Permission to Cum Aboard

Part 1

Justin had joined the military because he had no direction in his life. Right out of high school he knew college wasn't the thing for him. It's not that he wasn't smart enough; he just wanted to experience something different. He knew college would always be an option down the road but right now was not the time. The process of enlisting went surprisingly fast and within two months of speaking with a recruiter Justin Wright was a member of United States Coast Guard.

Justin was gay. He knew it. He had figured it out a few years before he really accepted it but he knew from the moment he got his first hard-on at the sight of another naked guy that he liked dick. That was back in his freshman year of high school that he really had the opportunity to see other guys naked. Like every high school across the country Justin was forced to remove the clothes from his awkward body and enter the group shower after P.E. Why public schools felt it necessary to make already self-conscious teens even more self-conscious makes no sense, but were it not for this requirement, many of today's homosexuals may never have figured it out.

Now Justin was eighteen. After getting his own personal computer for his room when he sixteen, Justin had amassed a pretty large collection of porn on his hard drive. Sure, he could always just go to the sites he had downloaded the pictures from but there was something easier about clicking through the C-drive to find that one favorite picture. He had had his share of sexual experiences, most of them found through the internet, but amazingly enough, a couple from school. One of his most memorable, and favorite, experiences was with a senior from the varsity baseball team when he was just a sophomore. This guy, whatever his name was, was fucking hot. Justin had been in the locker room one day after school cleaning when this guy, what's his name, walked in. Justin looked up from his dustpan as he walked by. His sweaty t-shirt stuck to his chest and his filthy baseball pants held his ass nicely. Justin tried not to stare, but he was sixteen, horny all the time and barely had any self-control. To make a long story short, Justin ended up at this guy's house later that day with his dick in the senior's mouth. It had started out as a jerk-off session to the hottest porno Justin had ever seen, but that quickly turned to blowjobs. Justin wasn't that good at it, he knew it, but fuck, he enjoyed it. One of the things Justin enjoyed the most was how vocal this guy was. He would moan and tell Justin what to do to him. He called Justin names; nothing weird or too kinky, but Justin had never been so turned on before. The senior slapped his dick on Justin's lips and told him to suck that big fat cock and Justin did what he was told. I only happened once and that senior acted as if he never knew who Justin was but the memories of that day were burned in Justin's mind. He jerked off many times, eyes closed, reliving that day.

It may have been that very day that Justin began his obsession with older guys. Nothing too old. That senior was only two years older, but there was something about the lack of control that Justin found extremely erotic. He liked being told what to do. It wasn't quite submissiveness but he liked being in the position of not having to make all the decisions. As Justin got a little older he realized he also had a thing for guys younger than him. In his senior year his head was on a swivel as he walked around campus. Everywhere he looked the freshman and sophomores were hotter and hotter. It really did seem as if people were becoming more attractive as the years went by. Justin had gotten his hands on a sophomore one night in the bathroom at a basketball game. It was just a quick little grope but the balls just beginning to grow hair made Justin so fucking hard. He had a difficult time hiding his boner the rest of the night and when he got home he went straight to his room, locked the door and stroked out a pretty large load that he wished he could have given to his schoolmate.

But, all of this is beside the point. Justin Wright was a member of Coast Guard now and thanks to Bill Clinton, he could not ask and he could not tell a single soul that he was a big old homo. Of course Justin was not stereotypical in any way. No lisp, no limp wrist, no subscription to fashion magazines, just an absolute attraction to the male form. Justin's metamorphosis into a military man went quickly. He was stripped of his first name and became a series of measurements and descriptions. Height: 6'2", Weight: 175lbs, Eye Color: Brown, Hair Color: Brown. Justin looked at his paperwork and imagined what the response would be if he had placed a personal ad that was as bland. Sure, all the inches were right and the colors, but what the government paperwork failed to say was that Justin was pretty damn hot. His 6'2" frame held his weight nicely. He had never played sports in school, but his attraction to athletes kept him in the gym working out as much as possible. We lifted weights a couple of times a week and kept his muscles toned by snowboarding and riding his dirt bike. He had a nice tan. Not too dark, but healthy looking. His smooth chest gave way to a very well defined stomach. It wasn't a six-pack but the four smooth bumps that were his abs had not disappointed anyone yet. He knew it was only a matter of time before he got those other two. Justin had decided one day while standing in front of the mirror that he would hook up with himself; if he were someone else. Don't be mistaken however. Justin was not cocky or conceited. He just took what other people had said and decided that it was all true. He was hot.

