Gramps 01

by Jon Hold

Copyright 2015 by the Author

"Boy! Why are you walking like that?"

That was my grandpa. I was spending the summer with him because my parents were fighting a lot and I'd been getting into trouble in school. Gramps owned this ranch in the middle of NOWHERE and even if he was working me half to death, I was BORED! But I was a lot more scared of him than bored, so I did what he said, which meant, "Right now!".


"What do you mean, `Nothin' '? I asked you why you were walking like that."

I was walking funny. I was wearing a pair of brand new blue jeans without underpants, the way I'd seen Gramps get dressed, and they were rough against my unprotected peter and tender inner thighs. Making it worse, I'd found this really neat story, "My Dads" on the web last night on the computer Gramps let me have in my room. It made me so horny that I jerked off over and over and my dick was really sore.

"Wizzer, get over here!"

Gramps had called me `Wizzer' ever since I was a little kid and he caught me peeing in his flowers. I knew better then to dawdle when Gramps told me to do something, so I hurried over to where he'd been working in the shop part of the barn. "Yes, Sir?"

"Didn't I ask you a question?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Well, drop your pants so I can see what the problem is."

"What, Sir?"

"Can't walk right, and now you're going deaf." He grabbed my arm and swatted my butt. "I told you to drop your pants."

"Yes, Sir." I'd been naked in front of my grandfather before, lots of times, before my body started changing I'd get naked as soon as I could, but not since I started getting hair, and I blushed red with embarrassment. That didn't matter though. He'd told me to do something and I didn't have any choice. Grandpa wasn't mean or anything like that, he just didn't mess around. I undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down below my knees.

"Move over here into the light." Grandpa pointed to where the sunlight from the dirty window poured over the workbench and spilled over onto the dirt floor. I moved where he told me to and he turned me into the sunlight, making the little patch of blond hair over my cock glint and sparkle. My dick was sticking out semi-stiff the way young guys do so much and got totally hard when grandpa rubbed his fingers through my new bush.

"I see you're on your way to being a man," he said.

I blushed even more and my dick twitched up against his hand. He reached down and felt my balls and then my dick. I winched when the rough skin on his fingers touched the sore head of my dick. Grandpa held onto my sore peter and bent over to get a better look.

"What the hell have you done to this thing, boy? It looks like a piece of raw hamburger."

I blushed really red and hid my eyes from Grandpa's.

Sounding kind of angry, Granddad gruffly said, "Strip off!"

"Huh?" I blinked up at Granddad in amazement, not sure of what I'd heard. Granddad swatted my ass again, only hard this time.

"I said, `Strip off!' Do I have to repeat everything for you to understand it? Take off all your clothes, now!"

I blinked again and started carefully, hesitantly, slowly unbuttoning my shirt. Grandpa swatted my ass again, harder, and I got a move on. Quickly, I removed my shirt and toed off my boots at the same time. Then I stepped out of my new Levi's. I reached for my socks, but Granddad grabbed my arm and half carried me out into the big part of the barn. Dancing on my tiptoes, I struggled to keep up with him, my loose white tube socks flopping around my ankles. Granddad sat down on a loose bale of hay and pulled me down across his lap.

"Let's see if this will help your hearing."

Grandpa whacked my ass, and then whacked it again. He kept right on whacking my ass but there was no way I was going to give him the satisfaction of crying. I was big now, and there was no way I was going to cry in front of my grandfather.

"You just go right ahead and keep on being resentful and obstinate," Granddad said, swatting me between each word. "I can keep this up all day."

I tried to keep from crying, I really did. But grandpa just kept spanking and spanking me. Over and over and over until it hurt so bad that I just had to try and get away. I started struggling, twisting and turning and trying to push away, but grandpa just held me there with no trouble and whacked me even harder. Yelling out in pain, I finally started crying and sobbing and begging him not to spank me any more.

Granddad gave me a couple of last whacks and then just held me there, laying across his lap. He gently rubbed my back until I was mostly cried out, and then stood me up on my stockinged feet. "You ready to talk to me now?" he asked.

