The Mission 19

This story deals with mature subject matter and involves intimate gay sex.
If it is illegal for you to read such material, due to your age or location, then please don't. If you are offended by acts of sexuality between consenting and non-consenting adults, then Do Not Read this story.

The author does not necessarily condone or subscribe to the behavior discussed in this story.  It was written strictly as a form of entertainment and acts described should not be attempted by anyone that does not know what the hell they are doing. Any similarity with existing persons would be accidentally as the whole story is pure mad fantasy.

The Mission (part 19) military

The air was lingering hot and moist upon them. Although the dense foliage of the trees was shielding the men from the brutal heat of the sun, the climate had got them good. The Koreans and the Americans who had joined to an unlikely alliance had dozed off into an uneasy slumber. Only Taylor lay awake, his head resting on Mike's thigh. The distinctive male smell coming from the Marine's lap could have turned him on, but he had other things in mind by now that he had learned the good news.

He wanted to cry out of sheer relief. Mike had told him that Kyle was alive. That his brother was held captive didn't matter. They would find a way to rescue him and their friends. Now that they had found unexpected allies in this hostile territory, they might be able to turn the tables against their shrewd enemy.
Taylor looked across the clearing where Craig was sleeping amidst the Red Guards. The Seal was clad again in his black neoprene suit although he had stripped the top to his waist. The muscular soldier was softly snoring. `No wonder, ` Taylor thought, grinning inwardly,' they gave you quite a workout, macho-man.'

The youngest of the Red Guard, whose name was Khoo, rose. He nudged the big American, who was instantly alert. But there was no danger yet. Craig looked into Khoo's smiling face and grinned sheepishly. Taylor couldn't believe it. There was obviously a kind of bond between the faggot-hating callous straight macho-fucker and the lean Korean.
Without making any noise the Korean soldier rose to his feet and walked to the other end of the clearing. He didn't even look back when he disappeared in the bushes. Craig rose as well and followed the lanky Red Guard.

"Horny bastards," Taylor grinned.

Khoo smiled at the big American, who appeared from the bushes. Craig's face was unshaven. Mud soiled both his forehead and his cheeks; traces from the morning romp when he had been pushed face-down while being fucked doggie-style. Khoo had lowered his camo pants and was slowly striking his cock. The big Seal was towering over him, but not with a menace. Musky man's smell was emanating from Craig's naked torso, which was covered by a thin layer of sweat. The hunk's gaze was mesmerized by the Red Guard's cock. The bulge swelling in his crotch, where his huge man-meat was struggling against the neoprene confinement, told what was in his mind right now.

"Ready to go again, Baby?" Craig licked his lips.

Khoo stopped his strokes and reached up to Craig's naked shoulders.

"I dunno how `ya are doing it, but I have to have your dick," Craig muttered. Khoo grinned. He didn't have to pull a lot. Craig was on his knees in an instant and his lips closed eagerly over the Asian dick.
An impressive hump formed in the Seal's neoprene covered lap.

"Mmmphh...ngggg," Craig groaned while he pushed the shortie down to free his aching cock. The throbbing boner sprang out of the neoprene prison as if it had a life of its own.

"Ummmmm...," Craig closed his eyes, simultaneously stroking himself and sucking Khoo's dick. Lust swept through his mind and he forgot about the world around them.

High above the humid hotness of the jungle, a scenario no less of heat was unfolding in the temple. A few oil lamps were the only light in the Abbott's chambers, but more light was not needed.

Gao-Ban was sitting cross-legged on his bed, smiling at the former Seal leader.

Cliff's appearance had remarkably changed since the old Abbott had started his education. The rugged Seal was clean shaven from head to toe. Gone was the buzz crew cut and so were the reddish curly pubes. His colorful tattooed skin was oiled with a blend of musk and sandalwood oil. Daily hot baths had become a routine and Gao-Ban was scrutinizing the studly hunk not to miss it.

Right now the American was flat on his back. He was sweating profoundly. The muscles were rippling all over the gorgeous body. His eyes were closed and his manly face contorted.

"Oh shit, I can't do it ...uhhhh!" he moaned hoarsely.

"Focus and concentrate, master your instincts," Gao-Ban said in his soft voice. He was holding the young man's dick delicately with two finger tips by the bloated mushroom head.

"Fuck!" Cliff's hips started to buck.

"Don't!" the Asian pushed him down on the bed.

