A different take on the traditional M/M werewolf romance topic: less romantic, less traditional, more disturbing and with conniving wolves, vampires and submissive marines.

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Meta & the Marines


He was surprised he didn't look like he'd been run over by a truck when he looked into the mirror. The sex with Prime had been exhausting. He'd thought that after Prime wanking him, they were done for the night. But early morning, with the first light pushing through the curtains, Colt had found himself spooning the marine's hot body. And as if by magic, his cock found the hot hole, still puffy and willing from the earlier fucking.

Four orgasms within four hours. He was an animal, he thought, not unpleased with himself.

He put the shaving gel on his cheeks. He'd noticed over the past days that his beard had become thicker, darker and faster growing. Maybe his testosterone levels had changed due to all the stress situations, or maybe he finally got out of puberty. He'd never been one of those guys who only needed to shave once a week; but neither he was one of those guys who shaved and already had a shadow three hours later. He was so much inconspicuously in between as was his beard color. So he was all the more surprised about the changes on his face.

He started to shave from his left temple down to his left cheek as he'd always done. But then he stopped. He rinsed the razor and looked into the mirror. His eyes were white; no bloody vessels from sleep deprivation. His skin was clean, no signs of impurities as he tended to have them.

A thought. He removed some of the white bluish foam and continued to shave.

He liked the end result. He wondered though what other people would think about this new style. He was sure his wolves would tell him without hesitation, he chuckled, while enjoying the hot shower with anticipation.

He dressed in his loose cargo pants and a striped polo shirt that had become a bit tight, potentially because of the wrong temperature in the washing machine. Now that he lived with the wolves he didn't do laundry himself anymore. It seemed Brian was taking care of that not letting Colt close to the washing machine, as if he was territorial even in the laundry room. While he slipped into his sneakers, he opened his laptop browsing for the news.

`No Trace of 3 College Girls,' was one of the headlines. The article went into the sparse details about the investigation of the disappearance of MaryAnn and the other two girls the policeman/rogue wolf had mentioned. The most important facts were obviously missing like the Alpha3 party and vampires. It seemed to Colt this was the biggest cover-up since the Kennedy's assassination. He continued to browse for the death of the policeman, but only found a small article saying he unfortunately died because of a heart attack; no mentioning of his body lying naked in a side street on campus late evening.

It became obvious to Colt somebody on campus controlled the media tightly making sure no `strange' messages were leaked. He wondered what would have happened if the first vampire had succeeded in killing him. Which cause of death would they have reported? Suicide, he decided instinctively. Nobody would have given a damn anyway.

Slightly depressed he went downstairs. The three wolves were sitting in the kitchen drinking some juice and watching football on TV. They got up when he entered the room.

"Guys, please," Colt pushed them back on their chairs.

"Oh my gosh," Brian said staring at Colt's face.

"Tough," added Prime.

"And sexy," CE smiled getting up again. "Can I get you some breakfast ... or lunch?"

"Like it?"

"Absolutely," Prime said.

"Makes you look mysterious," added Brian.

"Don't you think a goatee makes me look a middle-aged fag?"

CE lost his smile. "Nope, doesn't. Looking forward to feel it when you kiss me." He didn't clarify where. "Food?" He insisted on changing the topic.

"Yep. Would actually like some bacon, if possible." Seemed the goatee was approved.

"On its way. Need something hearty, I guess," CE sent him a wink with his eye.

"I'm sure he does, the way our Alpha smells today." Brian somehow moved a bit away from Prime to protect himself from a fist against his shoulder.

Colt looked around a bit confused. And Prime growled a bit.

"Come on, we could hear you went at it like bunnies. And Prime, you smell of Colt's come from all your orifices."

"Oh thanks," Colt blushed like a virgin at the mentioning of sexual organs.

"Wonder whether there's a correlation between fucking this hunk senseless and your goatee," Brian continued scratching his chin like the stereotypical psychologist.

"I think it's enough," Prime finally intervened, unusually late though.

Colt didn't really know whether the redhead was embarrassed or whether he actually enjoyed his pack knowing he'd had an excessive sex night. What he did know was that keeping secrets from his pack was nearly impossible. That would have implications on how he behaved in the future.

