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Blake's Saga – Book III

Chapter 8 - Anniversary

Today is a special day in the lives of Trace and Ian because it is their anniversary. They give each other a kiss and a then they get out of bed and head for the shower.

"Babe, can you believe it's been seven years already?"

"No, it doesn't feel like it's been that long to me."

They do their best not to become aroused by letting their thoughts get the best of them. Blake already has breakfast going and they do not want to keep him or the food waiting. There will be time for dirty thoughts and intimacy later in the day. Getting clean is the only thing on their minds, besides the fact that they are hungry. The shower is done, so they get out, dry each other and walk back into their bedroom.

"Are you guys coming down to eat any time soon?"

"Give us a chance to get dressed, okay."

`Okay.' Blake said to himself after Ian's response as he goes about finishing breakfast. Besides breakfast, he has to wrap his dads' present. Trace and Ian walk out of the bedroom and head down to the kitchen.

"Happy anniversary!" Blake says as they enter the dining room and his smile puts a smile on his dads' faces.

"Thanks Blake, it means a lot to hear you say that."

Blake hugs Trace and then hugs Ian too. To see them happy makes Blake feel like this is where he is needed and where he is meant to be.

"How is breakfast coming?"

"It's just about done. I'm waiting on this last omelet to finish up."

Blake made crepes with strawberries, whipped crème, and chocolate. The omelets have ham, mushrooms, onions, cheese, and green bell pepper in them. There is also orange juice but it is not freshly squeezed.

"Okay, breakfast is done. There are two crepes and one omelet a piece."

"Blake, we really appreciate you doing this for us."

Everyone gets up and serves themselves which is different for the family. Trace and Ian like that Blake is willing to cook and they encourage it but it's not an everyday occurrence. As his dads sit at the table, Blake tries to head for the stairs with his plate.

"Where are you going with that food?"

"I need to get something done, and it's very important. Plus, I thought you guys might want to have breakfast alone."

Trace signals for him to head upstairs.

"Thanks Dad." Blake says as he heads up the stairs to his room.

"I'm glad that our son is a neat freak otherwise we would never see that plate and silverware again." Ian says with a smile on his face. Trace smiles too, as he watches their son disappear.


After eating breakfast, Ian and Trace clean up, retire to the living room, and sit down on the couch. Fifteen minutes later, Blake comes down the stairs with a present in his hands for his dads. He walks up to them with the gift in his arms.

"I got you guys a little something. I hope you like it."

Their eyes are glued on the gift.

"Blake, you didn't have to get us anything." Ian said as Blake handed him the gift.

Ian carefully unwrapped the gift revealing a photo album. As Ian opens the book, Trace's eyes are glued to the pictures as he remembers the events that were taking place on the day each photo was taken. Blake spent hours preparing the book, making sure each photo had accompanying text, and that each page had some art on it that reflected the picture. The book highlights important moments in their lives along with a few every day moments. They love the book and they even get a little emotional as they thumb through it.

"Thanks son, we love it." Trace says. He stands up to hug their son and he sits back down on the couch. Ian also stands up, hugs Blake and says thank you, and then he too sits back down next to Trace. Trace looks at Blake as he thinks back to the days prior to the adoption and thinks about how much growth there has been in Blake. They made the right choice when they adopted him. There is no doubt about it, Ian and Blake are the best parts of his life.

"Dad and I don't have a lot planned for today, but we thought you might like to go over and see Ben for a part of the day, but before we take you over there, can you come up with some movies for us to watch while you're gone?"

Blake smiles as he heads to a computer to get his research done. He cannot wait to see his boyfriend. When their son reaches the office, Trace and Ian get up to retrieve their gifts for each other. Trace sneaks out to the garage where he gets two boxes off a shelf and then returns to the couch. While Trace was outside, Ian heads up into the guest bedroom and opens the linen closet. Amongst the piles of bedsheets, he grabs a flat box and then he too returns to the couch. Ian hands his box to Trace, and crosses his fingers in the hope that he likes it.

"I hope you like the gift."

