Tuna Of The Sea


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Tuna Of The Sea                by Wayne Telfer


He was new to the submarine. His name was Mark and he was only nineteen. He stood about 5'7", dark brown hair, piercing green eyes and no facial hair. Not even any peach fuzz. He was definitely a country boy. Yes, that would fit. And to top it off, his basket was the biggest one on the boat. It was blazingly obvious that this kid was hung like no one I'd ever met.

Oh, me...I'm Brett. I was twenty-six at the time. This was nineteen eighty-two. It doesn't matter the precise date, even if I could remember it. Days and dates have no real meaning on board a fleet ballistic submarine. All you care about is that you are going to be cut off from the outside world for 75 days. So you start at 75 and count backwards.

Oh yes, you're going to ask anyway, so, I have red hair, stand six feet tall, am slender and in pretty good shape. I have always kept myself clean shaven and then was no different.

Anyway....that sets the cast of characters, so on with it.

I could never get enough of him. When he walked into a room, nothing else mattered to me. I would discreetly follow all his movements. He had such a baby face and I wanted to see if the rest of him held up to my first impression of him.

He seemed always happy and more than just a bit na´ve. He reminded me of the classic description of the proverbial farm boy. Oh how I wanted to educate him to the real world.

Now mind you, sex between the guys on board did not run rampant. You never heard of it, in fact. But I knew a few of the guys that managed to get away from the rest of the crew from time to time and get it on. And I was one of those. But we never advertised the fact. The Navy did more than just frown on that sort of activity.

Being one of the senior men on board I had little time for such activities. I'd been on this submarine for four and a half years, longer than anyone else presently on board. So there was much expected of me. Most of that something involved time. Time teaching the younger men what I knew of our boat. I know, it sounds strange calling something that floats along a couple hundred feet below the surface of the ocean a boat, but that's what the Navy, in its infinite wisdom, called them.

But every so often I would get enough spare time to go do some laundry. Normally, one of the seamen (that's a very junior member of the crew) would do my laundry, but every once in a while I just wanted to do it myself. Besides, the laundry room was a nice place to escape from the rest of the hassles of my job, if only for a little while.

There was finally one of those times in my day when I had time for laundry. I was looking forward to sitting in the laundry room just listening to the machines run, my eyes closed and my mind wandering.

When I arrived, the light was on. I could see it outlining the closed door.

`Oh shit,' I thought. `Well, maybe they're almost done and I can still have my time.' So I cracked open the door just a bit to see who was in there. And who should it be but Mark. And what was he doing....Jacking Off.

`Alright!' I thought. `Now don't waste this opportunity.'

He hadn't heard the door open over the noise of the machines. His back was to the door, but there was no mistaking the motion of this hand and arm. I opened the door as quietly as I could and closed it behind me.


Mark nearly killed himself spinning around in that small space. He'd been so startled that he hadn't even thought to put his cock back in his pants. So there he stood, cock pointing at me, and the most horrified look on his face.

I guess I should explain that the laundry room was really only big enough for two people to be in. It was five feet wide and the aisle was maybe three and half or four feet. So there wasn't really any place for him to go. Besides, I was blocking the door.

"Don't stop on my account."

His mouth was moving but there were no words coming out.

I took this time to really look at this farm boy. Besides having his pants open and cock hanging out, he was shirtless. And being shirtless I got my first look at his chest. It was beautiful; smooth, hairless, with two luscious, pink nipples. To say Mark was fair skinned would have been an understatement. But he was just what I wanted.

Now I have seen large cocks in my time, but never one like this. I had dreamt of his cock for a long time. But my dreams didn't even come close to the reality. It pointed a good ten inches in my direction and was the thickest cock ever, at least two and a half inches thick.

Mark finally found his voice.

"What are you going to do? You going to tell everyone that you caught me jacking off?"

"Hell no, Mark. Everyone on board does that."

This surprised him. "Really?"

"Sure! They just don't generally get caught in the act." I smiled. "Besides, if I told everyone, you'd get a line a mile long outside this door to get a look at that weapon."

Mark blushed at this.

"May I ask you a personal question?" I asked.

"I guess." How could he refuse?

"You ever let someone help you with that?"

This was not at all what he'd expected.

"Do you have the girls lined up to get a piece of you?"

Still no response. In fact he was blushing even more than before. He finally shook his head in answer, evidently not trusting his voice.

"You've never had sex with anyone?" I asked calmly.

"Uh, uh. Didn't want to get laugh out of school or beat up by the guys."

"You don't find girls interesting and you haven't dared to ask the guys. Sounds like you have had it rough. Tell you what, if you are still interested I'd be more than just a little willing to help you out and show you what it's like to have sex with a man."

Mark's eyes widened. But I could see that he was still unsure.

"Mark, let me let you in on a little secret. I'm gay."

He stood for a few moments absorbing this little bit of information. It was always like that with me. I was a very straight acting gay and people found it more than just a little hard to believe that I was gay. Of course many gays don't fit the stereotype.

Mark finally nodded his willingness.

