A different take on the traditional M/M werewolf romance topic: less romantic, less traditional, more disturbing and with conniving wolves, vampires and submissive marines.

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Meta & the Marines



He forced his eyes open. The bed smelled differently. Really clean. He turned around. Where was he?

He scratched his itching left shoulder removing the blanket to get up. Rubbing his eyes he collected his thoughts, while he heard a "shit" from downstairs.

He was in the guest room in the wolves' house, now their house, he guessed. He went to the bathroom to take an extensive morning piss and hopped into the shower. They only had soap, but that was okay. His hair couldn't get scruffier anyway.

No clothes. Naughty men, he thought. Forcing him to run around naked.

He put the towel around his hips.

He walked down the stairs seeing the men carrying several boxes into the house. A chilly breeze through the open door made his nipples stiff.

"Morning, Meta," CE said, while putting a big box onto the floor, leaving the house to go back to the truck, presumably getting the next box.

Prime and Brian carried another box together up the stairs.

"What is this?" Colt asked innocently.

"Your stuff, Colt," Prime said.

"My stuff? What do you mean?"

"We packed your stuff from the dorm in the morning and are bringing it to your room upstairs," Brian explained.

"And you are doing that because ...?"

"Well, won't you need it when you live here?" Brian asked a bit confused.

Colt's voice got loud. "Prime. Into the kitchen! Now!"

"Ohoh," Brian said with a hint of schadenfreude to CE, who unloaded the next box at on top of the stairs. "I think Alpha is going to get chewed out."

"Colt?" Prime looked down the stairs.

"Kitchen, now, wolf!" Colt ordered in telegram style and marched into the kitchen.

Prime followed him running.

"Chewed out bad," CE repeated.

"So I'm moving in here it seems," Colt stated.

"Oh," Prime seemed to realize his screw up. "Sorry. I guess I should have asked."

"Smart wolf. Why didn't you?"

"I didn't think you want to stay there now that ..."

"So you decided for yourself?"

"Yes. Sorry. We'll bring the stuff back if ..."

"Alpha, if you had just asked. I would have said yes anyway. I like it here. I want to be close to my wolves."

Prime smiled.

"But you need to learn not to take these decisions without checking in with me. Understood?"

"Absolutely, Meta. Sorry, won't happen again. Can I make you some breakfast?"

"Are you changing topic?" Colt asked.


"Brian!" Colt shouted through the house.

The blond boy came running. He had a concerned face. He obviously wondered whether he got chewed out as well. "Yes, Sir?"

"This evening you are going to explain to me how I can punish disobedient wolf shifters."

His blue eyes got big and were looking for Prime for a second.

"And you don't need to look for Prime's approval here."

"No, Meta. Sorry. Will explain, after dinner okay?"

"Perfect. And now put my stuff upstairs given that you decided for me where to live. And my computer better not be broken." Colt hoped that his exit wasn't too drama queen-style.

After they had finished unpacking, Colt decided it was time to do the holiday grocery shopping. And to his surprise, the wolves were excited about it.

"It is just groceries," he said.

"No it isn't," Brian corrected. "It is our first holiday with our Meta. We want it to be special."

"Not that we wolf shifters celebrate Christmas, but it's special," Prime added.

"For me as well. I think the first Christmas Day I am actually looking forward to," Colt added, when Brian started the car. The truck would definitely be big enough for groceries for 10 day for 4 men.

"Not nice with family?" CE asked.

"Nope. Dad was already drunk when he came home from work on the 24th, and mum she couldn't cook if her life depended on it. Didn't have the money either to buy prepared stuff. So the event had always been quite sad. And I never got the presents I wanted, only those which my dad thought would make a tougher man out of me," Colt remembered with a hint of pain in his voice.

"Sorry," Prime took Colt's hand and squeezed it tight.

"Well, I have you guys now. You are my pack now. And we will have an awesome Christmas."

"Ooorah," Prime and CE answered unisono.

"Those jarheads," Brian shook his head.

"Lots of wolves in the Corps?" Colt asked.

"Guess why the Germans called us Devil's Dogs?"

"I thought you didn't appreciate being compared to dogs," Colt challenged jocularly.

"Well, I think in this case it's okay," CE stated.

