Jack Scribe

Warning:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is entirely fictional, and any resemblances to actual persons are completely coincidental.

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Life was pretty neat growing up in St. Paul. Although the Minnesota winters could be brutal, my friends and I craved the sledding and snowball fights on the slopes of the closed municipal golf course near by my home. My birth certificate says, 'David Karl Swenson,' but I've been known as Dave for as long as I can remember. Also as long as I can remember, I've secretly been attracted to guys my age.

My neighborhood pal, Russell, and I had been friends since kindergarten. As the years passed, our close friendship blossomed in a progression of the usual adolescent steps. I was an only child; Russ was my best friend and unofficial brother. We were inseparable.

Around 11 years of age we were up in my room and I innocently asked him how long his weenie got when it was stiff.

"Gee, Dave, I've never measured it. Have you?"

"Yah," I spoke out, grabbing a measuring tape from by bedside drawer. "Wanna compare?"

He sheepishly smiled and said, "The number of times we've been together with nothing on, why not."

With that I pulled down my gym shorts and briefs. My dick was already hard. I stood there as Russell pulled his sweat pants and jock down also. We were both at attention.

"You want me to do the measuring?" I said, staring in anticipation.

Russell considered the offer. "OK. But no 'Roman' hands, buddy," he countered with a weak smile. "But I get to measure you."

As I remember, I beat him by a 1/2 inch. At that age who's counting? And we played it pretty straight. About a year later, we talked about jacking off together. For a while we jacked while looking at old issues of Playboy his older brother had squirreled away. Then, six months later, I suggested that it would be fun to jack each other off. I always initiated the escalation; Russell always reluctantly followed. I experienced the love; Russ loved the experience.
When we were 14 and in full pubescent exploration, we stepped over the line from mutual J.O. buddies to suck buddies. One afternoon at his place, we had returned from playing scratch basketball in the park. Russ wanted to shower and stripped down with me looking on. As he walked to his bathroom, it took me a nano-second to strip also.

Before he saw me and had time to react, I entered the shower stall and gave him a big bear hug and started tickling him with my free fingers.

"Hey, Dude, whazzup?" Russ said, somewhat startled but giggling at the same time.

"I though you could use a little help with the shower. And, I kinda stink too." I grabbed the soap and started washing his backside. "Part of my free service is little massage." Freeing my hands of the bar of soap, I dug in deep with my thumbs and fingers around his muscular shoulders and back.

"Well, as long as it's free, have at it."

I soaped more of his body and resumed the same technique on his lower back and buns. I avoided his ass crack and regions adjacent.

In a low voice, he uttered, "Dave, why haven't we done this before?" He leaned back against me slightly.

"Put up your arms," I ordered. As he lifted them I washed his pits and brought my soapy hands around to his chest and firm tummy. I'm sure he felt my hard cock pressing against his bottom.

"Oh Fuck," he uttered as I lowered my hands to his pubes. My fingers dug in with a rotating motion. I then grabbed his equally hard cock and started slowly stroking as I massaged his balls with the other.

As I placed my hands back on his waist, I asked him, "Turn around." When he rotated 180 degrees, I looked down into his eyes and said "Do you trust me?'

"You know I do." With that, I slowly lowered myself to a squatting position and began to massage his dick again. He was staring at me with a wondering eye when I looked up.

"I've wanted to try this for some time," I exclaimed. With that, I allowed my tongue to lightly lick his dick head and the pre-cum that was drooling out of his hole. Russ didn't resist when I swirled my tongue around. With that, I slowly took his dick in my mouth and started stroking.

"Dave, where the fuck did you learn this?" he said in a dreamy fashion. "This is hot."

I withdrew my mouth long enough to ask, "Not in Reader's Digest. You like this, guy?" Russ grinned and nodded affirmatively.

Returning to his rod, I sped up the motions and had him screaming a stream of profanities as he shot. I withdrew just in time for the stream of cum hit the shower wall. I thought that this was not the time to eat his seed. But, soon.

I slowly got up and gave him a big brotherly hug. We slowly washed each other and got out to dry off. Russ would not reciprocate with an oral treat until a week later.

We continued our secret journey in advanced sexual adventures through the next two years. In the shower, one on one, and the glorious 69. In those two years, Russ was always more reserved about performing oral sex. Although I always took his load, he always insisted that I withdraw from his mouth when I was ready to cum.

