Jack Scribe

Warning:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is entirely fictional, and any resemblances to actual persons are completely coincidental.

Special acknowledgements to Brad from Denver for providing diligent proofing and editing of the story, and to Carey for being a patient teacher.

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Shortly after arriving at NAS Memphis, I was at the Backstreet Bar in midtown on a hot, sultry mid-week Wednesday night checking out the gay action at one of most popular bars in the Bluff City. I was aware that heads turned when I walked walk into any gay bar. My New York modeling experience had taught me how to walk with a natural but provocative attitude without appearing smug or unapproachable. Tonight was no exception.

Looking around, my eyes zeroed in on the profile of a guy at the bar dressed in a tight white wife-beater and jeans. Upon closer inspection, the guy, probably in his early 20's, had broad shoulders, great biceps, with dark features and black hair. As he swiveled his body and looked at me approaching the bar our eyes locked in for a brief moment.

"Can I have a Bud Light?" Brent asked the bartender. 'This is a good sight,' I thought. 'A fucking gorgeous stud to my right and a cute bartender in tight gym shorts, shirtless, with a piercing through his right nipple.' The bartender placed a frosty beer in front of me and I gave him four bucks. "Keep the change."

Turning to this stud beside me, I hoisted the bottle, acknowledged him and took a long pull. "Hi." I said and nodded.

"Hey, yourself," was the reply as he brought his glass with ice and a clear liquid to my bottle for a toast. We both took a sip. "You new here? I don't think I've seen you before."

"Brand new. Just moved here last week."

"Where from?"

"New York, with a stopover at school." I didn't want to mention being in the military. "I'm Brent, by the way," extending my hand with a smile a mile wide on my face.

Grabbing the hand and firmly squeezing and shaking, he said, "I've got too long a name my Italian parents gave me. I go by Doug."  He smiled back and released the extended hand. "Welcome to Memphis."

"Where are you from, Doug," I asked as I sat down on the barstool. Our shoulders almost touched. That was fine with me. I could feel the heat.

"Originally, L.A. Went to school out there before coming out here."

"What do you do for work?" 'Might as well get the obligatory questions out of the way,' I thought as I picked up a light musky cologne fragrance that blended with natural sweat emitting from Doug.

"I, ah, am in recreation management. Gyms, golf clubs...things like that. How about you?"

"Office administration." There was no way I was going to say I was a clerk in the Admiral's office at the base. "So, most of my nights are free."

The sounds and pulsing disco lights of this busy bar faded into the background as we continued the usual first encounter dialogue for the next half hour. School, family, sports interests, movies, etc. We both said that we were negative. I ordered another beer and Doug ordered a club soda. Our eyes seldom left contact with each other.

"For the record my full name is Brent Williams. What's yours?" I felt we had reached the next plateau in this sharing of information.

"Officially, I'm Francis Douglas Dominic Di Marco. So, Doug Di Marco is just fine," he said smiling. "Brent, what say we get out of here? I've got a small apartment not too far from here. OK?

"I thought you'd never ask." I finished the beer, looked at him and slowly turned on a grin. I hope that I sent a message that I was ready, willing and able.

There were several disappointed glances as we left the bar. We had both parked in the same darkened parking lot. Doug stopped by his car, leaned over and pulled me into him. He gently kissed me briefly. "Just follow me. It's only about a mile away."

I returned the kiss and said, "I like the sample, Doug. I hope there will be more where that's coming from?"

"Believe it." With that he went over to his car and got in. I retrieved my wheels just down the row of cars, eased out of my parking space, and proceeded to follow Doug home.

There was plenty of street parking. Once inside his two bedroom, first story garden apartment, Doug turned on one very low-wattage, indirect light illuminating a sculpture. The lighting was just enough for me to make out the general layout of this nicely furnished living room and dining area. He turned and pulled me into his arms. This time, the kiss was aggressive and bold. I opened my mouth to receive his tongue. He explored my lips, mouth and tongue while pressing us close together. I reciprocated.

Releasing me, he grabbed y hand and led me back to the hallway and his bedroom. As he flicked a switch, a light over a framed oil painting of a hunting scene came on, creating the same soft illumination as before. Standing in front of me, he slowly started lifting my black pocket tee. I raised my arms so that the tee could be removed.

Looking at me before casting aside the tee, he said, "Babe, you are absolutely beautiful. I want to explore every inch of your body."

"Only if I can do the same with you." I used the palms of my hands to rub his body as I pushed the wife beater up, stopping for a moment to allow my thumbs to rub his hard nipples. He raised his arms for me. After removing the skimpy sweat-moistened garment, I held one arm up to allow me to lean in and move my face into his armpit. I drank in the earlier musky odor at its origin and quietly licked his hairy pit. I brought up the other arm and proceeded to duplicate the process.

"Find anything you like?" he asked with a low chuckle.

"Oh, we're just beginning," I leaned down and licked each nipple, twirling each with my tongue.

