The New Boyfriend

by: Richard

Now for the obligatory warning: If you are under age, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave.

This is a work of fiction and in no way draws on the lives of any specific person or persons. If there is any similarity to any real persons or events it is entirely coincidental.

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Now for the story. I hope that you enjoy it.

When a friend of mine told me of the new web site where one could find a boyfriend I was skeptical. I had tried numerous places to find someone with whom to share my life -- all were dismal failures, at least as far as I was concerned. However, after being prodded by my friend I decided to go and see what the site had to offer.

It was a pretty glitzy site, very colorful and a lot of special effects. It promised results with glowing reports of satisfied clients. In order to begin the process a questionnaire had to be completed. Since there was no money required to complete this form I decided that I had nothing to loose.

The questionnaire began with a bunch of inane questions about me -- like my physical description, my preferences in a sexual partner. Then it got into what I would like my partner to look like. It took me several hours and several attempts to get it down to something that I could live with. Once complete the site told me it would take a couple of days for them to get back to me.

To say that I was dubious about the outcome would have put it mildly. But hell, it hadn't cost me anything yet. So I tried to put it out of my mind while I waited. Thankfully it was over a weekend and I had an invitation to have dinner with friends, and for the most part I did forget about it.

On Tuesday I received an e-mail from the site. Attached to it were several a pictures of the man I had described. I was in lust the moment I saw him! He was absolutely gorgeous! A couple of the pictures had him dressed to kill, just as I had described him. The nude picture gave me an instant erection. I was barely able to cover the end of my dick as I climaxed almost without giving it a single stroke! I surmised that this was all part of their strategy -- to get you all entranced with the prospects of having the perfect boyfriend -- so that you'd do anything, pay any price, to have this creature for your boyfriend.

It worked! I was soon filling out the online form and entering my credit card number to the tune of $6,000 to get things started on getting my new boyfriend. I guess that if I'd read all the fine print, I would have reconsidered the whole thing. But I hadn't, and it wasn't until I received another e-mail from the site that I realized that I was in for much more than I had bargained for.

To start off with there was an additional charge to my credit card account of $6,000 -- which completed the first phase of the process, and had been in the fine print had I read it. Then there was the length of time before I would meet him the first time -- also in the fine print -- two years!

I was really disgusted with myself for having been duped into such a contract. It was all perfectly legal and I found after doing some further checking that I would be paying a total of $36,000 for their services, even if I opted to terminate it! Even if it didn't work out, I wasn't about to let them get away with that amount of money and get nothing for it. Luckily I could afford it, and would have it all paid off at the end of the two years.

Each six months I received another e-mail from the site detailing my current balance, and another batch of pictures of him. I gathered that they were taken from his family's picture albums, because they began with baby pictures. I was still very much enthralled with the images I saw. He was everything that I could have wished for and more. With each e-mail came another questionnaire that had to be completed. I dutifully filled in the information requested and received an acknowledgement for my efforts. At the point that there was only six more months to go came a request for a picture of myself, and a request for even more personal information. I wasn't sure why this was needed, but I submissively returned the requested picture and information.

In the meantime I had met a number of men of enough interest to me that I was able to maintain my sanity through the long two years. Considering what I was paying I never once considered making a commitment to any of them, even though a couple of them would have satisfied my desires

The friend who had gotten me started with this whole thing continued to make inquiries about the process. From what he told me he was considering doing the same thing -- even though he couldn't really afford it. However he was going to see how my situation turned out before going ahead with it.

At last, with only three more days before our first meeting, I received an e-mail from the site, detailing the process for the meeting and a confirmed airline flight e-ticket that I had to have to go to the place of the meeting. Nervously I prepared to make the trip to Hong Kong. I couldn't imagine why Hong Kong was the place for the meeting, but with so much money involved I wasn't about to let it bother me too much.

My friend drove me to the airport and saw me off on my journey. Thirty hours later I disembarked from the airliner. As I trudged up the Jet-way I spotted a small Asian man holding a card with my name on it. I headed toward him. He bowed politely when I told him who I was.

