Then he was soapping up my butt hole and he put a finger in my butt, I could feel the soap giving me a slight burning sensation, I never washed my butt that way before. Then I felt his finger being joined by one or two more fingers, all the time his cock was almost at my face height, and I could see it getting bigger by the motions he was carrying on in my butt. Then I felt his fingers leave my but and be replaced by what I thought was another finger, he keeped the in and out motion with a steady pace, then I felt one of his now infamous slap on my butt, my butt hole tightened at once, my butt being wet in the shower and the skin having become like schrivelled from me being in the shower for so long. He gave me another 8 to 10 good hard slaps, I couldn't believe it my cock was getting so hard, as he was slapping me he told me I would really love my time spent with him today. I felt my stomach inflate and all of a sudden I felt bloaded, I asked him what was going on, he simply said he was in the process of cleaning my butt hole. He asked me if I felt full enough, I said yes. He asked me to stand up, and then he got onto his knees and took my now dripping with precum cock in his mouth.

He was using god knows what technique, but he keeped getting me close to cum, and then he would relax his sucking motion. After a few minutes of this, I had to go to the toilet and sit down for a minute, I thought I was going to do a mess right there and then. He sensed this, or at least I think he did, He slapped me so hard, and for so long, my butt was litterally on fire. My thoughts being centered onto the now burning sensation of my cheeks, he then asked me to stand up again, and he went back at sucking me but harder this time. I not only wanted to go and sit to the toilet bowl, now I really had to pee bad. When I asked him to stop or I would pee, he simply let go of my cock and said, go ahead, I couldn't wait any longer I peed. As I started to pee and the hot urine was coming out at the tip of my very hard cock it was hard to pee like this, even harder when he resumed sucking me as I was peeing, I had so much to pee it seemed like it was lasting for hours, to my surprise he drank most of it, and he seemed to like it a lot. Once I was finished peeing, now was the time to empty the other end. I told him I was going to the throne and this time like it or not, I had to go, he simply sat back on his ankles and told me , go go by all means I'll be waiting here for you to wash-up. I ran to the bathroom stall, closed the door behind me I could feel cramps in my stomach. I sat down and it seemed as though the floods of hell were opened down there, it was coming out like nuts. I tried to get up after I thought I was finished, only to find out there was some more to come out. After a few minutes things started to calm down, I wipped myself and went back to the shower stall, where he was waiting for me. He asked me if I felt better, I said I wasn't sure but that I sure felt lighter, he laughed. He then asked me to get down on all four again, I asked him if he was going to refill me again, he said yes and that it was necessary for what was coming up durring the day. So I went along with it, and in went the white part of the tube and refilling my tummy again this time he almost put 2 full bags, he was grabbing my balls, not too tight at first, but when he saw that the bag was getting empty he tightened his grip. Then he asked me to stand up and asked me if I felt as uncomfortable as the last time, I said no. Then he got down on his knees and stated to suck me, he was deep-thoating me, all the while having this very tight grip on my balls. After a few minutes of this, it seemed like hours, I had to go to the closet again, but he just keeped on sucking until i had the strongest orgasm I had ever had yet in my whole life, so hard I fell to my knees and started shaking. He was taken by surprise, he was really worried about me, he tried to pull me off the floor, but he was much smaller then me and I guess he did his best to try anyway. But then the urge to go to the closet was being more urgent then anything else. I ran again to the closet and then dropped whatever was left inside of me I guess.

After my stunt in the closet was finished, I made my way to the shower stall again and this time I tried to concentrate on washing myself, he asked me if he could wash my back, I said sure. Then he turned off the shower head so the water was flowing almost directly on my cock with me standing against the wall so I could let him wash my back. He lathered me up, he took special time to tease my nipples and pull and twist them, as he was playing with my right nipple I felt his left hand slidding all the way down between my cheeks, he was bitting my neck and whispering just how good a sex toy I was with him. He then inserted what I thought was a finger in my butt, and again the soap on his hand gave me a slight burning sensation inside. But that was soon replaced with what I felt now, he was massaging inside my butt, and at the same time the area between my butt hole and my balls. I was rock hard and before I knew it I was cuming like mad again, when he felt me cum, he let go of my nipple and he slapped me hard again and again, or at least until his thumb that was in my butt hole couldn't feel me in spasm anymore.

