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Family The Special Friend

Chapter 10 Venom

Ian is home sick. He has a headache from hell that just won't stop. The phone begins to ring just as Ian gets relaxed. "Hello." Ian really didn't really want to answer the phone but it might have been someone important.

"This is Lisa White. I am Blake's cousin. His mother is in town and will be stopping by your house at 5:00 pm. Make sure that Blake is home so that his mom can talk to him. She wants to make sure that he's okay."

He cannot believe that Blake's mom actually thinks that he wants to see her. He would rather not listen to her.

"Blake is in school right now. He is not allowed to see anyone until his homework is finished and that includes his mother and his cousin."

"I'm sure that you could change the rules for his mother and me."

`Yeah, right!' Ian isn't about to change any rules for that bitch.

"I'm sorry, but that isn't happening. The rules in this house apply to him no matter what. Maybe in his birth parents house the rules don't matter, but here they do. If he chooses to, he can see her when his work is done. I'm not feeling well, so I'm going to let you go."

Ian didn't wait for the caller to say anything else. He hangs up the phone. He then calls Trace to give him the heads up on Blake's mom's visit.


Trace had better take this call or he's going to be in trouble. Ian doesn't want to be alone when they show up to the house. Trace helps to counteract his anger.

"Ian, what's going on?"

Trace knows that Ian just doesn't call him at work for nothing.

"I just had an interesting phone call. It seems Mrs. Kimball and one of Blake's cousins are coming to the house at 5:00 pm.

Trace went from being happy to being ready to choke someone.

"And you gave them permission to come over?"

"Hell no! It was the cousin who called and she didn't ask if it was okay. I got told that Mom was showing up at 5:00 pm and that I needed to have Blake home so that his mother could talk to him to make sure he's alright."

"Are you serious?"

Trace cannot believe the nerve of these women.

"I'm totally serious."

"Well, they may not get Blake, but they sure as hell are going to get a chance to talk to me face to fucking face! Sorry for swearing, babe."

"It's okay, Trace. You'll be home, right?"

Ian wanted to make sure that he wasn't going to be alone with these women. Trace can't help but smirk.

"Oh, I'll be there."

Ian feels so much better now that he knows that Trace will be home when the visitors come a-knocking. How is Blake going to react to this?

Ian's and Trace's thoughts immediately went to their son. He's been through a lot in the past months. Is this visit just going to add more salt to the any existing wounds? Ian can at least give him a warning about the visit. Blake won't face them alone. His dads will stick by him no matter what. This visit may even backfire on Blake's mother, and in a way, Ian hopes it does. Ian lays back down to rest his head.


The rest of the day is quiet until the front door opens. The teenager is home. Ian knows his son's basic routine by heart. First, his son visits the bathroom, then the kitchen, and then he does his homework, unless Trace is already home, in which case he talks to his dad first. In case you're wondering, he usually talks with Ian on the way home from school. Ian gets up and heads down to see his son. Blake is coming out of the downstairs bathroom.

"Hey, ditcher, you feeling any better?"

"Yes, I was... till a certain wise guy came home."

Blake just gave his dad a smirk.

"How was school?"

"It was okay. Your sub was okay too."

"Well that told me a lot, so do you have any homework?"

"Of course, I have homework."

Ian is fighting the urge to tell his son about his mother's upcoming visit. Blake made it easy for him. His son can see the apprehension in his dad's face.

"I know that face and it's never a good thing. What is going on?"

"Blake, your mom is coming to the house at 5:00 pm. Now, I know the visit might stress you out a little, but Dad and I will be here to back you up."

Blake just stared at the clock 3:30. He didn't say anything else. He picks up his backpack and heads upstairs to do his homework. The visitors aren't the reason that he's doing his homework. He wants to talk to Ben, but he knows the rules of the house. If luck has anything to do with it, the car his mom is driving will breakdown and the woman who gave birth to him won't show up.


Blake finishes his homework and picks up his phone to call his boyfriend. Ben's voice has a magical effect on Blake. It relieves his tension. It only takes hearing Ben's voice for Blake to relax. Today, he needs to hear Ben's voice.

"Hey, what's up, Blake?"

"My mom is showing up today at 5:00. I'm freaking out, Ben."

"Why is she coming over?"

"I... don't really know."

Fear is starting to slowly work its way into Blake's heart. He loves his family, but Ian, Trace, and Ben have become huge parts of his life. Indiana has become home. He would love to visit Idaho again, but he isn't ready to return just yet.

"I'm scared that she'll try taking me back to Idaho with her."

