Just to recap where we left off, Billy is 5'10" and weighs a very in shape and proportionate 155 pounds. His hair is jet black and his eyes are the purest of emerald green. His body, for whatever reason, is virtually hairless and due to the fact that his mother is Caucasian and his father is Mexican, Billy has the purest form of naturally tanned skin known to mankind. Two little dimples grace his smooth cheeks, regardless if he smiles or not, but Billy is definitely the kind of guy who constantly keeps a breathtaking smile dashing across his utmost gorgeous face.

Billy's cock is about average being 6 inches long and regular in girth, but the marvel is not the size of his cock, it's just the beauty it withholds. When erect, his magnificent beauty proudly arches upwards at a perfect 45 degree angle. The silky smooth shaft offers the gracious appearance of being tanned with no signs of a bulging vein anywhere on it. His circumcision scar is non existent and the crown on his marvelous cock is befitting for any king lucky enough to possess it. His balls, well they are about the size of two small chicken eggs, tanned as well, and seemingly smooth with only a few tiny locks of dark pubes scattered here and there.

To add to Billy's perfect form is his butt, and oh what a eye pleasing butt this young Marine has. Muscular and firm, tiny and smooth, and his crack offers just a few tiny wisps of dark hair. For most men, one hand could easily cover his tiny butt and the profound curvature of his tanned butt cheeks is pure unadulterated mouth watering at best.

Just so I don't forget, Billy is one of those lucky ones who looks much younger than his true age. At 17, Billy could easily pass for a younger teen being closer to the age of 13 or 14 years old. To Billy, this was unfair, but for all those who's eyes grace this magnificent creature, they in turn, see the total and heavenly perfection of pure beauty.

For no explainable reason, Billy's natural body odor always seemed to be that of some form of a mild baby powder. Even after running three or four miles, dripping wet from sweat, his aromatic fragrance graced all nostrils with that aphrodisiac baby powder delight, sending tingles to all bodies who were lucky enough to capture even the slightest of whiffs of his intoxicating aroma.

Now, on with the story! As Billy lay in his bed, completely naked and eyes closed, his hands began wandering his body while his mind kept on thinking of all that had taken place over at Matt's and Scott's. It was almost as if he were with them right now, feeling their hands roam his body, his mouth tasting their sperm and their cocks invading his once virgin asshole. As he lay there, Billy tried to think of some girl, but his mind flat fuck refused to adhere to any of that, always returning to Matt and Scott's horse cocks. Rubbing his hands over his body, Billy slipped his left hand under his sore balls and graced his puckering little anus with his fingers. It was as though his asshole was hungrier than ever, desiring a cock, any cock, to feed his sexual newly awakened desire.

Up until it was time for Billy to depart for his first duty station, Camp Pendleton, California, Billy made sure he spent everyday getting his mouth and ass filled with Matt and Scott's cock. He loved the taste of sperm, not to mention the feel of a man's cock in his hands, mouth and ass. With the purest of regrets, Billy had to take the plane trip to his first duty station, leaving the two cocks he had grown to admire and worship, that being Matt and Scott.

Not once during his stay at home, did he get another opportunity to visit his sister's boyfriend, but as they watched him walk down the airport security walk, her boyfriend gave Billy a hungry wink. The plane boarded and Billy was headed off to California to start his Marine Corps career.

Unknown to Billy, Matt made a few phone calls to ensure Billy's safety with some of his life long career friends who were high up on the chain of command rank structure. Billy had no idea that his future had been dignified with Matt's phone calls.

Up in the air, thousands of feet above the ground, Billy sat in his chair relishing in the events that led up to him now believing he is, and was, totally gay. While seated in his chair, Billy caught the stewardesses and stewards keep passing him, but their eyes trailed on him a tad longer than just a quick glimpse. One of the flight attendance caught his eyes as he strode past him, making his way down the aisle passing out pretzels. As the attendant approached Billy, Billy's eyes had nothing better to do than to fall on the man's crotch. Billy judged the man to be somewhere in his late twenties or early thirties, and he figured that the man was mixed with white and black origin.

At best, Billy determined the man was a light skinned black man, but his persona simply intrigued Billy to no end. As the man approached Billy to hand him some pretzels, Billy couldn't even look the man eye to eye, instead, his eyes were glued on the basket before him. Calling the protruding basket a basket is downright unjustified, it was more like the guy had stuffed a grapefruit into his shorts. Billy fought the detonation to reach out and touch it, instead, grabbed the bag of pretzels, gracing the man's hand in the process. His eyes finally looked up and the gracious smile of the attendant pierced his soul.

A short time later, Billy was reading one of the crappy magazine the airplane offered, when his reading was interrupted as another flight attendant nudged his left shoulder. Billy quickly looked up and straight into the eyes of a blond beauty. The guy had to be somewhere in his mid twenties with sparkling blue eyes and one heck of a heart warming smile. The man handed Billy a folded up piece of paper and quickly walked away towards the front of the plane. Billy's eyes followed the wiggling tight butt as it made its way back up to the front. Billy unfolded the paper and this is what it read:

You are fucking hot, and if you are at all interested, please just get up and walk towards the front of the plane, if and only if, you are need of a great time from another man!

Billy's cock grew hard and his asshole began wincing for cock as he unbuckled his seatbelt, stood up, then walked towards the front. Several male and female attendants were gathered and all of their eyes were fixated on his every footstep. Billy saw the blond guy who had handed him the note and standing right next to him was the light skin black guy, both grinning from ear to ear. As he approached, a good looking female attendant gave him a wink, then another winked at him. Now, Billy was standing, literally shaking from the unknown, in front of all of the attendants who were gathered in the small room.

The light skin black guy extended his right hand while saying,

"Names Anthony and this here is Mark!"

Billy shook Anthony's hand, then shook Mark's, the blond guy. The next words to follow was Anthony as he said,

"Follow me!"

Anthony opened up a door and Billy followed. The stairs was winding and Billy could tell they were going somewhere deep within the plane's guts. Anthony, followed by Billy who was followed by Mark walked down the spiraling stairs until they came upon a large room for storage. The room was filled with boxes, shelves, and a vast array of stuff. No sooner had Billy became flat footed, Anthony spun around, pushed Billy against the wall and shoved his mouth directly over Billy's. Anthony's tongue crawled inside Billy's mouth while Billy's tongue returned the exploration.

Anthony's hands roamed the sides of Billy's face while Billy's hands were busy groping Anthony's back. In the meant time, Mark was busy unbuckling Billy's belt and tugging down Billy's pants and underwear. Billy felt the cool air as it struck upon his now naked cock and balls while moaning as the hands of Mark groped and fondled his erect member. Mark was on his knees pulling Billy's erect member towards his mouth while sliding down Anthony's pants and underwear. Billy's legs almost buckled as Mark swallowed every delicious inch of Billy's cock while Anthony continued his savage like tongue swirling around inside his mouth. Billy heard Mark whisper,

"Oh fuck Anthony, this guy has a beautiful fucking cock!"

With their tongues swirling inside the other's mouth, Anthony was busy pulling Billy's t-shirt over his head. As their lips departed their tightly locked seal, Anthony ducked down and sucked feverishly on Billy's exposed left armpit. Billy's shirt covered his head and locked his hands into the air, but the feeling of his armpit being sucked along with his throbbing cock was just too much for him to keep silent. Billy moaned loudly as the two stewards swarmed his body. Anthony sucked and licked each of Billy's armpits, then lowered his head and began groaning as he sucked tentatively on each of Billy's little perky nipples.

Mark took turns sucking Billy's cock slowly, then slurped on both of Billy's balls while he himself was doing a lot of moaning. The same faint smell of baby powder graced Mark's nostrils as he slurped and sucked on Billy's cock and balls. Anthony finally slung Billy's t-shirt up and over his head, then backed away, knelt down, and both he and Mark began ravishing Billy's cock and balls.

Billy leaned against the wall to keep himself balanced as the two men worked together, keeping pace as to share equal time on his cock and balls. Billy tried to bite his lips to keep his moans somewhat silent, but that too proved to be not enough. He felt fingers as they dipped into his crack, rubbing his hungry asshole with the slightest of touches.

Lost in a world filled with lust, Billy was caught off guard as his entire body was yanked to the side. Looking down, Billy could see Anthony milking his cock while he felt Mark in behind him, pushing him forward while spreading his butt cheeks. Before Billy knew what was going on, Mark was drilling his asshole with his tongue. With his cock being sucked by Anthony and his asshole being plowed with Mark's tongue, Billy could do nothing but wail away at the pleasures exploding throughout his entire body.

Billy announced he was close and Anthony reluctantly backed off from sucking Billy's cock. Mark got up while saying,

"Shit, fucking hell Anthony, his ass tastes better than any ass I've ever eaten!"

Anthony smiled, then said,

"I bet! As good-looking as he is, I bet he likes to be fucked even better!"

Now, both Anthony and Mark was standing in front of Billy, side by side, with their pants and underwear down to their ankles. Billy's eyes rotated from one cock to the other. Anthony's cock was about seven inches long, circumcised, thick with a curve looking just like a banana. His cock was dark in color and the cock head was a bit thicker than the shaft. By no means was Anthony's cock comparable with Scott's or Matt's, but the thickness was definitely close to it. Billy couldn't help not to notice the low hanging balls of Anthony's as they hung down a good four or so inches and could only be compared as two perfectly rounded baseballs, scattered with curly black hair.

Billy studied Mark's jutting erection as well. Mark's cock was certainly longer than Anthony's looking to be close to the 8 inch range, but was a little less thicker than Anthony's. Mark had a bright blondish brown pubic bush which he kept neatly trimmed. His cock head, which he too was circumcised, was a bit more slender than the creamy colored shaft. Basically, Mark's cock looked like one very impressive missile! Mark's balls didn't hang, instead, they were tightly withdrawn giving them the breathtaking appearance of one tennis ball to which Billy could tell that Mark kept his balls cleanly shaven.

Out of sheer instinct, Billy dropped to his knees and immediately swallowed Anthony's cock while reaching out with his right hand and latched onto Mark's throbbing boner. The heavy musky scent forced Billy to suck Anthony's cock like there was no tomorrow. Only taking the time to give Anthony's heavy balls a proper tongue bath. Then Billy would suck on Mark's tasty cock while jacking Anthon's cock with his left hand. Billy took turns sucking their cocks, ensuring equal time on both, but Mark was the one who said,

"This feels great, but we really don't have the time to do this right!"

Billy was too busy sucking cock to pay any attention as to what Mark had said, but it was Anthony who inched away from Billy's sucking mouth and disappeared behind him.

Feeling Anthony's hands on his sides as they guided him up onto his feet, Billy found himself hunched over, sucking Mark's tasty cock while Anthony was busy using his tongue like a shovel inside his ass. Billy was really getting into sucking Mark's cock as Anthony was grunting and eating away at his ass, but then Billy felt Anthony's tongue slip from his rectum, heard him spit, then felt the fat knob as it poked at his getting ready to be fucked asshole.

Billy had a mouthful of Mark's cock pumping in and out of his mouth as the familiar pain shot through his body as Anthony pushed his thick weapon straight up his chute. Anthony held Billy by his hips and was using his hips to slam his ass back onto his thrusting meat. Anthony didn't have the time to take his time, so he immediately began plowing Billy's tight ass while cursing into the wind at the tightness and fiery heat crushing and cooking his thrusting cock. Anthony yelled,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! He's got one fucking tight ass Mark! Oh shit he's fucking tight!"

Billy vaguely heard Anthony's comments for he was way into the pleasure of his ass being fed with such a prized cock while his mouth was being ramrod by Mark's cock. Billy's hands held onto Mark's slightly hairy thighs for dear life as Anthony plowed away inside his ass and Mark fucked his long cock in and out of his mouth at a mind boggling speed. With each thrust, Mark's hard nuggets slammed against the bottom of Billy's chin, but he could also feel Anthony's low hanging balls smack against his own dangling nuggets with each and every violent thrust.

It felt like hours and Billy's ass was already past the sore stage when Anthony yanked his cock from his rectum. Within a flash of a second, Mark was gripping Billy's hips as his cock shot all the way up his ass while Anthony started fucking his mouth with his thick dark cock. Anthony screamed something, but Billy knew, just by the way Anthony's cock expanded, that the time had came for him to get some cum. His ass was on fire as he felt Anthony's cock erupt, sending the first wave of hot thick cream splash heavily against the roof of his mouth. To the best of Billy's recollection, Anthony's cock shot nearly 9 thick hunks of torpedo like sperm strands into his mouth before it started to steadily trickle.

Anthony fucked his sperm shooting cock in and out of Billy's sucking mouth with the utmost of violent force, but Billy didn't care cause Mark was feeding his asshole his cock, going at the speed of light. Just as Billy thought Anthony's cock was almost threw flooding his mouth with cream, another round of powerful shots exploded from Anthony's cock, nearly knocking Billy's head even further backwards. Mark was pounding his ass fast and furious as Anthony was pounding Billy's face even harder.

Somewhere through it all, Anthony's cock started to deflate inside Billy's mouth, so he opened his throat and tasted Anthony's seed for the first time. It was thick and mildly bitter, but the feeling of Mark's cock savagely ripping in and out of his asshole made it taste that much better. Anthony still continued to forcefully slam his cock in and out of Billy's mouth as Billy moaned and groaned swallowing every last ounce of the precious nectar that had once formed a puddle inside his mouth. Mark said something, then Billy felt the man's cock depart his well fucked asshole, then the next thing Billy knew, Mark had shoved his cock down Billy's throat.

Mark pumped his cock like a mad man in and out of Billy's mouth until Billy felt the first thick wave of man seed strike the right side, inside, of his cheek. Billy thought Anthony shot a load, but compared to the load Mark was now giving him, there wasn't a comparison to be made. Volley after thick volley flooded Billy's mouth until he had no choice but to start swallowing. Mark's sperm was a tad bit more bitter than Anthony's, but Billy moaned in delight as the thick hot semen slid down his throat by the gallons.

While Mark was busy fucking his seed down Billy's throat, Anthony had knelt down and began sucking on Billy's mouth watering super tasty cock while administering two saliva slick fingers up Billy's sore anal canal. Mark had pumped the last drop of cum down Billy's throat and simply couldn't take any more of Billy's sucking, so he knelt down next to Anthony and the two began sharing Billy's cock. Anthony already had two fingers up Billy's chute, but Mark didn't want to be left out, so he spit on two fingers and shoved them straight up Billy's ass to join company with Anthony's probing fingers.

With two mouths on his cock and balls and four fingers churning away inside his ass, Billy felt his cock as it was getting ready to unleash one hell of a built up load. Billy cried out as his cock erupted, sending the first wave straight into Anthony's mouth. Not being the greedy type, Anthony guided Billy's shooting cock straight into Mark's wide open mouth. The two took turns guiding Billy's sperm shooting cock into their mouths, forcing themselves not to swallow to ensure their reward until the very end.

