The Mission 17

This story deals with mature subject matter and involves intimate gay sex.
If it is illegal for you to read such material, due to your age or location, then please don't. If you are offended by acts of sexuality between consenting and non-consenting adults, then Do Not Read this story.

The author does not necessarily condone or subscribe to the behavior discussed in this story.  It was written strictly as a form of entertainment and acts described should not be attempted by anyone that does not know what the hell they are doing. Any similarity with existing persons would be accidentally as the whole story is pure mad fantasy.

The Mission (part 17) military

Huang's dark eyes narrowed. He raised his hands and talked to the soldiers who lowered their weapons.

"Good - and now tell that clown to put that flask away," Mulroney pointed with his chin at one of the monks who had raised his arm, apparently to throw a small glass flask.

Huang talked to the monk who started to shiver in obvious fear. Huang barked at him in a stern voice and the trembling became so strong that the flask slipped from the terrified monk's hand and shattered on the ground.

"Forgive my man's clumsiness, he is very much afraid. I am sure we can settle this in a civilized manner, Commodore," Huang said with an obliging smile.

"Oh yes we will settle this once and for ...urghh," Mulroney couldn't finish his sentence. His vision blurred and his lungs seemed to refuse to taking in the air. He found himself writhing on the floor like all his officers, desperately struggling for breath.

"Argh ...fuck ... wha...?" He tried to aim the gun at the Korean but found that his arms did not follow his command. A strange weakness was spreading throughout his body. What was going on? Huang squatted down besides him and wrestled the gun from his numb hands.

"It's settled than," he said, " almost..."

"What you are feeling is a result of our biochemical research. Truly amazing don't you think?" Huang asked while two monks hauled the dazed Commodore up and seated him on the leather command chair.

Mulroney's eyes were wide open. An animalistic fear of suffocation swept his rational thinking as he struggled to breath with gaping mouth.

"This agent, that you and your men are experiencing, was distilled from the man juice that was provided by the pride of Western armed forces - most of them from your country. You should be proud! I think it is so potent because of the virility of your men. But again, as pride has its price – the agent affects your kind of breed the best and leaves us Asians unharmed. Brilliant – isn't it?"

The Commodore was still coughing but somehow the paralysis of his lungs was subsiding. Huang gave an order to the two monks who flipped the big man's legs in the air. The Speedo was pulled down to below the buttocks and upper thighs.

"W-what is this? Get your hands off me, you ..." Mulroney coughed and struggled weakly. One of the monks stood behind the chair and pulled his ankles up forcing the thighs down on his chest.

"I feel it is just fair that you contribute to our research as well." Huang nodded to the other monk, who sank down on his knees. His tongue started licking the Commodore's now exposed hairy balls.

"Fuck! No! Get off you pervert!" Mulroney was writhing in the monk's grip.

"Relax Mr. Mulroney, we are just polishing these nice jewels of yours.", Huang said gleeful, "you like your men will provide us your juices, uhm ... genetic material for large scale bio-chemical production."

"No way, you bastard!" one of the officers yelled in fury and charged at Huang. Red Guard guns aimed at him but Huang stopped his soldiers by a wink of his hand. His other hand was already closing around the attacker's throat. The officer who was still weak from the bio-agent was stopped as if he had hit a concrete wall. His eyes bulged.

"Ughh," a stifled groan came from his mangled throat. He twitched some moments in the merciless grip until Huang's fingers on his carotid arteries were cutting off the blood supply to his brain. The officer was already unconscious when his body hit the floor.

"It would have been a waste to kill such a manly subject," Huang sneered," but as I said, before that pathetic interruption, you and your men will squirt for our needs. Only you will have the privilege that we make this a pleasurable experience. Oh I see you are enjoying it already..."

The monk had started to softly caressing Mulroney's cock while he was chewing the balls. The Commodore felt the betrayal of his body, but in his weakened state he couldn't fight the sexual attacker.

