The Mission 18

This story deals with mature subject matter and involves intimate gay sex.
If it is illegal for you to read such material, due to your age or location, then please don't. If you are offended by acts of sexuality between consenting and non-consenting adults, then Do Not Read this story.

The author does not necessarily condone or subscribe to the behavior discussed in this story.  It was written strictly as a form of entertainment and acts described should not be attempted by anyone that does not know what the hell they are doing. Any similarity with existing persons would be accidentally as the whole story is pure mad fantasy.

The Mission (part 18) military

His throat was sore and his voice hoarse from yelling. Taylor had given up calling for help. The cabin Cliff had chosen for his confinement was far away from the crew quarters. Naked and frustrated to have fallen for Cliff's set-up he had slumped to the floor. His misery got even worse when the air-con stopped working and the lights went off. Thinking that Cliff would return ready to have his way with him and that nobody even knew of his whereabouts made Taylor almost panic.

There was a sound on the outside and the door opened. Taylor blinked into a glaring flash light. His fear took finally over.

"Hey man , I am sorry, " he pleaded in a shrill high-pitched voice," I might have been gone a bit too far, but you taught me a lesson ... I am good now... I ... I."

"Shut up fag, or do `ya wanna get us caught," Taylor recognized Craig Braddock's manly voice muffled by a mouthpiece. The beefy Lieutenant was wearing his black neoprene shorty, wet socks and a diving mask, which was pushed up to his front head. He was armed with a harpoon gun and a big combat knife in a leg sheath.

"What do you want from me?" Taylor shrieked when Craig entered the cabin.

"Shhh! You asshole! Will you shut up!" The big Seal hissed angrily.

"Here put this on!" he had brought a short wetsuit, with mask and mouth piece like he was wearing.

"They have fucked us pretty bad," Craig told Taylor the story. "Now the gooks are all over the ship, taking us down with a fuckin' gas or something. It just fucks us but not them, so `ya better breathe through the mouth piece all the time.
Luckily Cliff told me that he locked you up here inside, so me was thinking you might be ok -- from the gas I mean."

"What happened to my brother and the others?" Taylor was pulling the wetsuit over his shoulders.

"Their plane went down," Craig helped him to close the zipper on his back," I don't think they made it."

"No!" Taylor turned around, tears filling his eyes.

"That's not true! You are a bloody liar! That ain't true..." his fists hammered against Craig's sculpted chest. The Seal hesitated for a moment. Then he pushed the sobbing young man away and seized his biceps with a grip that made Taylor wince.

"Listen, you wimpy fruit fly," he said, holding Taylor tight. "You have to calm down, don't piss me off? We might be the only ones who are still free. We are their only hope. We cannot let them catch us. We must get off this ship." The Seal hated it, but he needed Taylor as a back-up.

`It ain't true, it can't be true. Kyle is not dead,' Taylor was thinking again and again while he was stumbling behind Craig through narrow aisles. He looked at the broad back of the Seal who was carefully checking each compartment, before he entered it. Miraculously they made it to a small bulkhead without being discovered. The shoreline was about half a mile away.

"Now we swim," Craig looked over his shoulder and gave Taylor an encouraging grin. He had to keep the fruit fly in a good mood. Then they jumped into the sea. Used to water sports Taylor was in good shape and had no difficulty to keep up with the hunky Seal who pulled himself through the water with powerful strokes. They carefully avoided the armada of boats and rafts heavily loaded with crew members heading for the shore as well. Finally they made to the beach and rushed from the water into the shelter of some nearby trees and shrubs.

"There is no point, we can do anything until it is dark," Craig said," they'll catch us easily. Let's get some sleep. At night we try to get to the temple and try to do something about the crew. If I can free my squad we have a good chance." And then I can get rid of you faggot pussy, he thought to himself.

Taylor didn't reply. Feeling miserable about his brother's fate, he just sat down on a tree stump and stared to the ground.

"I've gotta take a shit," Craig said. He turned away heading to some nearby bushes.

"You are not leaving me, are you?" Taylor asked fearfully.

"Here take this," Craig handed him the harpoon gun. He knew it would be useless, if the young man was discovered, but he wanted to give him some assurance. He gave Taylor a final thumb up and disappeared in the bushes. He found a place that was well enshrouded by shrubs, peeled the wet suit from his shoulders and pushed it down to the ankles. He squatted and relieved himself, arms resting on his thighs.