Pulling my head up to meet his eyes, Doug said " Let's get rid of the rest of our clothing." After taking off our shoes and socks, we each removed our pants. He, his form-fitting 501's; me, basic Gap black jeans. I noticed that he was commando.

I pulled down my pre-cum stained Polo low-rise briefs and kicked them aside. We embraced and, while kissing, allowed our hands to explore each other's crotch area. As I felt his well-trimmed pubic area and hairless balls, I pulled by head back and commented, "You've got yourself well-groomed everywhere?"

"Yah, everywhere. Never know when a boy's got to show it all."

"Very professional."

He touched my full bush while stroking my cock. "Maybe later I can give you a little haircut and shave?" he suggested slyly.

"As long as I can look presentable at the gym," I replied. Being at the foot of the bed, I nudged Doug backwards, holding him by his waist as he fell back. I felt the muscular abs react to my interaction. He scooted further up the bed with his elbows, allowing me space to crawl between his well formed, tanned legs. His muscular thighs were lighter in color, sans exposure to the sun, I noticed as I arrived at his crotch. 'He must play golf or tennis,' I observed. Gripping his shaved ball sac, I lowered my mouth over his hard love muscle. It was hot to my mouth as I lowered my head slowly. 'We're about the same size,' I felt and observed.

"Babe, I'm sure you always look more than presentable. Oh fuck, this feels incredible. Lick my nuts!"

"Your wish, stud, is..." I didn't finish the sentence after I lifted myself from his hard dick and moved lower to tongue-bathe his scrotum. Taking one of his heavy balls in my mouth, I rotated it with my tongue. When I replaced one ball with the other, I ran my left hand up his flat stomach and started massaging his pecs.

"Urrrg," uttered Doug. I brought my hand back down to his cock. Releasing his balls, I started rubbing his perineum with my fingers as they found their way to his fuck chute. I slowly circled it with my fingers, rubbing across the wrinkly surface.

"I want to go in there," I lustfully said in a low voice. My finger was tracing the entrance.

"Put everything you got in there, beautiful." Doug slowly reached to his bedside drawer and got a bottle of Wet and a condom pack. He placed them on the side of the bed within easy reach of me.

I eased up and grabbed the Wet. Opening the cap, I poured a liberal amount of lube on my fingers and then a few drops on my cock, which was standing at full attention. I coated his erection and then took the condom package in my hand and opened it with my teeth. With one motion, tossing away the torn package, I secured the condom and brought it down to roll over my throbbing projectile. After lubing the condom, my other lubed hand moved back to the prize under Doug's smooth balls.

Doug was impressed with these skilled movements. "You've haven't wasted a motion."

"I'm not going to waste anything on you, stud."

"You can waste everything you've got." Doug smiled and winked.

"I'll be gentle until you get used to me. Be ready for the ride of your life," I said without cockiness as looked into my partner's eyes. Then I eased the first finger into the ready and willing anus. It felt like a lifetime, but in about 10 minutes, three fingers found their way up to the second knuckles, occasionally grazing over the nut.

Doug stirred with pleasure and uttered, "Ahhh. Bingo!"

After rotating and stretching a hole that had seen some action, I whispered, "You ready?" The acknowledgement came with Doug moving up the fingers in a slight fucking motion. He then placed his legs around my waist. Slowly, I removed the fingers and placed the knob of my sheathed hard cock at the back door. Exerting slight pressure, I pushed in and rested slightly as the dick head entered beyond the sphincter.

Doug looked into his invader's eyes and smiled. "Fuck me, champ." Perspiration was moistening both bodies. There was a gladiator's shiny image of both men ready for combat as the soft lighting from the painting subtly illuminated the scene.

As he relaxed, I slowly brought my dick into the hot innards and explored the feel of the internal sensations. Once hitting the bottom, my full-blossomed pubes caressing his butt, I started a slow deep-dicking, fishing around to hit his prostrate.

"Ohhh, yes! Give it to me, cock sucker!" Doug yelled. "Slam me, fuck me, use me, Bastard!

This encouraged me to speed up his attack, creating a slapping sound as our bodies hit each other in sync. Slamming away, I could feel his butt ring tighten around my piston.

"You fucking asshole...plug me!"

"Like that, Doug baby?"  His dirty talking was turning me on. I'm usually very quiet when 'doing the deed.' Knowing we were both ready to explode, I continued the motion. Doug's arms were spread eagle. I knew that his hard cock was ready to erupt without any touch.

"Urrgh, mother fucker. It's...ohhh..."

"I'm cumming, fucker!" I barked taking one final plunge in the hole, before going to short strokes. Doug's ass was milking everything that I could to give. Just behind my orgasmic explosion, Doug's swollen cock shot a white rope of cum that hit his chin, throat, and chest. Smaller amounts surrounded his belly button, dripping off to the side.

"Urhhh, shit," groaned Doug. Our fucking motions slowly ground to a halt.

