Billy Thownsand is just your grade A typical youngster who always dreamed of being a U.S. Marine. All through high school, he dreamed of one day fulfilling his life long dream, actually becoming a Marine. Billy was raised by two loving parents who didn't overly protect him, but guarded him against the modern day clichés of sexual encouragements. They lived on the outskirts of a fairly small town in the heart of the wild, wild, West...Arizona. He grew up raising cattle, riding horses, and many other various ranch duties pertaining to their way of life. Billy has two sisters, one being older by a couple of years and the other two years younger. To his various disliking, he had seen his two sisters naked many times throughout the years. But, to get on with the story, Billy by far, was certainly no virgin.

By the time Billy turned 16, he had bedded down plenty of the home town young ladies. He was a looker, a looker who turned many heads anytime he walked by. At 16, Billy stood around 5'10" and weighed a solid 155 pounds. His hair was jet black, which he always kept rather short, and his eyebrows were thick and full. For whatever the reason, Billy's eyelashes were long and curled upwards, setting off the impression that he had them professionally done, which in turn, was certainly not true. Billy's facial features didn't give him the most manly of manly features either. Though his true age was 16, many would have guessed his age to be closer to 13. Two little sparkling dimples impaled his virtually non existing hairless face regardless if he smiled or not.

To add to what Billy referred to as his shameful perception of how he looked, his eyes were the darkest of emerald green many eyes had never seen. They almost appeared to be those of colored contact lenses, but were not. Many people would literally stop dead in their tracks and behold the beauty in which his eyes inherently possessed.

His other intricate feature was that his mother was Caucasian and his father was Mexican, giving his skin a soothing naturally tanned complexion. Though Billy was unable to see the beauty shining in his eyes while looking at himself in the mirror, others couldn't help not to notice. Billy was too unaware to realize that because of his natural born beauty, this reason alone, was the reason so many girls wanted to get into his pants...and they did! Speaking of pants, or better yet, what's inside them, Billy wasn't no porn star with a 12" cock. When fully erect, which was most all the time, his circumcised cock stood erect a good 6 inches, protruding from his body upwards at a near perfect 45 degree angle. The girth of his 6 inch perfection was about average. It wasn't all that thick, and it wasn't all that slender either...just right for ANY mouth to handle.

The head of his tanned cock was just a fraction of an inch larger than his shaft, setting off the mushroom shape defiantly beautiful. His balls didn't hang too low, but they hung down from the base of his cock a good inch or so. The sac itself was barely littered by a few tiny curly dark hairs. If having to judge the size of his balls, they were equal in size and in the shape of two small chicken eggs. By far, Billy was not hairy, but his small pubic bush formed in a perfect V always made the girls who were sucking his cock tingle from the sight, as well as his mild baby powder aromatic fragrance.

In the eyes of Billy, he wasn't all that. He would look at himself in the mirror, before and after taking a shower, and wished he had hair to cover his chest and flat (not a six pack) stomach, just like some of the guys he knew at school. Girl after girl would meet Billy somewhere after school and they would either suck him off or he would pound his juice into their sobbing wet cunts. It was always pretty much the same thing...the girl would suck his dick for a few minutes, then he would fuck them. Though the sex was good, Billy felt something was truly missing.

After his 1oth grade in high school, Billy decided to take 11th grade English in summer school. He wanted to skip his 11th grade year and go straight into the Marine Corps. Once discussing his plans and his ideas with his parents, both agreed they would sign for him to go being the tender age of 17. Billy accomplished his goal by skipping his 11th year worked hard all school year long to achieve the best grades he possibly could. Two months shy of graduation, the Marine Corps Recruiter came to their home for Billy's parents to sign the papers.

Once signing, the Recruiter, Staff Sgt. Richard Wallace instructed Billy to meet with him after school on the following Friday. For Billy, the Friday coming up seemed to never get any closer. But, finally the day came and the final school bang rang and Billy walked the three miles in the scorching heat to meet with Staff Sgt. Wallace at his recruiting office. Dripping with sweat, Billy entered the office to find Staff Sgt. Wallace sitting at his desk. Staff Sgt. Wallace motioned for Billy to have a seat at his desk while he concluded his telephone conversation.

Seated before Staff. Sgt. Wallace, Billy was in total awe at the sight of the Marine before him. Just like in the pictures, the Marine his eyes studied was absolutely a work of pure perfected and molded Marine. Billy figured him to be somewhere in his late twenties or early thirties, and stood at least 6'2" and weighed a muscular 200 or so pounds. Even the man's face was a spitting image of what a real Marine should be. Squared jaw and a chiseled body!

When Staff Sgt. Wallace hung up the phone a few minutes later, he looked Billy straight into those dazzling green eyes, then said,

"Billy, we got us a slight little problem."

Billy's heart jumped into his throat as he politely asked,

"What can it be sir?"

Wallace studied the young boy seated before him and saw true concern melting across the most gorgeous face his eyes had ever laid eyes on. Billy was totally unaware of Wallace's true intentions this day. Wallace cleared his throat, then with the most stern look on his face he could possibly force, said,

"A pre physical...that's all. You see, I have to fill out these forms (grabbing a bunch of papers) and I will need your total cooperation so I can speed this process up. Do I have your complete cooperation?"

Billy didn't quite understand what he was supposed to do, but he really wanted to be a Marine and would do whatever was necessary to achieve his life long dream, so he, without thinking, replied,

"Yes sir, I'll do whatever you need me to do, sir!"

Staff Sgt. Wallace had seen Billy at school about two years prior and instantly became the onset of many jack-off sessions. Now, with the young man wanting to be a Marine so badly, Wallace had concocted this pre physical in order to fulfill his dream as well. Knowing Billy might be a little naïve, Wallace had decided to push the envelope to see just how far Billy would allow him to go, so he planned this day knowing nobody else would be in the office to spoil his perverted course of actions. Looking at his cock hardening object of total infatuation, Staff Sgt. Wallace said,

"Good, then we can get started in the back room. Now Billy, this is all routine and I've done it a million times so there is no need to get embarrassed. Come on!"

Wallace rose to his feet and so did Billy. Billy, still had no clue what he was getting ready to be asked to do. Since he didn't play sports, he really didn't know what a physical would curtail, so he absent mindedly followed the Staff. Sgt down the hallway, straight into the large backroom which mainly was a storage area. Once in the back room, Wallace spun around a few inches from where Billy stopped, then said,

"Okay now, just do what I tell you to do so I can get these fucking papers filled out. I don't know why they make me do this bull shit, but I know you understand. Okay now, let's get started!"

Billy just stood there not knowing what all he was supposed to do, looking at the molded artwork of a Marine. Wallace looked at Billy and realized that the boy was clueless about what he wanted him to do, so he smiled, then said,

"Billy, you got to get out of those clothes in order for me to get this paperwork completed...hop to it!"

Now, Billy knew what he was supposed to do, but though he was a tad uncomfortable with it, he began peeling off his sweaty clothes. Standing in front of a worn out desk, Wallace's eyes were locked on Billy's near naked body. Billy was standing there just in his white fruit-of-the-looms giving Wallace's eyes the perverted shot he had dreamed of many, many times. The tanned skin of the near naked boy, offset by the white underwear, was intoxicatingly beautiful. The package in which the lucky underwear held revealed Billy's soft cock and cock head forming a clear outline thanks to the sweaty material.

Pretending he was really doing something, Wallace grabbed a measuring tape and had Billy stretch his arms towards the ceiling. Billy did exactly what Wallace ordered and Wallace studied the boy's tiny patch of hair forming a breathtaking puddle in the center of the pit. Wallace used this method to place his hands on the searing hot silky smooth flesh of Billy's outstretched arms. In order to further his own personal excitement, Wallace told Billy to turn his head all the way to the right, leaving his body in place. Billy did as instructed and this gave Wallace the freedom to stick his inhaling nostril directly into Billy's exposed armpit. Without actually touching the armpit, Wallace breathed in ever so heavily, intoxicated by the faint aroma of a mild baby powder odor. Just from sight, Wallace knew the aroma spewing from the raised armpit couldn't have been any kind of underarm deodorant, so it must have simply been the boy's natural born spine tingling fragrance.

Wallace greedily smelled both armpits and Billy still didn't have a clue as to what Wallace was really doing, or better yet, accomplishing. Wallace measured each thigh, ensuring that his hands slid up to the boy's wet crotch. Billy just stood there doing whatever Staff Sgt. Wallace instructed him to do. From the boy's small feet, back up to the sweaty package, Wallace took his time inspecting every square inch of the near naked beauty standing ever so perfect before him.

Standing directly in front of Billy, about two feet apart, Wallace pointed (the underwear), then said,

"Those got to come of as well!"

Billy, though giving it a quick thought, peeled down the wet underwear and slung them on the floor next to the rest of his clothes. Wallace's jaw literally hit the ground as he trembled in awesome delight at the now naked boy of his many wonderful dreams. Billy's cock was soft and it rested downwards, over his near hairless nuggets, a good inch or so. Wallace swiped his lips with his tongue as he peered at the perfect cock before him, noticing the small piss slit in the process. The little patch of pubic hair looked as though Billy shaved it into a perfect V formation, but after straining his eyes a bit harder, Wallace came to realize that that was just all too natural.

Wallace, gulping hard, cleared his throat once more, then said,

"I have to measure your butt, so go ahead and turn around for me!"

Billy inched himself completely around causing Wallace to almost fall to his knees as the tanned globes of the most tantalizing ass whisked into view. Wallace quivered in sheer delight as he studied the juicy taunting mounds of pure perfection. They were solid as solid could be and showed no signs of a wiggle as Billy came perfectly still so Wallace could complete his paperwork. The butt before his eyes was small, but beautifully shaped, NO, sculptured! Wallace slipped to his knees and held the measuring tape with both trembling hands as he hesitated to feel the mounds ripping out his eyes.

As if in slow motion, Wallace raised his hands and palmed both mouthwatering ass cheeks, pretending to take the measurements. The flesh of those unblemished molded mounds scorched his hands as he instinctively drew his inhaling nostrils closer and closer to the little line separating such lovely intricate globes created from the purest of heaven made molds.

Fumbling with the tape, Wallace placed his nostril directly at the crack spewing formidable heat from deep within and inhaled, then inhaled some more. Just like with the boy's armpits, the only odor his perverted inhaling captured was that of the mild scent of baby powder. Wallace wanted to haul out his cock and spread those muscled cheeks wider apart and eat this gorgeous boy's ass forever and ever, but he caught himself just before his hand was grabbing at his rock hard beef.

Still on his knees, directly centered at Billy's ass, Wallace fought the words to say,

"Billy, I know this will be a bit uncomfortable for you, but I'll need you to bend over the desk and spread your legs as wide as you can. I've got to take these measurements and send them right off. This won't be too long, so go ahead and bend over!"

Billy leaned over grabbing the front of the desk with both hands and spread his legs as far as his balance would allow. Wallace was amazed to see that even bent over and spread wide, the boy's crack would not unlock itself from its protective seal. But the sight of the boy's dangling balls was mouthwatering in and of itself.

Billy stood still as he felt the large hands pry his ass cheeks open, then almost jumped out of his skin when he felt one of the Marine's finger graze his exposed asshole. Billy was almost ashamed to be in this position, since after all, he had showered this morning, and been in school all day, then walked the three miles to the recruiting office. Though Billy may have felt a little hygienically unclean, Wallace was having the time of his life.

When Wallace pried the tight ass cheeks apart and witness for the first time Billy's asshole, he fought the mad desire to shove his tongue directly onto the most precious sight his eyes could ever witness. Even his crack was naturally tanned and from a birds eye inspection, Wallace mentally noted the few strands of tiny hairs crawling around on the inside of the boy's sweet smelling crack. Though there was probably around ten or so hairs up and down the boy's crack, as for the actual hole, there were no more than four little curly strands flagging themselves around Billy's tiny love entrance. And tiny, it most certainly was! Wallace peered into the ringlet circle and gasped as he watched Billy's asshole pucker as if taking a well needed breath of air.

Wallace, on the other hand, had his nose within a fraction of an inch of Billy's asshole, breathing as deeply as his lungs would allow. Wallace could feel the fiery heat steaming from Billy's little hole and smelled the enriching aroma of once again, a mild baby powder fragrance. Though he sniffed many times, not once did Wallace detect any signs of a musky odor whatsoever. With all intent, Wallace slid a finger directly onto Billy's totally unaware butt hole and allowed it to linger for a few more seconds than he actually should have.

Still, with his face close to Billy's jutting backside, Wallace blurted out,

"Damn Billy, I bet you drive all the girls crazy!"

Billy fired back,

"I get some action here and there!"

Wallace pushed a bit too hard when he let the words just sort of slip out of his mouth,

"Yeah, I can see why...with this ass I bet the girls spend hours just eating your asshole out!"

Billy was caught a bit off guard by the latest comment, but he made a sort of disgusting face, then replied,

"No sir, I don't do the butt thing!

Seeing just how far he could go, Wallace said,

"No, I don't mean you eating some girl's shit hole...I mean them eating yours!"

Billy swallowed hard just trying to visualize such an act, then responded,

"No sir, no way...I aint never had a girl try that to me! That's just uh, too gross!"

All Billy had to do was give Wallace the green light and he would have been more than happy to dine on his virgin asshole until the boy couldn't take it any longer, but Billy never gave that a thought...he just wanted this physical to hurry up and get over with so he could get dressed.

Wallace knew he had to release the boy, or at least from this position. Forcing his inhaling nostrils from Billy's sweet smelling ass, Wallace forced himself off of his knees, then said,

"Okay, almost over. I'll need you to turn around so I can get the last few measurements."

Billy turned around and Wallace saw the boy's soft cock swing into view. He had been hoping that his soft touches would have sparked life into Billy's cock, but after seeing it swing into view, he knew that that was not about to happen, or at least, not just yet.

Pulling up a stool, Wallace sat right in front of Billy. Holding the tape, he pressed one end up against the boy's pubic mound, then held the other end directly over Billy's piss slit. Wallace intentionally moved his fingers a bit, hoping beyond any and all hopes that he might stimulate the soft young cock before him. While taking the prolonged measurement of Billy's soft cock, Wallace stuck out his right pinky finger and placed it directly under Billy's silky smooth balls.

While Wallace was pretending to take the measurement, Billy could feel the Marine's hot breath strike his naked cock. Between Wallace's groping of his cock and the man's fiery hot breath pelting it as well, Billy could feel the familiar stirring in his groins, not to mention, the life being pumped into his cock by the second. Wallace was no fool either for his eyes watched in awe as the soft piece of sweet meat being palmed in his left hand began jerking itself to life. Keeping his eyes on the growing cock in his hand and it his fingertips, Wallace said,

"Don't be embarrassed, it happens all the time...just don't even think about it!"

Billy couldn't help not to think about it as his own eyes were peering down watching his cock grow harder by the second in another man's hand. In less than 10 seconds, Wallace now had Billy's fully engorged young cock in the palm of his sweating hand. Straining his eyes upon the marveling beauty of a cock, Wallace blurted out,

"Billy, I bet you have girls who suck this cock on a daily basis, milking your cum down their throats every single time!"

Billy shook his head, then softly replied,

"A few girls will swallow, but most of them wont do it for that long!"

Wallace thought for a second just to prolong the amount of time he could spend holding such a silky smooth, perfectly tanned, suckable cock, then said,

"Yeah, but I bet the ones who swallow, want to swallow your cum every day, two or three times a day for that matter!"

Billy shook his head form side to side once more, then replied,

"I wish, the couple of girls who do that, only do that once every blue moon!"

Wallace quickly asked,

"So, did they ever tell you what your cream tastes like, or have you ever bothered to ask them?"

Billy, still the naïve little boy, offered his response,

"I asked one girl once and she said that it I shoot a larger load than most she had done that too, but she said it really didn't have much of a taste, just thick and kind of gooey, that's all!"

Wallace's cock pounded away inside his pants and his mouth began watering like crazy at the words Billy had just spoken. Wallace did measure the boy's hard cock and saw that it came to a sizeable 6 inches from the base to the very edge of the most magnificent crown any man could ever possess. Even the doctor who had performed the circumcision on Billy's cock did so beyond any others his eyes had ever seen, and he had seen a plenty in his time. It didn't even look like there was a scar, just tanned silky flesh leading up the mushroom shaped majestic crown!

Still holding Billy's breathing cock, Wallace hesitantly asked,

"Now Billy, I need you to be perfectly honest with me. You know the Corps policy of "Don't ask, don't tell", well I have to ask you something that you may find a bit awkward responding to, but you understand, I have to fill out this fucking paperwork. Have you ever had sex with a guy before, or have you ever thought about having sex with a guy?"

Billy quickly replied,

"I've heard about gay guys, but I don't think I've ever met one personally before. But, to answer your questions, no sir, I've never done anything with a guy before!"

Before Wallace could pursue his line of questioning, Billy stated,

"I guess I have snuck a peek a time or two at school watching another guy pee, but that's pretty much it. I just figured that to be kind of normal you know, just to see how I compared to someone else, um, in the dick area!"

Wallace gulped hard, then said,

"Well Billy, one thing is for sure, and that is you don't ever have anything to worry about in that department. From what I can see, you got yourself one hell of a gorgeous cock on you that any girl would love to suck forever and a day! Shit, for that matter, guys too!"

Billy swallowed a mouthful of saliva, then curiously asked,

"Guys sir?"

