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Blake's Saga You and Me

Chapter 3 Ian's Conference


Ian has a two-day conference down in Indianapolis. The conference covers the topics of science and school safety. The school system is sending four science teachers and a vice principal to attend. The state of Indiana is trying to be pro-active by raising the bar in setting better science standards in the classroom and in implementing statewide safety and security programs. Ian has never come away from a conference with the warm fuzzies. In fact, very little of what he has heard is useful in his classroom. The powers that be are out of the touch with the classroom, or at least that is what Ian thinks.


Ian has spent a day and half packing for this trip, and now he is grabbing the last minute stuff, and as he is packing, Trace and Blake come into the room to chitchat.

"What's up, guys?"

"I'm missing you, Babe."

"I haven't left yet, Trace."

Trace just smiles as he watches his man bend over to put something away.

"Dad, you are so wrong."

"Whatever!" Trace said to Blake in jest, causing his son to just roll his eyes.

"Blake, you never said what's going on?"

"I'm staying home, so you can go on your trip?"

Ian gave him `the look' and then he gives Trace a smile.

"Not even, you're going to school and Dad is going to pick you up when it's over."

Blake shrugs his shoulders.

"Okay, I guess it's time to get ready."

Blake goes downstairs to get his backpack, his keys, and to grab a quick breakfast. Four minutes later, Ian comes down, picks up his keys, and goes into the dining room.

"Blake, be good; I love you."

His son finishes the food in his mouth. "Love you too, Dad." Ian walks back into the living room.

"I was hoping to see you before I had to leave. Love you, Babe."


He hugs Trace and gives him a kiss before he walks out.

"I love you too; see you when you get back."

They separate with Trace waiting for their son, and Ian heading off to work.

= = =

This conference sucks because for the first time in a long time, Thursday night will not belong to Trace and him. It is one of several traditions that they have carried over from their pre-Blake days. These conferences are boring, but at least Ian gets paid to go, so that makes up for the boredom. Indianapolis is a long, boring drive and somehow he always ends up with one of the gossipers. He likes his co-workers but the whole idea of being in everyone's business just gets old. At work he avoids it by eating in his classroom, but there is nothing he can do about it when he's stuck in a car with them. Maybe, he will be able to sleep on the way down to the conference.

= = =

Ian arrives at work, parks his car, and meets up with two of the teachers that, he's riding down to Indianapolis with for this conference. Miss. Lawrence and Mr. Smith are riding down with him and he is hoping that they will let him nod off to sleep. Mr. Smith is driving, which works out perfectly for Ian. Instead of resting, Ian hears all about the mess that Mr. Smith's 2 year old little boy made, and how Miss. Lawrence's boyfriend bought a puppy for her son even though she already told him not to buy the animal. The stories seem to be never ending, and they continue talking for a large part of the trip. It amazes him just how much he can block out when he really puts his mind to it. If only his hubby could be here, at least then things would not be so boring.

= = =

One thing about this trip that Ian is looking forward to is resting in his own hotel room bed. Hopefully, since they have arrived in Indianapolis, it will not be long before they arrive at their destination. Another 15 minutes and they're at the hotel and, after checking in, he goes up to his room. Ian unpacks only the things that, he'll need for today; his laptop, a pen, planner, and a notebook. There is only an hour before the conference starts, so a half hour nap is in order. After he wakes from his nap, Ian gets cleaned up so he looks sharp for the time he'll spend listening to speakers.

= = =

Pulling out his phone, he calls Trace to let him know that he arrived safely at the conference.

"Hello, everything okay?"

`It feels good to hear his voice.'

"Yeah, I just called to let you know that I made it safely to my hotel."

It's a relief to know that his guy arrived safely, but Trace wants to be in his arms. Between Blake being in school and Trace on evenings, there is just no way he can drive down there.

"When does this thing start?"

Ian looks at his phone's clock and realizes that it's time to get going.

"In fifteen minutes. Looks like I need to let you go, and get to the conference."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

For as much as Ian loves to hear his guy say those words, he loves saying them just as much.

"I'll call when I'm done for the evening."

"Sounds good, now get to class."

Trace smiles, hoping that tonight they'll be able to play together over the phone.

"Bye, Trace."

"Bye, Ian."

Ending the call, Ian hurries to the elevator and down to the conference.

