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This adventure goes back to my days as a Marine Corps medic. Terry was a medical student at a military hospital on the west coast. So was I. The difference was that Terry was a seventeen year old who had just joined up. I was a medical technician with two years in the service, who had already seen combat and had been awarded a couple of awards for service. By luck, we were assigned to the same room at school quarters because we arrived there about the same time. I had already had considerable experience with such things as drinking and sex. To Terry, that made me like a big brother who knew lots of stuff he needed to know. He was also very impressed with the service medals and thought I was a military hero. In other words, Terry gladly became my friend and my devoted follower. He had no idea his innocence and beautiful body were driving me crazy.

Terry was a gorgeous blond from a Swedish family somewhere in Minnesota. He was tall, blue eyed, well developed, and looked younger than his age. His smile was so contagious that you couldn’t keep a straight face or not notice him when he gave you a grin. I couldn’t believe I had him as room mate. From the time we met, I found myself trying to ignore my desire to teach Terry how to serve my sex needs. His features were pure perfection. A well defined chest with no imperfections, a trim flat tummy, a large bulge, and round firm buns that drew my attention constantly, with or without his tight briefs. I had already fooled around with a few guys my own age and a few nurses. I wasn’t sure whether I was straight or gay, but I was struggling to go straight. Terry wasn’t going to make it easy. He had no experience with sex. He said he had been on a few dates, but not sexual ones. He liked girls though. And until he joined up, he had not gone further than jerking off. He even hesitated to admit he did that. Sex was something not discussed at his house. The military had not changed that.

The first time I saw Terry nude was a day or so after we met. We had hit the shower about the same time. The showers at the school were open. There were a dozen shower heads spaced around a large tiled room. Next to it was a dressing room with a half dozen wooden benches to sit on, and a dozen hooks on the wall for hanging your stuff on. Most guys would just wear their undies to the showers and change into clean ones when they had dried off after their shower. Each of us also carried a toilet kit with soap, shaving gear, shampoo, and in my case, a tube of KY jelly (although most of the time I used shampoo in the showers).

We stripped down together in the dressing room. There were a few other students there. I tried to watch them instead of Terry. I knew seeing him nude would give me an instant hard on, but I was also dying to see his stuff. Still, the other guys in the shower would see and tease me about “springing a boner”. I managed to keep it down to a semi state, which was glanced over by the others, but since many guys show semis when they check out the size of other men, it is ignored (or at least not stared at). Terry didn’t pay me much mind. He quickly pulled off his undies and strolled innocently into the showers. The other two men only glanced at me, but had openly noted the size of Terry’s large shaft and had followed him trying to get another accidental look. I would soon find out why. This Swede was the pride of the tribe.

As Terry soaked under a shower, we faced each other nude for the first time. Although still pretty much soft, he was sporting a good six inch shaft laying on top of a large swinging ball sack. The other two men made no attempt to hide their surprise. This young student had just earned the secret name “stud”, a name given only to certain guys no matter what their age or sexual preference. He would soon have lots of guys trying to shower with him. And maybe do much more. He needed to be taught how to handle such attention. He had no idea how much fun he could have. A stern look at the other two men reminded them that they were staring. Terry continued to shower as if no one looked any different than him. He shyly sneaked a glance at each of us. I knew he was checking, but had seen men shower before. I don’t think he even noticed the two others who managed to get finished rinsing and backed out to the dressing room with stiff dicks. Gay or not, they could not stop sexual thoughts about this boy’s dick. I was not sorry to see them go. I had just met him and I was feeling jealous of him already? Not only that, I wanted to start his training immediately.

With the other two gone, we showered chatting about each other, and making comments about dating and women. When I mentioned that Terry would have no trouble finding women, he smiled shyly and claimed the furthest he had ever gone was dancing. He was very shy around women. He finally admitted he had jerked off a lot dreaming about sex. He had heard other guys talk about sex, and had heard he was built, but no one had done any thing with him. We talked about changing that, but not about how. I wasn’t sure how to start, and didn’t want to come on as a fag. I would try to ease him into this slow and easily. We dried off and headed back to our room. There, we lounged around in our undies. Well, he lounged around. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was going to start his new training. Half the time I was stiff dreaming about doing him (while I kept covered). The other half of the time, I watched to see if he was showing any sign of an erection. If he was, he kept it hidden also. Neither of us made a move, but I know both of us pumped a load during the night.