"Relax; everything will be okay."

Ben is wishing that everything will be okay, because he doesn't want to lose his boyfriend. For once, he has everything that he's wanted in life.

"Do you want me to come over Blake?"

"Yes!" If hearing Ben's voice helps him relax than being around Ben makes him melt.

"Okay, I'll be over in a bit."

For whatever reason, Blake couldn't wait for his guy, even if it had only been a short while since they last saw each other.


Ten minutes later, Ben is at Blake's house. He arrives just in time to walk in with Trace.

"Ben, are you here to see Blake?"

"Yah, he's upset about his mom coming to the house."

"He's not the only one upset by this visit."

Trace and Ian are equally anxious. They know how much pain she caused her son, and now she intends to inflict it again.

"Go on up, Ben, I'm sure he's waiting on you."

"Thanks, Sir." Trace hates being called "Sir". He isn't old enough to be called it. The only thing he needs now is to kiss his man.


Trace walks upstairs and find Ian poring over papers. He walks into the office and makes a gun out of his fingers.

"I need you to stand up slowly, put your hands in the air, and slowly turn around for me."

Ian is smiling as he follows his officer's commands. Trace smiles as he sees Ian's tight butt. He about died when he saw Ian's smiling face. They embraced each other and then they kiss.

"How was your day, my sexy officer?"

"Oh... it was good until you called and told me that we had company coming to the house."

"I'm sorry that I ruined your day, but if it helps, you made my day by coming home."

Ian has started to quietly celebrate every day that Trace comes home to him. He doesn't make a big deal out of it. Trace's close call with death makes Ian want to make use of every opportunity to love on his man.

"Hey, before I forget, Ben is here with Blake."

"Is his homework done?"

Trace wasn't going to worry about his son's homework being done today. Ian, on the other hand, wants the homework done so he isn't trying to finish it after the visit. They're both worried about him holding it together during the visit. Trace kisses Ian on the lips again and then he turns and leaves the room.

He heads to Blake's room. Knocking on the door, he walks into the room. He wants to gauge his son's emotions.

"Hey, Guys!" How are you holding up, son?"

Sometimes Blake feels weird hearing Trace call him "Son" and other times, it feels right.

"Blake, Ian and I don't want you talking to them alone. Of course, if you want to talk to her alone, we won't stop you."

"I want you there Dad."

He didn't want to face her again, but if he has to then he'd rather do it with the support of his dads.

"Blake, I think we need to eat light tonight, huh?"

His nerves are getting to him.

"I'm not all that hungry."

"Well, I'm going to fix grilled cheese and reheat yesterday's vegetable soup."

"Okay Dad." Trace turns, leaves the room, and heads down to start dinner.


For some reason, time seems to be spinning faster and faster. Ian finishes grading a quiz and now moves on to designing a new quiz for tomorrow's class and then he has a lab to plan. Blake and Ben are busy playing games in Blake's room. Trace is cooking the sandwiches and warming up the soup. The clock strikes 4:45 in the afternoon. Everyone in the house is feeling the pressure. Blake finds himself wanting to be enveloped in the arms of his boyfriend. Ben wants only to protect his man. Ian just wants to get the visit over with and Trace, well, he just wants the visit to never happen. Each person in the house going about his business when there is a knock at the door.

The knock can only mean that Blake's mother is finally at the house. After the third knock, Trace leaves the kitchen and heads to front door. As he moves to the front door, Blake and Ben head down to the kitchen. He opens the door once Ben and Blake are out of the sight. He hasn't bothered to remove his uniform. "Hello." He didn't feel like being polite, but since he's in his work clothes, being polite is the best way to go.

"Is Blake here?"

The younger of the two women is at the door right now. Trace figures the woman in the car is Blake's mom.

"He's here let me get him."

Trace closes the door and then walks to the kitchen.

"Your mom is here. Why don't you go sit on the couch in the middle? I'll be right down. I want to grab Ian."

He heads up to the office.

"Blake's mom is here."

"I'll be right down. Trace, don't let him talk to her without us."

"He won't babe."

Trace wants nothing more than to chew that woman out for abandoning her son here in Indiana. He leaves the office and heads to the front door. He looks back at the boys.

`How is this visit going to affect Blake?'

Blake's heart is pounding. Ben leans in and places a little kiss on Blake's cheek to help settle some of his boyfriend's nerves and to remind him that he's loved.

"Ian, get down here!"