While he ravished his bacon like a starved predator, he said to the boys: "Guys, we need to talk something."

His voice must have been sufficiently serious that Prime grabbed the remote and shut off the football game. Though, Colt didn't know whether it was live or just a recording anyway.

"What's up?"

"I just read they still don't have a clue about the three missing girls. And that rogue wolf supposedly died of a heart attack. I mean, not that they would announce he was killed by a badass wolf, but still it is all perfectly covered up."

Prime stole a strip of bacon from his plate as if to say: `I also had sex last night, remember?'

"This made me think. We still don't know why both a vampire and a wolf wanted to kill me. And we don't know why they wanted to kill the three of you."

"In order to get to you," CE said.

"Oh thanks. Okay three assassination attempts then. And to make matters even more complex: The last time they had every opportunity to kill me on my way from the dorm to the car, but didn't do it."

"And you nevertheless went anyway. Not smart, Mr. Parker," Prime reprimanded him.

"Sure and let the three hunkiest men I will ever fuck in my life die?"

CE growled. Brian bit his lip forcefully.

"So I would assume something went wrong. That vampire I vanquished was really surprised I showed up there. Seemed he thought I'd been taken care off already. But when he realized he himself had the opportunity to kill me he talked of `reward.' Like revenge for his brother. No, he talked of `rewards.' Plural. So there is something else."

"Shall I make some more breakfast for you, Alpha? You're stealing all of Colt's bacon."

Prime shook his head and leant back on his chair as if saying: `Won't touch his plate anymore.'

"So what do we do now?" Brian asked following Colt's train of thought.

"I think we need more information. We have so little. I need more data."

The three wolves nodded but kept quiet.

"I think I need you to do some reconnaissance for us. Walk through campus at different times and days and chart all wolves you encounter and all humans who don't smell, i.e. vampires. This should give us a map of how many there are and where they are."

"We can do that. Now that you live here, we don't need to shadow you all the time," Brian agreed.

"I know I'm a prisoner of wolves."

"With all the prison sex," Prime added quite proudly.

"Again?" Brian said disbelieving that Colt got hard bad.

"Ignore it," Colt said.

"Easy for you to say," CE added, putting some more bacon on Colt's plate.

"We are off track, boys." Colt moved his plate to avoid Prime stealing more food from it. "Then. There're obviously wolves on campus. Who is the alpha?"

"We don't know. It might not be a pack, but just a neutral zone."

"'Neutral zone'?" Colt asked.

"Packs agree on certain areas not to be pack territory to allow wolves to frequent those places without fights. Universities, schools or other public buildings tend to be neutral zones.

"Like in Star Trek?"

Brian shrugged his shoulder. It was obvious that he didn't know the Federation Klingon neutral zone.

"So is there a registry or something to find out whether there is an official pack, and if yes, who is the alpha?"

"I will look into this," Prime offered.

"Thanks, Alpha."

"To the vampires. Do they have an alpha equivalent?"

"Hell no," Prime answered without thinking more repulsed by the thought.

"I mean do they have a vampire leader?"

"Could be. But many of them are loners, I think." Brian didn't sound convinced.

"I need a book on wolves and vampires. A real book with the real facts," Colt concluded.

Brian nodded. "I will get you one. It's quite old. Doesn't get reprinted very often," he smiled.

"That'll do. Then I need some background data on this policeman."

"I'll do that," CE volunteered. Maybe he still had some law enforcement connections.

"Okay. I suggest we observe for three weeks after the beginning of the term. That should give us a good reading of the pattern if there is one."

"And then?"

"Don't know yet. Need more info, before we can have a plan. Until then I hope you don't throw me out on the street."

"You mean for fucking our Alpha into oblivion?"

"Brian, you have a dirty mouth. You know what they do to boys with dirty mouths?"

Brian swallowed. "Yes, Sir. Soap. Please don't."

"Last thing, CE."

"Yes, Meta?"

"I was lucky with the last vampire. He didn't know I had a dagger and thought I was a stupid human ... which I am I guess." He hesitated a bit. "You need to teach me how to fight a vampire as a human if that's possible.