Trace removes the gift-wrap and then opens the box. Inside the box, there are three wool sweaters.

"Thanks Honey, I love them."

Ian moves a little closer to Trace and kisses him on the lips.

"It's your turn to open your presents."

He hands Ian the smaller of the boxes and smiles.

"What's in the box?" Ian asks as he inspects the package to find out what is inside.

"I'm not telling you. Open it and find out what's in it for yourself."

There are two envelopes in the box. One envelope is from the National Park Service and the other has Trace's handwriting on it. The National Park Service envelope contains a yearly pass in it. The other envelope contains 10 3x5 cards also with Trace's handwriting on them. Each card is a coupon good for a unique or romantic venue.

"I'm going to have to think very carefully before I start using these coupons."

Trace then hands him the second box, which is bigger than the last box.

"Careful with this box, its contents are fragile."

Ian carefully removes the wrapping and opens the box. He then removes bubble wrap and the packing peanuts from the around the object. Ian finds a beautiful vase with a scene from Chinese history on it.

"It's beautiful Babe thank you."

"You're welcome."

He leans in and kisses Trace on the lips.

"I don't say this enough but I love you."

The guys give each other a hug and then just relax in each other's arms.


The guys have a long day ahead of them and it's all about them. It is a whole twenty-four hours with nothing to do. The only thing is spend time together as a couple. Life has been crazy at times over the last year. They have earned this chance to relax and enjoy their day.


Trace and Ian talk and then decide to have a day without distraction. They want to be alone and out of reach of work and friends. Trace agrees to turn off all the cell phones. He shuts down his cell phone and then Ian hands him his and Trace shuts down the cell phone.

"Cell phones are off, so we won't have to worry about being disturbed."

"Good because, you are all mine."

Hearing his husband talk like that is enough to get Trace's blood flowing in his penis. Blake enters the living room and the sight of him stops Trace's erection cold.

"When are you taking me to Ben's house?"

"I suppose, one of us can take you over there now. Have you called to make sure they are home?"

Ian does not want to get over there and have no one home. Blake grabs a couple of video games and his key chain.

"I already called and they are home. Oh, I also have your movie list."

He hands the paper to Trace before heading out the door with Ian.

"Thanks Sport." Trace and Ian always treat him with the same respect that they would expect him to give them. Once inside the car, they head out to Ben's house.

"Have fun at Ben's house and behave yourself."

"Sure dad." Blake rolls his eyes as he stares out the car window. Ian wants to get back to Trace, so it's a good thing that they're close to Ben's house.

"Thanks Dad for bringing me to Ben's."

They pull into the driveway and Blake gets out of the vehicle. Ian waits for Blake to enter the house. Backing up, he heads for home with one thing on his mind. He wants to be cuddled up next to Trace on the couch watching a movie. Maybe their son picked some good movies for them to watch. It always seems to take longer to get home from Ben's house.


Ian gets home to find Trace waiting for him in front of the television on a blanket.

"Are you comfortable down there?

Trace gives Ian a sexy smile and motions for Ian to join him on the blanket next to him.

"You must be comfortable otherwise you wouldn't be so eager to get me by you."

Ian sits on the blanket next to his husband. Trace hits play on the remote and the movie starts to play. Ian and Trace find themselves immersed in the movie. Blake knew what he was doing when he made up the list for them. The couple embrace for a second and then they end up cuddling on the blanket.

"We need to let him pick our movies more often." Ian says, as Trace gets some tears in his eyes from the action in the movie. It's the same spot in the film that Blake started to cry also.

"I am so glad that our kids will never know what it's like to be treated like this by us." Ian says, hinting at the fact that he wants to add another kid into the family.

"You know, I've had stuff in my eyes ever since the boy ran away."

Trace's reply made Ian roll his eyes in disbelief.

"I saw you crying, and its okay to say it if the movie got to you."

Ian is right; it is perfectly okay for a guy to cry during a movie. Trace decides to stop Ian from talking by kissing him. The next movie is exactly what they needed, a romantic comedy. They laugh on and off through the entire movie and they spent the entire movie in each other's arms.


