The following story is fiction, but probably based upon some true facts. The story is in no way meant to disrespect or demean the fine men who serve in the Ranger Battalions, or bring any type of discredit or dishonor to the fine dedicated young men who make up the Ranger Battalions of the US Army or the Army itself. The author, contrary to popular belief, feels that men who present with a homosexual lifestyle can, should, and someday will be allowed to serve their country honorably protecting and defending the nation and the world from oppression and tyranny. What two people do in the confines of their bedrooms does not define who or what they are in life. Freedom for all, Hooah!

What U.S. Army Rangers do is so physically and psychologically demanding that few can do the job and fewer want to. The Ranger program is the Army's most rigorous leadership training school. Fewer than half the soldiers that start the grueling course finish and half of those who do graduate are forced to repeat at least one of the course's segments before they are allowed to wear the black and gold Ranger Tab. Those who complete the U.S. Army's Ranger program wear the Ranger Tab as a badge of honor. To all those brave men who have served or are serving with the U.S. Army Rangers the author extends a heartfelt thanks and job well done. Hooah!

All rights reserved. This story is copyrighted and is not to be reproduced without the express written permission of the author. This story is sexual explicit, so, if you are not of legal age do not read any further. This story contains almost six thousand words, so the reader may want to print it out to read and enjoy the story. The reason for the Infantry Blue background is that it is symbolic of the Infantry and the color of the infantry ascot and rope worn on the dress uniform by all infantrymen in the U.S. Army's Infantry Branch. Infantry Branch is the only branch in the Army that has not yet been successfully integrated by female soldiers.

Tails of Rump Rangers

Hooah!" The tall slim yet muscular fellow bellowed as he slipped from the bed after a prolonged period of sex. Once on his feet he looked down upon his passive partner laying on the bed, and then speaking in more conservative tone said, "I'm gonna go shower Baby."

"Uh-huh," was the soft reply from his passively nude partner still laying on the king bed in the casino hotel room overcome by an electrifying euphoria after being freshly fucked.

The passive partner lay on the bed basking in the afterglow of one of the most sensational sexual experiences ever. He was in a state of pure bliss and total satisfaction after more than four hours of intense lovemaking. For Chase McMaster it was a sexual union between the two men that he had fantasized about for years. A lovemaking event which included much foreplay; including almost two hours of bodily exploration, whereby there was much cuddling, kissing, nibbling, and sucking. Then there was at least thirty minutes of astounding analingus; over an hour of profoundly perfect ass pounding, and then finally almost a half hour of post coital cuddling and kissing. For Chase it was a soulful sexual union.

A sexual episode so strong if measured on the Anal Richter scale for anal foreplay and intercourse must have been close to a 10.0 on the butt fuck scale. For an exhausted Chase it was one of the most meaningful and pleasurable sexual encounters he had ever experienced. An event that had left Chase total spent; it was a culmination of feelings that had been brewing between the two men for years. So, after an intensely fulfilling afternoon of heavenly sex Chase just lay on the bed taking it all in and reflecting upon the past and how he had gotten to where he was in life.

The white sheet on the big bed was soaked in sweat from the two partner's robust roll in the hay. Chase was giddy with emotions as he drifted in and out of la-la land lying naked on the bed. After many months of e-mails and phone conversations the two friends had finally reconnected; meeting only hours earlier at the hotel casino in Reno, but it hadn't taken long before the two were in Chase's suite sucking and fucking each other's brains out. The two of them were scheduled to spend the next seven days in Reno catching up and making mad passionate love, thereby making up for lost time.

Chase McMaster felt that he had just experienced one of the best fucks of his young life and hoped for much more of the same from his partner before the week was over. Chase wasn't necessarily a total bottom; however, he did enjoy getting cornholed, something he had learned the joy of as a young boy. Chase's neighbor, who was in the sixth grade at the time, introduced him to the joys of cornholing years back when Chase was a fifth grader. Although the first time was somewhat of a futile attempt at butt fucking the boys set the stage that day for future fuck sessions.