Then he asked me if it was OK for him to rinse me, I thought after getting a washdown of the sort, what else could he do. All he did was in fact to rince me, escorting me out of the shower stall, he proceeded to dry me. As he was drying me, he reached from behind and took a good hold of my cock, and he was still pulling and twisting my now sensitive nipples. The fact that he was reaching from between my crack to get to my cock only made me more aware of my hot burning cheeks. Then he made his way to my front again getting down on his knees, he told me my cock needed special care. He engulfed it all since it was limp at this point but in no time it came right back up, I couldn't believe it,why was it when I was with a girl SHE could never make me cum in such quick time and get me as hard in such a record time, I was baffled.

I was getting right into him pinching my butt, slapping it as he would pull my body to his face to have full access to the lenght of my cock, that the shower door came open, and in walked the beautifull black girl I saw a few days ealier. I was so embarrased, and he wouldn't let go of my cock, I had to hide my face with a towel. No matter how he tried this time I was limp and limp to stay. The girl dissapeared behind the changing wall, then re-appeared for a fraction of a second only to re-disappear into the shower, and we heard the shower head spaying its water and her going by her buisness. I quickly gathered my belongings and got out of there as quick as I could.

Once in the Italian guys room, he told me to relax, that she was a good friend of his, and that she was a cool girl, she wouldn't tell anyone if this is what I was worried about. It made me feel a  little better, but still, hey, I didn't know that girl, who knows who she might talk to, and in what presence around me ? Was there going to be an officer there when there was going to be a slip of the toungue ? Was she going to give a remark to one of my buddies ? I was tense to say the least. He again opened another bottle of red  wine, and took out a bottle of Wild Turkey he told me that to help me a bit to recuperate a bit faster also , that I should take a glass of  whiskey, and then while he would massage me, to sip on a glass of wine, and that once the glass of wine would be finished to redo this cycle one more time. I knew what he was getting to, he wanted me not drunk, but comfortably relaxed. He put on a pair of  bermudas, served me my glass of whyskey and a glass of wine and told me he'd be back in a few minutes. I had the time to drink the whiskey and finish the glass of wine, before he returned. I asked him what took him so long, he said he went to ensure himself with the black girl that everything was cool, he said she just laughed it up and said there was nothing to it.

He poured me another glass of WT, and another glass of wine, he asked me if I felt uncomfortable being naked while I was waiting for him. I said if I was, it must have been when he left, but that now the whiskey and the wine were doing their work on my softening up. Then he asked me if it was ok for him to look at me all over again, I said yes. He asked me to stand over the bed while he was laying down then he asked me to get on all four this way he had my butt just a bit over his face, and I had his cock right in mine. He took my cock in his mouth, and sucked me nice and slow, I was getting the expected results, being a good strong hard-on, he was playing with my balls and pressing a finger or 2 at the entrance of my butt hole. All this time I had his hairy crotch in close to my face, the odor wasn't unpleasant, and I already knew that the touch was OK, so I started to lightly play with his testes and sometimes grab a hold of his cock and give it a few up and down movement. This time he changed his position he chewed on my balls one by one, first sucking them trying to pull them from my sack it felt like, and then before he would change to the other he would bite and chew it sometimes lightly sometimes a bit harder. Once he was finished with my sack, he started to kiss, suck, lick , probe my butt hole with his toungue, god did it ever feel good, I was by then laying so close to him my stomach was touching his and his hairy chest felt real good. I was still massaging his balls and alternatly strocking his cock, I was looking at his uncut cock and thinking to myself should I suck it ? He asked me if I would suck him, he said he's chip in an extra 20$, since I was already considering doing it I said sure.

At first I just let it touch the contour of my lips, him being wet with precum made it feel real soft and it slid onto my lips real easy. It felt so soft to the touch, I opened my mouth and then took it in my mouth, he told me not to worry I wouldn't hurt him, that for some reason "we" men knew what to do and how not to hurt the other with our teeth. So I went back to work and savoured his smoothness sliding in and out of my mouth, all the while he was working with his toungue on my butt hole. He held my head in place for a moment to tell me that if I continued he would cum. He asked me if it was ok for him to cum in my mouth, I said I wasn't sure I had never tasted cum, not even my own. He said he would chip in another 20$ if I did swallow it when the time came for him to shoot. It was OK, I had already made my mind up, I wanted to swallow every drop of manhood juice he would give me, afterall he swallowed me all the time from the first time we meet. So I continued on and on, then I felt his pelvis bucking, his cock was getting harder and slightly longer, he put both thighs behind my head as if to push my face deeper and closer so I could take all of it in my mouth, it was useless, since he fit in nice an comfy. When he came my mouth filled with very hot juice, there was so much it started to come out of my nostrils, I began chocking on it. He released his sort of head lock with the thighs, and I finished him like I had done this for years. He was very appreciative of this. He asked me to lay down beside him, and relax for a minute so he could take a break, and reminded me that unlike me he couldn't just get hard in a minute, he needed a break between sessions. He poured me another glass of whikey along with another glass of wine. Then he got up and put on his bermudas again, excusing himself for a minute again.