"Let's start out easy with this. First of all we probably should find someplace a little safer for this. Get yourself put back together and we'll go back to the log room. We'll be less likely to get caught."

Actually, Bud was on watch in the area where the log room was and he was one of my regular patrol lovers. So I wasn't worried. All I'd have to do was let him know what I was up to and he'd keep a watch for trouble.

The log room was where the most current manuals were stored and where I did a lot of my work since it was my job to make sure that all the manuals in Engineering were kept up to date with the latest revisions. So this was my office and I had one of only three keys on board.

Mark did seem a bit more relaxed once we got to the log room and I locked the door.

I stepped up to Mark and slowly reached up and brushed a few stray hairs off his forehead. He didn't flinch at this, so I went a bit further and actually ran the fingers of that hand through his brown curls.

"I have to tell you, Mark, you look just like a kid off a farm." I smiled. "Are you?" I was trying to get him to relax more. This wouldn't be nearly as fun for either of us if he remained tense.

He smiled and I could definitely feel him losing some of his tension. "A Wyoming ranch, actually."

"Ah, a cowboy then." I chuckled a bit, and he joined me.

"A bit, yeah." He was relaxing enough now to actually leaned back and sit on the edge of the counter.

"Well, just do us a favor and don't grab me as tightly as you do one of those saddle horns, okay?"

Now I got a real laugh from him.

"So, do you think about guys every time you jack off?"

"Yes, sir."

I smiled. "Hey, my parents were married." It was the standard joke in the Navy. Enlisted men always had married parents; no one was quite sure about the officers, they all seemed to be such bastards. (Come on, give us a grin, at least)

"Does that make me queer?" he asked tentatively.

"Not necessarily. You could just be a guy who's spent most of his time around guys and doesn't have any real experience with women. They can be pretty intimidating creatures. Spent almost all your free time on the ranch?"

"Yeah. Dad was always short handed, so I had to help out all the time. Doesn't leave a guy time to date."

"I wouldn't worry about it, Mark. You might be gay and you might not. You'll get more chances to be around the ladies now that you're in the Navy. Women love a guy in uniform. But there are a few guys in the Navy that don't mind having a bit of fun with each other when the ladies are unavailable."


"I promise, it's true. There's even a couple of the married guys that ask me to give em a blow job now and then when we're at sea."

"Wow," he whispered.

"It's not something you'll hear anybody admit to. Remember, the Navy takes a dim view of guys having sex with each other." I thought that gentle reminder was needed to bring home the fact that we could both get kicked out if anyone found out about what we were about to do. At least I was hoping we'd be doing it.

"Only ever did anything once...with Jack, the son of one of the ranch hands. We were thirteen. We only did it the one time, but I never could stop thinking about it."

Okay, he was definitely relaxing now. His shoulders slumped down and he leaned back against the file cabinet.

"Mark, you may be gay, or you may just be curious. It really isn't important, if you think about it. All it is right now is a bit of fun between shipmates. It doesn't have to become anything more than that. Just helping each other relieve a bit of tension."

He smiled. "I'd like that, Brett. Really, I would."

"So, you relaxed enough now to see what it could be all about?"

He looked down at my crotch. It was obvious that I wasn't anywhere near as big as he was.

"It's not nearly the monster you got in here," and I reached out and gently placed my hand on his bulging crotch. "But it's as eager as yours is."

He hadn't flinched when I grabbed him. That was promising.

He was hesitant but he finally reached out and returned the favor. He even smiled a bit as he slowly rubbed my obviously hard cock.

"That's nice," he whispered. I could see the longing in his face, even if I couldn't see his eyes. He was just a bit flushed and he was breathing just a touch heavier than he'd been a moment ago.

"I hate to say it, but we really don't have much time to waste. We can't leave the laundry untended for too long."

"I know. I'm just not sure how to go about this, Brett."

"Then let's just make this simple. If we enjoy ourselves we can arrange for more time another day."


"The simplest thing for now is just to drop our pants and shorts."

And that's exactly what we did, allowing it all to pool at our ankles. I hated doing it this way, but we really did have to get back to the laundry. I was just about to drop to my knees, when Mark dropped to his.

"I want to do you first, Brett."

Well, that was unexpected. "That'd be really nice, Mark."

Mark hesitated, his hand a mere inch from my throbbing cock. He looked into my eyes, a questioning look in his eyes.

"Really, it's alright. I want you to. He just needed encouragement, to know I wanted him to.

He closed that small distance and wrapped his hand around my rock hard seven inches. Oh his hand was soft and his touch feather light. I sighed as he began slowly stroking me. He did this for perhaps a minute.

He looked at me rather sheepishly. "May....may I....suck it?"

"Oh yes. Please." This was a surprise, but a very pleasant one.

I sat down into the only chair and he leaned over and slowly took my cock in his mouth. Again, he was gentle. Such soft lips. He was particularly careful not to scrape his teeth on my shaft, something I figured I'd have to warn him of. I watched that dark brown hair bob up and down on my cock.

"Mmmmmm. That feels great, Mark. I think you and I are going to be good friends."

