Mardi Gras Sailor.

Story by Richard Barber

Continuing story of Mike the sailor.

Part 02, The Next Day 

I looked at the clock before disturbing my friend Adams. It was still only 3AM and I was going to let him sleep until 6AM before he went on his way. I assumed he would wake up before that time, because you get in the habit of waking early in the armed services. I crawled carefully back under the sheet that now covered his half naked body. He stirred but never opened his eyes. I would like to suck him off again, but better leave well enough alone. I wanted him to remain friends and perhaps we could repeat our session at another time. I closed my eyes and finally went back to sleep.

"What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a drunken sailor?" came the vocal sounds of the Marines as they came charging into the house after a night of drinking.

"Shut up Jordan. You can't sing worth a damn even when you're sober, so why try now, besides I think we have some new roommates. You want to give them a bad first impression?" said one of the other Marines.

"Get out of my way mate, I gotta take a piss! Whoops! Looks like we do have a couple of new roomies after all. Isn't that sweet? The two of them are sleeping in the big bed. Maybe we should all sleep in that bed too. I could use me some sailor ass tonight. What do you say, Jordan?" The first Marine said.

"Go take your piss, asshole, and shut the fuck up. This is my swabbie buddy from Florida, but I don't know who this other dude is. Now shut up and let em sleep."

Adams set up in the bed. "Hey Johnson. It's all right. We're awake now anyway. How you been you mother... You jarheads been out drinking, I see. Did you bring any pussy home with ya?"

"Hey cocksucker. Who's your bed partner? I thought maybe ya brought us some pussy but I see it's another swabbie, huh? Hey. I'm Johnson and that loudmouth fucker in the head is Jordan. Sorry 'bout the racket. He is a little drunk and gets friendly to everyone. Horny bastard when he is drinking, but when he's sober, he is even worse." Ha, ha, ha. Johnson said as he gave me a high five. "What's your handle? I'm John Johnson."  

"Hey, John; I'm Mike. Stationed at Key West for a short haul. I hitched a ride with Adams here. Hope you can put up with me until he returns from seeing his girl in Texas. I'll be glad to share grub and beer expenses with ya for my keep. I've never been to the Mardi Gras before. Thought I'd check it out while I had some leave coming."

"Sure Mike. You're welcome to stay. It's like a mad house around here sometimes, but you'll have a good time, I'm sure. I own this place and right now I have 3 other jarhead fuckers staying for a few days too. You'll have to sleep in that big bed, but occasionally another dude might stay over a night or two and you'll have to share."

"Hey, Thanks Johnson. That'll be cool. I'm just thankful to rest my ass for a few nights."

"Mike's a good bed partner, Johnson; you might even want to sleep with him a night or two, if you know what I mean." Adams said as he winked at Johnson.

Jordan came out of the head just as Adams made his suggestive remark and added. "I'll sleep with him tonight if he'll give me some sweet sailor pussy!" then he flopped on his own bed next to the wall.

"See what I mean? That fucker is always trying to get his nuts off. He scares the girls off, especially when they see that 10-inch cock of his. Shut up Jordan! Take your fucking clothes off and get some sleep, and get your shoes off the bed."

"Come over here and take my clothes off, sailor boy, then I'll let you see my big peter. You can even kiss it if ya want to." Jordan slurred out.

Mike was near Jordan and saw how drunk he was. He had helped many guys that came into the barracks, drunk and falling down. He got off the bed and kneeled down to untie the Marine's shoes.

"Aw Mike. You don't have to do that; he's just drunk again tonight. I'll take his things off." Johnson said, "Won't be the first time."

"It's okay. I've undressed many of the guys at the barracks that come in drunk every weekend. They call me the `housemother' cause I watch over the guys so they won't get into more trouble. Besides he's no trouble. He's half asleep already. No trouble at all." Mike said as he started unbuttoning the Marine's shirt and pants.

"Come on buddy, sit up so we can get your shirt off." Mike continued to undress Jordan.

Jordan was a tall well-built Marine from the Midwest. He never drank that much but when he did, he got stinking drunk. He was usually very quiet when he was sober but always horny. He would fuck anything that walked but never had any man's ass...yet.

Mike continued to undress Jordan as the other 2 guys talked. Johnson and Adams had been stationed at the same base at Pensacola and had some catching up to do.

"Adams. Come on in the other room and we can talk better. I think Mike has the bastard under control. I want to show you a new girlie movie I bought the other day. It'll get you horny as hell so you can fuck your old lady when you see her tomorrow."

"Hell. I won't need anything to get me in the mood to fuck my old lady, but always like to see a fuck movie. They won't let us have any around the base. Hey Mike, Join us if you don't get molested by Jordan first." Adams said as he and Johnson headed out of the room to watch the fuck film.