Trace was loud enough that the two ladies outside might have heard him. Ian wasted no time in coming downstairs. Trace opens the front door. "Please come inside." Blake's eyes meet with his mom's eyes for the first time since leaving Idaho, rather than drop eye contact, he fiercely stands his ground. She isn't very good at hiding her disgust for the men that she walked by a second ago. The ladies sit down on the couch next to Blake and Ben.

"We don't mean to be rude, but would you mind sitting in the chairs."

"At my house, we let the guests sit wherever they like."

Mrs. Kimball's voiced her opinion softly as they moved to the chairs. It didn't go unnoticed by Blake and Ben. Ian and Trace sat down on opposite ends of the couch with Ben and Blake between them. Mrs. Kimball's eyed the teens and then turned her eyes to Ian and Trace.

"You do know that I'm here to talk with Blake, don't you?"

"Believe me, we are very aware of your desire to talk with Blake, but this is our house so we are staying."

She gave Trace a second glance noticing the uniform.

"So you rented a uniform to intimidate us?"

`How stupid is this lady?' Trace and Ian looked at her and then back to each other.

"No, this is my uniform. I just got home a little bit before you arrived."

"I see," she said as she looked down at the gun.

"I guess we should introduce ourselves."

Ian started the introductions.

"My name is Ian and one of Blake's dads; this is Ben, Blake's boyfriend..."

Mrs. Kimball rolled her eyes when Ian said that he was one of Blake's dads, but when he said "Blake's boyfriend" she seemed to be angry.

"I want him out of the house!"

Mrs. Kimball was trying to throw her weight around and she was being blatantly ignored. Again, she rolled her eyes, as did Blake's cousin. Blake could feel a strange feeling building up inside of him.

"...of course you already know Blake, and the handsome guy next to Blake is my husband, Trace. It's your turn for introductions."

"I'm Mrs. Kimball, Blake's mother, and this is my cousin, Lisa White."

She looks back to the couch.

Mrs. Kimball's eyes returned to her son. Her eyes seem to be giving off rivers of flame. Suddenly her eyes land on Trace.

"I want to speak to my son alone."

"Sorry, that's not happening." There is no way in hell that Trace and Ian are leaving their son. She gave up her son on the day that she found out he was gay and now she wants to make demands on them.

"Blake when the police from this city called the house to say that you had been found I was worried sick. I just couldn't get off from work to come out here, so I made arrangements to come out to visit with Lisa so I could see you."

Blake, Trace, and Ian all rolled their eyes.

`You were not one bit worried about me. If you were truly worried about me you would have left Idaho to come to Indiana immediately after you heard from the police.'

Blake's thoughts are clearly displayed and his mom and cousin are not happy. Ian cannot contain himself.

"I'm sorry but..."

Trace catches himself thanks to Ian.

"No please continue."

Lisa wants to hear what is on Trace's mind.

"If my mom even thinks that something is wrong, she drives up here speeding all the way, and the same thing goes for Ian's mom. I'm sorry, but that is crap, you could have left any time if you really wanted to."

Blake's mom didn't look happy.

"I'm sorry if the truth offends you, but I came here to see my son not to have an argument with his temporary father."

She was not one bit happy and taking every opportunity to get in a jab or two. Ian looks at his partner and knows that another jab like that, and he might be pulling Trace off Blake's mom.

"Blake, for the rest of the night I am just going to ignore your foster dad and his... his guy friend and just talk to you."

"Okay." Blake left it at that, he didn't feel like being chatty with her.

"Can I assume that since he is here, that you still think you're gay?"

Ben suddenly feels hurt. Blake can see the slighted look in Ben's eyes.

"His name is Ben, and I don't think that I'm gay; I know that I'm gay."

"Blake, it seems like you've gained some attitude since you left home. It's not a good thing. It must be hard to think with these two constantly telling you that it's okay to be gay. I can't imagine what other lies, they've told you."

Trace was going to say something to this hateful woman, but he stops himself when he becomes of aware of Blake. There is something building in him and Trace and can see it, so he backs down.

"Blake, you do know that everything around you is a lie. They can't really be in love, just like they can't really love you."

Blake is on the verge of letting his emotions out on his mom. Ian and Trace show more love for each other than he's ever seen his parents show back home. As far as loving him goes, Ian and Trace gave a part of their lives to him and their families have been there to help and assist as much as possible. Even calm, collected Ian is beginning to get a little steamed and it won't be long before he explodes.

Ian wants to put Mrs. Kimball in her place, but Trace gives him the eye and Ian back's down. Trace gets up and moves next to Ian.