Colt smiled. His hand reached across the seat in front of him, touching CE's strong neck. He growled gently.

They filled three shopping carts. Obviously one was full of meat, mostly beef. But Colt successfully added some vegetables, although he wasn't into them very much either, pasta and rice.

CE couldn't help himself but putting several packs of cookies and ice cream into the cart as inconspicuously as possible. Colt smiled at him and he smiled back blushing just a little bit. Colt got a boner.

"In the grocery store?" Prime asked nearly reproachfully.

"Shit, you can smell it so quickly?"

"Even before it goes up, Meta."

"Damn, I feel so ... `naked.'"

Brian smiled, putting red napkins and candles into the cart. "We don't mind."

"Well you got all horned up this morning when you saw our boss just with a towel," Prime reminded him.

"Did you?"

"Yes, Sir. Was really painful in the cage."


"No need. At least I didn't have to concentrate on getting it down again. The plastic did that for me, so I just could ..."

"... rape me with your eyes?"

Now Brian blushed.

Man, did he love his boys and their odd innocence.


"That's why you were so scared about telling me about punishment," Colt nodded.

"Sir, if you need to punish someone, that's what I am for." CE's chest grew even further.

"Understood," Colt said putting his right hand on the chest of the big guy in front of him, pulling gentle on the lock. "Still, I want to learn more about you wolf shifters. I need to learn everything about you."

Colt saw how Prime put two 24 packs of Diet Coke into his card. "Wanna get me drunk with that?"

"Sure, if I can get laid then." Prime wasn't beating around the bush.

"So why can I smell you boys, but not any other wolf?"

"Not sure," Brain said, putting a couple dozen eggs into the cart. Seemed they would be having extensive brunches. "I assume it is like with straight wolf shifters. When they meet their mate as decided by Fate, they know because of their smell. It drives them together, ignoring any obstacles: geographic distance, rank, different packs ... as you aren't a wolf, I guess you only have this mating smell."

"Maybe it's a good thing," he said. "The first few times I smelled you in the class, I only needed 10 second in my dorm room to shoot."

CE winced like if somebody had kicked him into the balls.

"Colt, if you don't want us to force ourselves on you here between toilet paper and plastic forks, you shouldn't talk about your big dick ...," Prime warned him with a smile.

"I might be tempted."

Growls. Growls of three wolves.

Colt smiled. "That makes me even hornier."

Prime shook his head and threw a bunch of kitchen towels into the carts as if playing basketball.

"So, that's the smell. Why do you guys heal so quickly in wolf form? And what's the deal with silver?"

"We are not regular wolves; myth has it we were created to fight vampires, many vampires in a night. Not sure how they procreate but for a wolf shifter to become an adult it takes 18 years, as we grow like humans. To maximize our ability to fight those half dead, we were given that power."

"It healed my hand."


"CE showered with me ..."

"I'm sure he liked it," Brian pushed his elbow into the big wolf's side.

"I did. But man, did I have to concentrate."

"... anyway, his touch went to my injured hand. And from then it just healed within days."

"Good to know when you are injured again ..."

"And what's the thing with silver?"


"Myth has it that it is the color of the moon. And the moon is jealous. But it doesn't really make sense because platinum looks the same and we have no problem with it."

"Maybe you just like expensive precious metals."

"Diamonds are a wolf's best friends?"

Colt smiled at Brian's Marilyn impression. "Sorry, boys, you will have to wait a long time until I can afford those for you."

Prime hugged him briefly. "We already have our diamond."

Now it was Colt's turn to blush like a teenage girl. "So what do vampires smell like?"

"We don't smell them at all. They're like oddly dressed, pale humans without any scent for us. That's how we recognize them."

"That's odd," Colt mumbled observing Brian putting a six pack of soap into one of the carts giving him a wink with his polar blue eyes. "I can smell them. They stink of oil, like old oil in a machine and like metal being welded."

The three men stopped and looked at their Meta. "Wow, you're more special than we thought," Prime said. "No human can smell them or us."

"I guess that's make me officially a freak."

Brian touched his hand on the cart rail for second. "Hey, that's our Meta you are talking about. More respect please." He seemed to have a good memory.

"So. Do we have everything? We should have made a list," Prime realized.

