The story is fiction by nature and contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the subject matter herein do not read any further.

Smell of War Scent of Sex

Morning at The Manor

By Dick Lickerish

United States Army Specialist Fifth Class Danny Carvel stood nude inside the small; four-by-four shower stall located at the large military complex in Chu Lai, South Vietnam. The mid-morning sun was high in the sky; not a cloud in sight over the big base. The humidity was fast becoming unbearable. Specialist Carvel stood on a metal bomb pallet that served as the floor for the shower letting lukewarm warm water from the overhead container cascade over his well-tanned body. A shower for troops in the bush was a luxury they were only allowed when they returned to rear areas for stand-down; those periods of rest after completion of a major mission or field operation. For the Rear Echelon Mother Fuckers however showers were ordinary daily routine. Danny hated being called a REMF, but that was what support personnel were called by the grunts in the bush. Danny Carvel's heart would always be with his brothers in the bush, but now he had a new job. He was part of the Army's new aviation fraternity.

Helicopter aviation in the 1960s was the Army's new approach to transporting troops in and out of battle areas in the dense jungles of South Vietnam, and then provided rapid support for them on the battlefields. Helicopters had also been developed as aerial gunnery and rocket delivery platforms to support combat troops on the ground. Danny Carvel had been a member of this new brotherhood of Army aviation pioneers for about a year. As part of the aviation community at Chu Lai Danny was privileged to participate in a more refined way of life than those in the bush. He lived in a hootch, ate hot food three times a day when not flying, had the services of a house boy to keep the hootch in order, and showered twice a day, somtimes more. The crudely constructed outdoors shower was located behind the end hootch on enlisted row at the military complex in Chu Lai.

Hootches at military compounds throughout Vietnam were basic Southeast Asia huts, or Sea-Huts. They were standardized buildings of corrugated tin roofs; walls of horizontal-louvered boards four feet up from the bottom, screen wire that ran from the bottom of the roof inside to the floor; some were on concrete pads while others were built on blocks. They were sandbagged at least waist high on the outside to protect against small arms fire and exploding ordnance. The buildings had hinged plywood panels that could be brought up to cover the screen wire openings during inclement weather. A hootch at "The Manor" was home to warrior aviators and support soldiers of Assault Helicopter Company's located inside the Chu Lai military compound, a secure and mostly tranquil place.

The tranquility of morning had been broken several times by the sights, sounds, and smell of Marine fighter aircraft or Army helicopters taking off or landing at various locations throughout the Chu Lai compound. Of course, there was the usual motor vehicle activity that provided distinctive sights, sounds, and smells too. When aircraft took off or landed there was a strong odor of JP-4 fuel or Aviation gas that permeated the air. A light sea breeze blew in a mixture of odors from the South China Sea, less than a half mile away. Dependent upon the time of day and season in Chu Lai the sea breeze contained either sweet or sour scents from the ocean and surrounding environments. However, the South China Sea was not the only thing that produced offensive odors affecting one's olfactory sense. Along with the smell of aircraft fuels other strong smells saturated the air in the area.

Vietnam was a tropical country which meant more things grew and rotted on a daily basis producing varied offensive odors. The rainy monsoon season had ended and given way to the warmer days of spring, so high heat and humidity contributed to the degradation process of all living or dead things creating a foulness that choked the air. The temperature was mild by Vietnam standards, already in the high eighties and humidity equal or better. But that was the spring season in Chu Lai. When summer arrived in a few weeks it would be even hotter, and the heat and humidity would bring more new smells. The farming culture used animal and human excrement to fertilize fields and rice paddies. Indigenous foods were spicy, using many ingredients that were pungently offensive to the nose.

Vietnam had smells that were particular to time, place, location, and season. Certain odors were indigenous to different areas of Vietnam while other scents were familiar smells made by American machinery of war. Two of the most noxious odors in Vietnam were produced from burning shit early in the day a strong stench that one never really got used to; the other was the putrid smell of death. However, by midday the stink of shit mixed with burning diesel fuel in those half-cut 55 gallon OD green drums had dissipated, but during the early morning hours the lingering stench was an odor that Danny and others endured on a regular basis.