"Get away from me you pervert faggot," Mulroney attempted feebly to push the monk's head away, while his cock was hardening.

"Your men will be sent off to our facility, where we will do the milking in a more mechanical way." Huang continued his lecture. "You have of course realized that your female staff has no place in that scheme."

"You bastard, I swear if you murder them ... ohhh," the Commodore fought against a wave of arousal. His toes were curving.

"No reason to worry about this," Huang laughed, "we don't let anything go to waste. Our friends from the Arabian Gulf will pay a fortune to own your precious beauties."

"Fucker!" Mulroney's face had turned crimson from both grim fury and hot arousal. His erect cock was dancing between the monk's fingers. Huang saw that the spit covered balls had attached themselves to the base of the throbbing admiral's dick.

"I think you are almost ready," Huang opened his robes and lowered the baggy pants." If you will do me the honor assisting me as well?!!

Mulroney's eyes widened when the Asian pulled his dick from his robes.

"No way! Fuck off you faggot ... no leave me!" Mulroney ranted while his legs were spread wide open. Huang climbed on the armrests and presented his manhood to the shocked American.

"As I said before, Mr. Mulroney, you should be proud," Huang forced his dick between the reluctantly opening lips," ...proud to serve Master Huang."

"Uungh...nnoo...mmpfff," The Commodore tried to spit the Asian cock from his mouth.

"You are about to experience Asian superiority at its finest and I assure you, you will find it most beneficial." Huang guided Mulroney's head up and down his cock making him cough and retch.

"Noo! Mmm...g-get off you ummmff," Mulroney struggled desperately.

"Your decadent Western culture dictates you to feel inferior just because of your age, isn't it, Mr. Mulroney?" Huang sneered.  "You are considered being useless the older you turn and that is why you desperately try to keep your body in shape, faking it being young. But you aren't. Right now you are an old weak man who sucks the dick of a young virile hunk."

The Commodore's eyes bulged when Huang thrust his cock deep down his throat, burying the gargling man's nose in his pubic hairs.

"We Asians, however, embrace age. Once you accept our way of life we will honor you with respect. Same as you respect me now, isn't it? You do respect me, huh?" Huang retracted his now fully erect manhood from Mulroney's mouth.

"No you miserable gook, I despise you!" Mulroney tried to wriggle himself away, but his strength was gone. Huang handled him with ease like a rag doll without its own will.

"You are a miserable cock-sucker, but you will learn," Huang climbed form the chair, his erect cock was bobbing proudly, " you will learn to respect my dick!"

Huang discarded his robes. He pushed the monk away and grabbed the American by the hollows of his knees. His cock was gliding between the shaven butt-cheeks.

"No! Not that!" Mulroney was writhing under him. His cock was still jacked by one of the monks. Some officers turned away unable to watch the utmost humiliation of their Commander.

"Never!" the Commodore clenched is ring muscle as tight as possible, but Huang's rod poked like a steel bar. It bent slightly as it was prevented to enter, however, it stubbornly insisted. The Korean knew that sooner or later the sphincter would relax.

"I will pop your Admiral's cherry," Huang was rocking his body, wriggling his hips in a circular motion.

"No way..." Mulroney croaked hoarsely. Despite his efforts he sensed that he wouldn't be able to keep his ass tight shut for any much longer. His sphincter twitched.

"Uh...uh," Hunag sneered and thrust again.

"Shit! Fucker!...Aaawwwwww!" the deflowered Commodore howled in fury.

Huang let his erection glide alongside the slippery chute until it rubbed across the damp nutsac and back again until he saw from Mulroney's startled expression that the body under him was reacting to the stimulation of the sensitive ass hole.

"Don't fight me," Huang sneered," you like that, huh, that is why you are shaving your ass."

"No, oh fuckin' shit, this ain't right," the Commodore was moaning. He realized in terror that he was losing all inhibitions.

"Yes, give in to it," Huang's voice was oozing triumph. He felt the first thrusts when Mulroney's hips were starting to respond.

