Warning! The following story is fiction by nature and contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the subject matter herein do not read any further.

Smell of War Scent of Sex

Chapter 2

First Day Duties, Then Some

Both men froze in place, fearful of being caught naked together in the makeshift shower; they could hear their hearts pounding as they remained totally quite and still waiting for the voices to trail off. Two of the voices they overheard were familiar to Danny; one was that of the Commanding Officer, and the other was the voice of the battalion's Command Sergeant Major. Danny couldn't determine who belonged to the other voices, but both men were definitely thankful that no one pulled the temporary curtain covering the shower entrance back to have a look inside.

After the voices disappeared specialists Brown and Carvel entered the rear of the sea hut at Chu Lai Manor in silence; the two were relieved by the fact that they had not been caught in a very compromising situation in the improvised shower behind the hootch. As the men entered the hootch they were met by that noticeable musty smell familiar to hootches in Vietnam, especially after the monsoon season. There was also another fragrance that was new to SP/5 Carvel's nose, the lingering sweet scent of sex. The stale odors of the hootch were smells that the FNG would get used to over time, but that fresh scent of sex would take some getting used to for Danny. If someone were to walk into the hootch Danny was afraid the scent of sex might pose problems for its inhabitants.

Danny ducked into his cubicle as Andrew broke the silence. "Top told me that there was an empty bunk in this hootch."

Danny didn't respond; he just sat there with his head resting in his hands.

Andrew inquired again looking around the area, "So, where's the bunk man."

Danny still didn't reply. He knew where the bunk was, but he didn't know if he was ready for a new bunk-mate, especially this one. The FNG was so damned handsome and sexually alluring that Danny wasn't sure he wanted him sleeping in such close proximity to him. Danny sat on his bunk staring across the room at the empty bunk his eyes becoming cloudy. He tried to focus on the bunk across from him as his eyes began to tear up; a perfectly made up bunk, covered with an OD Army blanket with a small American flag draped at the head, as if awaiting its occupant's return from a mission to sleep in it. The ranking specialist knew that the bunk had to be filled, but he wasn't sure he wanted Andrew to fill that bunk. Danny was very confused at this point in his life, especially after losing his best friend and what had happened earlier in the shower behind the hootch. He knew that he was going to have to answer Andrew's question at some point.

"Yoo-hoo, SP/5 Carvel, is there a bunk available in this hootch or not?" Andrew asked again, his voice becoming irritatingly inpatient at the fact the hootch NCIOC appeared to be ignoring him.

"Yeah sure man. You can take that one over there for the time being," Danny said pointing to the made-up bunk. He motioned for the new guy to enter his cubicle, "bring your gear on in here." The SP/5 got up and retrieved the flag folding it methodically in a triangle and said, "This'll be yours, take care of it."

The enlisted area living quarters weren't the greatest, but a damn sight better than what GIs living out at the Fire Support Bases or in the bush had it. Danny had lived in the bush as well as the rat infested bunkers on the FSBs. Chu Lai Manor like all military living areas was divided: officers in one area and enlisted in another. Of course, officers had better quarters as well as the senior NCOs; however, the enlisted area looked a little like ghettos back home, but definitely better than what grunts had to deal with in the bush. Danny knew that fact firsthand. At times Danny felt ashamed and guilty for living a life of luxury in the relatively secure confines of Chu Lai compound. Danny had slept in the mud and shivered from the night time cold for ten months in the bush; first as a soldier with a line company, and then as a long range reconnaissance team leader with a LRRP unit. He knew what it was like to be alone and cold at night in the bush not know whether he was going to see daylight again. Now, he lived a relatively good life: three hots and a cot.

Most of the hootches at Chu Lai Manor were about the same type of sea huts found throughout Vietnam. They generally housed anywhere from four to eight men each; the hootches were subdivided into smaller living cubicles. Danny's hootch housed four enlisted men. So, now that Top had assigned Andrew to the hootch it was once again full: four Crew Chiefs would occupy the sea hut. The men at the manor were allowed to decorate the cubicles and hootches to their individual tastes as long as it adhered to certain rules and regulations. The degree of comfort and decorations depended upon the occupants own taste as long as it was within the guidelines.