There were everyday sights, sounds, and smells that were a constant reminder to Danny that he was in a combat zone. There was the acrid stench of close combat; the smells produced from small arms fire and exploding ordinance. Around medical facilities and graves registration there was the scent of medical aids used to treat the injuries of the wounded; materials to clean up blood and to prepare the dead. Danny Carvel had endured all of these sights, sounds, and smells of war on a daily basis. As Danny stood in the shower that morning letting the water run over his body his thoughts were of future time when he would once again enjoy the fresh fragrances of a beautiful woman back home or as it was referred to in Vietnam the world.

The mid morning air was fresh and the heavy odors of early morning had faded letting Danny enjoy his dream and shower. A hint of aviation fuels remained in the air along with the fragrance of the soap he was using to wash his body. Danny just wanted to remain standing there in the shower in all his nakedness enjoying the fresh and tranquil atmosphere on that beautiful December Monday morning in South Vietnam; thankful for another day of life. Danny was totally immersed in his mid-morning bathing experience; unmindful of anyone or anything that morning. Without any warning another naked young male, who appeared to be about twenty years old, emerged from the back door of Danny's hootch.

Danny was taken aback by the appearance of this nude young man who had just appeared. He had an Army issue bath towel draped over his shoulder carrying a toiletry kit bag in his hand. Danny thought to himself no one was supposed to be in the hootch area during the morning hours; the other guys were all out flying missions or doing other related jobs in the company. Yet there stood a young bronze beauty between his hootch area and the shower. Maybe the guy was trying to poach some of his warm nuc, or was he the FNG that Top Bolling had mentioned to him at breakfast earlier in morning. Whoever he was, he was one damn fine looking soldier specimen standing there naked under the mid morning sun.

"So, you the FNG we been expectin?" Danny called out to the new guy.

"I guess so," the new guy nodded in affirmation, "man I'm sure gettin tired of all that F-N-G shit," the newbie said with a tone of irritation to his voice. "I just arrived in the company area about an hour ago from the replacement depot. The First Sergeant directed me up towards this hooch, and told me to lookup a Sergeant Carvel, that you?"

"Not Sergeant Carvel, SP/5 Carvel, but if Top had his way it would be Sergeant. Hi, I'm Danny Carvel, Senior Crew Chief in this company and probably, by now, the whole damn Combat Aviation Battalion. I'm also the NCOIC of the hootch you just came out of," Danny said proudly sticking out his right hand to welcome the new guy. "So you must be the new Crew Chief replacement that Top told me about this morning?"

"Yeah, I guess. I'm Specialist Andrew Brown the Fucking New Guy from Lubbock," Andrew said with a chuckle and a drawl distinctive of northern Texas.


"Lubbock Texas man, you know Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Ain't you never heard of them?" Andrew questioned with the pride of a true Texan.

"Oh, okay, yeah man, gotcha," Danny said somewhat perplexed.

Both young men stood there in all of their nakedness sizing each other up, but trying not to be too obvious. The newbie that stood before Danny had a well-tanned body; well-defined abs, a nice looking chest, and well-developed arms and legs. His smooth bronze body complimented ever inch of his medium build frame. Not a muscle bound type, but definitely a body that had been toned by a few years of athletics. Andrew had a refreshingly boyish face; still a hint of pink to his cheeks, an infectious smile, and perfect set of white teeth. His piercing blue eyes and blond hair made this guy a most alluring looking stud. This was a guy that one would see in the ads for clothing or underwear in the Sunday supplement, not a blemish on his body.

However, the most stunning feature about Andrew that caught Danny's attention was his beautifully circumcised cock hanging flaccid over his nut sac. Danny had never seen a more perfect looking flaccid penis and set of balls hanging on another male body before; he guessed it to be about four inches soft. The cockhead on Andrew's fuck stick was pink and perfect in every way, and there was a nice thatch of blond hair at the base of the shaft covering his pubic mound. The young man's body looked as if it had been chiseled out of stone by a sculptor's hand; definitely a sight to behold.