The forest was awkwardly silent. There weren't even the usual sounds of birds and monkeys. Although the place was well shielded from the sun by the dense foliage, the heat of the day started already to kick in. Moisture evaporated from the rain soaked ground and increased the humidity. Beads of sweat were running down Craig's hunched back. His eyes were surveying the green wall of leaves right in front of him. It was amazing how many different shades of green Mother Nature was able to generate he thought and then Craig froze.

Right from within the dense foliage a pair of brown eyes was staring at him. The green wall parted and the muzzle of a gun appeared pointing straight at Craig's face. The Seal knew better than to move. He waited motionless until the owner of the gun appeared as well.

The grinning Red Guard was looking down on him. Craig started slowly to rise.

"Easy buddy," he said. A warning wink with the gun made him fall back on his heels.

The Asian moved the gun closer until it almost touched the tip of Craig's nose. The Seal held his breath. His trained eyes recognized that the weapon was unlocked. A slight touch on the trigger and his head would be blown off his shoulders.
Sweat formed in his arm pits while he slowly raised his hands to show that he was unarmed. He didn't look into the enemy soldier's eyes in order to avoid anything that might have been perceived as provocation.

The muzzle touched his lips. Craig looked up, very slowly. The Asian was grinning and opened his mouth. Craig's lips opened slowly. The grin on the soldier's face broadened.

When the muzzle of the gun entered his mouth Craig swallowed hard. The sharp metallic taste of weapon oil filled his palate. He was still looking up at the Red Guard who made now an unmistakable gesture. Slowly Craig started to chew on the gun. The Asian pushed it deep into his throat making him choke and pulled it back until it almost flipped from his mouth. A chuckle came from his side and from the corner of his eyes, Craig saw other Red Guards appearing from the shrubs. Soon, five well-armed Koreans were looking down on him.

He was pushed down on his knees. Calloused hands seized his head and made him bob on the barrel. The first Red Guard was holding the gun now by one hand only. With his free hand he pointed to Craig's groin and made a pumping motion.

"Uhmmm," Craig shook his head to signal that he was not willing to accept that kind of humiliation. The eyes of the Asian turned into a menacing stare. Craig's head was firmly pulled back into his neck while the barrel entered his throat. One of the Asian's pulled Craig's combat knife from the leg sheath and reached down to the Seal's balls.

"Urghh..ghhh..ghhh," Craig was retching and coughing, but it did not help. The gun was so far deep down his throat that it did cut his air supply. He would either suffocate, been shot or castrated unless he ...

His hand traveled down between his thighs and closed around his flaccid dick. Slowly he started to slide his hand up and down the meaty shaft. The gun was slightly pulled back, giving him space to breathe. Saliva was pouring from the corner of his mouth while he was sucking on the barrel and pumping himself. Sneering laughter came from the Red Guards.

Taylor heard the laughing men and skulked to the bushes where Craig had disappeared. He froze in shock watching the five Red Guards surrounding the sweaty, muscular Seal, who was down on his knees jacking his man meat. Taylor recognized that Craig had no chance to resist. His mouth was gagged with a gun. His ankles were trapped in the wetsuit and a knife was pressed into his balls. The enemy was simply too many.

The Asians were humiliating their victim by caressing his body, obviously trying to arouse him against his will. One Red Guard stripped from his uniform jacket and rubbed his naked chest against the Seal's bare tattooed back. He hugged him from behind and played with his nipples applying love bites in his neck.

Craig felt a hot surge rushing through his body. His cock twitched in his hands strongly responding to the stimulations. The flushed skin told the tormentors that they were on the right track.
The first Red Guard pulled the gun from the coughing Seal's mouth and before Craig could catch his breath the muzzle was replaced by a quickly swelling dick.

The Seal realized that the soldiers were now focused on having their way with him. They wanted to satisfy their lust rather than killing him. His combat-trained mind recognized a chance to get away. It just required playing their game and to wait for a moment of distraction. Males were susceptible to their sex drive by nature. These gooks were no different. These fucking slit-eyes were fags, he could sense it. They got off on his man's body, he knew that. He could read it from the lecherous look on their faces.