Wallace, still with his eyes locked on Billy's cock replied,

"Yes, even guys! Billy, you're going to find this hard to believe, but why do girls say that only another girl knows how to make a girl feel. Well, I'll tell you. They know how they want to be treated and they know just how to tickle all the right spots. Just like that, the same philosophy goes with guys. Take for instance, you eat some girls pussy out for let's say an hour, then she returns the favor by sucking your cock for thirty seconds then tells you to fuck her. I don't know about you, but I personally can't stand that shit. Here's another one for you to swallow, but just how many times have you literally had to force a girls hand on your cock, much less your balls. Most of them just don't like touching our cocks and balls, that's as simple as that! And Billy, one last thing and I know right now you feel that it is kind of disgusting, but wait until the day you find out for yourself and you'll change your attitude about it...that's eating a butt hole out! You see, your asshole is filled with sensitive rockets just waiting to blast off. A girl might not want to try that on you, but believe me, a guy would faster than a New York Minute!"

While Billy was pondering everything Wallace had just said, Wallace was now measuring the boy's nuggets. Wallace was bound and determined to grope the boy as long as possible before he figured Billy would do or say something that might indicate he had had enough of the physical. Billy's balls felt wonderful in Wallace's hand as he endured to cup each one ever so gingerly while still pretending to take some measurements. Billy could also feel his balls roll around in the hand of the Marine sitting before him and could still feel the man's fiery hot breath burn entrancing sensations on the head of his throbbing cock.

When Wallace's eyes trailed up the naked boy's body and zeroed in on Billy's quivering eyes, Billy knew he was supposed to respond to what Wallace had just said, so he grinned sheepishly, then nervously stated,

"Sir, I don't think I would want to have sex with a guy, and you may be right about the butt thing, but sir, I honestly don't think I can put my tongue in a place that shit comes out of...I'd probably throw up if I tried something like that!"

Wallace knew right then and there that no matter how hard he tried, young Billy wasn't going to be intimidated into having sex with a man, so with all the reluctance in the world, he released Billy's nuggets, thankful for all he had the splendor in seeing and doing, and informed Billy to get dressed.

Wallace watched with the hardest erection his cock ever had as Billy began getting dressed. He may not have had the opportunity to suck the young beauty dry, but his mind had taken millions of photos of the nude boy that would inevitably be the same material for many, many sperm shooting outings. Once Billy was dressed, they shook hands and Wallace watched as the most gorgeous guy seen by any eyes walked graciously out of his office. Before Billy was out of sight, Wallace hauled out his aching meat and began instantly pounding his uncut 7 inches of Marine pride until his thick globs of sperm splashed heavily against the wall near one of the desks close to the large window. Still with his eyes on Billy as he walked down the sidewalk, Wallace knelt down, pretending that the globs of sperm on the wall was Billy's, and began moaning as his tongue started scooping up every last dripping droplet of his own man juice.

Billy thought all about what Staff Sgt. Wallace had said and he still was a bit curious as to why he got an erection when the Marine took his personal measurements. On the walk home, while thinking of what had just happened, Billy's cock grew hard, placing a heavy strain on his bunched up cock being strictly restrained inside his Levi's.

For the next couple of months, Billy worked hard on his school work until he finally struggled through and graduated. Just as planned, after graduation, Billy went straight to boot camp. Without a doubt, boot camp was nothing like he had anticipated. It was hot and extremely hard. He was cussed out every single day by his drill instructors and one even said, while having him stand in front of his fellow recruits inside their barracks, that he was just too fucking pretty to be a Marine. Naturally, this made Billy question his own looks.

Just prior to graduation from boot camp, while in the head being forced to line up naked to take their showers, Billy's drill instructor, Sgt. Crane, walked directly up to him, pointed at his cock and ass, then embarrassingly yelled,

"Look here maggots, this boy's dick is getting hard looking at all your naked smelly asses. I bet he's dreaming right now of one of you low life mother fucker's to shove your slimy little cocks up his sperm sucking asshole!"

The D. I. kept on humiliating Billy to no end, but he was right about one thing, Billy's cock became rock hard while standing naked in line waiting to take his shower. His cock could feel the heat steaming from the recruit's ass in front of him, as well as he could feel the recruit's growing cock directly in behind him, almost touching his naked butt, and at times while inching forward, it did.

Billy managed to graduate and there could never be no other pride than that day, standing on the parade ground, being announced a United States Marine. He had accomplished his life long dream, though be it boot camp was definitely a struggle, he now was a Marine, and forever will be!

They flew home after graduation and once at home, Billy went straight to the bathroom and filled the tub to take a hot bath for the first time since he departed for boot camp. While soaking in the tub, his mind kept on replaying all the scenes of the daily ritual of all the recruits standing in line naked to take their showers. His mind photographed all the various shapes and sizes of all the cocks he had seen, not to mention all those jutting butts dancing as one foot was placed in front of the other, inching their bodies forward to take a shower. Absentmindedly enough, Billy's right hand fell onto his already hard cock and he was in the beginning stages of jacking-off for the first time since he had left for boot camp.

While enjoying the feel of his right hand on his cock, Billy actually felt the hard cock as it smashed up against the crevice of his ass. Just at the remembrance of the feel of the velvety hard cock on his butt, Billy's cock exploded, sending a huge thick glob of his own cream splashing directly into his mouth. Before he had a chance to react, Billy's throat swallowed, sending his hot juice dribbling down his throat. Just as he had realized he just swallowed his own cream, another glob shot into his mouth, striking his upper pallet, followed by another two or three globs. Billy was too far gone feeling the waves of his built up orgasm rocket through his body to fight off his throat from accepting his own sperm, so he swallowed slowly, realizing that the taste of his cum wasn't all that bad. In fact, Billy rather liked the taste, so he began using his left hand to swipe up the globs of thick cream from his chin, throat, and chest and slowly licked and sucked his sperm coated fingers until the last bit of his hot juice was trickling down his bewildered throat.

Just before they were to eat, Billy was sitting on his bed, pondering his actions while taking his bath. He had tasted his own seed and was questioning his own ability as to which, his sperm or a girl's pussy juice, tasted better. In the blink of an eye, Billy informed himself that he liked the taste of his own cum far better than any pussy juice he had ever tasted. Just thinking of drinking his own juice caused his cock to grow rock hard.

While eating, he and his family spoke about boot camp and all the degrading things he had to endure. Billy couldn't wait until they were finished cause he had already told himself that he was going to saddle up a horse and ride out to his favorite place on their ranch and pound his cock into a sperm shooting frenzy. Even while they ate, his cock was as hard as a piece of metal. All his mind could think of was all the cocks, balls, and butts he silently feasted upon while at boot camp.

After they ate, Billy saddled up one of the horses and was riding out to his favorite resting spot. On the way, he met up with one of the girls he had bedded down a few times. In a feverish attempt to get the wicked thoughts of cocks, balls, and manly asses out of his head, he persuaded the girl to have sex with him. It was just as Staff Sgt. Wallace had mentioned. Billy ate her pussy for a good while and he pretty much had to beg her to suck on his cock. She did suck him, but it was only for a few seconds. Billy did find himself, while laying on his back, trying to offer the girl his ass, but she would have no part of that. After sucking his cock for a few short lived seconds, she flipped over and hiked up her legs. Naturally, Billy mounted her, but while his cock was pile driving her cunt, his mind was still on the scenery of the shower at boot camp.

For the next three weeks, while at home prior to reporting to his first duty station, Billy bedded down five girls. Every single time, the actions were all the same. Billy found himself having to think of the shower scene of all the cocks, swinging balls, and muscle ripping asses to even get an erection. The final and fifth girl was the ultimate final straw. Billy ate her out and she absolutely refused to place her mouth anywhere close to Billy's hard cock. Billy knew, right then and there, something was missing in his life. In his mind, he must be turning gay because he couldn't keep naked men out of his mind.

The next morning, Billy got up early and took a very lengthy bath, brushed his teeth and headed out the door. His plans were non sexual, but for whatever the reason, he just wanted to go visit his recruiter, Staff Sgt. Wallace. Upon entering the recruiter's office, Billy found himself standing face to face with a stranger, standing tall in his dress blues. Come to find out, Staff Sgt. Wallace had been transferred to someplace unknown. Now, it was Cpl. Allen Singletary taken his place instead. Just from first glance, Billy could easily ascertain that Cpl. Singletary was much younger than the Marine he had replaced. Billy figured him to be somewhere around his early twenties.

As the two introduced themselves, they both began studying every fine feature of the unsuspecting other. Billy figured Cpl. Singletary stood an even six foot and couldn't have weighed no more than 180 pounds. Just like Staff Sgt. Wallace, Cpl. Singletary was chiseled from head to toe. While Billy was silently making mental notes, so was Allen. Allen was astounded at seeing such perfection standing before him. Had he been able to have gone back in time, Allen would have happily went to boot camp with young Billy, just to catch a glimpse of this astonishing breathtaking beauty of a young Marine in all of his naked glory.

While they studied each other, Billy detected that Cpl. Singletary was just like himself, being of a mixed origin. He looked like he was half American and half Filipino. Cpl. Singletary's skin looked almost olive in color, just like Billy's which only intrigued him that much further. While Allen was moving about, so was Billy's adventurous eyes. Billy studied the Marine's crotch and noticed a very distinguishable bulge tenting forthright. Allen knew his cock was not cooperating, but as the sly devil he had grown to become, he intentionally paraded around the office hoping that this young Adonis would somehow be interested.

Billy's palms were sweating profusely as his eyes locked onto the massive bulge waving before his weary eyes. Allen observed the young Marine's eyes as they moved with pure elegance every time he took a step, flashing his hardening erection as if willing the gorgeous youth to open his mouth and prepare to get a taste of his engorged hunk of beef. Allen intentionally bent over a chair to discard a file onto the floor, forcing his already rather tight pants to course their way around his curvy jutting ass. With his every taunting move, Allen kept a close eye on Billy to see whether or not if the young Marine was looking at him, or his features being displayed for the young boy's pleasure. Knowing and wanting to get a better look at Billy, who was still standing behind the counter blocking Allen's view of the boy's angelic body, Allen sat down at his desk and motioned Billy to come over to him.

Allen's eyes danced in their sockets as he watched Billy saunter up to the chair in front of his desk. His eyes glued on the breathtaking view of Billy's crotch. Inadvertently, Allen licked his lips as Billy was just beginning the motion to sit down. Once Billy was seated, the two spoke of boot camp and of Billy's first duty station. They talked for a solid hour before Allen decided the time was right to open their conversation up just a bit, by slinging out,

"I'll say one thing for you Billy, when you go into town in San Diego, all you got to do is point, and somebody will drop to their knees and suck you dry!"

The twist of the conversation from strictly Marine based to now having his cock sucked caught Billy by surprise, and his only response was,

"Huh, um, yeah right!"

Allen saw the surprise overcome the boy's angelic gorgeous face and followed his comment up with,

"Shit, they'd drop to their knees and slurp on your delicious cock until your thick cream swims deep within their stomachs, then turn you around and tongue fuck that ass of yours until your cock gets as hard as steel!"

Unlike Staff Sgt. Wallace, Cpl. Allen Singletary was a little more straight to the point, especially now since he had Billy inside his office and was basically drooling over the young Marine. Billy looked at Allen, then softly replied,

"I've never been to San Diego...things like that don't happen, especially to someone like me!"

Allen wanting to push the envelope wide open, smiled then said,

"Billy my boy, as good as you look, it would be a downright crime not to. I've been stationed there and believe me, when you wiggle that hot little ass of yours there, you're going to have tons of people wanting to suck your cock and dine on your ass for hours upon hours. Shit, I can't imagine anyone in this one horse town who wouldn't spread your cheeks apart and lap at your asshole like a thirsty coyote."

Though Billy was somewhat shocked, he was definitely intrigued by all that was just said, and intrigued to the point that his cock was all bunched up inside his pants, harder than hard.

Allen didn't wait for Billy to respond, and just like he had done a hundred times prior to either a young Marine or a youngster wanting to be a Marine, Allen was hungrier than ever for Billy, then tossed up,

"You see Billy, right now you got the world by the balls. As good as you look, it's a fucking shame to sit there and tell yourself you wouldn't let some guy suck you off. You'd be depriving yourself of one hell of a blow job. Damn, I know you love the way some girl stabs your asshole with her tongue, listening to you moan in pleasure the entire time. So tell me, how do you like it when a hot tongue washes your asshole and climbs inside and dances deep within your sweet tasting anal canal?"

Billy listened carefully to it all and hesitantly, almost embarrassingly whispered,

"I aint never had a girl do that to me and I aint never done that to any of them either!"

Allen paused for a second, then fired,

"If you aint never felt a tongue in your ass before, then you aint never had a real blow job either. Believe me, aint nothing like it. Well, do you got a hairy ass?"

Without thinking, Billy replied,

"No, not really! I got a little bit down there, but I wouldn't call it hairy!"

Once Billy gave Allen the information, Allen figured his chances were getting better by the second to dine on Billy's delicious mouth watering body. Rubbing his cock under the desk, out of Billy's view, Allen decided to ask one more very important question,

"Billy, I know you are straight, but come on man, you can't tell me that you wouldn't pass up on a free blow job even if it were a man doing it to you. Shit, where I come from, a mouth's a mouth, and it don't matter just as long as you get the pleasure from it. I can't tell you how many times I've spread my legs, hauled out my meat, and let some guy suck me off. To be honest with you, the best blow jobs I've ever had came from guys. Trust me Billy, let your inhibitions go and relax, live life for awhile and you'll see a whole new better world will open up just for you!"

Billy was flabbergasted at hearing this chiseled Marine confess to letting guys suck his dick, but for some odd reason, Billy felt really at ease listening to it all. Almost shyly, Billy's little mouth opened and Allen captured every single glorious word,

"No guy has ever asked me to do that, so I don't know how to go about making that happen. I've heard about gay guys, but I don't know of any, and if I do, they never approached me!"

Bingo, Allen knew he had just hit the jackpot, so he looked into Billy's entrancing unbelievable green eyes, then defiantly stated,

"Billy, the way you look can intimidate people. You see, putting it straight to the point, you are flat fuck gorgeous! That alone will force people to shy away from you, especially some guy foaming at the mouth to suck your cock and eat that hot little sweet ass of yours. All you got to do is give some sort of signal that it is okay and your new world will develop before your very eyes! But, here's one question you need to answer to yourself honestly, but I'm going to toss it out to you right now. Will you let another man suck your cock, or better yet, would you like to return the favor as well?"

There was no hesitation in Billy's voice as he softly whispered,

"Yeah, I would on both counts!"

Allen got out of his chair and walked in behind Billy and placed both of his hands on Billy's shoulders. Allen started massaging Billy's shoulders while his cock lurched inside his pants as if begging for fresh air to breathe. While massaging his shoulders, Allen intentionally rubbed each side of Billy's hairless face with the outer edges of his thumbs. Billy's body trembled all over as he melted from the chiseled Marine's graceful touches. No man had ever done this to him before as Allen whispered,

"Relax, just relax!"

Billy was doing just that and as Allen massaged Billy's shoulders, his dancing fingertips darted under Billy's shirt and was gracing the young Marine's hard, but silky soft, hairless smooth chest. Timing his move, Allen watched and felt as Billy's breathing became more rampant. One thing Allen told himself he wouldn't do was rush the boy and ruin this for others. By taking his time, and showing Billy some true pleasure, he knew he would be solely responsible for allowing the next lucky guy a romp in the sack with such a young gorgeous Adonis.

Allen was rubbing his die hard erection against the back of Billy's chair while touching the smooth electrifying body knowing he was doing something no man had ever done before. Realizing where they were, Allen whispered,

"Let's take this into the back room!"

Removing his hands, Allen walked to the front door, locked it then placed the closed sign on it, then quickly walked passed Billy, going straight to the backroom with Billy walking directly in behind him.

Billy was familiar with the backroom, but since Cpl. Singletary had taken over, the place was a whole lot cleaner and smelled tons fresher. Allen had Billy sit on the old desk and placed a finger up to Billy's lips as Billy was just about to speak. Billy's body was shaking feverishly as Allen knelt down and took off Billy's left cowboy boot, then the right one. As if in slow motion, Allen peeled off Billy's socks leaving Billy's feet as naked as the day they were born. Holding Billy's right foot up to his nostril, Allen inhaled the heavenly scent while a soft moan evaded his quivering lips. Allen began licking around each toe sending a tickling, yet soothing sensation crashing throughout Billy's trembling body. Allen licked up and down and all around each sweet toe before sticking most of Billy's foot inside his mouth.

Allen took his time to properly work over each sweet mouthwatering foot, glancing up periodically to see Billy with his eyes closed while the vibrations of his elegant angelic moans pierced Allen's ears. Sliding up the boy's seated body, Allen's hands clung to Billy's thighs, gently offering the most gentlest of squeezes along the way. Reaching Billy's pull over t-shirt, Allen grabbed the sides and slowly marveled as the boy's perfect frame came into view. His stomach was tight and his chest was defined as Allen quivered in his shoes at this very delightful eye candy seated before him. Billy instinctively raised both arms over his head as Allen pulled the shirt completely off Billy's naked upper body.

With his arms still over his head, Allen softly placed his left hand just on the break of Billy's left elbow, preventing Billy from lowering it, then used his right hand to grope its course, up and down. Allen's eyes beheld the little patch of dark soft hairs hovering in the center of pit. Like being drawn by a powerful magnet, Allen sunk his face into Billy's left armpit and breathed in the most intoxicating aroma his nose had ever smelled. Taking in a few more deep breaths, Allen placed a finger on the faint aroma spewing from such a marvelous and appetizing pit. It was an aroma of a faint and mild baby powder.

