It All Started At A Very Early Age

     I like to be naked. It all started when we used to go to the family reunions and all of the mothers would strip their little boys down & let them run around naked. Why do mothers do this? They always like to see their little fellas without a stitch on running around having a great time. It was always just the boys, not the girls, as it was improper for a little girl to be naked. We would all run around letting our little weinies bounce up & down.. It felt good. There was just one problem. I couldn't help but notice that all of the other little boys in our family had been circumcised. I was the only one who still had my foreskin. I would peel my foreskin back to try to look like the other boys, but my mother alway made me put it back, which always drew even more attention to the fact that I had been left intact. This was my dad's family reunion and everyone in my dad's family had recived the "cut" at birth. My mom's family was of German descent and all of them were intact.

     Every year it was the same thing year after year. When I was about 12, the difference was getting more & more noticeable. Especially by my female cousins who were the same age. Two years later at the age of fourteen, puberty was setting in and pubic hair had started to come in. My penis was enlarging & the difference was now really noticeable. As for my cousins, they were also experiencing the same changes. Only their circumcisions had provided them with a nicely flared corona. As they were playing baseball their glans really bounced in the sunlight. Once again I tried to peel my foreskin back to try to fit in, but the purple unflared corona and a small helping of smegma only helped to point out my difference. My female cousins would stand on the sidelines and point & giggle. At this point I was starting to get really self-conscious. It had always been the routine thing to do and nobody thought much of it. Everyone had seen all of us naked so it wasn't any big surprise for us to take our clothes off, it just seemed the normal thing to do.

     The following year I had decided I was not going to participate in the nudity as I would tell them I was getting too old to be doing this. All of my male cousins had stripped and when I didn't everyone really pointed and giggled. So, I thought what the hell & stripped down. Now the very tip of my penis was peeking out of my foreskin and it had become very tight, but you should have seen my cousins. Their glanses all looked like the biggest mushrooms I had ever seen. I figured I'd try one more time to fit in and peeled the ol' skin back. Only once again there was a fresh crop of smegma and my corona looked like a plum that hadn't quite ripened. Once again I was the center of attention.

     The following three years I always came up with an excuse as to why I did not want to go to the reunions. I never told my parents about my dilema, until I turned eighteen. I told them I wanted to be circumcised and was pissed at them because they didn't have it done when I was born. Why on earth would you want to be circumcised my mother asked. Mom, didn't you ever notice I was the only one sporting the extra skin at dad's reunions I said. The appointment was made with our family physician and he in turn referred us to a urologist. The surgery was scheduled and the anticipated day finally arrived.

     The urologist never discussed with me what he was actually going to do. He circumcised me nice & tight with about two inches of inner foreskin left and removed all of the frenulum. It took about a month to heal but there was relatively little pain, mostly itching from the healing. But man oh man, you should have seen what happened with the glans over the next few months. It flared out like you can't believe, it must have flared a good half an inch above my shaft. It was absolutely beautiful and I was very happy to have been circumcised. I couldn't wait until the next family reunion so that I could go and show off my new look.

     Reunion day finally arrived and I wore really light shorts and a t-shirt that I could strip out of in a hurry. I hadn't even began to strip when one of my younger female cousins stated that she thought she could see my knob. Boy did that ever make me feel good. I purposely let the other boys all strip down first. As usual they started to make fun of me because I was too embarrassed to release the "anteater". Just what I wanted to hear, the perfect time for the unveiling. I took my t-shirt off first. I had been working out and had a very nice physique. Next came the shorts and last but not least my bikini brief. As I stepped free of my briefs my one horny female cousin gasped as she saw what I had unleashed. She was quick to point it out to the rest of the girls. There was no more giggles but now they were gasps. I finally fit in. I was now one of the family and one of the "mushroomheads".

     After that I became an exhibitionist. I just couldn't wait to show people that I no longer had anything to hide but everything to show. I got naked at every opportunity I could. I love to polar bear & temperature is no obstacle as long as I get to show everything I possess. I went out to pick corn to feed the squirrels and stripped down. The warm sun on my glans was awesome. Every opportunity I get to safely strip down I take. It all started at a very early age.