"Ff-fuck you!," Mulroney's head shook right and left when he tried to clear his mind from the temptations of his loins. His balls were aching, demanding relief.

"Yes atta boy!" Huang teased. The Commodore's hips were now bucking up and down in a regular rhythm. When his cock was sliding over the sphincter he sensed the muscle relaxing. Soon he would be invited.

"Oh no, oh no ...arrghhh," Mulroney's back arched when all of a sudden, the cum in his balls seemed to churn up.

"Let him!" Huang ordered the monk to stop the strokes. It was too early to make the American cum.

Mulroney's body was sweaty and it went into a shiver. He knew that the Korean was holding him close to the point of no return. The sensations became overwhelming. He couldn't remember having ever experienced that level of lust with any of the many women he had. He didn't know that he was sharing this experience with Dwight who had found that no other man could give him the pleasures he was receiving from the Korean. Dwight got addicted to Huang's way of making love and couldn't wait to get fucked silly night after night.

The Commodore's body went rigid. He threw his head back into his neck. His pre-cum oozing cock was helpless flipping on his abs, but he could not yet find the relief his body was craving for so urgently.

"What the fuck! Hit me man! Give it to me!" Mulroney was now looking straight up into Huang's eyes. His ass moved up offering itself obscenely to the invader.

"As you wish!" Huang hissed, thrusting his boner through the opening ring of ass muscles.

"Oh yeah, fuck! That's it!" Mulroney hollered. And then the fucking started. Mulroney had often wondered what it would feel being deflowered. Now he knew it. It hadn't hurt as he had been expertly prepared by Huang and so he was howling uninhibitedly indulging in an mind-boggling agony of lust.

"Oh shit that feels ssoooo good," he yelled," harder fuck me harder, faster now!"

The crew on the bridge was watching in shock and awe.

"Do you want to cum?" Huang's face was flushed now as well.

"Yeah! I wonna cum! You damned fucker! Don't slow down. Harder! Uhhhh!" Mulroney was in despair.

"Beg me! Plead for it!" Huang sneered.

"Oh you son-of-a-bitch! You fuckin' tease!" Mulroney squirmed.


"Uhh...I wanna cum, pleeze make me shoot my fuckin' load," Mulroney hollered.

"Beg more!"

"Argh! Fuck! What do `ya want? Fuck me brains out! Make me cum!" Mulroney was showing signs of madness.

"Not good enough!"

"Oh please let me cum. I am all yours, " Mulroney sobbed, " I am your fuckin' whore, I am your bitch, take the ship but take me first. Man! Come on, do me, NOW!!!

"Here you go!" Huang buried his dick up to the hilt inside the Commodore's ass.

"Eewwww!" Mulroney let out a shriek of sheer ecstasy, his body reared up from the chair and then his bloating mushroom head –without being touched – erupted. String after string of white churning man seed squirted against Huang's chest and then across his own chest. Some drops were dripping from his chin, when he felt Huang's dick swelling inside of him.

"Urrgh!" Mulroney's final grunt of primal lust indicated that his innards were flooded by the Korean's man seed. Huang had conquered the American leader who lay back with a smile of satisfaction on his flushed face.

"Take him to the temple and extract what's left in his nuts," Huang ordered derisively.

"You devil! I don't know how you made me do what I just did," Mulroney struggled wildly in the grip of the two monks, " but you won't get away."

"Oh really?" Huang looked at the Commodore with arrogant compassion,"... and what would stop me?"

"Do you seriously think you can just steal an aircraft carrier and walk away with it?"

"Certainly," Huang replied with glee," in only one week from now your proud ship will be dismantled and the steel melting in our smelters. The technology will of course be explored and I am sure, we will find a lot of people interested in buying it from us, don't you think so as well?"

"Pirate, you are a pirate without honor!" The Commodore responded with a furious roar that triggered a wild, raucous laughter from the scarlet-clad Asian.

(... to be continued)