Justin shipped off to boot camp on the first Tuesday of June and he hated it immediately. All the yelling, the terrible food, the sharing a bathroom with 20 other guys--well, maybe he didn't hate it all. He made a few friends, but for the most part he could not get along with many of the guys he was in training with. They were just dumb, and for the most part ugly. It really was one of the worst experiences in his life. Due to all the stress he didn't get a hard on for seven weeks and from what he understood, neither did anyone else. Dicks hung limp in the shower--a wasted situation as far as Justin was concerned. There were a couple of guys that Justin would have loved to get his mouth on. They were all his own age, or close to it. Justin had read the stories, he'd seen the videos. He was just waiting for his first military group orgy. It never happened.

He graduated boot camp at the end of July. His first duty station was a ship. He was pissed. Of course Justin knew his chances of being on a ship were pretty great; it was the Coast Guard after all, but he was still pissed. How was he supposed to jack off looking at porn on the internet? How was he supposed to find guys to hook up with? Justin went home for a couple weeks of leave and used every moment he could sitting at the computer stroking his dick. He would sit in front of the screen with his pants around his ankles and his rock hard cock sticking through the front of his boxers. One of his favorite sites was a rating site that people would upload their pictures to. So many guys with shirtless pictures. Justin could just imagine blowing his warm load all over those tight stomachs. The low pants that showed off the top of boxer shorts gave Justin such a fucking hard-on. Justin was going to miss his porn collection.

Justin reported to his new unit as late as he possibly could. He really was questioning what the hell he was doing in the military but he didn't have much of a choice. While on leave Justin had been informed that the homeport of his ship had changed from Virginia to San Francisco, California. This presented a new set of possibilities for Justin. At least he would be in the fag capital of the world.

When he arrived Justin was taken to his quarters and allowed to change out of his dress uniform he was required to report in. They had given him a t-shirt and a baseball cap with the ship's name on it to wear and as he put on his more comfortable uniform Justin thought that it might not be as bad as he first thought. He was told that he shared his quarters with three other seamen but they were gone since liberty had already been granted. Justin was toured around the boat. He was shown the galley, the sickbay, and the small exchange and then he was left on his own. His tour guide was in a hurry to start his liberty and the tour ended quickly. Justin struggled to find his way back to his room and after getting lost three times he finally found it. He began to unpack his sea bag. It was going to be a miracle if he could find room for everything he brought.

When he finally looked at his watch Justin saw that it was already eight o'clock and his stomach immediately decided it was empty. Justin didn't trust galley food because of his boot camp experience and he decided he'd go off base to find some dinner. Again, he wandered the ship looking for the right way and by eight thirty he was on the dock and on his way out the front gate. The area was not really made for wandering the streets but Justin managed to find a Taco Bell. By nine he was finished, but he didn't really want to go back to the ship, but he had nowhere else to go.

Justin stepped through the door to his quarters and finally saw one of his new rack mates. David was lying on his rack reading Maxim magazine when Justin came in. Being gay and horny, Justin immediately broke David down into a physical description. He was about 6' tall, he couldn't figure out the weight, but he seemed proportionate. David's hair was black and his eyes were green. Justin didn't think he was all that attractive, but after a couple of weeks out at sea, that could all change. As they talked Justin learned that David was nineteen and from a city not too far away. They really didn't have much in common. Justin liked baseball and hockey. Chris liked basketball and football. Justin snowboarded and loved the beach. David had never been in snow and the only beach he'd ever seen was at a lake. Just about the time there was a lull in the conversation the other two guys that would be Justin's roommates showed up. Again, neither of them was all that attractive and in getting to know them Justin realized he had less in common with them than he did David. The two of them had come in under the 'buddy system' that kept them together through boot camp and now their first duty station. By the time he went to sleep later that night Justin had already forgotten their names.

The next day was spent meeting everyone from the health technician to the executive officer and the CO. Before he knew it the day was over--at 3:30. The weekend came and went, as did the next week and the week after that. Eventually the months started to pile up and before he knew it he had been there two months. In that time he had met ten guys that he thought were hot, thirteen that were pretty good looking, and a whole hell of a lot of ugly ass mother fuckers. Sharing a room with three other guys made it difficult for Justin to stroke his dick. The shower in the head was so damn small he could barely stand being in there long enough to stroke out his load.