Billy's mind went totally blank as the four fingers digging inside him unlocked his sperm shooting gates from hell. He simply couldn't stop firing round after round of sperm, though be it, neither Anthony nor Mark, had any complaints whatsoever! Like all good things do, Billy's cock began to deflate as both Mark and Anthony took turns milking the honey fresh cum straight from Billy's piss slit. When the last drop was safely tucked away inside Mark's mouth, then and only then, did either of the two taste the semen they had joyfully worked so hard to get.

As the first bit trickled down Anthony's throat, his proud and defiant moans echoed the story of pure bliss. No matter how hard Anthony tried, he could not distinguish any taste other than it was pure heavenly. Mark was just as confused as he savored a drop at a time, moaning and groaning as if eating the best steak ever made. He too, could not come up with any distinguishable taste, other than sweeter than the purest of honey.

As the last of the cum was now channeled into their stomachs, the three began getting their clothes back into their perspective place. A short kiss was offered as all three lips enclosed around one another before struggling to head back up the winding stairs. Billy's ass was sorer than hell, but it was the kind of soreness only the greatest of pleasures could ever offer! As Billy walked passed the female flight attendants, his eyes were greeted with their casual winks and gracious smile. He knew that they knew exactly what had just transpired, but according to his cock and ass, Billy didn't care.

Billy had to ease himself back into his seat for his ass was simply just too sore to just flop down. As he sat there, still somewhat bewildered as to what he had just done, Billy could only imagine the life he was about to encounter once the plane landed in California. It was then that he realized that he had milked two fantastic cocks, both of which had gracefully fucked his ass and he didn't even hesitate to suck them dry knowing that both cocks had just blistered his ass. Both men's cum, along with his ass juice, still lingered heavily inside his mouth, but it was the taste of pure luxury that caused Billy to release one very happy audible moan.

As he was getting off the plane, Anthony greeted Billy at the entrance and whispered,

"You are going to set California on fire, you hot Marine Corps stud you!"

Billy thanked him and began his journey to retrieve his duffle bag from the luggage area. Once Billy retrieved his duffle bag, he started making his way to the main entrance/exit area of the largest airport his eyes had ever seen, in fact, it was only the second airport he had ever been to.

Billy got into the military van which carried 15 new Marines such as himself. His eyes ventured from one to the other and he noticed several eyes glancing his way as well. The ride was not all that long, but Billy constantly studied every passenger on the cramped van with intricate detail. As his eyes went from one Marine to the next, his cock grew harder and harder. He looked deeply into their crotches wondering what prize lay hidden. All someone had to do was make the offer and Billy knew he would have been more than happy to bend over for anyone of them, not to mention, all of them, but that was only in his dream.

They arrived at the receiving area of Camp Pendleton awaiting their first duty station. Billy was sitting on one of the hard plastic chairs holding his duffle bag wondering where he would be sent. The large room was crowded with new Marines such as himself, all being guided to their first platoon, one by one. Billy watched several of their butts as the Marines got up and was led down a corridor and away from his eyesight. Eventually, a strapping Marine, a Corporal, stood directly before him, calling his name awaking Billy from his sexually explicit trance.

Billy followed the Corporal down the long and shiny hallway until they walked into a room and he was told to have a seat. Billy's eyes looked all around the room and it didn't take too long to realize he was in an examining room with a single chair/bed directly in the center. While his eyes were busy looking around the room, a tall man walked in wearing a white lab coat and shut the door. Holding out his hand to shake Billy's, the man introduced himself,

"I am Col. Davis and I have been instructed to give you an exam so I will need you to shed your clothes off and place them neatly into the chair."

After Billy said, "Yes sir" he quickly removed his clothes, and as instructed, neatly folded them and placed each item into the seat of the chair.

Col. Davis was in total awe as his eyes locked onto the naked young Marine standing helpless before him. His best friend and Marine Corps career partner didn't tell a lie when describing the Adonis before him. Matt had given Col. Davis the utmost perfect description of Billy without missing a single detail. Davis looked at Billy's perfectly jutting globes of his ass wiping his lips with his tongue in the process. From the near hairless balls to Billy's soft and dangling cock, Davis trembled feverishly as his eyes took mental photos of every fabulous square inch of the heavenly creature who was standing before him completely naked and totally unaware of his true intentions.

Billy stood there on the cold floor, bare foot, slightly puzzled as to all the physicals the Marine Corps made people go through. As Col. Davis stood next to a counter holding a file, Billy stole the opportunity to study the tall man's features. In the eyes of Billy, Col. Davis stood close to 6'3" and had to weigh a good 200 pounds. His face was slender and neatly shaven and his hair was a mixture of gray and light brown. While Billy studied the fine specimen of the man who had to be close, if not, in his fifties, as always, his cock began to get hard. Billy looked down at his growing cock and embarrassment mixed with shock began to settle upon him. While Col. Davis's back was facing him, Billy tried to will his growing cock back to sleep, but it was too late as Col. Davis spun around and his eyes fell upon the most beautiful cock his eyes had ever seen.

6 proud inches stood proudly away from the physique only God himself could mold, arching upwards at almost a prefect 45 degree angle, leaving Billy's taunting balls to be viewed without any obstruction. Col. Davis instructed Billy to get on the table and forced himself to act like Billy's cock was not torturing his every thought. Once Billy was on the table, Davis turned the handle to cause Billy's body to unfold from the seated position to the more of a natural prone position. Billy's eyes could only see his hard cock as the lips of his piss slit looked like they were puckering up blowing Billy a dismal kiss of retaliation.

Davis took the stethoscope and acted like he was listening to Billy's heartbeat, which in fact, his eyes could not stop admiring the young Marine's beautifully tanned and heavenly created perfection of a body. Davis had seen tons of Marines naked before, and non military as well, but in his eyes, never had he ever seen such beauty. Davis only thought guys like Billy lived only in magazine and not in real life, but he now knew better, cause this gorgeous breathtaking beauty was before him, laying totally naked on his table, with one hell of a mouthwatering cock armed and ready for action.

Davis seductively graced his hands all over Billy's naked upper body, ending up just below Billy's tiny belly button. His stethoscope wound up directly on Billy's small V of a pubic patch, forcing Billy's hard cock to touch the side of his teasing hand. Davis was in shock as the sensation of the silky soft, yet rock hard shaft, sent waves of electricity crashing through his hand, spiraling throughout his trembling body. Billy felt the hand as well, causing his cock to twitch with joy, adding more to his dismal embarrassment. Davis used his left hand to cup Billy's balls and bask in the feeling of the soothing smooth nuggets.

Billy felt Col. Davis's hand as it groped his balls, forcing his already hard cock to seemingly grow even harder. Billy could also feel the man's fiery hot breath as it blew it's magical heat directly onto his throbbing shaft. As Davis embellished his curiosity with Billy's balls, he remembered Matt telling him the young Marine always smelled of a mild baby powder, including his asshole. Needing a bit more, Davis had Billy flip over and hike his body up into a doggy style position. Billy was kind of happy to do so for he felt he would soon shoot his load all over the place.

Now in a doggy style position, Davis wasted no time in getting directly in behind Billy and simply just marvel at the young Marine's butt. Davis rapidly blinked his eyes as they stared directly onto the tanned little speck, better known as Billy's asshole. Davis leaned his quivering face between the spread cheeks and guided his inhaling nose directly over the little tanned bud and began inhaling ever so deeply. Unlike many of the cases prior, Davis did not get the usual musky aroma, instead, just as Matt described, the faint aroma of baby powder sprung up his nostrils, exploding heavily inside his expanded lungs. Sniff after sniff, Davis smelled the wonderful aroma spewing from Billy's asshole.

Placing both hands on Billy's little ass cheeks, Davis blurted out,

"You and I have a mutual friend. Matt told me so much about you, and everything he said, clearly, was an understatement!"

Before Billy could say or do anything, he felt Col. Davis's tongue slap heavily against his helpless asshole. Billy's hands reached out and instinctively grabbed the underside of the table while feeling the man's tongue as it pried his hole open and begin lapping at the walls of his anal canal. Billy wasn't too sure of this, since it hadn't been all that long since he had the wonderful privilege of having two cocks rip through his canal, thousands of feet in the air, but the feeling of the man's tongue snaking up his anal highway soon conquered his thought process.

While Davis's tongue was busy grinding a path up Billy's anal canal, Davis used his right hand to reach between Billy's spread legs and force his rock hard cock backwards, towards Davis's saliva dripping chin. The hand on his cock began to jerk the shaft up and down, causing Billy to moan in ecstasy to the mixture of having his asshole dined on and his cock played with. Davis was moaning with each passing swipe of his tongue to the delicacy of the divine taste and pure bliss of Billy's gripping vice like anal canal.

Davis could only think of the many young asses his tongue had delighted upon, but never, not ever, had he tasted such wonder as the wonder his tongue was now probing deeply in. Billy gripped his teeth together to try his best to stifle the sounds of heavenly pleasure, but his angelic moans greeted Davis's ears better than Beethoven himself could ever perform. Feeling the pre cum oozing from Billy's cock, Davis literally had to force his tongue from the young Marine's magical ass and taste the nectar of youth that only Billy himself could offer. Matt had already informed Davis of the wonderful taste that Billy's pre cum and quality cum had to offer and now, ah yes, now, he had to taste it for himself.

Whimpering like a dog, Davis retrieved his exploring tongue and gingerly swiped the pre cum ball from Billy's piss slit. As if sampling the finest of wines, Davis held Billy's pre cum into his mouth, savoring the bliss as it shocked his taste buds beyond any of his wildest expectations. His tongue became wild as it swarmed Billy's king like befitting crown, craving more of the miracle juice that only Billy could ever possibly provide. Billy's hands clutched the table harder as his voice chimed the perforations of absolute perfection. The tongue lapping all around his cock head tickled, but sent chills racing up and down his spine as well. Davis dribbled a spool of spit onto two of his fingers of his right hand. Needing more, desiring all of the young Marine, Davis opened his mouth and slid his lips all the way up Billy's shaft while administering two saliva slick fingers up Billy's muscle crushing chute.

Billy cried out as Davis sucked his cock and began finger fucking his more than hungry ass. Within no more than six long strokes of Davis's mouth, Billy's balls unleashed his fiery thick load. Davis groaned long and hard as spurt after powerful spurt of Billy's thick and hot cream erupted inside his milking mouth. The anal muscles converged around his probing fingers, clinging bone to bone as the sperm of youth continued its vast array of powerful fiery hot jets.

Davis couldn't hold back any longer for he had to taste the cream that formed a slippery river inside his mouth. Opening his throat, Davis almost fainted as the taste of the first sample nearly tore his soul right out of his body. Just like Matt informed him of, the taste was pure heavenly. As more slipped down his throat, Davis realized then that Billy's cum simply offered no taste whatsoever, but just like Matt had said, Davis quickly trained his mind into believing he was swallowing the purest of chocolate known to mankind.

With the last bit of Billy's sweeter than sweet sperm trickling down his throat, Davis released Billy's sensitive cock and withdrew his ass probing fingers. Before Davis knew what was happening, Billy reached around with his left hand and hooked his fingers inside of Davis's belt, drawing the man closer and closer in front of Billy. While inching his way around towards Billy, Davis reached out with his left hand and snatched the tube of KY jelly from the counter. No sooner than Davis reached Billy's face, he had already unhooked his belt and began jerking down his pants and underwear.

When Davis's cock snapped into Billy's view, Billy's eyes almost bugged right out of their sockets. Without a doubt, the man standing before him was hairy, cause Billy could not see any flesh, just tons and tons of dark curly black hair, with the only exception being the man's anaconda like cock jutting towards his face. It was cut, long, veiny, and fat. Not thick, but FAT! Billy's best estimate, Davis's cock had to be at least 8 inches long, if not longer, and the thickness could only be compared with a 20 ounce soda can. The massive veins protruded from the overly fat cock like warriors ready for battle. The piss slit was long and gaping wide open, spewing thick globs of slimy pre cum. As Billy gawked at the massive cock, Davis inched forward causing his cock to push inside of Billy's shocked mouth.

The bitter pre cum brought Billy back to his senses as Davis began a slow humping motion, shoving about five thick inches in and out of Billy's stretched mouth. While Billy was fighting with the massive weapon, Davis squeezed out a huge glob of lubricant onto his right hand, sliming up his fingers, then inserted one, then two, followed by three long fingers up Billy's rectum. With more than a mouthful of cock, Billy grunted out his moans as the fingers electrifying his ass darted in and out making his anal muscles churn with triumphant glee.

Billy sucked as best he could on the thick cock while straining his eyes to observe Davis's hairy balls. He noticed that the left ball was way smaller than the right, both barely visible from all the curly black hairs adorning them. Nevertheless, Billy swallowed the bitter tasting pre cum as fast as it spewed out, fighting with his throat to accommodate the beefy one eyed monster. Though he struggled to take it all, Billy had to resolve himself by allowing two or so inches to be remained untouched by his stretched lips.

Davis felt the time was right to add a fourth finger up Billy's ass and Billy groaned as the fourth finger joined in the dancing chorus up his rectum. With the slowest of humping motions, Davis worked his cock in and out of Billy's mouth while peering down at the beauty who was giving him so much passion and pleasure. By now, Billy had both hands near the thick base of Davis's enormous cock while taking turns sucking the beast and licking it all over, from top to delicious bottom.

Feeling his sperm rise, Davis pulled his cock from Billy's noisily sucking mouth while sliding his four fingers from Billy's super hot and extra tight ass. Once the fingers left Billy's canal, Billy felt the desire of emptiness and silently yearned for the thick monster to invade his hungrier than ever ass. One thing was for sure, Billy didn't have to crave for long, cause Davis guided Billy off of the table, turned him around facing the table and lifted Billy's right leg up so that it now was resting on top of the table. With a slight push as guidance, Billy leaned his upper body over the table's top while spreading his left leg as wide as he could without losing his balance.

While Billy was getting into position, Davis was busy administering the lube to his throbbing cock while keeping both eyes on the feast he was just about to enjoy. Billy took some deep breaths for he knew the pain of Davis's beefy cock would definitely soon be coming. And Billy was right! Davis guided his thick cock up to Billy's awaiting asshole and pushed. Billy hissed as his asshole opened and the thick cock head stretched his anal lips wide, giving him the pain he knew he would feel. Davis pushed harder, forcing three thick inches to shoot and splinter up Billy's ass. Billy's entire body was on breath stealing fire as his anal canal felt as though a Boeing 747 was trying to land inside of him.

Davis shoved the remainder of his thick cock all the way up Billy's rectum, then offered no time to adjust as he began rocking his hips back and forth, plowing his thick member up the tightest ass he had ever had the honor of fucking. Billy slammed his head hard onto the table while clinching his teeth down, hoping beyond all hopes that the torturous pain would soon leave his body. Davis slid his large hands around Billy's smooth and slender hips, gripping them ever so tightly, then used Billy's own hips as a weapon against him. Thrust after violent thrusts, Billy's exposed balls were being punished by Davis's hairy nuts, knocking the life giving wind right out of his lungs with every inward stroke.