"Focus on your pearls," Gao-Ban repeated, "feel your juice churning..."

"Uughh...," Cliff panted. The urge to buck up and down and to slide his rod in the palms of the old Asian was almost overwhelming, but he was eager to learn.

Since Gao-Ban was plowing his ass, things had changed between them. First Cliff had felt nothing but hate and he suffered dearly from the humiliation that the older man could dominate him with amazing ease. But then slowly he found a thorough satisfaction during the love sessions with his master how he called him now as he had never experienced before with any of his uncounted women. The nights with Gao-Ban left him spent and exhauste, but at the same time he couldn't wait for the stimulations to continue.
The old monk had shown him reactions of his body that were completely new to him. He triggered sensations he had never encountered during his vast sexual experiences. Cliff was hooked.

Gao-Ban had developed a strong liking to his younger disciple as well and shared his knowledge about the pleasure zones of the male body willingly.

Producing a hands-free cumshot had become Cliff's obsession.  His wrists and ankles had been tied to the bedposts. Now he was struggling and wriggling in his bonds. Gao-Ban had guided him mentally close to climax, but now he found himself unable to walk the final step that would trigger his orgasm.

"Oh please let me cum," Cliff groaned in helpless frustration," please, Master, I can't stand it any longer. Oh fuck, oh shit...uhhh!"

In another room Dr. Takashima arched his naked body shuddering from the waves of arousal that were pulsing throughout his lean frame.

"Ohhhh, yesss," The Japanese moaned in delight.

His hands pushed the big head with the reddish-brown crew-cut hair firmly down on his erection. The huge man lying between his spread thighs was strong muscled, weighing about 200 lbs. Tattoos were circling his biceps. His half-erect manhood lay between his thighs while he was noisily sucking the Japanese dick. Master Sergeant Hank O'Dowerty was entirely consumed by his eagerness to please the smaller Asian. He knew he would be spanked, if he did not perform well. He had forgotten about the Marine Corps and his mission. He was here for the only purpose to please his master.

"Yes, Hank, you are doing well, ohhh yes that feels nice," Takashima petted the "former" Marine's head.

"...and you, come here and suck my toes, boy, will you?" the Japanese looked at the naked muscle-packed giant who had waited obediently for his call. Brock Rowley hunched his 6.4 ft. hairy body and closed his lips around Takashima's left foot big toe. His wavy hair fell into his forehead. Firm muscles were playing under the tattooed skin of the ex-marine, who lowered himself down on the mattress close to Hank.

Takashima remembered when both of them arrived at the temple, so proud and so confident and yet so stupid. Too late they realized that they had met their match. Aaah, that priceless look of shocked surprise appearing on their faces when they felt the sting of the Dragon Claw and the realization that they were conquered not by fierce fighting rather than subtle erotic stimulation.

Later when they came back to reality during the humiliating milking sessions, painfully aware of what was done to them, he loved to watch the grim look of defiance turning into helpless agony of lust.

The giant construction worker and ex-marine had found himself strapped onto the milking bike. The sheath of the devilish machine had engulfed the hunk's 12 incher and held him firmly in place. Neglecting the American's insults and threats Takashima had reprogrammed the cycle to a gentle rocking mode. It took hours to seesaw the hairy muscle-man into a sound state of arousal. Instinctively his hips started to buck, adjusting to the machine's rhythm. A rosy flush appeared on the sweaty skin.
Brock was now breathing heavily. He realized what they were doing to him and was determined not to cum in front of the nerdy Asian. But it was too late already. The machine had lulled him. He was mellowed by horniness. Finally he had no stamina left to resist the constant stimulations. Cursing and moaning he unloaded spurt after spurt of gooey white man-milk.

The Japanese had just laughed into Brock's perplexed expression when he learned that even his bull-sized balls could be depleted and finally he begged the little Asian to stop, but the Japanese was only starting. He accelerated the milking rhythm and forced Brock to hug the machine to stay on top. Helpless he had to surrender control to the milking-bike that turned him on until he felt he was going nuts.

Takashima looked at the obscenely raised butt and the sweaty hairy bunghole that opened and closed in rhythm with the forced cumshots. He grabbed Brock's wavy mane with one hand and pulled his head back into his neck. With a smooth thrust he inserted his narrow gloved hand, slippery from a generous taking of Vaseline and fisted Brock until his voice turned into a high pitch. He had the big man singing in orgiastic agony until he collapsed on the relentless rocking machine. His eyes were glassy and his manhood reduced to less than 2 inches, wobbling flaccid and ridiculously on top of a shrunken set of balls.