The next day I invited Terry to join me at the base bar. Terry was tickled that I was going to take him to the base club.

It really wasn’t that big a deal. The club allowed students to drink as long as they conducted themselves properly. And Terry and I spent the evening sipping beer and munching pretzels. He had never drank before, but got used to the taste of beer and seemed to adapt to it well. Of course, after the first one, he began to loosen up a little and started talking about meeting girls. After the second one, he was starting to feel a buzz and talking about learning to have sex.

After the third beer, he was feeling like he needed to pee, and wanted me to go with him. Once in the rest room, he fumbled for his dick and pulled it out watching to see if I was doing the same. This time, Terry was making it clear that he wanted to see mine and wanted me to get a good look at his. He was pleased that I liked what I saw. He liked that I thought he was built and that we could do stuff that he needed to know. He had reached the giggling stage and I decided it was time to take Terry back to our room. It was unbelievably easy. When I got Terry back to our room, I suggested we get comfortable before having another drink. We instantly got out of our uniforms, and were pretty much comfortable in just our tee shirts and a pair of shorts. As I prepared Terry a “special” rum and coke (without much coke), he was already feeling good and plopped down on his bed. We chatted, and he sat up enough to empty his drink much too fast. I knew that switching to rum would send him over the edge and cause him to pass out.

Once Terry had laid back on the bed and was ready to get some sleep, I quietly and gently removed his tee shirt and shorts so he could sleep. I had him completely nude and took the time to admire this all -American boy with a beautifully developed body. All of it. He had fell asleep, and for the first time was not shy about his body. I even paused to get pictures to use to jerk off to later. I sat the pictures aside for the moment.

Terry was sleeping soundly. His breathing was deep, slow, and regular. I took the time to undress. Sure I felt guilty about taking advantage of this young virgin but this was my chance to make my move. I knelt beside his bed and gently felt his soft dick and played with his balls. I took the time to kiss him from head to toes. Just little pecks at first, then a little tongue on his nubs and around his inny belly button.

Finally, I moved to his gorgeous shaft. It had already began to fill as I gently moved it around and played with it. I wanted to taste it, then see how much I could swallow. It became fully erect when I took the head into my mouth. I loved the feel of that whopper springing to life in my mouth and took my time going down on it. I didn’t want him to shoot just yet, so I backed off to suck in each of his big balls and suck on it. I could only handle one at a time, but really loved switching from one ball to the other and then back to his dick. Terry was still out, but made soft noises of pleasure. He was completely at ease, just not aware of what I was doing to him. His first orgasm of the night came with his dick buried deep in my throat. I was working the shaft over good when Terry moaned, arched up in the air, and his dick exploded. I backed off just enough to take the load. I wanted to taste it and enjoy receiving it. I didn’t back off until his dick had gone soft.

I had planned to stop at that point. Terry would have no reason to think any thing was wrong if all he did was shoot off. But when I backed off, Terry turned over on his stomach exposing his beautiful beefy buns to me. He was still breathing deeply and was very much relaxed. I had no trouble spreading his legs to take a look at his small pink hole. I had not got off yet, and was still very horny. I wasn’t sure I could get away with laying on top of him while I buried my seven inch shaft inside him. I knew that would be painful. What if he woke while I was doing that? Would he get angry? Would he remember it when he woke?

Knowing it was risky, I gave in to my desire to take him. With Terry spread open, I took the risk. I spread my weight evenly over his back and lined my shaft up with his hole. I had decided not to take the risk of using my fingers to open and stretch him. I had to have that hole. It took several tries to get in. Each time, Terry would clinch his buns tight, causing me to back off or causing my dick to slide down his crack unable to enter. Surprisingly, he did not respond other than to clinch. After several attempts, I managed to get him to relax for just a moment while I was pushing into him. He only relaxed a moment, but it was long enough for my dick head to pop inside him. His butt clinched hard again, but his hips arched up causing me to sink further inside him. Then his hips seemed to relax and lower back onto the mattress. He did let out a strange sound of submission. It didn’t sound like pain; more like he was just uncomfortable. I slowly sank inside until I was totally in. Then I lay still to see if he was awake. He relaxed again. His breathing returned to normal. Terry had just lost his cherry, but had no idea I had taken it.