It seemed like an eternity, but really was less than five minutes, Billy's ass was conquered and the pleasure of being properly fucked set in. Billy moaned as he tried to meet force with force, humping his cock stuffed ass backwards to greet Davis's violent thrusts while forcing his anal muscles to convulse on the anal pounding hunk of meat.

Billy's cock was stuck between his hunched over body and the edge of the table, giving Billy the feeling of his cock being jacked off by a foreign object. With each thrust, his cock would slide along his body and the edge of the table and he knew it wouldn't be long before his load would fire from his rock hard boner. Davis fought back the desire to scream, but his panting voice carried to Billy's ears,

"Holy fuck, this is one tight assssssssssssssssssssss!"

A few more strokes and Davis slung his head backwards while his cock began erupting deep inside Billy's ass. With the first gush of sperm striking hard and heavy up his ass, Billy's cock exploded, spewing his cream between his stomach and the table. Both Billy and Davis were grunting, cursing from sexual bliss as their animalistic urges forced them to pound their thick cream into their perspective places.

Having no more thick Marine cream to offer and his cock rapidly deflating, Davis slipped his cock from Billy's magical milking rectum while locking both of his eyes onto Billy's cum filled asshole as it miraculously began sealing itself shut, tighter than ever. Billy's mind was still spinning as to the wonderful ass pounding he had just endured, but though his rectum was now cock free, he knew, somewhere inside his spinning mind, he needed, NO, he wanted more cock! Davis tugged his monster cock back inside his pants while Billy struggled on wobbly legs to get his clothes back on. The entire time Billy was getting dressed, Davis was taking mental notes of the gorgeous young Marine's astonishing perfection.

Both completely dressed, Davis looked into Billy's eyes while rubbing Billy's shoulders, then softly whispered,

"Billy, you are indeed a welcoming vision to this base and I got a funny feeling that there will be a lot of guys stepping on their tongues looking at you!"

Billy offered his thanks and slowly stepped back into the waiting area awaiting whatever next was going to happen. Billy had no longer sat down when a Lance Corporal approached him and instructed Billy to gather his belongings and follow him. They got into a jeep and Billy began feeling Davis's huge load burn his ass wanting to rid itself from his rectum, so he squeezed and squeezed, longing for the opportunity to find a bathroom to relieve himself.

Skipping further along in the story, Billy was assigned to a room which was to be shared with another Marine. While Billy opened the door to his hotel like room, he slung his duffle bag onto the vacant bed and scampered quickly to the bathroom. Billy did his business on the toilet and decided he was in desperate need of a shower, so he stripped and stepped into the shower and lathered his body up good and proper while enjoying the hot spray of the water. He made sure that his well fucked asshole was lathered in soap as he dipped a couple of his fingers inside his canal while softly cooing at the feeling his fingers were giving him. As he was finger fucking his two soapy fingers in and out of his ass, his left hand lathered up his now rock hard shaft and was gliding along the silky soft flesh as his mind was replaying his most recent fuck.

Though his soapy hand felt awesomely great, Billy felt as though he was simply just too spent to pound his cock into a cum spitting frenzy, so he let his hand fall from his cock so he could lather up the rest of his body. His mind wandered as to who his roommate might be, and look like, and if his new roommate was open to pounding his ass on more of a regular basis. The more Billy thought about his new roommate, the harder his cock grew. In a defiant attempt, Billy lathered up his left hand and began jerking his throbbing boner while adding a third finger to the equation up his rectum. He was pounding his cock while aggressively shoving three fingers in and out of his sore rectum. His mind told himself that his fingers were a cock as he bent over and searched more of his interior depth while speeding up his jerking motion on his cock. Holding his breath and grunting furiously, Billy's cock erupted, sending jets of pure white seed all over the shower wall and flooring. He jacked his cock until there was nothing left but his splaying soft cock still locked into his jacking grip. Easing his fingers from his asshole, Billy made sure that he reapplied more soap to his asshole, then carefully bent over so the hot water could strike his target with astounding sensations.

Billy dried off and slipped into his Marine Corps issue red PT shorts, then began placing his clothing into the empty wall locker just a few short feet from the foot of his new bed. As he was placing the items into his wall locker, the door flew open and in walked his new roommate. Their eyes befell on one another and both Marine's were slightly taken back at the vision their eyes were now offering them. Both frozen in time and each taking intricate mental notes of the other. Billy stared endlessly at the vision in the doorway, figuring his new roommate had to be at least 6'2" tall and weighed a solid 250 pounds of lean mean fighting machine. Guessing at an age, Billy figured the figure standing before him to be somewhere in his mid twenties, with heavenly blue eyes that could penetrate the thickest of metals.

While Billy was studying his new roommate, his roommate was studying him. Forcing themselves out of their immediate trance, Billy and his new roommate introduced one another. Billy now knew that the chiseled figure gleaming in the doorway was named Aaron. They shook one another's hand and both felt the whipping of electricity course through their veins at their gripping touch. They sat on their own beds facing one another and chatted for about thirty or so minutes. Billy's eyes kept beaming on the bunched up bulging crotch of Aaron's and Aaron's eyes wandered profusely at the near naked beauty before him as well. Billy discovered that Aaron had been in the Marine Corps for 6 years and was a Sergeant. Knowing that he was bunked up with someone high up on the rank structure made Billy feel extra special, but what Billy was completely unaware of was the fact that Matt had made his phone calls and everything from this point on, with the exception of Billy stumbling onto things on his own, had already been pre planned.

Aaron had many sexual escapades with Matt and Scott, his former commanders, and was ecstatic to find out that Matt paved the way for Billy to share his quarters. Matt had teased him about Billy and it didn't take Aaron long to discover that everything Matt told him was 100% absolutely true. Aaron could hardly believe the beauty that Billy possessed as his eyes lingered from one part of the near naked Adonis to another.

Knowing what had to be done, Aaron stood up and began removing his sweaty clothes while Billy sat on his bed and observed Aaron's every move. Aaron was no stranger to seducing young Marine's, but this beauty was by far the most gorgeous his eyes had ever had the privilege of viewing. Slipping one boot off, then the other, Aaron pulled off his t-shirt, giving Billy's quivering eyes an unobstructed view of his chiseled upper body. Billy swallowed hard as his eyes danced in their sockets at the sheer muscles that rippled across Aaron's smooth and hairless chest. With each of Aaron's moves, his biceps flexed giving Billy more of a show than Billy ever thought was possible. Billy had seen some guys who had chiseled bodies, but none could compare to the body presently before him.

Aaron slipped down his pants and was now only in his boxers knowing all full and well that Billy's eyes were burning holes into his heavily muscled body. Grabbing a towel from his locker, holding into his left hand, Aaron then proceeded to slide his boxers down his legs, giving Billy a full frontal view of his now naked body. Billy forced down a ball of saliva, almost choking on it as his eyes flickered onto the monstrous soft organ on full display for his trembling desires. Billy couldn't help not to stare at the soft 6 inches of pure uncut meat as it dangled over two cleanly shaven balls that were equal in size and could only be compared with two perfectly shaped apples. Even as the monstrous cock flopped over Aaron's smooth nuggets, Billy could plainly see the foreskin as it dwarfed the cock head and dangled down past the head a good 3 or 4 more inches. If the size of the soft cock was not impressive enough, the girth of the beast sure as hell was. In a flaccid state, the morbid beast was just as thick as a full sized cucumber.

Billy snapped mental shots after another, noticing that Aaron took pride on his entire body. Aaron's pubic patch wasn't a patch, but more so a neatly trimmed patch of barely noticeable blonde hair. Aaron's pubic region had been neatly shaven to the point that it was nothing more than a tiny runway. Billy tried to force his eyes off Aaron's cock and balls, but his eyes were not in the mood to even think about cooperating.

Aaron slowly turned around to head towards the shower and Billy's eyes zeroed in on the profound smooth globes of Aaron's bubbly ass. Even the man's ass was offering a powerful array of rippling muscles as the cheeks waved up and down with each of Aaron's footsteps. Aaron knew his new roommate was watching his every move, so he didn't rush into the bathroom, instead, he took his sweet time so Billy could gaze upon his chiseled backside. No sooner than Aaron stepped into the bathroom, Billy's left hand fought with his straining erection to ease his cock out of the tight confinement to breathe fresh air and slowly work his sore meat up and down.

Nothing much happened for the next week or so, but it was Aaron who had become totally engrossed and consumed with, and over, Billy. Each day, Aaron would sneak around their room and take the needed time to sniff Billy's underwear he had worn the previous day. Just as Matt had told him, the only aroma Aaron detected was that intoxicating mild aroma of baby powder. Aaron went so far as to strain his eyes to see whether or not Billy had left some sort of stain in his underwear, but to add to his already sexually heightened state, his eyes never once detected anything.

What Aaron didn't know was that Billy was spying on him while he was asleep. Aaron slept nude and Billy would slide the covers down and amaze himself at the flaccid chunk of bull meat as it impaled into Aaron's muscled flesh due from the pure weight. Billy was too nervous too actually touch Aaron's sleeping cock, but he did build up the nerve to smell the flaccid beast and sniff the over sized hairless nuggets.

While all of this was taking place, Aaron made several calls to speak with Matt about Billy. Without a doubt, Aaron was intimidated with Billy's mystical beauty, but it was Matt who informed him of Billy's needs and passion, so with that being said, Matt helped Aaron devise a plan so Aaron could finally get deep inside Billy's pants. Aaron knew of a place just outside of town, a motel of sorts, that he knew that his plan could unfold and both he and Billy would be safe from spying eyes. As Aaron spoke with the clerk, he made sure that he got a room that had one bed, and one bed only. The room also came with a Jacuzzi tub and kitchenette. Aaron paid for the room with his credit card over the phone, then drove to the PX and filled up a cooler with drinks and various supplies. He made it back to the room before Billy and quickly packed a few belongings, ensuring to pack one of his bisexual porn tapes in the process.

Just in the case many times prior, Aaron's eyes caught Billy's dirty clothes bag hanging on the end of his bed. With his heart pumping a mile a minute, Aaron dug through the bag until he retrieved Billy's dirty boxer shorts he had worn the previous day. Wasting no time, Aaron quickly folded the boxer's inside out and began sniffing like a dog begging for food. As in the many cases before, the only aroma gracing his lungs were that of a mild baby powder. Aaron went so far as to stuff the crotch area into his mouth and did his best to suck the lint right from it, just to get a better taste of the man that burned his every desire and filled his every waking moment.

This took place on a Thursday and when Billy walked in, all hot and sweaty, and began removing his sweaty clothes, you could take it to the bank that Aaron intensely watched Billy's every move. Unlike Aaron though, Billy not once paraded around Aaron naked, just only in his boxer's, leaving Aaron more frustrated each and every single time. Billy could feel Aaron's eyes roam his body, but that only intrigued Billy that much more. Even at this point, Billy had no idea that Aaron wanted him, much less wanted his body, but Billy on the other hand, wanted Aaron and his thick uncut grade A Marine Corps bull meat!

Billy removed all of his clothes except his boxer's and went into the bathroom to take a well needed shower. While Billy was showering, Aaron was busy smelling Billy's fresh dirty clothes, right down to Billy's socks. With his nose busy gracing Billy's sweaty articles of clothing, Aaron had his bull meat in his right hand stroking the massive hunk of meat for all he was worth. The more he smelled, the harder he jerked on his rock hard cock. Even Billy's sweaty socks smelled awesomely great, sending mental spasms rocketing throughout his entire trembling body.

Aaron brought himself very close, but he refused to spew his load, cause he wanted to save it for Billy, tomorrow, once his plan unraveled. When Billy walked out of the bathroom, he was just in a fresh pair of boxer's, and nothing else. Aaron was wearing blue jean shorts and they struggled at best to hold his cock inside while Aaron sat on the bed, gathering the words to invite Billy for a weekend getaway. Billy walked over and sat on the edge of his bed, and no sooner than his butt greeted the mattress, Aaron found the courage and spoke,

"Billy, I don't know if you have any plans for this weekend, but as you know we don't have to work on Saturday and I, I uh, I am renting a room outside of town for the weekend just to get the hell away from this place. If you want to, you can come along."

Billy naively asked,

"A room? What will you do all weekend in a motel room?"

Aaron replied,

"Drink and have fun. Sometimes when we get a weekend like this, instead of staying here on the base, we get rooms just to party and relax without all the Marine Corps hype. Staying here on base all the time can burn you out, so you ought to think about it and give it a try, besides, I've already paid for everything, so it wont cost you anything."

Billy piped in,

"Who all will be at the room?"

Aaron quickly responded,

"Just you and me!"

Billy's cock twitched with life as his ears captured Aaron's words, placing his hands over his hardening cock, Billy smiled then angelically said,

"Sounds great to me...let's do it!"

Both Aaron and Billy spent that night spying on the other as each took turns moving about while their minds fantasized what the weekend would bring. As darkness fell and they were laying in their perspective beds, both Aaron and Billy absentmindedly had their hands on their hard cocks thinking of the other. The night seemed endless as they both tossed in their sleep thinking of what this weekend would possibly offer. Aaron had a plan and Billy was thinking of ways to seduce Aaron, neither aware of the other's intentions, nor motives.

Finally Friday came and it was around 1400 hours when Billy asked his Sergeant, Aaron, if he could be excused to go back to his room. Naturally, Aaron allowed Billy to be dismissed. Billy literally ran the brief one mile run back to their room, and once inside, quickly stripped out of his clothes. Billy slid his footlocker out from under his bed, unlocked it, then rummaged through it in order to find his hidden enema bag. It was nothing more than a hot water bottle with a long nozzle attached at the bottom, but Billy had mastered the skill of giving himself enemas. He walked naked to the bathroom, ensuring to lock the door, and prepared the bottle with warm water and some baby oil.

Once he had the bottle filled with water and baby oil, Billy sat on the toilet and slipped the nozzle up his rectum, then flipped the plastic clamp upwards and moaned as the rush of water flooded his bowels. Billy fought with his anal muscles to hold the contents for as long as he could stand before letting his flooded bowels explode into the toilet. Billy took his time and gave himself three applications before agreeing to himself that he was thoroughly clean, then proceeded to take a shower.

Billy's cock was hard the entire time during the enemas as well as the time he spent soaping up his body, but he refused to massage his aching meat, intending on waiting for whatever the stay in the motel room with Aaron would bring. Billy made sure he packed his enema bottle and intentionally left out the need to pack any underwear. He did pack three pair of tight bicycle shorts that Matt and Scott gave him just prior to his departure.

Aaron came in just as Billy zipped up his over night bag and he quickly stripped out of his clothes, paraded around naked for Billy's eyes before disappearing into the shower. Billy couldn't believe such a cock existed on a man. It was so thick and the foreskin covering the massive head only intensified the view that much more. Aaron's flaccid cock swung back and forth with force as he moved around the room and Billy sat on his bed swallowing his saliva as if it were Aaron's thick cum. Billy wanted to reach out and stuff Aaron's cock into his mouth and suck on that beauty until it reached its full thickness. Billy had dreamed many times of what Aaron's cock would look like when it was fully erect, but watching the monster flop around caused his own cock to jerk and twitch with pure endless excitement.