Allen flattened his tongue out on Billy's armpit and he began to smear his tongue all around. Billy groaned from pleasure as the tongue was doing something to him he had never ever felt before. This was exciting to Billy. Never had he dreamed that his armpit would offer so much pleasure, in fact, he had thought the same thing about his feet. Allen took turns using his tongue to cleanse both armpits to a profound perfection. Just as Allen was finishing on Billy's right armpit, Billy was moaning and groaning spewing soft angelic purrs with each and every swipe of Allen's experienced tongue.

Billy's body was still feverishly shaking, but as of now, he wasn't shaking from being nervous, his body was shaking from all the strange and wonderful pleasures he was now going through. Allen slid his hands up and down Billy's stomach and chest while his tongue probed Billy's left ear, then his right. Billy had had a tongue in his ear a few times, but none could compare with the tongue belonging to Allen. While swabbing out Billy's right ear, Allen used just his fingertips to gingerly pinch Billy's tiny erect nipples. He didn't do it hard, but hard enough to force Billy to exhilarate one long steady moan.

Allen slid his tongue all along Billy's sweet tasting neck, keeping his fingertips at work on the boy's rejuvenated erect nipples. Nobody had ever really touched his nipples before, but the steady pinching was making Billy's head lighter and lighter by the trembling second, not to mention the swirling tongue gliding all over his neck. Allen placed gentle nibbles on Billy's neck as his tongue traced a path for his teeth to embark on.

Not knowing what to with his hands, Billy placed them on his knees. Allen began pressing his erection up against Billy's hands, first the right one, then the second one. Billy felt Allen's hard cock as it pressed up against the back of his fingers. He knew it was big and hard, but Billy was secretly desiring the opportunity to see what weapon lies underneath Allen's pants.

Allen licked and kissed his way all over Billy's face, avoiding darting his tongue into the boy's sweet hot mouth. He licked Billy's lips while gently sucking in on them, basking in the fiery heat steaming out of Billy's heavy breathing nostrils. Releasing Billy's right nipple with his left fingertips, Allen gracefully placed his left hand on Billy's crotch. Allen moaned as he felt the hardness through the pants as he squeezed and squeezed, relishing with every soft touch. Billy was cooing loudly as the teeth, tongue, and now hand made his entire body explode into one hell of a never before felt body convulsing quake.

Billy gave up on the idea of just allowing Allen's hard cock to touch the back of his fingertips, so he used both hands to fumble with the Marine's zipper, fighting back the urge to just tear them open. Billy moaned as he felt Allen's zipper give way and began easily sliding downwards. Once Billy managed to get the zipper all the way down, he reached up and unhooked the belt buckle, then forced open Allen's pants a bit. Placing both hands on the sides of Allen's pants, Billy tugged them down a bit until Allen's Marine Corps issued white boxers came into view. Doing the same thing, Billy slid the boxers down. The only problem for Billy was the fact that Allen was so close to him, he was not able to see the man's cock, but once the boxers were down to Allen's thighs, Billy reached out and his fingers landed right on the shaft of Allen's cock. This was Billy's first cock, other than his own, his fingers had ever touched, and oh what a cock he was now touching. Though Billy couldn't see it, he could feel it.

Just from the girth, Billy knew that Allen's cock was more than twice his own thickness and according to the length of the silky rock hard shaft, Billy knew it was more than a bit larger than his own 6 inches. Just by the touch, Billy could tell that Allen was circumcised too and the head was way thicker than the blood engorged shaft. The cock in his hand throbbed angrily and Billy grew more and more excited by the tick of a clock with each passing second.

Allen groaned feverishly at the hand working so heavenly on his rock hard boner. Just knowing that it was Billy's hand made things that much more hotter in Allen's eyes, and entire body as well. The more Billy's small hands searched and felt his throbbing erection, the more overheated Allen soon became. His mouth fell onto Billy's left nipple and his tongue slithered all along the very tip while his teeth gently locked onto the electrifying silky smooth flesh surrounding Billy's nipple. Billy cried out as soon as he felt Allen's teeth, lips, and tongue do things to his nipple he had never dreamed of. Billy's body convulsed out of control and his hands increased their searching activity on the beefy piece of steel throbbing at his every touch.

Allen took turns biting, nibbling, and sucking on each of Billy's nipples causing Billy to feel as though he may pass out at anytime now. Billy's whole body was on fire and his mind went absolutely thoughtless. Allen had teased himself into a rage and basically forced Billy off of the desktop and quickly tore through the belt buckle, then the non cooperative buttons until his hands were yanking on Billy's pants. Allen struggled to get the tight fitting material down Billy's shaking legs, but his desire conquered the pants will to remain where Billy had put them. With Billy's pants now down to his ankles, Allen yanked Billy's Marine Corps issue white boxer's down to greet Billy's pants. With all the instinct of this world, Billy held onto Allen while his feet fought passionately to kick his garments free from his body.

Just as Billy was attempting to kick the clothes from his left foot, Allen picked Billy up and gently lay him back so that he was now laying flat on his back on top of the desk. Seeing the clothes all bunched up around Billy's ankle, Allen offered his assistance by yanking the garments free, slinging them somewhere behind him. Only his eyes could move as Allen was now face to face with the most gorgeous man his craving eyes had ever seen. While Allen's eyes feasted on Billy's naked body, Billy himself was feasting his own eyes on Allen's long and thick cock. Pre cum was oozing out of Allen's piss slit by the globs and Billy's too for that matter.

Billy's right hand slipped from his side and returned back to Allen's cock, rubbing the shiny slick liquid all over the angry looking helmet of a cock head. When Billy's hand touched his cock and slid over his cock head, the electricity from Billy's soft and gentle touch sent waves of chills racing throughout his body, bringing his mind back to where his eyes were entranced, Billy's perfect mouthwatering cock!

Allen moved Billy's right leg until it was hanging off the front of the desktop and pushed Billy's left leg out a bit further. Allen couldn't help not to notice the jewels any king would be proud to wear resting between Billy's smooth and appetizing legs. Virtually hairless and the perfect size to swallow in one gulp, Allen was forced to lower his head until the very tip of his inhaling nostrils were pressed sharply just under Billy's sweet aromatic balls. The only aroma Allen could detect, and believe me when I say he was sniffing like a dog at a family cookout, was once again the faint aroma of baby powder.

While his nostrils pushed Billy's super hot balls upwards, Allen's slithering out of control tongue followed directly in behind. Allen groaned as the taste overwhelming his tongue on Billy's golden nuggets seared throughout his body forcing his own legs to buckle at the miracle before him. Billy was beyond excited as he purred like a new born kitten feeling Allen's tongue swab all over his delicate balls. Allen opened his mouth and in one single suction action, both of Billy's balls easily slipped inside of his mouth. Billy's body bucked as he felt his balls dart into what he thought was an oven, but knew it was only Allen's mouth. Billy was wiggling his body while forcing his hand to feel Allen's thick cock from base to tip. He couldn't believe how something so hard could be so soft, but the pleasures of Allen's cock in his hand was way better than he could have ever imagined.

Allen's tongue rolled around each nugget while his mouth vibrated his moans of joy on Billy's mouth engulfed balls. The very tip of Allen's nose was resting on the bottom portion, near the base, of Billy's pulsating hard breathtaking cock. Allen saw the bubble of pre cum as it pushed itself free from the tiny piss slit of the most magnificent cock his greedy eyes had ever seen. In Allen's mind, Billy was someone you could only dream of, but never actually meet in real life, but this was real and Allen was furiously delighted knowing that he was going to show Billy the pleasure that would hopefully open the door for many others to enjoy, somewhere down the road.

In one smooth mouth popping, lip smacking, action, Allen let Billy's saliva coated balls fall from his mouth. With his mouth now empty, Allen began the joyful task, forcing himself to take things teasingly slow, of using his tongue as a wash cloth and lick all around the base of Billy's arching cock. Once again, the faint aromatic fragrance of a mild baby powder shot heavily up his nostrils, forcing his body to quiver and shake in mortal delusion. Allen's tongue frolicked all over and around Billy's small patch of dark pubic hairs then began sliding up and along the silky smooth shaft. His tongue had just reached the crown of Billy's cock when the first pearl drop of Billy's pre cum dripped into his mouth. Like fireworks blasting off in a moonlit sky, the taste of Billy's pre cum exploded inside his mouth, shocking his every taste bud beyond any of his wildest dreams.

Allen was no stranger in sucking cock, but the taste of Billy's cock was nothing he had ever dined on before. Even Billy's pre cum didn't taste anything like he had joyfully tasted in the past, and Allen certainly had more than his fair share of tasting some quality pre cum. Unlike all the others, the pre cum that now filtered throughout his mouth had no trace of salt, nor did it have any bitterness taste whatsoever. It was just thick and super hot and deliciously addicting!

The silkiness of the mouthwatering missile now sliding graciously between his locked lips felt like no other he had ever felt. Allen lowered his suctioning mouth all the way down Billy's six inch missile shaped cock until his nostrils were pressing deeply into Billy's aromatic pubic mound. Slowly, with the slowest of ease, Allen bobbed his head up and down on the tasty treat while using his slithering tongue to swab the silky non veiny shaft and delicious pre cum spewing cock head. Billy was purring and moaning for he had been sucked off plenty of times, but none could come close as to the way Allen's mouth was performing.

Still slowly sucking Billy's cock of pure perfection, Allen began caressing Billy's hairless right thigh with his left hand while gently massaging the virtually hairless balls coiling up into his exploring fingers. The hand on Allen's cock was making his body buckle with each inexperienced touch. Billy found it to be exciting to be able to hold another man's cock, especially one that was much longer and a whole lot thicker than his own. Billy could feel the slippery pre cum as it dripped onto his hand, and he used that liquid to aid his stroking of Allen's throbbing Marine meat.

Within a few short lived minutes, Billy humped his tiny ass off of the table top giving Allen the impression that he was getting close, so Allen sucked harder while increasing his tempo. Billy was slinging his head from side to side and muttering words unheard of in the English language. When Allen felt Billy's silky cock expand, and being experienced enough to know what was about to happen, he simply slid his mouth off and began licking and kissing on Billy's balls. Billy felt his cum strike a barricade somewhere close to the base of his cock and was a bit surprised by Allen's actions, leaving his cock alone to work on his nuts some more.

In less than a minute, Allen slipped his mouth back onto Billy's cock forcing Billy to moan loudly and gyrate his hips, meeting Allen's mouth plunging thrusts with his own. Once again, when Allen felt Billy's cock expand, he backed off. Billy was almost begging for Allen to let him cum. He could feel his cum building up, and not only his cum, but his balls as well. Billy had never felt anything like this before and he was a bit dazed by Allen bringing his so close, then backing off.

While sucking Billy's cock, more like a slow torturous milking, Allen began tugging out of his clothes. Billy was too busy writhing in pleasure, not only from Allen's mouth on his cock, but by holding Allen's hard cock as well. In a very short time, Allen skillfully removed all of his clothes until he was sucking Billy's cock enjoying the feeling of being totally naked. Allen brought Billy close numerous times, and each time, he would yank his mouth off of Billy's cock and work on his balls, or suck on each of Billy's tender nipples.

Now, a good thirty minutes later, Billy had tears rolling down the corners of his eyes, delirious from not being able to spew his built up load. He was trying to will his cum to just go ahead and shoot, but Allen was well versed in the art of cock sucking and knew just when to stop. Once again, just when Billy thought he was going to fire his burning cream, Allen stopped, keeping his lips within a fraction of an inch from Billy's gorgeous pink cock head, whispered,

"Would you like to taste another man's cock?"

Billy was panting like crazy and his head was a constant blur from rolling from side to side, but his angelic voice cracked as he grunted out,


Allen licked the shaft while crawling up onto the desktop, placing his left knee just above Billy's left ear, then placed his right knee above Billy's right ear. Billy gazed at the Marine's spread ass cheeks and witnessed for the first time, another man's asshole. The fine layering of curly black hairs crawled all around the crack and gathered like a crown around the puckering spectacle of Allen's asshole. Allen's balls hung low and Billy got a clear view of the two large hairy nuggets dangling before his very quivering eyes. As his eyes blinked, Billy determined that one of Allen's nuts was equal in size to both of his put together.

While Billy was gazing upon Allen's asshole and dancing huge hairy nuggets, Allen slowly sucked Billy's cock all the way down to the root. Just like previous, Allen had to force himself to suck Billy's cock slow and not go ballistic like he truly wanted to. Allen slid his knees backwards while inching them out a bit further, now allowing his cock a direct shot within Billy's shaking lips. Billy saw a huge glob of pre cum as it bubbled out of the angry looking darkish pink color piss slit as Allen was now lowering his aching cock to greet the lips of the beauty that lay beneath him.

As if frozen in time, Billy remained perfectly still as Allen's cock inched itself down to touch his lips with Allen's cock lips. The hot pre cum smeared against his lips and almost upon some unknown instinct, Billy's tongue automatically swiped his lips and retrieved the spilled slippery substance. When his lips opened and his tongue swiped his lips, the large mushroom cock head slid between the opening of his lips and was now stabbing at the inside of his mouth. The taste of Allen's pre cum was a bit confusing to Billy for he tasted a trace of salt, but it was not too salty to make it taste bitter or bad. Billy had his eyes closed and sealed his lips as best he could around the thick head of Allen's cock. To Billy, it felt sort of velvety, yet rock hard, all at the same time.

Allen didn't try and force too much of his cock into Billy's mouth, but the portion he had in this beauty's mouth felt out of this world. Just knowing his cock was in the most gorgeous of guy's mouth was reward enough, regardless if Billy had no clue as to what to do with it or not. Allen slowly humped his hips, fucking Billy's mouth with about three or four inches. Billy's hands went into autopilot as they reached up and grabbed a firm hold of the two muscular mounds of Allen's spread ass cheeks. The cheeks themselves were very smooth, but Billy couldn't keep his eyes off the swinging large hairy balls and the extremely hairy crack and asshole humping up and down.

Allen was slowly milking Billy's cock while his hands fumbled and toyed with Billy's swollen balls and smooth appetizing thighs. Each time Billy got close, Allen would back off. When Allen would back off, he would lift Billy's swollen balls upwards and suck the cum filled beauties into his mouth and bathe each one properly with his saliva drenched tongue. Billy was moaning like a mad man as he was beyond the desire to shoot his load...he was now in a frantic passion to relieve his balls from the gut wrenching pressure of his built up load.

The fiery heat blistering his cock mixed with the fact that the mouth belonged to Billy got Allen even more excited than ever. As for right now, a solid hour had passed by, and Allen knew Billy had built up the largest load of his precious life. Each time his mouth returned to Billy's cock, the elapsed time of pleasure sucking such a tasty cock was shortened. Allen sucked and slurped on Billy's tasty cock until once again, Billy came ever so close to shooting his load. As in the many previous cases, Allen timed his head jerking motion from the younger Marine's beautiful cock.

Allen was never really a butt man, but for some odd reason, his hands automatically cuffed Billy's legs and began the upwards journey until he had Billy's knees close to Billy's ears. Even though this was a weird position for Billy to be in, his tongue still sought the thick cock oozing pre cum into his mouth. Slightly baffled and somewhat embarrassed, Billy knew that Allen could see straight into his butt crack, more so, his butt hole. And, Allen was doing just that. His eyes fell upon Billy's virtually hairless asshole and began dancing in their sockets like ballerinas. While his eyes were entranced on such a perfect marvel, Allen's head was lowering itself up to the point that Allen nostril was now smeared directly over Billy's virgin chute.

Taking in his first ass covered inhale, Allen's body shook as the aromatic fragrance of some glorious and profound aphrodisiac volcanically exploded, sending his body into one long and massive convulsion. Allen was definitely not a butt man, but a man's butt was no stranger to him at all. He had taken the time to dine on a few here and there before, but the fragrance shooting up his flared nostrils was something he never could have anticipated, or dreamed of for that matter. Just like the rest of Billy's perfect hot body, his tiny asshole offered the purest of mild aromatic baby powder with no musk or anything foul added to the blissful mixture.

Rising his nose up Billy's widely spread crack, Allen's tongue flattened out, completely covering the sweet smelling chute. No sooner than Allen's tongue struck his butt hole, Billy screamed out from pure pleasure. At first, when he felt Allen's hot breath strike his exposed most private of areas, Billy was a bit nervous as to what aroma Allen's inhaling nostril would receive. To Allen, Billy's asshole was pure and perfect, with the word addicting coming to mind, but as far as Billy goes, he just knew some guy was smelling his asshole. After all, an asshole is a asshole in the eyes of young Billy and that's all there was to it.

Allen's flattened tongue shook, then lavishly began licking and stabbing Billy's tiny puckering chute for all Allen was worth. Never in a trillion years would Billy have guessed his asshole could give him so much pleasure, but the tongue probing and drilling away at his backdoor sent his mind straight into orbit. While Allen was busy dining on Billy's tongue hardening super tasting asshole, Allen used his right hand to slowly torture Billy's rock hard, pre cum spitting, cock back into a soon to be sperm shooting frenzy.

Sometime had passed and Allen simply couldn't get enough of dining on such a tasty ass. In time, Allen had managed to work the virgin chute open enough to allow his tongue to delight the virgin anal canal burning his tongue while those powerful anal muscles choked and vacuumed on his probing and exploring tongue. Several times Allen had to stop jacking Billy's cock so as not to allow the spunk he had worked so hard on to just shoot between them. Billy was still licking and sucking on the very tip of Allen's cock head, relishing in the taste of the older Marine's thick and gooey pre cum.

