Mardi Gras Sailor

Story by Richard Barber

Continuing story of Mike the sailor.

Part 01, Off to New Orleans

After my time with the Pacific Fleet, and my frequent stops in the Port of San Francisco, I was reassigned to the Atlantic Fleet and stationed in Key West, Florida. I had some extra `liberty time' coming to me, and decided to make a jaunt to New Orleans during the Mardi Gras. I saw a bulletin on the rec-room bulkhead that one of the sailors stationed on base was driving to Dallas, Texas during the same week, so I made arrangements to share expenses for a ride to New Orleans. Adams was going to stay one night in New Orleans with some Marine mates before heading on to Texas, then return just in-time to pick me up on his way back to Key West.

One of the Marines owned a small 2 bedroom home in New Orleans and shared it with several other Marines that were stationed with him at Pensacola, Florida. I would be staying at his home that week. It would be an opportunity for me to share, and be with other service men during my leave. New Orleans could be a wild and dangerous place for a single sailor, especially during Mardi Gras.

It was a long day's ride to the house in New Orleans, and when we arrived late that night we were both ready to settle in. Adams, my partner, wanted to leave early in the morning and was anxious to get some rest. Most of the other men were out partying, except for one guy that greeted us at the door, dressed only in his boxer shorts. He briefly introduced himself as McKinley, and directed us to one of the bedrooms and told us we were to share the large double bed in the center of the room. Against the other 2 walls were single beds that were being used by some other guests.

The place definitely looked like a guesthouse for men, but it was surprisingly neat considering 4 or 5 men were using the place. A few duffel bags were shoved under the beds along with pairs of polished marine shoes, here and there. I guess the marine discipline had finally soaked in, and the place was pretty well kept and in order. The bedroom had a large bathroom with an oversized shower. There was one large closet on one wall, and a large dresser and mirror rested against the other wall, next to one of the smaller beds. A few posters of women movie stars and pop singers were posted at different locations throughout the room.

Adams and I were not that well acquainted, but when I heard he was going thru New Orleans, I jumped at the chance to hitch a ride with him. He seemed like a nice clean-cut guy. He was single and perhaps a year or so older than I, and what I would consider as a `redneck' Texas country boy. He was quiet, didn't smoke, and liked country music. He was tall and well built. I had an opportunity to observe him in the shower one day at the barracks, and noticed he was very well hung, and had a hot looking butt.

It had been pleasant riding with him all day. Our conversation was typical navy talk, girls, sports and cars, but now we were tired and soon curled up on the bed and fell asleep.

I wasn't used to sleeping with another person, and when he moved and threw his arm over me, I woke immediately. I lay still thinking he would withdraw his arm, but instead he curled up behind me and gripped me tighter. It wasn't long before I felt his hard cock pressing up against me. His mouth was close to my ear and I could hear and feel his warm breath. I liked his nearness but knew anytime now he would wake and realize he was holding a man in his arms. I wanted to back against him and encourage his hard dick to force it from his shorts and move into the crevice of my ass. I soon become excited and felt my manhood coming to full attention. I wanted to pull my cock from my skivvies and start masturbating, but I knew any movement would wake him, and he'd withdraw from our fetal position. His warm body remained for a few more minutes then he withdrew and moved away and lay on his back. This gave me the opportunity to turn over with my body facing him. It was warm in the house and he had kicked the covers off the bed. In the dimly lit room I could make out his hard dick peeking out of his white skivvies.

I wanted to lunge on his big hard pulsating prick and suck the man juices from it before he could realize what was happening, but I knew I had to control my lustful desires. My cock slipped out of the opening of my shorts, and I began rubbing the oozing pre-cum over my sensitive cockhead. My eyes were focused on his body language and his desirable manhood poking from his shorts. Perhaps if I moved slow and easy, I could shoot a quick load in my hand while fantasizing on Adams. Unexpectedly he reached down and pulled his waistband below his cock and balls, then placed his hands behind his head and went back to sleep mode.

"Oh my god!" I didn't know if this was an invitation or not, but his big cock and balls were being presented before me like an offering. I was really hot now, and had to do something. I slowly positioned myself lower on the bed. My body was almost trembling with lust. I lightly placed my hand on his groin. My body went cold, but my desire was overpowering. He didn't move or shove me away. I had to move now, or forget it! I wrapped my hand around his hard dick, and waited for any kind of response. It might be a smack to the head, or a kick in the teeth, but to my delight, his dick jumped as if to say. "Okay, sailor, it's yours now. Suck it!"

I moved closer and pulled the soft wet foreskin back from his large tulip shaped cock head. In the dim light of the room, his oozing pre-cum glistened. I was up on my elbow and leaned forward to touch my tongue to taste this man's body fluids. It was sweet and wet. His cock pulsated once again. I cupped his warm low hanging ball sac, and guided his cock up to my mouth.

I knew he had a large cock from when I saw him in the shower, but it was so much larger now that it was at full staff. I made a move on his cock, and went down on him. He moaned softly as I continued. I was not in the best position, so I eased myself between his spread legs. Now I was ready for some good cock sucking. I was in control.

Adams was a very desirable man and my quest for him didn't begin until he cuddled up against my body. When you are in any branch of the military service, you have to be careful of your sexual advances toward your mates. It is unnatural for humans to suppress their sexual appetites when 2 people have the same desires and needs.