"We need an omega for that." CE.

"I barely had the ritual, and you are already thinking about adding pack members?" Colt joked.

"Boss, when you meet a potential pack addition, you won't think whether it is appropriate timing or not. I promise you that."


On the way to the cashier: "So your high body heat is also linked to your ability to heal?"

"Yep. We don't need clothes to keep us warm."

"Nice. Having you naked all the time ...", Colt smiled mischievously.

"I think you just want everyone to see the locks," Prime whispered while the checkout lady started to scan the mountain of purchases.

"Yes. Told you I want everyone to see that you are mine. And only mine."

Growl. Heavy pine, airy wheat and rich soil attacked his nose as if to tempt his resolve.

"Bad wolves," he whispered surprised he could think given that all his blood was concentrated in his dick.

"So you guys put me to sleep yesterday before you answered my questions."

"We are boring it seems," Brian said to CE, starting the car.

"CE, you have permission to spank Brian's ass when we are home."

"Aye, aye, Sir."

Brian shut up.


Prime cleaned his throat. "We don't know exactly what happened, Colt."

"Well it is clear what happened. All your body hair is gone. On all three of you. Barely recognized CE."

"Feels odd, without my human fur." CE brushed over his chest hitting the lock.

"Yep. No hair even on my legs, as if I shave like a lady." Prime's voice was thin. It was obvious that was bothering him a bit.

"Talking about legs ..."

"What's with the legs?"

"You are all bow legged now. Not sure you could stop a vampire in a hallway anymore."

CE shrugged.

"And those cute stick-out ears. CE always had them, but now you as well, Brian."

"May I talk again, Sir?" Seemed Brian was really scared of CE. Good to know.

"Permission granted."

"Normally our human form is some translation of our wolf form. But to a limited extent we can influence our human form when we shift back. Like how tanned we are."

"Ah, that explains your sunny boy skin, Brian."

"For the lad...," he didn't finish the sentence. "I mean, do you like it?"

"Very much. I loved you before. Now you are even hornier, it is as if I created my ideal men."

"In a certain way you did. After the bonding our wolves felt what you want and they made sure our human form complied with it as much as possible."

"I'm just grateful you're not into twinks," CE stated forcefully.

Colt laughed and played with the right ear on the enforcer. "No worries, big boy. You know I like my wolves big and hunky."

Prime smiled at him warmly. "Thanks," kissing him.

"You're welcome. So when you shift from your wolf form next time, it will stay like this?"

"Unless you're suddenly into bears, yes."

"Gross," Colt and Brian said at the same time, looking at each other via the mirror.

"You know I wouldn't have given up my chest hair for anyone else but you, boss," CE added.

"Appreciate it. You look very sexy like this."

"Thanks. I hope so."

"Okay boys, let's get that stuff into the house," Prime said hopping out of the car.

"We sooo need an omega," added Brian executing the order.

The house was full of delicious cooking scents. Roasted meat, steaming vegetables, a cake in the oven and garlic mushrooms created a mouth-watering atmosphere. Most things were ready for a big meal on Christmas day; and of course for some homemade steaks on this evening.

Colt liked cooking. His mother never cooked, she was busy doing tricks to earn money for her meth. So he experimented a bit. He never had too much opportunity, as he didn't want his father to find out; he wouldn't have understood.

But here he could indulge at least at few occasions. As the boys couldn't leave him alone with the ritual just behind them, which he found adorable, he gave chores to them. Cleaning the veggies, making the marinade and beating the dough. They seem to like it. The mood was jocular and relaxed. He nearly missed it but they'd made a point to drop their shirts and T-shirts the moment they came home, as if they wanted to show off their smooth muscular chests with the chains and the tattoos.

Colt didn't mind, even if his boner never completely went down. He wondered, whether they consciously wanted to keep him horned up like this all the time.

"Here's to the three sexiest and most lovable men in the universe," he raised his Coke glass to chink with them.

"Here's to an amazing year. And to an even better one next year with our new Meta."


"Oh my gosh, this is good," CE couldn't hold himself back.

"You sound surprised."

"Yes. No. I mean."

"It's okay I take it as a compliment," Colt teased.

"He didn't know veggies could be eaten," Prime joked.