Oh, the other one had been fun as well. Not an ex-marine, no, that was a real one, snatched right from the battlefield. Takashima had yelled in triumph when he had mounted the hunky Master Sergeant for the first time, of course securely tied to the bed as the Marine would return to reality when he reached a climax; and climax Hank did several times.
When his first load soaked the mattress underneath, he came around and realized that this time was a different milking. The sneering Japanese was riding him with rhythmic thrusts.

"You like that, huh?" Takashima gasped.

"No!" Hank's biceps bulged as he struggled against the bonds tying him to the bed posts," no fuckin' gook is breeding me!"

Takashima fucked him unimpressed until the Marine's furious roars turned to hoarse barks, while the little Japanese researcher systematically fucked him into a humiliating submission. Hank was finally so exhausted that he didn't even protest when Takashima kissed him first gently on the red hot cheek and then roughly conquering the open mouth, gasping for breath.

Like the Abbott had reserved the brawny Seal for his personal pleasure, Takashima had kept the two brawny stallions for his very own pleasure. He had tamed them well by now and he liked the respect they paid him finally, despite the remaining defiance during the regular milking sessions.

"Oh yes boys," Takashima groaned gleefully," that's what Daddy needs." He indulged in the total domination of the two powerful Americans who had succumbed, impaled by the Dragon Claw to the brainwashing by the Abbott. Takashima detested the little Korean monk as he felt that the Japanese were the superior Asian race. Now that they had recorded Gao-Ban's enchantment into the helmets they didn't need the old clown any longer.

"Soon, soon ...," Takashima moaned," ahhhhh, good boys, yessss!"

                                                       * * * *

"Oh shit!," Craig bellowed as his cum was splashing into the jungle mud. Khoo was panting over him. The Korean was holding the American in a tight hug while fucking him doggie-style. The Seal was on his knees and struggled to balance his rocking body on one hand while stroking his erupting cock with the other. Then Khoo was ready.

"Uuurghh!" he groaned when his cum filled Craig's ass. The Red Guard was soaked in sweat. He collapsed on top of the grunting Seal, who was still milking drops of his male juice from his sensitive prick. Despite his climax Craig was excited. The young Asian provided him a kind of addictive satisfaction that he was unable to escape from. The more sex he had with him the more he wanted and worse, he needed it.

With an encouraging petting on his shoulder Khoo signaled that this fuck session was over. He pulled his pants up and fetched his uniform jacket.

"Well, that was ... nice," with a look of disappointment Craig tried to wipe his fingers clean. He pulled the shorty up and crammed his semi-erect, moist dick inside.

Craig pulled Khoo into a final embrace and the two men were joined again in a hot kiss. Then they hugged each other once more and walked back to the main group.

"It was about time, you horny bastard," Taylor chided jokingly.

"Sorry, man," Craig returned a sheepish grin, scratching his crotch.

"It's time to march up to the temple," Mike said," when we arrive there, it will be dark and we can get inside without being discovered. Eng-Lok will help."

The group grabbed their equipment and left. Taylor registered again surprised that Craig kept himself among the Red Guards who seemed to accept him readily among themselves.

They walked along a steep winding jungle path until the trees receded and some pastures and fields signaled that the village of Suyang-Dong was near.

                                                       * * * *

The work was backbreaking and the two young hunks were hollering, although they were obviously in excellent shape.  They were only clad in skimpy black Speedos and the late afternoon sun made their muscular bodies, shine with the sweat they were working up in the field.  They had been working for the whole day digging for large boulders that might have broken the farmers plow.  Both had forgotten about their former life.  Now they were dedicated to serve the temple and the community of farmers in the villages nearby. The buzz cut hair and the USMC tattoos told a knowing stranger that they did not belong here.  Neither was this the work they had been trained for.
The villagers knew that they and many others had arrived on a mighty battleship. The giant carrier was now lying at the shore like a stranded whale. The crew, who had been so sure about their superiority had fallen one by one victim to the temple's arcane powers and brought in by the Red Guards.

The taller one of the two young men suddenly let go of the heavy boulder they were trying to move to the edge of the field.

"Why do you stop?"  The other one with the short cut blond hair asked.

"I don't know," his friend replied, "I thought I had seen somebody in the bushes over there."

