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Warning:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is entirely fictional, and any resemblances to actual persons are completely coincidental.

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From Part 4,

He walked over to me and extended his hand, "I'm Jim Weiss. You obviously got my note?" We exchanged a firm handshake and both smiled.

"Yes, Jim, I did. Thanks. I'm Dave, by the way. I was just thinking about this qualification and orientation. As soon as I get shaved and dressed what say we get a cup of coffee in the rec room before catching the bus, say around 0715?"

"Good idea. I need a cup." He waved and shook he head affirmatively as he walked away.

Returning to my room, I quietly brushed by teeth, put on a clean dungaree uniform, straightened the bunk, and left my sleeping prince.

As I slowly walked down the hallway to the rec room, I thought about simpler times in St. Paul. I remembered my Mom and Dad looking after me. I thought about the innocent times in high school. I thought about Russ. But now, I thought about Jim.  He definitely had watched me shower. And, I saw his eyes drop down to check out the outline of my cock behind the wet towel after we first spoke. 'Hmmm.'



As I closed my door - again quietly - Jim was also leaving his room carrying a shopping bag. We walked over to the rec room and Jim poured the coffee. I was glad that I had met him in this casual way. This, I couldn't have wished for.

We both drink our coffee black. "We've got a few minutes before we leave," Jim said after checking the coffee temperature and taking the first sip. "Need to be on the 0740 base bus that will take us up the hill. First, here are your lifeguard trunks. Mr. Di Marco got these to me yesterday. He also issued you a cap, whistle, and some flip flops," he continued as he handed me the bag.

I looked in. "Wow! These trunks must be fire engine red." I pulled them out and drew them around my waist.

"You will definitely be seen in a crowd," he joked.

"Visions of 'Baywatch' without the sand and Pam Anderson," I retorted, thinking of David Hassellhof, while putting the trunks back in the bag.

"Yeah. Malibu in Millington!" We laughed, both sensing an early comradeship developing.

Sipping the coffee, I Looked down at Jim's freshly shaved face, tanned by the lifeguard job, and into his engaging, friendly but curious green eyes. "I really want to do a good job, Jim. I'm only out of tech training 3 days."

"You'll do fine. Just be polite to the officers and a little subtly flirtatious to the wives. With your looks you can pull if off."

"You mean the, 'Aw shucks Mrs. Commander, let me adjust the umbrella for you' kind of thing?" I thought, 'I know what I'd like to pull off.'

"Yeah, something like that. Just know where the line is and don't step over it."

"Anything I should know about the officers?"

"First, when in doubt address them as 'Sir.' They're up here to relax. So, it's important that you project a trusting image. We all keep our lips pretty tight about what goes on the Club when we're at the barracks."

I gave him a brief verbal cliff notes version of why I had been assigned to NAS Memphis. I mentioned that I swam competitively in high school. "If I had to peg you, Jim, I bet that you were a gymnast. Right?"

As I guessed, Jim had been on the gymnast squad at high school in Buffalo, NY. "How did you know? Is there something stamped on my forehead?"

"Naw. It's just that you remind me a lot of my best friend, who was a gymnast. You two have similar builds and a certain grace about you when you walk." I didn't mention the other similarities.  

"I won a few medals. But as you probably know from your friend, gymnastics is grueling. I still have calluses that will never fade away. I sometimes think my knees are 80 years old from all the mat exercises."

"Yeah, I know that my buddy Russ took a lot of abuse to his body. As a swimmer, I had it easy. Endurance was my threshold of pain."

"What did you swam in school?"

"Freestyle and breast stoke."

"Then this test will be a breeze." Looking at his watch, Jim suggested that we finish our coffee and continue our conversation out at the bus stop, immediately out the barracks door at the curb. "If we miss this one, the next bus doesn't come for another hour on Sundays," Jim mentioned. Out of mock courtesy to his E-3 seniority, I held the door for him as we departed.

"Seniority before beauty," I chortled as he walked out.

He burst into a big smile and returned, "In your dreams, swabby."

I couldn't help but think that we were both zeroing in on less than subtle flirting. This was more fun that a ping pong match. Who was going to get to 21 first? "I'm glad we had a chance to talk right now. I feel that I've made a new friend."

"Me too, Dave," Jim said looking at me with a warm smile.

The base bus arrived at our stop on time. He told me as we got on that he was being transferred to the Special Services base gym and pool as a supervisor. "I've used the facilities many times." I mentioned. "It's a great place."

"Yep. It is really sweet. And, Mr. Di Marco runs a tight ship. But he's very fair and a good boss. Plus, he's a helluva hand ball player," Jim tossed out. "You'll also like the chief who really runs the show."

"Maybe we can workout together? I paired up with a friend after tech school this spring."