After he had relaxed again, I slowly began working him. I don’t think he even noticed. He simply rolled gently back and forth as I increased my rhythm until I was pulling back to the head, then sliding back in vigorously. It didn’t take long before I was moving about inside him. He was at ease and even moaned without breaking his deep breathing. Terry was enjoying our game. I took my time, but shot off way to soon for my game. I pushed in hard, holding my dick in while it pulsed and shot load after load deep inside his butt. When I ran dry, I reluctantly began to go limp and my dick slid out of him.

Rolling him back over, I slid his undies back on. Then returned to my own bed. I was worried that he would wake hurting or aware that he had been screwed. There was also the cum leaking from the hole. How would I explain to him that I had screwed him? I didn’t sleep well, but I had drank enough that I did fall asleep. I also felt guilty that I had screwed him while he was drunk. I would have trouble explaining that I was just horny and wanted to screw him because I’m gay.

Morning came late that day. Both of us had slept in late. There wasn’t that much time to chat. Terry had a hang-over and took off for the shower to take a cold water cure. I was not far behind him, but was amazed he didn’t seem to talk about last night. He had already taken a leak and was in the shower when I caught up to him. He grunted something about a headache and that his stomach and butt felt funny, but never mentioned that he suspected any thing. I think he just figured it was because he had passed out. Maybe he didn’t want to admit he had trouble handling his booze. A matter of pride.

We went our own way. It was another work day.

Both of us cooled it for a few days. We may have acted a little to innocent about that night trying to pretend it didn’t really happen. We knew it had. We knew something had happened. Terry wanted to know, but was having second thoughts about how far he was willing to go.

During the week, I had waited until Terry went to bed. Then I would sneak over to his bed to play with him, stroke him off, and even had sucked him off a couple of times. I didn’t really know how much of that he was aware of, but I figured when the time was right, he would let me know he had been awake, but liked what I was doing, and didn’t want to mess things up. There were times I knew he was awake and was playing like he was asleep. He had also gotten a stiff at times when we were alone. So had I. We were getting closer to facing each other about our secret.

On the week end, we agreed to go back to the club. This time, Terry only had two beers before he decided to stop. When we got back to our room, he agreed to have a rum and coke, but watched as I poured it. And he nursed it while we relaxed and chatted. He said he didn’t want a hang over like that last one. He couldn’t remember anything after we got back, but knew I had put him to bed. He remembered I had said I would teach him about sex, and wondered when I planned to do that, or if I had already done stuff. I knew he was curious. He was also wanting to go further.

He didn’t stop me when I joined him sitting on the edge of his bed and when I pulled off my tee shirt, he did the same. With a smile of innocence, he followed as I slid the undies off and reached over to take his long hard dick in my hand. We had seen each other fondle our selves, but had always turned out the light before we jerked off. This was the first time we had crossed the line by stroking each other. In my case, it was the first time I had stroked Terry’s dick with the light on. We now knew and accepted we wanted to have sex with each other openly.

Once I felt we were at ease with what we were doing, I knelt in front of Terry and leaned forward taking his long eight inch toy in my mouth to lick and suck on it. He silently watched curiously moaning in pleasure when I showed him how great it felt. I couldn’t believe I was the first to do this for him. I wanted it to be the best blow job ever so he would want to do this often. I knew I had him when he held my head in place and began pumping his dick in further.

Then I stopped him explaining we could do it another way. Moving next to him on the bed head to toe, I simply resumed what I was doing, but with my dick in front of his mouth. For a minute or two, Terry played with my dick while I blew him. There was no question he could handle it, but could he bring himself to do it. After he got used to the idea and realized it had made him feel really good, he decided to return the favor. At first, he licked at the head, then eased his mouth slowly down the shaft. Soon, we were both blowing each other. He scraped a couple of times before he learned to use his lips to cover the teeth, but he improved and discovered it didn’t taste all that bad.