Curiously, he walked into the shadow of the nearby forest.  There was a movement, ahead of him. A young lanky man with a goatee dressed in a neoprene shortie appeared from the bushes.

"Kyle?"  the stranger asked.

"Who are you?  How do you know my name?"  Although he was much taller, and obviously stronger than the stranger the hunk flinched back, when the young man quickly closed the distance between them.

Suddenly he found himself surrounded by Asians, dressed in the uniforms of the Red Guards.

"Let go of me!" he shouted, while he was wrestled down. His friend who had rushed to his aid became quickly overpowered by the strangers as well.

"Don't be afraid," the young stranger said, "you'll be fine."

Taylor and Mike were looking down on Kyle and Chuck as much as confused as their two friends were looking back at them obviously not recognizing them at all.
Eng-Lok was talking to Red Guards, who grinned and stripped the two blonde Marines buck naked.

"Now it's your turn," the monk giggled.

"Are you sure this is going to help?"  Mike asked, shaking his head doubtfully.

"Yes, this is a sure way to break the spell," Eng-Lok replied assuring.

"Only one way to find out," Taylor said with determination.

"No!  Go away, don't hurt me!" Kyle was yelling in panic when Taylor, who had stripped naked too, went down on his knees between his brother's thighs that were forced apart by the Korean soldiers.

"This time, I am truly sorry Bro," Taylor said," but this has to be done."

Kyle's eyes opened wide, when Taylor's cock pushed past his sphincter.

Chuck bellowed in protest when Mike impaled him with a low-voiced grunt.

Cheered on by the Koreans, Mike and Taylor thrust faster. Chuck's and Kyle's wailing was quickly replaced with lustful moans. Mike and Taylor found themselves wildly hugged.  Their friends were no longer resisting, and obviously enjoying their bottom role.

"Man, I'm close," Mike gasped.

"Me too, this is, so... so weird" Taylor replied,"...uh...uh...gush I am cumming! Aaargh!"

Kyle's back arched when his bowels were flooded by his brother's seed.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" shuddering from the thrill of his orgasm Taylor found his brother looking up at him, obvious recognition in his eyes.

"Oh fucking shit. I can't believe it.  It worked!" Taylor started hugging his brother, while his cock was still buried inside Kyle's ass.

Kyle was still struggling with the realization that his brother was fucking him, when his own climax hit him.

"No, you are a fucking shit! Oh shit I...I...aaarghhh," Kyle's cock erupted in gushes of hot cum, splattering across his six-pack.

"You, damn you're fucking me," Chuck roared," you'll fucking pay for this, I swear. Oh fuck I am shooting my fuckin' load. Who are those gooks?"

"Shut up! You needed it," Mike grinned, pulling his cum dripping cock from Chuck's chute.

"What has happened?"  Kyle asked puzzled," Could anybody give me some clothes?"

It took a while to explain the whole story. Chuck was shocked, how terribly their mission had failed.  
"I would have never believed, that I would ever wear these things," he muttered, while he closed the buttons of the Korean combat pants which had been given to him.

"But now it looks much better isn't it?"  Taylor said.  "I mean, you are back, and it lasts. So we can bring them all back, and those guys are now on our side."  He pointed at the Red Guards.

"We can hardly fuck the entire crew," Kyle said," of course, you would like to do that."

Taylor grinned. "Some of them, I'd definitely like to do. It would be a national duty, you know?"

"Oh, you never grow up," Kyle sighed in faked despair.

"It looks better," Taylor insisted," and they are going to help us."

The Red Guards seemed to have understood and nodded eagerly with a broad grin.

It was close to sunset, when they reached the temple walls. Now they were an impressive force. Whenever they encountered squads of Red Guards, Eng-Lok and Khoo convinced them and won them over to join the Abbott's cause. There was no resistance when they entered the dark temple complex.

"Cliff, damn' man where are you?"Craig was rushing up the stairs, taking two steps at a time.  The Seal wiped his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand. Lowering himself down on one knee, he carefully peeped around the corner, but the long dark aisle was empty.
He scurried on until he came to a door, which had been left ajar.  Raising the pump gun in front of his chest Cliff kicked the door open and burst inside the room.

The big, studly man inside was dressed in gray, baggy monk's cotton clothes.

"Man, what have you been doin' man," Craig couldn't believe to find his friend, and obviously good shape.

"What took you so long, soldier?", Cliff grinned.