Anal intercourse was something that Chase and his neighbor continued to secretly engage in and enjoy well into their high school years. From that first fumbling fuck, Chase and Roy continued to experiment and grow, learning from each other on a daily basis. They worked at perfecting their sexual skills for years until the neighbor boy suddenly moved away after his senior year to join the Air Force, when Chase was in his junior year of high school. From that first experience with his neighbor Chase found that he totally enjoyed the sensation of having the perfect penis fill his anal cavity, but it had to be just the correct cock and right person to make it fulfilling and meaningful.

Not just any cock would do as far as Chase was concerned. For him the preferable penis to pound his poopchute had to fit certain physical parameters before he would allow it to enter his very sensitive asshole. Roy, the neighbor boy had that perfectly sculpted schlong. Over the years since that first awkward sexual encounter Chase had become intimate with many cocks and considered himself somewhat of a cock connoisseur. He was constantly on the prowl for the perfect penis, and Derrick possessed one of the top five most perfect penises he had found in his thirty years of life. Yes, there were only four other penises besides Derrick's that Chase had found that met the prefect penis criterion, and therefore were worthy of his time and energy.

The perfect penis as far as Chase was concerned should be somewhere around six inches in length, give or take and inch, and about five inches in girth. A circumcised cock was Chase's choice; one with a beautifully well-defined cockhead. A beautiful well-defined cockhead was the criterion upon which Chase judged a perfect penis. Because Chase knew that the head of the penis was the most sensitive and sensuous part of the schlong he felt that the cockhead was what set off a perfect penis from an average looking penis. Chase felt that a shaft was just that, a shaft, but a cockhead poised atop the shaft was like the angel that topped off a Christmas tree. Some were beautiful and others were mediocre or just plain ugly.

Chase had discovered early in life that big was not necessarily beautiful when it came to the perfect penis. He found out early on that he could never seem to get the full length of one of those behemoth boners all the way down his throat without gagging. So, Chase knew contrary to all the popular porn tales that he didn't have to deep throat and choke on a cock to enjoy it. Basically, anything more than a mouthful, or ass full, was a waste as far as Chase was concerned. Chase had discovered that the glans of the penis was where all the most sensual nerves of the penis were located, and the art of cocksucking was like working on a Tootsie Pop. Chase had learned that there were so many sensual spots to kiss, lick, and suck on around the head of one's cock; therefore, he knew that there was more to the art of cocksucking than just bobbing up and down on one's pole.

For Chase cocksucking was a chore that was meticulous and leisurely, and not a hurried process. Throughout Chase's life he had taken cocks that were a little larger and some smaller than his parameters for the perfect penis; however, he had found that guys with those super-size schlongs were not that great as far as lovers and were forbidden to loiter around his back door. Anything larger than eight inches in length and six inches in girth didn't stand a chance in Hell of entering Chase from the rear. As far as Chase was concerned, for both anal and oral pleasure, smaller schlongs were easier to ingest in both anal and oral openings than the larger ones. Even though Chase preferred circumcised cocks he sometimes would make an exception for the right guy who was not cut, but cute. Chase didn't care at all for guys with bent, twisted, or just plain fugly cocks. Chase knew that he was schlong snob who was into beautiful phalluses not ugly fuck sticks. Oh, and one other thing, Chase detested guys who dumped their loads as soon as they entered his mouth or ass.

Chase had very little if no tolerance for a minuteman. If a guy had no self control Chase would let him know in no uncertain terms of his displeasure with his premature ejaculation malfunction. Chase considered quick draw guys sophomoric; those who could not control their sexual emotions and were prone to premature ejaculation were a waste of his time and energy. Therefore, many times, Chase would not engage in future sexual unions with a minuteman; however, for certain extremely cute guys with good looking cocks he would spend more time with them trying to help develop their self control and lovemaking skills. Over the years since that first fumbled butt fuck in the fifth grade Chase had developed and learned much about the art of oral sex and anal intercourse with another man. Some said that Chase was a clean freak and anal retentive when it came to engaging in sex.

