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This Is Seth

Chapter 20

Mason Naked

It is eight in the morning on a Saturday and I am just getting up. Across the street, if my boyfriend follows his usual schedule then Mason has been up for two hours already. My phone rings and I quickly answer it.

"Hello Mason."

"Can you come over Babe?"

It takes me a second to snap out of my groggy fog.

"I can come over but give me a chance to freshen up a bit."

"Okay if you must."

"Let me go so I can get ready."

The call ends and I grab a pair of jeans, a shirt, t-shirt, socks, and briefs. Running to the shower, I start the water and freshen myself up. After drying off, I pause to flex in front of the mirror. After getting dressed, I put on my cologne that Mason loves.


Grabbing my keys, I head over to my boyfriend's house. It still feels weird to have a boyfriend, but you will not hear me complaining. The temperature is already around seventy degrees, and there is not a cloud in the sky. It is an incredible feeling. Knocking at the door, I'm happy to hear Seth's voice saying, "Come in it's open." I open the door and walk inside with a smile on his face. Being here with Mason is great.

"How about I beat you in our game again?"

Mason asks hoping for a rematch.

"Sounds good."

I watch as Mason turns on the game system and the television.

"You're going to lose, you know that right?"

Walking over, I grab my controller and get ready to face my boyfriend in a video game.

"I'm not going to lose."

I say with a smile on my face.


We sit on the floor and make our character choices. With characters ready, we start playing. At times, our scores are tight; we keep playing until one of us wins. While the game is going on, we become very competitive. The second it is over we fall back into our normal happy selves. By the way, Mason did win the game.


Around nine thirty, Mrs. Ortiz calls us for breakfast. In this house, there is little time for messing around before a meal. If you aren't up and moving, Mrs. Ortiz usually gave you a personal invite. She usually just yells at you to make sure you are coming. We wash our hands and head down to the dining room. Mason's dad is already at the table as we enter the dining room. Breakfast is French toast, freshly squeezed orange juice, raw blueberries, raw raspberries, and pork sausage. Mr. Ortiz offers a prayer over the meal. After the prayer, Mrs. Ortiz notices a light in her son's eyes. There were times back home that his eyes would sparkle but that sparkle disappeared a few months before the family's move.

`I wonder if he's told Blake.'

Mrs. Ortiz thinks to herself as she looks at her son's face.

"Mom after breakfast, can I go over to Blake's?"

"As long as you behave yourself I don't care what you do."

There is that light again in Mason's eyes. She is happy for her son. We help to clear off the table. It's a normal part of Mason's day, but for Seth it is him just being polite. Mason's parents take notice of the act of kindness. When the dishes are cleared and the food put away, we head out. As they walk, Seth notices the size difference between his hand and Mason's hand. I feel as if I have to be there to defend Mason. It's a good feeling. I am glad that my boyfriend isn't aggressive or the jealous type. I love that about him.


As we enter the house, Ryan greets Mason. His arms wrap around Mason's legs. "Hey Bud." Mason says as he lifts Ryan up to say "Hi."

"Are you staying?"

"I'll be here for a little bit while I hang out with Seth."

A warm smile breaks out on my little brother's face. I love the fact that I don't have to worry about Ryan being around Mason.


We were going to go swimming but my mom is doing some pool maintenance.

"Well since we can't go swimming, want to go hiking?"

I ask my boyfriend and he knows it's stupid to even ask. Mason does not mind hiking.

"Let's go to the railroad trail over by Rob Lake."

Mason is curious to see what is along the trail.

"We'll need water and our bikes."

"I'll be right back.

Mason sets Ryan down and vanishes out the door. I run out to the garage and grab my bike, my water bottle, and then I open the door and take my bike out. I take my water bottle into the house and fill it before heading back out to the bike. As I step out the house and reach my bike, Mason pulls up to my house on his bike.


"Yeah, I'm ready."