"There is more than bloody steaks to life," Colt smiled. He was happy that his men enjoyed the food. It was so basic, primal, fulfilling.

"Always told you guys but you didn't believe me," Brian said know-it-all.

"Where did you learn this?"

"Experimenting. Mum was useless. Unless I wanted to grow up on McDonalds, I needed to try things."

"If that cake is also that delicious, you might need to lock it up," Prime chuckled.

"Not fair, Alpha," CE said feigning embarrassment. Colt liked that CE had such a sweet tooth. And with his metabolism he could afford it.

"So you guys wanna go for a run afterwards?"

"You don't mind?"

"Of course not. I'm fine here. I won't let any vampires in," Colt promised.

"Won't be long. But after this I need some moving around," Prime rubbed his belly.

`Sure,' Colt thought, `those abs might get too soft otherwise.'

"Quick shower and we're back," Prime shouted through the house when he closed the door.

Colt smiled. They had run maybe for two hours. He'd filled the dishwasher and watched an episode of the Big Bang Theory. He knew he wasn't Sheldon. He was triple Penny. And he was happy with it.

The boys returned smelling of fresh pinecones, wheat bushels and garden beds. Just dressed in their undies they came one by one into the main room sitting down next to Colt, who lay on the rug with his laptop.

"Want a Coke, boss?" CE asked walking into the kitchen.

"Sure. How was the forest?"

"Awesome," Brian said. "The air is so crisp today."

"And it's so quiet. I guess everyone is home with family," Prime added.

CE handed out the beer and Coke cans. "Like us."

Colt smiled. He closed his laptop and traced the tattoo on Brian's shoulder. "I never told you about when I was at the parlor."

"No. Anything special?"

"Yeah. Originally, I was just thinking of CP but then Jack ..."

Prime nodded, he knew the owner of the parlor, a wolf shifter as well, of course.

"He showed me his tattoo."

"Did he?" CE tensed his muscle.

"Don't worry. He didn't come on to me. But his was covering his right pec, shoulder, upper arm and back. He said his mate wanted it on him. Her mark, he said."

Prime lifted his eyebrows. "I know Alexandra. Didn't know she marked him. Interesting."

"Seems the wolf society is much more diverse than you thought, Prime."

"Yep. Dominant females. No wonder he isn't in a traditional pack."

"So he told me his mate had said unless the mark can be seen when wearing a T-shirt, she wouldn't bother."

Brian smiled. "Well, she's a wise she wolf then. Maybe we should get her a gift for this." He touched his tattooed shoulder, and his glowing eyes said thank you to Colt, who got hard.

"Talking about gifts." He got up. "Can't wait until tomorrow."

"When did you buy gifts?" Prime asked concerned.

"Don't worry, Alpha. Internet shopping. Didn't go anywhere without my bodyguards."

"Good." Prime was relieved.

Colt came back from upstairs with 3 big boxes wrapped in dark red paper.

"I know you don't celebrate Christmas, but I wanted to give you something," Colt said quietly. "This is for you, Prime" The `P' on the card made it obvious.

"Thanks, Colt."

"I love you, Alpha."

"I love you." They hugged.

"You don't want to open it?"

"When you have given the gifts to Brian and CE."

Colt smiled, picking the second box. Same size, same color, different card. "For you, Brian."

"Thank you, Sir." He couldn't wait but squeezed Colt tight. Then he read the card.

"And for you, big wolf."

"Thanks, boss." CE's voice broke. As tough as he looked on the outside, he was as gentle inside.

"Okay, now open it!" Colt said.

Paper was torn.

A big brown carton box appeared.

"You didn't," Prime mumbled.

"He did."

"What?" Brian asked.

"These are ...," Prime stopped to admire one of his boots lovingly, nearly caressing it.

"I know boots need to be worn in, but yours are close to breaking, so ..." Colt explained.

"And socks to go with them," CE added.

They held up the thick boot socks seeming a bit confused about the different colors. Black and white ones for Prime, grey and white for Brian and army green and white for CE.

There was a question on their faces.


"What do the colors mean?" asked Prime.

"Are they like hanky codes?" asked Brian.

"No," Colt shook his head. "But have you ever noticed what you guys wear?"