Cleanliness was paramount for Chase when it came to any type of sexual encounter: man or woman. He didn't care for offensively odorous lovers, preferring lovers with fresh body fragrance and breath. Therefore, a bath or shower was a must before participating in any type of love making, especially if the sex involved analingus. Chase also found that the bathing or showering experience contributed to the foreplay. He totally enjoyed bubble baths and hot tubing prior to sex. One of the key things Chase had learned early on when it came to great anal intercourse: evacuation and cleaning of the lower bowels was most important.

For Chase prior preparation was the key ingredient to pleasurable anal sex, and cleaning the anal cavity out was so very important. The biggest turn off for Chase was the sight and smell of stray fecal matter clinging to the head of his partner's penis after withdrawal. Chase had learned that a good enema was the order of the day before an anal sexual encounter. Then after the anal cavity was clean there was time to spend finger fucking a partner as part of the foreplay procedure. Chase had discovered that finger fucking, if done correctly, was a great foreplay technique that tended to open and relax the tense asshole of the receiver for the partner's stiff pecker. Finally, before any anal sex a good condom was in order; along with the use of a good quality lubricant, and plenty of it, to make for a fantastic and safe fuck.

Along with cleanliness, condoms, and plenty of lubricant Chase required lots of foreplay from his lovers before allowing them to stick their stiff schlong up his ass. Over the years he had been the recipient of far too many fast fucks and sucks that left him flat and unfulfilled, thus he no longer allowed himself to become a cum dumpster for an inexperienced partner. As far as Chase was concerned a partner who would cum quickly then roll over and go to sleep or just get up and leave was not an acceptable lover. For Chase the years of just getting a quick nut were history; it was either great sex or no sex, pleasurable and fulfilling sex or nothing. Yes, Chase was a finicky fucker when it came to getting fucked and sucked. He had experienced his limit of painful sex, both physically and emotionally.

Contrary to all the fiction and hype in the porno films and stories on the Internet Chase knew that the asshole could only be stretched so far before the pain associated therewith became unbearable. Pain was no longer part of Chase's game. For Chase his asshole was a temple of treasure for a lover's quest and the most sensuous area of his body; therefore, he wanted it to be treated with caring loving tenderness by his lovers. Chase knew the limitations of his ass hole, and knew it could only be expanded so big. Experience had taught Chase that to stretch his sphincter beyond its limits only brought on tearing of the delicate anal tissue and bleeding. He had heard all the stories about how some guys could take any size objects up their ass, including arms and fists; however, Chase knew from personal experience the maximum size object his ass could accommodate without profound pain and injury. Chase also enjoyed a good rim job prior to being plowed with the perfect penis.

Pleasure was the ultimate goal for Chase during any love making session and he had just finished one of the most pleasurable and sensual sessions of sex in his life: something which he had waited years for with this particular partner. This partner was the right person with the perfect penis to bring about total pleasure.

Derrick had finished showering and returned to the bed with nothing but a towel wrapped around his slim waist. He smelled so fresh standing over the bed looking down at Chase still lying naked and unassuming. He said to Chase, "You want to go again with a counter attack on my asshole or just take a nap."

"Come, lie down beside me my Ranger Buddy and hold me, hold me tight," Chase said holding out his hand inviting Derrick to crawl back into the bed.

Derrick settled into the bed lying behind Chase spooning him and kissing him on the back of the neck and shoulders. In a matter of minutes he was asleep. Chase enjoyed the way Derrick smelled after the shower, so fresh. His warm clean breath bathed the back of Chase's neck; Chase felt so secure clutched in the strong arms of his lover. Something he had dreamt about since the day the two first met years ago. Chase knew the first time he met Derrick that he wanted him, but circumstances forbid it. You see, Derrick had been assigned as Chase's Platoon Leader in the Ranger Company at Fort Lewis years before. As Chase lay next to Derrick he once again drifted off into dreamland recalling the day he first met the good looking six foot one inch Platoon Leader.