At the end of his second month Justin decided he needed to get out into the city and find out what it had to offer a younger gay guy that was a walking hard-on. He managed to ditch his roommates by making up a lie about meeting up with some family member that was visiting. His first stop Friday afternoon after work was the library. He needed the computer to find out where the gay bars and bookstores were. After about a half hour he had a list of places he planned on hitting up over the weekend. That night he decided he was going to head to an adult bookstore that was not too far from where he was.

He walked for a while and when he found it his dick already started to stir. He always felt perverted walking into a porno store and he hated being carded. He knew he looked 15 but it was still a hassle. Justin knew this was a big homo city but he still walked over to the straight section pretending to check out the college girl gangbang sluts. Finally after about twenty minutes Justin walked over to the racks with the DVDs of rock hard dicks sliding into warm wet mouths. As he looked up and down the selections his dick began to stir again and, without realizing it, he had his hands in his pocket stroking his growing cock. Out of the corner of his eye Justin had noticed a couple of other guys in the same section, moving from box cover to box cover. As he continued to look around he saw that the group was getting larger and larger as it got later and later. By ten there were about fifteen guys cruising around the shelves.

Tucked into the back corner of the store was a door with a neon sign above it that read 'video booths.' Justin had only been into one of those booths once before and only for about five minutes, but he thought it was time to give it another try. It took him ten minutes to work up the nerve to move closer to the door. He wasn't ready to go in yet and he kept looking through the titles on the shelves. He noticed guys going in and coming out of the door. Again, most of them were not that good looking. Justin couldn't wait any longer and he moved through the door and saw a hallway with doorways opening off of it. There weren't any doors. Each doorway was one of the small video booths. As soon as he walked through the door there was a display of all the videos that were being shown. There were quite a few selections and all but ten of them were gay videos. Justin always thought this was funny because he knew that straight guys went into the video booths too but he knew what they were really watching. Justin stood looking at the choices as guys came and went. Each time one would pass he would size him up. How old was he? Was he good looking? And, of course, every guy that walked past Justin looked him up and down. Justin knew he was wanted by at least half of the guys that were in there. Justin found some videos that he thought would be hot and he began walking down the hallway. As he walked past each doorway he would look in, trying to see who was watching a video stroking their dick. When he got to the end he hadn't seen anyone that he wanted to join so he slid into an empty booth. He dropped his money in and selected a channel.

The video he selected was one of those amateur videos of young guys convinced to do a video for money or some other dumb ass reason. Justin wanted to sit down and stroke his dick but he knew it was probably a bad idea to sit on any bench in these booths. He stood watching the screen and began rubbing his stiffening cock. The two guys in the video began stroking their dicks lying side by side on a bed. Justin unzipped his pants and slid his hand in, grabbing his dick through his boxers. His dick was rock hard. The guys on the video were now jerking each other off. The one on the left reached over and cupped his friend's balls in his hand while he stroked his dick.

Out of the corner of his eye Justin had noticed someone watching him from the booth next door. This turned Justin on. He had always fantasized about being watched while he jerked off. He slid his boxers down under his balls and his cock sprang up. Justin used the pre-cum now oozing from his dick to slide his hand up and down his dick. The stranger next door kept his eyes on Justin. Justin could see he was rubbing his own dick through his pants. Justin still wasn't sure what this guy looked like so he kept his eyes on the video. The guys on the bed were now in a 69 position. They moaned as they slid each other's dicks in and out of their mouths. The pre-cum flowed from Justin's dick. He stroked with his right hand and lifted his shirt to reveal his hard stomach with his left. The guy next door moved a little closer, still rubbing his cock through his pants.

Justin was so fucking horny. He continued sliding his hand up and down his dick and looked over at his neighbor. There was something familiar about him, but Justin couldn't figure out why and he didn't give it much thought. Just licked his lips as he stroked. He figured the guy was about 23 or 24, and he was fucking HOT. Justin couldn't really believe it. Usually the guys that are in these video places aren't that hot, but this guy was FUCKING HOT!! Justin could see the outline of his neighbor's hard dick. He looked back at the video and saw the guys fucking doggy-style and when he looked back to his right the hot guy was moving towards him. Before he knew it the guy was on his knees slurping up his warm pre-cum. The guy slid down Justin's hard cock, taking it all in. He bobbed up and down on Justin's 6.5" cut cock. He reached up and groped Justin's balls and ran his tongue over the fat tip of his dick. As this guy worked on Justin's dick he again had that thought that this guy was familiar. He still couldn't figure out why.