A bold plan came into shape in his mind. Carefully chewing on the dick, Craig had no illusions that they would rape him in the end.
It had been a shock getting fucked by Mike, but now Craig was cool about it. He was no fag, no way but these mother-fuckers were and he would turn this to his advantage. Yeah, he thought, have your fun with me ass-holes, exhaust yourselves and get careless. That's what I need.

Craig grinned inwardly about the small dick that had been put into his mouth. Asians were definitely handicapped, he thought. He boldly closed his hands around the Guards hips, cupped his buttocks and started to suck the dick in earnest. After a tense moment of silence the soldier said something in his language and the other Guards laughed. The soldier kneeling behind him was now stroking the big American's dick. Craig felt himself responding quickly. Good, he thought, now I'll show you gooks what a real man does look like. He sucked the dick in his mouth for all he was worth. There were only the jingling of his dog tags and gobbling sounds. Then he was rewarded by a strangled grunt from the Korean. As he had expected, the gook wouldn't last long. Craig could hardly keep himself from laughing.

The gasping Guard rolled his eyes in despair, but it was too late. His body reacted, driven by primal instinct. He grabbed the cropped head and shot his cum into the Seal's mouth. When the squirts stopped, Craig did not release the shuddering man but continued to play with his tongue over the sensitive glans.

"Urrgh!" the Korean squeaked and pulled himself away. One down already, that wasn't so bad after all. Gleefully Craig watched the soldier hollering, swaying in front of him on buckling knees. The others were cheering enjoying the predicament of their comrade who recovered slowly, his semi-erect cock now visibly shrinking.

Craig was still kneeling and obviously enjoying being jacked off from behind. He spread his arms wide to offer the "Red Guards" a clear view to his fully aroused cock. This would do the trick and once those fags were drooling over his man's body he would take them down.

"Yeah, that's what a real man is like," the hunk couldn't hold back any longer. He pushed the hand away from his cock and started jerking his own meat with sure, firm strokes.

"Yeah, urrgh. Here it cums!" It took just a few strokes and a powerful gush of hot cum squirted high in the air, hitting the boots of the surprised Guard in front of him.

The soldiers cheered again, obviously impressed that he was able to keep hard despite the cum shot. Two more were putting their guns aside and joined actively.

"Yeah, come to Papa," Craig muttered. He rose and stripped the wetsuit from his ankles. He moved slowly to show that he was not intending to attack. At the same time he flexed his muscles to impress the watching Koreans. Naked apart from his dog tags and the wet socks the burly Seal towered over the smaller Asians and he was sporting a raging boner. The soldiers froze, staring in awe at the 10 inch erection. A moment later they were all over him. His plan had worked better than he could have wished. His stamina would be more than they could handle.

Taylor raised the harpoon gun. He needed the Seal and he had to help him. May be with the distraction they would be able to seize at least one gun and than the big Lieutenant would be able to take the Guards down. The jagged arrow-head of the harpoon pointed at the naked back of one of the Koreans who was just stripping one of the wet socks from the Seal's foot.

Taylor's finger was closing in on the trigger when a hand closed over his mouth with brutal force. He was held in an iron grip and the harpoon gun was wrestled from his hands. His legs were pulled up by a second attacker rendering him completely helpless. In panic is body reared up and down but he could not escape. The attacker who was gagging him with his hand forced his head back so that he could see his captor.

"Mm-ke!" the muffled grunt of surprise was stifled by Mike Johnson's hand. The Private was grinning down on him and signaled him to stay quiet. Taylor nodded and Mike released him. The man who was holding his legs grinned and released him as well. Soon Taylor would learn, that he was one of the pilots who had been able to escape from the doomed Hercules. Mike led Taylor away from the clearing, where the Red Guards had their way with Craig.

"We have to help him, we can't leave him," Taylor sputtered as soon as they were out of hearing.

"Oh don't you worry your big friend is safe," Mike grinned, obviously enjoying Taylor's puzzlement.

"What about my brother?" a sudden sadness overcame Taylor.

"Kyle is enjoying himself in the temple, although he might not feel it this way," Mike's wicked grin broadened.

"What are you talking about? Craig said the plane went down and that there is little hope and, and," Taylor was lost.

"Well, we have found ourselves an ally," Mike turned and now Taylor saw the small, bald shaved Asian in his gray cotton trousers.

"My name is Eng-Lok," the monk bowed politely," and I convey a message from Grand-Master Gao-Ban."