The Senior Crew Chief thought to himself, a straight E-5 in the Army shouldn't be allowing himself to have such lustful thoughts about a subordinate enlisted man. Danny knew he wasn't a homosexual, but he couldn't keep his eyes off this guy's body, especially his penis. He was sure that Andrew was secretly checking out his equipment too as they stood there talking to each other getting acquainted. Neither man made an attempt to cover their private body parts. Danny had seen other guys naked before and never had any sexual thoughts about them, but Andrew's body intrigued him, stirring feelings inside him. Danny didn't know why he had these feelings. He had always thought of himself as an average heterosexual male, so why was Andrew stimulating him to a state of sexually arousal?

"Well, SP/4 Brown, if you want some of this warm nuc you better get your ass in here before I use it all and you have to carry a couple of five gallon cans of water up here and pour it in the can above," Danny said with a welcome smile and a wave motioning to the FNG as he stepped outside of the small three walled makeshift shower stall still wet, his naked body glistening with droplets of water.

"Nuc?" Andrew said with a look of bemusement.

"Yeah, that's Vietnamese for water," Danny said with a chuckle.

"Oh yeah nuc, I heard that term down at Cam Rahn Bay and over at the Combat Center," Andrew replied, "by the way most people just call me Andy or Drew for short," the young man said with a smile easing past Danny moving into the small makeshift shower stall that had been put together with two-by-fours and plywood.

"Well you sure don't look short to me Andy," Danny said with another laugh.

"Ha ha," Andrew mocked, "I'm six foot two inches of lean mean Texas fighting machine for your information, or were you referring to something else?"

"You are all of that man," Danny said as the two men eased sideways past each other so that Andy could get under the shower head. As they exchanged places their bodies briefly touched as they brushed against the other. Danny thought that he experienced some type of energy field as their bodies touched; it was most electrifying. So much so that his cock momentarily stirred to a semi-erect state; he was getting a hard-on again and couldn't control it. He turned his body away from the new kid's view and continued to towel off his short rusty colored brown hair.

"Just pull that cord quickly and then let it go; it'll dump enough nuc on your body to get a good soap-up goin," Danny said motioning with his left hand towards the cord hanging from the shower head valve that was attached to the bottom of the OD green 55 gallon drum sitting atop the wooden platform.

"So, this is what I have to look forward to for the next eleven months and sixteen days," Andrew said with a little sarcasm in his voice as he pulled the cord dousing his body with an ample supply of water. Andrew remarked that the water was surprisingly warm. He took a tube of shampoo from his toiletry kit and squeezed a string of gel out into the palm of his hand and began massaging it into his blond hair that was cropped short in a military flattop.

"It'll have to do for now man; besides it is one of the better showers around The Manor. At least this one has sides and a curtain on it along with a heater in the water drum," Danny said with a smile of satisfaction on is face, "if ya don't like it you can always walk down to the communal shower area."

"Why do you call this place The Manor?" Andrew asked.

"Dun-no, never asked. That's what it was called when I got here," Danny said, "by the way I built this shower myself and keep on improving it as time moves on; just got the new heater for it about three months ago. I acquired the heater from a supply guy I knew in a grunt unit. I'm lazy, don't like to walk down to the communal showers," Danny said with a big smile on his face and a sense of accomplishment and pride in his voice.

"In fact, I got me a pretty nice gig going with this shower thing. The guys in the other hootches up along this row pay me ten dollars each a month to use it three times a week. In turn, I maintain it and guarantee it to be full of water. I pay the local house boy ten dollars a month in Piasters plus shower privileges to haul water and light the heater in the morning, and also evening if needed. Pretty slick, huh," Danny said with his best entrepreneurial tone to his voice and the smile of a most successful businessman.

"Sounds like a pretty cool gig to me," Andrew said with a somewhat envious tone.