We immediately pull out on our bikes and ride towards the trail. It takes fifteen minutes to reach the beginning of the trail. Luckily, this trail is designed with bikes in mind. Houses, a field, and a few forested areas are all passed by while we ride. We pause for a drink and I steal a glance at Mason. There is something about him that fascinates me. I love his entire package so much. Mason turns and smiles at me.

"Ready to head out?"

"Yeah." Mason says as he puts his water bottle away. We climb back on our bikes and ride off for our destination. Ten minutes later, we arrive at our destination. We stop and lock up our bikes on the bike rack.


We stand next to a sign that says "Apple Tree Trail" before heading out onto the trail. Mason and I join hands as we head out onto the trail.

"I hope this trail isn't flooded."

Mason says as we head further up.

"Same here, I don't want to get my shoes wet."

All Mason does is laugh at me. Ahead of us, there is a small forest.

"This is beautiful, I love the trees."

He is in awe of the trees and the beauty around us. Mason seems to love hiking.

"You've seen trees before so what is different about these trees?"

"I don't know what makes the difference, but having you here with me makes it better."

I can tell by the way he is holding my hand that somehow being here together makes the difference. Squeezing his hand, I look into his eyes and kiss him. We continue walking forward under the trees. The trees give way to a clearing in that can be seen just a few feet ahead of us.


The sun shines into the clearing. A picnic table sits in the middle of it. It would be a great place to think over life. It is an even better place to spend time with Mason; maybe we could have a picnic here. I can feel Mason directing me towards the table. I could have directed him away from it but why would I want to stop him.

"I'm so glad you moved to Indiana."

If he did not move here, who would my brother and sister set me up with had it not been for him. The prospects did not look very good.

"I am too Seth. I needed a fresh start."

He lays down using my thigh as a pillow.

"I don't know why my parents insisted on this house, but I'm glad they did. Meeting you has been the best thing ever."

"I feel the same way, what are the chances of us happening if, one, you didn't move in across the street and, two, if my brother and sister hadn't found me someone."

Being here with Mason just feels right, so I bent down and kissed him.

"What was that for Seth?"

`I'm starting to really love this guy.'

"It's for just being you."

There is a huge smile on Mason's face, and it's making me smile as well. We sit on the table and just enjoy our time. Mason gazes up at his boyfriend.

`Seth is so hot, but more importantly he treats me good.'

After a few minutes more, we head back to our bikes. When we get to the bikes, my cell phone starts to ring.


I don't really want to answer my cell phone but recognizing the number I do. I slide my finger across my phone to answer it. It is Scottie the calling me.

"Hey Scottie, what's up?"

"Can you help me with a presentation for one of my A.P. (Advanced Placement) classes?"

I do not want to give up my time with Mason, so hopefully it will not take too long.

"Sure Scottie, I can help you but I'm out with Mason, and we're getting on our bikes, and heading home now."

"Do you know what time you'll be home?"

I look at Mason who just shrugs his shoulders at me.

"I should be home in twenty minutes."

"I'm holding you to twenty minutes."

Mason smiles, almost laughing at Scottie's statement. He knows we may not make it back home in time.

"I'm getting on my bike so I'll let you go."

Mason follows me and off we go.


We were making good time until we came to the railroad tracks. As we approach the tracks, the arms come down blocking the road. We never see trains on this track. I sigh and look at Mason who is actually smiling about it.

"Relax; he'll understand if you're late."

It is not Scottie that I am worried about, it is me.

"I hate being late."

Finally, the train goes by and the arms go up. At least there won't be any more trains to slow us down as we head home. Another ten or fifteen minutes and we should be home. As we pull into my driveway, I see Scottie's car.

`I wonder how long he's been here.'

"Can I have a kiss?"

Mason must not want to come inside. We kiss and then Mason heads home.

"Love you!"

I shout at Mason and he in turn blows me a kiss.


As I enter the house, I am attacked by hugs from Ryan, but I need to make my way to my friend. Scottie sees me and smiles. I think he finds my little brother's hugs funny. Glancing down at Ryan, I point to Scottie and say, "Go hug Scottie." Scottie does not look so happy but he at least accepts the hug. "Thanks Ryan." He says as he turns to me.