So he was gone for about 5 minutes, when the door opened I was a bit startled or surprised, since I didn't hear him coming down the hall. We started talking, he asked me if everything was OK so far, I said yes. He asked me if it was Ok if he kissed me, I said I wasn't sure, I had never kissed a guy before. He offered me another 20$, I said Ok. Tehn he held me in his arms so nicely and with great tenderness and this special "I'm in control" sorta hold, soft but firm. He put his lips to mine, and then he backed away a bit and laughed. I asked him why, he said I looked so good with my eyes closed, so innocent, but he said that in reality I was getting to be quite a nice sexual toy. He kissed me, my cock came to immediate attention, he was grabbing my balls hard, running his fingers from my sack to my butt hole, poking a finger quickly in, pulling it out, re-grabbing my balls harder and harder it seemed at each turn. The instant his hand took hold of my cock, I came like floods all over my stomach and part of his forearm. He broke the kiss soon after, told me my lips were made for love, that any girl would want to have my lips touch them, how I probably give good face to them and all. All the while he was licking his way to my stomach and licking my cum, until he got to my cock and licked and sucked it clean. The feeling of his mouth on my cock was very intense, it felt so good. Then I looked up to see where his mouth was, feeling a cool breeze as my cock left his mouth. To my surprise and astonishment, the black girl who I met briefly for the first time 2 days earlier and this very day in the shower, while my Italian lover was giving me one of the best blow jobs ever was sitting in the love seat that was by the door, she was naked and had a huge dildo in her pussy, all I could notice was the size of her outstanding nipples, they must have been half an inch long and half an inch in radius they were simply put the largest I'd ever seen. And she was there, her face seemed lost, god knows where, she had this very sexy-sensual look on her face, the sexual pleasure could be seen at the corner of her mouth, she was about to cum, she came she was shaking all over, her nipples seemed to get larger, there was sweat on her forehead and a bit above her upper lip, she was definatly breathing very hard and deep.

I didn't know what to do, my new lover was still partially on top of my stomach, his left elbow to my left side, the rest of his body to my right extending itself so his cock was almost to my right shoulder. He felt me wiggle from under him. He turned around and told me to relax, she was just there because she needed an outlet to let go of her sexual tension. Just as he finished saying this, she told me that my Italian lover had told her I was getting hard-on over hard-on, it seemed I had a lot of sexual stamina, and that she was tired of seeing the people here on this base since they always let on stories after anything happened, sortta kiss and tell type of people. She said she was aware of the fact that the Italian guy was paying me for the sex he was having with me, and she was willing to give me 30$, if I just let her watch, our sexual frolics. I thought about it, then she said what is it am I not attractive ? I told her I thought she was the most beautifull black american woman I had ever seen, mind you where I was from in Québec there were almost no black people, and I only met about 15 or 20 guys in the forces, but I never came accross meeting any black girls, and I must admit Iwas currious. So I said OK sure no problem.

With this my Italian lover got up and offered the girl a glass of wine, to which she declined since she had brought her own white wine, it was a reisling, a good quality wine, but a big bottle, it must have been a 2 litre bottle. Then he asked me to sit up a bit in the bed, so we could stop and get to knnow "our" guest, I did. Then I noticed she had no pussy hair, her armpits were also shaved, that made her different then a lot of German girls I met and French girls also. She said her and my Italian lover sometimes got together to talk about their respective adventures, while they masturbated. They had never had anything sexual going on between each other since he was gay and she was hetero, but they had a good complicity between them, enough to trust each other with their most intimate secrets and this is how she came to know of me. She said she was the one who first offered my Italian lover to sit in to watch us, and offered herself to pay me so I would be letting her watch. I felt a bit better, but still not fully comfortable with this new situation. She complimented me on having such a nice smooth and muscular body, she asked me if I was working out, then I told her was I was doing in the forces and she immediatly understood why I had such a good physical shape.