"Dave," he said early in our sexual escalation, "I love you like a brother. But, that's where it stops. What we do is great," he added, "but you are the only person that I will ever do this with." We were both naked up in his room lying on the bed. I had just taken care of him.

"Umm, you mean that you don't want to mess around anymore?" I countered with a concerned expression, as I looked into his warm eyes.

"Hell no," He snorted. "I just think that you want to take this friendship to a different level where I can't go." Russ then tweaked my nipple. He smiled as said, "But getting our rocks off together is something that I'll never give up."

With that, he slid down to my crotch and slowly licked my cock until it was hard and slick with his saliva. That afternoon, he insisted that he take my cum in his mouth.

The joys of anal conquest between two horny teens didn't occur until our 16th year. We had teased ourselves about "drilling" each other. However, we were both too shy to take the next step other than mutual digital probing using saliva to ease past the rose bud. Two years of intense J.O. sessions and serious sucking were fine with me.

However, one day, Russ had a small sack that contained a jar of KY Jelly and a package of Trojan condoms.

We were at his house that afternoon after school. For years, his parents both worked and didn't get home until after 6pm. As far as my folks were concerned, we were just studying together. When we moved up to his room, Russ pulled out his sack of "goodies" and gave me the rundown of what he'd like to do.

"I'm ready to explore your body in a different way," he started. "We've both seen videos of two men doing it. If you're in to it, Dave, I'd like to feel myself inside you."

Well, there it was.  'Yikes, he really wants me to fuck me,' I thought. No gray areas.

At this point, I was very curious about being a "bottom." Russ wanted to satisfy his curiosity about fucking another person." At this point, we were both virgins, although we both dated some pretty hot girls. "I really want to experience this with you, Dave," he spoke in a low lustful manner. "I'll be gentle as I know how. This is something that we both want to enjoy."

I didn't have to be convinced.

Russ had a pretty normal six-inch cock when he was hard, and I knew I could take it with some manual foreplay and stretching. I had sprouted to just a spade under six feet tall and possessed a lanky swimmer's build due to my many hours training for this competitive team sport. I was anchor on our relay team, swimming breaststroke. Russ, on the other hand, had leveled off at 5' 8" and was buffed out with his gymnast build. He was co-team Captain of St. Paul High's Gymnastic Team. On his manicured frame, with just 8% body fat, that six inches looked fantastic.

In video fantasy time, nothing is real. Fortunately, Russ knew that lots of lubrication and slowly stretching of the pucker was the key to mutual satisfaction.

That afternoon, I settled down on the bed with just the sheets covering the mattress and Russ joined me as he scooted up between my legs. He applied generous amounts of lube to his left hand and fingers. I looked down as he was rolling my balls in his right hand while he was slowly jacking me with his left. "Buddy, take it easy," I almost whispered, "This hole you're goin' to fuck has got to last me a long time."

Continuing to slowly massage my family jewels, he moved his left hand lower as his thumb sought out my pucker. Slowly the thumb moved in and began a very erotic exploration as it slowly massaged the initial passage. "Dave, trust me. My dick has got to last me a long time. As long as our friendship...forever," Russ replied, as he intently replaced the thumb with his F.U. finger.

Slowly, he added the second and third fingers, stretching my sphincter muscles to achieve an entry with his condom-sheathed woodie. I wanted to say 'I love you,' to my lifelong friend. But I knew he didn't want to hear that. "I trust you...now fuck my brains out," I ordered with an aggressiveness that I didn't realize I possessed.

Thank you, God, that Russell had my welfare at heart. He would never hurt me. Neither of us would experience the joys of rimming. That would come later for me. But, he did prep me well with probing of his fingers. It was at that point I discovered the "P" zone! Russ had done his homework. He made every effort to hit my prostate.

"Buddy, I'm ready," I sighed. Slowly I placed a pillow under my butt and pulled my legs up until my knees were almost touching my ears. Yeah, I had done my homework. Russ leaned over me with his elbows supporting his weight. He aimed his sex missile at my hole and I helped guide it in. He slowly nudged until his sheathed dick head entered.

Russ used the Roman military philosophy: Take two steps forward and only one step back. He slowly advanced until I felt his pubes against my bottom. With some effort, I was able to suppress my initial pain.