"Aw, I want to watch the fuck film too." Jordan said. I need to pop my nuts tonight. Hey look here sailor boy. You got me hard just by taking off my clothes. Come on baby. Give me some ass. You're a hot looking dude. Let me fuck ya. Never had any man pussy yet." Jordan continued as Mike tried to undress the drunken Marine.

"Not tonight Jordan. You need to sober up before you do anything, besides why do you think I'd let you fuck me anyway?"

Suddenly Jordan looked strange. "I think I'm gonna be sick. Let me go to the head. Help me up. Oh shit. We better hurry." He said as Mike grabbed his arm and they headed to the nearby bathroom.

Mike got Jordan to the toilet stool just in time. Up came the beer. Finally after a few uncomfortable moments of heaving he finished. Mike gave him a glass of water and a hand towel to wipe his mouth. He looked down at this young Marine and thought that even in his drunken stupor, he was a very handsome man. Dark eyes and hair, smooth hairless body, nice arms and chest, and nice six-pack. Jordan looked up at Mike,

"Thanks. I've sure made a fool of myself, haven't I? I don't know why I drink until I get so drunk. I always tell myself. `Never again', but then I do it all over again. Do you suppose you could help me up? I need to take a piss but I'm still woozy."

Mike took a strong hold of the hunk and lifted him to his feet. Jordan stood and swayed slightly. Jordan held onto Mike with one hand as he searched for his dick through the opening in his skivvies. Finally he fished out his soft cock and guided it towards the water in the stool.

"Hey buddy, just one more request. I'm afraid I'll piss all over the floor or myself unless you guide it for me. Just aim my prick and I'll do the rest." Jordan said then giggled slightly.

Mike had done this before and it was no problem, in fact it was stimulating holding a hot dude's prick as he took a piss, and this Marine was no exception. He smiled at Jordan as he gladly gripped his dick and guided the stream of piss towards the bowl. Jordan did have a rather large dick, even when it was soft. He closed his eyes as Mike gladly held onto Jordan. Jordan put his arm around Mike as he stood. Into the bowl the stream of golden piss splashed into the water.

"Awww. That feels so good to piss. Almost as good as cumming." Jordan sighed out as he relieved himself. "You'll have to shake it too. But not too many times otherwise you'll make it hard."

Mike didn't care if Jordan got hard; in fact he looked forward to getting him hard and in bed when he was not so drunk. "You feel better now? Let me guide you back to the bed and let you get some sleep. Okay?"

Jordan rested his arm over Mike's shoulder as they left the bathroom and to Jordan's rack. Mike managed to get him into bed, and as he started to leave, Jordan took Mike's hand. "You're alright, sailor boy. You're all right. Thanks." Then he fell asleep.

Mike thought he would try to get some more sleep while his bed partner, Adams, was rapping with his old friend in the other room. Soon he fell asleep again.

Mike awoke once again when he heard Jordan going to the head to take another long piss. When he returned, he crawled into bed and cuddled up next to Mike. Mike was disturbed by this move because he did want Jordan, but how was this going to work out? Adams and Johnson were still in the other room watching the fuck film and could come back anytime.

"Jordan. You better get back into your own bed before Adams and Johnson come back."

"Aww come on Mike. I want to be next to you. Here feel my cock. I am so hot. Just jack me off and I'll leave you alone."

Mike paused then said "Okay, Then you'll go to sleep?"

"Oh Yeah. Just play with it. Feel how hard I am? I need to pop my nuts, dude. It has been a week since I shot my wad. My nuts are hurting. Please help out a horny Marine, Mike."

Mike reached down to find Jordan's big 10-inch cock pressing against his leg. This Marine wasn't kidding when he said he was hot and horny.

"Aw fuck. Why waste it by jacking him off?" Mike thought to himself.

Mike was not going to just jack him off. He wanted to suck this big number and swallow his week's load of cum. He moved between Jordan's strong muscular legs, as Jordan turned on his back ready for action. He had removed his skivvies before he crawled in bed and was hoping for some sex.

Mike was amazed at the thickness of Jordan's cock, as well as the 10-inch length. Mike had become an expert cocksucker and cum slut ever since he was first abducted and became a sex slave in San Francisco while on leave. Now it was one of his favorite things to do, but it ran a close race with taking it up the ass. Jordan's cock was very thick and might take a while to suck him off even thought he was hot to trot.

Mike took a good look at the magnificent body laid out before him. Even in the dimly lit room, every crevice of his stomach muscles and every ripple of his muscular body glistened before him. He was awesome. Jordan placed his arms behind his head exposing the small dark hair under his armpits. His eyes closed anticipating a new sexual experience. Mike wondered if he hadn't been a bit drunk would he be so open with his sexual experimentation. It was too late now to back out.

