Waking Wes


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Waking Wes               By Wayne Telfer


     Well, it's Brett again. This time I'll tell you about an interesting wake-up I did one day on the submarine. But let me start by telling you about Wes.

     Wes was 20. He stood about 5'10" with dark black hair. He was young, but didn't look as young as he really was. He had a more mature look about him. He acted very macho, and I had no reason to disbelieve that impression.

     Oh sure, I'd wanted to get into those bulging pants of his for some time, but he never gave any indication that he was interested. I'd seen him many times in the showers, and his cock looked mighty tasty. It was about eight, thick inches.

     Well, let me get to the story.

     We had been at sea for about six weeks. We were on our home-bound stretch and everyone was more than just a little tired. It had been a particularly grueling patrol. Very busy, with less sleep than we would have liked. But then, that was how patrols went from time to time.

     So here I was in the crew's mess. It was just after three in the morning. I was the only one there except for the morning cook, Jack.

     I had just finished a long watch on little sleep and was just getting ready to hit the skid. (That's a bunk for you non-navy types).

     "Do me a favor, Brett," asked Jack as I headed for the crew's bunking area. "Wes is supposed to be up. Could you give him a shake for me?"

     "Sure thing, Jack. I pass right by his bunk."

     So off I went, down the ladder to the berthing area. I got to Wes' bunk and stuck my hand inside the curtain and gave him a shake. No response. He must really have had a hard night.

     I repositioned my hand onto his hip and gave him a good shake this time.

     "Come on, Wes. It's time to hit the deck."

     My hand still on his hip, Wes turned onto his back. And where should I find my hand but right square on his crotch. And behind the material of his cutoffs, Wes always wore cutoffs to bed, was his rock hard cock.

     "Huh?" was all the reply I got.

     Oh this was just too good an opportunity to pass up. I had to try. So I started rubbing his crotch as I spoke.

     "Wes, Jack said it's time for you to give him a hand with getting breakfast started."

     Instead of a verbal reply all I got was a hip thrust as Wes dug his crotch into my massaging palm. At the same time I suddenly felt this hand on my crotch. Looking down I saw Wes' hand stuck out of the curtain massaging me.

     Taking that as an affirmative to my ministrations, what else could it be, I started rubbing his crotch in earnest. After a few minutes of this I decided I wanted more than this, so I unzipped his cutoffs and unfastened the button. Then I reached my unoccupied hand into his bunk and pulled down his cutoffs.

     I was sure, now, that Wes was fully aware of what was going on because he lifted his hips so that I could get those cutoffs down more easily.

     I dared not stick my head into his bunk for fear that someone would sneak up on us unawares. At least this way we could make it seem that I was simply waking Wes.

     I was able to see through the crack in the curtain where my arm penetrated, and there was just enough light coming from the head (Navy for restroom) next to Wes' bunk to see his cock and balls.

     I wrapped my hand around his pulsing cock and before I could start jacking him off, he began to fuck my hand.

     I let him do this for awhile then I released his cock and began playing with his balls. He liked this too, because he started grinding his hips into his bunk.

     Me? I was hard as a rock from Wes' relentless rubbing. I just knew that I was going to cum in my shorts real soon. So I put my hand back around Wes' cock and started jacking him off while he picked up his fucking motion.

     It didn't take but a couple more minutes and Wes' body stiffened, his cock enlarged and I could feel the pulsing of cum shooting and I could see that cum as it spewed from his throbbing cock head all over his body.

     At that same moment my body let go with a load of hot creamy cum into my shorts.

     Wes' body relaxed finally and his hand disappeared back into his bunk and took my hand off of his cock. I heard the sounds as he pulled his cutoffs back on. I wondered what his response was going to be to all of this. I soon found out.

     "I'm awake, thanks. Tell Jack I'll be there in a moment."

     This told me that he'd enjoyed it but that he didn't want to discuss it. I decided that I wouldn't press the issue. If he wanted more of that he would ask.

     I finally saw Wes a couple of days later in the passageway.

     "What's happening, Wes?"

     "Not much." He hesitated. "Thank you for the other morning, but I'd like to forget it happened."

     "Sure. I'm not sure either of us really knew what we were doing."

     I said this so as to give him the impression that I was as disconcerted with what had happened as he was. This way he'd know that I would not be back for a repeat performance.

     Sure, I had enjoyed it, but it was not worth losing a friend or making things difficult in the cramped quarters we were forced to live in.

     I will not soon forget that morning, though.