Somehow the two soldiers impressed each other at that first meeting whereby the officer and specialist sized each other up visually checking out each others uniforms that displayed an array of skill badges which were identical except two. Derrick's uniform sported novice airborne wings, air assault badge, and the pathfinder torch and wing. Chase's uniform didn't display the air assault badge, but did display airborne wings and the pathfinder badge along with the coveted EIB. Chase had completed the Expert Infantry Badge course and earned his EIB on the first try. Chase had also recently finished the Ranger Indoctrination Program with flying colors and was awaiting a date for Ranger School. Even though both soldiers had been assigned to the Ranger Battalion neither man yet wore the distinctive black and gold Ranger Tab on the left shoulder of the uniform.

Derrick Tolbert, a freshly minted lieutenant, had yet to attend Ranger School. Derrick's most recent assignments since graduating from college had been Infantry Officer Basic Course and Pathfinder School at Fort Benning; he had attended Jump School and Air Assault School while in ROTC. His date to attend Ranger School was still a few weeks away. Derrick knew that once Ranger School was under his belt and he returned to the platoon with the Ranger Tab on his uniform the men of his platoon would be far more respectful. As the men were in formation and as 2nd Lieutenant Tolbert walked among the ranks he noticed that about half the men in his platoon wore the distinctive badge of honor on the left shoulder of their uniforms; however, most of them wearing the tab were the NCOs and senior E-4s.

At that first meeting with his new platoon and the subsequent one-on-one interviews with the men the new lieutenant was immediately impressed with a handful of them. Secretly, the new lieutenant was envious of the men wearing the EIB, but knew he too would get his on the next cycle. He was most impressed with how very knowledgeable and professional Specialist McMaster appeared and with his accomplishments. Even though the soldier had not yet completed Ranger school his record of accomplishments during his more than a year and a half in the Army made him stand out above the rest. The lieutenant sensed that once the young soldier attended Ranger School he would graduate with flying colors. Derrick also knew that once Chase completed Ranger School he would see that he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant as soon as possible. The new Platoon Leader knew instinctively that the young would be Ranger was going to become one of his best leaders in the months to come. Although the new officer was four years older and college educated the two hit it off immediately becoming friends on and off duty.

Chase had joined the Army on a delayed entry program in 1994 during his senior year in high school; whereas, his new Platoon Leader in the Ranger Company was almost finished with the college ROTC program in 1994. Chase had just started his senior year when the Army Rangers had been ambushed in 1993 in Somalia, and Derrick had already completed Jump School and Air Assault School during semester breaks. Both men decided that they wanted to be the best in the Army -- Army Rangers. Chase had volunteered for the Ranger Infantry option which included Airborne training when he enlisted and made the grade. His grandfather had been a Ranger that went ashore at Normandy during WW II and his father had been a Pathfinder and Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Scout with the 101st Airborne in Vietnam. So, Army adventure and professionalism was in his blood.

Although Army adventure and professionalism part of his bloodline he knew his penchant for penis might be his downfall in the Army. Although the Army had a "don't ask don't tell" policy, if the Army found a soldier was having sex with another solider of the same sex that was something the Army did not tolerate. Once discovered a soldier was kicked out. Chase knew he had what it took mentally and physically to endure and pass the hardest schools the Army had to offer; however, his biggest fear was that before he completed his training he might stumble into a pitfall for penis. Chase McMaster was afraid that his love affair for cock that dated back to his childhood was something he might not be able to repress for an extended period.