"What do you mean, Meta?" CE asked.

"Whenever we went out, Prime wore a black shirt; you Brian normally something greyish and CE always green or red. It felt a bit like the crew on Enterprise."

"Not true."

"Well, then look into your closet, Beta. I thought you guys did it on purpose. Hierarchy and so. Black for the alpha and army colors for the enforcer. But maybe it happened subconsciously."

"Can I try them on now?" CE asked like a little boy who got his video game.


The three men put on their socks and started to bind the boots. After a bit of walking around to get comfortable in them, they stood in front of him. Three gorgeous hunky men in boots and underwear.

He got so hard.

"You did this on purpose," Prime said with a smirk. "Dressing us up like pin up boys."

"Sorry," Colt lifted his hands innocently. "Nobody said you should come back from your shower only in your undies. I think you guys just want to drive me crazy with your smell and bodies."

"No just trying to keep you interested," Brian corrected.

"And you're succeeding."


"Brian, will you get our present for the Meta?"

And off he ran in his boots, with his lock clicking on his chest.

Colt tried to rearrange his erection in his jeans.

"No need for that, we know what's going on," Prime laughed.

"I'm sure you do. CE, can you get me another Coke?" The enforcer made a relaxed salute and was off to the kitchen.

Colt closed the gap to Prime, taking the chain in his hand, looking into the green eyes, in which he saw breathtaking mountains. "I want to have you tonight."

Hoarse voice. "Okay. Now?"

"No. Come after we've gone to bed."

"Yes, Meta." Prime was panting.

Brian came back with a little wooden box. His initials, CP, were carved in, in the same style as on the boys' tattoos.

"Open it."

Carefully he lifted the lid. A little leather bag was inside. He took the bag out and handed the box to Brian, who put it on the top of the fireplace.

Inside the leather bag was more leather. A leather band, a heavy black, two inches wide leader band. He noticed it didn't have clips to close it but a string. He smiled. His boys were naughty.

He touched the surface. It was smooth and soft. He counted three tiny threads stitched into it. A black one, a grey one and a green one.

He looked up. The three men grinned. They'd obviously known about the colors and were teasing him with the socks.

"Can I put it on for you?" Prime asked.

"Sure. I'm sure it's no coincidence that I need someone to tie it, isn't?" He asked.

Prime's lip moved a bit. "One of us is always going to be close by, so it shouldn't be an issue ..."

"Got it."

Prime bound the strings, shifted a band a bit, so it was perfect on Colt's left arm."

"It is beautiful. Thanks, boys." Colt smiled. Seemed his boys also wanted to mark him.

Brian smiled his trademark cheeky smile.

"What's up?"

Prime growled at his Beta, who made a step back as if to apologize.

"What's going on?"

"Colt, could you please sit down?" Prime asked his voice changing from holiday cheerful to `Let's have a talk'-serious.

"Prime, you scare me. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. We want to show you something," Prime said with a quiet voice.

"Brian, up to your room! CE, out to the car!"

"Aye, aye, Alpha," they acknowledged the orders and ran.

Colt looked at Prime questioningly. But his eyes were still this calm green, so he also relaxed.

"Colt, please concentrate on Brian."

"Okay ..."

"Remind yourself of his scent. All wheat and cherries."

"Doing that, Prime."

"Please close your eyes."


"Please, Colt, I trust me." Prime's voice was calm.

Colt closed his eyes.

"Smelling our Beta?"

Colt nodded.

"And now put your fingers onto the leather band, with your fingertips on the grey thread.

Colt knew it was the middle thread. He found it.

And touched it.

And he nearly lost it.

Was he on a trip again? Hallucinating?

A vortex appeared before him. "Prime," he reached out and opened his eyes being scared.

The tall redhead marine smiled at him, when he took his hand. "It's okay. Let it happen. It's safe. Don't worry. Please trust your Alpha."


He closed his eyes again. Took a deep breath imaging white wheat fields and cherry orchards. He slowly looked for the band with his right hand. Touched the smooth soft surface, counted the threads with his fingertips.

And when he caressed the middle one with three fingertips, the vortex reappeared. He was dragged through it. He didn't get dizzy, but had to concentrate to stay focused.