"Can we work in your room?"

Scottie knows what was said to me about the guys being in my room.

"Yes, you can."

My mom's voice rings out from her den.

"Thanks Mom, we're working on a project that Scottie is working on for school."

She pops her head out of her den and smiles.

'I wonder why she is allowing Scottie upstairs.'

We head upstairs to work. Entering my room, Scottie pulls out his thumb drive and a piece of paper from a folder that he's carrying.

"I need help getting this picture aligned with my text."

He says pointing to a picture on the page. He hands me the thumb drive. I insert the drive into my computer and then with Scottie's help find and open the file. I open the word processor and load it up on my screen.

"If it helps the pictures are on page 3."

It takes no time for me to reach the page. Looking over the page and in a heartbeat, I know what needs to be fixed.

"Well, I see your problem."

The work immediately begins on his paper. In a few minutes, Scottie's paper is corrected, saved, and printed.

"You did all of that in ten minutes? I spent thirty minutes on it and still couldn't figure it out. Thanks for helping me out."

Sometimes, I find myself wondering what would happen if Scottie was gay? He is cute enough to be my type, but he's straight so that is not an option. Scottie is off limits to my wandering mind. Besides Mason is all I need.

"You're welcome."

"Well, I need to get going."

Scottie leaves my room. I hear him say "Hey little guy, give me five." Ryan must be upstairs.


I move to my bed and turn to face the doorway. I expect my little brother's face to appear at my door. Almost on cue, Ryan peeks into my room.

"Can I come in?"

I wave him into my room. He runs to my bed with a smile on his face.

"Want to color?"


Ryan leaves my room only to come back a few minutes later with his giant coloring book and his colored pencils. He lays the book on the floor and opens it to a partially done picture. Grabbing my colored pencils, I also sit on the floor. We are coloring away when Mom peeks her head into my room.

"What is up Mom?"

She smiles "Just checking to see where your shadow had gone." Hearing Mom's voice gets Ryan's attention.

"Mommy is gone."

Mom walks away from us, leaving us to our coloring. Another fifteen minutes later and Mom is back in my room.

"Okay Ryan, time for us to go."

He gets up and goes with her. I follow them so I can find out where Mom and Ryan are going. Paul and Samantha seem to be waiting for Ryan and her to show up in the living room.

"Mom, where are you going?"

"I'm taking your brothers and sister to the doctor for checkups."

I can see a hint of displeasure in my sister's eyes.

"Why isn't Seth going?"

"Seth had his physical already this year. Now, we need to go."

I watch as she opens the door and the heads out to the car. "Be good Son." She says with a smile on her face. I don't think that I'll be getting into any trouble while she is gone.


I run up the stairs to spend some time with the animals, but as I go to open a tank there is a knock on the door. I turn around and head for the front door. Opening the door, I see Mason standing there with a towel and a swimsuit in his hands.

"Can we go swimming?"

`As long, we don't do something stupid.'

"Yeah, we can swim."

I run upstairs leaving Mason in the living room. Grabbing my swimsuit, I start changing in my room. The task is done but now I can hear footsteps on the stairs.


Mason promptly enters my room. Next thing I know, he is stripping in front of me. I want to turn around but I also want to see him. Why should I feel weird about seeming him naked? He is now totally naked and I cannot remove my eyes from his body. Mason is smiling.

"Guess that makes us even, huh?"

"Yeah sure."

He slips on his suit and grabs his towel. "Ready?" Mason asks Seth. "Let's go swimming." I just want out of my room. Maybe swimming will take my mind off Mason's naked body.


The swimming was fun but I still feel confused. I am lost between the excitement of seeing my boyfriend nude and my core values. I cannot deny how he felt when he saw Mason's handsome body. At the same time, I feel some guilt. I wonder if Uncle Tim felt this way so he calls his house.

"Hello, Mike Walker.