Certain comfort items could be purchased at Chu Lai's Main Post Exchange; other items were procured in the vill outside the main gate on highway #1, some things were sent form home, while other items were often obtained by less than honorable means. Many items were sold to new guys or simply passed down to them when others were killed, wounded, or they left after their tour of duty was over. Danny's cubicle was simple yet well decorated stocked with all the creature comforts Danny could fit into it; yes, he had made his living quarters as close to his bedroom at home as regulations would permit.

"Wow, this is great man. You sure know how to live," Andrew said with a tone of envy as he looked around the small cubicle.

"Yeah, I've tried to make it as homey as possible," Danny said still not wanting to look directly at Andrew.

"And no more floors to polish or windows to wash every day," Andrew said.

Andrew had just finished months of training stateside where garrison living in Army barracks was much more spit and polish than living in bunkers, hootches, and tents in Vietnam. When Danny first arrived in Vietnam he compared it to something out of the old west. He remembered those early western movies he had seen on the Saturday matinees where the living conditions in the southwest were harsh and primitive; one of those primitive towns where gunslingers rode into looking for a hot bath and a shave, a steak and shot of whiskey, and then a whore with which to spend the night. If lucky, the gunman would dismount his horse and walked down the dusty or muddy streets without being called out for a gunfight. Then he would enter a saloon order a whiskey and a cigar while looking around for a whore to go to bed with, or maybe a poker game. Sorry no whores were allowed in the manor, but poker prevailed.

"So, am I your replacement?" Andrew asked as he sat down on his new bed across from Danny.


"Well, I'm someone's replacement."

"You're the replacement for the guy who used to sleep on this bunk," Specialist.

"Okay. Who was he?"

"He was my friend; my best friend," Danny shot back with a biting tone to his voice, "You'll never be his replacement."

"Whew, are we touchy this morning," Andrew said.

"Just remember who you are and where you're at man."

"Okay... So, is the problem you're a SP/5 and I'm a SP/4, and how do we get around the SP/5 and SP/4 rank thing? You know, sharing the same room and all," Andrew asked a little sarcastically.

"Look we're both Specialists and Crew Chiefs; you got your MOS by way of a stateside school I earned mine the hard way," Danny spat back.

"Okay, I just want to find out, you know, about the status of rank and if you're a lifer and all."

"Hey man, it's not about rank, or lifers, or any of that FTA bull-shit around here; it's about getting the job done and getting back here safely each day. As far as I am concerned when we're here in the hootch I am Danny and you're Andrew or Andy. But when we're on duty we're both Crew Chiefs with a job to do. I just happen to be the Senior Crew Chief, but we're on the same team."

"Okay, okay."

For the next few minutes the two men sat in pensive silence on their respective bunks across from each other. Finally, Andrew said to the SP/5 in a somewhat pleading tone, "Hey man, are you pissed at me? I mean are you angry with me for what happened earlier?"

"No, it's not you man and it's not what happened. I mean, you know, I'm just not sure what happened out in the shower. Maybe, I'm just a little confused by it all right now, and now you're gonna be livin with me. And I just lost my best buddy a few days ago..." Danny tried to reply to the new guy without breaking down and crying.

"Hey man, really nothing to be ashamed of, we just kinda helped each other with a mutual problem. But if you don't want me as a roomy I'll find another hootch man," Andrew said somewhat sadly, I mean I'm sorry to hear about you losing your friend."

"No! I mean no, don't go, you don't have to go lookin for another hootch. This one's good."

"Look man we're just gonna have to get used to each other. I know I'm a little quirky, but you'll get used to me," Andrew said with a smile.

