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The Club
By Robby Sr.

Most guys tell stories about how they helped other guys over their shyness. Thought I'd tell you one about other guys helping me; even though I was hot and horny and couldn't wait. Sounds weird, huh?

I lost my virginity at 18. Loved it, but couldn't wait to get out of the dumpy, backwards, tiny little town I lived in. I didn't have any money and was too scared to just get up and leave. The only sure way I could think of to leave and yet have somewhere to go, and have a job when I got there was to join the military.

See how desperate I was? Well, guys, it worked! I got outta that town all right. Wound up living with 79 other guys in a one bedroom house. No living room. No kitchen. One really huge bathroom. It´s called boot camp.

I'll leave it to your imaginations what I had to do to keep from popping a boner in the showers. Trust me - whatever you're thinking, I tried it.

But that's not what I want to tell you about.

After boot camp came tech school. Lots of cute guys there but still no luck. So me and my blue balls couldn't wait to get to my first assignment where I could get my own place and get fucked as much as I wanted. The first thing I learned was that I was going overseas - but didn't know exactly where. I thought it would be great since Europe was more open and accepting of gays.

Still have to be careful though being in the military and all. Even though it would be Europe, I would still have to live and work according to the military's rules. The only important part about Clinton's "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" policy is the "Don't Tell" part. But that was relatively easy. The hard part was waiting until I could actually get to Europe and start cock hunting.

Well...they didn't send me to Europe. They sent me to Asia. To a dumpy, backwards, tiny little base that reminded me a lot of my home town. Just different people. SHIT!!

There were about 500 active duty there; some with families that lived off base. The single guys like me lived in the barracks. Another house with one really huge bathroom! But I did get the chance to move off base and live with a straight guy in an apartment he already had. He was looking for a break in rent and expenses. I worked days - he worked nights. 'Perfect' I thought. So I moved off base.

The first and last thing everybody did entering or leaving the base was to pass the Security Police shack at the Main (and only) Gate. Since the base was small, everybody knew everybody else and everybody saw everybody else, but the most visible people were, of course, the Security Police. And MAN were there some cute guys on that force! There were 3 or 4 I'd picked out and jacked off in my apartment thinking about what I'd do to them if I had the chance.

It had been about a year since my last fuck, and in spite of how horny I was, I was still too nervous to approach anyone myself. Those guys made my dick perk up every time I saw them walking around the base in their tailored uniforms with those utility belts framing their crotches. Jeez, I was horny all the time!

One night, I had been at the club on base and was leaving about 2:00 in the morning. I walked to the Gate. There were buses that ran downtown but only until 11:00. Some taxis would park themselves outside the Gate, but as the night wore on there were fewer and fewer. When I reached the gate there were none. The Security guy on duty at the gate was one of the cutest SP's on the base. I waved to him as I passed, crossed the street, and sat down on a bench to wait for a taxi.

Toby, the Security guy, stuck his head out of his shack and said something to me about the non-possibility of getting a taxi at that hour. People get lonely out at that gate so I went back to the shack, leaned against the door, and me and Toby shot the shit for a while. I said something concerning the absence of women on the base. You know, gotta talk the talk.

Toby said something I can't remember, but then he looked me square in my eye and said, "But I don't need women - ya know?" My knees got weak. My mouth dried up. I wanted to jump on him right then and there. Of course I would never do that. Besides, it still could have been a military trick to identify gays in the military.

So I said, "No, what do ya mean?"

Toby took one step that brought him so close to me, I could feel his hot breath in my ear. He said, "I mean this," and reached out and grabbed my crotch and started kneading my dick through my jeans. If I weren´t already leaning against the door of the shack I would have fallen over backwards!

Toby pulled me to his face and kissed me. Deep, hard, and wet! He shoved his tongue toward the back of my mouth as far as it would go. I couldn't believe my luck so much it almost made me dizzy. I reached behind his head and held his lips to mine with one hand and went for his crotch with the other. Sure enough, his dick was rock hard in his pants! Toby then pulled me inside the shack, kicked the door closed, unzipped my jeans, reached in and grabbed my cock through my underwear - all without letting go of my lips.

I remembered where we were, pulled away and said, "Man, we can't do this here!"

"Sure we can," he said. "Just watch the windows and let me know if you see car lights coming. There's plenty of time. Don't worry, I've done this before." (He HAS?!)