I looked intently into his eyes. "I'm ready. Do it."  As Russ sped up his strokes I melted to pure pleasure with an intensity I had not experienced. Our orgasms were not timed together that first day. That would also come later.

"I feel it coming," Russ yelled at my ear.

"Let it go. Rip this mother fuckin' cocksucker in two, you fuckin' sonofabitch! Drill me."

With that, I tensed my body and sphincter and started shooting cum all over myself. Rockets, and my 4th of July birthday all in one. And, the most incredible sexual feeling I had yet encountered. As I started to relax, I felt this fuck machine still pumping me. This was now pretend time. I kinda figured out what was meant by "faking it" at that moment. I wouldn't do that again.

"Oh, Shit, Dave." That's all he said. With that, I could feel the condom filling inside me. After a few post-orgasm slow strokes, Russ gently lowered himself on me and we rolled to one side, his deflating dick still in me. We hugged together until he slipped out of me.

This scenario would repeat itself for the rest of our junior year.

At 17, I sported a thick 8-inch cock that started with a mushroom head and thickened as you ventured down to the base. This was serious meat! I knew Russ couldn't take it easily. We both knew that my hard dick would take a lot of adjustment. But, I wanted to experience being the "fucker," not the "fuckee." By the springtime of our senior year, I finally got him convinced that he could take my big hog up his ass. I was aware of the importance of working the fingers up the anus to prep for penetration. Gads, such medical terms for such a beautiful act of man love. But, certainly necessary if the receiver could successfully take the aggressing cock.

On that special afternoon in his room, I claimed Russell's virginity.

He knew I wouldn't hurt him. I was not about to be forceful. After being fucked with his six-inches over the past year, I was aware of the pain involved initially and the euphoria that followed. Using that period in the afternoon before his folks returned from work, we went up to his bedroom.

Russ spread a large bath towel on his bed. As we looked at each other, Russ and I started to remove one piece of clothing at a time. By the time we both got down to our briefs, we both were hard as a rock and leaking pre-cum. Dark moist spots appeared at the tip of our hard dicks partially camouflaged behind the white cotton.

We simultaneously grabbed the elastic at the top of the briefs and lowered that last line of defense. We both shook our legs to free of the CK tighty whities we wore, stepped out of them, and kicked them aside.

I bent down and whispered, "Russ, I want to take you where you've taken me this past year. Trust me with all your heart that I won't hurt you." We joined in a firm, manly embrace. We looked into each other's eyes and focused on the deep meaning of the past 12 years we had spent together with this incredible relationship; friendship for him, much more for me.

I gently turned him and pushed him down on his bed. This bed had many memories for both of us. Reaching over to his bedside table, I found the bottle of lube. I up-capped it and applied a generous amount on my fingers. While I traced my tongue down his upper body, my first fuck finger began to probe his rosebud after massaging his balls and perineum below. I was purposely avoiding his throbbing hard veined cock. Russ was quietly moaning with a glazed-over smile.

As I brought my mouth to his nipples and lightly teased them with my teeth, I slowly inserted a second finger up his anus and slowly rotated both of them. Russ sucked up a little air and automatically tightened his sphincter muscles. Further finger fucking relaxed him. "Oh fuck, Dave. This is incredible."  

I replied, "The worst and the best is yet to come." With that I brought my tongue down, traveling down his incredible 8-pack and nuzzled my nose in his dense patch of pubic hair. At the same time, I inserted a third finger that caused Russ to gasp. I'm sure that if I looked, I would see a grimace in his expression. By now, I was in to my second knuckles. Touching his soft, hot, velvety interior with my three fingers was a new sensual experience for me.

At this point, I grabbed the Magnum condom and tore the package with my teeth. No small feat while still massaging a fuck hole. With my dick drooling pre-cum in copious amounts, I had no problem rolling down the condom to the base.

I returned to his groin and started tonguing his arrow-shaped dick head, lapping up the secretions. As I looked up at his face catching a nervous expression with his eyes watching me, I gently guided his legs, one at a time up, hooking them over my shoulders. The legs in place, I kissed Russ's nut sack as I pulled away my invading fingers and replaced them with my condom-encased cock that I slicked with a generous amount of lube and his pre-cum.