Justin was losing control. It felt so good getting his dick sucked with the moaning of the video in the background. He put his head back and moaned. He reached down and grabbed the back of the guy's head and guided him up and down his cock. "Oh fuck, suck that dick!" Justin moaned, perhaps a little too loud. The guy slurped and Justin knew he was getting close. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," and before he could give anymore warning Justin lost control and shot five bursts of cum into this guy's mouth. He slurped it all down, getting some on his lips. The guy had been stroking his own dick while he sucked Justin and right after Justin shot his load the guy squeezed out his own. As soon as he finished shooting the guy was pulling his pants up and on his way out. Justin still thought he looked familiar and he could have sworn the guy looked at him with some sort of familiarity also. The video was still playing, almost done with the money Justin had put in, and he pulled his pants up, his dick still semi-hard. He had never felt so good. What had just done turned him on so damn much. As he walked back into the video store he didn't see the guy that had just swallowed his load. It was getting late and Justin decided to head back to the ship and hit the rack.

He spent the weekend walking the city looking for the gay community, going into a couple of bars but he had no luck finding anyone nearly as hot as the guy at the video store. Monday came around and he had no desire to return to work. Justin was up before the sun and went to work as part of the deck crew. His job consisted mainly of painting and moving heavy objects from one place to another. Justin could not stop thinking about that guy from Friday. He knew that he had seen that guy some place before but he just didn't know where. Lunchtime rolled around and all of his questions about where he had seen that guy were answered.

Part 2

Sitting across the 20'x40' galley was that guy. Fuck, he was hot. Justin was still pretty sure he was in his early 20s. Justin was not sure if the guy had seen him or not but he made it his goal to run into the guy and find out who the hell he was. There was no way for Justin to know it, but the guy had seen him and recognized him from the video store the other day. He was pretty excited--at least as much as Justin was. He loved every second of sucking that hot young guy's dick. He wanted to do it again.

Justin searched all day for that guy. He was pretty sure he was a petty officer, but he had no idea what department he worked in. He had to find out. The next day at lunch, the guy was in the same place in the galley. This time Justin was sure he made eye contact with the guy. Justin was extremely nervous. Usually non-rates don't eat with petty officers, but he felt it was time to change that. He moved closer to the guy sitting alone and just as he was about to sit down at the same table he chickened out and sat down a couple tables away. The guy looked up as Justin got closer and Justin was certain they made eye contact that time. The whole week went by and Justin never got the nerve to walk up to this guy. He wanted another blowjob from this guy and he wanted to slide his mouth over the guy's hard dick. After liberty had been granted on Friday the ship emptied out very quickly. Justin thought we was all by himself and decided to take a jog on the deck. He changed into his athletic shorts and decided it was a nice enough day to go without a shirt. He began his jog and as he rounded the fourth corner, nearing his beginning spot he noticed that guy sitting on a ladderwell, as if he was waiting for something. Justin slowed to a walk and acted as if he was stretching out his muscles. He worked his way closer to the guy and finally there were words exchanged between them.

"Hey what's up?" said the stranger.

"Not much, just running. Working off some stress from the week."

"I'm Chris Pitt."

"Is that Petty Officer Chris Pitt?" asked Justin.

"You can just call me Chris." He smiled at Justin and he suddenly felt shy. He was standing there talking to his mystery dick sucker with his shirt off. He hoped he dick didn't start to stir in his flimsy athletic shorts.

"So do you always stay after work and run or am I just lucky today?"

"I guess you're just lucky today," answered Justin.

"What are you up to tonight?" asked Chris.

"I don't know, probably nothing. I still don't really know what there is to do around here." Justin was nervous and excited at the same time. He was trying not to sound too desperate but he also wanted Chris to know he was up for anything.

"Well, if you want, I was just gonna chill tonight. You can come over to my place, we can drink, watch a movie...whatever."

"That'd be cool," answered Justin. "I would just need to go down below and shower real quick, but it shouldn't take too long."

"Just grab some clothes, you can shower at my place."

Justin ran down to his room and grabbed a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of boxers and shoes and socks and met Chris on deck and the two of them left the ship. Justin couldn't believe it. The guy he had been fantasizing about for the last week was now driving him through town. Chris told Justin that since he was a petty officer he had a government house to live in while the ship was in port. It turns out Justin was pretty close in guessing Chris' age. He was 23 and he had been in the Coast Guard for three years. They didn't really talk about the week before at the video store but Justin was pretty sure something similar was going to happen that night.