Toby went down on his knees, pulled my pants down, then my underwear. My cocked popped up, slapped against my belly, and Toby caught it in his mouth and he swallowed it whole. I thought I was gonna go right through the roof! After a year of only fucking my hand, and finally I'm gettin' sucked, gonna suck, AND with one of the guys I had been fantasizing about to boot!

Toby stood up, said, "My turn!" and dropped his pants. Like him, I went down on my knees, pulled his underwear down, and caught his cock in my mouth. Heaven! I thought I was in heaven. His dick wasn't overly large, but a bit longer than average, and just fine with me. I sucked his dick, played with his balls, rubbed his ass, and fingered his hot tight hole for I don't know how long.

Finally, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and told me to lean over the stool in front of a small table they used as a desk. I eagerly dove over the stool and spread my legs. "Come on, man!" I said, "Come ON! Hurry up before somebody comes up here!"

I felt something cold and wet on my asshole. I thought, 'This dude carries lube to WORK with him!.... Cool.' Toby used the head of his dick to spread the lube around my ass. Used it to tickle me, tease me, made me beg for it. Then he shoved his hard cock into my ass all the way, in one shove.

It hurt, but my moaning had nothing to do with pain. Toby fucked me right there in the Guard Shack for all he was worth. Just slammed his cock into my ass over and over again. In and out, in and out, he went. All the way in, then stopping to grind his hips, moving his dick back and forth. Then more slamming. I had to reach my hands out and grab hold of the table to keep from banging my head against it. I didn't need to jack my dick to help me cum. I just started squirting all over the stool. Bit my lip so I wouldn't scream out. I felt Toby's hot cum shoot into my ass.

"Yeah!" I said, softly, more to myself than to Toby. "Fill me up, man. I wanna ooze your cum for days! Do it, man, shoot that load ALL the way up in me!"

Toby finished cumming, pulled his dick out of my ass, pulled his underwear and pants up, zipped up, adjusted his buckle and utility belt, - and I was still spread eagled over the stool, thanking my lucky stars.

"Get up," he said, "My relief will be here in a few minutes." I was like a bullet coming off that stool. Got real clumsy about pulling my own pants back up. Even fell against the side of the shack a couple of times. Must have looked quite a sight, had anyone been watching.

"How soon?" I asked.

"Actually, he's a couple of minutes late." Toby said.

"SHIT!" I said. "Next time you think we can cut this a little bit closer?!" I wanted to run back to the taxi bench, but then Toby's relief showed up. It was just after 3:00 AM. We had been sucking and fucking for an hour.

Toby told Shawn, his relief, that he was going to walk me back to the barracks, like I was just entering the base instead of leaving it. I humbly followed him down the deserted street, him walking confidently, and me tripping over every rock.

"Good thing no cars came through," I told him.

He looked over at me and grinned. "Whadda ya mean?" he asked, "Three of 'em came through when you were on your knees sucking my dick!" He just laughed.  I 'bout shit.

But that's not what I wanted to tell you about, either.

Something occurred to me on the way to Toby's room, "What about your roommate?" I asked.

"No problem," Toby said, "He's on leave. Won't be back 'til Monday." Then he grinned that shit eatin' grin of his and said, "Besides, if he was here he'd join us."

Good thing it was dark. I think my eyes were still bugging out when we got to Toby's room. I must have looked like a 14 year old virgin to anyone who may have been watching. There was the extra bed in Toby's room but I didn't use it. I don't have to tell you what happened after we entered. It'd make this lively tome too long. I slept with my finally soft dick tucked into the crack of Toby's ass. Woke him up the next afternoon when it got hard.

Now this is what I wanted to tell you about.

Toby told me to stay the weekend in his room with him. He didn't ask me. Just told me. Said a few friends were coming over later that evening. I just looked at him.

"Yeah," he grinned (AGAIN!), "We're gonna have some fun." We talked, we went out to eat, we talked some more, but Toby was being strangely quiet about what was up for the evening. I was feeling a little apprehensive not being able to get any more information from him. But then I did kind of already know everyone. Wasn't exactly like I was going to meet complete strangers. And besides, as small as that base was, if anything wacko was going on here I would have heard about it through the grapevine, right? Little did I know.

By 9:00 that night there were seven other guys in that room. They came in one at a time: I was introduced. I was beginning to get annoyed. Everyone was quiet. I mean, no one said a word to lead me to believe anything other than an evening of beer and talk was going to happen. I kept looking to Toby for some kind of sign. I silently swore that some day I was going to fuck that grin of his right off his face!