"Yup, see the pipe up there leading into the back of the hut," Danny said pointing to the pipe overhead, "it goes to the shaving stands. There is one just inside the backdoor of the hootch and one outside. Both have real spigots too. Damn near like bein back in the world," Danny said to the new guy with a smile and a sense of accomplishment in his voice.

"Cool man," Andrew replied again with a tone of admiration, "I suppose you sell used helicopters to the Viet Cong too," Andrew mocked.

"Nah," that's grandpa's job back in the states. He's sales manager for the local Cadillac and Chevrolet dealership," Danny said proudly.

"So where you from back in the world man?" Andrew asked.

"Ashville, North Carolina!" Danny said with pride.

"Cool man. I bet we oughta get along great, both being country boys and all," Andrew said enthusiastically.

"Hey man, let me step in there and rinse off one more time. Damn humidity's got me sweatin already." Danny requested.

"Sure, no problem man. By the way what's with this damn humidity? I thought we had humidity in Texas, but this shit is crazy," Andrew said. As they moved around in the confines of the shower area changing places in the shower stall their bodies briefly touched again. As the two men came into close proximity of each other the scent of the shampoo and soap engulfed the small confines of the shower. Turning around to exit the shower stall Andrew made no attempt to conceal his semi-erect cock. Danny wondered had he been stroking it while he was showering? Danny moved into the shower and as the new guy moved back out of the way his semi-hard cock brushed against the well rounded mounds of Danny's buttocks. Again, Danny experienced that feeling of electrical energy passing between them.

"Sorry bout that man," the new guy said sheepishly.

"Hey man no problem; it's kinda close quarters in here, can't be helped," Danny said with a little giggle and a slight blush to his face as he pulled the cord to rinse his body off for the last time, "besides it's a curse we males have to deal with all the time," Danny said while he continued to rinse off.

"What curse is that?" Andrew asked.

"You know, gettin unexpected hard-ons," Danny said. He noticed that Andrew still had shampoo in his hair said, "hey man, don't leave until you get all the soap rinsed outa your hair."

"Yeah, sure thing let me duck my head back under the shower head for a quick rinse," Andrew said moving closer into the shower stall. He had purposely left the shampoo on his head, so he could use that as an excuse to return the shower and get closer to Danny. Andrew had lustful thoughts running through his head that morning, and was trying to determine whether Danny might be interested in a little playful sex between comrades. Andrew knew for sure he wanted to suck Danny's dick.

Danny retreated back into the corner of small shower stall, while Andrew leaned his head and upper torso forward under the shower head to rinse off, "okay here goes," Danny said pulling the lanyard on shower valve. He pulled the cord a couple of times, so the new guy could thoroughly rinse the rest of the shampoo out of his hair using both hands.

While Andrew was leaning forward rinsing the back of his head he opened his eyes monetarily to see a most magnificent sight; his shower mate's semi hard cock was just inches away from his face. Andrew wanted to drop down to his knees and gobble-up that fabulous looking fuck stick before his eyes, but he restrained his sexual desire. More importantly he didn't know how Danny would react to that type of sexual advance. He knew he had to find out if this gorgeous cock was available and suckable, because the perfectly formed penis was much too good looking to pass up. Andy hadn't had a dick in his mouth in a few weeks and he wanted this one badly. He was getting hard just thinking about it!

Andrew mentally compared Danny's penis to his. He estimated Danny might be a good six inches long when fully erect. Not too thick, but not thin, just the right, a very suckable schlong. Danny's cockhead appeared a little bigger than his, more of a mushroom head with a red coronal ridge at the base of the head. He also had a nice patch of reddish blond hair at the base of his dick, and a nice tight set of nuts. Yes, Andy wanted to get to know that cock on a much more personal level.

As Andrew raised his head and body back up to the full upright position he looked into Danny's eyes and said apologetically, "Sorry bout that man."

"Sorry about what man?" Danny asked quizzically with a wry smile on his face.