He was the first to warn he was about to blow his load, but did not seem to be surprised when I did not back off. I had knelt by his bed a few times (while he slept) and had gladly swallowed his load. Now it was apparent he was not asleep. But this was the first time he had ever sucked another man’s dick. When I knew I was about to blow, I let him know by telling him. He paused, then decided to hold on. A moment later, I fed him his first sperm load. He tasted, then swallowed it. He had made up his mind to do this.

We turned so that we were face to face and hugged each other. I may have gave him a peck on the cheek, but he was not ready or willing to learn to kiss a guy. I understood that. We could work on that later.

We did decide to sleep together that night. I rested a while, then greased up and nestled in beside him sliding my dick in between those beefy buns until I found his hole. Holding Terry close, I popped my seven inch shaft inside him. He gripped a pillow and grunted as it slid in, but he made no attempt to stop it. Once I was in, he relaxed and he was mine. I moved around inside him finding his pleasure spot. He responded by pushing back against me. As we enjoyed each other, Terry admitted he knew I had done him before. He had hated that I had screwed him, but had started liking it. Now he just wanted me to do it. It would be our secret because he knew being gay would mean we would be called names and would be laughed at. With that understood, we would do it anywhere or anytime as long as it was our secret. Then we spent the night together. Terry was finally learning about sex - maybe not his way, but accepted that he liked it.

Terry got his chance with me a few nights later when I had drank to much. We were fooling around when he managed to get a finger up my butt. Then two. I knew what he wanted and he was certainly entitled. After all, he had never been on top. I had taken his cherry, so I owed him. He would not be the first. I had been screwed before as a teen. I had also explained to him how fingers could loosen up a hole. Satisfied I was ready, I rolled over on my tummy. Terry took his place of honor and slid gently in. Once there, he took his time and thoroughly enjoyed his chance to give. Then he pulled out explaining he now felt equal. Oddly enough, he never again wanted to top. He was happy with me on top, claiming he liked having me in him.

We got so used to sex that we often locked the door and remained nude with each other. Terry was always ready and willing when I wanted his body. He rarely demanded much in return. When he did, I was more than willing. We were med students who spent most of our time studying and socializing with other students at the hospital. We also knew and accepted the knowledge we would be transferred to different duty stations when school was done. It was something we hated, but accepted. We agreed to include others as friends because it would make it easier to readjust when we separated. Such agreements are necessary in the military.

It also explains why it was so easy to include Fred in our affair. We had just returned from having a few at the club when we ran into Fred. He was on security watch at the dorm. He was also a student in our class, and had joined us in the showers a few times. Nothing sexual, just liked to meet us and chat. He had suggested that night that if Terry and I could wait an hour or so, he could join us in the shower again. He was going off duty. So we agreed.

Fred joined us shortly after we started our shower. He had a semi hardon from the start, and told us he was aware we had become more than just friends. He kept staring at Terry’s long slim dick. We had caught him doing that before, so we pretty much knew Fred was waiting for a chance to try it on for size. Terry was impressed that Fred wanted him enough to come on to him. He watched Fred as he allowed me to grasp and stroke his perfect dick. Both he and Fred sprang a boner. Yeah, me too. But Fred’s mouth was watering to take my place. Knowing how risky it was to fool around in the showers, Fred went along with me when I placed a hand on his shoulder and pressed him gently to his knees facing Terry’s dick. When I removed my hand from Terry’s dick, Fred leaned forward taking it into his mouth. When Terry smiled, Fred went down on him easily taking most of his long shaft in. He instantly started a slow deep bobbing action letting Terry know he was really good at this, and not new. Even though I suggested we take our fun back to our room, Fred was reluctant. He did finally agree.

When we got back to our room, Fred knelt between Terry’s legs while he sat on the side of his bunk. I knew this time Fred had no intention of letting go. That was fine. Terry was more than willing to let this pro do his thing. Terry and I had silently agreed to let Fred in on our secret. And Fred did a terrific job of pleasing Terry. Terry let out a loud moaning cry as his dick exploded, blowing a huge load of cum down Fred’s happy throat. Not one drop of Terry’s cum was lost. Fred even held on until Terry pushed him free. His dick head was a little sensitive. Fred stayed on his knees staring up at Terry with a big happy smile letting Terry know he was in love with that long tasty dick. When fred did stand up, his towel had come loose from around his waist, and stayed on the floor.