And then.

He was on a trip, it seemed.

He saw Brian in his room upstairs. Pacing up and down. He could see him as if Colt were a little fly on the wall.

Wow. He lifted his fingers.

He opened his eyes. "Wow."

Prime smiled.

"Try it with CE."

"Okay," Colt whispered. He closed his eyes. Concentrated on that black moist soil, those rich plums, which made him feel so safe.

Deep breaths.

His fingers found the band, his tips counted the threads. He found the last one. Three fingertips were gently stroking it, when the vortex reappeared.

Less violent this time, shorter.

And then he saw CE. Outside, leaning against the truck. Just in his green boxer briefs and boots. He saw him how he looked towards the house, obviously hoping to get called in soon.

Colt opened his eyes. They were moist.


Prime smiled.

"Does it work with you as well?"

"Sure. Shall go outside?"

"No. It's okay. Get the boys, please."

They hugged him, he thanked them.

They finished their drinks and decided to go to bed.

A knock on his door. Very quiet.

When Prime lay under him, with his booted feet high in the air, Colt prayed that -- in case he was still on this longest trip ever -- he wouldn't wake up right now. Not right now, when he was deep in this man.

His hands were holding the strong calves to give most access to penetrate the furnace hot marine. That alone could have pushed him over the edge. A soldier's strong legs in boots were one of his first wanking fantasies. The tight hole, so smooth, but so burning hot and tight, felt better than any apple pie in the world; and in the moment he thought he could deal with the sensation, the muscles started to massage him as if to coax him deeper and squeeze the reward out of him whether he wanted or not.

Prime's chest was heaving. He'd never seen him breathing so hard, not after a fight, not after a run. Colt sensed this was potentially even more intense for the redhead. Sweat was collecting in between his wide, freckle-covered pecs, exactly where the chain lock was. Colt had wanted to take it off for this, but the Alpha had shaken his head. He had to think about what this meant.

Prime never broke the connection between their eyes. Colt drowned in the clear green, in the wide mountains and in a never smelled before fresh pine of young trees. More sweat on his forehead, even on top of his head, now that he sported a classical marine horseshoe high'n'tight. Colt couldn't resist and bent down, bending the big guy even further, making him moan helplessly. He licked Prime's face. The Alpha smiled and tried desperately to lift his head to do the same with Colt, but Colt had already straightened himself again, delivering the next thrust.

Prime held his feet by his boots to offer himself completely. Colt had nearly come again when the redhead presented himself like that. For some reason he had think of an old joke: What's the difference between a butch and a sissy marine? When being fucked, the butch marine holds up his legs with his own hands.

And Prime was nothing but butch. He didn't whine; he didn't shy back despite being a virgin. He didn't look ashamed. It was as much Prime taking control of being fucked as Colt controlling the fucking.

Now that they found a rhythm, Colt reluctantly let go of the strong tanned smooth calves and grabbed the chain to get leverage.

Prime whined. He tensed his muscles in his neck, his veins bursting, his deltoids growing, to pull back on the chain and therefore Colt closer to him.

With his left hand, Colt started to touch the sweaty body; his right holding on to the chain like a cowboy breaking in a horse at the rodeo. Not that Prime resisted, but it was a bit of breaking the Alpha in. He had to accept that Colt was having his ass whenever he wanted. And he wanted it bad right now.

His fingertips traced the sinewy muscles on the hunk's freckle covered shoulders. Outlined the CP in the tattoo as if saying: `Mine.'

"Please," Prime talked for the first time in minutes. "Please, stop teasing me. Please come!"

Colt smiled. He would have ages ago if he hadn't come earlier already when Prime had sucked him off. Afterwards Prime had turned to leave, but Colt grabbed his hand and said: "No, tonight I'm going to have this big bad wolf ass." Prime had swallowed hard and nodded accepting his destiny.

"Not yet, boy, not yet. I'm enjoying myself too much," Colt smiled with a hint of sadism in his smile.

Prime moaned throwing his head back, pulling Colt forward via the chain.

He felt how his aching balls hit the hunk's muscular cheeks. Felt the tense, strong undersides of his thighs, which must be burning already from this position, but Prime didn't do anything, which would have pushed Colt away from him.