"Man, you know, I mean like my dick seems to have a mind of its own today. Besides, I'm horny as Hell and..."

Danny interrupted the new guy's gushing words and said, "don't apologize for something that is natural; my cock is halfway hard too. To be perfectly honest I was getting ready to have a good jack-off session while I was out here in the shower, but you showed up and surprised me before I could really get started on it," Danny said with chuckle and a smile.

"Yeah man I can see what you mean. I mean, you know, I guess we both need to get off, huh," Andrew said with a crooked smile, "by the way is it safe to jack-off out here?" Andrew asked with a low tone to his voice.

"Well, I haven't been caught yet, and I've been around here for almost a year now. Besides, no one is supposed to be up in the area this morning," Danny replied with a twisted little grin and tone of allure to his voice.

Andrew didn't yet know how to read Danny, but he was picking up on certain signals that told him to go for it. He had heard all the rumors and war stories about guys getting caught when he was at Cam Rahn and the Combat Center before arriving in the company area. Andrew was mentally questioning, how straight was Danny? Oh well, what the Hell, Andrew thought to himself, he was going to take a chance and be the initiator, "can I help you with that thing?" Andrew asked, pointing to the nice firm package between Danny's legs.

"I dun-no I..." Danny said. His words trailed off as Andrew's willing right hand reached down grasping what was now an almost fully erect six plus inches of penis. Andrew's right hand tenderly took control of Danny's hardness slowly stroking it with his soapy wet right hand.

"Oh man," Danny moaned softly with such pleasure to his voice.

Andrew's left arm encircled Danny's right shoulder curling around his neck, thereby pulling Danny closer to his body without releasing Danny's beautiful cock he looked into Danny's eyes and said, "you've got a really nice piece of meat man," as he continued working Danny's penis with his right hand. Andy knew that the SP/5 was his, he was hooked.

"Thanks, yours is nice looking too. Should we be doing this out here in the open?" Danny replied hesitatingly.

"It's your shower man, you should know better than me," Andrew said with a slight tone of astonishment and question to his voice.

"Just reach up and pull that curtain closed; it'll shade us from any prying eyes in the area," Danny instructed Andy.

With the curtain pulled partially closed and their bodies pushing together tightly Danny noticed how fresh Andy smelled. Maybe it was the shampoo he thought, but there was another pleasant odor coming from their bodies now: the scent of male sex. The male body tends to secrete special odors when sexually aroused. A sweet fragrance found in the area of the arm pits and crotch when men get to a state sexual arousal and orgasm. Andy approached Danny's lips and before either knew what was happening they were locked in a soulful kiss.

"Tell me if you want me to stop what I'm doin," Andrew said as he broke the kiss looking into Danny's eyes. He could tell by the return look from Danny that he didn't want Andrew to stop doing what he was doing, "we won't get caught will we?" Andrew again whispered softly into Danny's right ear continuing to manipulate Danny's firm manhood.

"Don't think so." Danny knew what the two of them were engaging in was taboo in the Army as well as all other branches of the military, and could lead to dishonorable discharges for both of them if caught. Which meant certain disgrace and no GI benefits, but Danny had become so caught up in the moment that all he wanted was to finish. Sex was something that Danny had not had much of while in Vietnam. His hand and a couple of whores at R&R sites in the Southeast Asia area was all the sex for Danny and that had been a long dry spell.

Danny would jack-off for sexual relief whenever he could get time by himself, but nothing seemed to turn him on so sexually in months, until this morning. Beating one's meat was even considered taboo in the Army. There had already been two soldiers in Danny's aviation company that had received punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) for getting caught jacking-off down in the communal shower facility. Two other guys had been caught engaging in mutual masturbation late one night in the communal shower a week prior and were awaiting punishment. Two others in the Security Platoon had been caught having sex in a guard tower a month prior and had been drummed out.