It was my time to shine. Fred was about my age, a few years older than Terry. His circumcised dick was maybe about six inches long hard. He had no problem letting me know he was a bottom, and was anxious to please. I got out the K-Y and asked if he wanted to stay a while. He did. I took him to my bunk, laid him out on his tummy, and greased him up while I stretched his hole. Satisfied he was ready and waiting, I laid on top of him, then easily pushed my hard seven inch shaft inside him. Both of us were pretty much at ease with this. Fred accepted me and enjoyed the feeling that I was enjoying him. We made this one a time to remember.

Terry had watched until he dozed off. Fred and I dozed off as well. When we woke up, Fred wanted to go down on Terry again. Terry woke as Fred swallowed his pride. Pretty soon, Terry had regained his horny athletic attitude and had Fred once again on his tummy with an eight inch shaft plowing his hole. Fred had what he wanted. Terry was in him once again. I thought Terry was rough and impatient with him, but Fred seemed to love it. I’m not sure whether Terry was working Fred, or maybe it was the other way around. It looked to me like Fred was working Terry’s dick with his buns while Terry was trying to finish him off. When they were done, Terry had moaned that he was cumming and was plunging deeply and holding it there, then repeating the procedure. Both were hugging and pleased with each other. Terry was beginning to realize he could have fun with other guys. Fred was more than happy to be one of them.

Fred became a regular. After a few weeks, he was becoming the reason Terry and I spent lots of time off base. Fred seemed to enjoy taking us out to enjoy California’s attractions. He ignored our attempts to pay our own way, explaining that he could afford it, and loved having friends to travel with him. He admitted to us that he was the son of a wealthy food man back east. His dad knew he was taking advantage of a chance to have fun out west. Dad didn’t know about the gay stuff, but wanted Fred to have fun. Terry and I made sure of that. Fred was kept busy being our sex bottom - and loved it.

Things changed one night when Fred took us to a night club near the base. The three of us were chatting happily and drinking when another med student spotted us and strolled over to our table. His name was “J W”. Better known as John Wayne, this student was well known as a stud at the dorm. He wasn’t built all that great, but bragged that he had lots of sex and considered sex fun, no matter who it was with. Most guys thought J W was just bragging. Gays usually stayed clear of him because he wouldn’t hesitate telling others he had slept with you. He had caused a few to deny they went out with him because gays were not allowed in the service then. Besides, J W would claim he taught you all you knew no matter how good you thought you were. And he didn’t mind teasing or exposing gays.

J W turned to Fred and teased that he had really enjoyed taking Fred for a ride some months before. Fred had offered to pay for a weekend trip. He and J W went off alone. J W had turned the weekend into a fun time for him using Fred for sex, and spending his money freely. Then after returning to the base, J W boasted to his friends that Fred had loved blowing him, and did it often. The weekend had caused Fred a lot of embarrassment. He had stayed clear of J W ever since. It was clear he was uncomfortable with J W there.

I caught on pretty fast that J W had a few too many drinks already, but also saw a chance to stop his brags and spare Fred any further bullying from this problem. I motioned for J W to join us. I ordered him a drink, ignoring Fred’s nods and surprised looks. I assured him we should befriend this masculine hunk who was so well known. After a few drinks, J W accepted my invitation to spend the night with us. It didn’t hurt that J W couldn’t keep his eyes off Terry. Or that I was attracted to this attractive top.

By the time we got to our hotel suite, it was late. Very late. Terry and Fred were tired. They chose to shower and strip down for bed. They would share one of the two double beds in the room. That left me and J W in the other bed. J W was both drunk and tired. So much so that I openly helped him get out of his clothes and walked him to the shower. He teased that I was just impressed with his fabulous body and wanted to molest him. I admitted he was right, then soaped him down good in the shower. It amazed me that J W didn’t realize I was preparing him for a show. He did not resist when I soaped him up from shoulder to crotch. He even leaned back against the shower wall as I massaged his six inch stiff and slipped a finger up his willing hole. He resisted only slightly, then gave in. He did know what I was after, but was unsteady on his feet and held on to the water pipes as I worked another finger inside him. He even pushed his butt out muttering that he had been there, done that. He was ready.