At nine the 7th guy arrived and announced to no one in particular, "I'm it. Everybody else is at work. Jimmy's in the hall." He came over to me and shook my hand, "Hi, Robby," he said, "Been waitin' for ya." (HUH?!) At that, shoes and socks started coming off all over the room as everyone started undressing. I just sat there like the village idiot. Toby sat down next to me and finally told me what was going on.

These guys were, of course, all gay. They had been getting together like this for quite some time. Not all of them were SP's, but all were known to me--if only by sight. A couple of them I had talked to quite often and was a little shocked to see them there.

It was kind of like a club, I guess. Certainly nothing that was written down - not in the military! There was really only one rule - Silence. About the most secret kind of club there could possibly be. Membership was by invitation only, and tonight was going to be my "initiation."

Toby said I could refuse, and at any time during the night I could say to stop. I would then be expected to leave and none of the other guys would ever mention it to me again, and I would be expected to keep quiet about it myself. But I also wouldn't "Belong", and none of the other guys would have me again either. Finally I was able to give Toby a shit eatin' grin of my own. "Let's go," I said. Then I thought to ask, "Who's Jimmy - in the hall?"

"He's the lookout." Toby said. "On his word, we all start gettin' dressed. It means somebody's coming." I just nodded. Seven naked guys came over to me and started pulling my clothes off, and Toby kept talking to me.

I was expected to take them all. One at a time. Starting with the smallest cock up to the biggest. One down my throat, one up my ass. Until they'd all had me. They moved a bed into the middle of the room, piled with pillows. I was laid across the bed, my feet on the floor, my ass in the air, and my face just over the other side. They called what was about to happen an "initiation." I called it Heaven on Earth. An outsider would have called it a gang bang.

I didn't really care what the fuck it was called; I just wanted to get ON with it! Toby was first. Slid his dick in my mouth and I clamped down on it. Someone else started working my asshole with cold lube. I started sucking Toby's dick. I reached over to grab hold of it, but Toby pushed my arms back down.

"Reach down," he told me, "Grab your dick. Don´t cum!" He held my head still and slowly started fucking my face. I didn't even have to move. I really didn't have to work at all. I wasn't expected to show them a good time. I was only expected to take what they were giving me. And THAT I was more than happy to do!

After a while Toby pulled his now slippery cock out of my face and a dry one took it's place. Toby moved down to my ass, slapped some more lube on my hole, and slowly slid his cock in. Didn't really hurt. A slight sting was all but I didn't care. After a few minutes of being full of 2 hard cocks I had to really squeeze my own dick tight to keep from cumming.

Well guys, that's how it went. One dick would pull out -another would take it's place. These guys knew what they were doing. No one was particularly rough. No real butt slamming. Just kind of slow but steady fucking - both my ass and my face. I kept my eyes closed. Not from worry - from ecstasy. Just as I would think someone was about to cum he would pull out. But before my ass could close completely another dick would slide in.

Sometimes I wouldn't even notice it was a different dick, but other times it would stretch my hole a little further or it would slide in a little deeper. A little more sting, but always with fresh cold lube.

How long did this go on? How the hell should I know? Time was the last thing I was thinking about! My head was way too far up in the clouds. Even lost count of how many dicks went in and how many were left. These guys were cool. Also very, very quiet. None of the usual grunting and groaning. No words, either. No ooohhhhhs, or aaahhhss, or yyyeeeaahhhs. In a way it was weird, but like I said, I didn't care. I'd never had anything even close to this happen to me before and I was reveling in it!

Eventually a dick pulled out of my mouth but no other took it's place. It was actually difficult to close my mouth. Then the last guy pulled out of my ass. Someone said, "Turn over," and I felt several hands help me flip over onto my back. Tried to open my eyes but the lights were too bright. Was about to smile when I felt something hot and wet splat onto my chest. Then another on my leg. That´s why none of them came inside me! They were saving it for now.

Next thing, I was ready to swear it was fucking raining cum! They had circled me and were jacking themselves off - and creaming me like I'd never been creamed before or since. I reached down to my own dick and added my own load. Felt like a cake that had just been frosted. I even felt a splat or two on my feet.