Meanwhile Craig's ass was hugging the muddy ground. His tattooed back was comfortably resting against a moss covered tree trunk. By now, all five Red Guards had stripped their uniforms. One lanky guy straddled him and lowered his ass carefully on the American's man-meat.

"Yeah it's big, huh?" Craig grinned.

The Guard grinned back revealing a number of gashes in his teeth and seized the Seal's broad shoulders. Impaling himself on Craig's monster cock with an impressive girth of 6 inches did obviously hurt, but he wanted it and now it was too late to back off in front of his buddies. Finally he managed to take the hefty shaft. The Korean squatted and started to bend his knees, riding the Seal's cock. His face was contorted while he fought with the huge fuck pole that was impaling him.

"Uh yeah you are tight man, really tight," Craig groaned in pleasure. Another soldier gently bent his head back and straddled his face. The Seal's short protest was muffled by the buttocks that silenced him and he had no choice but to dart his tongue into the warm chute.

He couldn't see that the other two soldiers were winding the belts from their discarded uniforms around the tree trunk on both sides of him. His hands were gently guided away from the hips of the soldier, who was now accelerating his ride, until his arms were wide-spread. The belts were firmly tied around his wrists, securing the big man to the trunk.

Craig struggled angrily. His biceps bulged. He couldn't tear the bonds holding his wrists, but his right hand almost slipped free. Quickly the Koreans looped two more belts around the trunk. This time they fastened the tethers across the flexing biceps. Now Craig's arms were firmly secured. His bare foot slipped on the muddy ground when he tried in vain to get some leverage.

"Mmmpffff, shit!" The Guard was now giving him a pounding fuck ride. He had adjusted to Craig's hefty meat and found a comfortable rhythm. The stimulation of the tight ass was so intense that the Seal knew he wouldn't last long.
The soldier rose from his face and started to jerk his throbbing boner. Between the thighs of the straddling guard, Craig saw the grinning face of the soldier who was riding him.

"Yes man. Ouuhhh ... yes ... you are doing it. Argh! Fuck yeah!" Craig erupted inside the Guard. He was gasping for air.

"Ayyehh!" the soldier who was riding him couldn't hold back as well. Craig felt a warm load of jism spraying right in his face.

Not without difficulty the Guard on his cock had disengaged himself. He shook his head and grinned sheepishly at his comrades. Craig's juice was dripping from his asshole and running down his legs. He grinned again at the Seal who was catching his breath and walked to the bushes to catch his shirt. He used the sweat stained fabric to rub his legs clean.

"Not bad, huh?" Craig said hoarsely.

A finger tipped against his chest. He turned his head and saw another Guard squatting over his dick. This soldier was as small as his comrades, however, his body was a package of sculpted muscles. He looked defiantly at the Seal while lowering his butt on Craig's dick guiding the man meat between his muscular cheeks.

"Huh...huhhh..awww," the Korean hollered trying to cope with the huge dick challenge. Clenching his teeth and gathering all his courage he dropped his hips in one fast move.

"Shit!" Craig uttered a guttural grunt. His boner was again tautly sheathed. The brawny Guard steadied himself against the Seal's chest and impaled his ass with one mighty thrust up to the hilt on the hefty shaft.

"Aww!" the Seal winced as his balls were squeezed under the firm buttocks. The Korean grinned painfully, but rose and pounced again. This time Craig was prepared and countered with an upward thrust that made the Asian groan. The Guard rose in reflex and Craig who had expected this reaction hammered his man meat once more up the tight ass. This time the husky soldier shrieked. He lost balance and impaled himself again deeply on the Seal's fuck pole. This time it had found the prostrate, forcing a hoarse lustful bark from the Guard.


"You like that, faggot, huh?" Craig slammed his hips up lifting the Guard clear off the ground. The Korean soldiers watched in shocked surprise as the tethered American made their muscular comrade bounce on his dick like a howling, wincing puppet.

"Aaayehh! Ahh...ahhh...ahhgg...", the Guard groaned.

Both brawny bodies were quickly soaked in sweat. Craig's face was contorted from the effort, but he bucked his hips relentlessly.

"Ohhh..uhhh...wooaaa," high-pitched shrieks came now from the skewered Korean, who couldn't disengage himself. The others were chuckling about the obvious predicament, of their comrade, who had a bad reputation as a bully. They cheered the American on to fuck the shit out of the hapless Guard.

