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*** Him - TRUE STORY***

  Chapter 3  

Ok, I won't go much into detail here 'cause it will be boring. I didn't see an end to 'A's 20 questions about my sexcapades. He wanted to know everything...who, what, where and how. Our exams were finally over around the 16th and boy was I bored. Remember, I told you before how I don't have much friends around the place I live...yeah, well...I don't. The two people I did keep my contact with were 'A' and this other guy 'H' (I'm sorry if the letters are getting confusing) Now 'H', is probably the most down to earth and 'no pretence' person I know. Most of my friends feel that he's sort of weird but to me he's one of my best friends.

Speaking of other friends, of all the people that I thought were my 'friends' only 3 called 'A', 'H' and this other guy who I barely talk to. And I actually have over a dozen of friends or at least I thought so. 'A' and I met up again and he kept me company as I checked my mail and posted my next chapter of 'Enough' If you don't already know my connection is down and I've got no idea what's wrong and the guy who's supposed to be fixing these things is missing for months.

I'm not sure if I want all of you to know this but for the sake of true gay lives...I found out from 'A's talks that he has absolutely no interest in me. His exact words were, "If I ever do get down to doing it with a guy it won't be that hard. I'll really do it, I just hope the person isn't you." L I didn't think that he wanted to hurt me or sound rude when he said that but he did anyway. He also stated that he didn't want any emotional entanglements, so maybe it's for the best? Can I feel good doing a guy who doesn't want to share my emotions? Then again, I've been doing that for the past 5 years anyway, and 'A' probably likes me more than those guys did, right?

Looking back on my own thoughts I realized that things I'm saying are sympathetic, towards myself. I'm trying to make myself feel better over being rejected...The guy is a 16 year old virgin, hasn't yet masturbated in his life and sworn straight, suddenly he makes a transition from straight to bi-curious to confirmed bi...and me, the guy who's indirectly responsible for the transition is sitting at home, alone, lonely, keying away his sad and fucked up love-life to be read by a bunch of closet cases who'll probably give up on their own loves by reading mine. A word of advice...mine is just one case...however this story ends please don't lose hope for your own love life.

I walked hi home and decided to drop by at his place and pick up a book that he was talking so much about. "How to speak without fear"...yes! It was one of those self-improvement ones. The book was pretty long so I promised him (on Wednesday) that I'd return it on Friday. Apparently, I didn't need that long, it took me about 2 and a half hour to finish it and I returned it the other day. He wasn't at home when I came by so I just met his mom and started home but I bumped into him. We talked for a while and then I decided to take my leave. On that Saturday, he came over to my place for the first time and then again on Monday. 

On Monday we made a sort of a pact that we'll meet everyday for the next month or so. From that day onward we met, every-single-day. It scared me a bit, no, not a bit...it scared me shitless. Meeting him everyday and trying to hold myself back and try not to attack him, but I had to. That was easy to do for a couple of days as we sat down and talked about absolutely nothing as he tried to perfect his English conversational skills by studying mine. For some time I just thought he only met me for his 'purpose' but I guess I was wrong. 

Everything was going on just fine until that fateful day. He kept making passes at me the whole day while we talked but never even tried to complete any of his attempts. I just tried ignoring it till it got unbearable. That is when it happened...I got up and pulled him to his feet and pressed my lips against his. The moment was electric, we didn't talk about it much as I walked him home right after it happened. I had no idea what I had done. I lied in bed that night thinking of the consequences of what I did. The next day when I met him I apologized to him. He didn't seem to think anything of it and I promised him and myself that I'd never do anything sexual with him after that day.

Yeah right! But I tried anyway. The next few days were completely non-sexual when it happened again. He still didn't stop making those passes and Steve's advice finally came through, "what does he have to do to convince you? Jeez he is telling you he is almost ready "gather your rosebuds" and quit looking the gift horse in the mouth!" And since then we started 'doing it' almost every day. 

I have no idea when it happened but in these days my schoolboy 'crush' came to turn into something very profound. It was also in these few days that we had our first fight and also last (hopefully) We started off very low...and by that I mean, we never even saw each others dicks as we explored each other. But as days went by we did more and more serious stuff, but we never actually 'kissed' He said kisses made him uneasy...so I never forced one. I have no idea what he thinks of it but for me our friendship evolved a lot and I mean a lot. We had a great thing going. I had never shared my thoughts and feelings with anyone else this much as I did with him. And the weird part was, it seemed as if he cared, he actually cared. I can't thank god enough for this. 

We did many things together in these days that I had with him. The other day we both planned to go see a movie together, just the two of us. He made it a point to make me understand that this was just a casual thing, NOT A DATE! He was one homophobic weirdo, and a bi one at that. It was this 3-D movie, (Spy Kids) apparently the movie sucked...probably because there was something wrong with the glasses. We both got out of the theatre and went to our usual 'place' to hangout and talk. He seemed very down that day, first I thought that it was the movie but then I realized that it was something very bad. It took an hour of nagging but in the end he came out with it. And to my shock the problem was...me.

Before the movie we were talking and 'college' suddenly came up. I had told him that I most likely wouldn't be in the same college as his. This apparently made him a bit too sad; he said that if we were to be in different colleges we wont get to meet anymore except for Sundays. He was right, both our colleges had alternate sort of timings which meant when I would be in college he'd be in bed and when I got out he'd be in. That day was a definite surprise; I've never seen him depressed over something like this, and certainly not me, hair maybe but not me.

We met again for the next few days and then he suddenly planned a shopping trip. I know, sounds like high school cheerleader thing but he wanted to. I didn't like such things so I told him I'm not going, and I seriously didn't want to. Yes, he did have other friends to take with him but the nimrod kept torturing me to go with him. He also used blackmail, he was only in the city for the next 5-6 days and then he'd go visit his relatives in another state. His exact words were, "If you don't go with me I'm not gonna see you again. You choose, either these 6 hours or the next 6 days" and he banged the phone. What could I do? The moron knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. I never told him this for obvious reasons but the day was one of the best days of my life. 

Now the real problem was that I had spent the last few weeks with him and only him and I had no idea how the hell would I'd be able to survive the month when he leaves after a couple of days.

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay but you know why it took so long right? Anyways...thanks for hanging on and I hope you like it so far. 'A' has gone away for the month and I finally have some time to put my experiences down on paper. I might just wrap this up in the next 1-2 chapters.

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