"But we will protect you," CE argued.

"I know. And I love you for that, not only for that. But things can happen as we saw, and I want to have at least a little chance."

"CE will show you some tricks, but please don't become reckless," Prime decided alpha style.

"So, now that I had breakfast, what are we going to have for lunch?"

In this moment Colt's phone rang. It was obvious he was confused by the number displayed, when he lifted the phone to accept the call. "Colt speaking."

The three men started to get up to give him some privacy, but Colt decisively pushed on Brian's shoulder to make him stay put. Prime and CE looked at Colt, who said: "Hi, dad."

Colt reached out with his left hand as if calling for Prime, who turned around and stood next to the boy, who grabbed his hand possessively.

The wolves looked concerned now they understood he didn't want them to leave. Colt's scent, which had turned sour within a second, was worrying them.

"I'm fine. It's safe, believe me," Colt said pushing himself to stay calm.

Prime held Colt's hand as if wanting to confirm physically: `You are not alone.' CE got him a Diet Coke while Brian sat next to him at the table. Instinctively, they had surrounded him like a protective cocoon.

"No, I don't intend to move and to finish my studies in Texas."

Silence in the room. Moving to Texas?

"Well, I can't change if you feel uncomfortable with that decision, but it's my decision in the end."

Colt's left hand shook when he picked up the Coke to have a sip, while he listened to the other person on the phone, who seemed to be alcohol-induced angry.

"I don't think you're in a position to threaten or force me. I will stay here. And that is the end of the story." Colt choked.

It was obvious somebody had started to shout at the other end of the connection. Colt put the phone at a distance from his ear; despite not being on loudspeaker, they could hear the loud threats.

"This conversation is over. And don't call me again on this topic. Good-bye." Colt didn't wait for the other person to say anything, but closed the call. After some quick swipes on the screen, he put the phone on the desk saying: "That number is blocked now."

"He threatened to beat you up," Prime said in disbelief. His protective instinct was at close to maximum level.

"Empty threat. He did it twice when I was young. Second time I took pictures of my bruises and said if he ever did it again, I'd send these pictures to the police and claim he molested me. Surely, in prison they wouldn't take kindly to a child molester."

"Wow," CE said.

"I had no other way to protect myself. My mother was useless, and he was just a drunk."

"And we thought we had a screwed up life," Brian stated with sympathy.

"It's not a contest." For some reason Colt used all his energy to keep the memories down and his tears in. He didn't want let his father get to him.

"What is he going to do now?"

"Nothing. He can't do anything. I'm not dependent on him at all, neither emotionally nor financially. He tried the `mum needs you' route, but I told him basically that's bullshit."

CE started to massage Colt's tense shoulders. He sighed. "Thanks."

"What are you going to do then?" Prime asked with concern.

"Nothing. And that is not the real question." A sip of Coke. "The real question is why he wants me back in Texas."

"Well, many parents are worried about their children's safety. Three students have disappeared," Brian explained.

Colt smiled the most forced and fake smile he could muster. "You don't know my parents. They've never called me in two and a half years out here in California. Not even when I didn't come home for Christmas. They don't give a fucking shit whether I'm safe or not."

"That's harsh."

"I know. But it is the brutal truth. When I called once to congratulate my mum for her birthday, she just hung up because she expected a dealer or trick or whatever."

Colt felt vulnerable now that the pain of his previous life had become so visible to his boys.

"What do you need right now?" Prime's protective instinct went overdrive.

"Just to be around you guys. You're my family. They're just strangers I'm related to biologically, nothing else."

"We are here," Brian said.

"I know. And if any of you now thinks I come with too much baggage, this is the perfect time to talk about it."

"Trying to hurt us because you've just been hurt?"

Colt wanted to make a cynical remark, but bit his lip. "No, sorry. Just still confused. I never felt loved before like this. And this call just showed me how much luck I've recently had. And I'm afraid I might lose it ..."

Prime cleared his throat and said: "Colt, I ... we ... carry you marks, happily and proudly. I cannot piss like a man anymore, people look at my chain as if I'm some San Francisco leather bar pervert and some would love to ask what the CP stood for, if they dared. And you still think we're going to leave you?"