They began their drive and Billy looked at his new and strange environment. Never had he been to California before and this was just as exciting to him as one could ever possibly hope for. The drive took about forty minutes when they pulled into a parking lot of a Holiday Inn Express. Aaron was no stranger to this place for he had used it many times and already knew the room number of the room he wanted, which was exactly the same one he had reserved for him and Billy this weekend.

Billy waited in the lobby as Aaron strolled up to the front desk to check in. Aaron was wearing tight shorts and Billy stared aimlessly at the muscular globes hidden under the garment, but not so hidden that every intricate outline of Aaron's solid ass wasn't visible. With his eyes locked on Aaron's muscular bubble butt, Billy's cock grew harder than a piece of steel, having nothing else to do than to tent the front of his shorts which he had no underwear on to force his meat to cooperate, somewhat.

Aaron got the key and they got on the elevator and went to the third floor. Billy gazed in awe at the spectacular perfection of the motel's hallways and paintings as they reached their room, room # 301. When they walked in, Billy absorbed the scenery with his wandering eyes. There was a small living room with a television in the corner, then through an open doorway was a large bedroom with only one king sized bed. In the bedroom, up against the far wall at the foot of the bed was a large tub with a television attached to the wall, high up on the corner next to the ceiling. While Billy was breathing in the room, Aaron spoke,

"Shit, they screwed up. There's only one bed!"

Aaron already knew in advance there would only be one bed in this room, but he didn't want to let Billy know that he knew, but it was Billy who blurted out,

"I don't mind if you don't mind!"

Aaron smiled at Billy's response and nodded his head in agreement, then politely excused himself and walked out of the room. Billy walked all over the room taking in the beauty of the room as Aaron went out to his vehicle to get the cooler filled with drinks and snacks. When Aaron walked back in, Billy saw him carrying the cooler and quickly came to Aaron's aide. They carried the cooler into the small kitchen and put the beer into the refrigerator to get them good and cold. Since Aaron was smart enough to have put them on ice, they were already cold, so Aaron popped the top on one and handed it to Billy while he grabbed one for himself.

While Billy's back was facing Aaron, Aaron was busy lurking over Billy's tight mouth watering ass. It wouldn't have taken much of a signal from Billy for Aaron to have drop to his knees and dine on Billy's ass, but Aaron anxiously waited for the right time, the precise time, for his plan to unravel. Aaron had made plenty of young Marine's and Navy guys howl in this very same room as he stuffed their assholes with his man meat and if his plans went accordingly, Billy too, would be howling!

The air-conditioner in the room was already on as the two sat on the love seat in the small, but very comfortable, living room. Aaron cut the television on and his nostrils flared as the heavenly soft scent of Billy's natural mild baby powder aroma shot up his nose and crashed heavily into his lungs. Both sipped on their beers while flipping through the channels for something interesting to watch. After their third beer, Billy excused himself to go into the bathroom. No sooner than Billy got up and turned his back, Aaron shoved his entire face into the cushion where Billy had been sitting and began sniffing like crazy. Without any doubt, Aaron was lost in lust over Billy, and he himself, was unsure just how much longer he could contain his burning emotions.

During their fourth beer, Aaron suggested the Jacuzzi. Billy did not have to think twice of getting in the two person tub with Aaron, so the both of them walked the short distance to the bedroom where they began removing their clothes while the Jacuzzi tub filled with warm to hot water. What Billy didn't know was that when he used the bathroom the second time, Aaron had quickly placed the porn tape into the VCR that was hooked up to the television that over looked the tub.

When the tub was filled, Billy slid his shorts off right in front of Aaron's peering eyes. For the first time since their introduction, Aaron got to see his mind boggling angel naked, and he was taking mental photos, one right after the other. Aaron couldn't believe the natural tanned beauty of Billy's entire body and the magnificent specimen of a cock in which swayed before his very eyes. Aaron stood perfectly still and watched as Billy turned around to step into the tub, keeping his quivering eyes locked on Billy's tiny, yet soothingly hard butt cheeks. The tiny crack line was more than inviting and Aaron was more than willing to use his tongue to crawl in between that mouth watering crack and taste the sweetness that Billy himself could only offer.

When Billy sat down into the tub, Aaron's mind raced furiously over the sheer perfection of the young Marine. In Aaron's mind, Billy was the creation from heaven in which no other could ever possess that much beauty, nor any words known in any dictionary could ever define such inherent beauty. Aaron forced his shorts down to his ankles while keeping his eyes on Billy, and to his astonishment, Aaron saw Billy's eyes fall to his now displayed semi erect cock.

Billy's eyes gawked as he looked at Aaron's cock, witnessing the thickness of such a splendid beast. Even at this semi erect state, Billy knew that Aaron's cock was the thicker than any of the cocks he had ever seen, or handled. As his eyes peered onto Aaron's cock, Billy questioned his ability to suck it, much less be able to take it up his ass. When Aaron walked up to the tub, Billy kept his eyes on the cock and the two perfectly shaved over sized balls hoping beyond any and all hopes that he could find the courage and energy to handle such a thick monster.

Now, both of them were in the tub facing one another, sipping on their beer when Billy picked up the remote control and cut the television on. Since the tape was already in, the first thing Billy saw was the heading for the porno tape. Naturally, Aaron acted surprised, but Billy just returned the remote control back into its holder, keeping his eyes glued to the screen. The jets to the tub had been placed on low, so both Aaron and Billy could get an unobstructed view of the others submerged body. This too was Aaron's doing, and Billy, being the naïve type, never gave it a second thought.

The outside of Billy's legs were touching the inside of Aaron's legs, both feeling the electricity of their flesh touching the other. Aaron was straining his eyes to watch the porn tape and looking at Billy's flaccid cock as it waved in excitement to the streams of jets creating the gentle waves. Billy too, was doing the same thing. He wanted to see just how long Aaron's cock really is and witness first hand the true thickness of the hooded beast.

The movie started out with a cute guy and a pretty blond woman doing the normal stuff. Though the guy in the movie had a fairly nice cock, Billy thought that the cock on the screen was nothing compared to the cock belonging to Aaron. Aaron's soft cock was four times thicker than the guy's erect 8 inch cock, but nonetheless, Billy watched the movie and Aaron's slow growing cock. By now, Billy had already reached his most erect state and pushing the envelope as far as he could, not once did he try to hide his excited state, hoping Aaron would see his hard cock as it stood proudly underneath the water.

Billy didn't have to pray or hope that Aaron saw his cock, cause both of Aaron's eyes were now feasting upon Billy's erect manhood. Aaron was no stranger to a guy's cock, but the cock dancing with the rhythm of the rippling waves was far more juicier than anything his dreams had ever fantasized about. The tanned cock with the pale pinkish cock head was drawing Aaron's animalistic desires to say fuck it and just dip his head underwater and milk Billy's prized possession, but Aaron fought his desires and remained perfectly still, relishing in the feeling of Billy's legs as they touched his own.

Billy's cock was fully hard and his eyes burned from straining as he saw Aaron's cock in what he believed to be his erect state as well. The massive cock literally rose from the depth of the water to peek out breathing in some fresh air. Billy gulped hard at the vision of Aaron's more than impressive, more like intimidating, cock. Just as Billy predicted, Aaron's cock was by WAY far the thickest cock he had ever seen. The foreskin covering Aaron's massive cock head waved on top of the water line, revealing the mammoth thickness of what rested below. If having to judge the actual size, Billy guessed Aaron's cock to be somewhere between 9 to 10 inches long. Just from peeking at the thick foreskin covered monster, Billy questioned his ability to be able to open his mouth wide enough to accommodate the unquestionable girth of Aaron's elephant trunk like cock.

With the crumpling of the beer can, Billy came back to reality as Aaron's voice sounded out,

"My can's empty. I'm going to get another one...do you want one?"

Billy's voice trembled knowing that now he would be able to see Aaron's erect cock in clear view without any waves interrupting his vision, and replied,

"Yeah, I'd like another!"

As Aaron stood up, so did Billy's bewildered eyes. The cock before him was even more impressive/intimidating than ever. The massive cock stood erect from Aaron's chiseled muscular body a good nine or so inches, straight out with a slight bend somewhere in the middle, causing the huge upper shaft to aim slightly down. Billy's mind told him that Aaron's cock wasn't really a cock, it was more like a weapon of massive destruction. Not only did Billy question whether or not he would be capable of sucking such a thick weapon, but he just knew there was no way in hell that he would be able to take such a beast up his ass without causing some form of permanent damage.

Aaron took his time getting out of the tub, making sure young Billy got just more than an eyeful, and Billy got just that as he kept both eyes on Aaron's solid muscular bubbly shaped ass as they swayed up and down with each and every footstep. When Aaron returned, so did his massive erection. As Aaron handed Billy his beer, Billy reached out to air for his eyes had been glued to Aaron's massive jutting weapon. Aaron knew then that he had Billy cause he had to slide the beer over to his left in order for Billy's left hand to actually grasp the beer. When Aaron submerged his hulking body back into the water, he looked at Billy, smiled, then softly asked,

"Billy, what's wrong? Looks like you just seen a ghost!"

Billy shook his eyes back into their sockets, cleared his throat, then softly replied,

"Nothing uh, um it's just that, well uh, you, you got the biggest dick I've ever seen!"

Hook line and sinker, Aaron knew all he had to do now was reel Billy in. Aaron smiled, took a swig of his beer, then stated,

"Well, I guess so. When you're born with it, you really don't think nothing much about it, but I've definitely made some people regret they went and hiked up their legs to welcome it on more than a few occasions!"

Billy shook his head back and forth, then blurted out,

"Yeah, well I sure as hell can see why! That thing is not only huge, but it's way thicker than anything I've ever seen before, or at least, anything belonging to any guy! Shit man, I can't imagine a mouth being able to go over your head, much less swallow any of that thick shaft!"

Aaron placed both elbows along the tubs railing, then responded,

"Sometimes, but most people get used to it. To be honest with you, I'm what you could call an anal freak. I fucking love to fuck a tight asshole into oblivion. There's nothing better than the feeling of my cock as it slides up a tight ass...listening to the recipient groan and grunt as it stretches their chute wider than they've ever felt before. Yes sir, now that's what I call a good fucking!"

Billy simply couldn't imagine that that huge weapon actually fit into some unfortunate souls asshole. It was just inhumanly super thick! Billy swallowed the last of his beer and so did Aaron when Aaron stated,

"I got the last one...it's your turn now!"

Billy looked down into the water and saw his throbbing hard-on as it jutted straight up to greet his eyes. Slinging caution out the window, Billy stood up and started to step out of the tub. Aaron's eyes darted straight to Billy's erection, taking mental notes of every delicious square inch of the erect beauty teasing his eyes. Aaron had seen plenty of cocks before, but none could ever come close to the profound appetizing tanned texture of the 6 inches waving before his very eyes. The near hairless marbles bounced up and down before his very eyes as Billy stepped out of the tub and walked towards the kitchen area. Aaron's mouth fell wide open when he witnessed the tiny ass of Billy's as they delightfully twitched up and down in perfect unison with his footsteps. All Aaron could do was grab his cock so it wouldn't spew his cream just from the mere breathtaking view Billy had given him.

Billy returned and quickly stepped back into the safety of the water filled tub. Looking up, he saw that the movie now had two guys and one girl and one of the guys was plowing the girl's pussy while the other guy was fucking the guy who was fucking the girl. Before Billy could offer a statement, Aaron spoke,

"That guy in the middle must be having the time of his life, cause just look at the expression on his face!"

Billy not only looked at what was unfolding on the screen, but his mind kept on thinking about Aaron's over sized cock. He truly wanted to see the thick beast in all its glory, but now, yes now, after actually witnessing it first hand, Billy had more than just a second thought if he wanted to go through with it or not. Yes, he loved to suck cock and true, he loved the feel of a man's cock as it pounded his ass, but Aaron's cock was way more than he could have ever bargained for. Curiosity no longer was on his mind...being totally and completely petrified was all he could think about. He just knew that there was no way, not in this life, that his asshole could ever accommodate something so awesomely thick, not to mention, long as well!

Billy didn't respond to Aaron's comment, but his eyes focused on the cock that was straining to clear the water line inside the tub. The foreskin covered thick cock head flared to an enormous thickness, somewhat slightly thicker than the already meaty shaft. Watching the movie above was the last thing on Billy's mind. Looking at the whale of a cock barely submerged under water was the only thing crossing Billy's mind. One part, the smaller part, of Billy, wanted to reach out and grab Aaron's humungous cock, but the major part of him feared the overly thick beast and the damage he knew it would deliver.

The words slipped out of Aaron's mouth before his mind had a chance to put things in order,

"Damn, Matt was right about you! There's not a part anywhere on your perfect little body that doesn't make a tongue get stiff...from your gorgeous face, your suckable little nipples, your smooth appetizing chest and stomach, your mouth watering perfect cock, to your tongue hardening, perfectly molded, heaven created cock! Shit, I don't know whether to eat that sweet ass of yours first or suck that juicy cock until you flood my throat with your sweetness. Ever since Matt described you to me, you have been all I could think of, but now, now, after we are roommates, you are my every thought!"

Billy listened to Aaron's words and his only response was simple,

"You know Matt?"

Aaron smiled and replied,

"You bet! I know the good Doc too, who, let's say, gave you a physical when you first arrived. It wasn't a coincidence that you are my roommate. Matt arranged it all and he was very specific for us to watch out for you."

Billy pointed with his left index finger at Aaron's cock and whispered,

"You fucked Matt with that?"

Aaron slung his head back and forth then fired back,

"Hell no, Matt aint into that shit, but his lover, Scott, is though. I fucked Scott every chance I got and me and Matt would double team him. Scott's a sex pig as you already know. The more you give him, the more he wants. That brings me to you! I've been told that you are absolutely fucking delicious from head to toe. I don't want you to ever feel pressured by me or anyone else for that matter, but if you like, I would be more than honored to please you in so many different wonderful ways. Billy, I can't stand it no more...I want to taste your body and listen to the sounds of pleasure that you and only you can sing! Would you allow me the honor of pleasing you from head to toe?"

Billy's cock was more than throbbing at this point, but he still was too petrified of the length and thickness of Aaron's massive cock. Billy looked up into Aaron's pleading eyes, took a deep breath, then softly whispered,

"Aaron, I've got to be honest with you. Since the first time I saw you naked, I wanted you. But, I had to admit, I am totally freaked out by the size of your cock. I mean, well uh, it's fucking huge! I don't know if I can even get my mouth around it, much less my butt! I'm not really a pro to all of this, but you definitely have the thickest cock I've ever seen. I don't think I could handle your cock, I'm sorry!"