My Italian lover saw that I was currious of her pussy, and asked her if she would show me up close without me touching naturally, she said sure. She got up and came close to the head of the bed where I was resting my back and I saw it close, she opened her lips to let me see inside, I could smell the sex juices evaporation coming from her lips, meanwhile my lover took my cock in his mouth and I felt myself getting a raging hard-on again. Once I was hard enough, he took his mouth away from it and he let her see what I looked like once hard, she said Wow it is a very nice cock. He asked me if I wanted to be shaved, but I was reluctant since I might be called to go away on a "snowball exercise" and then once trapped in the bush, I'd have to wash in front of everybody, and they would all notice that I had no hair left. He re-assured me saying it grew back a lot faster then hair, and since I needed 1 hair cut a week then I fugured what the heck sure why not. He got up to get his shaving kit from the dresser, and went to get a bowl of hot water. The girl was now sitting on the edge of the bed, and she was watching the operation very carefully. He shaved all the hair from on top of my genitals and from between my thighs, which there wasn't much to start with anyway. Then he asked me to go on all four so he could do my butt hole, I did as he asked me. The girl then move to the foot of the bed to get a better view, he shaved me totally taking good care not to cut me anywhere. Once this was done he took the facecloth from the bowl of hot water and rinsed me troughout, he stoped to put his tougue between my cheeks and into my butt hole, the girl asked me if it was OK for her just to touch my butt to see how soft it was, I said sure, then she felt me and I felt a finger going into my hole, I looked back and saw she was smilling at me, and she said she was willing to pay me the same amount he was paying me to let her access to my body also. I thought about it for a minute, all the while she was moving her finger in and out of my butt, and running her nails along the lenght of my back, then I felt a hot mouth taking my cock in, as I looked down it was my Italian lover who was sucking me and she was moving her finger in and out, I finally said OK.

Then it all got wild, she was sitting at the head of the bed I was licking and sucking at her pussy, while he was behind me sucking on my butt hole and sqeezing my balls and playing with my cock, and she was pinching my nipples hard with the tips of her finger nails. She told me I had a good tolerance to pain, then my Italian lover took a break to explain how he slapped my butt earlier in the afternoon to entice me to keep the water in my butt, and how he liked the feeling of my butt tightning up when he was actually fucking me and slapping my cheeks at the same time. Just as he was saying this she produced something that looked like a long toungue, made of black leather with a handle and there was a small strap at the end of the handle, she said she used it on herself to stimulate her cheeks once and a while and asked me if I wanted to try it. As she said this I felt something trying to push its way into my butt, it hurt and my Italian lover told me I was too uptight, I should give the poppers another try, I did, I took 3 deep breath and then I felt so light, I heard him tell her that when I tried poppers for the first time I reacted like a real slut afterwards, it shocked me a bit, but I was feeling too darn good right now to ever care. Then I felt this pressure again at my butt holes door, he grabbed me on both shoulder, and with one big push he was all the way in, it hurt like fuck, I let out a yap, only to feel the pussy I had in my face shift a little and a severe slap land on my butt, I heard her say each time you let out a yap, you get the strap, so I said OK, with this she slapped me 2 more times harder then the last, and then said you will only talk when we ask you is this understood, I said yes, and sure enough 2 more hits came down hard on my now burning cheeks, and she reminded me she didn't give me permission to talk and neither had my fucker, I could just had nodded. She asked me if I understood, I nodded, as to reward me she lifted her knees to her chest and told me to lick it good and dry, all the while my balls were being worked on, my cock was being worked on, my nipples were being worked on, my cheeks were still burning, I came for something that felt like the deluge. I grabbed both of her cheeks and pressed her pussy into my face and she was girrating her pussy onto my toungue, and as I was cumming my lover slapped and slapped and slapped, and then I felt him empty himself into me just as the girl at the tip of my toungue was also cumming.  We all collapsed on the bed I felt her big hard breasts on the back of my head, my cum was cooler on the sheets, and my lovers cock getting softer and slowly pulling out of my butt, I tried to position myself so he would stay there but he slipped out and he rested between my legs.