Once he was comfortable leaning into the water lines, I spread his legs further apart. At the same time, I positioned my dick against his hole. J W was not as husky as I was, but was about the same height. When he felt my dick press against his hole, he was aware I was planning to enter him. He turned his head toward me as if to say no. but had waited to long to bolt away. His face showed the pain as he squeezed my dick. He was trying to keep me out, but was not convincing enough. The head had popped in and the shaft was still sliding in. I pushed his body forward against the wall. J W grunted. He could still have broke free, but he chose to give in. It was clearly not the first time J W had been screwed. Clamping my arms around his waist and grabbing his dick, I slid all the way in. It didn’t take long. I humped J W vigorously. A few minutes later, he shot off with my dick buried inside him. His muscles reacted giving me plenty of pleasure as my shaft pumped plenty of cum up his butt. I pulled out, then turned J W around to receive a long wet kiss. He was a hustler. He loved being rewarded for a good hump. I dried him off, then carried him to bed.

Terry and Fred were waiting. They knew from the sounds coming from the shower that J W had enjoyed the time we spent in the shower. It was also obvious that he was still high and very relaxed. He stared up at me as I laid him on his tummy in the middle of my bed. He closed his eyes with his arms tucked under his head and was breathing slow and deeply.

There was no way Fred was going to pass up this chance. After watching J W and listening to his breathing, Fred changed beds. He laid flatly on top of J W’s backside, then entered him slowly. J W grunted and shifted a little to make himself more comfortable, but didn’t seem to realize Fred had just entered him and was soon pumping his small five inch dick in and out of him. After about ten minutes, Fred was energetically pumping a second load up J W’s butt. When he was done, he gave me and Terry a satisfied look of pleasure. He had at least got back some revenge for the bragging J W had used on him.

But the night wasn’t over. J W woke up early still hung over and not sure what had happened during his drinking. He would not find me in bed with him. Terry had taken Fred’s place. J W had been eyeing Terry. Terry was huskier and heavier than he was. Terry also had the looks and for sure the most beautiful long thick dick J W had ever seen. When J W woke, he found himself cuddled up on his side with Terry nestled in tight behind him. When he attempted to move, Terry did what was natural. He woke and pulled J W tighter. As he did so, his dick enlarged and slid back and forth up and down J W’s crack. J W was still well lubed from the night before. And I’m sure he was still open. Like the horny young teen stud he was, Terry moaned and found J W’s entrance. Rolling on top of J W, Terry pushed hard driving his long hard shaft inside the hole. J W grunted as the shaft entered, but made no attempt to stop it. I doubt it would have helped anyway. Terry wasn’t coming out. Instead he buried that nine inch shaft to the hilt. He must have reached further up than anyone before him. J W’s eyes flew open. He raised his head to look back almost as if he wanted to be sure this was real. It was. Terry was awake now too. The grunting from both of them had caused me and Fred to watch Terry raise up and plunge his foot long hot dog into J W’s hole.

Terry must have hit the right spot. J W seemed to realize he was about to get a good one. And after watching him moan and groan as Terry loudly slapped his weight and his dick inside him, we knew J W would not soon forget this one. I know he shot off long before Terry did. I couldn’t believe how much pounding he took until Terry finally reared up and held that long shaft deep inside blasting a pretty big load before he collapsed on top of J W. He rolled off and J W gave him a kiss and a long hug. Terry had just finished pleasing a top that had been doing this a long time. J W had just been tamed - and he knew it.

When we got back to the base, J W made no mention of his weekend. Nor did he do any more bragging about how he had tamed Fred. When ever he saw me or Terry, he just smiled and said hello. He did not ask to go out with us again (although I think he often thought about Terry). Going out with guys who would insist on being on top would ruin his reputation as a stud.

Terry and I continued going out with Fred. We enjoyed many more weekends before training at the hospital was done. As is customary in the military, we were transferred to different bases. All three of us promised to keep in touch, but that lasted only a short time. I’m sure all of us discovered there were new opportunities at each new duty station. I still wonder what lifestyle Terry and Fred chose. Believe it or not, most military lovers eventually wind up married and making children with some woman taking advantage of the experience they picked up before settling down.

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