After the last movie, Trace runs upstairs to their bedroom and find their wedding video. He runs back down to the DVD player. He opens the tray, inserts the DVD, and then closes the tray.

"I think this DVD is even more romantic than the last one we watched." Trace says as he returns to his husband's side.

"What is it?"

Trace did not need to answer Ian's question because it suddenly became very clear what was on this DVD. They sat through the ceremony and they both cried some more.

"I think we've come a long way since then, don't you agree?" Ian asks as he craps his arms across Trace's chest.

"Yeah, I think we've done well over the years, despite our mistakes."

Wanting to reassure his husband, Ian softly kisses him on the back of his neck.

"We've always learned from our mistakes, and we come back from them stronger every single time."

`You're right, that is why we are such a good match.'

He knows what Ian just said is true. As the ceremony ends, the video turns to the reception. This portion of the video focuses on the highlights of the evening rather than the entire evening. They still find themselves talking about their mother and son dance, and that Trace almost ruined his tuxedo with the sparkling grape juice. Without a doubt, it was one of the most memorable evenings in their lives. Their first dance was magical, even if all eyes were on them it felt like they were the only ones in the room. When they tossed the garter belt, that Trace had around his leg, Ian thought for sure that his mom would die a million deaths, but she even encouraged a couple of their friends to go up. Their last dance of the evening had an extra bonus when a little kid came running up and told Ian that he was cute, that was too funny. The guys were asked during the reception by one of their friends when they would have kids. Trace answered with `sometime in the next ten years'. Ian agreed that the time span would work, and they both went with it. The honeymoon was even more memorable but we will not go there. With another video done, Ian and Trace return to their bedroom.


While their laying in their bed, something begins to bug Ian about the wedding.

"Trace, do you feel like something or someone was missing from our wedding night?"

A curious expression breaks out across Trace's face.

"No, I think things went really good, but what do you think was missing?"

"Blake, I think he was missing."

Trace knows that their son was not at the wedding because he was still at home in Idaho. The real question is what is going on in Ian's head.

"Hon, what are you thinking?"

"I want to marry you again. I wanted to do it for our 10th year anniversary, but now that Blake is in our lives, I want to do it right, with our son in the wedding party."

A wedding would be romantic and it would not take much for Trace to agree to it. Right now though, he sees no reason to change anything.

"Ian, I am all for a wedding but if you want to wait for another 2 years, I would be okay with that."

"Well, can we at least start planning for it?"

Shaking his head, Trace looks at Ian and his answer changes from "no" to "yes". He smiles and kisses Ian on the lips.

"Let's talk with Blake first and see if he's on board, and then we can talk."

Ian is excited because he knows that kiss means that at some point down the road, they will get a chance to go through the ceremony again. Trace can read Ian's body language and he knows there is little doubt in his heart. He grins and delivers a sensual kiss to his Ian's lips.

"Babe, I want to get married to you."

Ian immediately wraps his arms around his husband and starts to attack him with kisses.

"Thanks Trace!" Ian is so happy that he is glowing with excitement. They settle down and end up cuddling on the on the bed. They get so comfortable on the bed that they end up falling asleep.


The guys are napping in each other's arms. You can see their love in the way they are holding on to each other. For an hour, Trace and Ian enjoy some quiet time with each other. When Trace wakes, he finds Ian's body entwined with his own body. He caresses Ian's cheek and stares at his baby's face.


It's 12:30 in the afternoon and Trace and Ian are now awake and ready to check their voicemail. It falls on Trace to check the voicemail. First, he checks the cell phones and there aren't any phone calls to return. Using his cell phone, he calls the landline's phone number for checking voicemail and soon he is listening to his mother's voice.

"Trace, Dad and I want to take you and Ian out for dinner tonight for your anniversary. Call us."

Trace deletes the message before going back to the bedroom.

"Any messages?" Ian asks as he waits for Trace to join him. Trace sits down and nods his head.

"Yeah, my mom called. My parents want to take us out for dinner tonight."