Painful as it was Chase refrained from any type of sexual encounters with other men for over two months throughout Basic Combat Training and Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Benning's One Stop Unit Training; however, he did fantasize about other trainees while he secretly masturbated in his bunk at night during the arduous training cycle. Showering was the hardest part of training for Chase. On any given day in the latrine and shower there were so many good looking naked GIs with tantalizing tools visible. One soldier in particular was a drop dead good looking little GI in his training company who had one of the most gorgeous cock's Chase had ever seen; it hung approximately six inches limp, and it fascinated Chase. The soldier's flaccid penis, about the thickness of a flashlight battery, would swing from side-to-side slapping at the young man's inner thighs as he walked naked to and from the shower. Moreover, the trainee made no attempt to hide his magnificent piece of manhood from others. Chase felt that when erect the trainee's penis probably measured out a full eight inches and surely would be at least six inches in girth.

For Chase it was a painful experience to enter the communal shower in the barracks with the other trainees, especially when in the presence of the trainee with the long limp appendage. So many good looking cocks in the company and Chase secretly fantasized about devouring all of them one at a time or all together. He longed to fill his mouth, his ass, or both at the same time with those trainees' cocks. As much as Chase wanted to engage in sex with couple of his fellow trainees he managed to hold off the temptation during those months of training. Finally, Chase graduated with honors from OSUT and was promoted to Private First Class. After completing that task Chase was eligible for two weeks leave.

After two weeks of leave Chase would return to Fort Benning for three weeks to attend Jump School; however, due to his honor graduate status, test scores, and other things the commanding officer had recommended that he also attend Pathfinder School. So, that meant a total of seven more weeks of training at Fort Benning before being assigned to the Ranger Battalion at Fort Lewis, Washington. Chase decided instead of returning to his hometown for his leave, something most trainees did after training, he decided to stay on the east coast and visit Daytona Beach, Florida, and Disney World during his leave.

The morning Chase was to sign out on leave he discovered that Dale Myer, the trainee with the rather large appendage he had witnessed so many times in the shower, was planning on taking his leave at home in Ocala, Florida. He too was scheduled to depart and return to Fort Benning at the same time as Chase. Chase discovered that they would undergo parachute training in the same company once they returned; however Dale was to go onto the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina after Jump School. At breakfast the morning their leaves began Chase and Dale discovered that they would both be taking the same Greyhound bus out of Columbus south to Florida that day. Although the two had not been extremely close throughout training the two seemed to hit it off a bit better at breakfast.

Once the two soldiers finished breakfast they proceeded together to the 1st Sergeant's office to pick up their leave papers and sign-out. After the normal lecture from the Top Kick about staying out of trouble and reporting back on time they caught the shuttle into Columbus to get the Greyhound to Florida. Once onboard they settled towards the back of the bus seated next to each other chatting about this and that until the bus got on the road. A few minutes into the trip south Dale asked Chase what type of cologne he was wearing. Chase thought it odd for another soldier to ask that question; however, he told him the brand name, and that he had gotten it at the Post Exchange. The bus made stops along the route south taking on new passengers and discharging others. About half way into the trip Dale asked Chase where his end destination was and where he was staying while on leave. Chase told him he planned on getting a hotel in Daytona Beach, and then spending his two weeks leave on the beach bumming around and going to Disney World.

As the bus rumbled through the afternoon the two men drifted in and out of slumber land. Chase could feel Dale's leg rubbing against his leg, but didn't give it much thought do to the close proximity of the seats. The bus hit a large pothole in the road and Dale's hand fell off the arm rest onto Chase's right thigh. Dale didn't attempt to remove it and Chase started to become aroused. In a matter of minutes Chase's cock was fully erect extending along the inside of his right thigh protruding through the leg of his boxers. Suddenly, Chase felt fingers lightly rubbing up and down the length of his hard cock through his uniform trousers.