Toby then lay right on top of me and kissed me again. Very gentle and long kiss. He raised up and said, "You did great." There was even a smattering of subdued applause. I still had my eyes closed, but I sensed Toby's shit eatin' grin. I just reached up, grabbed his head and pulled him back down on me, smearing the cum all over him. Kissed him deep and hard. I didn't care that there were other guys in the room. I turned Toby's head until his ear was against my mouth. "Thank You!" I whispered.

More hands helped me sit up. I got my eyes open. The other guys actually came up and shook my hand. One handed me a towel. Toby took one and wrapped it around himself; took mine and wrapped it around me. The last guy who had come in stuck his head out the door and said something to the guy who was in the hall. He nodded, looked at Toby and me and said, "It's clear."

Toby took me down the hall to the shower. I was literally in a daze. I walked out the door of his room and just stopped. Looked around without really seeing anything. Toby actually had to grab my hand and LEAD me to the shower. We walked down the hall, all covered in cum. I even heard a couple of drops hit the floor. I stayed in the shower at least 20 minutes just standing there letting the water run over me. Every few minutes, I would shake my head, mutter something like, "Damn!", "Wow!’ or "Fuckin A!" I didn't have to look at Toby, I knew he was grinning!

After the shower I had come back to earth and was able to walk back to Toby's room by myself. I said earlier my head was in the clouds. I hadn't even thought that we were in a military barracks, and any one could have come into the hallway while me and cum covered Toby were walking to the shower. I didn't even notice that some of the other guys were walking in front of and behind us just to hide us.

When we got back to Toby's room everyone had left except Shawn, the guy who relieved Toby the night before. They told me some more startling revelations. The first was that Shawn actually showed up ON TIME to relieve Toby last night, and had stood in the dark watching Toby fuck me. Toby had seen him coming and had waved him off. He also gave Shawn a thumbs up, meaning I had passed the initial test. Apparently, I was able to take a slam bang fucking according to their first rule - silently.

After all it wouldn't do to have anyone walk down the hall of the barracks and hear the sounds of fucking coming from one of the rooms without the sounds of a female mixed in. So in our group silence was definitely golden! Shawn told me he was a "Short timer," meaning he was transferring out in 3 weeks. I was now officially the new kid in the club.

"How long has this been going on?" I asked them. Shawn told me that when he was "initiated" there was another guy who was a short timer who told Shawn that when HE was initiated there was another short timer who told HIM.......etc, etc, etc. No one knew how far back it went. Seems I had just become a member of a very large club. I then asked them, "But how did you know? I mean, how did you know I was gay?"

They had a whole set up; refined over the years. Soon after I arrived at that base, I was watched. Everybody was. Eventually a gay man will do something, say something, move a certain way, hold their cigarette a certain way. Every gay man does something to send out the gaydar. Whatever it was I did, one of the guys picked up on it. That guy told the others as was expected. Then they all started watching me.

I was at that base a full 6 months before that night. I was watched, evaluated, discussed, and eventually approved. Remember I said I had talked to a couple of the guys often? It was all part of the screening process. It was determined by all of them that I would be "acceptable," meaning that I would keep my mouth shut. Then the guy would be approached; (get this), usually by an SP, usually at the gate, and usually in the middle of the night! In other words; it was a set up from day one. But as you know, I didn't care.

Obviously my life at that base changed. I moved back into the barracks and this time I was happy. I became a "Watcher" along with every one else. And I took part in 4 other initiations while I was there including one I had recruited myself; meaning it was my job to lure the guy to the barracks, let everyone else know, arrange a night when the most of them could be there, and see the guy through it as Toby had done for me.

By the time I transferred out I was the short timer telling the new kid in the club this weird kind of legacy he was expected to continue. All of the other guys who initiated me had transferred and left. I was fucking around with a completely different group of guys then.

I guess you guys have noticed that nowhere in this epic piece of literature have I named the base - or even the branch of service - and I never will. Although I've been gone for years, I'm sure it's still going on. I'm sure I could go back there, go back to the same barracks, and every now and then I'll see some guy sitting out in the hallway reading something, but facing the door looking out.

If I said where this place is now, probably nothing would happen. But it would make it a little easier for me to tell someone else, thinking nothing would happen, and again probably nothing will. Eventually though, I would open my mouth once too often and terrible things would happen to who ever is there now. It's difficult enough for gays in the military to hook up as it is. Leave those guys alone. Let 'em have fun.

And Toby, where ever you are - grinning - Thank You!


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