When Colt moved out being rewarded with a fearful growl, he teased the pleasantly smooth, moist and pliable, strawberry pink hole.

"Please, I'll do everything you want, please, fuck me ..."

Colt was in heaven. Or on the best trip ever. The cutest man ever was begging him to fuck him like a bitch. Could it get any better?

He pushed in hard, relentless, with the intent to make it count, to deeply imprint this very moment into Prime's mind.

"Fuck," was the response.

Colt smiled. `Doing it,' he thought.

Colt was pleased how Prime focused on being taken. All his body seemed to concentrate on Colt to get rewarded with an orgasm. His own dick, helplessly locked away, didn't even seem to grow, accepting its unimportant role in all of this. Prime's balls, hairless, tightened a bit, and Colt wondered whether Prime would come because of the stimulation in his ass without being erect. At least Prime's cock was leaking like a broken Hoover Dam putting slime everywhere over those illegal abs.

"Oh my gosh." Colt knew he was close; he instinctively grabbed the big guy's new boots and pushed them down nearly next to Prime's head, raising his ass obscenely. He thrust, and pushed inside as if the future of the world depended on it.

And when Prime squeezed him like with an iron fist in a velvet glove, he came.

And came.

And came.

He knew he'd already had too many records over the past months with this guy, but this was another one. He thought Prime would be able to taste his come in his mouth so hard Colt shot it into his guts.

He flew.

He saw mighty mountains, gigantic trees and everlasting ice. And like an eagle he thought all of this was his. And right now it was.

Exhausted he let go of Prime's legs, who tucked up carefully, to keep the softening Colt inside him. When he'd caught his breath he lay down on the hot sweaty body and kissed Prime's face.

"Thank you," the Alpha said hoarsely. "I'd have never thought it would be like that."

"Me neither. This was ... I don't have words."

"That's a new one," Prime joked, embracing the boy, who had just fucked him into hell and back, keeping his legs tucked. He liked how full he felt.

Colt smiled mischievously at Prime's comment and attacked his mouth. The hunk opened it instinctively. Colt now raped him with his tongue, catching all the ripe strawberry flavor, holding his neck tight so he couldn't escape Colt's predatory approach.

And when he let go, he went for Prime's neck and bit. Forcefully, no breaking skin, but he bit.

Prime was confused for a second but tilted his head to the side to give Colt maximum access. "Oh fuck."


"As often as you want. You can't bite me into submission and expect a discussion on decreasing marginal returns ..."

Colt giggled licking the dark blue skin on Prime's neck. "Please give me a bit to recover."

"All the time you need."

"Need to piss though," Colt said.

Prime looked sad when Colt removed himself from the hot sweaty hunk lying on the bed like a dog in heat.

"Don't worry, we'll do it again ... some day." His smile was a bit mean.

"Sure. You had the girl, now you move on," Prime played the banter. "Do you collect trophies?"

Colt kissed the cheeky man's cheek. "Yes, living trophies. The bigger and meaner the better."

"To fuck them senseless. Got it."


Prime's expression darkened a bit. Sounded like there wouldn't be a third run, but he said: "Sure, given that CE already had that honor."


"No. Not of my pack. Whatever they get, I'm happy for them. And whatever I get, they're happy for me. Otherwise this wouldn't work."

"And do they know?"

"Of course. You were discreet, but I'm sure they could smell us having sex."

"Oh fucking shit."

"That's okay. They might make some comments tomorrow but overall I'm sure it makes them happy we had such a great ..."

"... fuck?"

Prime nodded turning on the shower. When it ran and Colt stepped in, he sat on the toilet bowl and undid his boots.

"Thanks for the boots, Colt."

"Welcome. Good that you left me alone for some few minutes so I could at least check your sizes. You guys have big feet."

"I know. One would expect me to be much bigger here." He pointed to his dick.

"Come in, marine", Colt ordered reaching for him. When Prime was with him, Colt said: "You're absolutely gorgeous, so don't worry about this."

"I know you're not interested in it anyway, so no need for it to be big."

Colt hugged the guy lovingly.

"Turn around, I'm going to soap you up good," Prime said and did. When he was finished and tried to soap himself, Colt shook his head and said: "Gimme the soap. Hands behind your back, marine boy."

