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(Revisiting Chapter 4)

Perhaps one additional incident is worth mentioning. When Randy suddenly ran out of sunscreen as he was renewing the redhead's protection, a distinguished-looking man appeared out of the blue with a fresh tube. Removing his dark glasses, he stooped down until he could look directly into Randy's face. The young man just about choked when he realized that he had met the gentleman. In fact, he was an admiral who worked at the Navy Department! With an arrogance born of long practice, the man then turned his back on the junior officer, stared hungrily at the redhead, and bluntly stated that he would finish applying the sunscreen. Taken by surprise, Jiri simply nodded. After the admiral had the youngster writhing in his hands - indeed, had twice brought him to the very brink - he abruptly removed his hands from the boy's body. Smirking dominantly, he handed the tube to Randy, and cooly excused himself.

Clearly, there was little doubt that Jiri was the toast of the beach. For the life of him, Randy couldn't really disagree with that judgment! In any case, as the warmth of the afternoon peaked, the time came to leave. Believe that their excursion had not yet run its course! 

(Continuing Our Story: Bonobos!)

As the young men drove south along Jersey's finest beaches, the dominant note was laughter! Randy hadn't quite realized how much the redhead had enjoyed their little stop at the private beach. It was as if he had been able to "let go" rather than allow physical pressures to build up until they exploded. In the long run, not even being used by the admiral seemed to have soured his mood. (His reaction was lamentably "Russian"; that is, he just shrugged his shoulders and said that was the way people in power act.) Jiri Ryzhy was clearly a very complex human being who had suffered some real traumas while growing up. The fact remained that every time he disclosed a new facet of his personality, Randy found that he was coming to love him even more.

The afternoon was well along when they reached the southernmost county on the Jersey coast. As they drove into the county seat, Randy pointed to a billboard that advertised the "South Jersey Zoo" (known earlier in the century as the much smaller "Cape May County Park & Zoo). "Interested?" he inquired of his passenger. "Oh, yeah!" he redhead responded. "I really want to see some of your relatives!" Snickering, Randy pulled into the parking lot. It wasn't San Diego, but it was large and beautifully maintained. For an hour or so, they visited innumerable members of the animal kingdom, arriving at the Great Ape House not long before they would drive into Cape May for supper and lodging. Stopping abruptly in front of an obviously popular exhibit, the Lieutenant Commander exclaimed, "Hey, Red, take a look at this. These guys are bonobos...the lesser chimps if I remember my biology. Caught up in his own excitement, his companion completely missed the muffled grunt that was the only answer given. "Know anything about them?" the Commander continued. Randy looked up to see Jiri walking away. Catching up with him in a couple of strides, he grasped the lad's upper arm. "Hey, man, did I do something wrong? If I did, I'm sure sorry," he gasped. The redhead stopped and turned around. Seeing the violent pain...and the youth's eyes, he actually dropped his arm and took a step backwards. "Man, I'm really sorry!" he said earnestly. Looking as if he were seconds from hurling, Jiri slumped against a door jam. (Pause.) "Yes, sir," he mumbled, sounding as if he'd been drinking vodka for an hour! "I know something about those whores from hell...way too much, I fear." The next words forced their way out through clenched teeth. "So you want to know something about them, do you?" Without saying another word, the youth grasped Patterson's arm and hurried out of the Great Ape House to the barking cry of the human-like apes.

After checking in at their B&B, a lovely old Victorian house on a side street of Cape May, they found a downtown lounge. Insisting repeatedly that he didn't want to get tanked, Jiri refused any alcohol and restricted himself to soft drinks. At one point, they ordered club sandwiches and small salads, for it was pretty obvious that a big dinner was not on the evening's agenda.