Aaron watched Billy's cherry colored lips as the words flowed soothingly from his mouth. Without a doubt, Billy was the most gorgeous guy his eyes had ever laid witness too. A pure vision of breath taking beauty was sitting naked before him and his heart was thumping profusely hoping Billy would accept his sexual pleasing offer. After hearing Billy's response, Aaron thought out his chosen words, then spoke them,

"Billy, the last thing I ever would want to do is hurt you in any way, besides, Matt would kill me if I did. I know you feel my cock is too big, but believe me, there are tons of guys out there who have much bigger, and I've seen more than a few in my lifetime. I wont sit here and pretend I don't want to make love to you cause that would be the biggest lie ever told, but I really would love to ravish your beautiful body with my tongue and you don't have to do anything but enjoy the pleasure!"

Billy could hardly believe the hulking figure in front of him and his pleading words of passion piping from his mouth. Billy was crossed with being super horny to petrified beyond belief. Billy's mind raced for the right answer as he thought of how Aaron's tongue exploring his body would feel like heaven itself, so his words crashed through Aaron's waiting ears with the utmost of delight,

"Okay, I will go for that, but don't fuck me please!"

Aaron reached down with his right hand and grabbed a towel and handed it to Billy. When Billy stood up to dry his upper body, all Aaron could do was remain seated and look up at the gorgeous tanned cock jutting before his very quivering eyes. When Billy stepped out of the tub, Aaron stood up and began toweling himself off, but his eyes remained glued to the form of perfection of Billy's perfectly created body. Billy's eyes were locked onto Aaron's weapon of mass destruction, still in disbelief of the reality of the thickness.

Billy was the first to dry off as he looked at Aaron who was still drying off his muscular hulking physique and asked,

"Um, where do you want me?"

Aaron looked into Billy's entrancing eyes, then stated,

"I've dreamed of this moment ever since Matt first told me about you and I have fantasized many a night about you laying face first on the bed with me dining on that sweet little ass of yours."

With that being said, Billy walked the few short steps to the bed, placed himself directly in the center and slid a pillow under his chin. Aaron gawked at Billy's teasing ass as he slid on the bed and his eyes refused to see anything else other than Billy's butt as he lay patiently waiting for Aaron to fulfill his sexual fantasy.

Billy knew that soon he would be feeling Aaron's tongue on his butt, and when he felt the pressure of the bed, he knew Aaron was crawling into position. Aaron got onto the bed and worked his way in between Billy's slightly spread legs, using both hands to caress the burning flesh of Billy's nearly hairless legs. The silky smooth flesh sent chills racing up and down Aaron's spine as his hands slid up Billy's legs and rested on the two tiny solid little mounds of butt cheeks. They were beyond perfect as Aaron had to apply some strength in order to grab the flesh of Billy's fiery hot little butt cheeks. Billy moaned as the feeling of Aaron's hands electrified his senses to no end. The calloused, yet gentle hands, parted his cheeks and Billy could feel Aaron's thumbs as they dipped inside his crack, spreading his cheeks apart.

Aaron was trembling as he marveled at the beauty shocking his eyes, now peering into the delicate crack, mystified at the scenery that now was on full display. Billy's tiny, virtually hairless asshole looked back, directly into Aaron's watery eyes. Tanned all over, including his crack, Aaron slid his thumb along the inner edge of Billy's smooth crack, barely grazing his unprotected butt hole, sending sound waves of pure bliss from Billy's purring little mouth.

After spending a few minutes just rubbing his hands over Billy's solid butt cheeks and using his thumbs to separate those tight little mounds, Aaron simply couldn't hold back any longer. Slowly, like caught in slow motion, he lowered his head until he managed to guide his inhaling and flared nostrils directly over Billy's tiny pucker chute. The first powerful whiff sent Aaron's body into a mild convulsion as he increased his sniffing of Billy's hole. The faint aroma of baby powder shot up his nostrils and exploded heavily, deep within his expanded lungs. Everything Matt had told him about Billy was true to form, including the delightful aroma of his hole, so like all good anal maniacs, Aaron shoved his nose right onto Billy's asshole and began sniffing like crazy. The more he smelled, the more lost in lust he became.

Billy lay there on his stomach knowing all good and well that Aaron was smelling his bung hole for all he was worth. The feeling of Aaron's nose as it pressed against his hole mixed with Aaron's fiery hot breath caused Billy to moan steadily, getting louder as time pushed on. Billy still had all his senses and was more than thankful that it was just Aaron's nose and not his intimidating cock. Then, the unexpected happened. While Billy was caught in a low moan, he felt Aaron's thick tongue as it slapped in between his crack, closer to his balls, and slide and swirl itself all the way up to the base of his crack, ensuring that it poked at his puckering love chute in the process.

Aaron moaned loudly as his tongue slid up and down Billy's more than tasty sweet crack and when his tongue smashed up against Billy's asshole, Aaron's grumble grew louder. The feeling of the silky smooth crack and velvety soft asshole was nothing like Aaron had ever felt, though be it his tongue had graced plenty of young butt's in his time, but none could ever be on the same grading scale as the one his tongue was now dining on. Numerous licks trailed up and down Billy's appetizing crack before Aaron decided to focus his tongue's attention on the tiny chute he had dreamed so hard about for so long. As he had done plenty of times, and this time being no different from the rest, Aaron formed his tongue into the shape of an arrow and he began digging and pile driving at the pretty chute entrance, awaiting the moment for his tongue to dive in and begin exploring Billy's inner sweetness.

Billy fought to relax himself, cooing at the pressure of Aaron's tongue as it drilled away at his butt hole, sending tons of pleasure crashing throughout his shaking body. Absentmindedly, Billy began arching his butt upwards to greet Aaron's stabbing tongue, willing his asshole to open up enough to allow the pleasing tongue to enter his canal. Aaron had gone mad with passion as he spat onto Billy's asshole, using his tongue to push his saliva into the tiny sealed entrance, with patience no longer a part of this sexual torture roaming wildly inside his head.

Both Aaron and Billy moaned in unison as Aaron's tongue finally persuaded Billy's asshole to unseal itself, allowing his tongue to dip deep inside the realm of Billy's convulsing anal canal. The velvety sensation electrified Aaron's tongue as he pushed his tongue deep into the hottest and tightest love canal he had ever had the honor of exploring. Billy cried out as Aaron's thick tongue pushed his anal walls outwards, making room for the snaking tongue to wonder freely. Aaron used his tongue like a cock, dipping in and out, shoveling as much of Billy's sweetness into his mouth as humanly possible, totally flabbergasted at the mind boggling taste of the tastiest ass his tongue had ever dined on.

There was nothing remotely close to being foul that Aaron could detect while tongue fucking Billy's muscle clenching ass. The deeper his tongue traveled, the more fresh baby powder his nostrils absorbed. Never had he smelled such an aroma while dining on an ass before, but then again, never had he had the privilege of being with someone who looked like Billy either. It was then when Aaron remembered one of the things Matt told him. Matt told him during one of their many phone conversations that Billy was the kind of guy who looked so great that you would immediately think that he was incapable of taking a shit. As for now, Aaron put Matt's statement in place, now believing that it was absolutely true!

While Aaron was tongue fucking his asshole, Billy was busy moaning and slinging his head back and forth on the pillow. The pleasure Aaron was giving him was mind torturing and he could feel his cock, which was trapped between his stomach and the bedding, twitch and jerk as if in a full blown convulsion. His hands were out of control, gripping the bedding, pounding the mattress, and finger groping his own head, until finally, Billy reached back and grabbed his own butt cheeks and spread them as far as he could, allowing more room for Aaron to operate.

In time, Aaron rotated from tongue fucking the tasty canal to slowly licking up and down Billy's little, but elegantly soft, butt crack. When he reached the bottom of Billy's crack, Aaron would lovingly smear his tongue up against Billy's virtually hairless balls, which were pushed backwards enough for him to feel their softness. Billy had his cheeks spread and he was humping his ass up and down in unison to greedily welcome Aaron's diving tongue.

Aaron, who was lost beyond lost with pure savage lust, flipped Billy over onto his back before Billy had a clue as to what was going on. No sooner had Billy flipped onto his back, Aaron sucked both of his balls into his mouth and began sucking like crazy while using his tongue to bathe his balls. Both of Billy's little balls easily fit into Aaron's mouth and he groaned ever so loudly as he was mesmerized at the sensation the two golden nuggets offered his bewildered mouth and roaming tongue. While sucking on his balls, Aaron looked up to see the mouthwatering cock, harder than steel, pointing directly towards the most beautiful guy his eyes had ever laid witness to.

Billy had his legs already spread wide as both of his arms circled his head while he was moaning like crazy as his balls were being cooked and bathed all at the same time. Aaron's large hands slid up and down Billy's thighs making sure never to come in contact with Billy's twitching cock. Aaron could see the wetness on Billy's stomach caused from the pre cum, as well as a thin line oozing out of his piss slit onto Billy's heaving smooth little stomach. Billy's cock wasn't the only one oozing pre cum for Aaron's cock was doing the same, but thanks to his flapping foreskin, Aaron could feel the wetness as his pre cum formed a puddle under his skin.

Aaron sucked hard on Billy's balls, realizing the harder he sucked on them, the louder Billy moaned. Though Billy was doing a lot of moaning, in Aaron's eyes, they were not moans, but more so, sounds piping from a chorus of angels not to be heard by any living mortal, but him. Aaron had sucked and licked Billy's balls for so long that his mouth started to bother him, so somewhat reluctant, Aaron withdrew his aching mouth and started licking upwards, licking around the are of Billy's convulsing hard cock. For the first time, the very first time, Aaron's fingers touched Billy's cock. Just at the touch, Aaron's body was like a lightning rod getting struck with a series of constant lightning bolts ricocheting throughout his body like a runaway rocket.

Pushing Billy's electrifying cock slightly to his left, Aaron slid his tongue along Billy's pubic region upwards, making sure his tongue scooped up all the spilled pre cum. As soon as his tongue greeted the first tasty puddle of pre cum and Aaron got his first taste, he knew then he was forever hooked. Just as Matt had informed him, Billy's pre cum offered very little taste, and the taste it offered was like nothing he had ever tasted before. There wasn't even a hint of salt to be tasted, just pure heavenly sweetness. Aaron lapped all the spilt pre cum, moaning and whimpering as it slid down his hungry throat, craving more and more of the delicacy as time went on.

Once Aaron lapped up all of Billy's honey sweet pre cum, his tongue went on auto pilot and began licking the very base of Billy's twitching and throbbing boner. The silky/velvety flesh tingling his tongue sent wave after wave of chills racing all over Aaron's body, from head to toe. Without a doubt, the cock his tongue was gliding over was like no other cock he had ever dined on. This cock was not only beautifully tanned, but it was absolutely perfectly shaped and was the perfect size for any true cock sucker to perform his loving task.

Billy's body shook feverishly as the tongue on his cock traveled upwards until he felt that awesome tingle as the tongue slid across his pre cum oozing piss slit. Billy purred, moaned, groaned, and howled as Aaron's tongue and hot breath scorched his cock, igniting every sexual sense surging throughout his body. In one very easy motion, Aaron opened his mouth and sealed his lips around the most silkiest feeling cock ever as his lips sank all the way down to the very base, then slowly slid upwards, using his tongue to bathe all around the sweet tasting morsel of Marine cock lodged peacefully inside his suctioning mouth.

While Aaron's mouth skilled its way up and down Billy's cock, Aaron cupped his left hand and began joyfully massaging Billy's swollen nuggets. His right hand slid up along Billy's heavy panting stomach, relishing in the feeling of the young Marine's smooth body texture, upwards to his chest until his fingers found Billy's left perky little nipple, which then Aaron began pulling and pinching on the sensitive bud until his ears caught the soothing chorus flowing from Billy's twisting lips.

Billy was uncontrollably wiggling his body as best he could caused from Aaron's hot mouth working on his cock, the hand groping his balls, and the fingers pinching his nipples in such a way his mind literally exploded with sexual surges. No longer could Billy fight back the sounds escaping his lips as his lungs ignited his vocal chords, sending his moans of pleasure rushing through the confinement of their hotel room.

Aaron's left middle finger belonging to the hand that was giving Billy's swollen balls so much pleasure found its way to Billy's saliva slick asshole where it began drawing the tiniest of circles over it, forcing Billy to howl that much louder from pure pleasure. From all the vast pleasures ravishing his body, Billy was doing everything he possible could to fight the temptation of unleashing his load straight into Aaron's bobbing mouth. The finger electrifying his asshole was not helping matters either, instead, added more ball twisting desire to spew his creamy cum. Being the true cock sucker he was, when Aaron felt Billy getting close to shooting his load, he slowly slid his mouth from that delicious cock, hoisted Billy's legs high into the air, arching Billy's knees beyond his own ears, digging sharply into the soft bedding, the forced his tongue deep into the boiling hot aromatic love chute one more time.

Billy liked to have came unglued when all of this happened in a flash of a second. Before his brain had a chance to respond, Aaron's skilled tongue was rooting away inside his anal cavity like a runaway freight train. Aaron's two thumbs pried the silky smooth crack open, allowing his tongue to dip even further up Billy's baby powder fragrant, ever so sweet tasting, asshole. Aaron went absolutely fucking wild eating Billy's ass, grunting like a wild boar, digging ferociously up the tasty canal, craving as much sweetness from Billy as he could ever possibly offer. While Aaron was tongue fucking Billy's asshole, Aaron too was getting more satisfaction feeling Billy's cum swollen balls squash up against his nose, rolling freely as his head twisted and turned to dine on the most appetizing of asses known to mankind.

In time, Aaron prolonged Billy's orgasm by sucking his cock to the point Billy would get close, then slide his mouth off, then eat his delicious asshole some more and suck on Billy's mouth filling balls. The longer Aaron kept Billy on the edge, the more and more Billy pleaded to Aaron to let him cum, but in each case, Billy's unheralded pleas of mercy fell upon deaf ears. Aaron's plan was not only to suck this gorgeous young Marine into a sperm shooting frenzy, but he had dreamed of feeding his tight ass his cock, but Billy had altered his plans once he saw Aaron's cock, and to be honest, for good reasons.

Nearly two and half hours had passed since Aaron began keeping Billy on the edge and Billy was squirming, whimpering, and begging with each and every breath. By this point, Aaron added sucking on Billy's nipples as well, adding to Billy's already mind boggling pleasures. There was no doubt Aaron loved sucking cock and he also loved tasting a heavy load from certain guys, and Billy was not an exception to this rule. He knew he would soon be getting Billy's creamy mother load, but for whatever reason, Aaron wanted to ensure himself that he would definitely, and without a question, suck Billy's cock like no other before him, so with that being said, Aaron continued ravishing Billy's body, keeping the begging boy on the sperm shooting edge.

Tears of bliss, torment, and the pressing agonizing urge to relieve his balls of his built up cum increased to the point that Billy thought his balls were going to explode at any given time, but nothing he said provoked Aaron enough to allow him to blast his continuously building load. Close to another long hour had passed when Aaron had to force his mouth from Billy's soon to be erupting cock, replacing Billy's cock with his swollen and heavy cum filled balls. This time, Aaron let some of his own saliva drip onto his left index finger, then wasted no time shoving his long thick finger straight up Billy's anal canal. Billy howled long and hard as the finger dove to its maximum depth, where he felt it twist, turn, pull out, then slam heavily back inside him.