Danny looked up returning the smile. Danny's head was still spinning from all that happened in the past hour. He thought to himself, he knew better; they shouldn't have touched each other in the way they had. Danny knew it was one thing to masturbate, but to do it with another guy like that was not what heterosexual males did, especially superiors in the Army. Oh, it was okay when one was a kid; kids did that kind of stuff when they were growing up, experimenting with sex, but that was for children, not soldiers. Danny was totally confused about feeling something special for Andrew: a special sexual attraction.

Sexual attraction or not SP/5 Carvel had a job to do helping get Andrew get ready for his first duty day and said, "You know, Top will probably assign me to train you. We all have a job to do, and we all work together as a team here in the company area as well as in the air," Danny replied as professionally as possible, yet not wanting to sound like a full fledged dick head.

"Whew, well I sure am glad we've got that lifer bull-shit over with and out of the way, huh." Andrew said with a tone of sarcastic humor.

"Yeah, all the lifer bull-shit is history man," Danny said.

"I hope we didn't get off on the wrong foot with what happened earlier..."

Danny interrupted Andrew's sentence and said in a straight forward no nonsense tone, "Look Andrew I really like you, but you've got to do one thing, get rid of that chip on your shoulder and that Fuck The Army attitude. It'll get you killed over here."

Things had not been going well between them since the entered the hootch, so Danny felt he had to get things back on course. He didn't want to create an environment that would be unbearable to live in, and he was going to have to live with Andrew for a while. So, he had to reverse the state of affairs very quickly.

"Look man I'm just back from the world myself like only forty-eight hours now, and the bunk you are sittin on..." Danny's voice trailed off and Andrew could see the tears start to fill his eyes again.

Andrew quietly moved over to Danny's bunk sitting next to him he put his arm around his new roomy trying to comfort him. He sensed something was very wrong and he wasn't going to fuck things up by opening his mouth and say something stupid. He knew instinctively that silence was golden at this juncture. Danny put his head in his hands as he started to tear-up and wept quietly. Andrew rubbed Danny's shoulders and neck trying to comfort him when he heard the front door of the hootch opened with a squeak.

Danny looked up with tears in his eyes and said in a pleading tone, "Go see who the fuck that is and please don't let them come back here right now, okay."

Andrew nodded and gently patted his new roomy on the shoulder as he got up to meet the person entering the hooch.

"Anyone home?" the voice inquired.

"Yeah, Oh it's you First Sergeant," Andrew said as a secret warning to Danny as well as an acknowledgement to First Sergeant Bolling as he stepped out of the cubicle to meet the Top.

"Where's Sergeant Carvel," Top Bolling asked.

"Oh, he's back here on his bunk asleep First Sergeant," Andrew replied.

"Well let's get him up so he can help get you squared away today," Top said.

"I think we better let him rest for a little while First Sergeant," Andrew said blocking the path in the narrow hallway that led to the cubicle, so that Top couldn't get past him.

"Get outa my way boy, so I can throw his lazy ass off his bunk."

"Okay, maybe you're right," Andrew said, "but when I got here he was sick as a dog."

"That boy hasn't been hiself since he got back from the states," Top said with an uncertainty of concern to his voice.

"Tell you what, when he gets up you two come down to the orderly hootch this afternoon. I want to get you checked in and get you over to supply so you can draw the rest of your gear. I also want Sergeant Carvel to make an appointment for you to go on a check ride; then go out to the gunnery range and qualify with the M-60 machine gun, both static and in the air," Top said with a certain command presence.

Andrew and Top walked towards the front commons area of the hootch exiting the hootch together whereby Top offered Andrew a cigarette as they stood in front of the hootch. "Nope, don't smoke em, thanks anyway," Andrew said.

"You're better off not smokin. Damn nasty habit, tobacco; cigarettes and coffee are my main vices, boy," Top said with a smile and then with a frown he said, "by the way boy you don't smoke any of the funny stuff do ya?"

"Hell no!" Andrew lied to the Top, "so, what's SP/5 Carvel's problem First Sergeant?" Andrew questioned hoping the senior NCO would shed some light on Danny moodiness.

"He didn't tell you yet," Top said as he exhaled a lung full of smoke from his freshly lit cigarette.