Ian waits for a second to hear if Trace wants to go out for dinner with his parents.

"Would you be okay if we stay home tonight?"

Normally, Trace is all about a free meal so, this question has Ian a little stumped.

"If that is what you want to do, then I'm okay with it."

Trace gets up, grabs his cellphone, and looks at his husband.

"I am going to let Mom know that we aren't going out tonight."

Trace calls his mom and it does not take long for her to answer the call.

`I hope she is okay with us not going out to eat.'

"Hi son, we didn't make reservations yet for tonight so, we need to know if you guys are bringing Blake too."

"Actually Mom, Ian and I were hoping that we could just stay home tonight. I hope you're okay with that."

There is a slight pause before Trace gets a response from his mom.

"Honey, its fine. Dad said that you may not want to go out for dinner. I hope you enjoy your night."

"Thanks Mom, tell Dad that we love him. I love you Mom."

Trace and Ian sit down again and cuddle on the bed.


It is time for lunch and the guys are hungry but they want to speak with Blake. It is decided that they need to call him and let him know that they are coming to get him. Blake asks if Ben can come, but his dads say no, that this meal is strictly for family. Trace and Ian decide that they want pizza at a local place.

They head out to pick up their son at the Hatcher household and from there they head out to the pizza parlor. Blake is showing a little bit of attitude typical of a teenager. He is giving them the silent treatment. They know he is acting out and they decide to simply give him a chance to cool down.

When they arrive at the restaurant and park the car, they get out of the car and head on inside the building. They get seated and order the pizza. Blake is beginning to come out from his attitude.



Ian cannot wait to tell Blake about their plans to get married again. Trace gets the conversation going with their son.

"Dad and I were talking about something special that we could do for our anniversary and Dad suggested getting married again."

Blake's attitude has completely disappeared and has been replaced by happiness.

"When are you getting married?"

"We haven't picked a date just yet. We wanted to talk to you about the whole idea. So what do you think?"

"I think it's cool."

Trace laughs as he grabs a pen and then opens his notebook. Blake isn't sure why they want to get married again but he's on board.

"We were hoping you would be excited."

"I am Dad."

"Well I guess we can start planning our wedding."

Trace loves the whole planning aspect of weddings and parties so Ian gives him the reigns to create as long as he involves him. The pizza comes out and the guys dig into it.

"Are you going to have a reception after the ceremony?"

His dads have not considered a reception but it is a good idea.

"Well, we really don't need presents but maybe we could do a charity evening, and people could donate to whatever charity we pick."

Trace loves Ian's suggestion and it will be great having their guests donating as well.

"What charity did you have in mind?"

Ian thought for a second and then he smiles.

"Well, I heard of a new GLBTQ youth center is opening it's doors soon in our city, and I'm pretty sure they'll be accepting donations both financially and in goods as well."

"Why haven't I heard about this place?"

Blake is a little puzzled.

"Well, I think because it's not been officially announced. I heard about it from Caden."

"Well, I think it sounds like a worthy cause."

Trace would like more information about the center but it cannot deny that it is a great idea.

"As long as people will donate, I say go for it."

Blake is excited over the wedding and way that they are talking about doing the reception. It will be fun if he is allowed to help in some of the planning as well. Another fifteen minutes and the guys are ready to head out again.


Trace and Ian have decided to get dessert at a local ice cream parlor. It's on the outskirts of the city, but it's well worth the travel. The parlor makes all their own ice cream, and they have some interesting flavors. The flavors may not be unique but they taste better coming from this place. The family's favorites are Candy Cane, Mango, and Banana Split. Today though, they are all up for trying something new. Ian ordered blueberry cobbler, Trace has key lime pie, and Blake got wild raspberry. Now, they kicking back with and enjoying their ice cream. After eating, the family gets back into the car and heads for home.


