Permission to Cum Aboard

Part 3

Justin thought about that night at Chris' house all the time. He thought about it while painting the hull, or swabbing the deck. He couldn't wait for his chance to get his hands on Chris again. He would have to wait a white, though. Justin's ship had received orders to begin patrolling up and down the California coast and they got underway within just a few days. This would be Justin's first real Coast Guard experience. The last time he had been on a boat was in the 4th grade when his class went on a whale-watching trip. He almost threw up but managed to choke down some saltine crackers that were shoved in front of his face. At that point he thought he'd never been on a boat again in his entire life.

As soon as the trip started Justin got to see some pretty cool things. The ship passed under the Golden Gate Bridge as it headed out to sea. Once out of the bay they passed by beautiful beach after beautiful beach. Seeing and experiencing all these new things almost made Justin forget about the constant hard-on he had. He really could not get the thoughts of Chris on his knees devouring his cock. Because of the close confines of the ship and the absolute lack of privacy, Justin could not find a time or place to jerk off. He had tried to do it in the shower but after just a few minutes the water turned icy-cold; not the most pleasant jack off situations. Everything made Justin horny. His boxers rubbing against his super sensitive dick head only made him harder. Any time someone brushed against him the feeling of their warm skin would send a shiver down his spine. He needed to get off and he needed to do it quickly.

A couple of weeks passed since his night with Chris and he still had not seen him again. The work that both of them did kept them on opposite ends of the ship while it was underway. Justin needed to see Chris' smooth muscular chest again. He needed to move his tongue over Chris' pink nipples. He wanted to plunge his hands into Chris' pants and wrap his fingers around his fat dick.

Finally, one night three weeks into the patrol Justin ran into Chris on deck. He had been standing at the railing taking in the sunset when Justin rounded the corner. Justin had been running, again with no shirt, like the first day they met. The crew had been given a couple of days of liberty because of their hard work and Justin hoped his time could be spent with Chris. The ship was still out to sea, which meant there was no place to go. No movies, no malls, no video booths. Chris apologized for being so difficult to find, but Justin understood. They had both been busy. They began talking, and making sure there was nobody within earshot, they talked about how hot their night together was. Chris told Justin that he wanted to taste his warm cum again, and Justin's dick sprang up immediately. Chris had no problem seeing his young friend's hard on in the flimsy athletic shorts. His own dick began to stir.

"I want you naked right now," said Chris. "Follow me." Chris led Justin inside, through a maze of passageways, to his quarters. It was small, but private. Chris was meant to have a roommate, but the petty officer that usually took the other rack had not come on the patrol. Chris had the room to himself. As soon as Chris closed and locked the door Justin was on him. He moved in and kissed Chris hard on the lips. His tongue pushed through Chris' lips. Their hands moved over each other feeling each other's defined bodies. All of Justin's work on the ship had begun to show. His arms were more muscular, his chest was becoming more defined. Chris slid his hand into Justin's shorts, grabbing his tight ass. Justin pushed Chris' shirt up, revealing his stomach. He wanted Chris naked and he wanted it now. He unbuttoned Chris' pants and pushed them down. They fell to the floor revealing Chris' hard cock restrained behind his black boxer briefs. Justin moved his hand up Chris' leg and into the opening. His fingers grazed Chris' balls. Even underway Chris had found time to keep them smooth. Chris moaned and Justin's fingers moved over his balls. He pulled his shirt off and clumsily stepped out of his pants. Justin dropped to his knees and pulled down the waistband of Chris' underwear. His rock hard cock peeked out and Justin immediately wrapped his lips around the pink cock head. Chris was already oozing pre-cum. Justin licked up the salty treat, wanting more. He continued pulling down Chris' underwear, taking more of his rock hard cock into his mouth. When he got Chris' boxer briefs down under his balls he pulled of Chris' dick and began licking his low hanging nuts. As his tongue moved over them they began to tighten. He licked every inch of them from front to back and underneath. Chris, still leaning against the thin door, moaned louder. He guided Justin up off of knees and slowly moved him to the center of the tiny room. The beds were too small for sex. They would have to use the floor. He maneuvered Justin onto his back and slid his thumbs under the waistband of Justin's shorts. Justin lifted his hips off the floor and Chris slid the shorts off and threw them in the corner. The opening on the front of Justin's boxers was wide open revealing his rock hard dick. Chris reached in and pulled Justin's dick through the slit. His left hand slid up Justin's leg as he lowered his face to Justin's dick. He licked from the base of Justin's cock all the way to the tip. His hand groped Justin's balls and his fingers quickly brushed over his tight boy hole. Justin's body shuddered. Be reached up and grabbed Chris' head and guided him up and down his cock. As Chris continued bobbing up and down on the boy's cock, Justin pulled off his boxers. He grabbed Chris' hand and moved it to his balls. He wanted to feel his older friend grabbing his balls while he sucked him.

Chris moved around so he was straddling Justin in a 69 position. Justin eagerly took his dick in his mouth. He again slurped up Chris' salty pre-cum. The two of them swallowed each other's dicks. Justin reached up and grabbed Chris' add. He inched forward and licked the underside of Chris' shaven balls. His tongue kept moving until it found Chris' warm tight hole. He darted his tongue in and out. Chris moaned and he continued to suck on his young friend. As Justin ate out Chris' ass, Chris' dick, which was resting on his chest, began to leak more and more pre-cum. Chris squeezed Justin's ass and he again moved his fingers over Justin's tight pink hole. Justin loved how it felt. He squirmed on the floor, still licking Chris' ass. He didn't know if he wanted to get fucked or do the fucking, but he was determined to fuck that night. After he had gotten Chris' ass nice and wet he moved back to his hard dick but began fingering the wet hole. Chris moved to licking Justin's balls as he got fingered. He wanted this hot boy's dick inside of him. He wanted to feel Justin's hips slamming against his ass as he was getting pounded.

As the two slobbered on each other's dick there was a knock at the door. They froze, unsure of what to do. The knock came again and they lay on the floor, totally naked, in silence.

To be continued...

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