Leaning his head a bit to the right, Allen glanced at the large wall clock and realized that the time had quickly gotten away from him. Knowing his new girlfriend would be coming to the office soon, Allen had to pry his tongue from Billy's fiery hot anal canal, but not before placing a tender kiss on the sweetest orifice anyone could ever have the honor of slurping on.

Allen kept Billy's legs pinned down as his right hand forced Billy's throbbing cock upwards so his mouth could suck on the perfect silky smooth rock hard morsel without any interruptions. Allen also scooted his body upwards a bit so that Billy's mouth could grace his cock at his leisure. Both mouths were slurping away furiously and Billy never gave it a second thought as to Allen's cock spraying his mouth with man seed, but that's exactly what had happened. His head was locked in place by Allen's knees and legs and he felt the first sperm missile strike the roof of his mouth, followed by numerous more thick shots. Billy had never thought about actually tasting cum before, but in this position and on the near verge of shooting his own load, Billy's throat opened and he got his first taste of man seed.

Billy's initial reaction was to gag, but before he could do so, more thick globs trickled down his throat. He was simply too close to finally unleashing his own load, but Billy managed to discover the taste to be somewhat salty, but not really all that bad either. Allen was sucking and bobbing his head up and down Billy's cock while fingering Billy's balls. Forcing saliva out of his mouth, Allen scooped a large portion up with his right index finger, patiently waiting for the precise moment to execute what was on his mind.

Billy's mouth was filled with Allen's beefy sperm shooting cock and all Allen heard was a few grunts, then he felt Billy's cock expand to nearly twice its regular thickness. Timing his movement, just before the first volley of Billy's cream worked its way out of his aromatic body, Allen pushed his saliva coated right index finger all the way up Billy's muscle clamping, fiery hot, love chute. Billy had no clue what Allen had in mind, but it was too late. The first huge wad ripped open his piss slit while his ass convulsed around the canal stretching invader. The cross between shooting his load and the pain that suddenly tore through his ass only created Billy's mind to explore someplace other than where he really was.

Allen felt the first large glob of Billy's powerful shooting cream explode inside his mouth, followed by jets of pure thickness, one blast after another. Allen's intentions were to hold Billy's sperm inside his mouth until the very end, but he had built the young Marine up to the point that he was now emptying the largest load his mouth had ever had the honor of enduring. Billy's mid was totally blank and he almost choked on the sperm still dribbling down his throat. Never had he ever felt such an intense orgasm, nor ever imagined one could last so long as the one his body was now going through.

With Billy's cock erupting his massive load into his mouth, Allen began twisting and turning his finger while pounding it feverishly in and out of Billy's mystical ass. As the first of Billy's thick and creamy load trickled down Allen's throat, all Allen could do was moan from the awesome taste of the best cum his taste buds had ever had the pleasure of tasting. If there was any salt, it was so mild no taste bud could ever detect. Billy's seed was simply thick and fiery hot and absolutely fucking delicious!

Allen's cock had long since stopped offering any cum, but Billy's lips were still locked onto the rapidly deflating cock head, using his inexperienced tongue to swirl around the royal crown. Billy's cock was still spewing sperm by the bucket loads and Allen was devouring the tasty treat as fast as Billy could serve it. Allen sucked and sucked and finger fucked Billy's asshole until only a droplet of cum remained. Just as Allen was milking the last droplets of Billy's cream from his softening cock, Allen slowly pulled his finger from Billy's bone crushing asshole. Billy felt the finger as it was making its departure and for the first time realized that his asshole could be used for many other things other than what it was actually meant to be used for. Once the finger left his asshole, Billy felt a kind of emptiness slowly embellish his quivering body.

Now, with both cocks drained and deflated, Allen inched his legs off of the table top, keeping both teary eyes glued on the most absolute perfect form known to mankind. Once his wobbly legs cleared the table, Allen held onto the side of the desktop, leaned over and placed a loving tender kiss directly on Billy's sleeping cock. Then, Allen kissed the golden nuggets that had rewarded his mouth with so much pleasure by feeding him so much thick and lip smacking spunk.

Neither said a word as both were now in the process of getting dressed. Billy's mind was still spinning, doing his best to figure out just what he had done and to whom he had done it with. As both Marine's were now fully dressed, their body's inched closer together. Just as their lips were about to touch, the bell rang breaking their near kiss into a simple handshake.

Both Billy and Allen were standing at the door and Allen had just unlocked it and turned the knob, when in walked Billy's sister. At first, the look both gave each other was one of mere surprise, but it was Billy who was bit more surprised when his eldest sister walked right up to Allen and smacked her lips directly over his. Billy could tell with the movements from their throats that there was some pretty good tongue action going on and fear set in when his mind informed him that his sister was getting a mouthful of his freshly shot seed.

Billy gulped down a huge chunk of saliva as Allen's and his sister's tongue swapping activity unsealed itself, then Billy almost died when he heard his sister softly whisper,

"Ummmmmmmmmm, you taste good!"

Silently, Billy laughed knowing that his sister was making a remark not having a clue that the taste she just got was the taste of her brother's Marine Corps juice. They chatted for awhile about nothing really and Billy made up and excuse to leave. As he was walking down the walkway, he couldn't believe what he had just done, much less to his sister's boyfriend.

The long walk home provided Billy the time to think things through. He hated the idea even thinking he a slight bit gay, but the more he thought about it the more conclusive things got. He like the feel of another man's cock in his hand. He even tried to tell himself that Allen's cum tasted awful, but still the remnants of the aftertaste persuaded his confused logic otherwise. As his mind concentrated on ways to persuade himself that this would never happen again, he also realized just how great it felt to have his asshole eaten and finger fucked. With each and every objection Billy served up, his mind had a counter, and a much better reason to try this again if the opportunity were to ever present itself to him in the future.

That night while laying in his bed doing his best to fall asleep, all Billy could think about was how great everything had felt when he was with Allen. His hand was stroking his meat while his mind replayed his activity earlier in the day with Allen. Before he knew what hit him, Billy's cock sprayed cum all over his chest and stomach. He clamped down on his lips so as not to wake up his entire sleeping family. Squeezing out a huge glob of cum, Billy swiped it off with his finger and smeared his cream all over his lips. Using his tongue, Billy licked upwards, then downwards, then swirled it all around, tasting his own juice while pretending it belonged to someone else.

In a matter of a few short minutes, Billy had unconsciously scooped up all of his spilt cream and slowly sucked his sperm covered finger until there was no more of his sperm to suck down. He couldn't help not to notice that his sperm tasted a bit differently than Allen's did. Unlike Allen's, who had a mild saltiness to it, his own love juice was basically tasteless. All night long, Billy tossed and turned with his mind dreaming of nothing but men, naked men at that. Even in his mild sleepy state, Billy imagined a man's cock pounding his ass like Allen's finger had done. Before he knew it, it was daylight, and he hadn't gotten any sleep at all.

After doing his regular bathroom duties, Billy took a shower, but this time while soaping up his body, he applied a large amount of soap to his right middle finger, bent over the back edge of the tub, and slowly inserted his soapy finger all the way up his retaliating asshole. His left hand was covered in soap and upon instinct, he began jacking on his rock hard meat while sliding his finger in and out of his soapy ass. It burned, but it burned in such a powerfully moving way that Billy found himself now pounding his finger hard and heavy into his own asshole pretending the entire time that it was some man's cock instead of his slender finger. Then, almost absentmindedly, Billy inserted another finger. The sharp pain of his anal canal being stretched only forced his left hand to jack his meat that much faster.

As he felt his cum begin to boil, Billy forced a third finger up his rectum, and by doing so, he almost collapsed as the pain of the third finger crashed through his body like a wrecking ball. Though it was a bit painful, Billy pushed the third finer up his ass as far as it could go and then, just then, his cock spit out globs of thick white cream all over the back to the tubs wall. Billy's legs were shaking and his knees were weak and trembling, but his cock furiously fired round after thick round offering no signs of letting up any time soon.

Billy pumped his shooting cock while savagely finger fucking his ass, dreaming upon all dreams that his fingers were some man's ass hungry cock instead. Billy jacked his cock until it was getting limper than a wet noodle, but his sperm was still being flung out in huge globs. Finally, and feeling as though he would pass out, Billy had jerked his meat until only the soap was being flung to and fro. Using his soapy and sperm covered left hand, Billy held onto the wall while forcing himself to try and stand up straight. In the process of standing, Billy slipped, one, then two, until finally the third finger departed his asshole. His breathing was rapid and his brain was spinning.

With the hot water spraying his back, Billy leaned against the wall and held on tightly trying to catch his breath and come back to life. A short time later, he finished showering and toweled himself dry. His asshole felt like it was still craving for something to share its depth and fiery heat as Billy was getting dressed. All he could think about while he was getting dressed were men, and those men were fucking his asshole like they owned it.

Billy put on his tight fitting jeans, a pull over t-shirt, and slipped on his cowboy boots, saddled up his horse and headed off to nowhere. With each bounce of his ass on the saddle, Billy's mind created a fantasy that he was humping a man's cock. No matter how hard he tried to think of something else, his mind always returned to a man's cock, be it him sucking it, but always ending up with his ass taking it. He had intentionally forgot to wear any underwear and his hard cock was darting down the right side of his pants, harder than a brick, standing out at attention for any eyes to lay witness to.

With nowhere in particular to ride to, Billy just let his horse take him wherever his hoofs landed. As usual, his mind wandered back on cock and with his mind paying all devoted attention to cock, Billy was unaware that he was riding on somebody's private ranch. His eyes were closed and the scene taking place inside his head seemed all to real. Everything was so peaceful, but when the raspy voice cracked, Billy almost fell off the saddle from fear,

"What the fuck are you doing on my land, boy?"

When Billy's eyes opened, he was face to face with two men on horses. Both seemed to be in their late fifties with the one who had just spoke having one hell of a thick moustache. Billy knew there was nothing worse than trespassing on a cowboy's ranch, so he swallowed hard, and with a shaking voice replied,

"Sorry sir, I was just riding and forgot where I was! I apologize sir!"

The same man looked hard at Billy, then barked,

"What's your name boy?"

Billy replied,

"Billy sir, Billy Thownsand sir!"

For the first time since he was startled out of his daydream, the man broke a smile, then hoarsely said,

"Shit, the last fucking time I saw you, you was knee high to a grass hopper. Now look at you, you wound up to be a strapping young man. Shit, me and your pa rode together many times before I headed off and joined the Corps."

Billy tossed up,

"I just joined sir, the Marine Corps that is. I just got out of boot camp and got another week before heading off to my first duty station."

By Billing saying that, both men smiled and the man who was doing all the talking walked his horse over to Billy, held out his hand, and said,

"Names Matt Walker and this here is Scott! We both retired from the Corps this year and we are now working this here ranch. Come on son, let's get to the house so we can talk without these fucking horses prancing around!"

Billy didn't have time to reply as Matt turned his horse and the three began riding like the wind towards their home. Billy did notice that his cock was still harder than a bone and it was then that he realized that the rugged cowboy had to have seen it, that is, if he decided to look.

The ride was a good twenty or so minutes and while they were riding side by side, with Billy in the middle, he noticed both men kept on stealing glances at him. Billy took each one and made mental notes. Matt, the man who seemed to do all the talking looked like he was in his mid to late fifties. Billy couldn't judge his size, but from the way the rugged man looked in his saddle, Billy knew he had to be big, and not over weight either, giving Billy the impression the man had to weigh close to 250 pounds. Matt's cowboy hat was hung low, but Billy could see the bushy thick dark colored eyebrows as they outlined the man's rugged facial features. Even the man's legs were thick as the jeans stretched around his massive thighs. The graying moustache was so thick, that Matt's lips couldn't be seen. When Billy stole glances at Matt, Billy knew then that Matt was your grade A typical cowboy with a true Marine chiseled body.

After taking the mental notes of Matt, Billy began stealing glances at Scott. Scott seemed to be a tad bit younger than Matt, being closer to his late forties or early fifties. He was slightly smaller than Matt, but he looked like he was in far better shape. His face was freshly shaven, narrow at best, and his eyebrows were a bright red. At best, Billy judged Scott's weight to be somewhere around 200 pounds of lean mean fighting machine.

The more Billy stole glances at the two former Marine's, now full fledged cowboy's, which they already where before ever becoming a Marine, the harder his cock seemed to throb. When they rode up the hill, and once on top, Billy saw their ranch, but in his eyes, it was more like a mansion. His eyes widened as the huge Adobe/Spanish style home seemed to be endless. Billy knew then that these guys must have been rich to afford such a beautiful and vastly large home.

They mounted their horses and tied them up with Matt leading the way, followed by Billy, and Scott directly in behind Billy's every footstep. Not once did Billy feel uncomfortable with these two men, but he did wish his straining erection would go away, cause it was a bit embarrassing and uncomforting to be walking around like this.

Once Matt opened the door, the scenery only Billy's eyes had ever seen on television now pierced his bulging eyes. Everything was absolutely breathtaking, from the marbled floors to the sculptures of what seemed to be young nude boys gracing every corner. Matt howled,

"Scott, take our new friend into the living room while I go fetch us something to drink!"

For the first time since they met, Billy heard Scott's voice,

"This way...follow me!"

While they were walking, Billy was glued to the tight fit of the man's jeans as they guarded what looked like to be a rather solid, but bubbly ass. It was then that Billy knew that both men towered over him as if he were sitting down. Matt was the tallest standing a good 6'4" and Scott wasn't too far behind in height, standing a solid 6'2".

While they were walking towards the living room, once they were in the main hallway, Scott took off his cowboy hat and hung it up while saying,

"Hang your hat here!"

Naturally, Billy hung his hat up and he saw Scott's bright red hair as it was cut in the shape of a Marine Corps style horseshoe. Just at a glance, Billy noticed Scott's crystal blue eyes as they sparkled against the scenery of the beautifully decorated mini mansion.

When they got to the largest living room Billy had ever seen, Scott sort of motioned for him to take a seat on the largest sofa he never knew existed. It was a cream color and pure leather. Billy sat down as Scott walked past him to sit in the cream colored leather recliner. When Scott walked past Billy, Billy couldn't help not to notice the protruding bulge all bunched up in Scott's crotch area. It looked like a softball had been pushed down Scott's pants and Billy's eyes watered as to what really lies hidden beneath those tight pants.

In no time at all, Matt walked in carrying three beers, handing one to Scott, then handed one to Billy. Billy took it, but spoke out,

"Sir, I'm only 17!"

Scott was the one who spoke as he softly and without any distinguishing sign on his face stated,

"Fuck it, you're man enough to be a Marine, then by God, you're old enough to drink beer! Fuck them bastards who thought up that age limit of a law! Go ahead and drink Marine, you've earned that right!"

Then Matt added,

"You're old enough to fight for this great country, and in our eyes, you're old enough to handle some beer!"

Billy smiled and needed no more persuading to go ahead and drink. And drink he did. Four beers later and deep into their Marine Corps conversation, Billy discovered that Matt served 32 years in the Corps, retiring as a two star general. Matt served 30 years in the Corps and retired as a Master Gunnery Sgt. Billy was in total awe at being in the companionship of two highly decorated Marine's. when Matt handed Billy another beer, Billy's eyes fell hard onto Matt's crotch. He couldn't believe the size of that monster bulge forcing the tight jeans to protrude as if there was a football stuffed down the man's pants.

While continuing their conversation, Billy found his cock to throb, oozing pre cum out by the gallons, creating a rather noticeable wet spot where his outlined cock head tented his jeans. Holding his right hand on top of the head of his cock only seemed to make his already angry cock that much more angrier. Though Billy was horny and wanted to feel a real cock fuck his asshole, he knew by the size of their bulging packages that these two men were way out of his inexperienced league. It seemed Matt like to do all the talking which made since after discovering what his rank was, but it was Scott's blue eyes that seemed to be burning holes all over Billy's nearly drunk body. Matt's stare was almost evil, as if Billy was the guest feature at a steak dinner and his flesh was the steak.

After the sixth beer, Billy felt the pressing urge to have to piss, so he politely said,

"Sir, I need to use the bathroom!"

Matt growled and smiled, then said while forcing out a life,

"Yeah, beer will do that to a fellow! So, you need to take a piss do ya? Well, before you go and drain your lizard, there's a little something me and Scott here need to get out in the open. Ya see, Scott here is what you can call a piss pig! The man loves to drink piss after a good beer build up. Shucks, he's so good he aint never missed a drop. Fuck it, let me show you what I'm talking about!"

Matt scooted out of the large recliner and Billy's eyes widened as Scott was already on his knees with his hands behind his back. Matt unzipped his pants and hauled out the fattest cock Billy had ever seen. Scott's mouth was already wide open as Matt inched his feet forward, placing his fat uncut cock up to the bottom of Scott's lower lip. Billy's mouth fell open as Matt skinned back his foreskin revealing a pale pinkish thick knob. With one grunt, Matt's clear piss flew out of his piss slit and landed inside Scott's mouth.

Matt was grunting and Scott was moaning as the steady stream of piss fired from Matt's overly beefy cock, straight into Scott's wide open mouth. Billy couldn't believe what his eyes were witnessing. But, it was just like Matt had said...Scott didn't spill a drop. It seemed like a couple of minutes before Matt's piss dwindled to a few spurts. As the last spurt pushed its way clear, Scott closed his lips around Matt's thick cock head and sucked the last droplets until Matt was void of any more piss.