The feeling of strange finger tips tenderly teasing his fully erect penis was pure pleasure to a man who had fought inner urges to have sex with another man for the past months. Chase heard Dale whisper in his right ear asking him if he wanted him to stop. Chase looked around to see if any of the passengers could see what was happening. Noting that there were no more passengers in their immediate area he looked at a smiling Dale and mouthed the word No. Dale kept on lightly rubbing Chase's cock through the uniform material; in the meantime Chase's hand found its way into Dale's crotch. Both men continued rubbing each other's cocks for a few more miles.

A few minutes later Chase quietly asked Dale if they should stop before ejaculating thereby staining their uniforms. Both men quit stroking each other, but clasp hands and with their finger tips tantalized the inside palms of each other's hands while continuing the journey to Ocala. This was an old high school day's thing that gay boys did with each other. Thoughts buzzed through Chase's brain about what might happen next. Secretly, he hoped to hook up with Dale.

The two of them would have to talk as soon as they arrived in Dale's hometown. Dale leaned in and whispered for Chase to get off the bus with him when they stopped in Ocala. A few minutes later the driver announced the Ocala stop. Once the bus came to a full stop the two soldiers disembarked from the bus. Dale retrieved his duffle bag from the luggage compartment under the bus floor, while Chase asked if he had to continue on or could he use his ticket for a later bus. The driver assured Chase that he could use it for a later run into Daytona, so Chase retrieved his duffle bag.

After getting their duffel bags the two soldiers made there way onto the street, whereby they found a restaurant a couple of blocks from the bus depot and decided to get a bite to eat and sort things out. Chase quickly discovered that Dale, like himself, had a burning desire for sex during the next two weeks and wanted it to be with Chase. After finishing there dinner Dale called home whereby his father offered to pick the two soldiers up. Once at his home Dale introduced Chase to his parent's and sibling's. As the evening wore on both soldiers, who were tired from the trip, kept eying each other. So, after some conversation and a couple of hot chocolates the two men excused themselves and departed to Dale's studio apartment above the garage.

Dale told Chase that there was just the one queen size bed in his room and no one would bother them. Once inside the room Dale opened the windows to air the place out, and then locked the door. He asked Chase to help him make up the bed with fresh linen, and then it was time for the two to take a shower. The two showered together and soon discovered what each looked like fully aroused. Chase hadn't been far off on the size of Dale' gun; when fully erect Dale had to have been every bit of eight inches in length and at least six inches in girth, having the biggest broadest cockhead Chase had ever seen. Of course, Chase was not far behind his friend size wise; his gun was just smaller caliber.

After sizing each other up and finish showering it was time for some before bedtime sex. The two decided because they were tired that a quick sixty-nine was about all either one was up to at the late hour. So, the two naked soldiers turned opposite in the bed and began working on each other's swollen schlongs. The head of Dale's donger was so big and broad that Chase had trouble at first ingesting it; however, after a few minutes Chase managed to get the head and another inch of cock into his mouth. Meanwhile, Dale was making quick work of Chase's cock. After a few minutes Dale pulled off Chase and asked about swallowing. Chase assured him that there was no problem as far as he was concerned with swallowing.

The two continued working on each other's phallic cannons; however, due to the fact that neither one had had any sexual contact in weeks it didn't take but a few minutes for both boy's howitzers to exploded in each other's mouths at about the same time, launching powerful projectiles of cum into each other mouths. As they milked each other's cum cannons dry both boys became super sensitive and were forced to quit cleaning each other's tubes. Chase turned around and told Dale how much he enjoyed his Johnson, and told him the numerous times he had masturbated at night in his bunk to the thought of sucking Dale's dick during the weeks they were in training. Dale told Chase he had the same thoughts, but knew that he could not act upon his impulse to have sex with him.

Chase asked Dale how he knew and what prompted him to begin rubbing his dick on the bus. Dale said that he had noticed whenever the two were in the latrine or shower Chase would be looking at his crotch. Chase told Dale that he tried not to be that open with his stares, but with a cock that size it drew everyone's attention. Dale laughed and said he knew that and the same thing was true when he was in high school. Chase found out that Dale had reached his full height of five foot nine inches and that his dick had reached full maturity the summer between eight grade and his freshman year of high school; furthermore, Dale had been the talk of the campus all through high school. The two fell asleep for the first time in each other's embrace.