"We're hooked, whether you like it or not," Brian added.

"Insecurities. This is too much of a good thing. Whenever I had a good thing going on for me in life, it was ripped away from me quickly."

"Not going to happen this time, Mr. Parker. We are sticky," CE added firmly.

"Got it. Sorry, boys. Nevertheless, this leaves the question why he wants me back so badly."

"What does your gut tell you?" Prime asked. "Or your fuck Mr. Mcfuckmyass Erickson teasing brain?"

Colt chuckled. "I would ask myself what he would get if I came back. And what he would want from someone who wants to convince him to try to get me back." He noticed the wolves needed a second to process the last sentence.

"And that would be?"

"Money." A pause. "Shit, somebody offered him money to get me away from here." Parker emptied his Coke pacing through the kitchen, excited now that he'd made a breakthrough, with the three wolves watching him like an animal in a cage.

"This is becoming even more mysterious," Brian suggested.

"No. I think it makes things clearer."

"How come?"

"Rewards. The vampire talked about `rewards.'"


"There is money on my head it seems," Colt stated. "That's why some vampire or wolf acting solo tried to get me. To get that reward. And that's why the second vampire was so pleased. He had thought somebody else had gotten me on my way to get to you, boys. So me showing up there presented him with a lottery ticket. `Reward.'"

"That makes sense," Prime stated. "I guess the next question then is who and why and how much?"

Colt smiled, kissing the redhead on his check teasing him with his new goatee. "Yes. Sorry, to be such a smartass, but the question which really worries me is why they haven't made a bigger, more concerted effort to get me."

"Shit, you think it's going to come?"

Colt shook his shoulders. "Not enough info on that. But if there is money on my head, I would expect some to gang up."

Prime straightened himself. "They won't get you, I promise you that."

Colt smiled. "Thanks. But as I kept telling you in our business class: We need to change the rules of the game; otherwise we're going to lose. And losing means in this case that I lose my head."

"Okay. We better get out of here. What about an afternoon action movie?"

"Still awake?" Brian messaged him.

"Yep, reading stuff on one of my next classes. Europe at War. Early modern history."

"Sounds ... boring," was Brian's typical, honest response. "Can I show you something?"

"Sure come over."

A knock. "Come in."

Brian quietly closed the door behind him, not to disturb the other wolves, who already slept.

He had a piece of paper in his hand. "I have to write my motivation letter for this marketing course for my minor. Seems they have three times as many students interested in it than slots. So I thought whether you could give me your thoughts, Meta."

"Sure. I do my best work at midnight," Colt honestly answered to make Brian feel less guilty.


Colt read.

It wasn't bad. Brian had clearly outlined why he needed the course, why he had the prerequisites and what he could uniquely add to the class given his background and previous experiences. "I like it and the arguments are crisp and well lined out ..."

"But? Please don't sugar coat with me. You're not a fellow student, you are my Meta."

"Getting used to it," but he smiled. He really started to like the `my Meta' expression. "Well, marketing people consider themselves creative. I don't really think they are as they use agencies to do the actual creative work for them. But they like to hear from other people how they admire them that they can think out of the box and they like to work with people who seem to fit that mold."

"Not sure I'm getting you. Straight talk, please."

"I think everyone will write such a motivation letter. The contents will be pretty much the same unless you have a very different background like Prime, who was in Afghanistan. So as you cannot get a clear advantage on contents, you need to create one on presentation."

"Meaning a letter or email like this isn't good enough?"

"Not creative enough. Differentiate yourself by the creativity how you bring the message to them. Is it a print ad in the student newspaper? A video on YouTube? A singing Latino group? Or a pantomime? Anything which makes you stand out."

"Wow. Thanks. I'll think of that."

"You're welcome."

"And can I do something for you?" The wheat scent got seriously intoxicating right now, and the cherry scent was nearly alcoholic. It was obvious Brian tried to seduce him.

Colt, sitting in his office chair, grabbed Brian's chain and pulled him on to his knees. "Suck me," he ordered.

Brian seemed to be surprised about the sudden directness and aggressiveness, but didn't hesitate, pulling down Colt's gym shorts revealing a painfully throbbing cock.