After we regained our composition, we untangled, I said I was sorry for the mess I had made, my lover just laughed it off, saying that if this was the nature of my worries, it was his least. With this, he got up cleaned his cock with hot soappy water, and the returned to me and cleaned my butt, not without licking it silly once it was clean.

Then the girl said since she was paying the same price as my Italian lover, she should be entitled to the same rights, I thought about it for a second and said OK. She told me I was the best face she had had in years, then she kissed me as I was playing with her pussy and I got my first chance at actually touching her huge nipples, I got to suck them, then she was making her way down my stomach and already I was feeling my cock starting to respond. She told me to get on top of her in order to give her face while she was sucking me, she dug her fingernails into the flesh of my sack, it hurt but in no time this pain was replaced with pleasure, I felt a familiar pressure at the entrance of my butt, grabbed a hold of the poppers bottle and took a couple of deep sniffs, and as I was resting the bottle I felt it comming in, WOW, this wasn't my Italian lovers cock that's for sure, so I protested a bit, sure enough down came 2 hard slaps on my cheeks. My Italian lover told me he couldn't get it up so fast and told me he was using "our" guests dildo instead, and with this started a slow movement in and out, at first he didn't push it in all the way, but by the time I and the girl were cumming he was giving me long deep penetrating stokes, as I came the girl came almost at the same time, and I was due to get a good dozen slaps on my butt, by now my cheeks were crimson red and aching.
She said I had a sweet tasting cum, although with the amny times I had cummed already I didn't cum lots.

The girl asked me to lay down between the 2 of them, I took a quick look at the clock, this had been going on in total for about 7 hours, no wonder my butt was sore and my cock started to feel raw. Then she asked me if it was in our contract between my Italian lover and me for me to fuck him, I said no it wasn't, and she asked me if I wanted to fuck her, altough it did tempt me I politely declined the invite, I didn't want to disapoint my lover, since after all I was "his sex toy" and discovery. Then she said OK, if I wouldn't fuck her then she could fuck me, since he was fucking me, I thought about it for a second and couldn't figure how she could fuck me. So I agreed. Then out of her little sachel she pulled out a weird looking contraption. She got up and fitted it on her body and before she closed the last snaps she placed the huge dildo into it, it as a matter a fact was sticking out like an erect cock, how ingenious I thought. Then she asked me to get on all four, I did, and then the hairy crotch of my lover was right in front of my face, she kissed and sucked my butt hole for a while, while I started to suck my Italian lover, and then I felt this steady pressure onto my hole. My lover was attentive to my needs he opened the poppers bottle and stuck it under one of my nostrils and then blocked the other one while giving me words of encouragement telling me how sexy I looked with a cock in my butt and a cock in my mouth, by then the poppers were starting their relaxing effect and I felt the dildo make its way inside me, when I was finished with the poppers I asked him to please put them aside, then came down 2 super strong slaps on my cheeks, I couldn't help but to let out a yap, sure enough a few more came down even harder, all the time the girl maintained the in and out movement, all the while grabbing my cheeks hard and telling me how much a nice tight butt I had. Every time she came in she was pushing me onto his cock, I didn't mind that at all, I was actually looking forward of her coming in so she could push me, it established sort of a rythm, and my Italian lover didn't seem to complain either, he was reaching under my chest and pulling hard onto my nipples. The movement in my butt got more insistant and faster and a lot deeper, and as my Italian lover grabbed the back of my head and just shoved his cock deep into my mouth he let out a howl as my mouth filled with his delicious juice, and this time not one drop was let out. My cock was as hard as rock, my Italian lover still wet with some of his come switched places and got under me and I resumed my sucking his cock, as he started to suck mine, I came in seconds so exciting the erotisisim was in the room, as I came more slaps came raining down and harder as she was fucking me. Once my cum had subsided, then she slowly pulled out, as my Italian lover was chewing on my balls.

This keeped on for most of the night, I finally ended up sleeping over for the duration of the week-end.

In the morning I was in for a repeat of the past days event and more...

And the whole thing got me 500$ richer, not that I needed the money, the Canadian Armys' payroll being way different then our American counter-parts, but I felt like such a slut, this whole week-end.

Anyway that was my first time... and it's for real.. it's not SPAM...

In short now, I love to kiss, love to suck, love to be fucked, love my butt put to work, love my nipples being sensitized, I guess I just love SEX...

Good night guys....

Kisses and hugs...  And long sucks...