They got to Chris' place in about 15 minutes and it was pretty nice for military housing. They walked in and Chris told Justin that the bathroom was down the hall to the right and he could make himself at home and take a shower. Justin walked down the hall, covering his semi-hard dick with his pile of clean clothes he had brought. In the bathroom he turned the shower on to get the water nice and warm and stripped down. He jumped into the shower and began to soap up and without even trying his dick began to stiffen. He was in for about five minutes when there was a knock at the door.

"Hey, Justin, I gotta take a piss."

Justin's heart dropped. Here he was standing here with a hard-on in this guy's shower he just met and the damn shower doors were clear. He had hung his towel on the bar across the door and he tried his best to hide behind it. He knew it wouldn't work; it barely came up to waist level.

"Uh...alright, just a second." Justin tried to think of anything that would get his dick to go down. Clouds. Cars. His family. Nothing worked.

"Dude, I seriously have to piss," Chris said as he began opening the door. He moved a few steps into the bathroom when he saw Justin's reflection in the mirror. "You just releasing some stress?" he asked.

Justin turned bright red out of embarrassment but his dick stayed rock hard. He could not believe this was happening. Way back in his mind he liked the idea of being caught and his dick swelled even more.

"Damn, it looks like you've got a lot of stress to relieve too," said Chris. "You know how much I've wanted to get my hands on you again after what happened at that video store?"

"Oh yeah?" said Justin. He was going to play shy and see what it would get him. "Once I figured out why you were familiar to me I didn't think you'd had a good time since you never came and talked to me at work."

"Well what did you want me to do? Tell everyone about this hot guy that I blew in a video store, and then introduce you to everyone?" As he was talking Chris moved closer to the shower and began to take off his pants. Justin saw that Chris' boxers were straining to contain his own hardening cock. Chris pulled his shirt off and revealed a nicely toned stomach and well defined chest. Seeing this made Justin so fucking horny. All he could think about doing was pulling Chris into the shower and kissing him. He just wanted to feel his new friend's warm skin against his own.

"You know, I'm feeling pretty dirty myself. I think I could also stand to relieve some stress of my own." Chris slid the glass door open and stepped into the shower. He had removed the rest of his clothes and now standing in front of him in the shower Justin saw the hottest fucking guy he'd ever seen. The water trickled down Chris' chest and slicked down his dirty blond hair. At 6' tall, Chris' body made the shower a crowded place and he squeezed close to Justin.

Chris slid his right hand over Justin's chest, stopping to rub each nipple. As the water washed over them Chris moved his hand down Justin's stomach. Justin closed his eyes and moaned. It felt so good to have hands that were not his own on his body. Chris reached for the soap and gathered a good amount of lather. His hands moved to Justin's still hard cock. He moved his tight fist up and down his young friend's dick. His left hand reached underneath and groped Justin's tightening balls. Justin reached up and for the first time touched Chris' tight smooth body. He leaned in and kissed Chris lightly on the lips. As he began to pull away Chris reached up and pulled Justin back. They kissed long and hard. Justin could feel Chris' tongue moving in and out of his mouth. He could still feel Chris' hand wrapped tightly around his hard cock. Chris released Justin's head and he began softly kissing Justin's neck, moving down to his chest, taking time to suck on each nipple. This made Justin's body shudder. He could not believe how good all this felt. He loved to watch Chris as he moved all over his muscular body. He had never been so turned on in his life.

As much as Justin loved being the center of attention, he wanted to get his turn with Chris. He pushed Chris back and immediately dropped to his knees. He had wanted to wrap his lips around Chris' dick since that night at the video store and he could not wait any longer. Justin loved balls. He loved sucking on them; he loved getting his hands on them in any way possible. He stroked Chris' dick and began licking Chris' smooth balls. He took it all in his mouth. He made a line with his tongue from underneath Chris' balls all the way up to the tip of his fat dick. Justin thought it had to be at least 7" long and it was nice and fat. He devoured Chris' cock. He couldn't get enough of it. He loved the way it felt sliding between his lips. He could feel it hitting the back of his throat. He continued playing with Chris' balls as he sucked his dick. Justin reached up and grabbed Chris' ass and guided him in and out of his mouth. He wanted to have his face fucked by this hot guy. He wanted to feel his hot cum on his body.