Matt hauled that heavy chunk of beef back into his pants and went back to the recliner and sat down, smiled, then said,

"Go ahead, feed Scott your piss. He loves it...darndest thing I've ever heard of, a man loving beer piss!"

Billy's eyes fell onto Scott's eyes and the look of pleading was what Billy detected. His hands were still behind his back and his mouth was already open as Billy tossed caution into the wind and walked over in front of the kneeling man and unzipped his zipper and fished out his straining erection. Billy mimicked Matt's actions and placed the head of his cock against Scott's lower lip. Straining with all his might, fighting back the weirdness of what he was really doing, Billy's bladder opened his chamber and his piss sprayed Scott's mouth with a fiery force. While the jets of his piss exploded from his cock, Matt hoarsely stated,

"Hot damn Scott, now that's a prize winning cock if I ever saw one. Billy, you got yourself one hell of a cock there, and shit, damn thing makes me wish I was a piss drinker too!"

Billy's cock stayed hard the entire time he was pissing into Scott's mouth. Scott was moaning feverishly as the overwhelming taste mixed with pure pleasure of seeing the most beautiful young boy his eyes had ever laid eyes upon. Billy managed to force out a few last spurts, but unlike what he had done to Matt, Scott swallowed Billy's entire cock, burying his nose harshly into his small pubic patch. Billy's cock felt like it was trapped into a vacuum force and if he tried to pull his cock out of Scott's mouth, he would not the assistance of a pry bay. Billy slung his head back at the awesome amount of pressure slowly baking his throbbing cock. Scott sucked hard and used his tongue to bathe the entire silky smooth shaft knowing his skill would cause Billy to soon feed him his hot cum.

The mouth inhaling his cock was like nothing Billy had experienced to date and within no time, Billy's sperm flew out of his cock striking Scott somewhere inside his skilled mouth. Billy's breathing was heavy and frantic as round after thick round flew from his erupting cock. Only Scott's mouth was on his cock and Matt laughingly said,

"Yeah, that's my boy! Nobody can make a guy cum faster that Scott. That boy has got some natural talent when it comes to sucking cock!"

Billy vaguely heard what Matt was saying cause the pressure yanking on his spewing cock was way out of this world. Scott, on the other hand, had no problem keeping Billy's load inside his mouth while continuing his oral assault on the sperm firing delightful specimen.

Billy bucked the last bit of his cum out and Scott had no problem sucking it into his mouth. Billy's cock was still harder than a piece of metal as Scott slowly embellished the task of sipping on Billy's thick and hot cream as if he were some professional wine connoisseur. While Scott was groaning from the bliss of the taste, Matt bellowed out,

"Damn Scott, give me some of that! Don't be a fucking hog!"

Scott's suctioning lips smacked off of Billy's cock and Scott stood up and walked over to Matt, sat on his lap, and the two began kissing right in front of Billy. Only the loud grunts and clear moans was all Billy could hear, but his eyes drank the entire view in. He was still standing in the center of the living room with his hard cock out on display watching Matt and Scott slurp on each others tongues. Reality of his cock being out set in so Billy struggled until he had his still erect boner safely tucked away inside his tight pants. He then went back over to the sofa and sat down, sipped on his beer while keeping both eyes on the two kissing men.

A short time later, Scott got up and went and sat down in the other recliner. Matt rolled his eyes into the back of his head while slinging his head from side to side, then barked out,

"Billy my boy, whatever the fuck you're eating, keep eaten it, cause that's got to be the sweetest fucking cum I ever did taste, what you think Scott?"

Scott was still moaning softly, but replied,

"Yeah, that's some mighty fine Marine juice you got there, not to mention your piss tastes just like warm sugar water!"

Billy gulped, then replied,

"Thank you!"

The two men started laughing at Billy's response, but not at him, but for the quickness of how things had developed. After they finished laughing, Scott was the one who told Billy everything, or at least everything about himself and Matt. Come to find out, they were both born here on the outskirts of town and had been the best of friends ever since they could remember. Matt is actually 57 years old and Scott is 49 and they have been lovers ever since Scott was 12 years old. Their friendship turned into a loving relationship, far into their illustrious military career.

After Scott finished explaining that to Billy, Matt piped in and stated,

"Yeah, all that's right, but I aint never been the one to get fucked. Now, Scott here, he likes it both ways. Every now and then, we like to add a little excitement into our relationship by involving a third party. We don't cheat on one another, but we sure do love adding another hot body to the equation. Billy, aint no since in beating around the bush, me and Scott here, well, we'd like to just rock your fucking world. So, what do you say?"

Billy could feel the blood leaving his body and he remembered the size of Matt's soft uncut cock and all its massive girth. True, he was horny and yes, he craved to feel a real man's cock venture up his ass, but these two, one in which he had already seen, appeared to be horse hung in more of a nonhuman sort of way. Fear, curiosity, and excitement swam through Billy's mind as his voice, ever so gentle and soft, waved in the air as he spoke,

"Um, I, um don't know! I've only fooled around with a guy once and that was yesterday. I thought he was big, but from what I can tell, both of you are packing some serious weapons there."

Both Scott and Matt busted out laughing and when their laughing slightly diminished, Scott blurted out,

"Yeah, that's right! Both of us were kind of blessed, or in your eyes, cursed, with some pretty good sized packing meat, but Billy, you got to believe me that when I say if it's done right, which we always do, you'll think you've died and gone straight to heaven!"

Matt piped in and stated,

"Billy, there's nothing to be afraid of but fear itself, besides, you're a fucking Marine and Marines aint afraid of nothing! Shit, I aint going to lie to you, it will hurt and hurt a lot, but somewhere through it all, something inside of you snaps and the pain goes away and nothing but pure sexual pleasure conquers your body. Now, I aint never been fucked, oops, I lied. Scott used to fuck me, or we took turns, all the time when we was younger, but now that I am older, I found my true calling cause I love to fuck a hot piece of sweet ass, and from what my eyes seen of your ass, that's one mighty fine ass that was meant to be fucked!"

Scott smiled, then added,

"He's right Billy, but that fine looking ass of yours was meant to be eaten first!"

Once Scott said that, he winked at Matt and Matt slapped his left leg and busted out laughing. Matt stood up and walked away to get more drinks. Billy was already feeling a bit light headed from all the beer, but the more he though about their proposition, the more intrigued he became, allowing his initial fear to evade his nervous body. Matt came back and handed him a beer, then Scott, then Matt sat right next to Billy on Billy's left side.

Halfway through his beer, Matt draped his right arm around Billy's shoulder, then slid his face up close to Billy's left ear and whispered,

"You ever had an enema before?"

Billy didn't reply, instead, just nodded his head as if saying no. Matt whispered again,

"If you want to feel these big Marine cocks go up that sweet little ass of yours, an enema would help out quite a bit, not to mention, less messier to boot!"

Billy took a big swig from his beer, almost emptying the can in the process. Before he could respond, Matt said,

"Go on into the kitchen and get you another beer. Might as well bring me and Scott one back too!"

As Billy got up, Matt's large hand slipped from his shoulders, down his back, and gently squeezed his ass cheeks. While Billy was walking towards the kitchen, Scott looked at Matt and softly whispered,

"Damn Matt, that boy is flat fucking gorgeous! Now, you know I aint into the scat thing, but there's no fucking way that that boy's shit could possibly stink! Just aint no fucking way!"

Matt smiled and returned the whisper by adding,

"Yeah, I'm with you on that, but we got to play our cards just right with this one! He's just now coming into his own and we don't need to be stupid enough to ruin him for the rest of the world, if you know what I mean. This boy aint like the others, so let's not go and do something stupid, we got to remember that this gorgeous Marine is a virgin, so we got to do things just right, okay?"

Scott nodded his head in agreement just in time for Billy to walk back in carrying the beers.

While they drank the beer, Scott explained everything about an enema and how it works, not failing to mention that if done properly, it can be quite erotic. The more Scott spoke about enemas, the more curious Billy became until the words just blurted out before his mind had time to put them into more of a proper perspective,

"Yeah, I think I'd like to try that enema thing so I can at least find out first hand what's it all about!"

Both Scott and matt smiled and tossed a wink at the others way. Matt held onto Billy's shoulders, offering them a very gentle and soothing massage. With the last drop of Billy's beer being gulped down his throat, Matt said,

"Well, aint no since in delaying this. Let's go into the play room where we can get started!"

Matt led the way, followed by Billy, who was being followed by Scott. Scott was snaking his tongue out while marveling at the piece of art dancing up and down with each of Billy's footsteps. The excitement of what was soon to happen was causing all three hearts to pound as if they were drummers in a Thanksgiving day Parade. Billy had no clue where they were going, but his eyes wandered as to the perfection that this grand house had to offer. Down one long hallway and into another, they walked up the stairs, around a corner, then down some stairs, leading straight into a rather long corridor. When they finally reached their objective, Matt opened the door and flung the light switch on.

Billy took a deep breath, gazing wildly upon the room he was now standing in. The room itself was larger than their own ranch style home. The entire walls were nothing but one huge mirror and there were many different devices he had never seen, much less knew what they were used for. There were showers, saunas, a Jacuzzi, and a couple of large bathrooms that the tub was not like any tub he had ever seen. It was more like one giant hole the you step down into, more like a miniature swimming pool.

Matt led them straight into a huge bathroom that the shower itself was sort of weird for Billy to actually comprehend. Where the shower head should be was a hose and on the end of the hose was a slender nozzle. In the center of the tub was a table with a thin piece of cushion glued to the top. On the nearest edge of the table, closer to the shower head area were two stirrup looking things sticking straight up and outwards. Billy just stood there trying to figure out what kind of contraption this was when Scott started playing the hose, cutting the water on.

Scott was fumbling with the water controls while piercing Billy's body with those metallic blue eyes, then Matt whispered,

"Billy, you got to get completely undressed so as you can this enema underway!"

Showing no signs of any shyness, Billy began peeling out of his clothes. Standing there completely naked, Billy's cock was already rock hard leading the way. Neither Scott nor Matt removed one piece of clothing, they just stood there ogling the purity of the most astonishing breathtaking beauty either of their eyes had ever seen. Scott patted the table top, then said,

"Come on, hop up here and I'll help get you into position."

Billy walked into the tub and hoped up onto the table top, sitting firmly onto the thin piece of plastic covered cushion. Feeling four hands roam his body and by the way they were guiding him, Billy soon found himself on his hands and knees, having his hips being brought backwards and his feet guided into the stirrups. Both Matt and Scott stood in behind Billy, having all four eyes zeroed in on their target. Billy's ass cheeks were spread wide and his asshole was exposed ever so clearly. Their hands immediately began caressing Billy's soft, yet tight ass cheeks. Both men moaned as their hands sent chills racing down both of their backs. The nearly hairless asshole before them looked defiantly ever so tiny as it formed a perfect symmetrical circle.

Scott bent down and shoved his nose right into Billy's asshole and took a big whiff, then a second, followed by many more. Billy could tell that one of them was smelling his ass, but at this point and in this position, there was absolutely nothing he could do about it other than hope it smelled clean. Matt tapped Scott on the side of his head as if saying well, then Scott stood up, starry eyed, and whispered,

"Oh fuck me to tears, this is what I' m talking about! Damn Matt, take a whiff of that sweet smelling ass!"

Matt did just that by shoving his nose right on Billy's clinching pucker hole. It took about four strong sniffs before Matt could detect what aroma it was gracing his nose and just like in the case with Allen, the aroma was nothing more than a mild hint of some form of a baby powder. The thick moustache tickled the sides of Billy's crack so he knew he the culprit was who was smelling his asshole, but before he could ask if it smelled okay, Matt dove his thick tongue directly onto Billy's unsuspecting asshole.

Feeling the thick tongue pile driving at his asshole, Billy moaned loudly while clinching onto the sides of the table, slinging his head all the way back in total mind boggling bliss. Just like Billy was moaning ever so wildly, so was Matt, digging and grinding away at the utmost delicious ass his tongue had ever had the honor of slithering upon. Matt's large hands slid along the Billy's upturned thighs, squeezing and gripping at the silky smooth vivacious flesh.

Scott, seeing all this, walked over to Billy's right side, noticing that Billy's head was all the way back and his mouth had formed a gorgeous and perfect circle, Grabbed Billy's head with both hands ever so gently and leaned his lips up to Billy's. Scott didn't want to rush things, but once he felt Billy's tongue dart into his mouth, he wasted no time in offering his slithering tongue inside Billy's mouth. Scott's body trembled all over knowing that they had swallowed a lot of beer, but the purest of fresh breaths steaming from the lungs of Billy's, was more than Scott could have ever bargained for.

While Matt was eating Billy's asshole to a heavenly delight, and Billy and Scott were swapping tongues, Billy's right hand reached out and began tugging at the zipper of Scott's pants. Billy could feel the rock solid shaft through the jeans and just from the most simplest touch, knew that the chunk of meat being restrained was within no doubt, fucking huge. Feeling Billy's struggling battle with his pants, Scott offered assistance by unbuckling his belt, yanking down his zipper, and shrugging down his pants and underwear, freeing his cock and balls.

Billy's eyes were closed but his right hand was now on one overly sized bull cock. Just like Matt's, Scott's cock was uncut too and just from the feel of the velvety thick shaft, knowing that Scott's cock was as hard as a chunk of steel, simply held Billy in a total daze. The feel of Billy's hand on his cock made Scott's knees buckle so he had to lean against the edge of the table to maintain some order of balance. Matt was lapping at Billy's asshole like a dog thirsting over a fresh bowl of water.

Their tongue twisting kiss broke, leaving Scott whispering directly in front of Billy's twisting and puckering lips,

"Billy, would you like to suck my cock?"

Billy cried out,

"Yes, yes sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Though Billy's eyes were a bit blurry, when Scott stepped in front of him and Billy came face to face with Scott's cock, Billy swallowed hard at the breath stealing size of the abnormally hung one eyed monster before him. Billy already knew it was thicker than his one hand could close around it, but now he was looking straight at with from a birds eyes view. The foreskin flapped over the monstrous cock a good two or three inches, dangling straight toward the floor. Billy's eyes darted just below the massive wonder and blinked rapidly at the hairy grapefruit sized balls hanging heavily between Scott's legs a solid four inches. Billy reached up and cupped the two heavy hairy balls and lifted, feeling their massive weight in the process.

In total awe, when Scott stepped forward, Billy's mouth instinctively opened wide, allowing the foreskin and cucumber thick skin covered cock head to enter his mouth. Billy could see the dark forest of bright red pubic hair as they proudly rose from Scott's lean and physically fit body. The thick cock now lodged inside his mouth felt weird and rather exciting. The velvety soft extra skin slid under his tongue and along top as Scott eased his mammoth fat cock from Billy's widely stretched mouth, then slid another two or so inches back inside the fiery hot realm of Billy's mouth. Scott's hands were on the sides of Billy's head offering very little pressure as his hips rocked back and forth, allowing Billy's mouth to stretch slowly to accommodate such a mouthful.

Timing his inward thrust, Billy slid his tongue in between the dangling flesh, getting more than a mouthful of tons of slick pre cum. It was a bit salty and somewhat pungent, but whatever the mixture was, it turned Billy into one hell of a cock sucking machine. Moaning from having his ass dined on, and now feeling a super thick cock sliding in and out of his mouth, Billy tried his best to shove his mouth as far as he could on the thick beast. To the best of his ability, Billy figured Scott's thick cock was about 8 1/2 to 9 inches long. Regardless of the length, Billy wanted to feel more and more go down his throat, so he tried to relax as best he could, but still only managed to stuff a good 5 inches into his mouth.

Matt fought against Billy's tiny pucker hole until the resistance allowed just enough room for his tongue to slide in between the perfectly closed circle, Once his tongue was free diving deep into Billy's anal canal, Matt's tongue felt the pressure and searing heat as it squeezed and burned his invading tongue. Billy wanted to cry out once the thick tongue slid up his chute, but his mouth was just too stuffed with Scott's bull meat to do anything but grunt and purr. By far, this was not the first ass Matt's tongue had enjoyed, but it was the best ass he had ever tasted, including those who had been thoroughly cleaned out from the enema. With each twist of his tongue, Billy's tight little ass cheeks groped the sides of Matt's face, squeezing the man's face with sexual pleasure.

Billy's jaw was hurting him from being stretched so wide, so he let his mouth slip off the huge cock and he lifted Scott's hairy heavy balls up and began licking all over them causing Scott to roar like a lion. Billy was smart enough to realize there was no way he could get one of Scott's balls into his mouth, so he bathed each heavy nugget with his tongue, ensuring not to miss any parcel. After a short time of Billy licking all over his balls, Scott grabbed the base of his cock with his right hand and shoved it back into Billy's mouth and began humping back and forth, watching Billy's cherry colored lips as they puffed around his thick shaft with each and every thrust.

In less than two minutes, Scott growled and Billy felt Scott's thick cock get even thicker, but his mind was too far gone to realize what next was about to happen. Billy's left hand was cupping and massaging Scott's heavy balls while his right hand massaged Scott's hairy left thigh. Billy was directing his attention on swallowing more of the thick monster pumping away in and out of his mouth when Scott unleashed the load from hell. The first thick glob of sperm hit Billy directly in the back of the throat, with the force only equivalent to a bullet, knocking Billy's head even further backwards. While Billy was trying to force the thick chunk of man seed down his throat, another round blistered the back of his throat, followed by several more powerful shots.