The two buddies fell into each other's arms, embracing in a warm hug.

"These guys are not that bad, you know?"  Cliff concluded.  He had told Craig his story.

"No, they aren't," Craig nodded the picture of Khoo in his mind.

The two men were sitting on the rug-covered bed. Craig had left his pump gun on the furry carpet. Cliff smelled the manly sweat on his friend's body as he had smelled it many times before, however, this time he felt very different about it.  The few days with Gao-Ban had changed his attitude. There was no more prejudice in having sex with another male.  Although he considered himself straight, he knew now that there were other means to satisfy his urges and it was quite natural for him to seek satisfaction from every opportunity that showed.

The first Cliff was hesitant, however, because he was unsure how his friend would react; but seeing his muscular second-in-command, sitting so close, dressed only in a pair of cut-off neoprene shorts was simply too tempting.

"Relax man," Cliff's face was suddenly very close to Craig's, "you look tense, you know?"

Craig hadn't yet told his buddy about his jungle romp with the Red Guards, for he himself wasn't sure how the other Seal would react.

"Uh-huh," Craig cleared his throat, "so -are you going to do something about it?"

And that was all what it took. Only minutes later, the bed was creaking under the weight of the two naked bodies that lay entwined in a hot embrace.

"Fuck, man, you smell so good," Craig buried his nose into Cliff 's oiled, perfumed ass crack.

"Uhh, yeah that feels good, fucking good," Cliff was writhing under the assault of Craig's tongue, to his puckered hole.  Craig entirely ignored Cliff's superior rank.  He only knew that this nice clean shaved ass was there to be taken. Assuming the top role he flipped the moaning Seal Commander on his back and lifted his legs on his shoulder.

"Prepare to be boarded, Sir," Craig rasped hoarsely. His fuck-stick was rock-hard throbbing between his thighs.

Cliff looked up in the sweaty, camouflaged face. He saw the undisguised look of pure and enlisted lust in the other Seal's eyes and knew that Craig was so turned on, that he would let go of any inhibitions.  Craig was heavily leaning forward, guiding his aching boner between the firm butt cheeks. He felt Cliff 's hands on the side of his neck, and on his lower back.  His dick met resistance when he found the tightly closed sphincter and he grunted irritated.

"Don't fight it, man!" he thrust his hips forward.

"Not so fast, pirate," Cliff's eyes were twinkling devilish while he closed his strong hands, viselike on the acupressure points on Craig's neck and back.

>From one moment to the other Craig felt all the strength sapped from his body.  

"What the fu...?" He collapsed into his friend's arms. Cliff's thighs wrapped themselves around Craig's waist, and before the horny stud realized what was happening Cliff was on top of him.

"No, oohh shit!" Craig arched his back in lustful agony as Cliff was skillfully kneading his swollen erection.

"Ah, may be you like this better, pirate-boy," Cliff's hands reached for Craig's protruding sensitive man-tits and gave them the twist that made his buddy howl.

Gao-Ban's "training" training paid-off. Trapped in Cliff's strong grip, Craig found himself turned into a grunting, moaning heap of lust. When he tried to wriggle free from Cliff's hold he was firmly held in place.

"Fuck you, oh shit yeah, I'm cummmmin' ...huh...huh... I'm shooting my fuckinnnn' loooaaad," Cursing like hell, he came two times, when a chuckling Cliff forced him to spill his juices into the palms of Cliff's hands. And Cliff kept him hard until his resistance was melting away in his heated state of constant arousal. Cliff was holding his twitching prick in a velvet grip that made Craig go nuts.

"Fuck me man, oh please fuck me, I need it badly!" Craig howled. His head was lolling right and left. His legs were spread giving his ass-hole away to be conquered by the sneering Cliff.

"Now you know, what I had been doing, Baby," Cliff grinned while skewering his hollering buddy on his dick.

                                                 * * * *

Kyle and Chuck led another group of Red Guards to the quarters, where the captive foreigners and the carrier's crew were sleeping peacefully. The Korean's grinned while they positioned themselves between the snoring hunky men.

"Let them enjoy this," Kyle said to Chuck," we have some scores to settle here first."

Leaving the hooting crowd behind, the two Marines rushed to the Temple's main building. Inside Kyle hesitated for a moment, then turned into an aisle and kicked one door in. The three men inside looked startled at the intruders.

"My, my, my," Chuck grinned gleefully,"look what we found here!"

(... to be continued)