This letter is fictional, but it is real in the fact it is my fantasy. It is my first attempt at a story, so be kind. The normal warnings may not apply as there is no descriptive sex in this. Maybe next time!

The Christmas Letter

My Darling Jason,

I hope you find this letter in your briefcase. I placed it there as we left for work this morning. I wanted you to know how much I have loved being your husband for all of 3 days and will be forever.

When we were married the day before Christmas, I never thought I would be so honored and blessed with such a man as you in my life. It was so awesome finding that little church in Iowa and that the pastor would be willing to perform our marriage ceremony.

The church, all decorated for Christmas, the pastor in his white robe, the candelabra lit gave such a festive and joyous feeling to the recitation of our vows.

As we drove back to your house, now our home, I never felt so safe and confident that this was the right decision for our lives together. All the way on the long journey to northern Minnesota we laughed and smiled like little boys just waiting for Santa to come.

The snow began to come down harder as we approached the turn off, and I was more than ready to spend our first night together as husbands. It was late as we got home, and turned on the lights of the tree and all the decorations that we had put up for the holiday.

As you lit a fire in the fireplace, I brought in that special bottle of wine that we had been saving for this occasion.

You saw the box there on the couch and asked what it was, and I told you it was our early Christmas presents. I was so glad when you opened it and saw the robes with our names embroidered on them. They looked like something Spencer Tracy would have worn in an old Katherine Hepburn movie, or Cary Grant at his prime.

AS we put them on, I saw the blue that I had picked out for yours matched the shade of your eyes perfectly. As I stared into them, I still was wondering if this was all but a dream.

You stood up and took my hand, and as the sound of that haunting jazz only Harry Connick, Jr. could produce, we danced seemingly for hours, just holding on to each other in that warm lover's embrace.


As we began to go up the stairs, to our bedroom, I knew that this night would be something that was without equal.

We stood by our bed, and and amazing thing happened, we both knelt to pray. Something that we hadn't really done before, both of us thanking God for this night that we had come such a long journey to achieve.

That night, we must have had the grace of God as we gave ourselves to each other, finally becoming that "one flesh" as we celebrated with passion and energy our love.

I woke up early and looked out the window and saw that that heavy snow that had fallen so blanketed the trees that they were bending over and I knew this was going to be a day of staying inside as everything was shut down.

I traced the outline of your lips and jaw with my finger, running my hands through your tousled hair but knowing I had to get up, I had things to do.

I put on my robe and then retrieved the small box from my suitcase and took it downstairs to place under the Christmas tree, and then went into the kitchen to make our first breakfast as a married couple. While standing by the counter, I felt your warm hands reach around my waist and your soft stubbly face rest on my neck and you said "Good Morning, Darling, Merry Christmas."

I turned and we kissed knowing that this would be the first of many morning kisses.

Taking our coffee into the living room and sitting under the tree, I handed you that small box. I didn't know whether you would like it, but there it was. You opened the box and took out the small plain looking locket on a gold chain. On the front was "Jason & Shane" and on the back "Together Forever." You opened the locket and I had placed our picture in it, the one taken on the beach where we were both looking at each other and smiling, I knew it was my favorite as well as yours.

As you smiled and told me how much you loved it, you handed me an equally small box, and my fingers shook as I opened it up.

We had decided to not have rings at our wedding, but had said we would get them later. And now, here in this box, was a was a plain simple gold band...and you asked me to read the engraving: "Jason & Shane" "Together Forever"

So, my Darling, thank you, I will always be yours, together, forever.

With all my love,

Your Husband, Shane.