Billy couldn't breathe, forcing a cough to further add to his bewilderment. Sperm flew out of his tightly sealed mouth, but not to worry, cause Scott was spraying Billy's mouth now like an open faucet. Billy choked and coughed but he was persistent to suck Scott's thick cock dry. Somehow or someway, Billy finally managed to catch up with the sperm shooting cock and began swallowing huge portions at a time. The taste was a little stronger than Allen's was, being a bit more saltier, but Billy was bound and determined to milk Scott's cock no matter the cost. After numerous powerful shots, Scott's cock started to feed Billy's throat a steady burst of sperm balls to which Billy swallowed with each offering. Scott felt the hot mouth on his cock as it sucked, increasing the vacuum like pressure to an all time high. Scott knew his cum was gone, but the little angel sucking his cock was not about to give up, so Scott, being somewhat reluctant, forced his spent cock from Billy's sucking mouth.

Several large strands of Scott's thick and creamy cum flowed from the corners of Billy's mouth, one forming a sperm line from his chin, slipping down to the table's top. Matt was still slurping away at Billy's delicious asshole while looking up at Scott. Scott gave Matt a quick wink and motioned for them to trade places. Scott walked in behind Billy while Matt walked in front of Billy. Before Billy could catch his breath, Scott sank his churning tongue straight up his ass, forcing Billy to exhale a force of air. When Matt saw the reactions on Billy's face as Scott tongue fucked his asshole, Matt leaned down and licked his lover's cum from Billy's smooth and gorgeous face.

While Matt was licking the cum up off of Billy's face, he was unbuttoning his shirt while relishing in the fiery hot, cum smelling sweetness of Billy's breathing. With his shirt now off and slung somewhere on the floor, Matt stood up and Billy's eyes fell directly upon the larger Marine's bulging crotch. As Matt unbuttoned each of the buttons holding his pants together, Billy's eyes grew wider and wider. He already knew that Matt's cock was thick when it was soft, and from judging the size of the two Marine's baskets, Billy knew that Matt was carrying and even more impressive weapon than Scott.

Billy could also tell the difference between Matt's tongue and Scott's tongue. Matt was a bit more caring while Scott was simply an animal. Scott was trying to slide his entire face into Billy's asshole, or at least that's what Billy felt like the man eating his ass was trying to do. Scott was using his fingers to pry Billy's ass cheeks further apart than they already were and his tongue seemed to go deeper than Matt's did, causing Billy to howl as his anal canal stretched wider and wider.

Matt finished unbuttoning all the buttons to his pants and his thumbs hooked the sides and he slid them down all the way below his knees, then pushed them until they were bunched up around his ankles. Billy didn't see Matt slide his pants to his ankles, all he could see was the one eyed beast as it sprang into view. Billy gulped hard as his eyes fluttered in their sockets in total awe of the thing now staring him in the eye. He thought Scott's cock was thick, but Matt's cock was even thicker and much, much longer. The foreskin covering the massive cock head, to which was nearly a full inch thicker than the already massive shaft, dangled towards the floor a good three to four inches.

Billy's eyes caught the bull balls evenly swinging between the man's thick hairy thighs. Dark hair mixed with gray hair littered the humongous balls, but Billy's eyes kept on looking upwards, staring at the cock which was staring right back at him. Even Matt's thick pubic bush was a mixture of black and gray hair but before Billy could look even further upwards, Matt was already sliding his feet forward, inevitably, pushing his mammoth cock towards Billy's drooling open mouth.

Before matt's cock ever touched his lips, Billy arched his head forward and immediately began sucking on the dangling flesh, using his tongue to force the sealed opening of the skin, allowing his tongue to feel the softness as his tongue slid in between the silky smooth flesh. Just like with Scott, Billy got the same salty, near bitter taste as his tongue retrieved huge globs of Matt's slippery pre cum. While Billy was purring at the taste, Matt pushed his cock forward and straight into Billy's wide open mouth. Billy didn't think his mouth could stretch wide enough to accommodate such thickness, but his mouth wanted Matt's cock more than his brain did.

Scott was slurping away at Billy's asshole, now using his right index finger to help widen the tight hole, allowing more of his thick and probing tongue to explore this abnormally delicious cavity with some extra freedom. Billy's head was spinning at having his asshole dined on the way it was now being eaten as well as feeling Matt's giant anaconda like cock slide in between his burning stretched lips. While Billy was slurping away on his cock, Matt was massaging Billy's smooth face while peering down at the beauty who was giving his cock so much pleasure. Matt was smart enough to just hold his cock in place and let Billy suck as much of it into his mouth as he felt comparable with.

There were no hands on Billy's cock, but Scott's drilling tongue struck some sort of button inside Billy's ass, causing Billy's rock hard cock to explode a thunderous wave of sperm, creating a thudding sound as the sperm torpedoes struck the cushion on top of the table. Now, with Matt's thick cock inside his mouth and Scott's tongue tearing away deep within his anal wall, Billy's mind went into convulsion as his cock fired round after creamy round onto the table. Scott saw Billy's cock erupt, forcing his already animalistic tongue fucking action to go into overdrive. Scott's eyes widened as he witnessed Billy's cock spew its creamy batter ever so powerfully onto the table forming a precious and mouthwatering sperm puddle.

Billy was fighting the urge to focus on his orgasm while fighting to maintain sucking on Matt's cock while not realizing he was thrusting his ass onto Scott's diving tongue in the process. Billy was using both hands to cup and toy with Matt's huge hairy balls when he felt Matt's cock expand, and this time, Billy was aware of what next was to follow. Bringing his lips just around the skin covered helmet, Billy felt the first sperm rocket as it crashed against the roof of his mouth, followed by 8 to 10 more powerful shots. He kept sucking while forcing the globs of thick cream to the sides of his aching jaws. Matt's cock spat out thick hunks of man seed, each time, Billy forced the man's cream to the side and not allowing any of it to drain down his throat. Matt was just a howling as his cock sent thunderous waves of his thick man seed into Billy's mouth. Billy was purring and Scott was groaning and the large room provided only their echoes to travel freely.

Matt pushed out the remainder of his cum and he felt Billy's tongue under his foreskin swelter around his sensitive cock head, causing his legs to buckle. Having no further need of a mouth on his sensitive cock, Matt had to use both hands to guide Billy's mouth off of his cock. With a slight popping noise, Matt's still rock hard cock slipped from Billy's mouth. Once his mouth was off of Matt's cock, Billy began swallowing the huge load still trapped inside his mouth. With the first gulp, Billy purred as Matt's sperm was literally tasteless. No salt, not bitter, just thick and sexually hot!

While Scott was still stretching his ass dwelling tongue up Billy's intoxicating ass, Matt was busy getting fully undressed, leaving Billy to remain in the doggy style position swallowing his massive load he had just recently deposited into his mouth. Scott was so absorbed with eating Billy's ass, he didn't even see his lover kick out of his boots and yank the rest of his clothes off of his thick body. On the other side, Matt wasn't paying any attention to Scott either, cause he was busy watching this gorgeous young Marine swallow his load. Billy had his eyes closed and with each tiny swallow, his purrs rang out like a wind chime caught in a wind storm.

Now that Matt was completely naked, he stepped back in front of Billy, leaned down, clutching the sides of Billy's face, placed his lips directly in front of Billy's lips, then whispered,

"You have no idea just how beautiful you really are! Billy, you are precisely what dreams and fantasies are derived from. Today, if everything goes just right, I can only hope that you will never forget us!"

With his final sentence, Matt closed his lips around Billy's and the two wasted no time in dipping their snaking tongues into the others fiery hot mouth. Scott was still too busy eating Billy's ass to hear the words that had just exited his life long lover's mouth. All Scott knew was that he could easily spend the rest of his life with his tongue stuck up Billy's asshole every waking second of each and every day.

When Matt and Billy long kiss broke, Matt walked behind Billy and had to tap on Scott's shoulder. Scott didn't want to, but knew he had to, so he reluctantly backed his tongue out of Billy's anal canal and stood up next to Matt. Holding hands, they kissed one another leaving Billy to feel the fresh air strike his saliva coated jutting asshole. Now, all four hands roamed Billy's unblemished ass cheeks while Scott announced,

"Okay, you hot little sexually addicting hound, I'm going to explain how this enema is going to work. You are going to feel a warm rush of water fill your bowels and I am going to need you to fight the temptation to empty your bowels. I'll need you to hold it for as long as possible. You're going to feel like your stomach is full and bloated, but this is normal, so here we go!"

Billy felt the nozzle as it pressed against his anus, then he felt it as it slid inside him with an easy, but steady, pressure. Matt was standing on Billy's left side, caressing Billy's back ensuring him that everything was okay. While Scott was feeding Billy's ass the nozzle, Scott's hands guided Billy to arch his butt backwards, clearing the table, leaving his butt to straddle the table top. The nozzle itself felt rather good as it reached its depth and Billy realized that when he clamped down using his anal muscles, the nozzle felt even better.

While Matt was standing there caressing Billy's back with both hands, that's when he saw Billy's sperm puddle. Knowing exactly what the puddle was, Matt slid his face under Billy and began using his skilled tongue at scooping up the life giving precious cream while moaning in total bliss. By now, Billy's cock was just dangling there, totally soft, unaware of what he was about to experience. Somewhere in the distance, Billy heard Scott say something, and then he felt the warm rush of the water as it shot up his anal canal, filling his bowels rather quickly.

In Billy's eyes, this was definitely embarrassing. It was then that he realized just what was going to happen. He would literally have to take a shit in front of the two people who had just ate his ass and he had swallowed their man seed. While Billy was thinking about that, he felt his asshole pucker and pucker, fighting back the needed urge to shit the contents out everywhere. For Scott, seeing Billy's little asshole constantly pucker was a sight that no dollar amount could ever be placed on. Matt had just finished scooping up Billy's spent cream and washed it around inside his mouth before allowing the delicious nectar to grace his throat. Billy was too busy squeezing his ass muscles together to notice anything going on around him. All he knew was that he was fixing to shit out the mother load.

Scott had had the pleasure of administering plenty of enemas and he was more than surprised to see just how much water this young angel could contain without blowing the contents from his asshole. Billy was clutching the sides of the table while biting his lips and moaning. The pressure building up inside him was more awesome than he had ever felt before and he didn't know just how much longer he could hold it. Both Matt and Scott were standing on each side of Billy's spread ass, both in total awe at just how much the youngster could hold. Even Scott, who loves to have enemas administered to him couldn't hold as much as Billy was now taking.

Matt gave Scott the signal to shut the water off to which Scott did immediately. Once the water was shut off, Scott eased the nozzle from the depths of Billy's ass. Matt began caressing the side of Billy's right butt cheek, then hoarsely whispered,

"Billy, all you got to do now is let yourself go, completely go!"

Billy was more concerned about what would come out, especially in front of these two former Marines, so for whatever the reason, he struggled to contain the water a little longer, feeling the rumbling pressure increase to what now was something that was rather painful.

Both men stood there watching Billy's tiny asshole as it gasped its mighty strength to keep its muscular seal from breaking, but before their very eyes, Billy's asshole opened and his bowels volcanically exploded the contents from his ass. Though Billy was more embarrassed than anything, he was a tad relieved when his bowels forced his asshole to unlock itself and drain his system completely dry. Both Matt and Scott just stood there, smiling as to what was now happening. The water shooting from Billy's asshole was not really as dirty as they would have suspected, nor was there any of the regular foul odor that this sort of activity would definitely derive.

Billy, with his ass hunched over the table top, let himself go. And go, he was now doing. The water was spraying out of his asshole, shooting the side of the shower stall and some spraying the floor beneath him. While Billy was emptying out his system, Scott was hooking a bottle of something to the base of the nozzle for the next application. To let the cat out of the bag, the bottle contained a mild numbing medication, that once applied, it would ease the pain for both men to be able to feed Billy's asshole their cock without giving Billy too much pain. The bottle also contained some very slick lubrication with a mild strawberry scent liquid. Now, all Matt and Scott had to do was simply stand by until Billy was finished emptying his bowels.

Scott took another hose and began spraying the wall and floor, washing the contents from Billy's hot ass down the drain. Even then, Scott was in total dismay and sexually confused that the contents from Billy's ass was not what he was used to seeing. Once again, the water was slightly dirty, but didn't fill the room with the aroma in which one might expect. With the last water bubble oozing from Billy's ass, Scott centered the nozzle on Billy's asshole and pushed, pushing very slowly. Billy moaned as he felt the slick nozzle slide up his rectum, giving his ass the pleasure he silently craved for.

With the nozzle firmly in place, Scott flipped the lever on the bottle and opened the valve, shooting the water and the contents of the bottle straight up Billy's rectum one more time. This time, Scott didn't want to fill Billy's bowels completely full. He wanted Billy to be able to hold it for some time, allowing the medication to take effect. After a short time, Scott reached over and shut the water off, then slowly pulled the nozzle out of Billy's ass. Scott whispered,

"Billy, just hold it for as long as you can, but when you feel you can't any longer, just let it go!"

Billy nodded his head yes as he could feel the water inside him building up in pressure, but not enough that was uncomfortable. Matt rubbed Billy's stretched out butt cheeks while Scott started getting naked. Now, with Scott joining Matt in the naked department, both men walked in front of Billy and just stood there. Billy's eyes fell onto both semi erect cocks lurching before him, rotating from one massive cock to the other.

Billy didn't have to be told or directed as he slurped Matt's mammoth fat cock into his mouth while using his right hand to play with Scott's growing thick cock. Billy took turns sucking both cocks while fighting back the pressure to keep the water inside him, which was growing harder by the pressing second. The taste of both men's pre cum urged him on and Billy wanted to suck both cocks at the same time, but he knew his mouth wasn't wide enough to handle both of these overly grown cocks, so he eagerly sucked one, then slammed his mouth on the other.

While Billy was busy sucking their cocks, Matt and Scott were playing with each others asses, fingering their holes to the delight of their cocks being sucked by such a gorgeous and willing young Marine. Billy found it extremely difficult to focus on sucking their cocks as the pressure inside him grew to an enormous bloated feeling, but he pressed on, wanting to suck their cocks like he had been doing so for years. Matt and Scott were now battling their tongues in mid air, finger fucking the others asshole, while grunting from the pleasure their cocks were getting from Billy's hot mouth.

Billy was squeezing his ass muscles as hard as he could, but for some odd and strange reason, his anal muscles seemed to have gotten numb, but he still fought against himself to squeeze them together anyway. Though Scott was busy fingering his lover's asshole and sucking his tongue, his mind was on Billy patiently awaiting for his asshole to accept the medication and blow the water out without Billy ever knowing he was doing it. That way, Scott knew that he and Matt would be able to plow the young Marine's ass like the animals Billy had innocently enough, forced them to be.

Working together, Matt and Scott, both inched backwards, grabbing their cocks and began to pound the living flesh right off of their cocks directly in front of Billy's open and fire breathing mouth. Matt and Scott were grunting like a grizzly bear on the prowl as they were in perfect sync stroking their extra thick cocks. With both cocks directly in front of his mouth, Billy flickered his tongue, lapping at both jack hammering cocks, purring at the feel of their flapping foreskin. Timing their efforts, both cocks erupted straight into Billy's mouth. Billy could feel and see the strands of pure white thick globs of man seed as it fired from both cocks with the power and force of a rocket. Matt and Scott pumped their cocks, firing round after thick round of their love juice straight into the more than willing mouth of Billy. Billy was moaning at feeling the heavy spurt fire into his mouth, forming a large puddle inside, but he refused to swallow, or at least, swallow any of the thick cream just yet.

As Matt and Scott pumped their seed into Billy's mouth, Billy was completely unaware that his ass was shooting the contents from his ass. Scott and Matt both saw what was happening behind Billy and both knew that the medication had done precisely what it was intended to do. The scent of strawberry filled the room as both men pumped their cocks until only a huge sperm ball attached itself to their skinned back piss slit. Matt wiped the head of his cock onto Billy's lower lip and once he was done, Scott wiped his cock head off of Billy's upper lip. Both men could see the sperm river gathering inside Billy's wide open mouth and the searing look in Billy's eyes as they watched as the youngster kept his mouth open and began swallowing.

Gulp after gulp, Billy opened his throat, allowing small portions to slide freely down. With each taste, Billy's moans grew louder as he relished the flavor of both men's thick and creamy cum. As the last bit of cream slithered down his throat, Billy used his tongue to bathe his lips from the sticky cream that once had coated both lips. Seeing the sight of Billy swallow their cream and lick his lips clean, both Matt and Scott knelt down and the three became totally consumed in sucking the others tongue ever so wildly. The two older men's hands roamed Billy's shaking body, relishing in the smooth silky texture that only such an angel's flesh could possibly offer. They kissed wildly, yet heart felt passionately, all at the same time.

It wasn't until after their tongue sucking kiss ended that Billy realized he was fighting to hold the contents inside him that were no longer there. As Scott helped him off of the table, Billy stared at the strawberry colored water that had sprayed the wall and covered the floor. His first thought was that that was his blood, but Matt informed him of the strawberry scent lube that was applied earlier. Scott sprayed the wall and floor until the area was clean, then the three of them walked right next door to another shower that five grown men could have easily fit in.

It was at this time that Billy got a full view of both men. Matt was definitely larger of the two, standing well over 6'4" and had to have weighed close to the 250 pound range. His body was large, but not overweight, just beefy and thick. Course gray and dark curly hairs covered the man's barrel chest and littered his stomach completely. When Billy's eyes saw Matt's thick thighs, he clearly saw the dense forest of dark hairs as they totally covered the man's huge legs from his thighs to the top of his thick toes.