= = =

The conference starts with a sign-in and then a small icebreaker within the groups that each educator was assigned to when they arrived. The speaker for the first hour is a teacher from Indiana who went to the Galapagos Islands in a field study group. Her speech was meant to encourage her fellow teachers to always look for ways to expand their knowledge as well as to continue their formal education. At least this speaker managed to keep Ian's attention because the next presenter is going to be rough. This speaker is reviewing standards for science education in the state of Indiana. His talk is already making Ian want to close his eyes and sleep for the next hour. He loves speakers who engage their audience and who offer fresh insights on their particular subject area. Thanks to the first speaker, Ian is really considering taking a science course this summer. A class in entomology or ornithology would be fun to take in the summer. Of course, he would have to discuss it with Trace, but only because of the cost involved in taking the class. Luckily, they are about to go to lunch and that means that at least for an hour he can take a break from listening to the State person.

= = =

Lunch has always been his favorite part of the day, if only because of the break; and today, this lunch has been earned. A group of teachers from the school has decided to go to a local restaurant for lunch. One of other teachers came here with his wife on a recent weekend trip to the city. The menu looks varied and has everything from deep-fried calamari to steak. Ian looks at the menu and decides on the on the fish and chips. The conversation at the table revolves around everyone's spouses and kids. This time, Ian decides to join in the conversation. He is actually smiling and enjoying himself. A guy from another table overhears Ian talking and it raises his interest. From what Ian has said, this guy feels certain that Ian is gay. Feeling brave, the stranger approaches the table. He's confident that he can steal Ian away from his friends and maybe get his rocks off this evening, but the worst part is Ian cannot see him coming. The guy stands behind Ian and taps him on the shoulder, and Ian turns to see a person in his early forties with dark brown hair, grayish blue eyes, and a slight gut staring at him.

"Hi, I'm Alan and I hope that you'll forgive me for saying this, but you're hot."

Ian is not comfortable with this guy approaching him.

"Thanks for the compliment, but I'm taken already."

Ian shows him the ring on his finger and then turns back to his friend, but Alan still will not leave.

"Come on, we both know that ring means nothing."

Ian's coworkers are beginning to get upset with the intruder. Ian's relaxed nature is starting to come undone at the seams.

"Look, I know you want some of this so why don't we pay our bills and ditch this party."

One of Ian's co-workers looks at the man, and gathers her words.

"Hey buddy, my friend here has a man at home who puts you to shame. He has a better body, a better personality, and from what I have seen in his swimming suit, a bigger cock than you have. Now get the fuck out of our face before I send it packing."

Miss Anderson is a very forward, non-apologetic, and not afraid to put even the toughest jock in their place. The intruder turns and walks away, leaving Ian and company free to enjoy their meals.

"Thanks, Kim, but I could have dealt with him."

She smiles. "I know, but I was dying to say something." And Ian admits that she handled him quite well. They finished eating and then returned to the conference after a restroom break.

= = =

Ian has another four hours of conference to go through before the day is done. This conference needs to come to a close for the day so that Ian can call his loved ones. He is listening to the speaker but his dreams of Trace are occupying his thoughts. Ian is also worrying about the substitute teacher following his instructions as well as his students. The notebook he brought with him has several pages of doodles along with notes on various topics that have stuck out to him. At long last, there is a bit of good news; the final speaker could not make it so the conference will end at 5 o'clock pm instead of at 8 o'clock pm tomorrow. Trace will still be in bed when he gets home but at least he'll l be there and Ian can cuddle with him. What he wants more than anything right now is to be by his man's side, and to sleep in his own bed.

= = =

The first day of conference is now officially over and Ian wants to eat but he is tired so he orders Chinese from room service. Hearing the voices of his husband and son are the only things he wants right now. Pulling out his phone, he dials the home phone, and "Hello Dad, how was your day?, Blake's voice is not the one he was expecting, but it did warm his soul.

"It's been long and boring. How was your day?"

"It sucked, Ben is sick so he didn't come to school."

Ian can see where Ben being sick might affect Blake's day, because the two teens are inseparable.

"Sorry to hear that Ben is sick, how was class today?"

"The sub was strict like no other, and he told us that when we finished our assignments, that we could talk, but no one finished in time."

Ian is glad that his students managed to stay busy the entire hour at least from what Blake is saying. All of sudden Ian could hear Trace's voice, "Who is on the phone?"