"Hey Uncle Mike, is Uncle Tim there?"

"No sorry Seth, I'm afraid he's not. Can I leave a message?"

"Yeah, can you just have him call me?"

"I will. Is everything okay?"

I need just a few moments of silence before saying anything.

"I saw my boyfriend naked for the first time and I don't understand the confusion that I'm feeling."

Uncle Mike is quiet for a second.

"Your uncle was nervous and scared the first time that we saw each other naked and afterwards he felt guilty because of it. It took him a while to realize that he was okay."

I'm not sure what Uncle Mike is getting at here. I need to think about what he said.

"Seth, I promise you that these feelings will work themselves out."

"So it comes down to me being comfortable in my own skin but also with being naked around other guys."

"No, you need to be comfortable around your boyfriend. Don't beat yourself up over this okay?"

I nod my head, and then answer my uncle, "Okay." I hope that I can keep this promise.

"I need to let you go Seth."

"Talk to you later Uncle Mike"

I do not know if I can do what my uncle suggested. I have a feeling that guilt is going to spring up every time that I see Mason naked. If it does, it is going to hurt me at least until the guilt is dealt with and I can relax.


All I know is that right now, nothing makes any sense. There is no doubt which gender can get me aroused. I still do not know why I feel so weird around seeing him naked. He's beautiful and every part of me wants to see him naked again. I want to be okay with him. More than anything, I want to be able to take in the view when the opportunity comes.


Grabbing my journal and my pen, I take my uncle's words to heart. I feel inspired to write out my feelings. I touch my pen to the paper and start to write.

"Today, I saw Mason naked. There is no way that I am as comfortable as Mason is and I want to be free. I felt guilty after seeing him naked and I do not know why. It could be guilt stemming from church. Sure, it's from church. I got past being gay now; I need to get passed being naked around Mason and Mason being naked around me."

Now it makes total sense, and I can make a little bit more sense of it. I set my pen and journal down on the floor.


I walk out of my room and head to the living room. Entering the living room, I grab a book off the shelf; I sit down, and start reading it. Five minutes later, there is a knock at the door. I know it's Mason without even looking out the window. He has a knock that he uses all the time. My boyfriend has to know that I am home. He has already knocked 4 times already. I want to ignore his knocks but why be rude. I answer the door and in comes Mason.


Mason gives me a serious look as we sit in the dining room. We play a board game as we sit and talk.

"Okay enough dude, what's going on with you?"

I was hoping he wouldn't notice it but he did. Now, I have no choice but to talk about what is on my mind.

"Remember earlier today, when I saw you naked?"

Mason smiles, as he looks me in the eye.

"Yeah, I remember that what about it?"

It needs to be said and yet I'll feel stupid telling him.

"I...I sort of got excited..."

He gives me a sly smile.

"Is that a bad thing?"

His smile goes from smiling to looking serious and he does so quickly. Not wanting to answer him, I continued my sentence.

"...and I felt guilty."

"You felt guilty because you saw me naked?"

"No, I think it's because I liked it."

"Oh." It is now Mason's turn to feel uncomfortable.

"So do you want to see me naked again?"

I give him a smile and then I lean in and kiss my baby on the lips. Nothing needs to be said. He knows the answer to that question. Mason's face lights up as he hugs me.

"I'll wait for you."

A warmth fills my chest. I know, he is being honest. Mason and I cuddle on the couch.


From nowhere Mason's phone rings and he answers it. If he didn't answer it, he might get in trouble. It's his mom on the phone. Yes, I saw the screen just before it went up to his face.

"Hi Mom."

He ends the call and frowns.

"I have to go babe."

"Okay, I'll see you later Baby."

Mason stands up and I follow him to the door. "Bye Mason." I say as I wave to him. I kick back and think about what has been said and what has happened today.


I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up Mom and Dad are beside me. Why they are sitting here is a mystery to me. Mom smiles at Dad and me smiles at me too.

"Did I do something?"

Dad rests his left arm on my shoulder. Mom puts her right arm up on my shoulder too.