It became clear Brian hadn't sucked before. He struggled to get even half of Colt's cock down this throat.

But Colt didn't mind. Brian didn't give up. And he never broke eye contact, making Colt even harder, making it even tougher for Brian.

Colt put his hands behind Brian's head gently pushing him down on him. And when Brian got anxious and wanted to pull away, Colt concentrated on his own body and sent a wave of fresh waterfall and sweet wine scents to the blond boy, kneeling on the floor so desperate to please him.

Brian cried tears of exhaustion and satisfaction when he finally managed to swallow Colt's impressive erection. Snot came out of his nose, when he pulled back to breathe as if he had just been under water too long.

"It's okay, take it slowly, boy," Colt encouraged the Utah boy, who managed to look innocent even with a cock in his mouth.

But Brian didn't listen and went down on him again with a vengeance.

They found a rhythm, with Colt not being too forceful so Brian could get used to the snake he would be serving in the future.

When he sensed Colt was close, the small pink lips didn't leave his tip. Brian made it clear he would swallow like the good boy he was.

He didn't miss a drop.

Brian smiled through his tears and snot covered face; making Colt want to spit on a tissue and clean him like a mother did with her child. He got up. "Thanks. I know I still need to learn how to take your monster."

Colt smiled. "You did fine, Brian. Don't underestimate how special it was for me to be your first one." And hopefully your only one, he thought with a hint of bad conscience.

Brian blushed. "I guess I should let you get some sleep now ..."

"You don't want to sleep in my bed?"

Brian's eyes grew huge. "Sure, may I?"

Colt nodded. "Clean yourself up and come to bed to show me your sexy ass, Mormon boy."

It wasn't long before Brian had his athletics trained legs high in the air and Colt was playing with his pink hole. It quivered at his touch.

Brian smelled so good; his smile was so boyish Colt had to control himself not to rape his virgin ass. Instead, his fingers penetrated Brian only slightly so he was panting like a wolf after the hunt.

Colt had never thought he would ever do this in his life, but he kissed Brian's hole. It did taste like cherry, so he licked it carefully. Some minutes later Brian was in tears again because of Colt opening him up. "Please, Meta, please."

"What do you want?" Colt teased while his tongue and his goatee played with the sensitive folds."

"Please take me. I need you in me now."

Colt smiled, but kept teasing the blond boy, who started to whimper like a beaten puppy. And when Brian was begging really hard, Colt took pity on him and shoved his hard dick into the blond guy's ass, carefully but still with determination to tell him that Colt called the shots.

Colt spooned Brian, who was still in a different space.

"That was worth the wait, Sir."


"Yeah. Was it right for you?"

Colt smiled, pulling the hard body closer to him. "I think you being full with my jizz in both ends should tell you that."

Brian giggled. "They're going to tease me so much about this tomorrow."

"I know. And you deserve that. - Do you regret it?"


"Good," Colt said, tiredness starting to make his eyes heavy, "because I'll want a repeat."

"You know I'm yours. Anytime."

"Yep. Still nice to hear it."

"So you're not mad I couldn't take you into my mouth completely?"

"No, really. You will learn."

"Is that a promise?" Brian asked excitedly.

"Yes. With one condition."

"Consider it met."

"I think your ass is so sweet that I would like to see you wearing jock straps more often ..."

"Got them. But I think you're a bit of a perv."

Colt nodded, scratching Brian's back with his new goatee.

"And I like it. Not that I have a choice."

But Colt couldn't hear him anymore. He was deep asleep already.


"They are clueless," he said.

"Maybe, but they're up to something," she contradicted looking pensively into her glass.

"Think so? Seems they're content with playing house currently," he snarled.

"Dog house, I guess," she agreed. "Maybe you're right, maybe he had enough. But that makes it also tougher for us get him ..."

"Still want him dead?"

"Deader than a man who has been hanged, quartered and drowned," she lied. She put down the glass forcefully, looking out of the window. "Keep tracking them."

"And if the mutt lover is alone at night?"

"Kill the fag. -- And you can keep the money." Not that they would succeed anyway.