While Blake was at Ben's, Ben's parents took him out to help them pick out a present for his dads. Blake stayed at home even though Trace and Ian offered to take him back to Ben's house, so he could be there when Ben and parents arrived at the house. He sits up in his room working quietly so he can hear the sound of anyone knocking at the door. While Blake is upstairs, Ian and Trace are relaxing in the living room. Fifteen minutes later, there is a knock at the door. Blake runs down the stairs to answer the door. Opening the door, he is excited to see Ben standing outside along with his parents. Soon, Blake is escorting the Hatcher's into the house.

"Hey what's up?" Ian says to both Blake and the Hatcher's as Trace and him stand up to shake hands with Ben's parents.

"When we found out that it was your anniversary today, we wanted to get you something."

Mrs. Hatcher then points to Ben who takes a wrapper present out of the bag that now sits on the floor and hands it too Ian.

"You guys didn't have to get us anything."

Mr. Hatcher rolled his eyes at Trace's comment. As Ian unwraps the present, Blake has his fingers crossed in hopes that they like it. Finally, the gift is out of its paper and out of its box. It is made of copper and has several red flowers on it, and at the base of it, there is glass vial. Ian smiles with delight as he holds it up.

"Thanks everyone, hopefully this feeder will bring some hummingbirds to our yard."

Blake smiles as he considers just how cool it will be to have actual hummingbirds in their yard.

"You're both welcome."

"We had better go so the two of you can enjoy your day. Do you want us to take Blake with us?"

Trace has no objections and neither does Ian, so they look at Blake so he can decide for himself.

"If it's okay with my dads I want Ben to stay here with me. I promise we won't be in the way and we'll behave."

"I suppose it's okay." Ian says as he looks at Blake and then at Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher.

"Call us when you're ready to come home okay?"

Ben smiles and nods his head and replies "Okay." Ben's parents say good-bye and leave the house. The two adults watch as the boys head upstairs to Blake's room.


Trace and Ian head outdoors to sit in their garden. Before Ian sits down, he hangs up their hummingbird feeder. Trace is sitting on their swing waiting for his husband to join him. He is giving Ian sad, puppy dog eyes and as usual, Ian wants to give him kisses when he does those eyes. He sits and kisses his man and then couple ends up cuddling on the swing.


As their sitting on the swing, Trace begins to feel bad for the way he treated Ian after the conference. Despite making up, he still feels guilty for the way he hurt him. A tear begins to form in his eyes as he looks into Ian's eyes.

"Why are you upset?"

"I feel guilty for hurting you."

Trace has been known to hang onto things that bother him, but Ian is great at letting go of other's misdeeds.

"Babe, when did you hurt me?"

Looking at his husband, Trace does not understand how Ian does not remember any of the pain.

"You honestly don't remember how I treated you after your time in Indianapolis?"

Smiling as he gazes into Trace's eyes as he takes in his husband's entire face. It just does not make any sense why Trace is dwelling on this right now.

`Trace needs to let this go, so the pain will fade away.'

"Yeah, I remember how you thought that I cheated on you. I also remember how we made up and how things returned to normal. Babe, I need you to let this go, and forgive yourself."

Trace sees the sparkle in his lover's eyes. It has been in Ian's eyes a thousand other times, but today it means everything to him.

"I love you Ian, and I'll drop the pain."

They embrace and kiss again and their kisses help to strengthen the bond that they share.


We are going back in time just a half hour ago. Blake and Ben are sitting on Blake's bed and they are just enjoying each other's company.

"Blake, I hope we get to see our seventh year anniversary."

Blake's caught off guard a by the comment. He loves that Ben wants to be with him for that long.

"I don't know what to say but I like the idea of being with you for seven years."

Blake knows the road to those seven years will not be easy.

"Do you think we can make that it far?" Blake asks, hoping for a positive answer from Ben.

"Yeah, I mean, don't you want to last."

"Yeah, I want to last but there is a lot of time between now and seven years later."

Ben nods his head as he agrees with Blake's statement.

"In a few years, we'll graduate high school, and we'll have college to think about, so I think we have a long road ahead of us."

Blake has been through too much not to be realistic about their future.

"Do you think we'll make it through college as a couple?"

If a ton of other couples can make it through college so can Blake and Ben.

