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Ain't Avon

"Hello! We're from The ChurchaCheeseEsQueso SlatternlyPaints." Black books of scripture, zippers beckoning.

"You may know us as the Klingons... " Do come in, toothsome creatures. Elders...

Those rosy lips, calling, calling me. Calling. Wisdom older than the ages: Take me. Suck me.

"Because, when Joseph knelt in the glade... " That blinding rosy cheek, cool beneath my lips, downy. Downy, downy... Blonde young Elder VoorHees. Is all of you this pink?

"And he asked God... " Oh! please let me have him. Look at him. So smooth, so tender. Jesus loves you, son, and he wants you to feel special. Anoint you with this blazing love.

"Would you gentlemen like to stay for pizza?" Yes! Elder Robbins, why don't you go with Dad and help him carry it back?

Help me. Help me, Elder VoorHees, help me. I feel the fellowship. Teen fellowship. Feel it rising in me. The spirit speaking to me:

Touch him -- so. Make him hard, like this. Release him, and suck him like this. Make him rage and thrust, and come so sweetly, whimpering. Make him pink of cheek and wet of eye. Show him heaven, for a moment.

Jesus wants this for you, wants you to feel this, else why did he send you to me? Make you open to me? Wants you to zip up and straighten your tie. Wants you to give me one last tender kiss. Before the door bursts open with the smell of pizza and talk of salvation.

Ummm, life in these latter days... Elder VoorHees? Will you be back next week, for more pizza and heaven talk?

His ass looks so cute riding away on that bike.

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