Standing there naked, trying to cover up the erection that'd gotten even harder while Granddad spanked me and wanting to rub my burning ass, I was ashamed to look directly at Granddad and just nodded my head. He grabbed my arm and jerked me back down on his lap. Four sharp, hard whacks latter he demanded, "You ready to talk now?"

Trying to cover my hot ass with my hands I rolled half onto my back, my stiff dick pointing directly at Granddad's face. "Yes, Sir. Please don't spank me any more."

Granddad spread his legs and turned me the rest of the way over and sat me down on his thigh with my legs between his. I looked down in shame and blushed even redder when I saw the huge bulge in the crotch of Grandpa's Levi's. Grandpa lifted my chin up and said, "You gonna tell me how your dick got mangled like that now, Wizzer? You know that you can tell me anything, don't you? You know I'd never punish you for telling me the truth."

I blushed some more and tears of shame welled up in my eyes, but I knew I had to tell or grandpa would just whoop me some more. "I done it to myself, Gramps."

"You did that whacking off?"

I nodded, and at the look in Grandpa's eyes, quickly said, "Yes, Sir."

"You rubbed your dick raw like that beating yourself off?"

Ashamed of myself, I said, "Yes, Sir."

"I know boys your age really like to beat off, but what the hell got you so excited that you hurt yourself like that?"

Grandpa wasn't being mean. He was serious. He actually wanted to know what happened. "I was reading this story and I got so horny I didn't realize that my dick was getting sore."

"This story must really have been something if you rubbed your dick raw like that. You're going to have to show it to me and maybe I can beat off too."

"You play with your thing, Grandpa?" I said in surprise.

"You mean, do I jack off, Wizzer?"

"Yes, Sir." It felt like I was never going to stop blushing.

"Then say so!" He said, giving me that look.

"Do you play with your peter, Grandpa?"

"Sure do. Maybe not as much as a young sprout like you, but it still feels awful good when I do. Tell you what. Let's get our work done, and tonight after dinner, I'll show you how to play with that tool of yours without wearing all the skin off of it. Would you like that, Wizzer?"

"You'd do that for me, Grandpa?"

"Sure would. You're my favorite grandson, aren't you?"

"I'm your ONLY grandson, Gramps!" I laughed, and threw my arms around his neck and buried my face in his bushy beard.

Grandpa gave me a big hug and then just rubbed his hands up and down my back until I finally sat back up. He picked me up by the waist and set me on my feet and then stood up himself.

"Come on, Wizzer."

He lead me over to the cabinet where he kept the medicines for the animals and took out a can of bag balm. It sure felt good when he knelt down in front of me and started coating my dick with that sticky ointment. So good in fact that I started spurting into Grandpa's hand as he rubbed in the balm. I got all red again and tried to pull back, but Gramps just held onto me and kept stroking until I was done shooting. I dribbled the last into Grandpa's hand and if he hadn't been holding me up, I'd have probably fallen down my knees were so weak.

Grandpa held me leaning up against him and sniffed the hand I'd spooged into. "Smells good, Boy. Real young and healthy!" His tongue flicked out and I saw him scoop up a big ol' clot of my cum and take it right into his mouth. I stood there open-mouthed in shock but Grandpa just grinned. "Ummmm! That's some good spunk you make, Boy."

I was in kind of a daze, both from cumming so hard and from watching Grandpa taste my cum, and just stood there while Gramps coated my raw thighs with the balm as he explained to me how to soften my jeans before I wore them to keep them from tearing me up. He had me stay naked for the rest of the day, but I'll tell you about that next month.

1677 Words.

Hi guys,

Let me know what you think of this piece. It's intended to be an ongoing story about a boy and his grandfather and growing up in the country. I know you guys don't care for spanking, so I wanted to get that dealt with up front rather than spring it on you later. That is NOT what this story is about, but for the rest of the story, getting this parent/child, discipline/respect thing resolved is somewhat important. I can rewrite around that, but I think it will make the entire series much less effective. Your option.

If you're interested in this story line, let me know and I'll send you a half-dozen or so segments so that timing does not become a problem. If you prefer, I can complete the entire work, but I'd rather see what the response is to the story before I get too far into the writing.

Let me know what you think, Jon