"Yes I do, because if my dad's can make it so can we."

Thinking over what his boyfriend just said Ben crosses his fingers. They could end up at different colleges and that would mean being around hundreds of hot guys.

"I want to get married right after college."

Ben wants to get married as soon as they have their degrees.

"So you want to wait five or six more years?"

"No Babe, I don't want us to wait till then, I want you to be yours by high school graduation."

Blake loves Ben with all his heart but high school graduation seems a bit early for marriage. His parents married one year after his dad returned from his mission. They got married before college and had to work twice as hard to support their family and to pass their classes. He does not want that life for Ben and him.

"I...I think you were right, we need to wait till college to get married."

Ben smiles as he pats Blake on his back.

"I'm going to hold you to your word."

Ben and Blake kiss sealing what they have agreed on and now it is in the arms of fate. The kiss feels electric and the guys are dealing with their body's reaction. They head downstairs cuddle on the couch.


When Trace and Ian come inside, they head straight to their bedroom. Ian begins to look through one of the bookshelves in the room. Five minutes later, he pulls a blue book with "Journal" written on it. Inside the book, there are several pages of written material done by the guys when they were a little younger. He sits beside Trace and opens up the book to a page marked with a piece of paper.

"Do you remember writing this page?"

Trace smiles as he looks at the page in the book.

"Is this the page that we wrote our plans in for our lives together?"

Ian smiles as he nods his head and kisses his man again on the lips.

"Yes, it is Honey."

The guys spend a few minutes glancing over the next two pages.

"I never realized the things that we gave up when we took Blake in as our son."

They have not really thought about what they have given up.

"The biggest thing was our trip to London. We still have not finished our travel plans."

They were in the midst of the plans when Trace first spotted Blake. To be honest, Trace and Ian do not miss the trip to London.

"Remember how we were going to have a baby by age 29. I think you were looking through adoption sites the week prior to everything taking off with Blake."

This time, it sort of stings because the guys want a baby in their life."

Luckily, time is on their side on the baby issue.

"Yeah I was hoping for a baby or a little kid that might fit into our family or into what we think our family might look like."

"Oh, hey Blake, what's up?"

"I...was in the office getting some paper for me and Ben to draw on and I heard you guys talking."

"You...you were going to adopt a baby?"

The guys didn't intend for him to hear their discussion. Blake is waiting on them to answer their question.

`Guess, we owe him an explanation.'

Trace thinks back to the events prior to Blake showing up in the city.

"Okay, so Dad and I had discussed having or getting a baby into our lives. We wanted to have a kid by the time one of us was 29 that we would attempt to get a baby or a little kid. Ian and I really wanted to bring a little young one in our home."

Blake is feeling bad, because this means that they gave up a dream for him.

"We did what we thought was best. Yes, we could have gone through with an adoption, but we felt impressed to do the right thing. The right thing was being there for you."

At this point, Blake is on the verge of being emotional.

"We couldn't go through with any adoption when you needed help."

Ian wants to make sure that Blake understands that they do not miss the adoption of the younger kid. They love Blake not as a younger brother but as a son. They all feel very lucky to have each other in their lives. The exchanged hugs and spent a minute making sure that Blake was okay.


The guys come inside with their cartons from the restaurant and Ian walks upstairs to check on Blake.

"Are you hungry?"

"Yes Dad, I am very hungry."

"Dad has your food downstairs buddy."

Blake follows Trace downstairs to the dining room. He sits down while Ian prepares his dinner.

"What time did Ben leave?" Ian asked out of curiosity.

"He left around seven-thirty. His parents needed to run out for a little bit, so they needed him home."

Today was eye opening for Blake, he had no idea that they put off a baby for them. He looks up at Ian and smiles.

"Dad, this question might be a little stupid, but are you and Trace happy?"

"First, that is not a stupid question and second, Dad and I are really happy."

Another smile breaks out across Blake's face. He is glad that they are happy, that means they will not be breaking up any time soon. Trace places the food in front of his son, and Blake starts digging in right away.


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