Danny had also heard the stories about other soldiers in the Chu Lai compound and surrounding Fire Support Bases that had been caught in some sexually compromising situations with other GIs on the bunker lines, guard towers, and other areas out in the bush. Sex between soldiers was not that uncommon in Vietnam, especially mutual masturbation; it was just not tolerated by the military. Those soldiers that had gotten caught had paid a heavy price for their indiscretions and quick sexual gratification.

"Danny, you feelin uncomfortable doin what we're doin? I'll stop if ya want," Andrew whispered in the SP/5's ear snapping Danny back to reality.

"No," Danny whimpered, "I mean I don't know for sure, I'm..."

Andrew continued whispering into Danny's ear, "tell me to stop and I will; I don't want to ya to do anything that makes ya uncomfortable or get ya into any trouble," Andrew said looking into Danny's beautiful eyes, "but I really want to suck your dick."

"I..., I..., I dunno...," Danny was murmuring.

Andrew's left hand had now slipped down Danny's backside to more fully explore those nicely mounded ass cheeks and his ass crack, lightly squeezing and rubbing them Danny was moaning with pleasure. Danny's head now rested next to Andrew's on his left shoulder. Andrew could hear Danny's heart beating rapidly and his breathing was now more labored.

"I wanna help you get off too," Danny whispered into the new guy's left ear, "I think I wanna suck you too."

"Oh God yes! I thought you were never gonna say that," Andrew said softly with a sense of anticipation and excitement in his voice, "I was really scared you'd never say that man."

The aroma of sex was growing stronger between them. There was such a sweet smell Danny was getting from Andrew. He wanted to kiss this beautiful stud full on the lips and let his tongue explore his mouth, but was refraining. Danny had participated in mutual jack-off sessions as a kid and had even experimented with some oral sex, but he had not done anything with another guy since he was fourteen years old. When he entered high school he had left all that behind. But, he sure wanted to suck Andy's dick.

In high school he had been a jock where he had met his now ex-wife at one of the after game school dances. They were an item all through their high school years. Danny had joined the Army right out of high school, and married his local high school sweetheart a few months later while on leave before shipping out to Vietnam. However, she filed for divorce shortly after Danny shipped out to Vietnam.

The divorce had left Danny a little bitter and emotionally distraught for many months and for many reasons. He had even questioned his own sexuality at one point; was it something he had done or not done with her sexually? She divorced him for another woman, and Danny was still trying to deal with that issue. After she moved to California to attend college while waiting for Danny to come back from Vietnam she met a girl at college, and they had entered into a lesbian relationship.

She had written to Danny during the first part of the year in Vietnam relating to him all the sordid details of her relationship with her college girl friend. At one point Danny felt maybe he was sexually inadequate as a man and contemplated suicide. Maybe that was what drove him to commit such crazy acts of courage while assigned to the infantry. The marriage failure was one of the reasons Danny had kept extending his tour of duty in Vietnam, he didn't want to go back to the world to face the issues of a failed marriage and the reasons thereof to family and friends. He wanted to die a hero warrior.

Danny reached down and took hold of Andrew's engorged cock and began stroking it. His fingers explored Andrew's cock. Then he let his fingers fondle that beautiful cockhead; slowly his hand stroked up and down the shaft, trying to figure out about how big it was. Tenderly he moved his hand to Andrew's nut sack and then his fingers began exploring his nice firm balls as he moved around to get a better view of Andrew's hot-looking rod and other equipment. He figured it must be at least as big as his, maybe a little bigger; it had a magnificent cockhead mounted on its shaft that tormented Danny. He secretly wondered what it would taste like, but he was afraid to make the first move.

"Oh man, don't stop," Andrew moaned softly into Danny's ear, bringing Danny back to reality.

The two young men were experiencing a sexual state of bliss between them; holding each other more closely now and stroking each other's rock-hard cocks. The two men began lightly grinding and rubbing their naked bodies against each other as Andrew whispered to Danny, "don't stop now man."