"A couple of times a week would be good. Let's do it."

We rode for about 10 minutes, finally going up the hill and passing light brick ranch-style single story duplexes that housed the married officers and their families. Closer to the Club, that was now coming into view, I saw larger two story single homes. "These are for the senior officers, Dave," he pointed out. "If you look further down the road, you'll see the base Commanding Officer's and the Admiral's quarters."

I looked at what appeared to be two immaculately groomed mini-estates. The larger one was probably for the Admiral and his family. 'Nice perks for the big guys,' I mused.

The bus stopped in front of a two-story building with white columns and an over-sized lantern hanging from the overhead at the entrance. We departed the bus and Jim led the way around the back of the clubhouse, pointing out the BOQ across the parking lot, and arrived at the pool area and locker rooms. Jim unlocked a back door and I found us immediately in a darkened locker room. Jim turned on the light switch and we walked in.

It was your basic rectangular room with lockers running around three sides of the bulkheads. By the numbering system, I guessed that there were approximately 40 lockers with benches secured on the deck in front of the lockers. The fourth side was open, and I could see sinks, mirrors, the shower room and head, and the door leading to the pool.

"We use these first three lockers, Dave." Jim pointed to number one and two next to each other. "Why don't we get into our trunks and I'll show you around the facilities before we go through the life guard qualification," he added. The third locker was reserved for the relief lifeguard.

We both simultaneously stripped without any modesty. Having both checked each other out back at the barracks, there was no curiosity about what was hanging there. I took out of the bag one of the red boxer trunks and put them on. Being new, they were a little stiff. On the side, "Life Guard" with a white cross was stenciled. Fortunately, there was a mesh liner inside for some support. I made a mental note to bring a jock tomorrow. New mesh can get a little itchy. Jim looked cute has he put on his jock with his back to me. The straps framed his buns classically.

When I pulled up my trunks, they felt pretty snug in the crotch. I saw Jim looking at me from his vantage point into a full-length mirror. He turned and said, "Are those going to be ok for you? They do look a little snug."

"Well, you did say to be a little flirtatious," I shot back with a humorous inflection.

"Yeah, but not 'X-rated." He smiled slyly.

I was concerned. "Jim, are you serious? Are these a little too revealing?"

"Naw, I'm just pulling your leg. They're just fine. However, if they do shrink after washing, you might want to consider a larger size." He put his hand on my shoulder and added, "Don't worry, you'll be just fine."

After putting on his trunks, Jim proceeded to apply sunscreen over his body. He gave me the Coppertone SPF 30 and invited me to do the same. "Occupational hazard," he said, grinning.

"Thanks, Jim," I retorted. "Guess I've got to get over the Exchange for a few extra purchases. I'd also like to get some zinc oxide for the nose."

"Good idea, Dave. With your fair skin, a higher SPF is probably in order. Why don't you split around 1500 and make your purchases," Jim suggested. "And then come back so I can show you the closing procedures. I'll write down the bus times so you can get down there and back by 1630."

"Cool. By the way, how do we get lunch up here?"

The "O" Club gives us a sandwich, chips and a soft drink for lunch. A pretty good deal."

"If you're not doing anything after work, you wanna grab some dinner at the Mess Hall when we go back down the hill?" I asked.

"Dave, that would be great!" Jim was a constant smile machine. I was really happy about the way we seemed to get along.

"We'll get out of here a little after 1800. There's an 1815 bus that we can catch."

For the next hour, he walked me around the facility and gave me the rundown on the various power switches, equipment and emergency telephone numbers for the base. He was impressed with my swimming agility and life saving techniques. When I "saved" him and dragged him across the pool in a lifeguard crawl, I really enjoyed having him in my arms with my arm and hand across his chest and pec area. I sensed he was a willing victim. 'Too bad, mouth to mouth resuscitation was not part of the drill,' I thought with a calculating grin.

I passed my proficiency just before the pool opened for the day. Fortunately, there was a large umbrella on the guard stand that blocked us from the sun. I noticed families arriving first with their kids. Later, the single officers, their guests, and the young adult dependents came trooping in. Generally it was a pretty mellow day. Jim and I would jump into the pool sporadically to cool off.

I changed and caught the 1510 bus and went to the Exchange. I bought a large bottle of Coppertone 45 sunscreen, zinc oxide, and a couple of "Bike" fast-drying swimmer jocks. The return bus picked me up in front of the exchange at 1615, returning me to the "O" Club 10 minutes later. The first pair of trunks being wet, I put on the other new pair with one of my newly purchased jocks. Yes, the soft jock pouch really helped. With a few washings and a softener, I'll be just fine down there. I noticed that the second pair of trunks had a little more room for 'Davey.'