While Aaron was sucking on Billy's balls and finger fucking Billy's muscle clamping asshole, his eyes fell onto Billy's convulsing cock and the young Marine's mystical teary eyes. Aaron watched in awe as the perfection before him twisted his mouth in various forms of pleasure, flashing his eyes as if casting a spell, and arching his upper body upwards on his elbows. Billy's movements and his angelic noises of refreshing bliss electrified every square inch of Aaron's body, including his pre cum dripping rock hard massive boner.

A pure and solid four long hours had passed since Aaron pleasingly tortured Billy's body of heavenly perfection with nipple sucking and pinching, cock sucking, ball worshipping, ass eating, and finger fucking until Aaron had reached a point that he was more than ready to taste the hot spewing nectar that he knew would fire from Billy's cock like the bullets from a machine gun. Releasing Billy's tightly withdrawn and vastly swollen nuggets, Aaron slid his cock sucking lips all the way down Billy's raging erection while adding a second finger to his asshole.

As soon as the second long and thick finger pried into his canal, Billy was humping his body all over the bed. His hands slapped the bedding profusely while grunting words beyond any English dictionary. Aaron pounded his two ass diving fingers deep and hard, forcing the knuckles of his hand to plop up against Billy's already tortured balls. With his mouth on Billy's cock, his left hand popping his balls, two fingers plugging his asshole, Aaron reached up with his right hand and locked his fingers around Billy's left nipple and began pinching while pulling the tiny orb from Billy's chest.

That was more than needed for Billy to cry out, but the words darting inside Aaron's ears were not words he could understand, but he knew, oh yeah, Aaron knew that his timely skill would produce tons of thick cream, thick tasty cream according to the words spoken by his life long friend, Matt. Billy felt his sperm rising as if it were being pumped out of his curling toes as the pressure deep within him exploded, shattering his mind, leaving him completely thoughtless.

The first blast almost knocked Aaron's mouth right off of Billy's now erupting cock. The heavy sperm missile struck the back of Aaron's throat like the force of no other, followed by numerous series of long jets of thick hot cream, splashing all around the roof of his cock sucking mouth. Billy was making sounds of whimpers mixed with grunts as his cock endlessly fired round after round of piss slit splitting cream. With each delivery of the boiling hot liquid, Aaron slammed his fingers harder and harder up Billy's clamping anal canal while fighting back the urge to swallow what he knew had to be the sweetest cum he would ever be privileged of tasting.

Just as Aaron predicted and worked so hard to provide, Billy's cock spit out globs and globs of thick cream, forcing Aaron to start swallowing some of the load before it had no other place to go, but out of his mouth. The first taste of Billy's sperm made Aaron cry hard into the still air of the room, realizing that every word Matt said was more than the unbelievable truth. The taste was like no other. The texture of Billy's sperm was milky and pure, and the quality of the hot cream could not be compared to any other he had tasted so many times in the past, and probably, not in the future either, unless it was more of Billy's sperm he would be so honored enough to taste. The more he swallowed, and he was doing some swallowing, Aaron not once could detect any salt or anything that would make Billy's thick sperm seem bitter...just unnaturally sweet to the taste!

Billy was wiggling his body as best he could, feeling like he was about to die from so much loss of body fluid. His mind was blank and his eyes fell into total darkness as his spewing cock continued its volcanic sperm shooting eruption. Though his body was wiggling, it was more like he was going through one massive violent convulsion as more sperm shot out of his cock like torpedoes, one right after the other. Aaron, on the other hand, wasn't doing any complaining, after all, he wanted ALL of Billy's delicious seed trickling down his throat, and he was getting it, and then some.

The erupting cock slowed to a steady trickle of thick globs of heavenly tasting man juice and Aaron was still hungrily sucking Billy's still hard cock, whimpering for more cream to fill his stomach. Just as the last drop of sperm slipped down Aaron's throat, Billy's cock began to rapidly deflate, still locked inside Aaron's milking skilled mouth. Billy's shaking body slowed to nothing more than a heavy breathing, as if he were fast asleep in a pure peaceful rest. Aaron let Billy's flaccid cock fall from his mouth, then forced his two fingers from the muscular grip of Billy's anal canal, then walked on his knees and laid down beside Billy, on Billy's left side.

Aaron lay there looking at the object of utter perfection laying to his right side, admiring the breathtaking beauty that lay naked beside him. Aaron's cock was harder than ever and pulsed as his eyes feasted on the most gorgeous body his eyes had ever fell upon. Aaron slid his left hand down and locked onto his massive organ and began stroking the thick beast ever so slowly while raising the two fingers that had fucked Billy's asshole into one hell of a sperm shooting delight. He sniffed his fingers hoping to find something that would divulge Billy into being something human, but the aroma spewing into his lungs offered no such reward. The smell was intensifying, displaying no aroma from where they had been. Without having to think, Aaron stuck his two fingers inside his mouth and he began sucking the sweetness while still embellishing the after taste of the sweetest cum he had ever tasted.

Slowly, and I mean slowly, Billy was coming back to earth, opening his eyes that were still blurry and watery. When his vision became clear enough, Billy's eyes quickly fell onto the monster cock that was being slowly jacked by Aaron's large hand. Billy turned his head to the left and came upon direct eye contact with Aaron's beautiful eyes. No words were exchanged as Aaron leaned to his right and their lips tenderly sealed themselves. Their tongue immediately began searching the realm of the others hot mouth as their hands started roaming the others body. Aaron was on his right side while Billy was on his left side, their hands caressing the others body until Billy's right hand fell upon the massive organ of Aaron.

The silky flesh of Aaron's rock hard cock scorched Billy's hand but not to the point the wanted to remove it. Enclosing his hand around Aaron's thick beast, as if silently and sneakily measuring it, Billy discovered his stretched hand didn't even cover half of the monstrous girth. Reaching with his left hand to join his right, Billy stretched his fingers and found he still was unable to even come close to touching his fingers around Aaron's beefy cock. Their kiss was long and powerful, but something inside Billy's head made him pull away from their sealed lip locking embrace and quickly dip in between Aaron's now spreading legs and came face to foreskin with the intimidating beast.

Aaron was now flat on his back, legs spread wide, and his eyes peered down his chiseled body looking at Billy who was directing all of his attention at the monstrous cock still grasped with both of his hands. Leaning his head forward, Billy began licking the pre cum juice that was stream lining down the beefy shaft. It wasn't salty at all, and just from the taste, Billy let his once intimidating feelings slip from his mind as he began lavishly licking all around the top portion of Aaron's impressively thick shaft. Billy licked all the way down the fat shaft until his tongue began rolling around Aaron's freshly shaved balls. Only able to suck one large nugget into his mouth at a time, Billy took his time making sure each smooth nugget got properly bathed inside his mouth. Aaron was moaning loud as his balls dipped into Billy's hot mouth, one at a time and he was a little thankful that Billy didn't try to stuff both of them inside his mouth, cause he just knew that that would be rather painful.

Once Billy felt sure he had properly sucked on Aaron's balls, his tongue began the long journey up the thick shaft, licking every square inch until his tongue reached the dangling flesh of the foreskin. Billy slipped his tongue in between the dangling flesh and was instantly rewarded with globs of trapped pre cum. The more of Aaron's pre cum that coated his tongue, the more less intimidated he felt towards the thickest cock he had ever seen. Billy's roaming tongue slid all the way up the foreskin until his tongue began circling the massively thick cock head, sending Aaron's vocal chords racing into orbit. While his tongue was crawling around and in between the foreskin and the cock head, Billy began sliding back the silky soft flesh until Aaron's purplish pink head presented itself.

Having to take a peek, Billy stopped licking just long enough to admire the huge piss slit and the thick glob of pre cum fastened to it. The head itself was thicker than any cucumber he had ever seen, but it was more than befitting for the size of the rest of the beef that attached itself downwards. Billy opened his mouth and let his lips slide along the smooth head until he felt the huge knob sink into his mouth. Trying to be ever so careful as to not graze the head with his teeth, Billy stretched his mouth wider than he even thought was possible. With all of his will power and energy, Billy swallowed as much as he could, but still could not manage to get the giant cock head all the way inside of his mouth, much less down his throat.

Billy fought with the desire to try and get some of the thick cock head into his throat, but no matter what, his gag reflexes wasn't about to have any of that. With each bob of his head, Billy tried to stuff more and more of the beefy head, but reluctantly realized that there just wasn't no way he would be able to take that much beef into his throat. Aaron didn't have a problem with Billy not being able to suck on more of his cock, in fact, just looking down at this angelic beauty working on his cock was more than any satisfaction he could have ever dreamed of.

While Billy was doing his best to suck Aaron's cock, Aaron used the strength of his right hand to guide Billy's body to Aaron's right side, placing Billy's hiked up ass at a perfect angle to the right side of Aaron's body. Aaron grabbed the bottle of baby oil on the night stand and flipped the lid, pouring the oil onto his right, ensuring his fingers were getting slippery with each movement from his fingers. First one finger, then two, slid up Billy's ass causing Billy to groan in pleasure at the feeling of something gracing his ass. Only the sounds of Billy's slurping and his angelic moans bounced of the rooms walls while Aaron was slowly fucking his two fingers in and out of Billy's muscle clamping ass.

Aaron watched as Billy inadvertently began humping his ass onto Aaron's thrusting fingers and timing the two collisions, Aaron added a third finger. When the third finger raced up his ass, Billy yanked his mouth off of Aaron's cock and screamed,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

Then, Billy sank his lips back around the giant head and began wildly slurping away while bouncing his ass downwards to greet all three fingers twisting and plunging into his canal. Aaron already knew that the probability of Billy bringing him to shoot by sucking his cock was probably close to none, since there has only been one man to suck him to a sperm shooting eruption, and that man was Scott, Matt's lover. The only two ways Billy would more than likely be able to make him cum would either be to jack him off or let Aaron fuck him, and he was using his plan by finger fucking Billy's ass until Billy wanted his cock deep inside of him.

Once again, timing the gestures from his fingers in regards to Billy's humping ass, Aaron added a fourth finger, sending a shockwave of pain tormented with pleasure exploding throughout Billy's bedazzled body. Billy slung his head straight backwards while crying out,

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

When Billy lowered his head to return sucking Aaron's cock head, Billy just froze on all fours as if stuck in time, staring aimlessly at Aaron's super huge cock. His mouth was wide open and drool dangled from his mouth as he felt ALL four long and thick fingers dart in and out of his overly stuffed anal canal.

Aaron was ramming his fingers hard cause he wanted to see Billy's reaction when the fourth finger was added to the equation. When he saw Billy just freeze with his mouth wide open, Aaron slowed his finger fucking crawl to a simple snails pace. Aaron whispered,

"Billy, are you okay?"

Three times Aaron asked the same question and each time Billy just froze in the same position without uttering a single word or motioning a single gesture. Though Billy seemed to be in some sort of trance, his ass muscles sure as hell were not. Aaron could feel the anaconda like pressure as Billy's anal muscles retaliated by choking and clamping down tightly onto his invading fingers, sucking his fingers deeper and deeper into its boiling hot oven.

Billy never heard Aaron speak, but for whatever the reason, he was unable to move his body. The fingers filling his rectum had hit something, locking his entire body into a mere frozen state. The pain filling his ass was not overbearing, but Billy's mind kept persuading him to want more. The fingers slowly darted out, then slowly stretched their way deep inside of him. Aaron's eyes watched in all their glory as his fingers climbed almost completely out as Billy's anal ring tightly stretched outwards, locking his fingers into its bone crushing clutches. Aaron was a bit surprised to notice that something so tiny as Billy's tiny little speck of an asshole, how it could open so wide to accommodate the thickness of his outstretched fingers.

As Aaron was getting ready to ask a fourth time, Billy's words flew from his open mouth as his ass began slamming backwards onto his fingers,

"Aaron, yes, fuck yes, harder damnit, harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Billy was slamming his ass onto Aaron's fingers and Aaron had to adjust his hand so Billy wouldn't break it from the sheer force of his thrusts. Billy was going wild slamming his ass onto Aaron's fingers while making all sorts of whimpering sounds while slurping all over the head of Aaron's mammoth cock.

While Billy's ass and Aaron's fingers rapidly collided, Aaron made sure to extend his slippery fingers, spreading Billy's anal canal wider with each powerful collision. Billy began taking turns sucking the head of Aaron's cock and sloppily licking the clean shaven balls. Aaron wasn't quite sure how Billy did it, but he did it. Billy's tongue had slid along the inside of his crack, just under his balls, and was now stabbing like an arrow at his butt hole. Billy fought with the anal resistance until his tongue broke free and slipped inside Aaron's anal canal sending more chills racing all over Aaron's hulking body. While Billy was dining on Aaron's ass, Aaron was busy with his four fingers fucking the living starch out of Billy's hungry vacuum like ass.

Billy's mind had long since left his body as his tongue darted in and out of Aaron's musky hot hole while he himself fought to keep Aaron's four fingers ramming heavily inside his own butt. Billy slipped his tongue out and began working on Aaron's balls some more before returning back to the massive cock head that would not dare fit all the way inside his mouth, much less down his throat. Billy gagged profusely as he struggled with his own gag reflexes to stuff more of the mammoth one eye hooded beast into his mouth.

At one time, Billy was just a little more than intimidated at the size and girth of Aaron's cock, but now, thanks to Aaron's fingers triggering something inside his ass, all Billy could think of was the muscular hulk fucking his brains out with the most magnificent cock any man could ever hope to possess. With that being said, Billy released enough of Aaron's cock out of his mouth to scream,

"Fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yessssssssssssssss, Yessssssssssssssss, I want yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cock innnnnnnnnnnnnn meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

The words were like a chorus sung only sung by angels as they ricochet inside Aaron's head. This, yes this, is what he had dreamed of for so long. And now, his little gorgeous angel was screaming for dear life to have his cock rock his world, and rock his world is precisely what Aaron was going to do!

Forcing his fingers from inside Billy's rectum, Aaron grabbed the bottle of oil and squirted it all over his huge cock while Billy stood still, keeping his eyes locked on Aaron's oily glistening cock. Aaron shifted his hulking body until he was on his knees, using his hands to guide Billy into position. With Aaron's fingers no longer up his ass, Billy's ass sent hungry messages to his brain, telling him there was a void that needed filling. Billy was being guided backwards so that his knees just barely rested on the edge of the bed and his upper body was laying flat on the mattress. Aaron was standing on the floor, between Billy's spread legs admiring the young Marine's asshole as it rapidly sealed itself shut back into nothing more than a little speck.

Though Billy's mind had somehow left his body, he had enough being to realize he was just about to feel the most pain in his life. Sure, Matt's cock was long and thick and it hurt something awful at first, but Aaron's cock was way thicker, looking as if it really belonged to some bull, or better yet, an elephant. His body was already trembling from the pain he knew would come, but when he felt the oil spray against his asshole, Billy knew the time for thinking such things was truly unnecessary for Aaron was getting ready to split him wide open with that behemoth bull cock.

