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*** Him - TRUE STORY***

Chapter 4

Yeah, he did leave after a couple of days...leaving me at the mercy of boredom. I did something before he went away, which now I think I shouldn't have. I told him I was in fucking love with him. The next few days were the hardest; I couldn't concentrate on anything or anyone. His face haunted me whenever or wherever I was. It wore off after a couple of days...One and a half week to be exact. I forgot his face...its hard to do that but I did, somehow.

I visited my relatives for a week after that which made the pain lighter but it was far from gone. What made it worse was that on the other side of the country he WASN'T missing me. He'd hardly care. When I came back I looked though my school farewell party photos to remember what he looked like. I was definitely going crazy.

I tried contacting my other friends and also had luck with some of them. I met up with some of them and rekindled some school memories. I also remembered that my exam results were due June, and with the luck I was having I was mortified with the thought of scoring less than expected. To top it all off, it seemed that every one of my friends had their future planned and were ready to roll. It seemed very spontaneous and true when they rattled off their career of choice ranging from commercial artist, cartoonist, aeronautical engineer, chemical engineer... oh god, the list just never seemed to end. I am lost!!!


It was almost nearing the end of May; also almost a month had passed since I last saw `A'. This was not good; I knew he was coming back soon. I didn't know if he'd still like me the same, would we be doing it again...? And more importantly will I survive everything that would be thrown my way?

It was probably around a week before `A' came back again; I was skimming through the newspaper `s media section when I came across an article. It was based on the life of an Indian actress and television celebrity. I skipped it and read everything else and when I finally got bored enough, I came back to that actress' page. I decided to read it anyway and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I'd made on that day, week even.

The article was good, but what really caught my attention were the few words at the end in bold: "You can't depend on anyone else to make you happy because no one else can do that except yourself. But remember to take it on yourself, to make everyone else happy, if you can."

And suddenly it all became oh so clear...

A week later he came back and called me. We started meeting again, but that was it. He still liked me, he wanted to meet me every other day and we did. I realized that I'd been thinking wrong all along. A girl, a classmate and a good friend had asked me  `the question' and I had obviously refused for obvious reasons. She said she had fallen for me and I couldn't help but say no...she was hurt but we continued being friends because we both wanted that. Now I realized that I was facing the same circumstance, the difference was I was on the receiving end.

We still kept meeting, talking, doing things, and I still was in love with him. I realized that there are no types of love, there's only one thing called `love' and it applies to everyone. He loved me in his own friendly way and I, in my own. He made it clear that he's just `bi' but not `gay...so whatever it is I'm wishing for isn't going to happen. It was ok, but that didn't mean I didn't tease him.

"You know what?" I asked walking down the empty street with him

"What?" he asked confused

"We have ourselves a `Will and Grace' situation here..." I said smiling

"Who's Will?" he asked laughing

"Isn't it obvious?" I asked

He looked at me and smiled

"Its you!" I said and laughed and he joined in too.

"Me? What makes you think..."

"He's gay lawyer and you're one big gay liar!"

"No I'm not... and I'm guessing you're Grace then?"

"Yeah!" I laughed, "She likes sleeping with men and hey, don't I?"

We both laughed at the thought and continued walking when he looked at me and called me a `fag'...I just nodded and gave him another thought, "If I'm a fag, and you like hanging out with me so much. You, my friend, are one definite `hag'"

We laughed again and continued on home. I was gonna be there if he needed me...and I'd go away if he needed me to. I guess he was one of the only good things that happened to me...see I'm part of a dysfunctional family. But never mind, THAT'S ANOTHER STORY!


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