With the last guests departing at 1645, Jim proceeded to show me the procedures for securing the pool. We walked through the typed bullet points of opening and closing so I couldn't screw up to badly when I was on my own. I found out my days on lifeguard duty would be Sunday through Thursday.   All in all, a damn fine work schedule. Friday and Saturdays off. The hours would be a little long, but nothing strenuous.

Looking around the pool area, he said, "Everything is secure for the night. Let's get a shower to get the chorine and gunk off us." After we entered the locker room, Jim locked the doors leading to the pool; we would leave as we came in, through the rear entrance.

"Good idea. I smell like a sweaty coconut," I replied with a snicker as we walked over to our lockers.

"More like an over-ripe banana." He playfully patted my shoulder. 'Wow', I observed. 'He is really touchy-feely.'

We both got out of our trunks. My crotch welcomed being released from the new jock protector. I squeezed my cock and balls to bring a little life to them without much forethought. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Jim watch this procedure. When I looked at him, he smiled and mimicked my movements. "Another liability about the job is wearing a semi-wet jock all day."

'Yeah. And around you Jim, buddy, a semi-hard on,' I thought, taking a deep breath. "I hear ya. Tonight I'm going to give these trunks and jocks a couple of washings." 'Hmmm, act two is underway,' I thought as he grabbed the shampoo and we headed to the shower room.

"But do them separately. If you don't, you'll have pink jocks tomorrow."

"Yikes. I hadn't thought about that. Thanks for the suggestion."  'Pink jocks. How gay is that?' I considered. The fashion police would have a field day.

Jim entered the shower room while I stopped by a urinal to relieve myself. When I entered the shower, he had his back to me soaping his front down. Although there were eight showerheads, I purposely turned on the one next to him. After adjusting the water temperature, I stood under the water spray and started soaping myself. At that point Jim turned and openly displayed a raging erection. He seriously stared at my cock as he was using soap to massage his hard organ. I saw him lick his lips as I grew to my very adult eight inches.

"Time for a little relaxation," he said in a low growl.

"Need some help there?" I reached down and started stroking my soapy hard dick.

"Oh yeah." Moving a little closer, Jim tentatively reached over and wrapped his fingers around my balls. He gently tugged, bringing me close to him. I offered no resistance.

"Be careful. These are the only two I have." He started rolling my nuts tenderly with his fingers.

"I've wanted to do this to you since I saw you in the shower this morning, Dave," he said as he looked into my eyes with a questioning look.

"I've been stalking your beautiful butt since yesterday. I'm not going to object to a little exploration," I paused, "Or anything else you have in mind." With that I reached down and started jacking his smaller but formidable weapon.

"Consider this a welcoming party, stud."

"I've got parts of my body that need a welcoming," I added to the volley of verbal exploration.

While massaging my balls, he moved his other hand over my cock and duplicated my stroking actions. I let out a small moan. 'God,' I thought, 'I've missed this.' This was the first physical contact I'd had with a man since Russ two years ago. I sure beat my fist.

"I'd like to welcome this," Jim replied as he started circling his thumb around my dickhead.

"Fuck man, you know what I need."

"I know what we both need."

Deciding to push the envelope and try something that Russ and I never attempted, I leaned forward and gently placed my lips on his. His response was positive as he opened his lips to receive my probing tongue. I pressed forward, and as we kissed with increasing passion, we both sped up the strokes. "Ahhh, Dave, Hmmm," he groaned when we pulled out of the kiss.

I groaned, feeling a climax about to crescendo. "Oh Jesus, fuck, mother of...Ahhh." My balls tingled as I shot a blast all over my willing partner's stomach.

Jim raised his head and, wide-eyed, said in a low husky voice, "Oh Jeez, I'm cumming too." He proceeded to blow a load on my hands, arm and crotch. We both sighed as I brought my arms around him and held him tightly. Jim reached down, scooped some of his cum with his fingers from my body, brought them to my mouth and I greedily licked them clean. I did the same for him.

"That was great, buddy," he growled as he leaned up for a cum-laced kiss. We shared each other's seed and saliva.

"Truth time, buddy. I've never kissed another man with cum in my mouth. Never."

Jim looked at me with a concerned expression. "Any regrets?"


After a few moments, we looked each other with the biggest shit-eating grins and proceeded to really shower, making sure our "evidence" was washed down the drain.

Jim said, "Hey, Dave, that was awesome."

"That's what friends are for," I said patting his butt.

We toweled dry, dressed and straightened up the locker room facilities. He grabbed his gear, turned off the lights, and we exited the back door, locking it.

Missing the bus, we proceeded to walk down the hill to the Mess Hall. 'That was hot,' I analyzed. But it was just that. Hot, lustful sex. Nothing more. I think Jim felt the same way.