The two soldiers spent their leaves together on the beaches at Daytona or Ormond, visiting Orlando, or in bed with each other. The boys had many sexual encounters during that two weeks period. Chase who enjoyed cornholing found he had trouble taking Dale's dick up his ass. As hard as the two tried Dale was only able to consummate anal sex twice with Chase in two weeks and both times it was a lengthy and painful process that had been unpleasant for Chase. The day before the two were to head back to Fort Benning Dale's father offered to drive the boys back.

The two soldiers gladly accepted the offer of free transportation back to Fort Benning. Once back on base the two tried to distance themselves from each other. Once they graduated from Jump School Dale had a week travel time to report to the replacement company at Fort Bragg, and Chase had a week break before he had to report for Pathfinder training at Fort Benning. So, the two got a hotel room together for a week. Midweek Chase put Dale on a bus to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Both boys promised to stay in touch, but other than long distance communication the constraints of training and preparations for Dale's deployment with the 82nd prohibited much in the way of a continuing relationship. Then one day after Chase was at Fort Lewis he read in the Stars and Stripes where Dale had been killed in action in Iraq. Just that fast; one day the two were making mad passionate love in a hotel room in Columbus, and a few weeks later Dale was dead.

Although saddened by the fact that he had lost a good friend and sexual partner Chase knew that any soldier could die at anytime while the country was at war. Chase was however happy to know that the two had made each other happy for the few days they had together. Chase snapped out of his dream world and back to reality as Derrick asked, "Having a bad dream baby?"

"Yeah, just dreaming about an old friend and former lover from Fort Benning days that was KIA in Iraq a few years ago," Chase said as he rolled over facing his lover.

"Sorry to hear that babe. Did I know him?"

"Naw, he was with the 82nd. Yeah, he had the biggest cock I have ever seen, flaccid and erect."

"So, how big was it?"

"Man I measured him one night while we were on leave in Florida and he was full eight inches long erect and seven inches in girth. He had the biggest broadest cockhead I have ever seen, kinda bullhead lookin. That dude measured across the top of his cockhead coronal ridge at almost two and half inches wide. My hand couldn't even close completely around his cock shaft it was so damn big. I near couldn't get the whole thing in my mouth and damn sure had trouble takin it up my ass."

"Damn! Man that was mammoth size manhood. Makes me feel woefully inadequate; I sure hope the size of my dick isn't a disappointment after experiencing something that big?"

"There's no way that yours doesn't do the job satisfying me babe. Believe me yours is just the right size and moreover one of the most beautiful and prefect penises I have ever seen, especially the head. Like I said Dale was huge and hard to take and we only were able to consummate anal intercourse twice and both times the pain was excruciating."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," the taller of the two men said as he hugged Chase.

The two kissed and made out while fondling each other and becoming fully aroused again. Finally, Derrick slapped Chase on the ass and said, `let's hit the shower stud."

"Lead the way Ranger!" Chase said to his lover.

Chase kissed his lover one more time and both men got out of bed to take a shower together. They washed each other's bodies cleaning every crack and crevasse. Making out while they completely clean each other preparing for another lovemaking marathon, and then both men dried each other off and returned to the big bed for another go round of sex. They pulled the clean sheet up on the bed before getting in. Again, the two experienced almost three hours of torrid lovemaking before they came to fruition. After which both men lay totally spent in each others arms with Derrick's seven inches of man meat still lodged in Chase's anal cavity. As the two men's tongues continued dueling in each other's mouths Derrick's softening cock finally slipped from Chase's ass and the two men settled in for a nights sleep wrapped in each other's arms.

What's next for these two former Rangers and now lovers? Let me know if you think the story is worth exploring further.

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