"I think Blake is going to handle this situation, so just calm down and wait for it," he whispers into his husband's ear. He then takes his husband's hand and kisses his cheek.

"Must you really kiss in front of the kids? No wonder they're confused."

"Guess, we should follow the example of our elder's, huh Ben?"

Blake whispered into his boyfriend's ear. Blake hugs Ben, and then plants a kiss on Ben's cheek. Trace and Ian want to pat the boys on the back for their action, but they wish that the boys would have saved the hug and the kiss for after the women left the house.

"See that, I knew it. He's been brainwashed by... by these... these queers."

Blake was done.

Blake's mother had pushed the final button and he had heard enough. She was not going to insult his boyfriend and his dads, not to mention himself, in their house. Blake's face is now deep red.

"YOU cannot use that word in this house! It is not allowed. You call yourself a Christian, and look at how you're judging and throwing hate around. You should be ashamed, because I'm embarrassed. I have not been brainwashed. You are the one who sent me to live with an aunt that you knew was dead. You never once called to make sure that I made it here safely. If you had bothered to call her house, then you would have known that she was dead, but you didn't. You and Dad left me to live homeless out on the streets until these two guys helped to get me off the streets and into their loving home. They bought me clothes, gave me a roof over my head, and have fed me. What did you do? You sent me away, told other people that you didn't want me simply because I am gay, just because I'm different. Now you're in someone else's house insulting them and my boyfriend and it's bullshit. I... I... don't know why you came here. I... I... don't want to see you until you can accept the fact that I'm different. Just stay away from me, my boyfriend, and my dads. Yes, I said `my dad's'. They are my dads and they love me unconditionally and they've proven it time and time again."

He stopped talking for a second and looked at Ben, Trace, and Ian.

"They are my family. I will not listen to what you say and that is all I have to say for now."

His cousin was in shock. She has never heard Blake talk back to his mother. The fact that he said "bullshit" really threw her for a loop. Lisa isn't very happy with her cousin.

"Blake, you are way out of line. You need to apologize to your mom."

He looks at Lisa in complete and utter disbelief.

"Really? I need to apologize. Don't think so. She is the one who needs to apologize. She used a slur in my house. My parents sent me here and never ONCE checked on me, and you actually think I need to apologize. Where was she when I was almost kidnapped? Where was she when I was struggling to eat and to stay warm? No... I don't need to apologize for anything."

Mrs. Kimball stood up to comfort her son, but Ben already had him wrapped up in his arms. Ben broke off the hug only to have Trace and Ian come up to hug Blake. Out of the corner of his eyes, Trace can see Mrs. Kimball's anger rising up.

Mrs. Kimball is hot, it looks like she is about to go off. Trace is actually worried that she might hit or potentially threaten violence against any one of the guys in the house. He breaks off the hug and looks at Mrs. Kimball.

"I'm only going to say this once. If you or Lisa threaten anyone in this house, or raise your arms in any way that suggests violence, I will not hesitate to call the police. You had better believe that we will press charges."

Lisa looked at Trace to see if he was bluffing, but she could see no signs of a bluff. Trace was not bluffing. Trace and Ian do not intend to allow Blake's mom to commit any acts of violence towards Blake, whether it be physical or emotional.

"There is no need to threaten us with arrest. We didn't come here to be violent."

It seems that, at least for now, they want to be peaceful. Mom has one more trick up her sleeve. She has every intention of asking him if they've ever touched him, and if he says "Yes" then she is going to call the police and she is going to press charges.

"Since you wouldn't let me talk to my son alone, I am just going to come and ask my son a question. If you don't like it, too bad. Blake have they ever touched you in private places?"

"No way! Trace and Ian would never touch anyone. They love me, and not in that way either. Now, I am ending this visit. Get out! Both of you, get out!"

"Lisa, do not get up! He's not an adult in this house and he has no authority to kick us out."

His mother and Lisa refused to move.


Lisa and Mrs. Kimball didn't budge from their seats. Ian was having none of this. Trace stopped him the last time that he wanted to raise his voice, but this time there was no stopping him.

"I've kept my mouth shut for too long. You don't come into someone's house throwing insults at them. Look, our son ordered you to leave. You had better leave before we call the police and have you removed for trespassing. Now get out and leave the property."

Mrs. Kimball looked at Ian with a smirk. She waved her cell phone in the air and then looked at Blake.

"Do you really want your cousin and me to leave?"

"Yes, I do and don't come back!" Blake was hot.

"Very well!" Mrs. Kimball and Lisa left. As they left, Trace grabbed his cell phone.