"Have you heard of the Soviet biologist, Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov?" the big Siberian finally asked moodily. When Randy indicated that he hadn't, he explained that in the 1920s Ivanov was convinced that creating a Human/Chimp hybrid was entirely possible. After all, many scientists argued, "Human blood and chimpanzee blood, with compatible blood groups, can be exchanged through transfusion. Neither our nor the chimp's blood can be exchanged with any other species." Ivanov's experiments failed, and he soon found himself exiled to what is now the Kazakh region of Muhammadstan. Stalin was not ready to give up that fantasy, for he dreamed of legions of ape-man soldiers whose strength was at his command and whose "difficult" human traits had been bred out of them. "To this day," the redhead growled as he ground his empty bottle against the tabletop, "that damned experimentation continues in Siberian laboratories. Naturally, they've learned a few things. For instance, since artificial insemination didn't work, they had to return to tried and true methods. Also, they found the ape best suited for use was the bonobo who together with the common chimpanzee is the closest extant relative to humans...actually closer to humans than to gorillas! Since the common chimp is significantly more aggressive and, perhaps, seven times more powerful than the human being, the bonobo became the experimental subject of choice. As far as I know, the Russian scientists have yet to create a true hybrid. Some scientists are beginning to think that the DNA differences between us are considerably more important than the extremely small numbers would suggest.

"From my first birthday until I entered puberty," Jiri continued, "I was brought up in large family groups with bonobos. I learned the same things that the little apes learned - to roughhouse with my ape and human brothers, to forage for food, and to recognize the alpha female and her associates as dominant in the community. I also learned that I was dependent on my mother-ape for protection against male aggression. Did I have informal sex with bonobos and humans of both genders as a child? Yes...constantly!

"From puberty - about half way through age 11 in my case - through last summer, I spent long periods of time living with a carefully selected family group of bonobos that included my mother-ape. Evidently I had been identified as one of their most promising subjects in terms of producing human/ape offspring. I also lived with a human family that loved me and helped me to grow. Although there had been sex play early on, I now learned some formal lessons. For instance, I learned that aggression had to be restricted to those situations where there was no other possible action. The side effects of aggression on both the individual and the community were simply too negative. You were uptight about meeting someone new? Offer a hard cock or, maybe, even an upturned rump and let the air out of the balloon. A small tree with luscious fruit was discovered while foraging? Minimize competition among the family by mellowing everyone out with a little sex before feeding. You wake up feeling like shit and take it out on your best friend? Standing back-to-back with your buddy and rubbing your nutsacks together will get you the same forgiveness that intercourse with a female will. Male or female? We were conditioned to be excited by both genders from early childhood. Young or old? Doesn't matter if no one is hurt. Face-to-face genital sex, anal sex, tongue kissing, oral sex, frottage? Hell, boss, I learned it all, from super teachers and, believe me, by doing rather than reading or listening! Every day...every way..." As he finished his rambling monologue, Jiri was actually trembling with emotion.

"Thank you, Jiri," Randy said softly. "How I love you and how I admire your courage! I only hope you won't be offended by what I am about to say." Noting the redhead's raised eyebrows, he continued. "Forgive me, but most of what you've told me seems like a description of...a New World...or, if you will, a world where bloody swords have been beaten into dripping, steel-hard cocks. At the same time, I've known that things have been eating on you - and, after this afternoon, I damned well know that you're staggering under a massive load of anger. Do you trust me enough to help me understand what's pissing you off about who you are and how you were raised?"

"I love you, too, boss...more than you may know," the big redhead asserted shyly. "And I do trust you...with my life and with my future," he added forcefully. "If you'll be patient with me, I'll do my best to put it all into words." "You've got it, Red," Randy replied. "Now relax!"

"When I'm suddenly reminded of how I've been brought up - as I was this afternoon when I saw those damned bonobos," Jiri began, "I'm angry. I'm angry because other human beings pulled me out of life for eighteen years and treated me like a lab rat. I was gradually shaped like a piece of crystal...or a dog in an obedience school. Although I have far greater powers than either, I've never had the slightest input into my conditioning. It was always according to someone else's plan. Oh, sure, I know all kids learn things from their fathers and mothers, as well as others around them. And I'm constantly amazed by the degree to which my twin brothers and I seem to instinctively agree on what's good and what's bad...from food to books to hobbies. I guess genes do enter into the shaping as well as learning. But, boss, that is something a lot different from the controls to which I was subjected for eighteen years in that damned cage!