As he became accustomed to my length and girth, I teased him with incredibly slow, long dick action. I purposely hit his 'nut' with every other entry, and Russ moaned in ecstasy as we timed our climax. He was pleased that he was able to release his load without touching his cock. As I shot my load up his ass in the condom, Russ clamped his sphincter around my hot cannon, signaling that he was cumming. The shot that was heard around the world...well, almost. I counted six volleys of love juice that cascaded from his hard cock. The first hit Russ right in the eye, followed by tracks that progressed from his head to his chest to his groin area. I had tenderly fucked his brains out.

Afterwards, we lay side by side, my semi-soft dick now out of his body and free of the used condom. Sweat was dripping from each of our bodies. I knew that we had achieved the ultimate bonding experience between two males. This must have been what it had been like in the ancient Greek cultures with brother warriors. "Dave, thank you for this moment. You're the only person that I would want to take me. Whatever our future takes us, we are friends for life," spoke Russ very quietly as he turned his head to mine and looked deeply into my eyes.

This was Russ's and my little secret. Russ and I never kissed or shared "the seed" mouth to mouth. In Russ's mind, he was my straight fuck buddy with an incredible friendship and a love for each other that allowed us to explore our intimate raging horniness as active teens. We continued to date the "A" list girls in high school but neither of us had any steadies.

While Russ suspected that I was gay, we never discussed it. I knew that my crush on my straight buddy would never take mutual flight. I would have loved to smother him with kisses and cuddle after our spent bodies relaxed, but I knew this was not to be. So, I masked my feelings.  

As far as my classmates were concerned, we were just life long buddies who excelled in our sports and studies. While a swimmer wasn't exactly considered a jock at our school, like the football players, we were respected for our athletic ability. I suspect that the swim team was also respected for the way we appeared in our competition Speedos - by the gals and by some of the guys. I knew that Russ's gymnast performances had the same effect.

My decision to come out to my parents happened in my last year of high school. We had always been honest with each other. There was no chance that I was ever going to be the straight son that married, had 2 1/2 kids and settled in suburban America. Once I was determined to "come out" to my parents, "come Hell or high water," I set a plan into action. My plan was to bring up the subject while we had a late breakfast/lunch on Sunday.

On that eventful morning, I was very nervous. Mom had made sausages and pancakes with 100% maple syrup. She knew that I hated that Aunt Jemima crap.

After Mom called us to the breakfast table, I volunteered that there was an important issue that we needed to discuss. Christ, was I happy that we always had an open forum to talk about personal issues. Although nominal Republicans, Mom and Dad were very liberal in their social outlook on life. What terrific parents. I nervously started the conversation by thanking them for being such great parents.

"Mom and Dad," I began, "I don't think that anyone I know has such great, understanding parents. Both of you have been an inspiration to me. I don't know many of my classmates who have parents with your patience and wise counseling."

"Dave," you've given us everything parents dream of," Mom sweetly stated. "Your positive participation in our small family, outstanding scholarship at school, the swimming, and your excellent choice in friends; we are proud of you and love you very much."

Looking at both of them in a very solemn expression, I continued, "What I'm about to tell you may change our relationship. I'm prepared for you to hate me for being a disappointment to you."

Mom and Dad both looked puzzled. They seemed concerned when I started to tear up.

Dad said, "I take it you didn't rob a bank or rape the Mother Superior at St. Mary's?" he tossed out with a small chuckle.

"Don't be so flippant. Dave is trying to tell us something that's been on his mind for a long time, I'm sure," Mom retorted. Mothers always know.

"Son, I'm sorry. What's on your mind?" Dad injected.

The long and the short of it...I told my parents that I was very sure I was attracted sexually to men...exclusively. I burst into fulltime cry mode when I told Mom and Dad that I really wanted to get serious with one of the girls that I had been dating. I continued, "But I couldn't lie to the girl or you. My heart belongs to a guy."  

When Dad asked if I was seriously involved with another boy, I told a semi-white lie. I didn't want to get Russ involved. "Dad, I've had only had one affair. Enough, however to make me realize that I am attracted to men. When there is a girl involved, there isn't even a blip of sexual interest on the radar screen."

Mom and Dad, after a brief consultation with each other in some sort of facial expressions and eyebrow squiggles, told me that whatever I decided was fine with them.

"Honey, when the right man comes along for you," Mom said, "Please bring him home so we can meet the person of your dreams."

I didn't reply that the man of my dreams lived four doors away. 'He'll never know it, nor will my parents,' I thought.

They concluded by saying that I should always proceed "safely" when sex was involved. What great parents!