He was not taking any chances. His fingers dialed 911.

"Tylerville police department, what is your emergency?"

"This is Officer Andrews. I just had my son's birth mom at my house. She was told to leave the property, but I have reason to suspect that she may yet be on the property."

"Officer Andrews, I am sending a squad car to your location. Please stay on the line until they arrive."

Trace knew that every officer on the force knew about Blake and his situation, and to the best of his knowledge, they all knew about the situation leading to them having him as a part of their family. His concern is that mom might try to regain custody. It didn't take long for an officer to get to the house.

The officer seems to be taking her time getting up to the door. It's because she ran into Mrs. Kimball and Lisa. She made sure they understand the need to get off the property. She was told to wait in her car until the officer came back to her. Mrs. Kimball complained that it wasn't right for her son to be living with fags. The officer is herself a lesbian and didn't take kindly to hearing her fellow officer and his husband being refered to by a slur, so again she told them that if she didn't wait, there would be a ticket in their future. With the promise of a ticket and the possibility of having charges promised by her son's adopted dad, they waited in the car. Officer West approached the house and knocked on the door. Blake opened the door and smiled as he saw his mom sitting in the car.

"Hi, you must be Blake. I've heard so much about you. Can I talk to one of your dad's please?"

"Do you want to come inside?"

"No thanks." Officer West waited by the door while Blake went to get Trace. It didn't take long for him to come to door.

"Officer West, thanks for coming out. Did they give you any trouble?"

Officer West smiles.

"Nothing, this woman couldn't handle. Everything okay?"

Trace isn't sure if things are okay, but things seem good for now.

"Did she say anything to you?"

"No, not really, but she mentioned her disgust over Blake living with you and Ian."

"Cool!" Now there is one thing left to do. Blake did tell her to leave the house, and she refused to do it until Ian told her and the other lady that they needed to leave the property, she wasn't too happy about it."

"Well, I can give her a ticket for trespassing."

"You know, just let her know that because she is Blake's mom we won't charge her with trespassing this time."

Officer West headed back to Mrs. Kimball's car and gives them Trace's message. She goes back to her car and waves to the family now gathered at the door.


The dads turn their thoughts to Blake. Trace goes into the kitchen and grabs the ice cream.

"Anyone want a sundae?"

Trace turns and gathers all the items that might go on a sundae; butterscotch syrup, hot fudge topping, chocolate syrups, and maraschino cherries, and lays them out on the island in the kitchen. It doesn't take long for the other guys to come into the kitchen. There is nothing like ice cream to make the stress melt away. Trace is counting on it. Everyone is done making their sundaes and they head out to the dining room table.


With everyone sitting around the table, Trace and Ian look at Blake.

"So is everyone okay?"

Ben can't believe how rude Blake's mom was, and he's glad that Blake is out here in Indiana and not back home in Idaho. His loves his guy.

"Dad, can my mom take me back?"

Blake looks at dads and they could tell that he was afraid. It was the first time before, during, and after the visit that Blake showed any signs of being afraid.

"No she can't," Trace responds. "She gave up her right to you and even faxed in a paper that her lawyer wrote up complete with her signature and your dad's signature. Course, there is that stipulation that if you ever decide that you're not gay, then and only then can you come home."

Blake looks a little less stressed. Ian disappeared for a brief few seconds. He reappears with his phone in his hand. He calls their lawyer.

"Hello Aston and Clark law offices, how can I help?"

"This is Ian Richards, is Mr. Clark in his office?"

"Yes he is, Mr. Richards; I'll put your call through right now."

"Thanks." Ian needs to hear it from Mr. Clark himself for a peace of mind."

"Hello, Mr. Richards, how can I help you today?"

"We just had a visit from Blake's birth mom, and we are all just a little unsettled. Is there any way that she could take him back?"

"Give me a second to grab your file. I don't want to say anything and have it be wrong."

There was silence for a few seconds.

"Mr. Richards, I called up your records and from what I can see, she would have to jump through a million hoops to get Blake back. As you know, she put the ball in your son's lap. I don't think it would be wise for her to attempt to fight. There are some judges, though, who might rule in her favor.

"Thanks, Mr. Clark."

Ian is beaming.

"Blake it looks like you're staying put."

"Group hug!" Ben yelled out as everyone gathered around Blake. It was awesome that they didn't have much to worry about in regards to Blake's parents."

Blake was speechless but he was happy that his dads and boyfriend were gathered around him. It means everything to have his family around him. There is nothing like being surrounded by love.


= = =


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