Military Training For 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'

The following is a newspaper clipping from USA Today

Thursday, January 27, 2011

USA Today

Washington, USA

Military training to begin on allowing gays in ranks.

Pentagon leaders will roll out a plan Friday that is expected to give the military services about three months to train their forces on the new law allowing gays to serve openly, officials said Wednesday.

The Plan, they said, will outline the personnel, recruiting and other regulations that must be changed. It will describe three levels of training for the troops, their commanders and the key administrator, recruiters and other leaders who will have to help implement the changes. Under that training schedule, full implementation of the law could begin later this summer.

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Story by Richard Barber

This is my interpretation of what might or should happen when D.A.D.T. is put into action. Your comments and email are welcome.

I've received information from my superior officers for instructions and how to implement training of our troops, about gays and expected changes. I am implementing the rules as I have interpreted them and I will give instructions on how to let gays to serve openly.

Training and inspection of our New Recruits

When a new young man comes into my recruiting station and has filled out all the papers, of induction, I take him in the back room and tell him to strip. The doctor on duty will give him a full and through inspection.

I watch carefully as the doctor inspects his penis and tells the recruit to manipulate his penis to make sure he can obtain a firm penis and shoot a healthy load of sperm. If and when he gets hard, and begins to secrete pre-cum juices, then he is probably gay and my inspections begin.

The doctor instructs him to bend over for anal inspection. When the doctor inserts his fingers up his ass hole, and he still remains hard, I drop my pants and insert my dick in the man's mouth and instruct him to get me hard and wet. When I am hard I move behind the recruit, the doctor lubes my dick and guides it to the man's asshole. I proceed to shove it in him until my balls are resting on his balls. If he yells out in pain, it is sign he is still a virgin or he wants to be rough fucked.

It is my duty as his superior officer to fuck him until I cum up his fuck track. This is the beginning of his training and preparation if he is forced to be fucked at a later date.

If the recruit cums while I am fucking him it is a good sign. If he doesn't cum while I'm fucking him, the doctor either jacks him off or sucks him until he cums and collects the cum for inspection.

After he has been fucked once but requires more fucking, it will be the duty of the on duty doctor and his assistant to fuck him until they have cum up his hole. If for any reason he still seems to want more cock, as a good officer, I will fuck him again until I cum for the second time.

If he passes our recruiting methods and has special talents we'll put him in a special units section of the service where he can be trained and fucked on a regular basis. This training will begin in Boot Camp. This will keep our straight men sexually satisfied and there will be less reason to rape any of the lesbian woman who have also applied for service. We will keep the moral of all men more content, happy and better to serve our country.


Boot Camp Training for Gays

To commanding officers of Boot Camps.

When the new recruited men have arrived in your boot camp, they will be divided into 4 Barracks of 50 men each. When the commander has taken his men to receive their designated clothing and supplies and returned to the barracks, he will inform the men of the rules and regulations including the acceptance of gays. He will select his company commander, and company clerk. Next he will select 10 men at a time, to go into the washroom/head for more personal physical inspection. The men will be instructed to remove their clothes and the commander's company clerk will measure and record and inspect the men for size of cocks and firmness of ass. The company commander will ask for volunteers to suck the men off and be the cock sucker to service these men at anytime and anywhere when feasible.

Usually one or more of the men will volunteer because 1 out of 4 men have had homosexual experience and are pleased to service the other men. After the volunteer gives a sample of his cock sucking methods, and if the men are pleased with the cock sucker, he will continue serving these ten men until the commander decides otherwise. The cock sucker will be assigned to these ten men, but may loan out to other groups of ten. The cock sucker will be appointed to service these ten men and continue as their cock sucker for the remainder of boot camp. The cock suckers assigned to these ten men may recruit other men to help in their cock sucking duties and may be assigned to any other groups of ten for servicing others. The cock suckers will also service their commanding officer or other officers at their command.

The commander will ask for volunteers, gay or straight, to have their ass holes available for use by the men in their unit, or any officers at any time when feasible. These men will be called assholes tenders and not to be confused with officers. A cock sucker may also be used for ass fucking if needed.

A special room will be set aside for ass fucking with two or more beds to be used at 'leisure time', 'lights out' or 'early morning' before taps. On weekends the room may be used at anytime and by as many men as needed. Cock sucking may be done anywhere when the desire and demand is needed. Bareback fucking is accepted and preferred.

Some men require more cock sucking and more fucking than others so everyone will do their best at what they do best to satisfy the men that serve our country.

Commanding officers may participate and spend special free time to get their ass fucked by request only. A request to fuck or get fucked by your commanding officer can be picked up at his office from the company clerk.

Every person residing in the barracks for special training has been checked out for any transmitted diseases and can be fucked without a condom, however if you leave the camp and return later, you must have another doctors inspection, placed in solitude for as much time as needed then report to the company clerk before you can fuck or be fucked before returning to the normal barracks routine.

All used condoms must be name tagged before placed in the container outside the commanders office before you can pick up a new one. A clean and sanitary barracks must be kept at all times.

There has been some hesitation from the Marines about letting their fellow comrades suck their dicks or offer their ass for fucking. We will have special training with these good men and loan out some of the special cock suckers and asshole tenders for special classes. We must overcome this prejudice and key administrators have instructed the Marine officers to be willing to devote their time and bodies to any gay for demonstration and experimental sessions during classes.

Under this training schedule, full implementation of the law could begin later this summer. This includes all branches of service. Let's make this work. Let's show the rest of the world services that we can finally put away all prejudices and have a hard working cock sucking, ass hole fucking military .

Signed, Your commanding officer. Lt I. Ben Over.

*** Notation.***

Story by Richard Barber

This is my interpretation of what might or should happen when D.A.D.T. is put into place. Your comments are welcome. .