Andrew wanted to make the sexual encounter with Danny last forever, but he knew they were in a compromising position and could be discovered at any time. Andrew wanted to suck Danny's dick, and even wanted his newfound lover to fuck him. He wanted to hear Danny moan begging for more. Both men were breathing rapidly. As Andrew began kissing Danny's chest and letting his tongue lick circles around Danny's left nipple, the nipple immediately got hard and looked like a little pink eraser on a pencil standing at attention.

At this point Andrew noticed the scar on the SP/5's left pectoral area just below the armpit. Not a nasty looking wound, but noticeable. He wondered how it happened, but was not going to say anything that might break the spell. He moved to the other nipple and repeated the exercise all the while tenderly stroking Danny's dick; by this time Danny was panting and moaning softly swallowed-up by raw sexual pleasure. Both me were ready to explode. Andrew could tell he had found the SP/5's Achilles' heel, and he fully intended to pursue this sexual conquest to its next level of pleasurable fulfillment.

Danny continued moaning lightly; he wanted to scream out with pleasure, but knew better. He bit his lip as Andy was kissing and licking Danny's chest and abdomen working his way down the front of the SP/5's body heading towards the forbidden fruits. Andy was moving into a position to pay particular attention to the general issue male equipment package nestled in the area between Danny's powerful looking thighs and below his well-developed lower abdomen. Danny's abdominal area was probably the only area of his body that had not been neglected since he arrived in Vietnam. He had maintained the well-developed abdominal muscles from his high school days by doing sit-ups and crunches during his off time. Now, the almost twenty-one year old GI still had a thirty inch waistline. He was no longer that one hundred fifty pounds gangling teenager, but now a more solid medium built hundred sixty-five pounder. His body had matured to that of a man.

Danny was now engulfed in his own world of sexual desire as he gave his six foot one inch frame over to Andy. Andy continued gently pulling on Danny's semi-erect penis and playing with his balls. Danny was totally oblivious to his surroundings. Andy's mind was preoccupied with thoughts of devouring the delicious dick just inches away from his drooling lips. Danny knew what was next and was making no attempts to stop the new Crew Chief; he could feel Andy's hot breath knowing it would be only a matter of seconds before Andy would inhale his hot stove pipe. Andy wiped some of the soapy lather he had been using for lube away from Danny's cockhead and kissed it, and then let his tongue begin licking circles around the coronal circumference of the glans. Then he let his tongue play with the frenulum area.

Danny was biting his lip trying not to moan about ready to explode. Andy definitely knew how to suck a dick and was playing this one for all it was worth. Andy reached around with his soapy hand and entered Danny's ass crack. Finding his asshole he began to insert his finger as Danny moaned and groaned. Andy's finger entered Danny's rectum at the same time Andy's mouth engulfed Danny's dick. Danny's hands shot out attempting to push Andy's head away from his dick. Andy had found Danny's button and was going to go for it. Finally he felt Danny's dick stiffen and grow inside his mouth. He began to taste Danny's cum that shooting in to his mouth and began swallowing it.

Andy kept a little of Danny's cum in his mouth rising to meet Danny's mouth whereby the two exchanged tongues and saliva that contained Danny's cum. Andy broke the kiss and asked, "ever tasted you own cum?"

"Yeah, but it's been a while."

"Well, let me tell you that it's some of the sweetest tastin cum I've ever swallowed."

"That was the best ever blow job for me. You definitely know what you're doin. Now let me do you."

"I'll accept your offer," Andy said with a smile.

Danny dropped down in front of Andy and took his dick into his mouth, but before he could get started Andy pushed him away and whispered, "Get up there's someone talkin outside."

Both boys froze, fearful of being caught naked together in the shower. Both men's hearts pounded as they remained quite and still waiting for the voices to trail off. Two of the voices they overheard were familiar to Danny. One was the Company's CO and the other was the First Sergeant's voice. Danny couldn't determine who belonged to the other voices, but both were definitely relieved that no one pulled the curtain covering the shower entrance back to have a look.

"I think it's bout time to get back to the hootch and get dressed before someone else comes snoopin around," Danny said, "but I definitely want to finish what I started before we were interrupted."



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