"Please to follow me, Mr. Ellington," he said. He led me to the immigrations check-in section of the terminal, and the baggage recovery device where I could pick up my luggage. After completing the necessary paperwork and having my bags thoroughly searched the handsome young man led me out of the terminal building to a waiting limo.

With my bags put into the trunk of the car and settled into the passenger section of the vehicle, the driver pulled away and off into the traffic lane and away from the airport. After a thirty-minute ride the limo pulled into a private drive of a building that looked like a factory-like facility.

Another young Asian man met us as the car pulled to a stop and led us inside. A security guard noted my arrival, and I was led down a long hallway. To say that I was nervous would have been a gross understatement. My heart was pounding and I feared that I would have a heart attack before I got to where we were going. At least we arrived at a door that had a sign on it which read Introductions.

"Please to have a seat," the young escort said when we entered. He disappeared through a doorway just inside the waiting room while I nervously settled into a chair. I looked about for an ashtray, and finding none I decided that this was a no smoking area and returned the pack of cigarettes to my pocket.

After what seemed like an eternity the escort reentered the room. Behind him was young boy probably aged 10 or so. He was dressed in short pants and matching jacket, with a white shirt and dark red tie. His shoes were highly polished black and he wore brilliant knee-high white stockings.

"Father?" the boy said in a halting voice.

My heart stopped and I stood up in complete shock. Before me stood a miniature version of the man I had described in my correspondences with the site.

I looked at the escort questioningly.

"This is Daniel, Mr. Ellington," he said extending his hand toward the boy.

Daniel was the name I had requested for my boyfriend to be.

"Father?" the boy asked again, not seeming to believe that I had not acknowledge him the first time. A tear rolled down his cheek, and ran toward me. Without even realizing it I held out my arms toward him. He flew into my arms and I felt his warm body clutching me and lifted him up to myself.

His warm tears touched my cheek and he kissed me, as any child would do. I returned the kiss and felt him relax in my arms.

The Asian escort smiled and nodded. He motioned for me to follow him. Without thinking I followed him still holding Daniel in my arms. We went down a short hallway and entered a room with the sign Checkout on it. Inside was a small counter behind which stood another smiling young Asian man.

"Please to sign this form," he said. I crouched down and stood the boy in my arms beside me.

I stood up and looked at the form, quickly scanning the document that I had been requested to sign. It was a legal document that said in effect that I accepted this boy as my legally adopted son. I looked up at the man behind the counter.

"Please to sign. It is all perfect legal," he said.

I signed and looked down at the boy. He smiled.

"Please to follow," the escort said. Still in a daze, I took the outstretched hand of the boy beside me. We followed as requested and found ourselves once again in front of the limo that had delivered me here just a few minutes before.

The escort opened the door, and we entered. He handed me a small envelop which had my name on it. The boy snuggled against me as I settled into the seat. The door closed and the limo pulled away from the building. Instinctively I put my arm around the warm body next to me and looked down. I melted when I saw him looking up at me with tears in his eyes. I quickly pulled him into my lap and settled back in the seat.

In less time than the trip from the airport we arrived back there. The driver opened the door for us and retrieved my bags from the trunk and bowed.

"Have a nice trip," he said and he bowed again. An attendant took my bags and we followed him inside the terminal building delivering us to the check-in counter.

"Please to see your tickets," the clerk said. It was then that I realized that they must be in the envelope that I had been given. I opened it, pulled out the e-tickets, and handed them to the clerk.

"Thank you, Mr. Ellington. You and Daniel have a nice flight," she smiled and handed the tickets back to me.

I must have still looked as if I was in shock.

"You may board your flight in half an hour, Sir, at gate number 10." Again she smiled and pointed in the direction of the gate.

"Thank you," I stuttered and led the boy, Daniel Ellington - my son - to the boarding area where we settled into a seat to wait until our flight home was called.

I looked down into his smiling eyes.

"Are you pleased, Father?" he asked.

Tears started down my cheeks, "More than you can ever believe, my son."

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