Billy had his arms in front of him and his fist held the bedding, patiently awaiting for his asshole to be greeted with something so thick he really and honestly didn't think would fit, but Aaron knew better and he was guiding his oil slick cock directly to Billy's shiny sealed asshole. Holding the base of his cock with his right hand, Aaron used his left thumb to rest on Billy's asshole for aiming purposes. When he felt the head of his cock strike his left thumb, Aaron pushed his hips forward while letting his thumb press down on his slick cock head, shoving it directly onto Billy's asshole.

With his body shaking from head to toe, Billy could feel the awesome pressure as Aaron's cock tried to break the seal of his chute and enter, but that wasn't about to happen. Billy felt Aaron constantly press, but somewhere in his mind, Billy thought that getting Aaron's cock up his ass was not about to happen. It was just too thick to enter, or at least, that's what Billy determined. Aaron on the other hand, was not about to give up, after all, he was used to fighting an asshole to gain entrance, and the prettiest asshole now touching the head of his cock was in no way an exception to the rule, so Aaron fought and fought with the true undying resilience of U.S. Marine.

Billy tried to help out by relaxing his butt muscles and his body was no longer shaking for he had given up on the idea that Aaron's cock could actually penetrate his ass. Using his thumb some more for assistance, Aaron pushed as hard as he could, mustering his animalistic sexual strength. The room that was once filled with silence was now filled with Billy's angelic sounds,

"Uh, uh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Shitttttttttttttttttttttt, it'ssssssssssssssssssssss sooooooooooooooooooo biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!"

The head of Aaron's hooded beast pried through the anus ring and forced Billy's anal walls and asshole to stretch further than ever before. The fiery searing pain exploded sharply throughout Billy's body as he jerked and tugged on the bedding clamped sternly inside each tightened fist.

Aaron pushed another massive thick inch into Billy's ass causing more fire works to scorch their way through his ass, splintering all over his pain stricken body. Aaron too, felt pain as the muscles inside Billy's ass retaliated with all their might and converged around the portion of his cock that had invaded their territory. The powerful contracting muscles mixed with the scorching heat attacked Aaron's cock, forcing him to push more of his thick beast up Billy's chute. By now, Billy had a mouthful of bedding lodged inside his mouth and was grunting like crazy as he never felt this much pain even considering the first time a cock entered his ass.

For Billy, it seemed like hours had passed since his asshole was stretched by Aaron's cock, but in reality, it had only been less than a minute and Aaron now had his cock head and about two inches of thick shaft up Billy's chute. With Billy's breath came more pain. As his lungs expanded, it felt as though so did his anal walls and asshole. With that much cock inside of Billy, Aaron had no fear of it slipping out, so he reached up and latched onto Billy's slender hips and started inching Billy backwards while pushing his cock forward, a little at a time.

Billy tried several times to lurch forward, hoping beyond all hopes to snatch his ass off the impaling monster, but Aaron's hands on his hips prevented him from moving forwards, even for an inch. With each diving centimeter of the behemoth cock, Billy howled and grunted, pain sharpening to the point tears had already began wetting the bed where his head flayed and flopped. Aaron pressed on, shoving an inch or so at a time up Billy's fiery hot, muscle choking canal. While Billy was praying for the pain to go away and for Aaron to hurry up and shoot his load, though his cock had not made it to its complete depth yet, Billy's left knee slid out from him, forcing about three very thick inches to suddenly dive into his anal depth.

The pain was so mind boggling, all Billy could do was clamp his teeth onto the knuckles of his right hand and grunt feverishly while more tears flew from his eyes like a waterfall. With just a little more meat to go, Aaron re-gripped Billy's smooth little hips, held on tight, then shoved the remainder of his cock all the way home until his balls barely struck Billy's dangling nuggets. In Billy's eyes, Aaron's cock had went way beyond his anal canal for it felt like it had lodged somewhere inside his stomach, creating more intense fiery pain. Aaron slung his head back in triumph, but also in total disbelief. Keeping his cock perfectly still, Aaron could feel Billy's anal muscles as they swarmed all over his cock, giving him the mixed feeling that a giant caterpillar was working on his cock as well as the strength of an anaconda that was hungry, coiling all around his cock, slowly milking the life right out of his Marine meat, plus the fact that Billy's ass was scorching hot, slowly cooking his meat into a sexually enhanced feast.

He had fucked a lot of young and tight asses in his time, but never did he experience the way Billy's magical ass was performing. Bone crushing tight mixed with burning red coal hot, the ass his cock was now in was by all means, like no other! Aaron could feel the flesh of his cock as it was being pulled deeper into Billy's rectum, but the only problem was that he had no more cock to give him. Realizing his pain as the flesh was being sucked deeper and deeper into Billy's retaliating rectum, Aaron began pulling his beef, ever so slowly, out from the fiery vacuum sucking depth towards the glorious opening his cock had stretched so wide.

Billy grunted and grunted as the beefy object shattering his body began a slow crawl from his rectum, easing the awesome pain somewhat. Aaron pulled his cock nearly all the way out, just to the point that the covered crown of his cock head appeared, then slowly pushed his thick anal invader back to its bottoming depth up Billy's mystifying rectum. Billy's body was on fire and trembling ferociously as the huge beast splintered back up his volcanic anal canal, feeling those clean shaven balls gently smack up against his own aching balls. In and out, in and out and so forth, Aaron took his time basking in the way his cock felt inside the hottest ass his cock had ever felt.

In one of his outward thrusts, Aaron poured some more oil over his bulging hard cock, then eased the slippery beast as deep as his cock would go back up Billy's tight muscle gripping chute. Even in the times past, Billy had never felt this much pain for this so long of time. Usually, the glorious sensation conquered his pain and he loved the way he felt having his ass being plowed by some anal pounding hungry man, but this time, everything was different. The pain seemed to only increase, and in his mind, what little he had left, Billy thought he felt blood trickle from his ass and slide down his shaking legs. The torment continued as the thick bull cock slid in and out of his ass at a snails pace.

Aaron raised his right hand and brought it down rather sharply across Billy's quivering tight butt cheeks. Mixed with the pain of Aaron's cock and now his hand spanking his cheeks, Billy's body was set ablaze, but the way Aaron was slapping his ass cheeks, seemed to ignite something inside of him in which he actually wanted Aaron to spank his ass harder and harder with each strike. As if their minds connected, though be it no words were ever exchanged, Aaron began slapping Billy's cheeks with his muscled might, causing Billy to whisper a moan in agreement.

Then, the moment Billy had prayed for so long ago, suddenly, and unexpectedly, happened...something inside his ass snapped, sending the gut wrenching pain clear from his body and Billy found himself using his hands to hold onto the bedding of the bed, pushing his cock filled ass as hard as he could on Aaron's bull cock, while screaming,

"Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrd! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee like you want meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Those words erupting from Billy's mouth were music to Aaron's ears and he had no problem fucking Billy like he wanted him, cause there was no secret by now just how bad he wanted Billy. Aaron dug in his feet getting his feet just right for this position, still swatting Billy's ass, then his pace went from a snails pace to maniacal. The power of Aaron's cock driving sharply into Billy's chute, his balls smacking Billy's flopping balls, and his right hand skillfully smacking Billy's reddened ass cheeks, all in which created the sounds that filled the room with heavy heart felt echoes.

Billy had no thought process whatsoever. All he could think about was shoving his ass as hard as his hands pushing off the bedding would allow while the hulking figure behind him used his power to slam his over sized thick monster up his chute. Taking turns with each hand, Aaron continued to spank Billy's tight little butt cheeks while never missing a cue as to force feeding his cock up Billy's amazing and incredible ass.

Aaron fucked Billy's tight ass until he literally went blind as his cock erupted his thick juices up Billy's muscle clamping, commercial vacuum like, rectum. Billy felt each powerful jet of Aaron's thick sperm as it exploded deeper inside of him, which in turn, caused Billy's cock, which no hands at all were touching, to erupt, spewing his thick love cream all over the bedding. Aaron was howling as his cum was spewing and Billy was moaning as his cock was shooting, both continuing their heavy and powerful thrusting. Rockets blasted off inside Billy's head as the joy of being fucked, feeling thick globs of sperm strike deeper into his rectum, and his own rock hard cock kept on spitting out more and more of his own ball busting sperm.

Aaron's ass pounding pace slowed as the last of his thick cum was fed up Billy's ass. Billy was panting as heavy as ever thinking that all of this was now over, or at least for now, but Aaron, who was far more skilled, had other plans. Keeping his cock buried into Billy's ass, Aaron used his strength to literally flip Billy over onto his back, never once allowing his still rock hard humongous cock to exit the fiery hot tunnel. Instinctively, Billy who was now in Aaron's massive arms completely off the bed, wrapped his quivering legs around Aaron's muscled body while Aaron pumped his cock in and out of Billy's ass. Their mouths connected one more time and their tongues battled in mid air just prior to exploring the others saliva drenched mouth.

Billy had been fucked before, but never like this. His hands held the back of Aaron's neck while his feet dug into Aaron's back. With his tongue probing Aaron's mouth and Aaron his, Billy could nothing but moan as the pleasure coursing throughout his body exploded like a Fourth of July party at Times Square in New York.

Blind to his surroundings and not once feeling anything other than Aaron's mammoth cock blister in and out of his ass, Billy soon found himself on top of Aaron who was now laying flat on the bed. When their lips parted, Billy worked his still shaking body up onto his heels where he instinctively began bouncing his ass up and down on the monstrous pole, impaling himself with bliss upon each and every downward plunge. Aaron was holding Billy just under his rib cage and guiding Billy to slam his ass onto his still rock hard weapon of mass destruction.

Aaron prided himself on his stamina and ability to fuck for a long, long time, and up till now, there had only been one person to have ever allowed him to fuck them until Aaron was completely done, and that was Scott, Matt's lover.

Aaron loved the feeling his balls were getting every time Billy plopped his ass down, forcing his cheeks to smash up against his nuts with all the love this world could possibly offer. While Billy was lost impaling his ass onto Aaron's cock, Aaron had the honor of just laying there relishing the way Billy's ass sucked and bounced on his meat while peering into the young Marine's gorgeous face as it expressed the mood caused by the thrill of the moment. Billy's hands were flat against Aaron's muscle ripped stomach, pushing off with each rise of his ass, then blissfully slamming his butt as hard as he could onto the massive impaler splitting his ass in two.

Keeping his eyes on Billy's entire lustful body, Aaron slipped his right hand onto Billy's rapidly hardening cock, gently caressing the beauty until it was at full mass. Aaron slid his left hand up Billy's bouncing body and latched his fingertips around Billy's right nipple where he began pinching rather hard while pulling the little tid bit away from Billy's body. Billy was crying out,

"Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God yessssssssssssssss! That's it, that's fucking ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!"

After that, Billy was beyond words as he humped his ass harder, grinding his canal on the bull cock giving him so much awesome unexplainable pleasure.

Aaron began pounding Billy's cock with his hand, wanting Billy to experience further pleasure while his other hand yanked and twisted on the tiny rose bud of a nipple. Giving Billy further pleasure was easily seen in the way he was now responding. Billy grunted, moaned, cooed, and whimpered as he angrily slammed his ass up and down while gyrating his hips to feel every square massive inch of Aaron's throbbing chunk of steel.

Billy's body was covered in his own sweat, but he had no mind control to think nothing else but to fuck his ass onto Aaron's cock. Fucking Aaron's cock while Aaron pinched his nipples and having Aaron jack his cock was too much for Billy to handle for any extended length of time. Billy screamed out as jets of pure white globs of cum flew from his cock, some striking Aaron on his nose, in his mouth, and on his chin, with the rest spewing all over his chest and lower stomach. Even with that, Aaron jacked Billy's cock gawking at the awesome amount of love cream flying into the air.

Aaron swished the cum around inside his mouth that had landed there, then joyfully swallowed, moaning in sheer bliss as to the heavenly sweetness of the taste. Billy's cock softened in his hand and Aaron released it so that his fingers could scoop up as much of Billy's joyous cream, then dip them into his mouth so he could taste as much of Billy as possible. To Aaron's dazed surprise, Billy not once stopped plopping his ass down onto his cock, instead, it seemed that Billy increased the speed of his ass crashing down onto his hard pole. Billy was slinging his precious head from shoulder to shoulder, slapping it backwards while enjoying the feeling of his anal walls as they grasped hungrily onto the massive cock searing in and out of his ass.

Aaron reached behind Billy and latched both of his large hands onto the tiny little butt cheeks, spreading them aimlessly, and aided Billy in his wild cock riding ventures. The two were howling against the still of the air as the sounds of Billy smashing his ass ever so furious onto Aaron's massive cock shuttered against the smoothness of the walls, winding their elegance down each open corridor.

As Billy rose up than smashed his butt hard onto Aaron's cock, Aaron began timing Billy's wild antics, and soon, arched his hips upwards, driving his cock harder up Billy's greedy chute. There were no time restrictions, and no interruptions, so their wild and frantic cock fucking ass pounding session had no uncertain boundaries. Aaron was in complete heaven realizing he no longer was fucking Billy, but in turn, it was he who was being fucked, and this, this was something Aaron had never once experienced.

No sooner than Aaron realized this, he felt his cum start to boil, and he, for the first time in his life, was not in control. Billy must have felt his cock expand for he began driving his ass harder than ever before while using every anal muscle he could muster to clamp onto Aaron's cock and milk it for all he was worth. Aaron tried to stifle his mind boggling cum shooting orgasm, but his lungs would have no part of that as he began yelling profoundly as his sperm fired from his strangled cock, deep into Billy's sucking rectum. Billy pumped his ass while squeezing his anal muscles, whimpering as each powerful jet of Aaron's thick cream soothed his anal walls and shot further up his ass.

Never had Aaron felt like he had drained his nuts so much as his cum seemed to spew out endlessly while Billy rode his cock like some pro rodeo rider conquering the meanest bull ever. To his dismay, Aaron's cream finally seemed to end, but Billy apparently didn't have enough, cause he continued to wale his ass away on his cock without skipping a heartbeat. Aaron could barely breathe and he knew for the sake of his choked and spent cock, he had to do something, so he grabbed Billy by his shoulders and muscled the young Marine flat on his back, keeping his spent, but hard, cock lodged deeply up Billy's rectum. Even with Billy flat on his back and his knees over his head and straddling either side of his ears, Aaron could still feel the magical anal muscles working furiously on his cock.

Looking down into Billy's entrancing eyes, Aaron began slow stroking his beast in and out of Billy's vice like ass. With their eyes locked onto the others, Billy's edible lips parted as he angelically whispered,

"Aaron, please, please make me yours!"

Aaron smiled the best he could and picked up his ass fucking pace to more of a quick rhythm. Aaron leaned his head forward and immediately sucked Billy's delicious tongue into his mouth. The feeling of Billy's ass mixed with his super delicious fresh saliva made Aaron forget the past and start to deliver his cock into Billy's ass like the true animal he once was.