Chris could tell Justin liked sucking dick. He trusted harder and harder. He loved seeing this hot young guy taking his entire big dick in his mouth. He loved the feeling of Justin's hands on his ass. He grabbed the back of the kid's head with both hands and pulled him on and off his cock. Justin was moaning as he slurped up and down Chris' dick. He loved the feeling of Chris' smooth balls slapping against his chin with each trust. Justin moved his hands all over the hot ass he was holding. He slid a couple fingers into Chris' crack. He wasn't sure what kind of response he'd get, but as his fingers moved closer to Chris' tight hole he moaned. Justin slid a wet finger across Chris' tight asshole and he felt him start to thrust harder. Chris grabbed Justin's head tighter and rammed his cock into his mouth.

"Oh fuck yeah. Finger my hole dude." Chris could barely get the words out. Justin's mouth was too full to respond so he just moaned. While still sliding up and down Chris' cock, Justin found the soap and got his finger nice and slippery. He moved it over Chris' hole again and this time stopped. He slowly pressed and could feel his finger sliding into the warm opening. He moved slowly and managed to slide his finger in up to the second knuckle.

"Shit, I'm gonna fucking cum bro," Chris said. Justin pulled off of his cock and began stroking Chris' dick with his free hand, continuing to slide his finger in and out of Chris' ass. In no time Chris lost control and began shooting his hot load all over Justin. Shot after shot splattered onto Justin's chest, neck and face. Justin loved the way it felt. He loved being responsible for the hot cum that covered him. As Chris finished shooting his load Justin pulled his finger from his ass and took one last lick of Chris' balls. Damn, he loved that. Chris pulled Justin to his feet and kissed him. Their tongues moved back and forth playing with each other. Justin began stroking his cock. Chris turned him around and Justin had no idea what was in store for him. Chris dropped to his knees, grabbed Justin's ass and spread his ass cheeks. He dove right down into Justin's ass and began tonguing his tight hole. Justin moaned and began stroking his dick faster and faster. He knew it wouldn't be long before he needed to cum, but he wanted this feeling to last as long as possible.

"Fuck yeah, eat that ass. That feels so fucking good. Fuck yeah, tongue my hole," Justin said, almost without realizing it. Chris reached around and began to play with Justin's balls. He wanted this boy to cum. He wanted to taste his hot cum. "I'm close...I'm gonna cum."

Chris quickly turned Justin around and began to suck on his dick. He tasted warm pre-cum and knew more was coon to come. As soon as Chris' lips wrapped around Justin's dick his body tensed and he shot his sticky load. Chris felt it hit the back of his throat and he loved the way it tasted. Justin squeezed out six shots of cum before Chris couldn't take anymore. He slid the still hard dick out of his mouth and Justin shot two small shots onto Chris' face. Chris wiped it off of his face and licked his fingers. He loved the taste of this boy's cum. He loved everything about this boy. Justin's body shook. He had never shot so much cum in his life. He was exhausted.

"Still stressed?" asked Chris.

"Hell no. I don't even remember what I was stressed about," answered Justin. "That was fucking hot."

"Fuck yeah it was. Did you learn to do that in the Coast Guard?"

Justin laughed. "Nah...long before I got here."

"Well, whenever you learned it, you're fucking good at it."

Chris moved to the back of the shower and let Justin rinse off all of the cum that covered his hairless body. They both finished rinsing off and got out of the shower and got dressed. Justin didn't give a shit what else happened that night or that weekend. That was the best 45 minutes he had ever spent in a shower in his life. The two of them decided to go get some dinner and headed out the door. They got to know each other and found out that they had quite a bit in common. Chris had also figured out he was gay while in high school and messed around with a couple guys there. He had had a couple of serious relationships with guys he had met, one of them actually from the Coast Guard. After dinner they headed back to Chris' place and watch some T.V. and drank a few beers. It was pretty late when Justin decided he should probably head back to the ship.

"Are you sure?" asked Chris. "You could stay here tonight, I've got the couch for you if you want it."

"Nah, that's alright. If I'm gone all night my rack mates are gonna start asking questions and they'll probably think I was doing something dumb like fucking a chick."

"Yeah, that's probably true."

Justin got back to the ship around 2 in the morning and luckily for him everyone was already asleep. He wouldn't have to deal with dumb questions until tomorrow. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the piece of paper that Chris had written his phone number on. He set inside his locker where he knew it would be safe. That is one number he certainly planned on calling soon. Justin climbed into bed and in no time was out cold. He was going to get the best night's sleep he had gotten in a long time, thanks to Chris.