"Yeah, look at you, muscle-head, this is how I fuck `ya, and this is how I fuck `ya all `ya bloody gooks," Craig roared and cursed.

In the end even the Seal was exhausted and had to slow down. The workout had depleted a lot of his stamina and he felt close to another climax. The Korean propped himself on Craig's heaving chest. Blood-shot eyes were glaring at him.

"Finished already?" Craig grinned back.

"Aaaeeiihhhh!" The Guard bellowed enraged. His fingers clawed in Craig's hard pecs making the American howl in pain. The Guard started to pound on the Seal's cock mustering all the strength that was left in him.

"Fucker!" Craig retaliated with a number of hard upward thrusts that made the Asian shriek. He lasted 6 thrusts and then the orgasm hit him with an avalanche of lust.

"Uhhh... fuck!" he arched his back and shot his load inside the howling Guard who came as well, spraying Craig's chest and face with an impressive series of cum shots. When the simultaneous climax subsided both men rested exhausted. The Korean finally raised his head and nodded in appreciation. He got up and Craig's half deflated dick plopped on his strained abs.

"Wow..." Craig felt dazed. This one had been tough. His body was still shuddering in the aftermath of the powerful orgasm. He had to focus on his plan, could not permit himself getting carried away. Somebody seized his semi-hard baby-maker. Craig looked up and saw the fifth soldier. He was the youngest member of the squad with a boyish face that was wearing a shy smile. A light shadow above his lips indicated a slowly growing mustache. He had a lanky but nevertheless sinewy body that was well tanned. Unlike his comrades he was wearing a loin cloth.

"What? Aren't you a bit too young boy?" Craig sneered," better run to your Mom before you get hurt."

The young Guard did not seem to understand. He lowered his eyes as if he didn't dare looking at the muscular stranger. Scrawny almost lady-like fingers fumbled gently with Craig's balls, which were visibly shrunken. He looked insecure at Craig.

"Don't be afraid, boy," Craig rasped in a husky voice. The gentle touch triggered a tingle in his groin.

The young Guard returned a shy smile and talked to his comrades, who started to grin. One of the soldiers was searching the shrubs until he found a bush that was growing a cucumber like gourd. He made a satisfied grunt and ripped it off. With his combat knife he cut the 18 inch long gourd into half. The young guard offered one half to Craig. The vegetable was filled with a greenish, pulpy juice and small, hard, dark brown, jelly-like soft seeds.

The scrawny Asian looked encouraging and Craig opened his lips. The young soldier fed him the fruit and turned it emptying the entire sweet, gooey content into his mouth. The juice was dripping from the corners of his mouth on his sweaty chest. The fruit was delicious.

"Mmm...nice," Craig nodded grateful while he was chewing.

The boyish soldier spat into the remaining half of the cucumber and with a quick move put it over Craig's softened cock.

"Hey! What the fuck?" Craig protested in surprise.

The young soldier started to pump the big Seal's shaft; first slowly then increasingly faster. The gooey pulp made the cucumber slide smoothly up and down the shaft. Inside the tight fitting gourd a vacuum was forming. The juice of the fruit sizzled on his dick head. It seemed to heighten the sensitivity of the mushroom head.

"Oh yeah!" Craig groaned as he felt renewed arousal. His entire cock was on fire.
"Yeah, faster!" Impatiently he was tearing at his bonds. The young soldier grinned knowingly. He pumped now harder. The gourd was warming up and Craig felt a tremendous stimulation from both the suction and the friction.

"Uhh...that feels...good," New sweat was forming on his body. At the brink of surrendering himself to the pleasurable sensation he managed to regain his composure. He had to stay in charge and could not permit himself indulging in lust.

"Slowly boy, slow it down ...uhhhh," He tried to wiggle away but with his tied arms the small soldier had no problems to follow his squirming hips. Trying as he might he felt the soaring urge to release another load of his man's seed.
He concentrated on regaining control of the carrier and taking down the temple, but the urge to cum could no longer be neglected. His body protested the denial of relief. He felt his heartbeat pulsing in his loins. A hot wave of arousal flushed from his groin to his head.

"Ohhh... shit.. you make me shoot my fuckin' load," Craig had cum too many times to be able to control his climax. His body was in sexual heat and the young soldier had managed to fire him up to the maximum. Every stimulation was equally torment and arousal. The boy pumped him closer and closer to emission. Craig clenched his teeth and closed his eyes surrendering himself to the approaching orgasm.