Exhausted, I gently lay down over this conquered body, sharing my sweat with the puddles of cum. I licked some of Doug's spent seed off his chin and gently brought my lips down for the touchdown kiss. His mouth opened to share the wet reward. I then adjusted myself to withdraw from Doug. Removing and placing the spent condom on the deck carefully, I straddled Doug's leg with my body and eased up to snuggle my head up next to the darker man's chest and armpit. We both lay motionless.

Looking over at me, he started stroking my back and shoulders. "Brent, that was incredible. No one has given me this much pleasure for a long time."

"It isn't too difficult when I'm with such a hot male specimen." I tilted Doug's head up to look up into his eyes and smiled. "I was surprised that you would bottom so willingly. You look like you are usually the aggressor?"

"Well, let's say that this was a test."

"Test?" I looked puzzled. Bringing up a radiant smile, I asked,  "Did I pass?"

"On so many levels. Let's get a fast shower. I've got to clean up this mess. Have an early day tomorrow. I'd ask you to stay, but I have the alarm set for 6 a.m."

"We must be on the same schedule. I've got to be dressed and at work by 7:30. If you can handle a warm body next to yours, I'd love to snuggle for the rest of the night. I think we both got off enough for one night. OK?"

"Deal. You start the shower," he motioned to the door off the bedroom. "I'll change the sheets and join you."

I took my used rubber and walked to the head. I relieved myself, tossed the evidence in, and flushed. Reaching around, I opened the door to the small shower stall and turned on the water, adjusting the temperature. Stepping in and closing the door, I started soaping all over and rapidly rinsing. As much as I would like to, this stall could not handle two well-developed 6' men, especially if we were hard.

"I guess you're thinking the same thing as me," Doug said as he approached the shower door. We couldn't squeeze in there, unfortunately. Our eyes met over the top of the door.

"Yah. I'm finished. Let me get out of here and I'll keep the water running for you."

"Great."  Doug swung the door open and stepped aside to allow us to switch positions. He grabbed my dick and playfully yanked as we passed."

"Bastard," I said in an upbeat manner. I dried myself while Doug started his shower.

"I got a good work-out down there, buddy."  Doug paid particular attention to his well-used rear. Moments later, Doug joined me to dry off. Leaning in, dry and butt-naked, we gently touched lips together for a final kiss.

"You plan on giving me the same?" I asked, knowing the answer.

"Fuckin' A. But not tonight." Walking to the bed and the fresh linen, Doug said," If you don't mind, I always sleep on the right side by the clock radio." Not having any opposition, he eased himself into bed.

"I'm pretty flexible in more ways than one," I retorted with a laugh that was not lost on Doug. I got into bed, covered us with a sheet only, and pulled up to Doug's backside and proceeded to spoon this hot-blooded guy.

"We'll talk over coffee in the morning. Night babe. You're great." Doug said before he rapidly drifted off to sleep. I felt his body snuggled up to my back, a dick up against my ass crack, and an arm with dark hair wrapped around my torso. Our breathing was in step with each as I began to replay the evening in a dream.


I woke naturally moments before 6 a.m. and turned off the alarm. I quietly eased out of bed so as not to disturb Brent and went the bathroom to do the morning wakeup ritual in rapid fashion. Because I had a handball match with the base C.O. at 1100, I passed on a shower.

'Fuck,' I thought. 'What a treasure of a sexual specimen I found last night.' Before Brent left, I'd get all the contact information for a follow up visit at the earliest opportunity.

After shaving, cleaning, and brushing teeth, I returned to the bedroom to put on a clean pair of briefs. After drinking in this gorgeous, blond beauty, I gently shook Brent and said, "Rise and shine, buddy."

He slowly opened his eyes and smiled as saw me. "Morning." He didn't try to hide the morning wood while sitting up, stretching and yawning.

I bent down and gave him a light kiss. "Did you sleep ok?"

"Well, I don't know if I'd call four hours sleep ok. But I'll make it through the day."

"Go ahead and get cleaned up.  A new toothbrush and a disposable razor is waiting for you. I'll start coffee and fix some cereal." I turned and walked out of the bedroom to the kitchen.


"I'll be right with you," I called out, bounding from the bed. I opted for a shower and shampoo, although I had one only four hours ago. Had to take care of the bed head hair. After shaving and brushing teeth, I found some hair gel and dabbed just enough to give my blond hair a subtle sheen. Returning to the bedroom, I dressed in last night's clothes. Checking the reflection in the mirror, I approved of my handiwork. 'I'll have time to get to the barracks and change before 0730 muster,' I considered. Smelling coffee, I moved on.

As I entered the kitchen, I stopped dead in my tracks at the dressed image in front of me. With my mouth partially open and eyes wide, I approached Doug, dressed in his white, short-sleeve Naval Officer's summer uniform with Ltjg. shoulder boards.

Doug caught the reaction and smiled. "I operate under a 'Don't ask, don't tell' mode until I know the other person. I guess we can be honest with each other?"