I continued to engulf his manhood for a few minutes until his body tensed and he released several gushes of warm delicious sperm into my mouth. He arched his buttocks off the bed helping me to devour every pulsating stream of his sexual release and tension. I swallowed hungrily like a baby calf at feeding time. Then he gasped a final orgasmic relief as I continued to milk out every last drop he offered me. I carefully cleaned his sensitive spent cock and licked the overflow of cum from his soft balls. He relaxed as though a burden had been released from his body. I reluctantly put his dick back into his skivvies, gently removed myself from between his legs, and got up from the bed to relieve my aching nuts privately in the nearby toilet. I quickly stood over the toilet bowl to shoot my load into the water, when McKinley entered the toilet. I was standing there with my hand whacking away at my hard on. It was obvious I was jacking off. I was a bit embarrassed, but without a word to me, he stood beside me, pulled his boxers down over his rounded buttocks and nonchalantly said.

"Don't stop man, I know how frustrating it can be with a fuckin boner that won't go down. Do you mind if I join you? I need to get my nut too." And then the two of us stood over the toilet bowl jacking off.

McKinley was a cute, butch marine guy, with a solid body. His dick was large for such a small dude. He began manipulating his dick back and forth until it quickly became hard. His balls swung to and fro with each move. His six-pack rippled as he moved. He enjoyed masturbating and was really getting into it. I wanted to touch his firm body and help him enjoy his masturbating even more, so I gripped his cock and manipulated it for him. He pulled his hand away from his cock and began kneading his firm nipples. He leaned his head back and sighed.


"Yeah, Man. It feels good to have someone else jack you off. You do it good. Ummm hun. Yeah, that is good, man. " He said as I leaned over to make love to his hard cock. A small amount of cum was oozing from his cock head. I took a daring lick to taste this hot young marine. He cooed out with pleasure.

"Oh man. Suck my cock. Suck on it and make it cum. I need to get my nut. Oh man, this is hot." McKinley snarled out.

That was all the invitation I needed. I went to my knees and with one quick sweep, I downed his whole cock.

"Fuck man. Fuck man. That is awesome. Do it again, dude. Suck that cock. Make me cum. Fuckin yeah. Awww yeah. Ummmm," he continued.

"Eat my nuts. I love to have my balls licked. Fuckin yeah, cocksucker. Lick my baby makers. Awww fuck. Oooohhhh this is awesome."

This little marine was a hot number. There was hardly a hair on his balls or ass. My tongue went around and around his ball sac while he started jacking on his cock. He lifted one leg and placed it on the stool as I licked his nuts. I couldn't resist going to his brown little ass hole. He gasped out once again as my face was now buried in his tight anus and my tongue was penetrating into his tight virgin hole.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Eat my ass hole. Eat me, dude. Oh fuckin yeah." He continued as he was being pleased with my tongue. His body tensed again and I knew he was going to cum. I quickly got under him and placed his cumming cock in my mouth.

"Oh shit man! I'm going to cum. You're gonna' take it? Shit man. You're taking my cum in your mouth? Fuckin man. Awww fuck. That is hot...awwww yeah, ohhh." He continued as he dumped his huge load into my mouth until the overflow started running from my mouth and onto my chest.

I drank down every drop until he finished cumming. He looked down at me, placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down on his sensitive cock for one more moment of pleasure. I swallowed it down to the base of his cock. He moaned out once again.

"Fuck man. Never had that happen before. You're a cocksucker, huh? Man, that was an experience. I've shot my load with other guys in circle jerks before, but this cocksucking was the best ever. Let's keep this to ourselves. Huh? But I wouldn't mind doing that again. Okay? Hey. What's your name again? You're going to be around the rest of the week? That'll be cool. Some of us guys will be going to some of the parades and parties. You'll have to go with us. What do ya say?" McKinley asked as I got up from the floor.

"Hey. Mike, you still have a boner. Shit man, you've got a hell of a cock there. I owe you. Turn around and let me jack you off over the stool. I'm not a cocksucker but don't mind helping a buddy get his nuts off. Turn around." He said as I stood facing the stool again.

He got behind me, placed his body against mine, and then reach around to grip my hard cock. His body felt good next to mine. He rested his head on my shoulder and started jacking me off with his right hand. His youthful face was smooth and hairless. I could feel his breathing in my ear and then a sudden nibble on my ear lobe. Only a few dozen strokes of his firm strong hand and I was ready to shoot. He continued jacking until I was cumming. He pulled his muscular body tight against mine. I turned my head and a soft unintentional kiss was placed on my cheek as I ejaculated. I moaned and shot a terrific load to the back of the toilet. It was such a good orgasm.

"Hey dude, you had quite a load there. Man, a person could drown on a load like that." He said as we both laughed.

He lingered after I came, and held me close. I enjoyed the feel of his warm sweaty body against mine, and his semi-hard cock sliding between my legs. I was thinking how nice it would be if he fucked me. I had given him his first blowjob and I would enjoy giving him his first piece of male ass. Our jack off session had excited him again, but he pulled slowly away from me. He smiled and slapped me on the butt. I washed while McKinley jumped into the shower. I went into the other room to wake my traveling partner, Adams, so he could get ready to go to Texas. CONTINUED...

Story by Richard Barber

Edited by Jay D.07/23/2005