Mike positioned himself firmly between Jordan's legs and gently caressed the large appendage before him. He caressed the low hanging balls resting between the rigid thighs. A clear small droplet of precum was oozing from the large piss slit, where many gushers of sperm had passed thru during his young manhood. Mike was about to savor the sweet precum nectar of this warrior. The first taste was sweet but salty with a hint of beer. He liked the taste and went back for more. The warrior's cock was surrounded by soft fleshy skin hooded over the large bulbous cock head. Mike kissed his penis with respect, and then his warm wet tongue explored the inner fleshy hood searching for tasty smegma of man. To pleasure his warrior further, he licked and kissed the large phallus until he nuzzled his chin into the soft warm skin of his low hanging scrotum. A moan came from his warrior's lips. Mike inhaled the musky manly smells, which he loved so much. Then without hesitation, he encircled the warrior's manhood and engulfed his cock as far as he could without gagging.

"Ohhhh my God!" cried the warrior as Mike continued his special cocksucking maneuverings. "This is unbelievable. Oh yeah. Oh yeah." He muttered in pure pleasure.

Mike was a damn good cocksucker and he knew how to make another man enjoy the pleasure of sex. He had some good teachers along the way but he only wanted to bring his warrior to the brink of absolute pleasure, then being a bit sadistic, he would momentarily decrease the pleasure, then increase it once again, until his warrior was about to scream. This was one of his best methods of sexual pleasure for his partners. It seemed to be working exceptionally well with Jordan. Now he had him where he wanted him. He stopped and moved his hands up the rippling muscles and to the firm hard pectorals to the protruding nipples. Jordan moaned and without a moment's thought, grabbed Mike under the arms and pulled him up to his lips, kissing and tongue sucking him with wild passionate lovemaking.

"Fuck man. You are the hottest and wildest thing that has ever happened to me. Even my chicks aren't this hot. Fuck man. Look at me. Making passionate love to another dude." Jordan said as he smothered Mike in more wet kisses.

"Man. I want you to make me cum. You're driving me crazy. My nuts are about to explode. I can't take much more of this. Suck me. Get me off." He continued.

"I've got something you might like better. You've wanted to fuck a sailor, so let's fuck! I have you nice and wet so you will be able to penetrate my ass. Let's do it." Mike said.

"Fuck yeah. If your ass is as hot as your cocksucking mouth, I'll fuck the shit out of your ass."

"Let me lie on my back and put my legs on your shoulders. Then ease your big cock in my man pussy...but take it easy, cause you're no Tiny Tim. You're more like the Jolly Green Giant." Then both men laughed while they got into position.


They maneuvered around until Mike was on his back and his legs were wrapped around his warrior's hard firm body. Mike wet his ass hole with some spit, then pulled Jordan close to his body. Jordan rested his knees on the bed, lifted Mike and felt the opening of the anus.

"Are you sure we can do this? I don't know how my big 10 inches can get into that tight hole, but man, I am so hot I'm willing to try. Do we need any lube? You know I've never done this with anyone before. You are the first dude to even suck my dick, and by the way, that was awesome."

"Quit your blabbering and give me your cock, stud. I can take it, but you'll have to start slow. It's been awhile since I had one this big. Closer now. Let me guide it. Ah, right there -- now go in easy, easy, There stud, now push just a little until it opens my ass. Oh Yeah. There it goes, easy. Oh Fuck! It's starting to go in. Yeah. Keep going. Oh God that cock is big!" Mike kept instructing his warrior stud. Then his body trembled with pleasure. He had taken Jordan's big cock clear to the balls.

Jordan followed his teacher's instructions and soon he felt the warm sensitive pleasure of his big manhood impaling this hot sailor's tight warm ass. What a sensation. Then he felt a strange suction and he gasped with pleasure. It was all the way in. It was in. His 10-inch cock was deep in his sailor's love canal. He had never felt anything like it, and he still hadn't had an orgasm yet.

Mike looked into Jordan's face when he knew the cock was all the way in. Jordan opened his eyes, looked down at Mike, leaned forward and kissed him again.

"You are going to get the fucking of your life, my little sailor. I have been known to cum 3 or 4 times at one session. Do you know what you've gotten yourself into? You're my first man pussy and I'm going to ride you the rest of the night. Do you still want me to breed you, sailor boy? This `jarhead's hot and ready to fuck." Jordan said as he started to shove his cock to the depths of his lover.

"Fuck me warrior. I'm ready for action. Fuck me long and hard. Show no mercy. I can take it. Now fuck me!"

 Word count. 3,067 07/25/2005

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