Aaron sucked on Billy's mouth watering tongue while pumping his cock fast and furious in and out of Billy's chute, seemingly farther than he had been before. Still, Aaron felt Billy's unbelievable ass muscles hard at work clutching his cock's skin, pulling his meat further and further into his fiery hot tunnel. Even by having Billy's perfect body pinned beneath him, Billy was still in total control, fucking his cock, though be it, Aaron was slamming his meat hard and heavy into Billy's quicksand like rectum. Billy's hands were locked behind Aaron's neck, forcing Aaron's face to smear against Billy's with their tongues in a frantic state, dwelling divinely inside the others volcanically hot mouth.

With his own sperm swarming around his pile driving cock and Billy's anal muscles concocting their magical powers, Aaron drove his hips as hard as humanly possible, doing everything within his power to not only give Billy's ass his cock, but his balls as well. Billy's anal muscles tightened their already strangling hold as his cock erupted between the two, spewing his seed all over his stomach and Aaron's as well. Aaron felt Billy's cock erupt and that only made him hasten his already ball busting thrusts. Aaron was pounding Billy's ass so hard that he didn't have time to react to his own cock as it began shooting seed after seed, deep and deeper up Billy's churning rectum.

Now, with both cocks shooting their hot loads, both Billy and Aaron began grunting while sucking on the others tongue harder than ever. A few short minutes later, both sperm shooting cocks ended their creamy volleys and Aaron pumped his cock until his monster had no more energy left as it slowly began deflating to a lifeless state. Aaron could feel Billy's cock reacting the same as his as Billy's thick cream stuck to his heaving stomach with his every move. Both near the total exhausted state, Aaron slid his totally flaccid cock out of Billy's still milking ass and fell to Billy's left side. Billy's legs hit the mattress with a thud as his eyes blinked a trillion times a second, still dazed at what all had just happened. Feeling like a king, Billy smiled to himself knowing he was able to handle Aaron's massive cock, and not only handled it, but absolutely craved more.

Aaron huffed and puffed trying profusely to catch his breath, but his eyes could not resist looking at the astonishing beauty, the miracle created by heaven, who lay perfectly still right next to him. As they lay still, Billy could feel all the sperm wedged up his ass wanting to leak out, and being so exhausted, all he could try to do was squeeze his cheeks tightly, attempting to hold it in until he gathered enough strength to get up and use the toilet. With the pressure building to more of an emergency necessity, Billy scooted off of the bed, almost falling as he tried to stand, then quickly but cautiously wobbled towards the bathroom. Aaron watched as his gorgeous young Marine scampered off, holding his butt cheeks with both hands, still in awe over Billy's unedifying beauty.

A few minutes later, Billy peeked his head from around the corner of the bathroom and almost in a whisper said,

"Got to take a shower...would you like to join me?"

Aaron needed no invitation as he slid off the bed and stood on some very shaky legs. Just like Billy had done, Aaron wobbled his way to the bathroom. Once inside, Aaron held Billy by his shoulders, looked down into the most startling gorgeous person he had ever seen and asked,

"Billy, what made you decide you wanted my cock up your ass? I thought you were kind of scared of its size at first!"

Billy licked his lips, then stole Aaron's heart with his piercing smile, then replied,

"I honestly don't know! I guess it just seemed like the right thing to do. Besides, if Matt told you about me, then I figured everything must be all right!"

One more time, their lips found each other and their tongues went wild roaming around inside the others fiery hot mouth. Aaron groped Billy's backside, ensuring his hands found the one object he fell completely head over heels in love with, and that was, Billy's tantalizing, completely delicious, magically mystical, tight little ass. When their lips broke their loving seal, Billy slid from Aaron's arms, then whispered,

"There's something I've been wanting to do!"

Billy walked in behind Aaron and pushed Aaron's upper back so that Aaron held onto the counter, then Billy had Aaron slide his legs apart so that Aaron was kind of hunched over holding onto the sink. Billy sank to his knees and Aaron gasped as he felt Billy's hands part his butt cheeks, then felt Billy's hot tongue strike his asshole.

Aaron was grunting like crazy as Billy probed deep into Aaron's anal canal, slurping and sucking along the way. Wanting to feel more of Billy's tongue, Aaron raised his right leg and placed it along the top of the counter. Aaron cried out as Billy's tongue snaked up his ass sending goose bumps to rise up all over Aaron's trembling muscled body. The heavy musky aroma spewing from Aaron's ass made Billy go absolutely fucking wild, stabbing Aaron's asshole a mile a minute with his exploring tongue. Only their heavy grunts and Billy's loud slurping could have been heard had you been somewhere hiding in the room.

Billy dribbled some saliva onto his right middle finger and eased it up Aaron's ass to accompany his anal diving tongue. Aaron whimpered as he felt Billy's finger dive up his chute and began darting in and out. One thing led to another and Aaron was cooing, grunting, and moaning as young Billy was behind him giving his ass some serious anal pleasures with his tongue and finger. Somewhere off in the very far distance, Aaron heard Billy whisper,

"Now, it's my turn!"

Aaron felt Billy's finger slip from his ass, then Billy's tongue, but that was only going to be temporary at best, cause in the flash of a lightning bolt, Aaron felt Billy's hard cock land against his asshole, then felt it as it forced its way up his caught off guard chute.

Aaron grimaced and howled as Billy slid his cock as far as he could all the way up Aaron's ass, then wasting no time, Billy started plowing Aaron's ass like he defiantly owned it. Aaron looked at himself in the mirror as his mouth was locked into a wide open position, realizing that Billy was now doing some real serious fucking to his ass. With each of Billy's powerful thrusts, well need air was being knocked right out of his lungs, but Aaron quickly adjusted and began humping his ass backwards to greet Billy's thrusting cock. Aaron had been fucked before, but he would rather be the one doing the fucking, but for some odd and unexplainable reason, Aaron loved the feeling of Billy's cock as it hammered away in and out of his ass.

Ten long solid minutes of constant and powerful ass pounding elapsed before Billy mustered up the feeling to fill Aaron's ass up with his cum. Aaron's flaccid cock slapped up against the edge of the counter with each and every thrust as he felt Billy's cock expand, giving him more pleasure, then Aaron moaned louder than ever as Billy's cock began shooting his delicious seed high up into his anal chamber. Billy pounded his cream into Aaron's ass and Aaron was shoving his ass as hard as he could backwards to welcome Billy's ball busting cock. Billy plowed Aaron's ass until he was thoroughly spent forcing his once hard cock to quickly go lifeless inside Aaron's burning hot ass. With his last outwards thrust, Billy's sleeping cock flopped out of Aaron's ass. Aaron was still bent over, mind spinning profoundly as to just having been fucked.

Aaron was just about to lower his right leg when he felt Billy hot breath strike his cum squinting asshole. Before Aaron had a chance to react, Billy already had his tongue back up his ass, while his lips sealed his asshole and was creating the suctioning from hell. Aaron could literally feel Billy's cum being vacuumed out of his canal and he was fighting for all he was worth to keep it. In less than two ass cheek clamping minutes, Aaron found he was no match for Billy as Billy's cream came pouring out of his ass and Aaron could hear the gulping sounds as Billy was swallowing his own cream straight from Aaron's ass.

After Billy sucked out all of his cum and swallowed it, he patted Aaron on the ass and whispered,

"That was great! Let's take a shower!"

Aaron was bent over and still in total disbelief. Lowering his shaking leg, Aaron tiptoed into the shower where Billy had already began getting himself wet. Aaron leaned against the back wall, holding himself upright while drooling over Billy's complete perfection. Once Billy got himself completely wet, he slid around Aaron so Aaron could get under the shower head. Billy began soaping his body from head to toe while Aaron enjoyed the freshness of the hot water as it beat down soothingly against his quivering body. Still under the shower head, Aaron turned around now facing Billy. With soap bubbles filling his hands, Billy reached out and began lather, more like jacking, Aaron's soon to be growing cock.

In no time, Aaron's cock became fully erect in the hands of Billy as Billy slowly jacked Aaron's cock with one hand while caressing the soap onto Aaron's balls with the other. Aaron was looking at Billy who was directing all his attention to Aaron's super hard, but aching, cock. Billy let Aaron's balls go free as his hand peeled back the flesh until the foreskin slipped over Aaron's bulbous cock head. Billy teased Aaron's cock head with his soapy hand, sending chills scouring over Aaron's body. While Billy was busy cleaning Aaron's cock, Aaron reached up and pushed the shower head straight down, forcing the water away from his body.

Billy awoke a sleeping monster as Aaron quickly spun Billy around so that his ass was facing Aaron, then forcefully shoved Billy's upper body forward and down. Billy knew what was fixing to happen, but he was not yet quite prepared to just bend over and take Aaron's massive cock, but Aaron had been worked up into a frenzy as he grabbed his soapy cock and pushed it as hard as he could straight up Billy's ass. The sudden plunge forced Billy to scream, but Aaron showed no remorse as he began plowing Billy's ass with all his might. Billy's ass was already sore, but the pounding he was now taking was almost too much. So, Billy did what came natural, and that was he just bent down as far as he could and grabbed his ankles with both hands and waited for the pleasure he knew would come.

With each massive thrust, Billy thought Aaron's thick cock was ramming his lungs. With all his animal instincts taking full control of his mind and his actions, Aaron used Billy's body as a weapon against him by driving Billy forwards and backwards, perfectly timing his powerful ass cheek smacking thrusts. Billy decided to fight back and use his ass muscles to clamp down on the pile driving invader, which once he did so, Aaron slung his head backwards in sheer disbelief and began grunting like a race horse after winning the Kentucky Derby.

Aaron's large hands gripped Billy's slender hips, driving the gorgeous beauty forwards and backwards in accordance with his flesh smacking deep and violent thrusts. Billy was feeling every massive thick inch as it tore deep into his rectum, but the feeling now coursing throughout his trembling body was that of someone who had died and was now in the luxury of heaven. Billy screamed,

"Harder! HARDERRRRRRRRR! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

With each pulling motion out of Billy's muscle gripping ass, his cock was being squeezed and milked by Billy's anal walls to the point that Aaron started feeling the distant urge to unleash his thick load.

Billy held onto his ankles while concentrating on being fucked, forcing his ass muscles to cooperate with his mind. With each deep plunge of Aaron's massive weapon, Billy grunted heavily thanks to Aaron's balls sharply banging against his own free dangling, somewhat shriveled, nuts. Billy clamped down on the huge pole splitting his anal walls with each of his panting breaths. Aaron was busy slinging his head to and fro, moaning as to the feeling of having his cock in such a magical and refreshing vacuum sucking tunnel.

Aaron yelled something and then Billy felt that huge pole get even thicker as it tore through his rectum, stabbing his lungs with each thrusting dive. As the first stream of thick man seed ripped into his rectum, Billy joined Aaron as they were both grunting and whimpering with each powerful jet of man seed exploding from Aaron's pile driving cock. Aaron fought to stand on his own feet and maintain his furious ass pounding while his cock spat load after load up Billy's ass. While Aaron was fucking his Marine Corps seed deep into Billy, Billy went into some form of a sexual convulsion as his flaccid cock began spurting out piss, giving Billy the impression he was firing another round of his own sperm.

Billy's eyes were tightly sealed and had he had enough strength to open them, he would have realized that what was coming out of his cock was not sperm, but in reality, just his hot piss. Either way, Billy purred as his cock fired a constant and steady stream of hot piss onto the flooring of the shower, slipping between their feet, traveling towards the drain. With each of Aaron's violent thrusts, Billy's cock seemed to spew out more and more piss, sending Billy's mind spinning and leaving his slinging head completely blank of anything else but the pleasures running wild all over his body.

Knowing Billy was having an orgasm, and since he had long since stopped shooting his cream, Aaron continued to pump his cock as hard as he could into Billy's taunt little ass while dipping his left hand directly over Billy's flaying cock. Aaron thought Billy was shooting his five star delicious cream, but was more than a bit surprised to find that when he cupped his hand over Billy's shooting cock, he got a handful of burning hot piss. Still keeping in rhythm, Aaron raised his piss filled hand up to his nose and inhaled. Aaron loved sex, but never was he the kind to drink piss, nor had he ever been inclined to do so, but the aroma from Billy's piss triggered something inside of him. There wasn't an odor at all, and the next thing Aaron found himself doing was slurping the puddle from his hand and swishing it around inside his mouth as to discover its true taste. When Aaron couldn't detect any taste, he allowed the smallest portion to trickle down his throat. Billy's piss was nothing more than warm water, at best.

Somewhere during all of this, Billy started to come back around and realized that Aaron's cock had gone completely limp, still ramming his chute. When Aaron realized Billy had came back around, he slipped his limp cock from Billy's mind boggling ass and wrapped his large arms around Billy's upper stomach like a bear hug. Billy was only standing flat footed thanks to the assistance from Aaron, cause his legs felt as though they were nothing more than two pieces of rubber. Aaron kissed all over Billy's neck while his hands caressed Billy's chest and heavy panting stomach.

In less than a couple of minutes, Billy was now under the shower head washing himself off again while Aaron was resting up against the back wall head over heels in love over Billy. Billy's back was facing Aaron and Aaron's eyes were feasting on Billy's beautifully tanned tiny butt. Grabbing a bar of soap, Aaron lathered his hands and began soaping Billy's delicious butt cheeks. Knowing his load was still inside Billy, Aaron teasingly began parting Billy's cheeks while poking his right middle finger up his well fucked chute. Billy was trying his best not to make a mess in the shower, but due to Aaron behind him screwing a finger up his butt and prying his cheeks apart, Billy had no choice but to release his bowels. Billy heard and Aaron saw it. Splat after splat of Aaron's deposited cream crashed to the floor, making the sound only sperm can make when striking from that far of a distance.

Aaron was crouched while admiring his cum ooze out of Billy's asshole and fall to the floor. To be even more surprised, Aaron saw that his cum was just as white as it was prior to leaving his cock. It was like Billy was not really human, or actually, capable of doing something so natural as taking a shit, cause there wasn't any indication from what Aaron smelled or witnessed that would indicate anything of the such.

A short time later, and with having Aaron's cream swirling down the drain, Aaron removed his finger and the both of them simply finished their shower. Both were laying in bed, Billy on his left side and Aaron on his right, both sets of eyes peering into the other. Aaron was the first to speak,

"I would give anything in the world for you to be all mine, but..."

Billy interrupted,

"So, what's stopping you?"

Aaron planted a loving kiss on Billy's lips, then whispered,

"Cause, Matt's already made arrangements!"

Billy thought about Aaron's comment for a few seconds, with a puzzled look, asked,

"What kind of arrangements?

Aaron kissed him on the lips one more time, then stated,

"I can't tell you just yet, but promise me one thing. Please always remember me and know that if ever you want to be in my arms, my arms will always be open for you, from here to eternity!"

Billy kissed Aaron and when their lips broke their loving seal, Billy smiled and whispered,

"I don't know what Matt is up to, but Aaron, if I have a say so in this matter, I am definitely right where I want to be, besides, we have this room until Sunday!"

Their kiss was long and passionate with their hands soothing the others body. Somewhere during their kiss, exhaustion finally settled in and Aaron and Billy had nothing but the sweetest of dreams, sleeping in each others arms with their naked bodies entwined.