"Sir, yes, Sir," was Prime's playful response, spreading his legs instinctively.

Colt wanted to do this. He wanted to feel every square millimeter of Prime's body. He excessively foamed up the soap and spread it all over the perfect V of Prime's back. "You're showing off now, aren't you?" he asked.

"He, this is the first time this happens to me; don't want it to be the last time ..."

"With a body like this, I'm sure there're lots of caretakers who would oblige ..."

Mighty growl.

"Okay got it."

Another growl, while Colt bent to cover the gorgeous calves with white foam. "What's up?"

"Even if there was somebody willing to do it, I'm sure you wouldn't even let him close to me," Prime said with undisguised pride.

"Yep, first he would get beaten up by CE on my orders, and then I'd kick the shit out of you. -- Turn around." He soaped up Prime's meaty pecs, grabbing the lock. "This guy is mine now. So no touching. Ever."

Prime smiled happy. "I think I can remember that," presenting his pits to be washed.

Colt used the moving showerhead to rinse Prime off, who scrubbed his face in the hot stream of the water. "Done?" he asked.

"Nearly ... I mean, I'm full of your come, we might want to clean me up there ...," Prime blushed. Even for a wolf shifter in a gay pack that was too much talk on bodily functions.

"Nope, don't care. I want you to keep it in."

Prime nodded handing him the towel.

"Marking you inside and outside."

Howl. "If you continue to sex talk like this, you will have to fuck me again."

"I will have to?"

"Yes, I'll get the wolves to hold you down and I'll sit on you ..."

Colt smiled. "Somehow I don't see that happening."

It was quiet.

Prime spooned Colt with just the right tightness: close so he could be felt, not too close to be constricted. Colt enjoyed lying on the hot meaty biceps of this redhead hunk and how his right hand caressed his body.

"Penny for your thoughts, wolf."

"Do you know how we found you?"

"No, not really." Prime's warm calloused big paw massaged Colt's belly. For a moment he became self-conscious about the fact that he didn't have these killer abs.

"I think CE was in several gay bars in San Francisco in the summer."

"Oh my gosh, don't wanna know how many email addresses and phone numbers he got."

"Plenty. Worse he had to basically kick two guys to leave him in peace. Anyway, in one of the bars he smelled something very intoxicating, light, but nevertheless brain wrecking delicious."

"Which bar?"


"I was there. When Terrence had to visit some pussy, I joined him and went bar hopping while he chafed himself bloody." He enjoyed the body heat behind him.

"CE got us to the bar. We could smell it as well, but it was very weak, we had to be fast."

Prime's hand was tantalizing him. Circling his belly button, his hips, his buttocks. Warm and hard like a stone massage.

"So we tried to follow the scent; lead us through half of San Francisco to your hotel and on to the 280 interstate."

Colt moaned a bit.

"We were afraid you were a visitor and had taken a plane back home, because then we'd have never been able to trace you. But you continued down South on the 280. Obviously, you had been travelling by car."

"In Terrence's old Buick."

"We grabbed our back packs, jumped into the truck and drove the whole day, stopping every 20 miles to absolutely make sure we hadn't lost the trail."

Colt had enough of the teasing. His right hand grabbed Prime's paw decisively and led it to his aching boner. Prime started to kiss his neck while wanking his cock.

That felt good.

"At the end, we came to this college. We found out in which room you stayed. Took some research to get your name."

Colt moaned, turning on to his back to give Prime more access.

"We had to jump through some hoops to get into one of your classes to find you. Somehow your smell had become less intensive on campus; and there were quite some wolves distorting it."

Colt bucked. He shot. The third time this night. On his chest. Prime didn't stop with his hand until he had convinced himself he had milked every last drop, making Colt wince a bit.

"And I found you. I became so nervous."

"And I horny."

"I remember," Prime smiled. "Let me clean you up." Colt had expected Prime to get a towel, but instead he started to lick Colt clean, like a kitten licking its milk.

"Oh my gosh," Colt responded, intensive pine smells putting him under.

"Sleep, Colt, it's okay. I'll take care of this."

And Colt slept. Deep. Dreamless. Like far away.

Unaware that hundreds of vampires had just filled the campus.