The pumping stopped, leaving the rock-hard shaft twitching in the heated sheath.

"What? Uhhh fuck...ahhh," Craig opened his eyes. The soldier was hunched over his torso and was licking the sticky juice from his chest. The Seal let out a helpless squeak when the warm moist tongue was licking teasingly his hard man tits. His head lolled back and the tongue followed to lick his exposed throat. The soldier was reaching behind and started again moving the gourd up and down the rock-hard shaft. The suction seemed to reach all the way down into the aching balls. Craig felt his nuts contract. It was as if the last drop of his spunk was sucked away from his gonads and it felt so good.

"Oh shit oh fuck that is awesome! I can't bear this ...huh...uhhh!"

The young sinewy body was all over him. There was a lick in his arm pits, then there was a bite in his left nipple that made him scream and then a soft kiss on the inflamed meat knob, soothing and arousing at the same time that made him moan. Only when the big man slumped exhausted in his bonds did the young soldier stop. He was kneeling between Craig's thighs and pulled the gourd up. The strong vacuum kept the swollen mushroom head from slipping and simultaneously stretching the pulsing shaft almost painfully preventing the balls from connecting to the cock base.

"Ahhh...," frustrated Craig stared helpless at the young Red Guard, waiting for whatever was to come. By now the boy played him like a fiddle.

The soldier nodded with a grin. His index- and middle-fingers moved down between the sweaty mud-covered buttocks. There was a soft poke and the fingers penetrated the tight rear channel. In one fluid motion the fingers reached as deep as it would go skillfully finding the prostrate. The young Korean knew exactly what he was doing and he did it expertly.

When he hit the prostrate forcing Craig to arch his back and to grind himself even further on the probing fingers, his thumb was deftly squeezing the taut sac both separating the aching balls and pushing them finally in position under the base of the stretched shaft.

" Fuuuckk!" The Seal experienced the climax of his life. His cum was sucked right into the low pressurized fruit. The suction was so strong that the nuts contracted even further desperately trying to pump.

"Huhhhh!" The resulting climax forced the powerful body right into uncontrolled spasms. Craig's head slammed against the trunk, almost knocking himself out. He didn't know how long it took until he came around.

"Fuck!" the skin of his entire body was still sizzling. He felt that somebody was loosening the belts tying his arms to the tree trunk.

Somebody was slapping him in the face. Slowly the cob webs disappeared and he regained a clear vision.

The young soldier was lying at his side. He had caught the rapidly deflating monster cock and was slowly stroking it. He had cut the big white man's fuck pole to size and unlike his comrades he was handling it now with ease. Even more, he had discharged the hunk's canon thoroughly. The surrounding Guards were chuckling, pointing at the shriveled nut sac that was almost flat between the thighs.

Still stroking the softened cock the young Guard bent over the big body and started nibbling Craig's man tits. He licked the sweat from the hard pecs and covered the throat with kisses. Craig's hand rose to the Asian's shoulder following an impulse to push him away, but then it remained a feeble attempt. He felt strangely attracted to the young Asian and found it difficult to accept him as an enemy. A confused expression appeared in the Seal's face.

"I...I am no fuckin' fag...I..."

The young soldier reached around Craig's cropped head and pulled him close. The Seal looked into the intently looking brown eyes and before he could object, he felt the lips of the Asian on his mouth. At first the big body tensed, then it relaxed. His eyes closed and his lips parted in reflex. Then he tasted the Asian. It was for the first time to taste a man and Craig was surprised how much it turned him on. While the tongue was playing with his own, the hand around his shaft had stopped jerking him and rested warm on his balls. Overwhelmed by lustful arousal his strong arm reached around the young man's shoulder and pulled him firmly into the kiss. At the same time his hand closed around his dick and started stroking.

"Ummmmpfff," urgent muffled grunts came from the locked mouths.

When Craig's hips started bucking the Guard's hand moved down below the balls. A finger was poking against the sphincter and moments later Craig found himself undulating on the finger of the young soldier who was expertly guiding the hunk to the next climax.

"Huh, huh, huh," He was breathing heavily now and the Asian was softly nibbling at his earlobe. Craig was pumping his redeveloped erection with both hands. His body was flushed and he smelt his own sweat.