This encouraged him and his pace stepped up a bit.

I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and let the feelings overcome me. My lust had so overtaken me that it took no time at all for me reach the explosion point. Of course, I wasn't really trying to prolong this particular meeting.

"I'm going to cum," I whispered. I wanted him to have the chance to take his mouth away if he didn't want to swallow my cum.

But he was a game kid. He started sucking my cock even faster. It took only seconds and I was pumping cum down that young virgin throat. He didn't get it all, but he got most of it down. He next began to clean up the small mess that had collected on my balls and at the base of my cock. Then he took my cock back into his mouth and cleaned it thoroughly.

This felt so good that I almost immediately got another hard-on. He seemed to be unwilling to let it go, too.

"Wait, Mark," I said gently, slowly pulling his mouth off my cock. "I'd like to show you how much I enjoyed that. May I suck your cock now?"

Mark seemed embarrassed as he looked down between his legs. Following his gaze I was amazed. So enthralled by what he was doing to me I had been unaware that he had cum too. A huge puddle of the creamy white substance lay there on the floor.

"It just happened," he whispered.

I reached into the puddle and scooped most of it into my hand and placed that hand to my mouth and licked up his juices.

"Mmmmmmmmm. That's good."

Mark was somewhat surprised by this action, but still managed a small smile.

"I bet you can do that again, though," I said as I gently pushed him into a laying position.


"Let's try."

I knelt there between his legs and admired the limp machinery that nature had seen fit to bestow on this boy. It looked like a virgin cock, if that is possible. It seemed so soft and tender, I mean more than just being your average soft cock.

I placed my hands on his legs just above the knees and began massaging him, moving ever so closer to that cock with each upward stroke. Then, without touching his crotch, I moved up to his hips, then his stomach and finally spent some quality time massaging the nipples on his hairless chest. His skin was so soft and excited me so that I could feel myself building toward another blast.


He liked that a lot. I looked down and watched as that cock of his rapidly grew in size as my efforts at stimulating him paid off.

Seeing that he was enjoying this, I leaned over and gently sucked on each nipple.


Not able to stand the suspense any longer, I moved down and put the head of his now fully erect cock in my mouth and began running my tongue over every inch of that magnificent mushroom, occasionally sticking my tongue in the piss slit. Then I slowly worked my way down until that entire rod was in my mouth and down my throat.

What surprised me most about this was that I was able to take that entire ten inches with no effort what so ever. And it tasted as soft as it looked.

I pumped his cock a couple of times then moved down and sucked on each of his balls. They were as equally magnificent as his cock. Large, round, nearly hairless. I sucked each one into my mouth and gently massaged them with my tongue.

Mark was beginning to squirm a bit, enjoying these new sensations.

I decided that Mark was so into this that I could move even further and show him yet one more erotic zone that he probably never knew he had. So I moved a little lower and began licking that area just below his balls.

I pushed his legs up and back, spreading his ass cheeks and moved closer and closer until finally my tongue was massaging his cute little pucker. This drove Mark into new waves of motion as he moaned and groaned and pushed his ass into my face.

I worked this moment for everything I could get, licking around and over that hole and finally pushing my tongue into that orifice.

I looked up and saw that his cock was pulsing wildly and I knew that he was very near to cumming. So I quickly sucked on my middle finger until it was good and wet and then slowly penetrated his virgin ass.

"I'm gonna cum, Brett," he whispered through gritted teeth.

"I know."

I took his cock into my mouth and started fucking my face with it. My free hand reached up and toyed with his nipples. His body was wild with motion.

Then, with sudden finality, his body stiffened, his cock grew to new sizes and he began to pump his love juices down my throat. At that same moment I started cumming all over the mattress.

And what a load. It was as if he'd never cum before in his life and his body had gallons of the creamy white milk to give me. He pumped, I sucked, his ass squeezed my finger. His hips gave one giant heave upward. I swallowed as fast as I could and was just barely able to keep up with his release.

When he had finally stopped cumming, I sucked on that tool until he had gone completely soft and was as squeaky clean as it had ever been.

Mark was breathing deeply, eyes closed, spent. I got up and lay next to him on the floor, our faces nearly touching.

"Thank you, Mark."

His eyes opened, those gorgeous green eyes smiling. "For what?"

"For letting me be your first. That is a privilege I will not forget."

"Is it always that good?"

I hesitated. "Well, it can be. Some guys don't do all the things I like. Choose your partners carefully though and it can be just as good as this was."

Mark was positively glowing. He couldn't stop smiling.

I leaned over and stopped the smile by kissing him. His body tensed slightly, not having expected this. But as I got more passionate with the kiss, he relaxed and pressed closer. Ours lips and tongues mingled, our bodies massaging each other.

We kissed for nearly five minutes then got dressed and straightened up. We then went back to the laundry room where Mark retrieved his now completed laundry and I began working on mine.

Later that day, I managed to persuade his Chief that he needed to change the watch bill because I was helping Mark with his qualifications and we needed to be on the same schedule.

Needless to say, Mark and I studied much more than qualifications.