"No, we were just getting to know each other when he got sick," Andrew said, knowing full well that Danny was not sick, but definitely distressed about something.

"He'll tell you when the time's right. Did he let you move into his cubicle?" Top quizzed, looking at Andrew.

"Yeah, finally. What the Hell was that all about?" Andrew questioned the senior NCO.

"In time Specialist," came the older man's reply, "in time boy." The older GI replied patting the younger GI on the shoulder as he turned leaving the young specialist standing in front of his new home away from home.

"You guys make sure you see me after noon chow is over, meet me in the orderly house," Top said in a commanding tone walking down the path. A walkway made up of metal bomb pallets towards his orderly hut.

Andrew turned stepping up the steps opening the door with a squeak as he reentered his new home away from home. He walked down the narrow hallway to the last cubicle on the right and said to his new roommate, "Hey Danny it's me." As he entered the little room he saw that Danny was getting dressed. Andrew looked in awe at the patches and skill badges that were sewn onto Danny's OD green jungle fatigues as well as the combat patch on his right shoulder; it wasn't the patch of the Americal. Andrew knew what a couple of the skill badges were, but the others were new to him. He didn't have anything on his fatigues yet except a name tag and US ARMY.

"The First Sergeant wants to see us after noon chow," Andrew told his new roomy.

"Yeah I know. I heard you guys talking. Now, let's unpack your gear; lay all your jungle fatigues and Kakis on your bunk. You can put your underwear, socks, and personal stuff in the footlocker and your extra pair of boots on top of the box. When we get back from chow the fatigues will be pressed and all the sewing done; everything will all be hung up and put in its place," Danny said.

"That's a neat lookin cover you've got on your bunk, how do I get one?" Andrew asked.

"Just do a year in the bush and you'll get one," Danny said.

"No, really," Andrew replied.

"Yeah, really," Danny said, "that's how I got mine."

"But I'll see if maybe I can get you one, okay. They're not that plentifully and the grunts in the bush get priority."

Andrew reached out and drew Danny into a hug and said, "Thanks for everything man. I love you man."

Danny was somewhat shocked by the hug from another guy and what was he thanking him for, but found that he didn't want to push Andrew away. The two young men stood there embracing each other which gave Danny a warm feeling inside that he hadn't experienced in years. He felt so caught up in the moment of being held by Andrew that he didn't want to release him. Andrew's left hand circled Danny's neck bringing his face closer, their lips met and Andrew tenderly kissed Danny on the mouth. Surprisingly, Danny didn't pull away again, but stood there and let Andrew kiss him on his mouth.

Andrew wished he knew what to do, what was going on inside the head of his new roommate. He didn't know why he was being so forward, thereby jeopardizing this newfound relationship with Danny. Just then he felt Danny's tongue slip between his lips. He let Danny's tongue in to explore his mouth and could feel that both of them were becoming sexually aroused again. As they continued to caress and kiss each other they began grinding their fully aroused bodies together. Andrew whispered into Danny's ear, "You know what happened the last time we did this."

"Yeah, and I still owe you something from the last time."

"Don't worry about that; it can wait till tonight," Andrew said breaking the embrace.

Danny reached down unbuckling Andrew's belt and unbuttoning the fly on the front of his fatigues. The fatigue trousers fell to the floor as Danny's hand reached inside Andrew's Army issue boxers. Danny pushed Andrew's boxers down and pushed him back on the bunk kneeling between his legs taking Andrew's sleek looking seven inch schlong into his mouth. As he continued sucking on the beauty he could hear Andrew moaning with pleasure.

"You want me to tell you when I'm ready to cum?" Andrew whispered.

Danny didn't respond he just kept on bobbing up and down on Andrew's fabulous fuck stick. He could feel it growing and sensed that Andrew was about ready to cum. Danny prepared for the powerful ejaculation he was expecting and began swallowing the sweet nectar as each bullet of spooge shot into his mouth. He continued sucking his new roommate dry licking up every drop of his man juice. Finally, too sensitive to let Danny continue Andrew reached down gently pushing his head away from his crotch.

