Behind the Scenes.


Hello there, this is my third story on Nifty my previous two stories lacked certain effects and so I simply put them on-hold. This new story is based on truth, it may be fiction to some but everyone is allowed to express their opinions. I hope you enjoy. The story Is based on truth but its plot is fiction and so are the people involved.

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Chapter One


Everywhere I looked temptations stared back at me. Its beauty flaunting itself seductively before my eyes as my heart and soul protested to the debauchery that the mind created. It had been months since I gave my life to Christ at the Baptist church in the local town. I had been longing for acceptance for far too long and the only place I seemed to find it was at the church, the songs sang there were like hot caramel melting through vanilla ice-cream and with it bringing a calming effect to my body, they calmed me and soothed me to a better place, but do I say, my interpretation of heaven. Where my mask that I had on to hold back my demons was lifted and in that state of bareness I cried out my sins and was still welcome, and for the brief moment I savored in the peace and forgiveness I got.

I loved church and I loved the Bible. I felt complete there, I simply lacked the discipline to remain there and that was always my downfall.

I sat up in bed at a quarter to six, drenched in sweat and cum sticking on my boxer brief, another wet-dream. This had been the fourth time it had happened since I got `born again', it was getting hard and the images were getting only more grotesque and seductive. Enough to make me want to revert to my old ways but just not quiet. I got down on my knees, still in my state of duress and prayed to the Almighty to deliver me from the ways of darkness. All I felt was emptiness within me, a lack of hope and the thoughts that I was praying to fragment of my imagination playing around in my head, but I ignored it. I finished my prayer stepped into my bathroom and took a shower and began preparing myself for my day at work, rather my day in hell.

I worked in construction. I controlled the freight it required a lot of concentration, which for me was hard. Working in construction had me working in close proximities with men, masculine and ragged, with the musk and violence that comes with it. My kryptonite was Men.

My name is Jack Lameer, I am 24 years old and a closet homosexual who has reverted back to spirituality to suppress and hopefully remove the thoughts and desires brought on by homosexuality. I knew I was a homo when I was 8 years old after watching straight porn and the only desires that whirled in my head were of me wanting to orally gratify a man and possibly be rammed in by one, both of which I did but unfortunately had me regretting immediately after.

In as much as my heart and soul tried to hold on to the Word of God, Pray feverently and Fast from all mediums of distractions. My mind was doing the same, only the reverse. Whenever I went down on my knees, my mind would take me back to the night when I fellated a man two towns over, how I had gone to an adult video store excited yet terrified of doing so.

I had just turned 18 years I had been bestowed freedom by both my parents and this was how I spent it. I entered the store beads of sweat rolling down my face my mind doing cartwheels excited, I walked up to the red drape the attendant walked up to me eyeing me suspiciously as my body shivered as the thoughts of tearing down the hot attendants clothes and letting him ram me on the counter top played in my mind. "Hey man, age limit is 18years +, show me you I.D" I stared at him my nerves not allowing me to think rationally, "yo! Dude I said, show me your I.D or leave!" The attendant said this time with a spite of anger to his voice, I could smell his musk this aroused me severely and caused me to tent my pants. I shakily handed the guy my I.D which I had at last minute decided to carry with me, he eyed it suspiciously before finally letting me and my tenting shorts through. It was obvious he had seen it, for I was well endowed with a ten inch phallus.

Passing through the drape was like going into another universe, I was hit with the smell of cum, bleach and sweat. I was aroused even more, I made my way to the booths that were all in a row, opened the second door seeing as the first was occupied and entered the small space, as wide as my fingers could touch both sides. On the sides were padded holes, in the middle was a stool and directly ahead of me was a fourteen inch flat screen television with a remote rested on the stool. My hands were sweaty, my phallus, dripping and my mind whirling. I sat down, adjusted myself for comfort and pressed the power button on the remote before I could read the instructions presented on the screen, a mammoth of a cock slipped through to my side, its purple head wet with pre-cum the smell wafting into my nostrils acting like an aphrodisiac to let myself loose. I got down on my knees and...

Well I'm too ashamed to speak of what happened next, let's just say, my prayers are stronger now against what I did next.

I later learned that the reason why I had such a hard time trying to fight my battle with homosexuality was because my mind was still enemy territory and until It also crossed over into the light of God, I would never seriously commit to being `born again'. Was I even ever born again?



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