Scott, on the other hand, stood close to 6'2" and weighed somewhere around the 200 pound mark. His body was more defined with bulging muscles defining his chest, stomach, arms, and legs. Bright red curly hair scattered the man's chest, but for whatever reason, left his rippled stomach alone. Just under Scott's inward belly button was a fine line of red hair leading down to the puffy mound of red hair forming his pubic bush. In total respect, Scott was muscle from head to toe, but he by far was no body builder, just muscular in perfect shape!

Each of them were soaping their own body while roaming their eyes on the others soapy body. Matt and Scott were more or less looking at Billy and his naturally bronzed flesh, as well as the sweetest cock their lips and mouth had ever graced. Billy's eyes kept darting back and forth to the mammoth cocks swinging vividly back and forth between the two former Marine's legs. Before Billy realized it, his cock was standing straight at attention. This unforeseen erection certainly did not go unnoticed by either of Matt or Scott's eyes. Matt decided to take things a bit further. Grabbing his bar of soap, he lathered his right hand and stepped in back of Billy who was watching in awe as Scott's once sleeping monster began pumping itself back into its eye popping hard state.

Matt put his soapy right hand between Billy's ass crack and he began lathering Billy's crack up to a foamy perfection. Billy automatically reached back with his left hand and it instinctively latched onto Matt's now growing thick member. Matt reached around Billy's left side and his left hand began caressing and softly pinching Billy's tiny erect nipples, forcing soft echoing moans to radiate inside the confinement of the shower walls.

Scott was busy putting on a show for Billy's eyes as he was stroking his fully hard meat within a mere two feet out of Billy's reach. Taking Billy's reaction of seeing Scott jack his thick cock, Matt pushed his right index finger against Billy's soap covered asshole and twisted and poked until the thick finger slid slowly up the youngster's rectum. Billy felt Matt's finger slide up inside him, but all he could actually feel was a bit of pressure, but no pain. Matt slipped a second finger up Billy's butt and watched Billy's face as the second finger joined the first all the way up his tight little ass. When Billy mad no pain stricken face as to the two fingers thrusting up his ass, Matt added a third. Billy felt a deep pressure and he knew Matt was working on his asshole, but the fingers tugging on his nipples and the sight of Scott yanking on his thicker than thick cock was more pleasing than his brain would ever allow for any pain to interrupt.

Having done this many, many times, Matt gave Scott a quick wink as to say that the ass muscle medicine applied with the enema had done its job. Matt forced a fourth finger up Billy's chute and Billy moaned as he now felt his anal canal being stretched wide to accommodate whatever it was Matt was doing behind him. Billy wasn't a complete idiot, cause he knew the objects up his ass were Matt's fingers, but he had no clue he was standing there while the man fucked his ass with four of his thick soapy fingers. The slight pain that seared through his body only added to Billy's sexual arousal. The super hard cock in his left hand sent waves of electricity throughout his already befuddled body.

Feeling the time was perfect, Matt removed his fingers and allowed Billy to rinse off the soap which covered his entire body. Scott stopped jerking his meat as the three of them rinsed their bodies. Still inside the huge shower area, Matt handed Billy and Scott their towels and the three of them began drying off their bodies with all three cocks harder than steel. Billy knew he had to pee again, and he was looking for a toilet. Matt saw this and he knew what Billy needed to do so Matt motioned for Scott and being the piss pig that Scott grew to become, walked right over to Billy, using his mighty strength, lifted Billy up, upside down forcing his head in between Billy's spread legs. The motion was quick and seemingly effortless as Billy now found himself upside down, coming face to face with Scott's throbbing thick cock. Scott had already had Billy's hard cock inside his mouth holding the younger Marine's back with both muscled arms.

Matt growled,

"Go ahead, Billy, piss!"

The mouth on his cock was hotter than fire, but Billy pushed his bladder and forced it open as his cock was now gushing his piss straight down Scott's gulping throat. Billy lifted the heavy cock upwards and wasted very little time in placing his mouth over the thickness and began moaning feverishly as he was now sucking on about four or five inches of Scott's thick cock. Billy slipped his tongue in between the soft foreskin and stabbed at Scott's piss slit to taste the man's pre cum which was pouring out like a waterfall. As Scott was drinking Billy's tasty piss and Billy was literally choking on the fat cock his mouth was now bobbing on, Billy never noticed that Scott was carrying him out of this area and into another one.

Matt led the way into his and Scott's huge bedroom, but simply couldn't resist the urge as his eyes fell onto the upside down Adonis in the arms of his lover. Billy's ass cheeks were spread wide as Matt slid over in front of Billy and instantly buried his rugged face in between Billy's ass cheeks, using his tongue as a drill to enter the youngster's rectum.

The thick bushy moustache tickled Billy's ass, but feeling the fiery heat and slippery tongue doing its masterpiece on his ass made Billy purr like a new born kitten. His stretched mouth was filled with Scott's thick cock and his own cock was being skillfully sucked by Scott's expert mouth. The moans, the grunts, and the groans filled the huge bedroom as the three each had something special to work on. Matt was digging his tongue up Billy's anal canal as if it were a shovel, scooping, licking , and sucking on the tasty treat now gracing the sides of his face and the interior burning away at his drilling tongue.

Scott's legs grew weaker as Billy was making all sorts of slurping sounds as he sucked on Scott's aching cock. Billy had worked the foreskin back until just Scott's giant cock head was freely spewing his pre cum directly into Billy's mouth while Billy's tongue swarmed all over the man's sensitive cock head. Billy's hand's held Scott's heavy balls, rolling them ever so gently into each hand, while offering the slightest of pulls. Pure animal lust took over and Scott absentmindedly began humping his thick cock in and out of Billy's stuffed mouth. On his own, Billy had managed to suck on about five inches of Scott's cock, but now with Scott fucking his mouth, Billy could feel another three or so inches as it shot down his gagging throat.

Billy was totally helpless in this position as he fought against himself to allow Scott's cock to drive down his throat and breathe from his nose. But, the tongue snaking wildly up his ass sent Billy's mind far away from his upturned body. Though the sensation of Matt's tongue wasn't as it was before, Billy knew the man was dining on his ass from the way the thick moustache was gliding all around his crack. Needing more of Billy's hot ass, Matt used both thumbs to pry the boy's asshole wide open, allowing his tongue to freely lap the sweet strawberry taste glued to Billy's anal canal and anal interior.

Scott had slid his hands up Billy's upturned body and had a firm grip on Billy's hips. Using his mighty strength, Scott used Billy's body to fuck Billy's hard cock in and out of his own mouth while sucking loudly on the special treat. Matt had to time his tongue fucking as well thanks to his lover's desire to feel Billy's cock ramrod in and out of his mouth. The three of them were making loud slurping noises, heavy grunts, and sexually heightened moans as each of them were enjoying the other's perspective sexually enhanced body part.

Matt removed his tongue from Billy's asshole and grabbed Billy, placing Billy on his back onto their lavishly made king sized bed. Billy's head was resting on one of the large pillows while his eyes glared at the sight of the two massive cocks throbbing in the air as if waving for an open invitation. No sooner than Matt knelt onto the bed did Billy's lips greet the man's bull thick cock. Matt groaned as Billy's mouth engulfed his cock head and about three inches of the thick shaft. Billy was bobbing his mouth greedily up and down Matt's super thick and defiantly long cock as if he had been sucking cocks all of his life. The feeling of Matt's cock sliding in and out of his mouth made Billy purr and moan as he slammed his mouth as far as he could go on Matt's huge cock.

Matt reached down and slid Billy over to the edge of the bed so that his head was somewhat completely off, hanging down the side. Scott was already in position to lay down on his right side and impale his mouth on Billy's pulsing hard cock. With Billy's mouth on Matt's cock and Scott's mouth on Billy's, Matt leaned over Billy's body and swallowed his lover's cock all the way to the root. The one thing Billy did find having his head hanging off of the bed was that he could suck on Matt's cock a bit easier and suck on more of the mammoth meat as well. Billy also loved the feeling of Matt's low hanging heavy balls as they rolled along his forehead as he sucked for all he was worth on Matt's giant organ.

Scott groaned as to the way his lover was milking his cock, not to mention the fact that he had Billy's tasty treat of pure perfection throbbing inside his own mouth. Matt's left hand and Scott's right hand were groping Billy's balls, sending further chills soaring throughout Billy's body. Billy reached back with his left hand and latched onto Matt's solid, hairy ass, motioning for the man to fuck his mouth while placing his right hand on top of Scott's bobbing head. Being as experienced as he was, when Billy's hand pushed against his ass cheek, Matt started to hump his hips, driving his thick cock slowly in and out of Billy's oven like mouth. Billy felt his throat expand, allowing more of Matt's cock to fill his throat with each downward thrust from the former Marine. Billy was kind of proud of himself for being able to swallow about seven thick inches of Matt's bull sized cock.

Scott, on the other hand, had no problem sucking all of Billy's cock with each downward plunge of his mouth, neither did Matt, who was deep throating Scott's cock. Taking things a bit further and changing positions, Scott was now feeding Billy his cock while sucking on Matt's cock, while Matt was moaning in pure bliss sucking Billy's. Billy opened his throat just like he had done for the much thicker cock and found it impressive, at least for him, to be able to swallow nearly every inch of Scott's more than impressive cock. Unlike Matt, Scott needed nothing to persuade him as he immediately began fucking Billy's mouth while swallowing Matt's monstrous cock in the process.

The three sucked on the other's cock like tomorrow would never come. Both Matt and Scott were skilled enough to switch their cock sucking techniques, but Billy loved the way Scott was plowing his cock ferociously into his mouth. Feeling Scott's heavy balls rolling around on his forehead were sexual rewards enough for Billy, or so he thought! Each time Billy got close to shooting his load, Scott would back off, much to Billy's frustrations.

After about six times of coming so close to shooting his load, Billy felt Scott's mouth leave his aching cock. Billy could feel the bed moving as Matt was crawling off the bed. Billy's eyes widened as he saw Matt place himself behind Scott, hold that massive monstrous cock and push. Billy saw everything as plain as day as Matt's thick cock slipped all the way up Scott's ass. Scott was now sucking on both of Billy's balls as Matt wasted no time in royally blistering his cock in and out of Scott's ass. Scott was moaning and howling as Matt slammed his giant beef harder and harder into his hole. Billy was more amazed at something so huge fitting into something so small, so easy.

Scott screamed,

"Yessssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssss, fuck that ass, fuck me gooooooooood!"

With each thrust from Matt's cock, Scott's cock drove harder and harder into Billy's mouth. Billy strained his eyes to see Matt's super thick cock dart in and out of Scott's chute. In no time at all, Scott had yanked Billy's legs up, pushing his knees outwards, while forcing them behind him. Seeing Billy's tiny tanned asshole greet his vision, Scott sunk his mouth on the boy's ass and started plowing Billy's asshole with his probing tongue. Matt was holding onto the sides of Scott's hips, driving his lover's body hard and fast onto his thrusting cock. Scott was loving every ass pounding second of it while moaning in delight at having his tongue buried in the sweetest and hottest ass known to mankind.

With each removal of his tongue inside Billy's ass, Scott would spit directly onto the hole, then shove his tongue as deep as his tongue would allow back into the fiery hot depth of Billy's gorgeous and mouthwatering delicious asshole. Matt plowed Scott's ass for sometime, until he felt he was getting rather close, then hauled his meat from his lover's gaping asshole. Scott moaned as he felt Matt's cock withdraw from his ass, but kept his tongue fucking assault on Billy's quivering little ass.

Matt got back up onto the bed, directly in the center, scooting up until his back was resting against the padded headboard. Almost simultaneously, both Matt and Scott shot each other a wink as for what next was meant to happen. Scott withdrew his tongue and had to force his cock out of Billy's sucking mouth. Scott helped Billy up so that he was now sitting on his ass and the first thing he saw was Matt's huge cock waving in the air between the man's hairy thick thighs. Needing no invitation, Billy crawled over in between Matt's spread legs and immediately stuffed his mouth on Matt's cock knowing full well that this was the same cock that had just been up Scott's ass.

While Billy was busy impaling his mouth on Matt's cock, Scott was busy preparing for the next activity. He went onto the bathroom, retrieved a towel and the bottle of lubricant, then went back and sat down directly in behind Billy's jutting ass. Scott scooped up a large chunk of the slick cream and easily slipped his right index finger all the way up Billy's ass. Once working that finger to completion, Scott applied more cream, this time ensuring a second finger was well coated, then pushed both fingers up Billy's ass. Between the fingers inside his ass and his mouth riding up and down Matt's giant cock, Billy was in pure blissful heaven, completely intoxicated at all that was happening.

Though Billy was not quite sure, he had a pretty good idea that Scott was about to impale his ass with his beefy cock, but at this point Billy was just too drunk with sexual desire to care, so he slurped away at the mammoth cock belonging to Matt. Scott greased up Billy's ass until he now had four fingers sliding in and out of Billy's fiery hot anal canal. Scott scooped out some more lube with his left hand and began smearing the slimy stuff all over his throbbing manhood. Keeping four fingers up Billy's ass while coating his cock, Scott worked himself up into a kneeling position. Sensing the time was just right, Scott removed his fingers from Billy's ass and grabbed the towel and began cleaning his hands.

With the lube off his hands, Scott inched directly in behind Billy's awaiting asshole, grabbing his cock at the base while squeezing the mere life out of it, and pressed it firmly up against the tiny orifice. Billy felt the pressure of Scott's cock stab at his asshole, but this only forced his mouth to slide up and down more of Matt's thick cock. Scott applied even more pressure, this time forcing the tight circle to open, allowing the head of his thick cock to splinter Billy's ass. Billy felt the man's cock as it entered his virgin chamber, and the pain rocketed from his ass straight into his head.

Billy felt like his asshole was being pried open, from the inside out, and it was a hot poker iron doing the spreading. Scott inched more of his thick cock up Billy's ass giving Billy the full affect of having something so thick tear into his anal walls feeding him so much mind boggling pain. Billy was whimpering like crazy as the thick meat slowly dove deeper and deeper into his pain riddled ass. Matt's hands held the sides of Billy's face in place as Scott's thick cock tore, inch by massive inch, deeper and wider into his rectum. Billy had never felt as much pain as what he was experiencing right now as Scott's cock forced itself inside of him.

Scott was completely overwhelmed at the feeling that Billy's ass was giving his cock. The heat was almost unbearable and the muscles constricting around his cock felt more like he was in the vice lock of an anaconda. Inch by thick inch, Scott slowly shoved his cock up Billy's ass until his balls placed a tender kiss on Billy's rapidly shriveling nuggets. Scott's large hands were groping Billy's soothing ass cheeks while he was slinging his head to and fro from the pure luxury of having his cock buried all the way inside such a gorgeous young Marine. Scott had fucked plenty of asses in his day, but none could even come close as to what he was feeling now with his cock inside Billy.

Billy felt like Scott's cock had exited his anal canal and was now lodged deep within his stomach. His every breath reminded him of the massive object stuck inside of him as the burning increased as if someone had poured gasoline down his ass and set it ablaze. Billy found it difficult to concentrate sucking on Matt's thicker cock as the pain shattering his body seemed only to get more painful. From head to toe, Billy's body was shaking furiously.

Scott held his position, keeping his cock lodged all the way up Billy's ass, but he didn't know how long he could hold it there. The pressure gnawing at his cock increased with every heartbeat and the muscles churning away felt more like they were sucking more of his cock down into its fiery hot depth. Scott was biting his lips and grabbing as much of Billy's ass cheeks as the tight silky smooth flesh would allow.

Unable to contain himself any longer, Scott had to force his cock backwards, away from Billy's muscle crushing anal muscles to the point that just his thick crown of his foreskin covered cock head was visible out of Billy's widely stretched asshole. With a little effort, Scott inched his meat all the way up Billy's convulsing ass. Having done this same technique for about eight strokes, the animal inside Scott awoke, leaving him to hold onto Billy's ass cheeks while increasing the tempo to a slow, but steady, ass fucking frenzy. Billy felt every inch depart his ass, then re-enter his ass. The pain that once scorched his body had now grew numb, allowing his mouth to focus on the cock before him, while his body was getting adjusted at having something so thick spread his anal canal wider than any of his dreams ever fantasized about.

As Scott slammed his uncut thick meat into Billy's super tight asshole, Billy found himself driving his hungry ass backwards to meet force with force. Billy gagged while moaning, sucking on the mammoth thick cock while feeling himself get fucked for the first time. His mind was spinning and his mouth wanted to swallow all of Matt's behemoth cock in one gulp. Matt was using both of his hands to caress the sides of Billy's face while he himself began moaning like crazy on the mouth action pleasing his rock hard throbbing boner. With each plunge of Scott's cock, mixed with his own thrusts from his ass, Billy felt every massive inch as it soared passed his anal canal and soothed his heavy breathing stomach.

Feeling Billy's ass as it ground onto his thrusting cock, Scott released Billy's ass cheeks and gripped the sides of Billy's creamy smooth hips, then began using his hips to yank Billy backwards as he was slamming his meat forwards. Billy's muffled whimpers grew louder as something inside him snapped and total and pure sexual bliss churned ever so heavily inside of him. Billy wanted Scott to plow his ass like the man had never done to anyone else before. Yanking his mouth from Matt's cock, Billy screamed,

"Fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

Once Billy said that, he slammed his aching mouth back on Matt's overly thick cock and Billy wasted no time in resuming his cock sucking, throat gagging, oral manipulation while moaning and grunting as to the cock wearing his ass out beyond any perception.