"That's not all, sir. It's just the basic fact that really sets me off. Some of what I was taught now strikes me as just plain wrong - or, at least, wrong for living somewhere else, like on the Ivan IV...or in America." "For instance?" Patterson asked quietly. "So..." the youngster murmured reflectively. "I learned that relationships are only for the moment. The truth, that I want you! I want you in my arms and at my side for as long as we live. I want to feel you ramming into my body! Sure, a beautiful piece of muscular ass in those Marine running shorts turns me on, but that's not what I want for the long run." Randy grinned but remained silent. "I learned that gender doesn't mean much in choosing a sexual partner, but, believe me, it mattered one hell of a lot on the cruiser - and I gather that it matters a lot here, too. One more example, sir... I learned that sex is the lubricant that makes social machinery turn smoothly...or, at least, smoother than were it not available. Guess what? In the Russian Navy, the NCOs and the officers work constantly to minimize its expression, even though undrained testosterone constantly creates problems that must be handled by force. And, to tell you the truth, I've yet to see a meeting over here suspend its work for a few minutes in order to begin reducing a strong disagreement through a little cock sucking. You can't believe how frustrated I am personally with American restrictions on where, with whom, how, and how often. So...sir... That's just a first try at putting my frustrations into words, but does it help...a bit?"

"It helps a great deal, Red," his captain said calmly. "Let's get out of here. I'm stiff as a board. Maybe we can walk for a bit on the boardwalk." Encouraged by the youngster's grin, Randy threw a bill on the table, rose, and accompanied Jiri out of the lounge and over a couple of streets to Cape May's boardwalk. A light fog was beginning to come in off the water, but it remained a beautiful night. Their arms around each other's back, the young men leaned against the fence between boardwalk and sand. "Man, that fog feels good against my face," the Commander murmured. "Yeah," his redheaded companion agreed, For a moment I almost feel as if I'm back on the water. Trouble is, I was in the cage there, too."

"We'll talk more about this, Jiri," Randy murmured, "but let me say this: You grew up in a cage. You can't do a damned thing about's has already been written down in the Big Book! What you can do lies in the present and the future. For instance, you can work against allowing any country to treat its young in that manner. Hell, you can even devote your life to that goal! Also, rather than being swept hither and yon by the current party line or by the opinion of your friends, you can slow things down and inject yourself into the mix. Carefully consider your options. Take great care in implementing the one you find most likely to give you a desired result. Over time you will develop a more acute sense of taking more and more of your life into your own hands or, if you will, breaking out of 'the cage'.

"One more thing tonight, for it's getting late and we have to return to Lakehurst tomorrow. Can you remember a couple of things that you really enjoyed in your growing up? Don't start analyzing now...just out with it!" "Well," the redhead mused, "I liked the affection that surrounded me...everywhere. Oh, sure, there were occasional spats and, yes, I got swatted more than once by one of the adult apes, but that didn't make the affection go away. In fact, I think the 'making up' increased it!"

He then went on to say, "I also loved the fantastically rich variety of ways in which I was taught to show my affection to others, to give them pleasure, and to ease the friction of living together. As I look back at my buddies on the ship or on the base at Lakehurst, I'm amazed at how little they know about the wonderful diversity of sexual activity. It's either rely on the 'Five Points of the Red Star,' as they say...or...put it in, bam-bam-bam, and take it out. That's pretty friggin' thin!"

"Let's grant that sex really gets your feelings across, Jiri," the Commander responded. "Nevertheless, do you have to have sex to show others that you like them and want to share your good feelings...and sometimes your strength? Or are there opportunities at Lakehurst every day to show that you'd like to be friends with a guy and/or desire to make up when you've acted in a way that falls short of your personal ideals?

"Finally, Big Stuff, I'll admit that opportunities to fire every weapon in your arsenal are pretty limited on 'First Dates'. On the other hand, with someone you love, do you have to restrict your sexual repertoire to the same old same old... until both of you are bored out of your minds? Or can you introduce him to some of the million-ruble techniques that you learned among the bonobos?" At first Jiri said nothing, although as Randy looked his way he noticed that for a big man he had one of the cutest, sexiest grins on his face ever. At long last, he said simply, "I'll remember that, sir." With that, they headed back to their lodging.

(To Be Continued)