"Thank you Son, you paved the way for Dad and I to visit with your Uncle Tim."

She is glowing but I do not get why because they have been over there before since I made contact with him. I have to know what is going on with them.

"Why are you guys smiling? You've been there since I started talking to him."

"We talked about you and Mason."

If they are talking about Mason and me then something is wrong. I'm worried and curious about their discussion.

"Care to share? Just remember, you brought it up not me?"

Usually, if there is a problem Mom talks to me to calm me down, and then Dad comes in after she has lain down the law. This plan of attack has been in effect my entire life. Why do I feel like they are about to yell at me?

"You're Uncle told us that just because you're gay, it doesn't change how you feel when it comes to love."

Mom is right, what I feel for Mason is love. It may not be true love, but its love.

"We've seen Mason and you together or after you've ended the call with him. There is always a glow that appears on your face. You would have to be cold-hearted to miss it. We can see it on your face and on Mason's."

Dad hasn't said anything yet and it is bothering me. My dad is not the strong, silent type. He is usually the strong and vocal person.

"We wanted some guidance in case the two of you decide to move beyond where you're at now and into something more physical."

Mom laughs at Dad's words.

"What your dad is trying to say is we wanted to know how to respond to your sex questions and what he thought we should know about gay sex."

My face must be beet red right now.

`I don't want this discussion to last. I bet this visit is why Uncle Tim couldn't talk with me earlier.'

"We have seen you struggle at times and we wanted to help ease your burdens."

Dad isn't helping at all right now. My blush may have vanished but I have a feeling it could reappear at any time. Mom surprises me by pulling out a box of condoms from a bag she had been hiding from me.

"If you decide to have sex, you're to use protection."

Dad and I are both blushing at the condoms. He apparently doesn't want to think of me as being sexually active. We exchange a quick glance at each other. All I know is that this is going to make for a weird journal entry. Mom hands me the condoms and then they get up and leave. I feel like my parents have been replaced by aliens or something. It's okay that they had the talk with me. Mom and Dad love me and this proves it.


I'm in my room when Paul walks into my room. He sits down on my floor and looks up at me.

"Something going on with you?"

"Why would you ask me that Paul?"

He gives me an odd look as if he doesn't want to answer the question.

"Nothing is going on with me."

"Are you sure?"

I nod my head in response to his question.


It is not my fault if Paul does not believe me.

"Is anything going on with Mason and you?"

He doesn't know about me seeing Mason naked does he? I'm not saying anything to him.

"There is nothing going on between us."

Paul gets up and leaves my room hopefully convinced that my life is trouble free.


As soon as Paul is out of my room, I grab my phone and call Mason.

"Hey Seth, what's going on with you?"

"I wanted to tell you about the conversation I had with my parents earlier today."

I'm not sure what he'll think of it, but I want to share it with him anyway. Mason had better laugh at it. He has a habit of nervous laughing but what I want is a real life.

"Mom and Dad went to my uncle asking about love, gay love. They both acknowledge the love we have for each other. They went there to learn about gay sex, and then hopefully learn a little bit about gay sex. Mom even gave me a box of condoms."


I could hear some disbelief in his voice.

"Yeah they did, they really went to my uncle and they gave me the condoms."

Now that I think about it, it does seem out of character for my parents.

"I think it's awesome that they care enough about you to have that talk with your uncle and you. I just cannot believe that they bought you condoms. Do they expect you to have sex?"

"I don't know what they expect from me."

`Why would they want me to have sex?'

"It may not be a sign that they expect you to have sex. You know it maybe a "just in case" thing, I think maybe they're just accepting."

He is right through it does show acceptance.

"I love you Baby."

"I love you too Babes."

This feeling is killing me. I love him and he means the world to me.

Everything in my world now seems perfect.

"No worries Seth, I love you and your parents love you. I think I had better let you go."

"Talk to you later Mason."

We ended the call and I put my phone away. The day has come to close for me and I am done with it.


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