Scott's cock had visited plenty of anal canals in his time, but by far, none, not one single ass could ever come close to giving his cock the pleasure he was now feeling. Billy's anal oven felt as though it was on fire and his anal muscles coiled around Scott's thrusting cock as if struggling from the clutches of a hungry python. With each thrust, Scott could feel his cock being literally milked. Only the bashing sounds of flesh being struck by flesh as Scott's heavy balls smacked Billy's, conquered the three men's moans, grunts, and whimpers. Even though Scott's hands were yanking his body onto the thrusting hunk of meat, Billy still aided in the anal assault by forcing his ass backwards, timing Scott's forward thrust.

Matt, needing to do something for Billy, rolled his body around so that now he was underneath Billy's body, with Billy's pre cum spitting cock now sliding in and out of his mouth just from the pure force of his lover's animalistic thrusts. Billy instantly had Matt's cock back in his mouth, completely consumed by having his ass fucked royally and his cock now pelting away inside Matt's mouth. In this position, Matt could clearly see his lover's thick cock as it pile drove in and out of Billy's more than mystical ass. Billy's deliciously sweet pre cum forced Matt to roar like a lion as the taste melted inside his mouth, soothing his throat muscles as he swallowed the more than addicting slick protein.

Billy was just a slurping away on Matt's cock while his hands were busy on the man's enormous hairy balls. The musky scent spewing from Matt's legs further ignited Billy's sexual frenzy as the aphrodisiac like aroma caused Billy's body to convulse, forcing his cock to explode his thick cream directly into Matt's mouth. Matt felt the first three heavy balls of sperm as it struck the roof of his mouth, followed by powerful jets of boiling hot sperm streams. Billy was blind from sexual desire at feeling Scott's cock work his ass, having Matt's huge cock bobbing up and down inside his mouth, relishing in the feeling of the man's hairy balls, and Matt's mouth sucking away on his erupting cock.

Steady streams of Billy's mouthwatering sperm greeted Matt's mouth and Matt moaned in ecstasy knowing the youngster was feeding him one more time. Scott yelled something and Matt's eyes caught Scott's cock as it increased in girth, knowing all too well that his lover was getting ready to unleash the load from hell up Billy's ass. Billy's cock was still shooting his cream when he felt Scott's cock grow thicker, then Billy felt the huge glob of fiery hot man seed as it plummeted deeper up his anal cavity. Spurt after thick spurt, Billy moaned as he felt each and every sperm rocket soar deeper into his anal canal. Scott was busy slamming his shooting meat harder and faster than ever up Billy's ass, milking his firing cock with Billy's coiling and convulsing anal muscles.

When Matt felt the last tasty morsel fall into his mouth, he wrapped his lips just around Billy's perfect cock head and he began sucking lightly to ensure that he would get all of the youngster's tasty cum. Matt, still at this point, held Billy's sperm pool inside his mouth, refusing to swallow until he was satisfied he had every drop of Billy's precious cream. After a few seconds, Matt began opening his throat and allowing only a small portion to trickle down his throat. Just like in his previous tastes of Billy's sperm, this feeding was no different. There simply wasn't any taste to Billy's cum, just the fact that it belonged to Billy made the cream seem to be that much more sweeter than a box of chocolates.

Scott had fucked his cream into Billy's ass to the point his cock was growing softer by the second. With just his limp cock working Billy's ass, Scott, barely able to breathe, slipped his soft cock from the clutches of Billy's ass. Billy moaned as he felt Scott's cock depart his ass. There were no words as to Billy's desire to being fucked. He wanted more and that's all there was to it. Slipping his mouth from Matt's cock, Billy angelically whispered,

"Please, please fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Matt scooted his body from under Bill as Scott almost collapsed on the bed next to Billy's humped over right side. All Billy could think of was Matt's humongous cock entering his ass. Regardless of the pain, Billy knew his world would soon be seen from a different light once Matt's cock stretched his anal canal beyond that of Scott's thick cock. Matt crawled onto the bed and positioned himself, kneeling, directly in front of Billy's already sealed asshole.

Placing his right thumb on Billy's glistening asshole, Matt prepared his cock for entry into the most beloved spectacle his eyes had ever seen, being Billy's extra tiny chute entrance. Switching from one thumb to the next, Matt embellished the feel of Billy's anus while ensuring that his cock was slippery from the lubricant. Billy was bucking his ass backwards, trying to grace his canal with Matt's thumbs. Scott was still laying next to Billy, panting like crazy, still bewildered from his mind boggling orgasm.

With his cock lubed and rock hard, Matt wiped the excess lube from his hands off with the towel while hoarsely whispering,

"Are you ready to feel my cock stretch up your chute?"

Billy cried out,

"Sir, yessssssssssssssss sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Billy lowered his upper body on his elbows, patiently awaiting for the pain of Matt's mammoth cock to ignite his ass on fire from its nightmarishly thickness. Billy grabbed a handful of bed linen while turning his face into the direction of Scott, locking both of their eyes on the other. Scott was coming back to life, recapturing his breath as he slid over and sat spread legged directly in front of Billy's face. Billy, seeing Scott's soft cock, eagerly began sucking on the chunk of prime beef that had just worked his ass ever so properly.

Matt held his cock with his left hand and guided the giant foreskin covered head up to Billy's asshole. A mighty grunt and a powerful push, Matt's thick cock forced open Billy's sealed opening leaving Billy to grunt from his anal walls being torn open. The pain Billy knew he would feel certainly by no means let him down. The fiery burning shattered his body as his anal canal was being filled by Matt's super thick cock. Scott's cock remained soft even though Billy was slurping away on the sleeping monster. Matt pushed his cock deeper and deeper into the realm of Billy's mystical ass, feeling his lover's spent seed swarm around his diving cock.

With five very thick inches pushing Billy's inner anal walls outwards, Matt held his position firmly, awaiting some sign from Billy to plunge his cock further up the hottest ass his cock had ever graced. Billy was whimpering, grunting, moaning, and doing whatever he possibly could to will the pain to go away. The harder he tried to relax, the more pain rifled through his ass, splintering his every thought process inside his already shattered brain. Billy wanted to clamp down with his teeth, but knowing Scott's cock was inside his milking mouth prevented him from doing so. Matt held his position, but it was Billy who shoved his ass backwards, forcing three more thick inches to impale his rectum.

As the pain expanded throughout Billy's body, Billy fought against the feeling of pain. He just wanted to feel all of Matt's cock inside of him and craved for the time that Matt would blast his ass with his superior weapon. The anal muscles coiled around Matt's cock, squeezing and slowly milking. Matt slung his head back relishing in the way Billy's ass worked his cock. It felt like caterpillar legs walking all over his cock while it was being slowly baked inside Billy's volcanically hot anal chamber.

Scott's cock was almost too sensitive for Billy's mouth, but he endured the mild pain just so he could listen to Billy's soft sounds evading from his cock sucking lips. Matt pushed forwards as Billy slid his cock filled ass backwards, bringing the remainder of Matt's thick cock all the way to the root up Billy's pain riddled ass. Billy's mouth slipped off of Scott's soft cock as his lips formed a perfect circle and his eyes were tightly closed as he cried out,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's, it's sooooooooooooooooooo bigggggggggggggg!"

Billy was gasping for oxygen as he felt every massive inch of Matt's cock with each and every breath he took. It felt like someone had pushed a traffic cone up his ass and was filling his stomach up with man meat. As Billy was howling in the room's air, Scott rolled over onto his hands and knees giving Billy's eyes, once they opened, a clear shot of his asshole.

Matt slid his hands along Billy's slender hips and locked them in place, awaiting the time for those slender hips to aid him in plowing Billy's ass to perfection. With his eyes still closed, Billy's rapidly inhaling nostrils got a good whiff of a rather peculiar musky aroma. Still blind as to Scott's new position, Billy smelled the air like a blind dog, becoming more and more aroused as to detecting what the odd aroma was that filling his lungs. Billy cried out once more,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Though the words flew out of his mouth, Billy himself wasn't so sure he was ready for what he had just said, but he felt the mammoth beast slowly depart his anal chamber, inch by inch, then felt the monster as it buried itself back into the deepest confinements of his ass. Billy lowered his head, but when his forehead struck Scott's jutting ass cheeks, his eyes opened and he saw Scott's puckering man hole graciously winking at him. Soft curly black hairs littered the spread crack and more hair gathered at the little pucker hole. Billy realized then that the musky odor that he was still smelling belonged to Scott's asshole.

Without giving things much thought, Billy stabbed Scott's hairy asshole with his tongue while grunting with every breath from the torturous cock impaling his bedazzled ass. Matt was besides himself in sexual bliss as he moaned ever so loudly with each slow withdrawal and every downward plunge. To Matt, it felt like his cock was caught in a powerful vacuum tunnel that was sucking his cock harder and deeper as he tried to get some sort of rhythm going. Billy's exploring tongue slid up and down Scott's crack, pile driving on the man's asshole. This felt kind of weird for Billy, but the intoxicating musky scent forced him to use his tongue like a wash cloth and bathe every inch of Scott's jutting ass.

Seizing the moment, Scott slapped his ass cheeks while digging his fingertips into his ass cheeks, yanking them even wider apart. Billy's tongue slid straight into Scott's chute, giving his taste glands a new experience. It tastes something like metal, but for whatever the reason, Billy's tongue became wild and began its own tongue fucking in and out of Scott's anal canal. Matt was increasing his temp and was using Billy's hips to help him. The severe pain that once reeked so much havoc was now replaced with Billy shoving his ass backwards to welcome the massive invader as it dove deep into his bowels. The power of Matt's thrusts grew with each withdrawal and soon got to the point that he was plowing Billy's ass with all of his force. Billy matched pace with Matt, ensuring to drive his ass backwards while moaning and tongue fucking Scott's tasty ass all at the same time.

Scott could feel the precious tongue of Billy's as it dug into his ass chamber with a vengeance. Scott was moaning, Billy was whimpering, and Matt was grunting like a hog. During this activity, Billy's cock became harder than ever as his body was being plummeted by Matt's ramming body. Matt's heavy hairy free swinging balls collided with Billy's dangling balls with every explosive thrust, sending further excitement throughout Billy's body. Matt could only think of how great Billy's ass felt for no ass he had ever fucked before had ever been this great, this magical.

While Billy was feeding on Scott's asshole, Scott rolled over once more onto his back, hiked up his legs while scooting his body further down the bed. Billy was holding his body upwards on his hands as Scott's legs hooked each of his shoulders. Billy was in too much bliss to know what Scott was trying to do, but when he felt Scott's fingers guide his cock up to his asshole, Billy knew then that Scott wanted to get fucked too. Before Billy could offer any assistance, he felt his cock become engulfed by fiery heat as it slipped all the way up Scott's skilled ass. Billy timed his strokes so that when Matt withdrew his cock from his ass, Billy lunged his cock into Scott's ass and when Billy withdrew his cock from Scott's ass, Matt's cock pile drove deep inside his own.

For Billy, this was all too wild and the sensational feeling coursing throughout his body was nothing he could have ever dreamed of in a million years. Being fucked while fucking was absolutely mind shattering awesome. Matt's balls slammed into Billy's while Billy's balls smacked into Scott's. Scott reached up with both hands and locked his fingers behind Billy's neck and pushed Billy's head down until their lips touched and their tongues shot inside the other's heavy breathing mouth.

Matt was popping his cock harder into Billy's ass than he had ever fucked before. Like a maniac going berserk, Matt was blistering his cock in and out of Billy's asshole at a mind boggling speed. Matt wasn't even sure if he would be able to cum again for he was not used to shooting more than two loads at any one given time, but the feeling Billy's anal walls and ass muscles were giving his cock, he knew then that only his death would stop him from enjoying so much pleasure from the most gorgeous guy his eyes had ever laid witness to.

Scott grabbed his steadily growing cock with his right hand and he began pumping his cock fast and furiously trying to keep pace with his lover fucking Billy and Billy's cock pile driving away inside his own ass. Billy was too light headed as his mind departed from his body. Scott's tongue drilled away inside his mouth and Billy was doing his best to return the favor, but the feeling of Matt's cock pounding his ass mixed with the feeling Scott's ass was giving his cock, was nearly too much for Billy to endure.

As if Billy's entire world had reached the ultimate explosion, his cock erupted, spewing his hot load rocketing up Scott's ass. Scott moaned inside Billy's mouth as he felt the youngster's cock spew its fiery hot chunks of pure heavenly cream, one long shot after another. Feeling Billy's sperm shooting inside him, matched only with Billy's tongue riveting inside his mouth, Scott pounded his cock into a sperm shooting submission. His gooey thick cream splashed between both he and Billy and only their sweaty bodies captured his spewing seed. Matt felt Billy's ass as it constricted from Billy's overpowering orgasm. Billy's anal muscles collapsed around Matt's thrusting cock, clamping down with all their might, forcing Matt's own balls to surrender to the boy's breathtaking anal constrictions. With a loud and steady grunt, Matt fucked his cock endlessly into Billy's asshole while his cock began tossing his thick cream by the gallons.

Matt pounded his sperm shooting cock relentlessly in and out of Billy's muscle constricting ass, howling in sheer bliss as to the orgasm tearing throughout his quaking body. Matt had never felt such an orgasm in his life as his cock seemed to spit out more cum than his body could produce, but nevertheless, his cock fired round after thick round of sperm juice up Billy's vacuum like ass. By now, Scott was pumping his deflated cock, slapping his thick shaft between his and Billy's body. Billy thought his heart was going to stop as his cock shot more of his sperm into Scott's gripping rectum. All three men were grunting and whimpering as the last of their endless seed came to a heavy breathing halt.

The huge cock that had tormented Billy's ass all to well slowed to a mere little hump action as Matt was blind from pure exhaustion. Scott and Billy's lips unlocked their seal and Billy lowered his face onto Scott's left shoulder. All three men were breathing extremely heavy as Matt fell to his haunches, retrieving his deflated cock from Billy's ass in the process. When Matt pulled his cock from Billy's ass, Billy slipped his completely soft cock from Scott's ass as well. Billy fell to Scott's left side, somewhat on his back and leaning a bit on his right side while Matt crawled on Billy's left side and draped his huge arm over Billy's heavy breathing chest.

Billy was resting, but he could feel all the cum inside him give pressure for the urge to evacuate his body. Doing his best, Billy clamped down his muscles on his ass cheeks trying to keep the sperm inside him so as not to make a mess on the bed. Scott was no stranger to having his rectum filled with man seed and he knew from Billy's silent body actions what Billy needed to do at the present moment. Scott, taking a heavy breath, softly whispered,

"Come on Billy, just go ahead and squat right over my face!"

Billy looked at Scott and Scott gave him a wink, so Billy struggled to get to his feet, standing on the bed, and holding his ass cheeks, straddled Scott while holding onto the headboard of the bed. No sooner than Billy got himself into the proper position, he felt Scott's tongue probe straight into his asshole. Billy bit down with his teeth trying in vain as to not shit out the sperm that was building up with so much pressure inside of him.

The more Billy struggled to hold his bowels confined, the more tongue Scott stuck up his ass until Billy simply couldn't hold back any longer. A slight flapping of wind exited his rear as Billy felt the sperm fire from his well fucked asshole. Scott moaned ever so loudly as the hot sperm flew into his open mouth. Knowing that the sperm was his mixed with his lover's made everything seem so much better, only adding the beauty of Billy to top things off. Billy felt kind of weird squatting over Scott's face, pooping out the contents of his bowel, but his bowels didn't care as it opened up the drain and flooded Scott's throat by the gallons. Billy could feel his stomach as the bloating began to go down quite a bit as he shot more gooey sperm from his ass.

Scott kept on tonguing Billy's ass until all that remained was the feeling of pleasure his tongue gave him as it slid along the interior walls of Billy's five star mouthwatering ass. Scott slurped down all the cream Billy's ass offered him until Billy could offer no more. Once Scott cleaned Billy's ass with his thrashing tongue, Billy fell back onto the bed between the two men who had just gave him the most pleasure his young life had ever had.

After a brief rest in the bed, the three took a well needed shower, then got dressed backed into their clothes. As Billy was standing near the front entrance and both Matt and Scott were standing in front of him, Matt smiled, then said,

"Billy, I hope you had a great time with us today and please don't ever hesitate to come over anytime."

Billy smiled back, then softly whispered,

"I had a blast and if you like, I can come back over in the morning!"

Scott piped in,

"Billy my boy, you can come over anytime you want, but don't ever forget to bring that delicious ass of yours!"

After a brief laugh over Scott's comments, Matt placed his large right hand on Billy's left shoulder, then said,

"When you come over tomorrow, bring your duty papers with me. I'd like to take a look at what you orders are for your first duty station."

Billy agreed and walked out of the front door with one hell of a sore ass, and on two very weak legs. As Scott and Matt watched Billy ride off, Scott looked at Matt and asked,

"What are you planning by looking at Billy's orders?"

Matt reached out and held Scott's right hand, looked into his lover's eyes and whispered,

"I believe I'm going to make a few phone calls to help that beauty out a bit! After all, once a true Marine, always a true Marine!"

As Billy made his way down a trail towards his house, his mind replayed all that had happened between Matt, Scott, and himself. He tried to tell himself there was no way he was gay, but his sore asshole reminded him of the pleasures that the two horse hung men had given him. The more he thought about it the more he came to realize that he loved the taste of man seed far better than any girl's pussy juice. Now, his mind wandered off as to his sister's boyfriend, Allen, and his beloved cock. All Billy could think about was waking up in the morning and going back over to Matt and Scott's house, and coming up with the time to have some more fun with his sister's boyfriend. Billy had already decided that when it was time to report to his first duty station, he would indeed, be a true Marine, but one in search of cock!