"How was that?" Danny asked looking up at Andrew.

"Great! Just fuckin great!" Andrew exclaimed breathlessly.

"See, you don't even have to go take a shower or wash up. I cleaned every last drop up," Danny said smiling.

The two men stood up looking at each other they kissed again, a long passionate kiss. Andrew thought to himself that Danny had a hard look to his face when they met a couple of hours earlier, but now his face radiated with rejuvenation. He hoped that he had found a friend and possibly sex partner for his tour of duty in Vietnam. But most of all, he hoped that they might grow to become soul mates. He really liked this hunk he was holding and kissing.

As the two stood together Andrew said, "please baby don't ever leave me and don't do anything foolish that will get you hurt or killed."

"The same for you," Danny whispered to Andrew, "now, let's finish unpackin your shit and get you squared away for the day."

"Yeah, we got things to do this afternoon. And if we don't show up at the orderly house Top will be back here looking for us," Andrew said with a smile.

"We wouldn't want Top to see us like this, would we?" Danny said with a smile and a chuckle.

"Yeah, I agree."

"Maybe we can continue this tonight. I know a neat place down by the beach where we can listen to the surf and watch the submarine races," Danny said.

"I'd like that." Andrew replied.

"Come on, let's go get some chow man, and I'll tell ya all about the history of the 114th Combat Aviation Battalion and 11th Assault Helicopter Company," Danny said putting on his aviator sunglasses and baseball cap while gently pushing Andrew towards the front door of the hootch.

"The CAB is one of the oldest aviation battalions in Vietnam; it arrived in 1964 before the big build up of US troops. And our Company has a great story behind it," Danny said as the two walked down the pallet paved walkway towards the mess hall.

"I heard its one bad ass outfit."

"Yep, the company's authorized twenty-three "Delta" model "slicks" and eight "Charlie" model hogs. Ten slicks per lift platoon and eight hogs assigned to the weapons platoon."

"I thought that the Tables called for twenty-three UH-1D Huey helicopters per company," Andrew asked.

"I've never seen this company or any other unit in Vietnam structured in accordance with TO& E," Danny replied, "seems we're always waitin on replacement birds. Of course, the CO has to have his own personal Command and Control ship. Oh, and Maintenance Platoon has its own aircraft. So, in actuality each lift platoon usually makes do with six sometimes eight aircraft flying on any day, and Weapons Platoon puts five maybe six hogs in the air a day."

"Wow, a little short on aircraft, huh?"

"In Nam we're a little short on everything man," Danny replied, "here's the mess hall."

Chu Lai Manor was just a smaller area on the south beach of the sprawling Chu Lai military base. Chu Lai Manor was dotted with permanent and semi-permanent structures as well as flight lines for helicopters to land and take off; it was also the place that SP/5 Carvel had called home for over a year, and Specialist Brown would now call home for his yearlong tour of duty.

Chu Lai, the second largest military base operating in the I Corps Tactical Zone was major Naval logistics base and home to Army, Marine, Navy, and Seabees units. The sprawling military complex nestled along the coast of the South China Sea covered an area about as big as a mid-sized city; it was located halfway between The DMZ and Cam Rahn Bay; highway #1, the major north south highway served as its western boundary. One of the primary missions of the helicopter units at Chu Lau Manor was to support combat operations for the 23rd Infantry Division or Americal Division as it was called as well as other combat units operating in the I Corps Tactical Zone.

SP/5 Carvel's particular Combat Aviation Battalion had moved north to Chu Lai in September 1967 as part of Task Force OREGON, and officially became part of the group in January 1968. SP/5 Danny Carvel had been assigned to the CAB after being discharged from the Army hospital in Japan in January 1968. His new assignment was as a door gunner with an Assault Helicopter Company that provided direct and general aviation support for the Americal. For a year the specialist had done an exemplary job; first as a Door Gunner, and then as a Crew Chief on a Huey Helicopter. Now it was time to train another FNG for, hopefully, his year tour of duty in Vietnam.

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