"F-fuck," he hollered. The urge to cum had taken control of his mind. But the earlier cum shots had taken their toll and he had to work hard for the release.

"Huh...urgh", a strangled grunt came from his throat as he felt the familiar contractions forming agonizing slowly in his groin. His fists were clenched around his shaft pumping it ferociously, but he was so spent that he didn't manage to climb over the edge to relief.

The young Guard read the frustration in the crimson face and talked to his comrades. Craig's ankles were seized and the Asian soldiers pulled his feet up spreading his legs wide. The weight of his sweating body was now on his shoulder blades, however, he was so transfixed in reaching the climax, that he hardly noticed what was going on.

"Ahhhh..yesss," he groaned as his toes were sucked. He was writhing in the young soldiers embrace, who pulled his finger from his ass and started slapping the muddy buttocks -- and that did it.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Craig's muscular body reared up until he stood almost vertical on his shoulders. The Asian's clinging to the long legs could hardly subdue the convulsing man.

"Urrgh..." a dribble of almost clear gooey cum spurted from the piss hole of the mangled dick and dropped into the contorted crimson face. That was all that the depleted balls had to give.

"Ahh...shit," Craig's eyes rolled back in their sockets while the climax went on, shaking his body and shattering his mind.

When he finally came back from the heights of his orgasm the realization sank in that he had sexually surrendered himself to a man. The big Seal was still confused but deep in his mind he accepted it and felt satisfaction. His intention to escape was gone. He became aware that the Asians were rubbing his sweaty body with damp moss that they had stripped from the tree trunk. His overheated body welcomed the soothing feeling.

The young Guard had pulled his legs against his chest and only now Craig realized that his ass had been conquered by the young man's dick. He hadn't even felt the penetration but he was ready to accept it. One of the Guards lowered the gourd to his mouth and the mixture of the fruit's pulp and his own cum drooled into his mouth. The hunk swallowed thirstily.
Then the Guard leaned into him pushing his legs down with surprising strength. He reached for Craig's shoulders and raised his hips.

"Yeah, fuck me!" Craig's voice roared, while the Asian dick pummeled his prostrate. The Guard fucked relentlessly and although Craig couldn't cum anymore he was driven into a state of delirious arousal. His groans and moans of pleasure echoed across the clearing.

Reduced to a heap of sweating, panting muscle, he became the center of the Red Guards' gang bang who took now turns in fucking him and feeding him their dicks. The jungle fuck went on and on and he liked it. They put him on all fours and fucked him doggie style. The muscular Guard lay down on his back and his comrades lifted the Seal impaling him on the dick of their friend. Craig was on his heels and elbows while he was fucked silly and when he became too exhausted, his limp body was bent over the tree trunk, both his ass and mouth stuffed with Korean man meat. It was in this position when the young Guard gave a final demonstration of his skills. He milked the flaccid dick of the meekly hollering man to an almost impossible erection and with a short slap on the balls a final spurt of cum was forced from the depleted nuts.

"Uhhh," a weak yelp, and after a soft shudder the brawny body went silent.

"I think our friend has been turned into a quite skillful bottom," Mike commented when he and his friends joined the grinning soldiers. Eng-Lok and the Red Guards exchanged friendly words.

The Abbott of the temple was held in high esteem among the villagers and the Red Guard squad, who had been recruited from the region, knew him well. Gao-Ban despised Colonel Kim Nang Po and he hated Dr. Takashima. During the war the Japanese had systematically destroyed Korean ancestral shrines in order to deprive the Koreans from their spiritual heritage. Gao-Ban would never forgive nor forget the shame and when he realized that Colonel Kim was collaborating with the arch-enemy, he had decided to help the Americans. When the Red Guards had reported survivors from the plane crash, Eng-Lok had been sent to intercept them.

"We spotted you all the way from the carrier," Mike said, while Taylor listened in disbelief. "You never had a chance. But as things are I felt some mind adjustment of the proud Seal was in order and our new friends here enjoyed it profoundly."

The Red Guards had dressed again and grinned at Taylor, while they lifted Craig's heavy body from the trunk. Taylor bent down and fetched the gourd.

"I wonder whether we can get those in the States..." he murmured.

"Hey, don't you get any ideas," Mike laughed, "we still have got a job to do."

(... to be continued)