He doesn't want the phone call to end until he talks with his hubby and had a chance to relax.

"Blake, let me talk with Dad for a bit."

It was quiet for a second or two before Trace came to the phone.

`What is going on at the house?'

"Hey babe, sorry for leaving you hanging, but I had to wash my hands."

It feels so good to Ian to hear his husband's voice, and they both want nothing more than to be in each other's arms tonight.

"How has your day gone?"

Ian would love to hear slow or boring, but rarely are Trace's days ever like that except for when he is home.

"I've missed you, and yeah it has been a rather slow day. How has your first day of conference gone?"

`Wonder how he'll take to hearing about me getting hit on by that loser?'

"Conference has been okay, but something happened at lunch today."

"What happened?"

Trace's voice has an edge to it and Ian doesn't like it because he can't see his lover's face. If he can't see, his husband's face then he cannot tell if he's mad or not.

"I got hit on by someone."

"Oh sounds like a joy, how did he take the rejection?"

"Kim told him that I have a guy who puts him to shame and I quote `He has a better body, a bigger cock, and a better personality.' She was so awesome."

Trace loves being around Kim because her attitude comes close to matching his own. He is not as in your face, but he will tell you like it is and do it without caring. Kim would make the perfect date if he were straight.

"Have I told you just how much I love you today?"

Trace smiles, he loves hearing those words from Ian. Of course, he loves the actions that Ian shows towards him.

"Yeah, I think you've told me today, but you can say it again, and I won't stop you."

Ian wants so badly to kiss Trace.

"I love you more than life itself, remember that and never once doubt it."

"Well babe, I have to work tomorrow, so I'm going to let you go."

Ian doesn't want to say goodbye to his husband, because right now all he wants is too curl up next to Trace and just sleep the night away.

"Good night, babe, I love you."

Ian's voice was softer than soft as he spoke those words to the man he loves. Something in the way he said it gave Trace goose bumps.

"I love you too."

They end their calls and get ready for bed and they'll be in each other's dreams as they sleep.

= = =

Ian is having a rough time sleeping. His thoughts are keeping him awake. His family is causing him to worry and when thoughts are running through his mind at bedtime, sleep does not come easily for him. He has to tell himself that everything is okay. Once he has his mind at ease, Ian is able to fall asleep without any issues.

= = =

The alarm went off at 6 o'clock am sharp. That gave him two hours to shower, dress, and eat, which is not a problem, since he usually gives himself two hours at home. Today the conference switches gears and the topic up for discussion is school safety and security. Leaving the room behind, he makes his way down to the conference. Finding his co-workers, he sits down. Maybe today will be a better day, because yesterday's sessions seemed to drag on for forever. At least today, they will be leaving early, which means he'll get home earlier than expected and that means being by his guy's side sooner also. Thankfully, the sessions were not as bad as he thought they would be, and Ian can now get ready to head home.

= = =

As he's about to stand up, an unwelcome voice calls out to him. "Hey wait up." He turns to see, who called out to him. It's the stranger from yesterday and all Ian wants to do is run, but he doesn't.

"I was hoping that I would run into you because I wanted to apologize for coming on so strongly yesterday."

`This guy is an educator?'

How can someone in education act so unprofessionally, then it hit him. He realizes there are much worse educators who have chosen to act in ways unbecoming of persons who shape the lives of children and teens. From out of his pocket, Alan pulls out a folded piece of paper and hands it to Ian, and then he walks away. Ian doesn't even take time to read the note and just slips it into one of his pants pockets. Not wanting to waste any more time, he heads up to his room to pack. The original plan was for Trace to come down tonight and spend the night, and then they would go home together. Ian is checking out and then riding home with his co-workers. Everyone in his group is checked out and headed towards the car. It is 6:20 at night when they finally pull out from the hotel.

= = =

Three hours and fifteen minutes later Ian arrives at home. He quietly unlocks the door and then enters the house, and he makes sure close and lock the door behind himself. Leaving the luggage in the living room, Ian heads upstairs to the bedroom. He strips downs to his underwear and then gets into bed. He whispers to Trace "I love you." He then gently kisses Trace on the forehead before covering himself up.

`It feels so good to be next to him.'

Ian wraps his arms around Trace and rests his head on the pillow.


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